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Diggles, of Liverpool. Besides his heir Samuel,
born February 5, 1738; he had John, 1744;
Joshua, 1749; William, October 13, 1752, a
banker in Sheffield residing at Topton, who
married Mary, daughter of George and Annie
( Nightingale) Evans, of Cromford Derby-
shire, and their eldest son, William Edward,
born February 15, 1794, took the surname
Nightingale in conformity with the will of his
good uncle, Peter Nightingale, Esquire, by
royal signed manual dated October 21, 181 5.
He owned the state of Embley, Hants county,
and was high sheriff of the county in 1828.
He married, June 1. 1818, Frances, daughter
of William South, Esquire, of Parndon, Essex
county, for many years member of parliament
for Norwich. Their second child, Florence
Nightingale, undertook the management of the
war hospitals at Scutari, and in the Crimea
from 1854 to 1856, which made her world
famous and her work the initiative of her sister
women all over the world in all subsequent
wars, and in hospital work generally. In
America the name of Shores first appears in
Boston in the person of Sampson Shores

(q-vO- . .

( 1 ) Sampson Shores, the immigrant tailor,
who came from England with his wife Abigail
and son James, settled in Boston in 1641. He
joined the First Church in Boston, January
29, 1642, and was made a freeman, May 18,
1642. They had other children born in Boston
as follows:' Jonathan, Sampson, Abigail, Eliz-
beth, Susannah, Ann. The family of the next
generation disappears from the records of the
church in Boston, and as Sampson appears
before the general court several times charged
with non-conformity with the Puritanical laws
that existed in Boston, he evidently sought _ a
more congenial atmosphere among the Pil-
grims of Plymouth. This gives us three male
representatives of the family to perpetuate the
name and be mustered in the second genera-
tion in America.

I II) James, Jonathan or Sampson, sons of
Sampson and ' Abigail Shores, were born
between 1640 and 1645 and evidently settled
in Plymouth Colony.

(III) A son of James, Jonathan or Samp-
son Shores was born probably between 1665
and 1675 and we find a Nathaniel (q. v.) with
no record of parentage.

(IV) Nathaniel, probable grandson of
Tames, Jonathan or Sampson Shores, was born
in Plymouth Colony about 1675 and had a son
Benjamin (q. v.).

( V ) Benjamin, son of Nathaniel Shores,
was born in Plymouth Colony about 1700, and
had four children as follows: Mary, Benja-
min (q. v.), Abigail, Zephaniah.

( VI) Benjamin (2), eldest son and second
child of Benjamin (1) Shores, was born in
Plymouth Colony in 1731, and had several
children, as follows : Jonathan, Abigail, Ben-
jamin (1765-1842), Sally, Silas, who had a
son Silas, a preacher in Falmouth and Taun-
ton, whose son David was born in Falmouth
about 1843 and removed to Amherst and whose
descendants removed to Springfield, Massa-
chusetts. There was probably another son
Joseph (q. v.).

(VTI) Joseph, son of Benjamin (2) Shores,
of Falmouth, was born June 28, 1762, and
removed to the district of Maine probably with
his father during the great exodus of families
from Plymouth Colony under the incentive of
grants of wild lands to soldiers, in return for
services in the colonial wars. We find him in
Parsonsfield, York county, Maine, where he
married, June 15, 1786, Dorcas Ricker. Par-
sonsfield was named for Colonel Thomas Par-
sons, an original proprietor and settler of a
portion of the large tract of wild land in York
county, purchased by Francis Small and Nich-
olas Shapleigh from Captain Sunday, the
Indian Sagamore, and was incorporated as a
township March 9, 1785, and, as at that time
Joseph Shores was twenty-three years of age,
he was a settler of the place, contemporary
with Colonel Parsons. His wife, Dorcas
(Ricker) Shores, was born November 25',
1767, died in Parsonsfield, Maine, August 5,
1804. The children of Joseph and Dorcas
(Ricker) Shores were four in number and
were born in Parsonsfield, York county, Maine,
in the order as follows: 1. Agnes, September
27, 1788. 2. Polly, November 14, 1791. 3.
Clarissa. June 13, 1794. 4. Stephen (q. v.).
Joseph Shores died in Parsonsfield, Maine, No-
vember 10, 1799, and after his death Stephen,
his only son, then less than two years, his
daughter Clarissa, a little over five years old,
his daughter Polly, eight years old, and his
daughter Agnes, eleven years old, were taken
by their widowed mother to her father's home
in Parsonsfield and they were brought up under
his care and supervision, their mother dying
when Stephen was seven years old.

(VIII) Stephen, only son and youngest of
the four children of Joseph and Dorcas
( Ricker ) Shores, was born in Parsonsfield,
York county, Maine. June 18, 1797. He was
left fatherless when one and a half years old



and an orphan when seven years old. He
lived with his Grandfather Ricker in Parsons-
field and remained on the Ricker homestead
until he married, in 1822, Sarah Knapp, of
Parsonsfield, Maine, and he removed to Shap-
leigh. named for Nicholas Shapleigh, of Kit-
tery, and first known as Hubbardstown. His
farm was located in that part of the town of
Shapleigh set off and incorporated as the town
of Acton, March 6, 1830. Stephen and Sarah
( Knapp ) Shores had a son, Joseph Augustus
(q. v. ), and other children who died young.

( IX) Joseph Augustus, son of Stephen and
Sarah (Knapp) Shores, was born in Shapleigh,
York county, Maine, November 23, 1827. He
was graduated at Dartmouth College, Hanover,
New Hampshire, A. B. 185 1. A. M., 1854, and
A. M., Brown (honorary), 1875. He was a
teacher in Haverhill, Massachusetts, and prin-
cipal of the Haverhill high school for eighteen
consecutive years, 1854-72; principal of Con-
necticut Literary Institution in Suffield, Con-
necticut, from 1872 to 1880, eight years;
farmer in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts,
1880-96. He won the reputation of being one
of the best teachers in New England, and
while a resident of West Bridgewater, he was
active in the affairs of the Baptist church. He
served the town as an overseer of the poor,
as a member of the board of health, as a select-
man and as chairman of selectmen. He mar-
ried, in 1852, Clara Melissa Towle, born in
1827, who survived him and was living in
Haverhill, Massachusetts, in 1909. They had
three children as follows: 1. Irwin I., born in
1854, graduated at Brown University, A. B.,
1876, at Bellevue Medical College, M. D., 1880.
He was assistant surgeon at the Soldier's
Home, Hampton, Virginia, 1883-98; surgeon
in the United States volunteer army in the
Spanish-American war, 1898 to 1902; medical
practitioner in Schenectady, New York, 1902
to the time of his death, May 5, 1906. He
married, September 8. 1891, Nettie Metzler,
who survived her husband and was residing
in Mansfield, Ohio, in 1909. They had no
children. 2. Sarah E., 1859, who died unmar-
ried. 3. Harvey Towle (q. v.). Joseph Au-
gustus Shores died in West Bridgewater,
Massachusetts, July 14, 1896, and was buried
in the cemetery at Exeter, New Hampshire,
where also repose the bodies of his father,
Stephen Shores, his son, Dr. Irwin I. Shores,
and his daughter, Sarah Shores.

(X) Harvey Towle, youngest child of
Joseph Augustus and Clara Melissa (Towle)
Shores, was born in Haverhill, Massachusetts,

February 28, 1869. He was graduated at the
Bridgewater high school in 1887; at the Mass-
achusetts Agricultural College, Amherst, S. B.,
1891 ; at Boston University. S. B., 1891 ; and
at Harvard University, M. D., 1894. He was
interne in the Army Hospital at the Soldier's
Home, Hampton, Virginia, in 1894, and took
post-graduate hospital course in New York,
1895-96. He removed to Northampton, Mass-
achusetts, in 1896, and began regular practice
of medicine. He was made a member of the
Eastern Hampden Medical Society and of the
Massachusetts Medical Society. He was
appointed by Governor Guild, July 26, 1907,
inspector of health of district No 13, which
includes Hampshire and Franklin counties.
His fraternal affiliations was the Masonic
order and he passed through all the degrees
to and including the Mystic Shrine. Also a
member of the Gamma Delta Chapter at
Amherst of the Kappa Sigma fraternity. He
married, June 10. 1896, Mabel, daughter of J.
Howe and Emma W. (Browne) Demond, of
Springfield, Massachusetts. Her parents were
married in Bernardstown. Franklin county,
Massachusetts. March 6, 1866, her father hav-
ing been born in Rutland, Massachusetts, Octo-
ber 5, 1825, and was the son of a farmer. She
was educated in Northampton, Massachusetts,
and their son, Paul Demond Shores, born in
Northampton, May 12, 1901. represents the
eleventh generation from Sampson Shores, the
immigrant to Boston in 164 1.

(For preceding generations see Philip Towle i).

(IV) Levi, second son of Jona-
TOWLE than and Anna (Norton) Towle,
was born September 22, 1731,
and lived in Rye, New Hampshire, until after
i7"i'. when he removed to Parsonsfield. Maine,
and built the second frame house in that town.
His elder brother Jonathan was also a pioneer
settler in that township, which was incorpor-
ated in 1775. Levi Towle married, October
11. 1753. in Rye, Ruth Marden, of that town,
and their first child, Jonathan, was baptized
in Rye. He was a soldier of the revolution,
being with Washington at Valley Forge, and
at the capture of Trenton. After the revolu-
tion, he settled in Eaton, New Hampshire.
The following are on record as having been
baptized in Hampton: 1. Sarah, February 15,
1756. 2. Jeremiah, August 27, 1758. 3.
Joseph, February 1, 1761. 4. Betty, July 17,
1763. 5. Anna. September 21, 1766. In addi-
tion to these, the history of Parsonsfield, Maine,
mentions as his children, Steven, James M.,



Polly and Simeon. These were probably born
after bis settlement in Parsonsfield. James
Marden was a sailor in the service of the
United States in the war of 1812 and was
killed on board a - hip in Portland, Maine

(Y ) Simeon, son of Levi and Ruth (Mar-
den) Towle, was born June 19, 1772, in Par-
sonsfield ami died in that town. Jul}' 14. 1845.
He was farmer and occupied the same farm
and house which bail previously been the prop-
erty of his father. He married, in 1796,
Betsy .Moore, of Stratham, Xew Hampshire,
who died .March 12. 1854. in Parsonsfield. Chil-
dren: 1. Betsy, born 1797, married Job Col-
curd. 2. Abigail, 1799. married Charles Col-
cord. 3. Harvey Moore, mentioned in the
next paragraph. 4. Ruth, 1805. married John
Doe. 5. Mary, 1809, married Joseph Titcomb.
6. Levi, died at the age of twenty-one. 7.
Sallie, 1813, married Daniel Little-field. 8.
Priscilla, 1815, married William E. Moulton.

(VI) Harvey Moore, eldest son of Simeon
and Betsy I Moore) Towle, was born Septem-
ber 20. 1801. in Parsonsfield, and died Decem-
ber, 1877, in Bradford, Massachusetts. He
was a teacher of much ability and served his
native town as school committeeman, select-
man and representative. He was a man of
well settled principles and of a strong and
sympathetic nature and was ever ready to
give his time and efforts for the general wel-
fare. He removed to Bradford, Massachu-
setts, in 1833, and was for many years treas-
urer of that town. Harvey Moore Towle
married (first) in 1826, Clarissa Knapp, daugh-
ter of Samuel and Mary (Meade) Knapp. of
Salisbury, Massachusetts. She died in 1829.
Children: I. Clara M., born 1827. married,
in 1852, Joseph A. Shores (see Shores'). 2.
Samuel Knapp, born 1829, was a distinguished
physician and surgeon, and during the civil
war was attached as surgeon to the Four-
teenth Heavy Artillery and subsequently to
the Thirtieth Massachusetts Regiment; after
the war he was surgeon at the soldier's homes
in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Dayton, Ohio, and
Hampton, Virginia, and died in 1895. Mr.
Towle married (second) in 1831, Chastina S.
Morse, of Haverhill. Massachusetts, who sur-
vived him. Children: 1. Melville Cox. born
September 14. 1835, a physician, and died soon
after the opening of a brilliant career, Decem-
ber 20, 1875, at Haverhill, Massachusetts. 2.
Ellen M., died in 1855. 3. Levi, died aged
fourteen years.

This family is of ancient English

AMES origin, and the branch which lived

at Bristol bore this coat-of-arms :

Argent on a bent cotised sable, three roses of

the field. Crest : a white rose. Motto, Fama

Candida rosa dulcior.

( I ) John Ames was buried at Bruton, Eng-
land, in 1560.

( 11 ) John (2), son of John (1) Ames, died
in 1583. He married Margery Crome. Chil-
dren: 1. John, mentioned below. 2. Launce-
lot. 3. William.

(Ill) John (3), son of John (2) Ames,
was born in 1560 and died in 1629. He mar-
ried Cyprian Browne. Children: 1. William,
mentioned below. 2. John, went to Xew Eng-
land and settled first at Duxbury, where he
was on a list of those able to bear arms in
1(143; removed to Bridgevvater and married,
1 ctober 20, 1(145, Elizabeth Heyward ; died
and left his estate to his brother's heirs.

( IV ) William, son of John (3) Ames, was
burn in 1605 and died January 1, 1653-54.
He came to Xew England and settled in Brain-
tree as early as 1641. He was admitted a
freeman. May 26, 1647. He married Hannah

, who married (second) April 6, 1660,

John Heiden (Hayden). Children: 1. Han-
nab, born May 12. 1641. 2. Rebecca, October,
1(142. 3. Lydia. 1(145. 4. John, May 24, 1647,
mentioned below. 5. Sarah. March 1, 1650. 6.
Deliverance (daughter), February 6, 1653.

( Y ) John (4), son of William Ames, was
born May 24, 1647, died about 1723, when
his estate was settled. He settled in West
Bridgewater as early as 1672, and married
Sarah Willis, daughter of John Willis He
served in King Philip's war. Children: 1.
John, burn 1672. 2. William, 1673. 3. Nathaniel,
1677. 4. Elizabeth, 1680. married, 1697, Cap-
tain John Field. 5. Thomas, 1682, mentioned
below. 6. Sarah, 1685, married, 1706, Daniel
Field. 7. David, 1688. 8. Hannah, married,
1712, David Packard.

(VI) Thomas, son of John (4) Ames, was
born at West Bridgewater in 1682. He mar-
ried, in 1706, Mary Hayward, daughter of
Joseph 1 lavward. Children: 1. Thomas, born
1707. 2. Solomon, 1709. 3. Joseph, 171 1,
mentioned below. 4. Ebeiiezer, 171 5. 5. Mary,
1717, married. 1735, Seth Howard. 6. Sus-
anna, 1720, married, 1741, Thomas Willis. 7.
Nathan. 1722. 8. Sarah, 1724, married, 1747,
Captain Josiah Packard. 9. Betty, 1727, mar-
ried. 1748, James Ames.

(VII) Joseph, son of Thomas Ames, was



born in 171 1. He married (first) Susanna
Littlefield, daughter of Nathaniel Littlefield,
of Braintree. He married (second) in 1754,
Ruth (Field) Packard, widow of Israel Pack-
ard and daughter of Richard Field. He
married (third) in 1768, Abigail, widow of
Jonathan Bosworth and Israel Alger Jr. and <
daughter of Samuel Lathrop. Children of
first wife: 1. Phebe, born 1737, married, 1756,
Captain Jonathan Howard. 2. Ebenezer, 1739,
mentioned below. 3. Nathaniel, 1741, married,
1783, Mary Hill. 4. Elijah, 1743. married,
1760, Betty Johnson and removed to Pennsyl-
vania. 5. Susannah, 1744, married, 1764, Daniel
Copeland. 6. Joseph, 1747. 7. Sarah, married,
1778, Josiah Williams. 8. William, 1752, re-
moved to Connecticut. 9. Bethia, married, 1769,
Ephraim Fobes. Children of second wife:
10. Zephaniah, born 1755. Children of third
wife: 11. Olive, 1769, married, 1785, Joseph
Alger. 12. James, 1771, married, 1794, Jenny
Fenno, of Boston. 13. Fiskt, 1773.

(VIII ) Ebenezer, son of Joseph Ames, was
born in 1739. He was ensign in Captain
Elisha Mitchell's company, Colonel Cary's
regiment February 21. 1776, also in Captain
Joseph Keith's company. Colonel Edward
Mitchell's regiment in 1776. He married,
1763, Jane Howard, daughter of Dr. Abiel
Howard. Children: 1. Ambrose M.. born
1765, mentioned below. 2. Charles. 1767, mar-
ried, 1789, Rhoda Snell, daughter of Deacon
Elijah Snell. 3. Walter, 1773, married, 1796, Me-
hitable Packard. 4. William, 1777. 5. Ebenezer.

(IX) Captain Ambrose M.. son of Ebene-
zer Ames, was born in Bridgewater, January
28, 1765, died August 29, 1858. He removed to
Greenfield, where he settled, about 1785. and
became a leading citizen of that 'town. He
was a representative to the general court for
several terms, and captain of the first troop of
cavalry ever recruited in the town. He engaged
in the manufacture of plows and linseed oil
and was very successful in business. He
invested extensively in real estate in Greenfield
and vicinity. He was a member of Republican
Lodge of Free Masons. In politics he was a
Democrat, one of the leaders of this section
and for a period of thirty-five years was post-
master. In religion he was a Unitarian. He
married, December 9, 1791. Hannah Allen,
born October 11, 1769, died April 8, i860.
Children: 1. Hannah, born September 29,
1792, died May 25, 1875. 2. Olive, February
23, 1793, died in 1889. 3. Caroline, January
6, 1795, died January 28, 1875. 4. Isabella,
October 17, 1796, died September 14, 1872.

5. Jane, July 25, 1798, died May 24, 1874. 6.
Thomas, May 27, 1801, died in infancy. 7.
Thomas J., July 23, 1804, died September 5,
1841. 8. James Madison, November 2, 1806,
mentioned below. 9. Frances A., November
18, 1809.
> (X) James Madison, son of Captain Am-
brose M. Ames,- was born in Greenfield, No-
vember 2. 1806, died there January 8, 1893.
He was educated in the public schools and
followed farming for a calling. He was for
many years assistant postmaster, when his
father was postmaster. He also was a civil
engineer and surveyor and worked at this
profession in railroad construction and land
surveying from time to time. He was a mem-
ber of the Unitarian church of Greenfield. In
politics he was a Democrat. He married, Jan-
uary 31, 1844. Eunice Hunt, born 1807, died
May 9, 1894, daughter of Joel and Eunice
( Alvord ) Hunt. Children, born at Greenfield :
1. Frances Barrett, born 1845, married. De-
cember 17, 1868. : she died August 9,

1871. 2. William Ambrose, July 24. 1847,
mentioned below.

(XI) William Ambrose, son of James
Madison Ames, was born in Greenfield, July
24, 1847. He attended the public schools of
his native town and Powers Institute, Ber-
nardston. He learned the profession of sur-
veying and civil engineering, and worked for
a time in railroad construction in New York
state. He has devoted his attention mainly
to farming, however, and has been quite suc-
cessful in raising fine tobacco. He has been
active and prominent in public life. From
1872 to 1877 he was foreman of the fire com-
pany, and one of the engineers of the fire de-
partment. He was a member of the Greenfield
militia company with the rank of sergeant.
In 1888 he was elected highway surveyor. He
served on the board of directors of the Green-
field Rural Club, an organization for village
improvement, which planted hundreds of shade
trees in the town and built new roads on Rocky
Mountain. In 1902 he was elected on the
board of selectmen and was re-elected from
year to year to the present time. He is also
the tree warden of the town. In politics he is
a Democrat. He is a member of Republican
Lodge of Free Masons : of Franklin Chapter,
Royal Arch Masons ; of Titus Strong Council,
Royal and Select Masters. He attends the
Congregational church. He married, October
12. 1876. Elizabeth Margaret Severance, born
May 13, 1845, died January 2, 1902, daughter
of P. P. Severance. They have no children.



The name Hastings is older
HASTINGS than the Norman Conquest
in England. It was spelled
Hastang also. The castle and seaport of Hast-
ing were owned by the family that adopted the
surname as early as 911, before the Normans
were in Gaul. There was a Danish pirate, not*
of this family perhaps, who was a formidable
foe of the Saxons occupying a part of Sussex.
In nearly every county of England the family
has established itself. Branches bearing coats-
of-arms are found at Agmondisham, Buck-
shire : in Dorsetshire and Leicestershire ; in
Cambridgeshire; in < iloucestershire and Derby-
shire ; in Ireland; at Billesby, Lincolnshire; at
Hinton, Northamptonshire; in Nottingham-
shire and Northumberland ; in Staffordshire.
Yorkshire, Oxfordshire and in Scotland. Of
the numerous coats-of-arms of Hastings, the
American branch claims the following : A
maunch sable. Crest : A buffalo's head erased
sable, crowned and gorged with a ducal coronet
and armed or. Supporters : Two man-tigers
affrontee or, their visages resembling the
human face proper. Motto: In virtute victoria.
Also : Honorantes me honorabo. A plate on
which this armorial was engraved was brought
to this country by the pioneer and descended
('not a direct line) through Thomas (2) ; Dr.
YYaitstill (3): Hi.pestil U); Dr. Seth (5);
whose brother lost it about 1835 in the pursuit
■ if one of those elusive, if not imaginary, Eng-
lish estates. On one side were the arms given
above and an antique ship with two flags; on
the obverse the arms of England, viz : Three
lions passant, guardant in pale on the reverse
of the seal St. Michael slaying the dragon.

(I) Deacon Thomas Hastings, immigrant
ancestor, was born in England in 1605. Thomas,
aged twenty-nine, and his wife Susanna, aged
thirty-four, embarked at Ipswich, England,
April 10, 1634, in the ship. "Elizabeth." Will-
iam Andrews, master, for New England. He
settled at Watertown, Massachusetts, where he
was admitted a freeman May 6, 1635. He
owned land in Dedham, but never lived there.
He was selectman from 1638 to 1643 and from
1650 to 1671 ; town clerk in 1671-77-80; deputy
to the general court in 1673, and long held
the office of deacon. His wife Susanna died
February 2, 1650, and he married (second)
in April, 1651. Margaret Cheney, daughter of
William and Martha Cheney, of Roxbury. He
died in 1685, aged eighty. His will was dated
March 12, 1682-83, and proved September 7,
1685. The inventory of his estate amounted
to four hundred and twenty-one pounds. He

resided on the west side of School street, then
called Hill street. He bequeathed the home-
stead to his son Samuel ; to his son Thomas
he gave only five pounds, saying, "I have been
at great expense to bring him up a scholar, and
I have given him above three score pounds to
begin the world with." Children: 1. Thomas,
born July I, 1652, died July 23, 1712. 2. John,
March 1, 1654, died March 28, 1717-18; mar-
ried, June 18, 1679. Abigail Hammond. 3.
William, August 8, 1655, drowned August,
1669. 4. Joseph, September 11, 1657, died
October 7, 1695. 5. Benjamin, August 9, 1659,
died December 18, 171 1. 6. Nathaniel, Sep-
tember 25, 1661, died December 25, 1694. 7.
Hepzibah, January 31, 1663. 8. Samuel, men-
tioned below.

ill) Samuel, son of Deacon Thomas Hast-
ings, was born March 12. 1665, died July 24,

1723. His father died when he was a minor
and John Nevinson was his guardian. Hast-
ings was licensed to keep a tavern in Water-
town in March, 1695, in the same house used
for that purpose by his father-in-law before
him. A few years later, however, he returned
to the Hastings homestead, which was after-
ward sold to the town for a ministerial resi-
dence by Ins son, Daniel, and Joseph Coolidge,
guardian of his son Nathaniel, and was later
occupied by Rev. Seth Storer. Samuel Hast-
ings married (first) January I, 1687, at Water-
town Mills, Lydia Church, born at Dedham,
July 4, 1 661, daughter of Caleb and Joanna
CSprague) Church, of Watertown. She died
in January, 1691, and he married (second)
April 24, 1694, Elizabeth Nevinson, born Octo-
ber 22, 1675, daughter of John and Elizabeth
Nevinson. .His second wife died in 1700 and
he married (third) July 10, 1701, Sarah
Coolidge, daughter of Simon and Hannah
(Barron) Coolidge. The third wife died Jan-
uary. 1724. Child of first wife: 1. Lydia,
born January 2, 1691, died the following
month. Children of second wife: 2. Eliza-
beth, baptized November 29,, 1697. 3. Samuel,
born October 30, 1698, married, October 13,

1724. Mary Eaton. 4. Benjamin, baptized No-
vember 17, 1700. died young. 5. Daniel, born
July 19, 1702, married, August 5, 1724, Sarah
Ball, daughter of James and Elizabeth (Fiske)
Ball. 6. Nathaniel, mentioned below. 7.
Ursula, died unmarried 1792, aged ninety-two

(Ill) Nathaniel, son of Samuel Hastings,
was born at Watertown, about 1708-10. His
uncle. Toseph Coolidge, was his guardian as
late as 1728. He married, April 16, 1734,


141 1

Esther Perry, born November 25, 1713, daugh-

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