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in, married, December 3, 1703, John Sheldon,
of Deerfield, Massachusetts, and when the
town was attacked by Indians about three
months after her marriage, she was taken cap-
tive with many others and marched to Canada.
Her husband probably followed the retreating
party, for after over a year he obtained her
release and brought her home from Canada.
This version of the story is at least generally
credited, and the presentment of her mother at

least came true when she advised her in mak-
ing a dress before her marriage that she must
make it so it would do to wear into captivity,
which shows the anxiety felt in the frontier at
that time.

(Ill) Thomas, second son and third child
of Japhet and Abilenah (Cooley) Chapin, was
born May 10, 1 67 1, probably in Mil ford, Con-
necticut. He married Sarah Wright, who was
the mother of his eleven children. He died
August 27, 1755, and his widow July 26, 1770,
aged ninety-eight years. Their children, named
in the order of their birth are: 1. Thomas,
born January 2, 1694. married, March 19,
1719-20, Jerusha Jones, of Sunderland; had
four children ; died in Belchertown in 1781. 2.
Japhet. March 16, 1697, married Thankful
Dickerson, of Hatfield ; published April 22,
1726; she was the mother of his ten children:
married (second) October 28, 1778, Lydia
Belding, widow of Rev. Benjamin Doolittle,
of Northfield, Massachusetts. His first wife
died March 17. 1773, and when his second
wife was eighty years old, he was eighty-two,
and they made the journey on horseback from
their residence in Chicopee street, Springfield,
to Northfield, a distance of more than forty
miles, in one day, each on a separate horse,
and are said to have each sat as upright and
enjoyed the ride as well as if they were still
young. 3. Abel, January 28, 1700, married,
January 9, 1720, Hannah, daughter of Luther
and Elizabeth Hitchcock ; they lived in that
part of Springfield known as Willimansett ;
he afterward kept a tavern on the east side
of Chicopee street for many years ; they had
six children; he died May 3, 1772, and his
widow April 12, 1778, aged seventy-six years.

4. Shem, February 3, 1702, married (pub-
lished December 4, 1752) Anna Clark, of Ux-
bridge, widow of Mr. Clark, of Springfield
(Chicopee); they lived in Ludlow, Massa-
chusetts ; had three children and he died there.

5. and 6. Martha and Esther (twins) De-
cember 5, 1704. Martha married, October 20,
1740, Samuel Wills, of Hatfirld, and died July
8, 1801, aged ninety-seven years; Esther mar-
ried, October 22, 1747, Noah Cook, of Had-
ley, and (second) Deacon Nathaniel Horton,
of Somers. 7. Sarah, February 18, 1708,
married, May 17, 1753, Luke Parsons, of
Somers, Connecticut. 8. Nathaniel (q. v.),
August 9, 1711. 9. Bathsheba, December 19,
1713, married (first) April 2, 1745, Jacob
Hitchcock and (second) Dr. Lamberton
Cooper, of Agawam. 10. Jabez. April 3,



1716, died April 20, 1716. 11. Deborah, Oc-
tober 31, 1719, married, April 30, 1746, Eleon
Frarv' of Hatfield.

(IV) Nathaniel, fifth son and sixth child
of Thomas and Sarah (Wright) Chapin, was
born August 9, 171 1. He married Sarah Ab-
bee, daughter of Thomas Abbe, of Enfield,
where they lived and where their three chil-
dren were born. Captain Nathaniel Chapin died
at Cape Breton, and as only the service in the
French war would have brought him to that
place it is reasonable that he was with the ex-
pedition against Louisburg, which place sur-
rendered to the British and Colonial troops,
June 16, 1745, and as many of the troops in
the expedition were from Connecticut it is
probable that he was in the service and died
there about that time, aged thirty-four years.
His widow married Captain Hezekiah Par-
sons, of Enfield, Connecticut. The children
of Nathaniel and Sarah (Abbee) Chapin
were: 1. Nathaniel (q. v.), born December
31, 1738. 2. Eliphalet, March 2, 1741, mar-
ried Azuba Pease and had nine children. 3.

(V) Nathaniel (2), son of Nathaniel (1)
and Sarah (Abbee) Chapin, was born in En-
field, Connecticut, December 31, 1738, died
there February 11, 1831. He married (first)
Sibyl Terry and (second) Leviah Parsons.
They had six children. The children of Na-
thaniel and Sibyl Chapin were: 1. Nathaniel
(q. v.). 2. Jabez, married a Miss Dwight,
of Longmeadow, Massachusetts, removed to
Ohio, and had six children; he died in Ohio.

3. Simeon, who died in Enfield, Connecticut.

4. Sibyl, married Thomas Metcalf. 5. Es-
ther, married Moses Allen. 6. Betsy, died

(VI) Rev. Nathaniel (3), eldest child of
Nathaniel (2) and Sibyl Chapin, married
(first) Cynthia Perkins and (second) Lovisa
Sexton. He was a Methodist clergyman. He
had ten children as follows: 1. Henry, died
at the age of two years. 2. Lovisa, died un-
married. 3. Henry (q. v.), of Springfield,
Massachusetts. 4. Charlotte, married SamiK-1
Curbin, of Union, Connecticut. 5. Sibyl,
married Levi Loody and lived in Windsor,
Connecticut. 6. Charles, died at three years
of age. 7. Miranda. 8. Charles, married but
had no issue. 9. Eliza, married Colonel Hen-
ry Holkins, of Windsor; lived at Windham
Port, Connecticut, and had children. 10. Na-
thaniel, married Olive, daughter of God Van
Horn, of Chicopee, Massachusetts ; removed
first to Jenksville, Massachusetts, and then to
Springfield, Illinois, and has six children.

(VII) Henry, second son of Rev. Na-
thaniel (3) and Cynthia (Perkins) Chapin.
married Elizabeth Wilson, and resided in
Springfield, Massachusetts, where he was
deacon of the Pynchon Street Methodist
Church. They had seven children: 1. Eliz-
abeth, born January 30, 1821. 2. Lovisa, Au-
gust 21, 1824. 3. Henry Augustus (q. v.),
August 29, 1826. 4. Ellen, October 18, 1828,
died October 12, 1846. 5. Lucy A., October
23, 1830. 6. Miranda, April 9, 1835. 7. Su-
san C, July 5, 1839.

(VIII) Henry Augustus, eldest son of
Henry and Elizabeth (Wilson) Chapin, was
born in Springfield, Massachusetts, August
29, 1826. He married, November 21, 1850.
Sarah E., daughter of Isaac Stevens and their
children were born in Springfield. He removed
to Bridgeport, Connecticut, where he was in-
terested in the George Dwight & Company
Gas Works. The children of Henry Augus-
tus and Sarah E. (Stevens) Chapin are: 1.
Elizabeth Maria, born July 17, 1854. 2. Wil-
liam Henry (q. v.), June 26, 1856. 3. Emma
S., October 13, 1858. 4. Ellen Olney, 1864.

(IX) William Henry, son of Henry Au-
gustus and Sarah E. (Stevens) Chapin, was
born June 26, 1856, in Springfield, Massa-
chusetts. He was educated in the public
schools of Springfield, Massachusetts, and of
Bridgeport, Connecticut. After several years'
residence in Europe he returned to Spring-
field, where he engaged in his present line of
business, that of patent attorney. He mar-
ried, June 24, 1886, Charlotte E. Scott, of
Toledo, Ohio, daughter of Maurice A. and
Mary B. (Messinger) Scott. Children: 1.
Maurice S., born in Springfield, Massachu-
setts, April 17,1887. 2. Henry, born in To-
ledo, Ohio, November 17. 1893. 3. Stuart,
born in Springfield, January 29, 1897.

(For preceding generations see preceding sketch).

(Ill) Ebenezer, son of Japhet
CHAPIN and Abilenah (Cooley) Chapin,
was born in Enfield, Con-
necticut, June 26, 1677. He lived in Somers
for a time but returned to Enfield. He married,
in December, 1702, Ruth Janes, of Northamp-
ton, Massachusetts. Her father after her mar-
riage removed to Lebanon, Connecticut.
Ebenezer and Ruth (Janes) Chapin had thir-
teen children, all probably born in Enfield.
The mother of these children died in Enfield,
Connecticut, January 18, 1736, aged fifty-four
years, and her husband outlived her thirty-
six vears, and died in Enfield, December 13,
1772, after he had reached the ninety-fifth


1 77 1

year of his age. The children were: i.
Rachel, born August 27, 1703, died in East
Windsor, Connecticut, 1773. 2. Ebenezer,
September 23, 1705, married Elizabeth Pease,
daughter of Jonathan Pease, and they had
five children. He died March 1. 175 1 , and
his widow July 6, 1786. 3. Noah, October 25.
1707, was lieutenant in the colonial militia;
married Mary Wright, of Deerfield. and they
had seven children. Lieutenant Noah died
August 23, 1787, and his widow March 3,
1795. 4. Seth (q. v.), February 28, 1709. 5.
Catharine, January 4, 171 1, married a Mr.
Ellsworth, of East Windham. 6. Moses,
August 24, 1712, married Jerusha Rockwell,
of East Windham, and their only child was
Jerusha. He married (second) Elizabeth,
daughter of Captain Samuel Dwight, of En-
field, and by her he had ten children. He died
November 3, 1793, his widow October 11.
1807. 7. Aaron, September 28, 1714, married
Sybel Markham, of Enfield, and they had ten
children. The mother died March n, 1791,
and Aaron Chapin April 19, 1808. 8. Elias,
October 22, 1716, married Sarah Platts ; lived
in Somers ; had six children ; died September
6, 1791, his wife having died October 12,
1775; he married (second) Submit Dickin-
son, widow of Cornelius Davis, of Somers
Mountain. She was the aunt of Submit
Dickinson, wife of Davis Dudley Fuld, D. D.,
of Stockbridge, Massachusetts. 9. Reuben,
September 13, 1718,. married and had seven
children; died 1788. 10. Charles, December
26, 1720, lived in Salisbury, Connecticut : mar-
ried Anna Clapp, of Guilford, Connecticut,
had thirteen children; died at East Blo< 'in-
field, New York, 1813. 11. David, August
13 or 18, 1722, died 1762. 12. Elisha, April
18, 1725, died 1726. 13. Phineas, June 26,
1726, died at Albany, New York, unmarried.
1747. Six of Ebenezer's eleven sons :
Ebenezer, Noah, Moses, Seth, Elias and
Aaron settled on Somers Mountain and had
farms adjoining, and Ebenezer returned to
his homestead in Somers to care for his aged
father, leaving the farm in charge of his son,
Ebenezer, and his descendants of the name of
Ebenezer to the seventh generation continued
to occupy the farm.

(IV) Seth, third son and fourth child of
Ebenezer and Ruth (Janes) Chapin, was born
in Somers, Connecticut, February 28, 1709. He
married, November 22, 1739, Elizabeth, daugh-
ter of Samuel Bliss, of Longmeadow, Massa-
chusetts, and had four children. She died April
10, 1751, and her husband married (second)

Margaret Pease, who died October 7, 1802,
aged eighty-four, and Seth Chapin, her hus-
band, and the father of the four children by
his first wife, Elizabeth, died in Somers, Con-
necticut, February 22, 1807, aged ninety-
eight years. His children were: 1. Samuel
(q. v.), about 1743. 2. Elizabeth, married
Ezekiel Spencer, of Somerville, had four chil-
dren ; died February 17. 1819. 3. Abigail,
married David Taft and had seven children ;
died January 27, 1830. 4. Catharine, 1749,
died unmarried December 14, 1774.

(V) Samuel (2), eldest child of Seth and
Elizabeth (Bliss) Chapin, was born in Som-
ers, Connecticut, about 1743. He married
Elizabeth Spencer and had by her his seven
children. She died February 4, 1812, when
sixty-six years old, and he married (second),
Eunice King, daughter of Lieutenant Noah
Chapin, and widow of Mr. King. She died
March 25, 1816, when sixty-nine years of
age, and Samuel, her husband, died April 18,
1833, when he had reached the age of ninety-
one years. The children of Samuel and Eliz-
abeth (Spencer) Chapin, all born in Somers,
Connecticut, were: 1. Margaret, born April
2 4. 1773. died April 1, 1839. 2. Seth, March
2 4> 1775. married Mary Stacy, of Wilbraham,
Massachusetts, July 1, 1802, who was the
mother of his seven children ; he died May 8,
l &57- 3- Samuel (q. v.). 4. Rueben, Sep-
tember 5, 1778, married Lovisa Russell; was
a licenced Congregational clergyman, but had
no settled charge on account of weak lungs ;
had seven children, two becoming Episcopal
clergymen, and two practicing physicians. He
died July 17, 1834. 5. Bliss, September 23,
1780, married, February 5, 1807, Eunice Ben-
ton ; lived in Tolland, Connecticut : had six
children; died in August, 1856. 6. Elizabeth.
September 21, 1782, married Philip Davis,
brother of her sister Margaret's husband;
lived in. Greenwich. Massachusetts: had seven
children. 7. Lucy, August 2, 1785, married
Daniel Smith, of Westfield : had four chil-
dren ; died in 1831.

(VI) Samuel (3), son of Samuel (2) and
Elizabeth (Spencer) Chapin, was born Octo-
ber 29, 1776. He married, May 31, 1804.
Mary, daughter of Stephen Pease, of Som-
ers, born September 7. 1777, and they had
eight children born at Somers, as follows :

1. Martha, April 10, 1805, died May 28, 1820.

2. Merwin, July 5, 1806. married, October 12,
1836, Rebecca Stow, of Westfield; was a pro-
prietor of the Massasoit House, Springfield,
Massachusetts, and a representative for



Springfield in the state legislature, a city offi-
cial and president of the Agawam Bank, had
four children. 3. Roxana, June 14, 1808,
died unmarried. 4. Amelia, August 18, 1S10,
married, March 19, 1837, Jonathan Smith Ro-
binson, captain of the Springfield Horse
Guards, and had five children. 5. Elizabeth
S., March 29, 1812, died December 16, 1852.
6. Ethan Samuel. July, 1814, married, 1839,
Louisa Burns, of West Springfield : was a
proprietor of the Massasoit House; had five
children. 7. Albert Pease, November 12,
1816, married Olive Moreton, of Monson ; re-
sided in Granby, Massachusetts, and had one
child. 8. Horace J., mentioned below.

(VII) Horace J., youngest child of Samuel
(3) and Mary (Pease) Chapin, was born in
Somers, Connecticut, June 5, 1819. died
March 13, 1907. He removed' with his par-
ents to Springfield, Massachusetts, where he
was educated. He married Lydia Sherwin,
of Newfane, Vermont, and they had seven
children, all born in Springfield, Massachu-
setts, as follows: 1. Ella S., August 19, 1845.
2. Marcia W., March 29, 1848. 3. Eugene
H., 1850, died 185 1. 4- Emily A., August
13, 1853. 5. William Horace (q. v.), Sep-
tember 11, 1855. 6. Carrie L., December 25,
1859. 7. Gertrude R., April 27, 1863.

(VIII) William Horace, second son and
fifth child of Horace J. and Lydia (Sherwin)
Chapin, was born in Springfield, Massachu-
setts, September 11, 1855. He was educated
in the public schools of Springfield, Massa-
chusetts, and at the age of fifteen went to
Galesburg, Illinois, with his parents, remain-
ing there until 1876, when he entered the
Massasoit House as a clerk and remained in
that capacity until 1886, when he leased the
property and finally purchased it. Mr. Chapin
is a member of Springfield Lodge, F. and A.
M., Xayasset Club and Automobile Club. He
married (first) June 20, 1889, Fannie Lee
Stebbins, daughter of John B. Stebbins, of
Springfield, Massachusetts ; she died April 19,
1890. One child, Frances Anna, born March
13, 1890. He married (second) November
8, 1899, Grace F. Ordway. One son, Samuel
B. Chapin, born August 27, 1900.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Chapin are members of
Christ Episcopal Church.

(For preceding generations see Samuel Chapin 1).

(Ill) John, third son of Japhet

CHAPIN and Abilenah (Cooley) Chapin,

was born May 14, 1674, died

June 1. 1759. Intentions of marriage with

Sarah Bridgman, of Northampton, were pub-

lished January 24, 1702. She died May 21,
1756, aged seventy-five years. Their children
were: Sarah, Jemima, John, Miriam, Phineas,
Stephen, Asahel and Eleazer.

(IV) Phineas, second son of John and Sar-
ah ( Bridgman ) Chapin, was born September
23, 1715, died October 11, 1788. He was evi-
dently a man of means, as he was the owner of
negroes, as witness: 1755, November 10,
Pompey, a negro and Betty, a negro (servants
of Phineas Chapin) were joined in marriage,
says the town record. He married, February
1, 1739, Bethia Chapin, daughter of Benjamin
and Hannah (Colton) Chapin (see Chapin
111). She died May 1, 1793, aged seventy-
five. Their children were: Bethia, Phares,
Phineas, Asenath, John and Silas.

(V) Captain Phineas (2), second son of
Phineas (1) and Bethia (Chapin) Chapin,
was born in Springfield, March 1, 1748, died
March 2, 1821. He was a man of energy, ac-
tivity and influence, and considerably engaged
in public business. He resided on Chicopee
street, near where the Connecticut River rail-
road crosses that street. He married Sabrina,
daughter of George Wright, of Springfield.
She died April 4, 1813. They had twelve chil-
dren : Sophronia, Asenath, Sabrina, Dormer,
Bethia, Bridgman, Ulrica, Zelotes, Hannah,
Phineas, Avaline and Otway.

1 VI) Dormer, eldest son of Captain Phin-
eas (2) and Sabrina (Wright) Chapin, was
born in Springfield, February 25, 1781. He-
was a farmer, and resided on what was called
the Meadow road between Chicopee street and
Willimansett. In town affairs he took a some-
what active part, and held the offices of sur-
veyor of highways, selectman, and so on. He
married, October 2, 1803, Lucretia Smith,
daughter of Philip Smith. She died October
13, 1828. The twelve children of this union
were : Delia, Neuman, Lucretia, Dolphin Dor-
mer, Avaline, Bethia. Lucas B., Samuel M.,
Caroline, Pametia, Artemas W. and Flavel P.

1 \ 1 1 ) Dolphin Dormer, second son of Dor-
mer and Lucretia (Smith) Chapin, was born
in Springfield, September 13, 1810. He was
a farmer, and resided in Granby. He married
Achsah Ferrey, daughter of Amos Ferrey, of
Granby. Eight children were born of this

(VIII) Dr. Delia Lucretia. daughter of
Dolphin Dormer and Achsa (Ferrey) Chapin,
was born in Granby, June 18, 1854. She at-
tended the common and high schools of Gran-
by, prepared for college, and entered Mt. Hol-
yoke College in 1872, graduating in 1876. Af-
ter teaching in the common schools at South



Hadley Falls and in the high school at North-
ampton, she entered upon the study of medi-
cine. She matriculated at the University of
Michigan, from which she took the degree of
M. D. in 1890. Immediately returning to
Massachusetts, she engaged in the practice of
medicine in Springfield, where she has since
been active. She was a member of the staff of
the Toledo Hospital, Toledo, Ohio, where she
paid special attention to the study of nervous
diseases. She is a member of Springfield
Academy of Medicine, Hampden County Med-
ical Society, Massachusetts State Medical So-
ciety, and the American Medical Association.

This surname was Anglicized
MERRILL from the French name de
Merle. Merle signifies a black-
bird. Its original bearer is said to have de-
rived it from the figure of a blackbird dis-
played at his door. The ancient seat of the de
Merles of France was at Place de Dombes
Avergne. The English Merrills are for the
most part descended from a follower of Wil-
liam the Conqueror. Their coat-of-arms is
thus described : "Or, a barrulet between three
peacocks erased proper.*' Crest: "a peacock's
head erased proper." The immigrant ancestor
of the Merrils of Massachusetts, New Hamp-
shire and Maine was Nathaniel Merrill, who
settled in Newbury, Massachusetts, about the
year 1635, and died there in 1655. He came
from Salisbury, England.

(I) Nathan Merrill, a descendant of Na-
thaniel Merrill, of Newbury, was residing in
Concord, Massachusetts, in 1736, but as his
birth is not to be found in the records of that
town he was probably born elsewhere. A care-
ful examination of all available records fails
to disclose the names of his parents, therefore
his line of descent from the Newbury settler
could not be ascertained. The Christian name
of his wife was Mary and she survived him,
marrying for her second husband a Mr. Jones
and moving to Kennebec county. Maine. Na-
than and Mary Merrill had one son and per-
haps other children.

(II) Nathan (2), son of Nathan 1 1 i Mer-
rill, was born in Concord, January 21, 1763.
In 1780, when a youth of seventeen years, he
enlisted for service in the revolutionary war,
served six months, participating in the North
River campaign, and was detailed to do guard
duty at the execution of Major Andre. Au-
gust 29, 1782, he re-enlisted and served a simi-
lar length of time in and around Cambridge,
Massachusetts. In 1786 he purchased a tract

of wild land in that part of Amherst, New
Hampshire, which was afterward set off as
the town of Milford, and settling there perma-
nently in 1788 cleared a farm which is still
known as the Merrill homestead. This prop-
erty is now owned by his grandson, Calvin
Merrill. Nathan Merrill died in Milford,
March 13, 1846. He was a Jeffersonian Dem-
ocrat and a strong anti-slavery advocate. Jan-
uary 21, 1788, he was married in Bedford,
Massachusetts, by the Rev. Joseph Penniman,
to Susanna Bacon, his first wife. She was
born in Bedford, January 28, 1765, daughter
of David and Elizabeth (Lane) Bacon, of that
town. She was a descendant of Michael Ba-
con, who was in Bedford as early as 1676, and
the Bacon family was one of the most promi-
nent in that locality. Elizabeth Lane was a
daughter of Job Lane. Mrs. Susanna Merrill
died in Milford, September 26, 1831, and on
December 25 of the following year Nathan
Merrill married for his second wife Mrs.
Mary Spaulding, nee Flinn, widow of Isaac
Spaulding and a daughter of Jacob and Mary
(Pearson) Flinn. She was born in Milford,
July 25, 1779, and died in Wilton, New Hamp-
shire, February 24, 1856. The children of
Nathan Merrill, all of his first union, were: I.
Nathan, who will be again referred to. 2. Su-
san, born June 17, 1791, died April 16, 1868;
married Henry Gray, son of Timothy and
Ruth (Burnham) Gray, of Wilton. 3. Asa,
January 17, 1794. 4. Joshua, March 7, 1802,
was for many years a successful teacher in the
public schools of Lowell, Massachusetts ; was
engaged in the book business in that city ; died
November 9. 1880.

( III ) Nathan ( 3 ), son of Nathan 1 2 ) Mer-
rill, was born in Milford, October 5, 1788. His
bovhood and youth were practically spent in
the wilderness, as that section of Amherst in
which his father had located was but sparsely
settled, and he therefore became well adapted
to the life of a pioneer. During the war of
1812-15 he served as a lieutenant and did gar-
rison duty about Portsmouth. About the year
1814 he "settled in New Boston, New Hamp-
shire, and is said to have built the first dwell-
ing house in that town. He was a prosperous
farmer and frequently drove to Boston, Mas-
sachusetts, on business. While returning from
the latter city on February 28, 1847, lle P er "
ished in a terrible blizzard, when within a short
distance of his home, and his frozen body was
found on the highway just over the Mount
Vernon line. November 2, 181 1, he was mar-
ried in Boston to Rebecca Foster, daughter of



Jonathan and Dorothy (Jenkins) Foster, of
Ashby, Massachusetts. Children: Leonard
Willey, mentioned below; Nathan I-"., Susan,
Rebecca and others.

(IV) Leonard Willey, son of Nathan (3)
Merrill, was born in New Boston, November
12, 1820, died there February 28, 1908. His
preliminary studies in the district school were
supplemented with a course at the Clinton
Grove Seminary in Weare, New Hampshire,
and in addition' to obtaining a good education
he acquired an excellent agricultural training
by assisting his father in carrying on the home-
stead farm. In 1842 he was for a short time
engaged in driving a milk wagon from Ouincy,
Massachusetts, to Boston, and he subsequent-
ly went to Florida, where he spent five years
with a corps of engineers who were conduct-
ing some important surveying operations in
that state. He also was employed as a pilot on
Pensacola Bay. Returning to New Boston he
turned his attention to the lumbering industry,
which he followed successfully in connection
with farming, and he resided there for the
remainder of his life. Politically he acted
with the Republican party from the time of its
formation, but was never desirous of holding
public office, although his natural ability and
sterling integrity made him especially eligible
to the civil service. In his religious belief he
was a Baptist. On May 1, 1851, he married
Sarah Elizabeth Brown, born in Lyne, New
Hampshire, December 31, 1832, daughter of
Samuel and Ruth (Snow) Brown, of that
town, who is still living. She is the mother of
six children: 1. Louisa Rebecca, born Febru-
ary 24, 1853. 2. George Nathan, mentioned
in the succeeding paragraph. 3. Helen Au-
gusta. 4. Henry Samuel, May 10, 1863. 5.
Charles Asa, April 28, 1865. 6. Nellie Flor-
ence, January 23, 1872.

1 V ) George Nathan, son of Leonard Wil-
ley Merrill, was born in New Boston, June 10,
1855. He was graduated from the McCollum

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