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Newton, in opposing the arbitrary measures of
the British government for more than ten
years preceding the revolutionary war, and
was chairman of a committee to report instruc-
tions to the representative to the general court,
[765, upon the passage of the stamp act. He
was chairman of a committee in 1772, and a
member of the committee in 1774 to report res-
olutions upon the state of public affairs, and
instructions to their representative, and an an-
swer to a circular of the selectmen of Boston.
He was chairman of the committee of corres-
pondence in 1774, and a delegate to the pro-
vincial congress in 1 773-/5- He married
(first) Anne, daughter of Captain John Jack-
son, and granddaughter of John Jackson, Sen.,
September 15, 1735. She was born in Newton,
Tune is, 1714, and died there November 25,

1753. They had Anne, Abigail, Edward, Na-
thaniel, Catherine, Thomas, John and Eliza-
beth. 'He married (second)* November 25,

1754. Marv Allen, born in 1728, died in March
[792, daughter of John Allen, a merchant of
Boston. There were, three children by this
marriage: Allen, Martha and Nathaniel.

(V) Thomas, seventh child of Edward (3)
and Anne (Tackson) Durant, was born at
Newton, March 18. 1746, and died at Middle-
field, August 2, 1831. He was a "Minute
man" in the exciting times preceding the
American Revolution for independence. He
took part in the opening of that war at the
Lexington fight, when he served as corporal
in Captain Jeremiah Wiswell's company from
Newton. Later in the war, according to his
widow, who used to relate incident of his ser-
vice after Lexington, he was a commissary and
a captain, but there had not been found any
public record of this latter service. He re-
moved to Middlefield between October, 1788,
and 1 791, his eighth child, Thomas, having
been born in the latter place January 30, 1791.
His farm at Middlefield was about two miles
west of the village towards Hinsdale, and was
later known as the "Harry Meacham farm."
Thomas Durant married, at Newton, July 23,
1775, Elizabeth Clark, born May 25, 1752,
died in Pittsfield, March 17, 1853, aged one
hundred years, nine months and twelve days,
daughter of William and Mary Clark. Their
children were: William, Edward, and Anna,
next mentioned.

(VI) Anna, called "Nancy," only daugh-
ter of Thomas and Elizabeth (Clark) Dur-
ant. was born at Cambridge, October 21,



1777; baptized 'Anna" at Trinity Church.
Boston, November 8, 1779, and died at Mid-
dlefield, October 15, 1841. She married, at
Middlefield, about 1802. Amasa Blush, who
died there, November t8, 1839, son of Joseph
Blush. Their children who lived were : Wil-
liam, ( )liver, Nancy. Julia Ann.

(VII) Julia Ann. seventh child of Amasa
and Anna' ( Durant ) Blush, was born at Mid-
dlefield, Hampshire county, Massachusetts.
June 29, 1814, died in Springfield. March 14.
1864. She married, June 9, 1834. Ira Brad-
ford Sampson (see Sampson VI).

Robert Reynolds, immigrant
REYNOLDS ancestor of this family,

was born in England.
He is km wn to have been living in
Boston, Massachusetts, as early as 1632.
He was a shoemaker by trade, and
was admitted to the church at Boston,
August 10, 1634. He was admitted a free-
man, September 3, 1634. He removed to Wa-
tertown and was dismissed to the church at
Wethersfield, Connecticut, March 29. 1636,
but returned to Boston later and died there
April 27, 1659. He sold land at Muddy River,
now Brookline, Massachusetts, in 1045, and
also in 1653. His wife Mary was admitted
td the church October 4, 1645, and died Janu-
ary 18, 1063. His will was proved July 27.
1659. bequeathing to wife Mary; son Na-
thaniel; daughter Ruth Whitney and her eld-
est son: daughter Tabitha Abdv and her son
Matthew; to daughter Sarah Mason and her
son Nathaniel. Children: 1. Nathaniel,
mentioned below. 2. Ruth, married John
Whitnev. 3. Tabitha, married Matthew Abdy.

4. Sarah, married .Mason. 5. Mary,

married Sawyer.

(II) Captain Nathaniel, son of Robert
Reynolds, was born in England. He lived in
Boston and was a lieutenant and later captain
of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Com-
pany. He was in King Philip's war at
Chelmsford in February, 1676. He was ad-
mitted a free man in 1665. He was a shoe-
maker by trade, like his father. In 1680 he
removed to Bristol, Rhode Island, where he
became a very prominent citizen, and where
he died July 10, 1708. He married (first)
November 30. 1657, Sarah Dwight, daughter
of John W" Dwight. She died July 8, 1663,
and he married (second) Priscilla Brackett.
daughter of Peter Brackett, who was a trader
of Boston. Children of first wife, born in
P.nston: 1. Sarah, born July 26. 1659, mar-

ried John Fosdick. 2. Mary. November 20,
1660, died January 28. 1663. 3. Nathaniel
March 3, 1662-63, mentioned below. Children
of second wife, born in Boston and Bristol :
4. John, born August 4, 1668, died January
30, 1757, in his eighty-ninth year. 5. Peter,
January 26, 1670. 6. Philip, September 15,
"1672. 7. Joseph, January 9, 1677, died Janu-
ary r6, 1759- 8. Hannah, January 15, 1682,
married Samuel Royall. 9. 'Mary, 1684, mar-
ried Nathaniel Woodbury. 10. Benjamin,
Mav 10, 1686, died August 4, 1770; married,
1709, Susanna Rawson. 11. Ruth, December
9, 1688, married Josiah Cary.

(III) Nathaniel (2), son of Captain Na-
thaniel (1) Reynolds, was born in Boston,
March 3, 1662-63, died October 29, 1719,
aged fifty-six years. He resided in Bristol,

Rhode Island, and married Ruth . They

had seven children, among whom were the
following: I. Nathaniel, born September 11.
1689, mentioned below. 2. John, March 29,

(IV) Nathaniel (3), son of Nathaniel (2)
Reynolds, was born in Bristol, September 11,
1689, died in 1740, aged fifty-one. He re-
moved from Bristol to Boston in 1755, and
was a merchant there and the owner of a
store. He married Mary D. Snell, daughter
of Thomas Snell. She resided, a widow, in
North Bridgewater. Among his children
were: 1. Nathaniel, born 1716-17, removed
to Yassalborough, Maine. 2. Thomas. March
ig, 1718, mentioned below, may have been a
twin of Nathaniel.

(Y) Thomas, son of Nathaniel (3) Rey-
nolds, was born in Bristol, March 19, 1718,
died in 1795, aged seventy-seven. He served
in the revolution, enlisting from Bristol, No-
vember 30, 1779, under Colonel Henry Jack-
son, and is described as aged forty-two, height
six feet one inch, complexion dark, hair dark.
His age was much understated, a practice
common upon enlistment. He served in the
Colonel Jackson's company from January 1
to December 31. 1780, being absent in May of
that year on account of illness. He was at
Hutt's January 28. 1781. On December 5,
1777, when he was engaged in the war. his
family was reported as living in Wrentham.
In the Revolutionary Rolls he was called of
Bristol and Rehoboth, but he may not have
lived at the latter place. A Thomas Reynolds
of Deerfield, perhaps this same Thomas,
served in Captain Lemuel Trescott's company,
Colonel Trescott's regiment, in 1775. The
only Thomas Reynolds in the state in 1790



was Thomas of North Bridgewater and his
son Thomas of that place, who are included
in the census of that year. Thomas Reynolds
was a carpenter by trade. He married, at
North Bridgewater, November 3, 1748, Eliza-
beth Turner. He has descendants living at
Winslow, Maine. Children: 1. Amy, born
October 29, 1749, died May 9, 1752. 2. Jos-
eph, June 22, 1751, married, September, 1772,
Jemima Perkins. 3. Amy, February 25, 1753,
married, July 2, 1772, Silas Dunbar. 4. Eliz-
abeth, June 22, 1755. 5. Susanna, April 24,
1757, married, 1780, Oliver Howard. 6. Mar-
tha (Patty), March 23, 1759, married, April
9, 1798, Permeneus Packard. 7. Thomas,
January 27, 1762, mentioned below. 8. Jo-

siah, July 1, 1766, married Phillips and

removed to Vermont.

(VI) Thomas (2), son of Thomas (1)
Reynolds, was born January 27, 1762, and in
1790 was living at Bridgewater. with a family
of one male over sixteen, two under sixteen
and one female. He married in 1785, Tabitha
Thayer. He removed to Hadley, Massachu-
setts, where some of his children were born.
Among his children were: 1. Thomas, born
about 1790, mentioned below. 2. Son, born at
Bridgewater. Born at Hadley : 3. Sophia,
baptized May 22, 1803. 4. Edwin, baptized
Tuly 17, 1804. 5, Mary, baptized April 1,

(VII) Thomas (3), son of Thomas (2)
Reynolds, was born probably at Bridgewater
about 1790. fHe was brought up by a family
named Henderson, of Amherst, and at the
age of twenty-one went to Hadley. He mar-
ried (first) Martha Dickinson, daughter of
John and Abigail (Alexander ) Dickinson. He
married ( second ) Polly Dickinson, a sister of
his first wife. Children: Mary, Johanna, Ed-
win, Thomas, mentioned below. Frederick,
Charlotte, John D.

(VIII) Thomas (4), son of Thomas (3)
Reynolds, was born in Hadley, March 7. 1820,
died September 2, 1886. He received his edu-
cation in the public schools of his native town
and at Hopkins Academy. At the age of four-
teen he laid the foundation of his large farm
by taking some land to work on shares. He
was a farmer all his life and raised large crops
of tobacco and broom corn, and also ran a
dairy. Pie was a prominent man in the town
and served as assessor and as chairman of the
board of selectmen. In politics he was a Whig
and in religion a Congregationalist. He mar-
ried, June 4, 1845, Sophia Smith Dickinson,
daughter of Salmon Morton Dickinson, son of

Aaron and Eleanor (Morton) Dickinson,
grandson of Moses and Thankful (Smith)
Dickinson, great-grandson of Nathaniel and
Hannah 1 Smith ) Dickinson, great-great-
grandson of Nehemiah and Mary (Cowles)
Dickinson, and great-great-great-grandson of
Nathaniel Dickinson. Children: 1. Charles,
born April 19, 1847. 2 - Francis S., November
5, 1848, mentioned below. 3. Elizabeth M.,
October 8, 1850, died December 27, 1850. 4.
William C, May 13, 1852, died July 6, 1878.
5. Ellen S., January 17, 1855, died September
12, 1873. 6. Mary L., January 27, 1857, died
February 14, 1864. 7. Julia A., March 12,
1859, died August 21, 1869. 8. Jessie. Jan-
uary 23, 1862, died July 29. 1909; married
Henry R. Cook. 9. Edward, September 17,
1 866, died same day.

(IX) Francis S., son of Thomas (4) Rey-
nolds, was born in Hadley, November 5, 1848.
He received his education in the public schools,
Amherst Academy and Hopkins Academy. At
the death of his father, he took charge of the
farm and he has followed farming all his life.
He has one of the largest and best equipped
dairies in this section and has been very suc-
cessful in this line of business. He has taken
an active part in public affairs and assisted in
every movement designed to promote public
welfare. In politics he is a Republican. For
fifteen years he was selectman of the town and
he accomplished much in the way of improve-
ments and efficient government. He was a
prime mover in the construction of the town
water works and influential in securing electric
railways and improved steam railway service
for the town. For many years he was super-
intendent of streets and always an earnest ad-
vocate of better roads. He was for two years
a trustee of the Smith Charities and is at pres-
ent a trustee of Hopkins Academy, of the
Northampton Institution of Savings and of
the Russell Church Society. He is a member
of Hope Grange, Patrons of Husbandry. He
is a Congregationalist in religion. He possess-
es a large and wholesome influence among the
farmers of this section of the state. His sound
judgment, integrity and independence of char-
acter have won for him the respect and confi-
dence of the entire community. He married,
January 9, 1895, Mrs. Jennie E. Cook, born in
Pittsfield, daughter of Seth W. and Diadamia
(Curtis) Clark, granddaughter of Watson and
Sabrina (Lyman) Clark, descendant of Ches-
ter Clark and of Dr. John Curtis, of Dalton,
one of the founders of the Hinsdale church.



William Reynolds was a
REYNOLDS resident of Providence,

Rhode Island, as early as
1637, when he had a grant of land there, and
the same year signed a compact of the town.
In 1640 he was one of the signers for a form
of government for the town. On January 27,
1645, he sold to Robert Williams all his houses
and homeshare and three small pieces of mea-
dow, and the same day sold to William Feld
a share of six acres on Fox Hill. The next
year he sold to Thomas Lawton his valley of
eighty acres, and three acres of meadow. He
had a son James, mentioned below.

(II) James, son of William Reynolds, re-
sided in Kingston, Rhode Island, and died in
1700. On May 13, 1665, he and others peti-
tioned for land in King's Province, and in 1671
he took the oath of allegiance. The same year
he was constable. On May 2, 1677, he asked
the assembly for assistance from the persecu-
tions they suffered from the colony of Connec-
ticut. He was among prisoners who were car-
ried to Hartford, and on May 24, 1677, they
received a letter of encouragement from the
Rhode Island authorities. He was a petitioner
again in 1679 with inhabitants of Narragansett
on account of trouble about the government.
On April 29, 1684, he and his wife deeded one
hundred acres in East Greenwich to their son
James. He often held office, and was overseer
of the poor in 1687. grand juror, 1688; con-
servator of the peace, 1690. He was a slave-
holder and gave away his slaves before his
death, as he did also several parcels of land.
Children: 1. lohn, born October 12, 1648,
died 1675, killed by the Indians. 2. James,
born October 28, 1650, married (first) Febru-
ary 19, 1685, Mary Greene; (second) Joanna

.' 3. Joseph, born November 27, 1652,

mentioned below. 4. Henry, born January 1,
1656, died 1716; married, March 27, 1664,
Sarah Greene. 5. Deborah, born 1658, mar-
ried John Sweet. 6. Francis, born October
12, 1662, died 1722; married, October 17,
1668, Elizabeth Greene. 7. Mercy, born 1664,
married, August 6, 1660, Thomas Nichols. 8.
Robert, died 171 5 ; married Deliverance Smith.
9. Benjamin.

(III) Joseph, son of James Reynolds, was
born November 27, 1652, died in 1722. He re-
sided in North Kingston, Rhode Island, where
on July 29, 1679, he signed a petition to the
King. On September 6, 1687, he was on the
tax list. He owned land in East Greenwich,
Rhode Island, which he had bought of his
brother Henrv, and which he deeded to his son

Benjamin. His will was proved in April, 1722.
He married Susanna , who married (sec-
ond ) November 7, 1723, Robert Spencer. Chil-
dren: 1. Joseph. 2. Benjamin. 3. George. 4.
Samuel. 5. Elizabeth. 6. John, mentioned
below. 7. Susanna. 8. Deborah. 9. Mary.

( IV ) John, son of Joseph Reynolds, was
born in North Kingston, Rhode Island, about

1695. He married Hannah

He had sons

John, Benjamin, Joseph, Elisha and James and
two or more daughters. The records of the
birth of his children are partly worn away and
illegible. Children born at North Kingston: 1.
Son, born August 23, 1722. 2. John, born
1723, mentioned below. 3. Son, born Octo-
ber 9, 1 72-. 4. Daughter, born November 14,
17 — . 5. Daughter, born March n, 17 — . 6.

Child, born 5, 17 — . 7. Benjamin, born

January 31, 1726. 8. Child, born October 5,
1729. A child, born February, 1731. 10. Child,
born July 18, 1733. Among these children we
know there were : Joseph, married Dorcas Tib-
betts ; Elisha, married, February 18, 1758,
Mary Dickinson ; James, married, May 4, 1767,

(V) John (2), son of John (1) Reynolds,
was born in North Kingston in 1723, died
about 1775. A John Reynolds of Kings coun-
ty was lieutenant in Major's regiment in 1775,
but there were two others of the same name
living in the vicinity. North Kingston had the
town of Wick ford set off fromnits territory.
Children, born at North Kingston: 1. Daugh-
ter, born July 11, 175-. 2. Dorcas, born March
15, 176-.* married, March 6, 1794, Browen
Nichols. 3. Eldred, born April 2, 1765, men-
tioned below. 4. Ruth, born July 23, 1766.
5. Sarah, born May 19, 1768.

(VI) Eldred, son of John (2) Reynolds,
was born at North Kingston, now Wickford,
Rhode Island, April 2, 1765. He married,
April 26. 1792, Esther Corey, daughter of
Sheffield Corey, of West Greenwich, Rhode
Island (by Elder Nathan Hill). Child, Joseph
Langford, mentioned below.

(VII) Joseph Langford, son of Eldred
Reynolds, was born on the old Reynolds
homestead in the village of Wickford, Rhode
Island, December 31, 1796. He attended the
public schools of his native town. In 181 1 he
left home and worked at farming at Ports-
mouth, Rhode Island, but returned home the
following year. At the age of sixteen he was
apprenticed to learn the trade of machinist
at Coventry, Rhode Island. He worked there
three years, then at Bozrah, Connecticut,
where he was engaged in making brass and-



irons. Afterwards he was employed by Eli
Whitney, the famous inventor of the cotton
gin, making muskets for the United States
government at Whitneyville, Connecticut, for
three years. He followed his trade for a
time at Pawtucket, Rhode Island. He em-
barked in the manufacture of cotton goods in
1820 at Brimfield and the following year be-
came general overseer of the Hampden Cot-
ton Manufacturing Company at Monson, Mas-
sachusetts, afterwards being appointed agent,
a position he filled with credit and success for
a period of twenty-five years. In 1850 the
company as a mark of appreciation of the
long and valuable service of Mr. Reynolds,
presented to him a handsome, solid silver
pitcher, bearing the inscription : "Presented
to Joseph L. Reynolds, Esq. by the Hampden
Mfg. Co. as a token of their sense of the
skill, ability and integrity evinced by him in
the management of their affairs for a quarter
of a century. 1850." The Hampden Manu-
facturing Company was finallly dissolved and
Mr. Reynolds rebuilt the Rockland Mill, which
he purchased June 5, 1869, and manufactured
on his own account. He built four other mills
afterward. In 1879 Mr. Reynolds retired
from business at the advanced age of eighty-
two years, and died at Monson, June 9, 1885.
Mr. Reynolds attained a leading position in
the ranks of the cotton manufacturers of the
state and was held in the highest esteem by
all classes of people. Of exemplary char-
acter, strict integrity and attractive person-
ality, he was popular in social life and called
to many positions of trust and honor. In
1854 he was state senator and served on vari-
ous important committees. In later years he
was a Republican in politics. For many years
he was a justice of the peace. He supported
every movement for the welfare and improve-
ment of his home town, and his family con-
tributed several thousand dollars to the build-
ing fund of Memorial Hall. He was the first
master of Thomas Lodge of Free Masons of
Monson, also first master of Day Spring
Lodge, constituted in r862; he has attained to
the thirty-second degree. In religion he was
Orthodox. He married, July 13, 1824, Sylvia
Smith, daughter of William Smith, of Brim-
field, Massachusetts. She died August 9,
1836, and he married (second) March 8, 1837,
Oral Munn, daughter of Rice Munn, of Mon-
son. Children of first wife: 1. Eli Whitney,
born March 29, 1825, mentioned below. 2.
Joseph Langford Jr. 3. Sarah. 4. Abraham
H. Children of second wife: 5. Rice Munn,
born December 18, 1838, died April 3, 1897.

6. Theodore, born October 31, 1843, died
March 29, 1898. 7. Child, died in infancy.

(VIII) Eli Whitney, son of Joseph Lang-
ford Whitney, was born in Monson, Massa-
chusetts, March 29, 1825, died January 9,
1909. He was educated in the public schools
and Monson Academy of his native town.
He became associated with his father in con-
ducting his cotton mills. Afterwards he en-
gaged in manufacturing on his own account,
with mills at Manchester and Nashua, New
Hampshire. He possessed a rare intelligence
and ability, and .was successful in business.
In politics he was Republican, -and in religion
a Congregationalist. He married, April 2,
1853, Sophronia Adelaide Scott, who died Sep-
tember 16, 1863, daughter of James Scott, of
Stoddard, New Hampshire. He married
(second) Mrs. Mary Hixon, of Boston. Chil-
dren of first wife: 1. Joseph Everett, born
February 23, 1854, mentioned below. 2.
Whitney Smith, born September 11, 1856,
died October 30, 1863.

(IX) Joseph Everett, son of Eli Whitney
Reynolds, was born in Nashua, New Hamp-
shire. February 23, 1854. He attended the
public and high schools of Keene, New Hamp-
shire, and the Bryant & Stratton Business
College of Boston. When a young man he
engaged in the manufacture of straw and
straw hats, and for thirty years he was prom-
inent among the manufacturers of straw in
New England. He was interested in fac-
tories at Holliston, Wrentham, Westborough,
Massachusetts, and Stamford. Connecticut.
He retired in August, 1900, and has since re-
sided in South Monson on the Reynolds home-
stead in the handsome and spacious residence
erected by his grandfather, Joseph Langford
Reynolds, in 1845, anc l occupied after his
death by his son, Theodore, who died March
29, 1898. Mr. Reynolds is a member of the
Hockomocko Lodge, Odd Fellows, of West-
borough, and of Siloam Lodge, Masons, of
Westborough. In politics he is a Republican
and in religion a Congregationalist. He is a di-
rector in Monson National Bank. He married,
July 24, 1875, Sarah Isadore Rixford, born
February 1, 1848, daughter of George L. and
Elizabeth S. Rixford, of Holliston, Massachu-
setts. Children: 1. Ethel Scott, born Novem-
ber 24, 1877, died March 16, 1905. 2. Vivian,
born April 4, 1880, married, September 20,
1897, Edward W. Emery in San Francisco ;
children : i. Thelma Elizabeth Emery, born
November 21, 1898; ii. Esther Reynolds
born September 5, 1900.



George Washington Hewitt was
HEWITT born at Rochdale, Pennsylvan-
ia, July 4, 1833. His father
kept a hotel in that town and at Erie
City, Pennsylvania. His mother, Adaline
(Robbins) Hewitt, married after the death
of his father and had by this second
marriage one son, Wallace Drake. George
Washington Hewitt had, besides this half-
brother, two brothers. William and Henry He-
witt, and two sisters. George Washington He-
witt was a farmer. He was a Republican in
politics. He married, November 7, 1858, El-
nora Elizabeth Hudson, burn at Eaton, New
York, December 29, 1837, daughter of Uriah
Townsend and Siviah (Wires) Hudson. Si-
viah Wires was born December 30, 1 816, and
was a daughter of John Wires, of Springfield.
Otsego county, X. Y., whose first wife was
Rebecca Omans. Uriah Townsend Hudson
married Siviah Wires in 1835. He was the son
of Josiah and Rachel { Clark ) Hudson, of
Stockbridge, New York. He was overseer of
the construction of the Eaton and Nelson res-
ervoir dam and afterwards a farmer in Madi-
son county, New York, until incapacitated for
work by the amputation of his right leg. He
was a Democrat in politics. Children of Uriah
Townsend Hudson : Elnora Elizabeth, married
George Washington Hewitt ; Amelia, Gillis A.,
Helen Loretta, Anna, Orson S., DeEtta S.,
George Uriah, died in infancy. Elnora Eliza-
beth Hewitt is now living with her daughter,
Mrs. I. J. Zimmerman, in Detroit. Children
of George Washington and Elnora Elizabeth
(Hudson) Hewitt: I. George Melvern, born
November 9, 1859, at Leboeuf township,
Crawford county, Pennsylvania, now superin-
tendent of The Stephenson Underwear mills at
South Bend, Indiana. 2. Clarence Elbert, born
August 7, 1862, at Lebanon, New York. 3.
Pearl Elnora, born August 3, 1872, at West
Eaton, New York ; married Ira J. Zimmerman,
of Detroit, Michigan. 4. Vinton LeFern, born
September 2, 1876, at West Eaton, resides at
South Bend.

(II) Dr. Clarence Elbert, son of George
Washington Hewitt, was born at Lebanon,
Madison county, New York, August 7, 1862.
He attended the public schools of Lebanon and
West Eaton, New York, the Cazenovia Semi-
nary at Casenovia, New York, the Utica Busi-
ness College at Utica, New York. He studied
his profession at the Baltimore Medical Col-
lege, <>f Baltimore. Maryland, where he was
graduated with the degree of M. D. April 28,
1897. His education was obtained as the re-

sult of hard manual labor and frugality. He
began as a boy in the woolen mills and won
his way step by step until he was an inspector
of woolen cloth in the mills of H. H. Cooper &
Company of Utica. He left this position to
enter the medical school in 1894. He began to

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