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Concord, Massachusetts. He settled in Weth-
ersfield, Connecticut, where his first four
children were born. He was one of those dis-
affected with the church relations at Weth-
ersfield, and signed the agreement of April
18, 1.659, to remove to Massachusetts. He
settled with the seceders at Norwottuck, now
Hadley, where he was a member of the
church of Rev. John Russell. He was ad-
mitted a freeman. March 26, 1661. In 1672
he removed to Hatfield. His will was proved
August. 1702. He married Mary Merriam,
of the Concord family. Children: 1. Mary,
died young. 2. John, married Mary Wright.
3. Hannah, died 1662. 4. Jonathan, died at
Concord, July 7, 1728; married, January 15,
1681, Hannah Rice. 5. Daniel, died Febru-
ary 12, 1744; married. November 1, 1683,
Esther Rice. 6. Mercy, married, October 22,
1685, Ensign Jonathan Boardman. 7. Isaac,
mentioned below. 8. Mary, married, Decem-
ber 12, 1689, Daniel Warner; lived at Hat-
field, Hadley and Hardwick, Massachusetts.
9. Sarah, married Samuel Cowles.

(III) Isaac, son of John Hubbard, was
born at Hadley, January 16, 1667, died at
Sunderland, August 7, 1750. He lived in
Hatfield until 1714 and then went to Sunder-
land, where he was deacon of the church
and a leading citizen. He was a member of
the council that installed the famous min-
ister. Jonathan Edwards, of Northampton.
He married Ann Warner, who died June 26,
1750, daughter of Daniel Warner. Children:
r. John, born April 21, 1693, mentioned be-
low. 2. Tsaac, January 14, 1695, died 1763;
married, July 4, 1723, Christine Gunn, daugh-
ter of Samuel and Elizabeth (Wyatt) Gunn.
3. Mary. February 25, 1697. 4. Daniel, April
30, 1699, died May 30. 1779: married Mary
Gunn, daughter of Samuel Gunn. 5. Han-
nah, September 7, 1701, married, 1727, Na-
thaniel Mattoon. 6. Jonathan, Sunderland,
December 29, 1703, died at Sheffield, July 6,
1765; married, 1740. Rachel Ely. 7. Jo-
seph. April 8, 1708. died 1783 at Leverett ;
married, November 4, 1737, Joanna Por-
ter. 8. David, March 9, 1712, died in Sun-
derland, 1787; married, 1743. Miriam Cooley.

(IV) John (2), son of Isaac Hubbard, was
born April 21, 1693, in Hatfield, died Au-



gust 2-,, 1778. He married Hannah Cowles,
of East Hartford, born 1693, died February
19. 1747, at Hatfield, daughter of Timothy
and Hannah (Pitkin) Cowles, of East Hart-
ford. Children: 1. Mary, born July 28, 1719,
married Captain Joseph Warner, of Hard-
wick. 2. Elisha, September 4, 1721. men-
tioned below. 3. Hannah. March 28. 1724,
died March 20, 1727. 4. John, November
6, 1726, died November 28. 1794; graduate
of Yale College in 1747, settled May 30, 1750,
and was for forty-five years the Baptist min-
ister at Northfield, Massachusetts : retired
in 1784; a Loyalist in the revolution; mar-
ried, December 26, 1753, Anne Hunt.

I V 1 Elisha, son of John (2 I Hubbard, was
born September 4, 1 721, died April 11, 1763.
He married Lucy Stearns and had several chil-
dren, among them John, mentioned below.

(VI) John (3), son of Elisha Hubbard, was
born January 27, 1765, died in Hatfield. July
22, 1804. He married Ruth Dickinson.
Children: 1. Stearns, born January 23, 1791,
married Electa White. 2. Roswell, Decem-
ber 26, 1792, married Mehitable Nash. 3.
Louisa, June 6, 1796. 4. Elijah. August 7,
1798, married Julia White. 5. John, men-
tioned below.

(VII) John (4), son of John (3) Hubbard,
was born in Hatfield, November 30. 1800,
died March, 1843. He married Clarissa
Clapp. daughter of Seth Clapp. Children,
born at Hatfield: 1. Silas Graves, married
Rhoda Hastings. 2. Edwin, died in infancy.
3. Elizabeth, died aged seventeen. 4. Mary
A., married Thaddeus Graves. (See Graves
family). 5. Roswell, married Fannie Graves.
6. Louisa, died in infancy. 7. Henry S.,
married Mary Houghton.

(The Morton Line, see George Morton 1).

(IV) Abraham Morton, son of Richard
Morton, was born in Hatfield in May, 1676.
He married. May 8. 1701, Sarah Kellogg,
born May 2. 1682, daughter of John and
Sarah (Moody) Kellogg. Children: t. Abra-
ham, born May 2. 1703, settled probably in
Shutesbury. 2. Richard, October 1. 1704,
settled in Athol. 3. Sarah, April, 1707. mar-
ried Samuel Smith. 4. Samuel, September 8,
1709, married Lydia Smith ; settled in Athol.
5. Abigail, January 6, 171 1, died February 1,
1 7 1 5 . 6. Moses, died young. 7. Daniel,
born December 23. 1720. mentioned below. 8.
Abigail. February I, 1723, died young. 9.
Noah, settled in Athol ; married Rhoda Waite.

(V) Daniel, son of Abraham Morton, was

born December 23, 1720. at Hatfield, died
June 20. 1786. He lived on Chestnut Plain
street, Whately, where the house of the late
Rufus Dickinson now stands. He married
(first) in 1743, Esther Bardwell, born Decem-
ber 16, 1723, died October 27, 1762, daughter
of Ebenezer and Mary (Field) Bardwell, of
Hatfield. He married (second) December 6,
1764. Eleanor Waite, born April 4, 1730, died
April 1, 1816, aged eighty-six, daughter of
John and Submit Waite, of Whately. Chil-
dren : 1. Hannah, born September 7, 1744.
married Matthew Graves. 2. Tabitha. July 1,
1747, married Dr. Charles Doolittle. 3. Sarah,
December 14, 1749, married Oliver Smith. 4.
Mercy, November 25, 1751, married John
Lamson. 5. Joel, December 22. 1754- 6.
Daniel, February 12, 1756. 7. Esther, No-
vember 3, 1758, married Dr. Lucius Doolit-
tle. 8. Justin. September 25, 1760. 9. Con-
sider. ( ictober 12, 1762, mentioned below. 10.
Tirzah, January 24, 1771, married William
Mather. ' 11. Roxa. July 26, 1774, married
Isaac Smith.

(VI) Consider, son of Daniel Morton, was
born at Whately, October 12, 1762, died April
1, 1854, aged ninety-two. He lived on the
homestead. He married Mercy Clark, who
died January 16, 1850. aged eighty-seven,
daughter of Captain Elisha Clark, of Har-
wich. Children: 1. Nancy, born January 3,
1787, died April 27, 1787. 2. Charles, March
16, 1789. 3. Walter, April 3, 1791, died No-
vember 29, 1793. 4. Arnold, May 8, 1793,
died unmarried April 19, i860. 5. Nancy,
May 8, 1795, married, June 6, 1816, John
Howland, and that day the snow fell to the
depth of two inches or thereabouts, attended
with a heavy freeze that killed the fruit, corn
and other crops. 6. Hannah, September 10,
1797, married William Avery Howland. 7.
Walter, December 1, 1799, died November 4,
181 1. 8. Sophia, November 5, 1801, married,
November 10, 183 1, Solomon Graves, of Hat-
field. (See Graves family). 9. Eliza, May
13, 1804. married, August 30, 1830, Hiram F.
Stockbridge. 10. Mercy, August 1, 1807,
married (first) Caleb C. Wells: (second)
Loval G. Dickinson. January 4, 1847.

The family of Kendall in
KENDALL England derives their sur-
name from the town of Ken-
dall, county Westmoreland. The town's
name was doubtless derived from that of the
river Ken on which it is located. The fam-
ilv in England is very large and widely dis-



tributed, many of the branches bearing arms
and having- distinguished members. The
name is common in counties Bedford, Essex,
Lancaster, Derby, Devon and Hertford. In
1575 a branch of the family settled in Thorp-
thules, Durham, a younger son of the Ken-
dall family of Ripon, Yorkshire, where the
family lived at an early date. Among the
early Kendalls who were prominent was John
Kendall, sheriff of Nottingham, killed in the
battle of Bosworth in 1485, fighting in the
army of Richard ITT. It is said that the
Westmoreland family of Kendall has sent
more representatives to the British senate
than any other in the United Kingdom. This
family bears arms: Argent a chevron three
dolphins naiant embowed sable. Crest: A
lion passant gules. Motto, Virtus de pressa

(I) John Kendall, progenitor of the Amer-
ican family, lived in the county of Cambridge,
England, in 1646. died there in 1660. Two
of his sons came to America: 1. Francis,
mentioned below. 2. Deacon Thomas, pro-
prietor of Reading, Massachusetts, in 1644 ;
admitted freeman May 10, 1648; had ten
daughters and one son, leaving no descend-
ants bearing his name.

(II) Francis, son of John Kendall, was the
immigrant ancestor, and was born in Eng-
land about 1620. He was in Charlestown,
Massachusetts, before December, 1640, when
with thirty-one others he signed 'the town
orders of Woburn. His name was on the
tax list of Woburn in 1645. He was admitted
a freeman May 26, 1647. The town records
of his marriage, May 26, 1647, to Mary Tidd,
daughter of John Tidd, call him Francis
Kendall alias Miles. His brother Thomas
had no such alias and the tradition is that he
assumed the name of Miles in order to con-
ceal his intentions about emigrating, at a
time when the restrictions were obnoxious
to those seeking homes in America. Sewall
says in his History of Woburn : "He was
a gentleman of great respectabilty and influ-
ence in the place of his residence. He served
the town at different times eighteen years in
the board of selectmen and was often on im-
portant committees to distribute land and
erect meeting houses." In 1678 he was tyth-
ingman, but later he differed with the church
as to infant baptism and was fined for
neglecting to attend public worship. He was
attending the meetings of the Anabaptists.
Hi's will was dated May 9, 1706. He was a
miller bv trade and he left his corn mill to

his sons Thomas and Samuel. It remained
in the family by inheritance in direct line six
generations, the present structure being built
by Samuel Kendall (2), about 1700. He died
in 1708, aged eighty-eight years. His wife
died in 1705. Children: 1. John, born May
or July 2, 1646^ 2. Thomas, born January
10, 1648-49. 3. Mary, horn January 20, 1650-
51. 4. Elizabeth, born January 15, 1652-53.
5. Hannah, born January 26, 1654-55. 6.
Rebecca, born March 21, 1657-58. 7. Sam-
uel, born March 8, 1659-60. 8. Jacob, born
January 25, 1660-61, mentioned below. 9.
Abigail, born April 6, 1666.

(III) Jacob, son of Francis Kendall, was
born in Woburn, January 25, 1660-61, and
settled there. He married (first) January 2,
1683-84, Peris Hayward, of Woburn, who
died October 19, 1694. He married (second)
January 10, 1694-95, Alice Temple. Some
records give him credit for twenty or more
children, but the younger six may belong to
his son Jacob who settled in Billerica. Chil-
dren : 1. Persis, born August 24, 1685. 2.
Jacob, January 12, 1686-87, died January 20,
1686-87. 3. Joseph, December 17, 1688. 4.
Jonathan, November 2, 1690, died November
n, 1690. 5. Daniel, October 23, 1691. Chil-
dren of second wife : 6. Ebenezer, Novem-
ber 9, 1695, died young. 7. John, January
9, 1696-97, mentioned below. 8. Sarah, July
18, 1698. 9. Esther, November 20, 1699. 10.
Hezekiah, May 26, 1701. 11. Nathan, De-
cember 12, 1702. 12. Susanna, October 27,
1704. 13. Phebe, December 19, 1706. 14.
David, September 28, 1708. 15. Ebenezer,
April 5, 1710, settled in Dunstable. 16. Abra-
ham, April 26, 1712, settled in Dunstable. 17.
Jacob, April 22, 1714. 18. Persis, August

23. i7 x 5-

(IV) John (2), son of Jacob Kendall, was
born in Woburn, January 9, 1696-97. He set-
tled at Dunstable, and married Deborah — — ,
who died March 3, 1739, aged forty-five years.
He served as selectman in 1743. In 1733 his
name was on a protest against the location of
the new meeting house. Children: 1. Sarah,
born May 23, 1727. 2. Jacob, born August 9,
1729. 3. Temple, born August 10, 1731, men-
tioned below.

1 Y ) Lieutenant Temple, son of John (2)
Kendall, was born August to. 1 73 1, died
March 6. 1822. aged ninety (gravestone). He
lived in Dunstable and was sealer of leather in
1760, and on the committee to divide the town
into school districts in 1775. He was in Cap-
tain Reuhen Butterfield s company, Colonel



David Green's regiment, April 19, 1775, at the
Lexington alarm : also a lieutenant in Captain
Oliver Cummings's company in 1776, and with
Captain John Ford at the battle of Bunker
Hill. He was in a company raised at Dracut,
Chelmsford and Dunstable, under Captain
John Ford and Colonel Jonathan Reed, to rein-
force the army of the North, on duty from
September 27, to November 8, 1777; and in
Captain Joseph Bradley Varnum's company,
General Lovell's regiment in September, 1778,
at Rhode Island. On June 25, 1778, he was a
committee of the second parish to procure sol-
diers. He resigned from the army August 30,
1780, on account of the long and hard service,
he being obliged to undertake the duties of the
captain, who was absent. In March, 1779, he
was one of a committee to hire a minister. He

married Abigail , who died January 9,

1820, aged eight) -seven. Children: 1. Abi-
gail, born March 19, 1758. 2. Elizabeth, born
February 8, 1760, a popular teacher; died July
14, 1797. 3. Isaac, born January 9, 1762. 4.
Zimri, born September 20, 1763. 5. Nathaniel,
born February 22, 1766. 6. Temple, born May
28, 1768, mentioned below. 7. Rhoda, born
April 6, 1770. 8. Olive, born September 25,
1772, died November 9, 1778. 9. Jeremiah,
born August 28, 1774, died November 6, 1778.
10. James, born October 26, 1778.

(VI) Temple (2), son of Lieutenant Tem-
ple (1 > Kendall, was born at Dunstable, May
28, E768, died August 20, 1850. aged eighty-
two years, two months, twenty-three days
(gravestone). His epitaph reads:

Dearest father Now has left us
Here thy loss we deeply feel
But tis God that hath bereft us
He will all our sorrows heal.

His wife Prudence died January 6, 1868,
aged ninety-four years, five months. Her ep-
itaph :

"Mother, thou are gone to rest
We will not weep for thee,
For thou art now where oft on earth
Thy spirit longed to be."

Temple Kendall was a staunch Democrat in
politics, but he never sought public office. He
was in charge of the almshouse for a time and
of the School street school house. He inher-
ited a tall clock that is still an heirloom in this
family. He was a founder of the social li-
brary, February 17, 1800. He was also one
of the founders of the Universalist church,
January 21, 181 1, and at one time clerk of the
society. From 1S31 to 1843 ' le was clerk of

the reorganized first parish 1 Unitarian)
church. He was selectman in 1828. Children,
born at Dunstable: 1. Peter, born October 14,
1793. 2. Rebecca, born December 10, 1795. 3.
Charles, born December 11, 1797, died January
5, 1836. 4. Abigail, born March 31, 1800. 5.
Prudence, born May 26, 1802. 6. Isaac, born
September 22. 1804. 7. James, born October
2, 1806. 8. Sarah, born August 18, 1808. 9.
Madison, born July 30, 1810, mentioned below.
10. Cummings (twin), born September 21,
1812. n. Child (twin), born September 21,
1812. 12. Rhoda, born March 10, 1814. 13.
Lavinia, born November 6, 1815. 14. Andrew
Temple, born July 21, 1818, died December 21,

(VII) Madison, son of Temple (2) Ken-
dall, was born in Dunstable, Massachusetts,
July 30, 1 8 10, and was educated there in the
public schools. During his youth he worked
on his father's farm. At the age of nineteen
he left home and located in Chicopee Falls,
Massachusetts, entering the employ of N. P.
Ames. When the shops of Mr. Ames were
moved to the other village a few years later
he went with the concern. He followed the
trade of blacksmith until within a few years
of his death. When the Ames Company be-
gan to manufacture sword blades for the
United States government, there were no me-
chanics in the shops who could do the tem-
pering satisfactorily. Mr. Kendall experi-
mented for some time in a quiet way and was
fortunate enough to discover the right pro-
cess. He was successful in keeping it secret,
and while the shops were making swords, he
had all the work he could do, sometimes fin-
ishing three hundred blades in a day. He
bought the Cabot House of Chester \Y.
Chapin in 1850 and carried on that hotel and
a livery stable in connection with if for mam-
years. He also owned the stage route be-
tween Springfield and South Hadley and the
mails for the north were carried over this line.
He built a brick block on Market square and
also an Exchange street block that still bears
his name. He lived for many years in the
house on Center street in which he died, May
10, 1891. He was never active in public or
social life, and amassed his property by great
industry and application during the sixty-two
years in which he lived in Chicopee. At the
time of his death he was one of the larget
taxpayers in the city and one of the oldest
and most highly respected citizens. In re-
ligion he was a Universalist, in politics a Dem-
ocrat. In many respects his career was



unique. He made his fortune by his own
hands and his superlative skill as an artisan.
He dignified the trade that he followed and
demonstrated the possibilities of his calling.
He married, in 1833, Armena Phillips, who
died 1864. He married (second) in 1866,
Harriet Prime Carson, of Chicopee, born No-
vember 27, 1839, daughter of James and
Rachel (Prime) Carson. She survives him.
Children, born at Chicopee: 1. Hattie M.,
born April 4. 1868. married George D. El-
dredge, of Chicago. 2. Charles, born Novem-
ber 12, 187-0. 3. Anne, born February 19,
1876. 4. Grace, died in infancy.

Alanson Stacy when a small boy,
STACY lived at Turkey Hill. Beleher-
town. Hampshire county, Massa-
chusetts, and worked for a Mr. Clark. He
was made heir to all of the Clark estate, in-
cluding a farm of about six hundred acres of
land. He married Adelia Kelley, and had one
son and two daughters, born in Belehertown,
Massachusetts — Alanson, Harriet and Delia.

(II) Alanson (4), eldest child of Alanson
( 1 ) and Adelia (Kelley) Stacy, was born in
Belehertown, Massachusetts, in 1817, and died
there in June, 1898. He married Maria Ken-
dell, of Ludlow; children: Theron and Ella.
He married ( second ) Adeline Barnes, of
Hardwick. Massachusetts ; children : Avery
(see forward), and Delia, who married Wil-
liam Carpenter of Worcester, Massachusetts.
He inherited the Clark farm, owned by his
father, and on which he lived his entire life.

(III) Avery Wells, eldest son of Alanson
(2) and Adelia (Barnes) Stacy, was born in
Belehertown, Massachusetts, in 1872, and
went from the public schools in Belehertown to
business schools in Springfield and Worces-
ter. He was a professional athlete and a nota-
ble bicycle rider in his school days, and when
he retired from the professional athletic field,
he conducted his father's large farm, on which
he carried on a large dairy, raised blooded cat-
tle, and engaged in the lumbering business. Un-
der his skillful management the "Old Clark
Farm," always noted as the best farm in cen-
tral Massachusetts, gained fresh honors, and
its great crops, fine cattle and excellent dairy
products were known in the best markets. He
was a popular man and a Mason of high de-
gree. He married, in 1899. Maud, daughter of
Elisha Ashley Rudd and Nannie Jane (Crown)
Fairchild, of Milton, Vermont, born in July,
1871. She is a member of the Eastern Star.
Her father was a farmer at home, then en-

gaged in the railroad business as station mas-
ter, and subsequently conducted a feed store
in Belehertown, Massachusetts. Her mother
was born August 4, 185 1. Her grandfather,
Herman Fairchild. was the first white child
born in Milton, Vermont, June 21, 1803, and
her grandmother. Sarah Torrance, was born
in Sheffield, Massachusetts, in 1812, had chil-
dren Mary, Judd and Rudd, and she died in
Georgia, Vermont, in 1885. Her great-grand-
father. Freeman Fairchild. was born in Strat-
ford, Connecticut, and died in Milton, Ver-
mont. He married Sally Clark, who died in
Villi in, Vermont. The children of Elisha
Ashley Rudd and Nannie Jane (Crown) Fair-
child were: Maud (Mrs.' Avery W. Stacy);
Capitola, born 1873, married Frank J. De-
Mond; Geraldine, born 1876, married Ed. H.
Howard, of Georgia, Vermont: Benjamin,
born 1878, died in Spanish American war;
John Jasper, born 1888.

(For preceding generations see William Goodrich 1).

(IV) Joshua Goodrich,
GOODRICH son of Gideon Goodrich,
was born May 18, 1738, in
Wethersfield or Upper Middleton, Connec-
ticut, and resided in Dalton, Massachusetts.
He married twice, the date of his second mar-
riage being December 25, 1776, but the
names of neither of his wives is known.
Children, all by first wife: 1. Zenas, born Au-
gust 10, 1762". 2. Selah, March 18, 1764,
mentioned below. 3. Ezra, June 30, 1766. 4.
Mercy, July 20. 1768. 5. Jason, October 18,
1770. 6. Abigail, February 14, 1773- 7-
Hannah. August 17. 1775.

(V) Selah, son of Joshua Goodrich, was
born March 18, 1764, and resided in Dalton,
removing thence to New York.

(VI) Selah (2), son of Selah (1) Goodrich,
was born in New York state about 1790. Ac-
cording to the census of 1790 his father had
one son and two females in his family at Dal-
ton at that time, so that his birth place may
have been Dalton, though none of the chil-
dren are recorded there. He moved from
New York state to Nottawa, Michigan.
Among his children was Lofus Hyatt, men-
tioned below.

(VII) Dr. Lofus Hyatt, son of Selah (2)
Goodrich, was born at Nottawa, Michigan,
March 28, 1844, died at 210 Maple street,
Springfield, May 2, 1907. He attended the
public schools of Nottawa and at Kalamazoo,
Michigan, where he studied the profession of
dentistry. He opened an office and began



to practice in Sturgis, Michigan, about the
time lie came of age. and he practiced in that
town for several years. He then moved to
Coldwater, Michigan, and for a number of
years practiced there in summer and at Phoe-
nix. Arizona, in winter. He invested in real
estate in Phoenix and aided largely in the de-
velopment and upbuilding of that city. He
was the owner of the first brick building of
the town and took an active part in building
up the business section. The increase in
value of his property brought him much
wealth in later years. He was also active
in developing the city of Guthrie. Oklahoma,
and owned valuable real estate at Coldwater.
He came to Springfield, Massachusetts, to
make his home in 1899 and lived there the re-
mainder of his life, spending his winters
mostly at his home in Phoenix. When his
other interests became too large, he retired
from his profession. He was a prominent
Free Mason, having taken all the degrees of
Masonry to the thirty-second. He married,
April 2. 1873, May Amelia Kidder, daughter
of Benjamin Ellicott and Mary Jane (Beld-
ing) Kidder. She died at Chicago, 1909.
Children: 1. Roy Selah, born at Coldwater,
Michigan, February 12, 1875, resides at Phoe-
nix ; married Estelle Ann Murray ; child, Eli-
nor Virginia, born August 16, 1907. 2. Ada
Belle, born at Coldwater, April 8, 1883, mar-
ried Clifford DeWitt Castle; resides at 210
Maple street, Springfield ; child, Clifford De-
Witt Castle, born November 29, 1906.

Andrew Moore was a resident
MOORE of Windsor, Connecticut, in
1671. He was a carpenter by
trade. In December, 1680, he was paid by the
town for labor on the church. He had fifteen
acres of land in Windsor, and his inventory
mentions a house and barn, carpenter's tools
and farming implements, a cider mill, loom
and spinning wheel, a sword and belt etc. He
had a grant of land at Salmon Brook, now
Granby, Connecticut, in 1680. The inventory
was made December 17, 1719. He died No-
vember 20, 1719. He married, February 15.
1*171. Sarah 1 'helps, daughter of Samuel
1 'helps. Children: I. Sarah, born December
6. 1672. 2. Andrew, February 15, 1674. 3.
Deborah. May 31. 1677. 4. Jonathan, Feb-
ruary 26, 1679-80. 5. Abigail, September 12.
1682. 6. William, 1684. 7. Rachel, Febru-
ary 6, 1690-91. 8. Benjamin. December 5,
1693, mentioned below. 9. Amos. October 19,

( II ) Benjamin, son of Andrew Moore, was
born at Windsor, December 5, 1693. He re-
ceived from his father land in Turkey Hills,
now East Granby, Connecticut. In 1729 he
bought land in Simsbury, and resided there.
He married Eunice Owen, born at Windsor,
August 8, 1696, died February 23, 1732-33.
daughter of Obadiah and Christian (Win-
chell ) Owen. He died in the army, January
19. 1745-46, a member of the Eleventh com-
pany, Connecticut Troops. Children, all ex-
cept the last, born in Simsbury: 1. Benja-
min, July 2. 1717. 2. Eunice, December 3.
1718. 3. Joseph, July 21. 1720. mentioned be-
low. 4. Tabitha, August 16, 1722. 5. Agnes.
6. Jemima. 7. Reuben. 8. Noadiah, No-
vember 5, 1730. 9. Simeon, born in Wind-
sor. January 6, 1732-33.

1 111) Lieutenant Joseph, son of Benjamin
Moore, was born at Simsbury, Connecticut,

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