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General Pepperill against Cape Briton. He
married Anne Phelps, of Northampton, who
died November 18, 1791, aged seventy-two.
Children: 1. Stephen, born September 8,
1742, married (first) October 3, 1770, Ann
Blair; (second) July 10, 1776, Anna Clark,
widow. 2. Timothy, born December 31, 1744,
married, August 18, 1769, Dorothy Kenney.
3. Eunice, born November 25, 1749, married
Lemuel Pomeroy. 4. Anne, born 1751, died
unmarried 1792. 5. Elias, born June 27,
1752, mentioned below. 6. Noah, born 1754,
died from exposure and disease contracted in
the revolution, January 2, 1778. 7. Joel, born
September 20, 1758, married. December 19,
1791, Achsah Parsons.

1 XVI) Elias (2 ), son of Deacon Elias (1)
Lyman, wa^ born at Southampton, June 27,
1752. died May 26. 1804. He was killed by
falling from a horse unaccustomed to the sad-
dle. He was a farmer and lived near his fath-
er's farm in the western part of the town. He
is remembered as a large, corpulent man, face-
tious and jocose. He served in Captain Ebe-
nezer Sheldon's seventh company, second
Hampshire regiment, and the call was dated at
Southampton, September 28, 1784, for
the purpose of protecting the sitting of
the supreme judicial court. He married
Eunice Sheldon. Children: 1. T<>seph, born
July 26. 1777, died June 10, 1849. 2.
Eunice, born December 25, 1778, died Tune
23, 1859. 3. Simeon, born April 15. 1781,
mentioned below. 4. Noah, born April 17,



1783, died December 16, 1803. 5. Luther, born
July 21, 1786, died May 31, 1832. 6. Hannah,
Dorn May 1, 1788. 7. Anna, born August 18,
1794. died 1795. 8. Elias, died young. 9. An-
na, born May 18, 1796.

(XVII) Simeon, son of Elias (2) Lyman,
was born April 15, 178 1, died July 12. 184 1.
He married, December 3, 1801, Anna Clapp,
of Southampton. Children: I. Lysander,
born January 6, 1802, died June 3. 1803. 2.
Lysander, burn July 3, 1803, died June, 1809.
3. Noah, born July 22, 1805, died November
20, 1825. 4. Charles, born June 2j, 1807. 5.
Lewis, born November 1, 1809, died December
26, 1844. 6. Elias, born March 17, 1812, died
December 13, 1852. 7. Benjamin, born June
20, 1820, mentioned below. 8. Juliann, born
June 16, 1825.

( XVIII ) Benjamin, son of Simeon Lyman,
was burn June 20, 1820. He married Mary
Pomeroy, of Westfield. In early life he learned
the machinist's trade, which he followed for
several years. He was an invalid for many
years. He died December 1, 1873. His wife
died November, 1872. They had one son, Her-
bert. In religious belief a Congregationalist
and a Republican in politics.

(XIX) Herbert, son of Benjamin Lyman,
was born October 10, 1846, died January 15,
1899. He graduated from the old Westfield
Academy. In 1866 he entered the Hampden
National Bank of Westfield, where he re-
mained about three years. He then entered
the Fletcher & Norton hardware store as
clerk, remaining until about 1869, when he
formed a partnership with Franklin Leonard
and engaged in the banking, brokerage, real
estate and insurance business, continuing until
1878, when he engaged in the insurance busi-
ness, which he carried on until his death. He
was a Republican but never held office. He
was treasurer of the Westfield Public Library
for several years, treasurer of the First Con-
gregational Society for many years, and super-
intendent of Sunday schools of that society.
He married, June 3, 1873, H. Emogene Hey-
wood, of Holyoke ; two children : William F.,
born August 28, 1877, engaged in the insurance
business; and Mary E., born September 18.
1 88 1, graduate of Mt. Holyoke College.

The surname Heywood is
HEYWOOD distinct from Haywood,

Hayward and Howard, al-
though the spelling of each in every possible
way "makes it difficult not to confuse the fami-
lies, especially where Heywards, Howards and

Hey woods were living in the same town. The
derivation of the name Heywood is given in
a pedigree prepared by Peter John Heywood,
of Whitehaven, England, in 1781, and pub-
lished in "Hunter's Life and Times of Oliver
Heywood.'' who was a non-conformist clergy-
man of note in the days of Charles I. The
pedigree runs back to the year 1164, a period
when surnames were beginning to come into
use in the mother country. Often some local
feature of a man's place of residence was em-
ployed to distinguish him from others bearing
the same christian name. The earliest authen-
tic document containing the name of Hey-
wood or its prototype is a title deed, still pre-
served, for a tract of land in Lancashire, from
one Adame de Burgo or de Bury, who held
the Knight's fee to a large sectioimf territory
in the vicinity to Peter de Ey-wood, that is,
"of wooded island." The latter was the re-
puted founder of the Heywood family in Eng-
land, from which the American family is de-
scended. This estate remained in the posses-
sion of the descendants of Peter Heywood
more than five hundred years, or until 171 7,
when Robert Heywood sold it to John Star-
key, of Rochdale, whose grandson, James
Starkey, dying intestate, allowed the place to
pass into the hands of the Crown. It is now
an attractive public park, having been donated
for the purpose by Queen Victoria. While
the English line from this Peter Heywood is
traced in an unbroken line, the ancestry of the
emigrant to America had not at last accounts
been discovered. James and John Heywood,
both about twenty-two years old, presumably
brothers, came together in the ship "Planter"
in 1636. They were both certified from Step-
ney parish, London. James Heywood settled
in Charlestown and Woburn, where he died
November 20, 1642.

(I) John Heywood, mentioned above, was
probably born in London about 1620, died
Tanuary 11, 1707. He settled in Concord.
Massachusetts, and was admitted a freeman
in 1670. He married (first) August 17, 1656,
Rebecca Atkinson, daughter of Thomas At-
kinson. She was probably not his first wife,
unless his age is estimated wrongly. She died
1665. He married (second) August 5, 1665,
Sarah Simonds. He married ( third) Priscilla

■, who survived him. Children of first

wife: 1. Rebecca, born September 9, 1657,
died young. 2. Rebecca, born May 13, 1660.

3. Tohn, born April 5, 1662, mentioned below.

4. Persis, born April 11, 1664. 5. Benoni,
born July 31. 1665, died young. Children of



second wife : 6. Sarah, born August 30, 1666.
7. Judith, bom January 3, 1667. 8. Mary,
born November 3, 1669. 9. Abigail, born
April 9, 1672. 10. William, born April 17,
1674. 11. Huldah, born September 17, 1675.

12. James, born January 2J, 1678-79. 13.
Joseph, born January 3, 1680-81. 14. Benja-
min, born March 17, 1682-83.

(II) Deacon John (2), son of John (1)
Heywood, was born in Concord, April 5, 1662,
died there January 2, 17 18. He was constable
of Concord in 1676, and in his later years kept

an ordinary or inn. He married Sarah .

Children: 1. Sarah. 2. Thomas, born July 13,
1686. 3. Samuel, born October 11, 1687, men-
tioned below. 4. Edmund, born July 31, 1689.
5. Josiah, born November 15, 1 69 1, married
Lydia - — . 6. Daniel, born April 15, 1694,
removed to Worcester ; married Hannah
Ward. 7. Eleazer, born August 3, 1696. 8.
Nathan, born September 24, 1698. 9. Sarah,
born January 18, 1700-01. 10. John, born
March 14, 1703, settled in Lunenburg. II.
Mary, born March 2^, 1704. 12. Phineas,
born July 18, 1707, settled in Shrewsbury;
married Elizabeth Moore; died March 6, 1776.

13. Benjamin, born October 25, 1709.

(III) Deacon Samuel, son of Deacon John
(2) Heywood, was born October 11, 1687,
died October 28, 1750. He resided in Con-
cord, where he was a prominent citizen, serv-
ing as deacon of the church, town clerk, and
in other town offices. He married, January
19, 1709-10, Elizabeth. Hubbard, (ceremony by
Rev. Joseph Estabrook ) and she died Decem-
ber 25, 1757. aged sixty-six years, six months,
according to her gravestone. Children, born
at Concord: 1. Samuel, born October 18, 1710,
died January 12, 1712-13. 2. Amos, born Feb-
ruary 18, 1711-12, died young. 3. Elizabeth,
born June 3, 1714. 4. Samuel, born March 4.
1715-16. 5. Jonathan, born December 3, 1717. 6.
Amos, born October 3, 1719, mentioned below.
7. Jonas, born August 21, 1721. 8. Charles,
born December 24, 1723. 9. Rebecca, born
December 23, 1725. 10. Aaron, born Septem-
ber 24, 1727, died young. 11. Aaron, born No-
vember 11, 1728. 12. John, born June 22,
1729. 13. Sarah, born June 19, 1731. 14.
Mary, born April 8, 1733.

( IV ) Captain Amos, son of Deacon Samuel
Heywood, was born at Concord, October 3,
1719, died February 7. 1792, at Holden, Mas-
sachusetts. He and his brother Samuel were
among the early settlers of Holden in Wor-
cester county. He was received into the Hol-
den church in 1742. He was on the committee

iv— 5

on the lime lot and on other town committees.
He was ensign in the militia company in 1763
and captain in 1771. He was selectman in
17' >2, 1763 and 1780. He was active in both
town and church during his long life. He mar-
ried, August 30, 1743, at Concord, Mary Butt-
rick, of Concord, of the same family as Major
Huttrick who commanded the Americans at the
Concord fight. She died January 21, 1793,
aged seventy-three years. Children : 1 . Dan-
iel, born July 2, 1744. 2. Silas, born Febru-
ary 20, 1745-46. mentioned below. 3. Amos,
born March 17, 1748. 4. Mary, born April
9, 1750. 5. Daniel, born February 24, 1752.

6. Lucy, born February 28, 1 75 1 , died young.

7. Eunice, born January 1, 1756, married, Au-
gust 19, 1779, Abiel Buttrick. 8. Lucy, born
October 31, 1757, married, March 7, 1782,
Lemuel Heywood. 9. Elizabeth, born October
30, 1759, married, January 28, 1781, John
Forbes. 10. Levi, born November 21, 1761.
11. Alpheus (twin), born May 21, 1764, mar-
ried, October 14, 1794, Patty Davis. 12. Twin
born May 21,1 764.

1 Y ) Silas, son of Amos Heywood,. was
born in Holden, February 20, 1745-46, died at
Royalston, Massachusetts, November 21, 1825.
He settled in Royalston when a young man ;
was a farmer. He was a soldier in the revolu-
tion, a private in Captain Jotham Houghton's
company, detailed from Colonel Nathan Spar-
hawk's regiment (the seventh) and General
Warner's brigade to reinforce the guards at
the Rutland barracks under Colonel Jacob Ger-
rish and to escort troops of the Saratoga con-
vention to Enfield, Connecticut. (Mass. Rev.
Rolls Vol. \ II p. 640). He married, Novem-
ber 11, 1779, Hannah Goddard, of Shrewsbury,
who died at Royalston, January 18, 1 82 1, in
her seventy-first year. Children, born at Roy-
alston : 1. Hannah, born January 6, 1781, died
May 16, 1795. 2. Betsey, born April 4, 1782,
died May 27,, 1795. 3. Silas, born October 21,
1783, mentioned below. 4. Grace, born Feb-
ruary 7, 1785. 5. Lucy, born July 10, 1787. 6
Benjamin, born July 12, 1789, died April 19,
1795. 7. Sarah, born July 23, 1792, died May
22, 1795. 8. Benjamin, born November 19,
C795, married, September 17, 1819, Sally Cut-

(VI) Silas (2), son of Silas (1) Heywood,
was born in Royalston, October 21, 1783 ; died
May 2, 1819, at Royalston. He married, June
25, 1812, Hannah Heywood, of Winchendon,
who was born September 24. 1785, at Win-
chendon. died February 21, 1829. at Royalston.
Children, born at Rovalston : 1. Silas Nel-



son, born May 7, 1813. died September 1.
1815. 2. Daniel, born April 4, 1815. men-
tioned below. 3. Sila- X.. bom December
0, iNi<). .lied 1904, at Springfield; married
Mary E. Reed; child, Sarah E. 4- Hannah
Grace, born September 13, 1818. married Wil-
liam ( I. Bri wn.

(VII) Daniel, son of Silas (2) Heywood,
was horn in Royalston, April 4. 1S15. died
November 29. 1884, at Holyoke, Massachu-
setts. He married Levina Partridge, born
November 30. 1819. at Dedham. died January
10, 1899, at Holyoke. Children: 1. H. Emo-
gene, born August 16, T846, married Herbert
Lyman, of Westfield. June 3, 1873. (See Ly-
man, XIX s ). 2. Francis D., born September
28, 1848. married Belle Cady ; children: i. •
Herbert, born November 10, 1871'). died 1886;
ii. Clara E., born August 2. 1878, married
Tharles E. Scott: iii. Francis, born 1889. 3.
William H.. born February 7. 1850. married
Clementina Hazen ; children: i. Ralph, born
Tune 29, 1877, died July, 1895 ; ii. Alice, born
'March. 1882. 4. George, born [856, died

Walter Le Veutre came to
BURNHAM England at the time of the

Conquest in 1066 in the
train of his cousin-german, Earl Warren, son-
in-law of William the Conqueror. He was
lord of the Saxon village of Burnham and
others, and from Burnham, where he lived,
he was known as De Burnham. He took his
surname from this town. The name is often
spelled Burnam, Bernanr and Barnham, as
well as Burnham, and in the old Anglo-Saxon,
Beornham, Byrnhom, etc. In the old Norse
the name is Bjorh, which in Anglo-Saxon is
I '.corn, and Burn (a bear), meaning according
to Ferguson, "chief, hero, man." There were
towns of this name in both Somersetshire and
county Sussex before 900, and the family has
been distinguished ever since. The ancient
coat of arms is: Sable a cross between four
crescents argent.

(I) Robert Burnham, the English progeni-
tor, lived at Norwich, county Xorfolk. Eng-
land. He married Mary, sister of Captain
Andrews. Their three sons Robert. John and
Thomas Burnham sailed in the ill- fated ship
"Angel Gabriel," of which Captain Andrews
was owner and master, and which early in
1630 was wrecked on the coast of Maine.
Their lives were saved, but all their valuables
and possessions in a chest were lost. The
captain and bis three nephews settled first at

Ipswich. John and Thomas were soldiers in
the Pequot war. and settled permanently in
Chebacco, the second parish of Ipswich, af-
terwards Essex. Children of Robert Burn-
ham : 1. John, mentioned below. 2. Robert,
removed to Boston, and became one of a com-
pany that purchased the town of Dover. New
Hampshire, whither he removed. 3. Thomas,
settled in Chebacco.

( I 1 Deacon John, son of Robert Burnham,
was born in England, 1618 or 1628. and died in
1703-04. He came to X T ew England with his
brothers in 1635. and settled in Chebacco. He
was in the Pequot war, and in 1639 the town
of Ipswich granted him land for his services.
He was deacon of the church. His farm was
on the east side of what is now Haskell's
creek. He was a carpenter by trade, and was
legatee of his uncle, Captain Robert Andrews.
He was owner of three-fourths of the brigan-
tine "Swan." His will was dated December
31, 1703 and proved January 24 following. He

married Mary , who deposed in 1670 that

she was aged about forty-five years. Chil-
dren: 1. John, mentioned below. 2. Josiah,
born May 9, 1662; married July 12, 1687. Abi-
gail Burnham: died October 25, 1692. 3.
Anna, married Low. 4. Elizabeth, mar-
ried Thomas Kinsman.

( III) John (2), son of John (1) Burnham,
resided at Chebacco, second parish of Ipswich,
and in 1693 was granted liberty to erect a
gristmill on the Chebacco river at the launch-
ing place. He married Sarah , and died

in 17 16. His will was dated December 17.
1708. Children: 1. John, mentioned below.

2. Thomas, married Hannah Coggswell. 3.
Jonathan, born November 3, 1695 : married

Rose ; died October 9, 1779. 4. Robert.

5. Sarah, married, January 10, 170S. Jacob
Brown. 6. Mary. 7. Elizabeth, married

Thomas Choate. 8. Hannah, married


(IV) John (3 1, son of John (2) Burnham,
married 1 first) October 21, 1710,'Ann Choate,
born May 22, 1691, died August 15, 1739,
daughter of Captain Thomas Choate; (sec-
ond) in 1740, Mrs. Elizabeth Goodhue. Chil-
dren, all by first wife: I. John, mentioned be-
low. 2. Samuel, married November 17. 1743.
Martha Storey. 3. Jeremiah, married 1736,
Mrs. Vbigail Andrews. 4. Ann, married April

3, 1740, Josiah Burnham. 5. Alary, married
October 28. 174T. Thomas Andrews. 6. Abi-
gail, married 1743. Humphrey Choate. 7.
Sarah. 8. Nehemiah.

1 V 1 John (4), son of John (3) Burnham,



was born at Ipswich, or Chebacco, about 1710,
and died in Ipswich in 1738. He married. May
10, 1733, Mary Burnham.

(VI) John (3), son of John (4) Burnham,
was born in Ipswich or Chebacco, in 1738. He
settled in Falmouth, now Portland, coming
from Ipswich, according to family history,
about 1760. He was an enterprising and prom-
inent citizen, packing fish, one of the pioneers
in that business He built the first wharf at
Portland, and it was destroyed during the rev-
olution, when the town was burned. He re-
turned, and his was the first house rebuilt. He
built another wharf and continued his busi-
ness, and his descendants to the present time
have owned an interest in his wharf at Port-
land. He died July 29, 1798, at Portland, aged
sixty years. He married, April 1, 1762, Abi-
gail, daughter of David Stickney, who was
born at Rowley, Massachusetts, July 4, 1703,
and removed to Falmouth, Maine. In the first
federal census in 1790 John Burnham had two
sons under sixteen and five females in his fam-
ily. He had eight sons and five daughters in
all. Among them were: 1. Josiah, born Jan-
uary 23, 1770; married four times; children:
i. John; ii. Josiah had son George born 1801,
a prominent citizen of Portland ; iii. George ;
iv. Harriet, married Alfred Soule ; v. Lucy,
married Pierce Burr. 2. Child, died at Port-
land in 1769. 3. Captain Charles, died at Port-
land, 1830. 4. Moses, mentioned below. All
his sons followed the sea.

(YII) Moses, son of John (5) Burnham,
was born in Portland, in 1774; died there Feb-
ruary \8. 1848. He married Hannah H. Foss,
who died October 12, 185 1, aged seventy- four
years. Children : William, David, Susan, Jane,
Lucy, Olive, Samuel S., Royal, Henry and

1 VIII) Samuel S., son of Moses Burnham,
was born at South Portland, Maine, Septem-
ber 3, 1804; died there May 28, 1852. He was
educated in the public schools of his native
town. He was engaged for many years in the
lumber and saw mill business. He married
Priscilla Blunt, born September 9, 1804, died
February, 1889. Children: 1. Melinda H.,
born 1828. 2. Emily M., 1830. 3. James B.,
1833. 4. George \Y.. 1838. 5. Frederick-
Lord, mentioned below. 6. Carrie, 1845.

(IX) Frederick L., son of Samuel S. Burn-
ham, was born in Buxton, Maine, August 29,
1843. H e attended the public schools in Wat-
erboro, later in Biddeford. After his father
died in 1852 his mother took the family to
Montague, Massachusetts, where he attended

school. He began in early life to work on a
farm, anil was clerk in store for a time in Chi-
copee, Massachusetts, then went to Orange, la-
ter to Ewing, and learned the trade of piano
making, but not liking the trade returned to
school tor a time, and again became clerk in a
store. He enlisted in the beginning of the civil
war, but was refused on account of his youth.
In September, 1861, he went to Forestdale,
Rhode Island, where he was employed in mak-
ing cavalry sabres for the government. In
^Jay, 1862, he went from there to Maine,
where he enlisted September 2, 1862, in Com-
pany D, Twenty-sixth Maine Volunteers, go-
ing into camp September 16 and proceeding to
Arlington Heights, Virginia, October 23. He
served through the Red River and Port Hud-
son campaigns, and when he was mustered
out, August 17. i8<>3, had the rank of third
sergeant. He returned to Massachusetts and
worked at Springfield until 1864. He removed
to Providence, Rhode Island, and Greenfield in
i867,was a carpenter and builder and contrac-
tor for twenty-five years and since 1873 ha*
been engaged in the real estate business with
much success. In politics he is a Prohibition-
ist. He is a member of Edwin E. Day Post,
No. 174, < i. A. R., was quartermaster for many
years and commander for four and a half
years. He is a member of Pocumptuck Lodge,
I. O. O. F., passed through the chairs; lie-
longs to the Encampment and was a member
of the Grand Lodge and Grand Encampment
in 1873, he was made an Odd Fellow in 1866.
He married, January 7, 1864, Catherine A.
Tracy, born in Malone, New York, daughter
of Martin Tracy. Children: 1. George G.,
born March 12, 1865. 2. Lizzie Mabel, born
September 15, 1867. 3. Minnie A., born Oc-
tober 26, 1869. 4. Jennie Hope, born Novem-
ber 2i, 1871. 5. Frederick W., born June 14,
1873; mentioned below. 6. Walter Edwin,
born November n. 1882.

i\A Frederick William, son of Frederick
I.. Burnham, was born in Greenfield, June 14,
1873, and educated there in the public schools.
Fie began his business career in the employ of
a milk dealer, and after working three years
bought out his employer and continued in bus-
iness on his own account for three years. In
1892 he began t' 1 learn the trade of carpenter,
and since 1897 has been in business in Green-
field as a builder and contractor. In that time
he has built one hundred and sixteen houses
and taken rank among the leading contractors
of this section. He also has an extensive lum-
ber business. He is a member of the Second



Congregational Church. He is interested in
public affairs, and was on the building com-
mittee of the new Public Library. In politics
he is a Republican. He married, May 16, 1894,
Leona Kate Foskett. born March 9, 1876,
daughter of Albert and Harriet Fliza ( How-
ard 1 Foskett, of Orange. Children: 1. Paul-
ine, b. .rii May 26, [898. 2. Chester Foskett,
October 16, 1906.

(For ancestry see preceding sketch).

1 IX 1 James Blunt, son of
BURNHAM Samuel S. Burnham, was
born in Buxton, in 1833, and
died December, 1885. He was a carpenter by
trade, and worked in the piano factory at
Montague City, Massachusetts, whither he re-
moved in 1852. In later years he was a suc-
cessful carpenter and builder. In religion he
was a Unitarian, in politics a Republican. He
married, 1855. Abbie A. Wells, born January
18, 1835, daughter of Charles Wells of Green-
field. Children: 1. Cyrus G., born August
28, 1856. 2. Allen C, born March 10, 1858:
mentioned below. 3. Fred G., born January
3, i860. 4. Frank P., December 10, 1872.

( X ) Allen C, son of James Blunt Burn-
ham, was born in Montague City. March 10.
1858, and was educated there in the public
schools. For a number of years he was en-
gaged in the buying and selling of cattle. Since
1888 he has been manufacturing brick in part-
nership with his brother. F. G. Burnham. at
Montague City. He is a member of Pocum-
tuck Lodge of Odd Fellow, and of the Pe-
somesky Club. In politics he is a Republican.
He was for two years selectman of the town
of Montague, and in 1908 was elected a coun-
ty commissioner of the county of Franklin.
He is a trustee of the Crocker Institution for
Savings at Turners Falls. He is unmarried.

Daniel Burnham was prob-
BURNHAM ably a descendant of John
Burnham, many of whose
descendants lived in the western part of Mas-
sachusetts, but none of the family historians
have established the ancestry. The records
are insufficient for the purpose. He was born
in 1743 and settled in what is now the village
of Montague City in the town of Montague.
where he died October n, 1783, aged forty
years. He was a soldier in the revolution
from Montague, a private in Captain Thomas
Grove's company of minute-men. Colonel
Williams's regiment, on the Lexington alarm,
April 19, t 7 7 5 : also in Captain Reuben Pol-

ly's company, Lieutenant Colonel Samuel Wil-
liams's regiment from December 16, 1776, to
March 19, 1777. Children: Reuel, Silas,
Daniel, mentioned below, Moses.

(II) Daniel (2), son of Daniel (1) Burn-
ham, was born in Montague in 1778 and died
there March 28, 185 1. He married, Febru-
ary 1, 1802, Lucy Dodge, doubtless a descend-
ant of the Utley family, of Connecticut and
western Massachusetts. He married (second)
June 1, 1839, Laura Hovey Russell. Children,
In >rn at Montague: 1. Roderick R., February
1, 1804, married, January I, 1833, Xancy YVil-
marth; died December 21. 1854. 2*. Daniel,
Xovember 14, 1805, died September 3, 1834;;
married. July 19, 1825, Sarah H. Gardner,
and had two children. Elihu and Silas. -3.
Alvira A., March 22, 1807, married, June 13,.
1825, Bela Burnett. 4. Lucy. February 14,.
1809, married Joel S. Shumway. 5. John E.,
( (ctober 14. 1810. died January 22, 1820. 6.
Utley, July 1, 18 1 2, mentioned below. 7. An-
drew, September 16, 1814, died May 2, 1820,.
killed by lightning. 8. John, Xovember 1 1 .
1816, died February 19, 1835. 9. Alonzo, Au-
gust 10, 1821, lived at Montague: married
there, May 16, 1852, Harriet M. Littlejohn.

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