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10. George W., March 31, 1823, married,
September 21, 1854, Cordelia A. Wilcox. 11..
Sarah, December 3, 1824, married L. B.
Grout. Child of second wife. 12. Daniel W.

(III) Utley, son of Daniel (2) Burnham,
was burn at Montague, July I, 1812. He was
educated in his native town. He was a farm-
er in Deerfield, Massachusetts. He married.
December 9, 1834, Sarah A. Burnham, widow
of Daniel Burnham, of Montague. Children :
Martha. Charlotte, Thomas Waters, Eliza
Warner, ( rideon and Alden.

(IV) Thomas Waters, son of Utlev Burn-
ham, was born in Deerfield. Massachusetts,
February 8. 1838, died December 7, 1894. He
was educated in the public schools. He learned
the trade of carpenter and cabinetmaker,
worked in a piano factory and later in life was
engaged in the sale of cutlery. In 1861 he
enlisted in Company G. Tenth Massachusetts
Regiment, and served three years in the civil
war as corporal. He was a member of Post
Xo. 162. Grand Army of the Republic, of
Turner's Falls. In politics he was a Republican.
He married, April 9, 1865, Harriet A. Brewer,
born June 15, 1842, daughter of X. C. Brew-
er, of Montague. Massachusetts. Chil-
dren, born at Montague: 1. Walter E., burn
Ewing, Massachusetts. August 17. 1867. mar-
ried Florence Clark. 2. Mattie 1... September



12, 1869, Montague City, married Herman
Seiler. 3. William Adams. October 1, 1871,
mentioned below. 4. Katie, May 30. 1873,
died November 5, 1873.

(V) William Adams, son of Thomas Wat-
ers Burnham, was born in Montague City,
Massachusetts, October 1, 1871. He attended
the public school of his native town and grad-
uated from the Turner's Falls high school. He
began his business career as clerk in a dry
goods store at Greenfield, Massachusetts,
where he was employed for four years. He
returned to Montague City, September 23,
1895, and in partnership with his brother, Wal-
ter E. Burnham, engaged in business as gen-
eral merchants. The firm has built up a large
and successful business. He has been post-
master since February, 1896. He is a Repub-
lican in politics and was a member of the town
committee two years and delegate to various
nominating conventions. He is a prominent
member of Mechanics Lodge of Free Masons
and of Peskeompskut Club of Turner's Falls.
He married, June 15, 1898, Flora Wells, born
in Starksboro, Vermont, March 2j, 1876,
daughter of George and Louise Wells, of Am-
herst, Massachusetts. Children, born at Mon-
tague City: 1. Harriet Louise, July 2. 1903.
2. Lester George, February 10, 1907.

This surname is found in
KELLOGG England early in the sixteenth
century, and there are differ-
ences of opinion as to its origin. Some think
the name comes from two Gaelic words mean-
ing lake and cemetery, making it a place name.
The earliest record of the family is in Debden,
county Essex, England, when in January, 1525,
Nicholas Kellogg was taxed. William Kellogg
was also on the tax list. There were many
ways of spelling the name, among them being
Kelhogge, Kellogue. Cologe, Calaug, Cellodge,
Kellock, Killhog, Collidge, Cellog, Kellog, and
many others. There were many families of the
name in county Essex, Great Leigh and Brain-
tree being the seat of different branches proba-
bly of the same family.

Nicholas Kellogg was born about 1488 and
married Florence Hall, daughter of William
Hall. He was buried in Debden, May 17,
1558, and she was buried there November 8,
1571. Children: r. William, married Alice
and was buried in Saffron Walden, Feb-
ruary 2, 1578. 2. Thomas, resided in Debden;
probably the ancestor of the American immi-
grant mentioned below.

(I) Phillippe Kellogg, probably son of

Thomas Kellogg mentioned above, lived Sep-
tember 15, 1583. in Booking, county Essex,
England, a parish adjoining Braintree. On
this date his son Thomas was baptized there.
Two years later he was found in Great Leigh
where his daughter Annis was buried in 161 1.
He may had had two wives. Children: 1.
Thomas, baptized September 15, 1583, mar-
ried (first) Annis Hare; (second) Tabitha
Hilles, widow. 2. Annis, buried May 25, 161 1.
3. Robert, baptized in Great Leigh, Novem-
ber 14, 1585; removed to Braintree and was
buried there January 18, 1666. 4. Mary, bap-
tized February 16, 1588, married, May 1, 1628,
William Stotturne. 5. Prudence, baptized
March 20. 1592, buried March 24, 1629. 6.
Martin, baptized November 23, 1595, men-
tioned below. 7. Nathaniel, married Elizabeth

; died in New England without issue. 8.

John. 9. Jane, married Allison. 10. Ra-
chel, married Samuel Cave.

ill) Martin, son of Phillippe Kellogg, was
baptized in Great Leigh, county Essex, Eng-
land. November 2^, 1595, died in Braintree in
167 1. He was a weaver or cloth worker and
resided in Great Leigh and Braintree. His
will was dated May 20, 1671, and proved Sep-
tember 20. 1 67 1. He married in St. Michaels
Bishop's Stortford. county Hertford, October
22, 1621, Prudence Bird. She died before her
husband. Children: 1. John, left a son John.
2. Nathaniel, baptized March 12, 1624; mar-
ried Elizabeth ; died in 1702. 3. Joseph,

baptized April i, 1626, mentioned below. 4.
Sarah, baptized February I, 1628, married
William Jacobs. 5. Daniel, baptized February
6, 1630, removed to New England. 6. Samuel
removed to New England. 7. Martin, married

Elizabeth ; buried in Braintree, January

29. 1685.

(Ill) Lieutenant Joseph, son of Martin
Kellogg, was baptized in Great Leigh, county
Essex, England, April 1, 1626, died in 1707.
He was the immigrant ancestor. He settled in
Farmington, Connecticut, where he was living
in 1651. He and his wife joined the church
October 9, 1653. He bought his house lot of
John Andrews, and sold it in February, 1655.
He removed about 1657 to Boston. Massachu-
setts. On October r6, 1659, he purchased of
Peter Oliver and wife their dwelling house
fronting the street leading to Roxbury. He
sold this property June 13, 1661, to John With-
erden. The lot of land is now occupied by the
Advertiser building on Washington street. He
paid seven hundred dollars for it at that time.
He removed from Boston to Hadley, and the



town made an agreement with him in [661 to

keep the ferry between Hadley and Northamp-
ton, lie built his house on a small home lot
which had been reserved by the town for a fer-
ry lot. Tie was given leave also to entertain
travellers. In [677 the town voted to pay him
forty pounds for the loss of his team which
had been impressed for the country's service.
ami for ferrage for soldiers. He and hi on
John anil grandson James kept this ferry un-
til 1758. almost a century, and Stephen Good-
man, who married a daughter of lames Kel-
logg, kept it still later. The last name of the
ferry was Goodman's Ferry. Joseph Kellogg
was selectman of Hadley in 1665-74-77-79-81-
85-92. In 1686 he was on a committee to lay-
out lands, and for the purchase of Swampfield
from the Indians. He and his sons had grants
of land in Hadley. He was sergeant of the
military company in 1663, and May 9, 1678,
was appointed ensign of the foot company. Oc-
tober 7 of the same year he was made lieuten-
ant, and he served in that office until 1692. He
was in command as sergeant of the Hadley
troops in the famous Turner's Falls fight May
t8, 1670. His will was dated June 27, 1707,
and proved February 4. 1708. He married

I first } probably in England, Joanna . who

died in Hadley, September 14. i(Y>h Me mar-
ried ( second ) Abigail Terry, born in Windsor,
Connecticut, September 21, 1646, daughter of
Stephen Terry, who was born in Stockton,
Wiltshire, England, August 25, 1608, and Fliz-
abeth - — . Abigail Kellogg's will was dated
.May 29, 1717, and proved October 31, 172(1.
Ilis wife Abigail in 1673 was before the court
tor wearing silk, contrary to law, but was ac-
quitted. It was shown at the trial that her hus-
band's estate was below the two hundred
pounds necessary to allow her to wear "gold
or silver lace, gold or silver buttons." etc. Chil-
dren of first wife : 1. Elizabeth, born in Farm-
ington. March 5, 1651, died young. 2. Joseph,
born August 11. 1(153, 'lied between 1082 and
1684, 3. Nathaniel, baptized October 29,
1654, died young. 4. John, baptized December
21). [656, mentioned below. 5. Martin, born
in Boston, November 22, 1658, married (first)
Anna Hinsdale: (second) Sarah (Dickinson)
Lane; (third) Sarah (Huxley) Smith. 6. Ed-
ward, born in Boston, October 1, 1660, mar-
ried Dorothy - — . 7. Samuel, born in Had-
ley, September 28, 1662, married Sarah Mer-
rill. 8. Joanna, born in Hadley, December 8,
1664. married Deacon John Smith. 9. Sarah,
born in Hadley, August 27, 1666, married
Samuel Ashley. Children of second wife born

in Hadley: 10. Stephen, born April 9, 1668,
married Lydia Belden. 11. Nathaniel, born
1 Ictober 8, [669, married Sarah Boltwood. T2.
Abigail, born October 9, [671, married Jona-
than Smith. 13. Elizabeth, born October 9,
1073. married Lieutenant John Nash. 14. Pru-
dence, born ( >ctober 14, 1675. married Deacon
Abraham Merrill. [5. Ebenezer, born Novem-
ber 22, 1677. married Mabel T.utler. 16. Jona-
than, born December 25, [679, married Ann
Newton, 17. Daniel, horn March 22, 1682,
died July 5, 1084. iS. Joseph, born May 12,
1684, married, July 5. 1710, Elizabeth Colton ;
lived in Hatfield and died September 9, 1724.
19. Daniel, born June 10, 1686, died young. 20.
Ephraim, born January 2. 11.87, died young.

( IV 1 John, son of Lieutenant Joseph Kel-
logg, was baptized in Farmington, Connecti-
cut, December 29, 1656. I [e resided in Farm-
ington and Hadley. where he succeeded to the
ferry which had been operated by his father.
His name appears on a list of those owning the
largest estate in Hadley in 1720. \t one time
In resided in the Hopkins schoolhouse in Had-
ley. He married (first! in Fladley, December
2T,. i'i8o, Sarah Moody, born 1660, died in
Farmington, daughter of Samuel ami Sarah
(Denting) Moody. He married (second)
Ruth - — . Children of first wife, born in
Hadley: t. Sarah, born May 2, 1682, married
May 8, 1701, Abraham Moody, of Hatfield. 2.
John, born March 21, 1684, died March. 1691.
3. Joseph, born November 6, 1685, married
\bigail Smith. 4. Samuel, born April 1. 1687,
mentioned below. 5. Son, born and died Sep-
tember «). 1689. Children of second wife: 6.
Ruth, born April 5. 1(193, died November 15,
I 7°5- 7- Joanna, born June 12, 1694, married
( first 1 Samuel Taylor: (second) James Dew-
ev. 8. Esther, born February 17, 1696. 9.
Abigail, born September 26. 1697. married
1 first 1 Jonathan Athcrton : (second) Isaac
Hubbard. 10. John, born October 26, 1699,
died June 10, 1727. ti. James, born July IO,
1 701. married Experience Smith.

(V) Captain Samuel, son of John Kellogg,
was born in Hadley, Massachusetts, April 1,
1687, died May 27, 1761, and was buried at
West field, where his gravestone is still stand-
ing. He removed to Westfield as early as
1712. and received a grant of ten acres of
land, on condition of his settling there. He
was hired by the town to build a bridge over
Two Mile brook in 1713. He was a carpen-
ter by trade, and undoubtedly built the sec-
ond meeting house there in 1721. He was
granted leave January 14. 1714. with Cap'tain

JZ-wenzo Sv. ^Tf//oi



Joseph Maudsley and Samuel Bishop, to build
a saw and grist mill for the use of the town.
He lived first at Little Plain Place and after
1721 on the land granted him on the easterly
side of Mann's brook, next David Ashley's
farm. This high land, of which he had about
a hundred acres, abounded in game, and it is
said he was a fine shot and took great delight
in hunting. He married (first) July 8, 1714,
his cousin Alary Ashley, born March 12, 1694,
died April 8. 1728, daughter of Lieutenant
Joseph and Sarah (Kellogg) \sliley. He
married (second) June 3. 1728, her sister.
Rachel Ashley, born February 14. 1695. Chil-
dren of first wife, born in Westfield : I. Jo-
siah, born December 11, 1715. died Decem-
ber 19, 1715. 2. Samuel, born November 9,

1717, died October 21, 1744.

David, born

May 30, 1 721, mentioned below. 4. Seth, born
May 15, 1723, died unmarried November 21,
1753. 5. Daughter, born January 19, 1724,
died same day. 6. Daughter, born January
19, 1724 (twin), died same day. 7. Son, born
and died January 25, 1725. 8. John, born July
5, 1727. married (first) Anne Terry; (sec-
ond) Anne Lord; (third) Jemima Ward, wi-
dow. Children of second wife: 9. Justus,
born March 17, 1729, died unmarried Septem-
ber 6, 1747. 10. Mary, born October 24. 1730,
married Samuel Terry. 11. Shem, born Janu-
ary 1, i~i,2, died unmarried July 3, 1757. 12.
Sarah, born July 25, 1734, married Nathan

(VI) David, son of Captain Samuel Kel-
logg, was born at Westfield, Massachusetts,
May 30, 1721, died March 6, 1776. He resided
in Westfield and served in the expedition to
Canada under General Amherst, being im-
pressed April 6, 1759. His house stood in
1873 about ten rods northeast of the residence
of Frederick C. Kellogg. He married the in-
tention being published April 11. T747 Eliza-
beth Jones, of Enfield, Connecticut, daughter
of Thomas and Mary (Meacham) Jones.
Children, born in Westfield: 1. Mary, born
June 13, 1748, married Nehemiah Carter. 2.
Samuel, born August 6, 1749, died unmar-
ried ; served in the revolution. 3. David, born
November 16, 1750, died April 22, 1774, un-
married. 4. Elizabeth, horn August 15, 1752,
married Pliny Sacket. 5. Seth, born March
14, 1754, mentioned below, 6. Phineas, born
April 6, 1756, married Jedediah Lord. 7.
Ruth, born September 3, 1757. married Ros-
well Brown. 8. Enoch, born July 12, I7.s<».
died August 31. 1759. 9. Elzina, married En-
sign Charles Johnson, to. Lucretia, married

Ashbel Fowler. 11. Enoch, born October 9,

1768. married Eunice Viets.

(YII) Seth, son of David Kellogg, was
born in Westfield, March 14. 1754, died in
Southwick, June 20, 1801. He married,
March 29, 1786, Ann Lomis, born July 10,
175S. died June 24, r.841, daughter of Joshua
and Abigail (Langdon) Loomis, of West-
field. Children: I. David, born October 11,
1786, married Ruth Lambson. 2. Anna, born
January 19, 1788, married Elisha Root. 3.
Seth, born April 14, 1790. married (first)' Pa-
melia Dewey; (second 1 Sarah Crosby. 4.
Samuel, born June 19. 1792. accidentally kill-
ed in New Marlborough. Massachusetts. 5.
Langdon. born August 16, 1794, married
Wealthy Boies. 6. Louvisa, born February
2~, 1797, married Apollos Lambson. 7. Alva,
born August 22, 1799, mentioned below.

i\I!T) Alva, son of Seth Kellogg, was
born in Southwick. August 22, 1799, died in
Westfield, March 30, 1873. He was educated
in the district schools. He learned the trade
of tailor and the manufacture of cloth, and
built and operated a fulling mill in Westfield.
Mr next turned his attention to the manufac-
ture of whip mountings, turning handles from
horn, bone, ivory, etc., and he discovered the
process of polishing horn with glass. West-
field is a great center of the whip manufactur-
ing industry. Mr. Kellogg also learned the
tanning business and the manufacture of
leather from hides. He built his first tan-
nery in 1825 and the present structure in 1846.
His son, Lorenzo Alva Kellogg, has conduct-
ed the tannery since about 1848. He married,
\pril 6, 1824, Eliza Fowler, born in Trenton.
New York, May 4, 1806, daughter of Major
Walter Fowler, born in Southwick-, and Lucy
(Campbell) Fowler, born in Southwick in
1772. She died in Marcy, New York, August
11, 1871. Children, born in Southwick: 1.
Lorenzo Alva, born September 20, 1825, men-
tioned below. 2. Lucy Ann. born February
22, 1827, married Seth Rush. 3. Dwight, born
April 9, 1840, married Julia Josephine Whip-

(IX) Lorenzo Alva, son of Alva Kellogg,
was born in Southwick, Massachusetts. Sep-
tember 20. 1825. He attended the public
schools of his native town until about 1837
when he went to Utica, New York, to live
with relatives of his mother. He returned and
went to work in his father's tannery to learn
the trade and business. He gradually took
over the business of the tannery, and after
his father died he succeeded to the business.

1 828


which he has conducted successfully to the
present time. He inherited part of the home-
stead and has followed farming also. He
raises sheep and cattle extensively. He resides
in Southwick on the farm in summer, in
Westfield in the winter. His tannery makes a
specialty of tanning white leather for whips
but also manufactures various kinds of high
grade leather, principally used in the whip
business. Mr. Kellogg was for twenty years
in the military company known as the Union
Guards. In politics he is independent. He
stands high in the estimation of his business
associates. He possesses a thorough knowl-
edge of the leather indutry, is farsighted and
enterprising, but cautious in his methods. He
has the respect and confidence alike of his em-
ployees and his competitors in business, and
the esteem of all his townsmen. Few men
in the county are better known and he is one
of the oldest men in active business in this sec-
tion of the state. He married, November 21,
1849, Mary Ann Mosely, born November
11, 1828, daughter of Oliver and Mary (Dick-
inson) Mosely. They have no children. Mrs.
Kellogg died March 23, 1903.

(For preceding generations see Anthony Emery 1).

(Ill) Zachariah, son of James
EMERY Emery, was born in Kittery,

Maine, about 1660, and married,
December 9, 1686, Elizabeth, daughter of Dan-
iel Goodwin. She married (second) Decem-
ber 22, 1092, Philip Hubbard. Children, born
in Kittery: 1. Elizabeth, November 24, 1687.
2. Zachariah, mentioned below.

( 1 Y ) Zachariah ( 2 ), son of Zachariah ( 1 )
Emery, was born at Kittery, October 5, 1690,
and resided in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, lie
enlisted in June, 1745, in the expedition against
Cape Breton, in Captain Gershom Davis' com-
pany. In October, 1745, he was sent to Boston
as the agent of his company to make up the
muster roll, and being taken sick did not return
to Cape Breton. After his recovery he was
paid three pounds eighteen shillings for loss of
two guns, one of which belonged to his son

Samuel. He married ( first ) Sarah who

died October 8, 1732; (second) May 20. 1733,
Rebecca Reddington, of Topsfield, Massachu-
setts; (third) June 26, 1744, Thankful Foster,
who married ( second ) Jonathan Spalding, of
Carlisle, and died August 31, 1785, aged eigh-
ty-five. Children, born in Chelmsford, of first
wife : 1. Sarah, < )ctober 20, 17 13 ; died young.

2. Noah, October 15, 1714; died July 18, 1718.

3. Zachariah. August 26, 171(1. 4. Noah, June

18, 1720. 5. Samuel. August 2. 1722. 6.
John, January 2, 1724-5. 7. Sarah, August 17,
1727. 8. Daniel, May 5, 1730; mentioned be-
low. 9. Ebenezer. 10. Elizabeth, September,
1732. Child of second wife. 11. James, born
1738. Children of third wife: 12. Thankful
born July 3, 1749: died October 9, 1757. 13.
Samuel, June 3, 1753.

(V) Daniel, son of Zachariah (2) Emery,
was born May 5, 1730, and lived in Townsend,
Massachusetts. He was tythingman four
years, also selectman, and one of committee of
correspondence, 1775. He removed to Jafifrey,
New Hampshire, in 1776, and was selectman
there in 1777 and 1781 ; one of committee of
inspection" in 1778, and of safety in 1779. He
was one of the original members of the Jaffrey
church in 1780, and its first deacon. He mar-
ried ( first ) Jane , died in Jaffrey, June 7,

1803, aged seventy-one years; (second) Es-
ther Jaquith. died May 7, 1823, aged eighty-
seven, widow of Ebenezer Jaquith. Children,
born in Townsend, by first wife: 1. Jane,
February 1, 1755. 2. Daniel, December 6,
1756; mentioned below. 3. Betsey, April 9,
1759. 4. Noah, September 6, 1761. 5. Jona-
than, Jul\- 25, 1763. 6. Asa, September 9,

( VI ) Captain Daniel (2), son of Daniel 1 1 )
Emery, was born at Townsend, Massachusetts,
December 6, 1756, and died March 5, 1826.
He removed to Jaffrey in 1776, then to Wal-
pole, New Hampshire, where he died. It was
probably he who was in Captain James Hos-
ley's company, of Townsend, at the time of the
.battle of Lexington, in service April 19-27,
1775, and commissioned lieutenant in Captain
Thomas Warren's company, Sixth Middlesex
regiment. He married (first) June 18, 1780,
Elizabeth Farnsworth, died October 23, 1783;
( second ) June 6, 1786, Hannah Bates, of Jaf-
frey, died in New York, 1852. Children, first
two born in Jaffrey, the others in Walpole : 1.'
Daniel, February 13, 1782; mentioned below.
2. Child. 1783; died young. Children of sec-
ond wife: 3. Stephen, born Dceember 23,
1780. 4. Betsey, April 15, 1788. 5. Hannah.
October 10, 1789. 6. Sarah, April 14, 1791.
7. Nancy, January 27, 1793. 8. Joseph, May
24, 1794. 9. Aimer, April 2~ , 1796. 10. Jon-
athan, July 31, 1797. 11. Aaron, February 24,
1799; died July II, 1883. 12. Ira, born April
16, 1801 ; died January [9, 1864. 13. Achsah,
born July 30, 1802; died June 12. 1884. 14.
Franklin, born February 7, 1807; died Octo-
ber 29, 1825. 15. Cynthia, born April I, 1809.
16. Irene, June 16, 1810.



(VII) Lieutenant Daniel (3), son of Cap-
tain Daniel (2) Emery, was born at Jaffrey,
New Hampshire. February 13, 1782, and died
August 24, 1828. At the death of his mother,
at her request, he was adopted by her sister,
the wife of Lieutenant Thomas Adams, by
whom he was brought up, and he inherited
one-half the Adams estate. He married, April
3, 1804, Polly Felt, born November I, 1782,
died June 22. 1862, daughter of Peter and
Lucy (Andrews) Felt. Children: 1. Adams,
born December 4, 1804; died July 13, 1841. 2.
Andrews, born May 12, 1806. 3. Daniel F.,
born February 21, 1808: mentioned below. 4.
Caroline, born January 1, 1810; died June 28,
1829. 5. Elizabeth, born December 6, 1813.
6. George, born March 5, 1816; died Decem-
ber 15, 1816. 7. Harriet, born December 28,
1819. 8. Sophronia, January 11, 1821. 9.
Stephen F., June 25, 1823.

( YIII) Daniel F., son of Daniel (3 ) Emery,
was born February 21, 1808, and died July 12,
1876, in Sebawa, Michigan. He married, De-
cember 1, 183 1, Catherine B. Brown, of Fall
River, Massachusetts, where he settled. She
died March 17, 1886. Children: 1. Hannah
J., born December 4. 1837, in Providence,
Rhode Island. 2. George Daniel, born Sep-
tember 10, 1833, mentioned below. 3. Albert
Bugbee, born in Buffalo, New York, June 27,
1841 ; died May, 1888. 4. John Brown, born
in Buffalo, May 20, 1853; died June 17, 1882.
5. Daughter, born 1857, died 1859.

( IX ) George Daniel, son of Daniel F. Em-
ery, was born in Fall River, Massachusetts,
September to, 1833. At an early age he went
with his parents to Buffalo, New York, and
when a young man engaged in the lumber
trade, in which he remained all his life. He
settled first in Indianapolis, Indiana, and estab-
lished himself in the lumber trade, making a
specialty of black walnut, and had the largest
business in that line in the country. The black
walnut becoming scarce, he turned his atten-
tion to mahogany, and became a heavy im-
porter of that lumber. He returned east and
located his plant at Chelsea, Massachusetts, in
1882. He was the first in North America to
engage in getting out lumber in South Ameri-
ca, as prior to this time all mahogany was
bought from native dealers. His field of oper-
ation extended along the northern coast of
South America, and Central America as far
as Mexico. His company had concessions in
the Bluefields country, where there were exten-
sive forests, and hired coolie labor to get out
the lumber. The company established a rail-

road to the coast, and then transported on their
own steamers. In October, 1908, Mr. Emery
retired, and the business was bought by an
English syndicate. Mr. Emery is said to have
been the largest dealer in mahogany in the
world. He was a member of Joseph Warren
Lodge of the Free Masons, and of the Allston
Congregational Church. He died at his home
in Allston, January 8, 1909. He married Sar-
ah Emeline Cowan, of Batavia, New York,
born May 20, 1838, died in Cambridge, in
August, 1890. Children: I. Herbert Clark,
born July 30. i860 ; mentioned below. 2. Mary
Gowan, born August 22, 1865, in Kendall ville,
Indiana. 3. Daniel George, born in Indianap-
olis, November 22. 1872. 4. Sarah Lotta, born
in Indianapolis, January 18, 1878.

(X) Herbert Clark, son of George Daniel
Emery, was born in Kendallville, Indiana,
July 30, i860, and died April 13, 1909, in

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