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appears, so far as can be ascertained from
contemporary records, to have sustained the
character of a sagacious, energetic and suc-
cessful business man ; of an honest, upright
and worthy citizen ; and of a good and peace-
ful neighbor. He held a respectable social po-
sition among his fellow townsmen, and his
family and the families to whom they were al-
lied by marriage were highly respected, and
among the most wealth and influential in Wa-
tertown. He was buried in the ancient bury-
ing ground situated on the old road leading
from Cambridge to Watertown, a short dis-
tance w-esterly of Mount Auburn. He mar-
ried, about 1642. Susan or Susanna . She

married (second) fifteen months after his
death. November 18. 1673. Richard Norcross,
who survived her. She died in Watertown.
December ri, 1686. The children of this
union were : Susanna, Mary, John, Philip.
Joanna, William, Rebecca. Abigail, Benjamin
and Samuel.

(II) Dr. Philip, second son of William and
Susan hi- Susanna Shattuck, was born in Wa-
tertown, probably in 1648, died in what is now
Waltham, June 26, 1-22. He resided near
the Waverly station on the.Fitchburg railroad,
easterly of Beaver Brook; and his estate ex-
tended northerly into Cambridge. He was
a physician of eminence, and for a long pi
a leading man in the public affairs of the town.
He was chosen moderator of town meetings,
and held the offices of assessor, town treas-



urer, chairman of the selectmen, and very
many other important stations of public trust
and responsibility. A gravestone erected to
his memory was standing in the Waltham
cemetery in 1852, bearing the following in-
scription :

"Here Lyes Buried
ye Body of Doctr
who deed June
ye 26th, 1722, in ye 74th
year of his Age.
Blessed are the Dead
that Die in the Lord."

A new marble tablet was later erected, to
which the above inscription was transferred,
with the following appended : "The above rec-
ord was transferred from a moss-grown crum-
bling headstone of slate, to one of more en-
during marble, by a descendant of the 5th gen-
eration, A. D. 1853." His will was dated Janu-
ary 29, and proved August 30, 1722. He had
two sons by the name of Philip living at the
same time, one by each wife, and they were
distingusihed from each other in his will as
"Philip Shattuck of Saybrook," and "Philip
Shattuck, the younger," or as "the youngest
son of my present beloved wife." Accounts
of two living children of the same name in one
family sometimes occurs in the early history
of this country and in England, but this is the
only instance found in this family. Dr. Shat-
tuck married (first) November 9, 1670, Debor-
ah Barstow, daughter of William and Anna
Barstow. She died November 24, 1679. He
married (second) February 11, 1680, Rebecca
Chamberlain, who survived him, and died in
1728. She also left a will dated December 13,
1727, which was probated November 19, 1728.
Children of first wife: Deborah, Philip, Susan-
nah, Anna; by the second wife: Joseph (died
young), Rebecca, Benjamin, Joseph. Nathan-
iel, Isaac, Amos, Sarah, Theophilus and Philip.
(Ill) Dr. Joseph, third son of Dr. Philip
and Rebecca (Chamberlain ) Shattuck, was
born in Watertown, March 6, 1687. He was a
physician and resided in Boston from 1708 to
1715. He afterwards removed to Watertown,
and assumed the medical practice of his father
and there he died in the full vigor of life, May
19, 1729. He married, in Boston, October 12,
1708, Mary Ladd, of that town. His first
three or four children were born in Boston,
and were baptized in the Brattle Street Church,
of which the parents were members. Chil-
dren : Joseph (died young), Rebecca. Joseph
Mary, Samuel, Sarah, Nathaniel, John and

(IV) Samuel, third son of Dr. Joseph and
Mary 1 Ladd 1 Shattuck, was born in Water-
town, May 29, 1716, died in Montague, De-
cember 29, 1760. He was probably the Sam-
uel Shattuck who was a proprietor of Peter-
sham at its first incorporation. He afterward
settled in Deerfield. His eldest son served a
campaign in the French war, ami on his return
brought home the smallpox, and gave it to
both his parents. The mother and son recov-
ered, but the father died. Samuel Shattuck
married, December 4, 1740, Sarah Clesson,
born January 10, 1722, daughter of Joseph
and 1 lannah ( Anns ) (/lesson, of Northamp-
ton, and granddaughter of Matthew and Mary
(Phelps) Clesson. who were married in 1670.
Her will, dated September 14, 1785, appoints
her kinsman, Eliakim Ames, her executor, and
leaves legacies to ten children or their repre-
sentatives. Children : Samuel, Sarah, Joseph
(died young), William, Joseph, Oliver, Han-
nah, Mary, Joanna, Lucinda and Submit.

(V) Captain Oliver, fifth son of Samuel
and Sarah ( Clesson 1 Shattuck, was born in
Deerfield, July 29, 175 1, died in Hawley, Au-
gust 2~, 1797. Like his father and grand-
father he was a comparatively young man at
the time of his death. Lie commanded a com-
pany from the county of Hampshire in the
revolutionary arm}- from July to November.
1781. His will, dated April 10, was probated
September 12, 1797. The Massachusetts Rev-
olutionary Rolls state that Oliver Shattuck
was "Captain in a regiment commanded by
Lieutenant Colonel Barnabas Sears ; engaged
July 17, 1 781 ; discharged November 8, 1781 :
service, three months, twenty-eight days, in-
cluding five days ( 100 miles) travel home;
regiment raised from Hampshire County Mill
tia to serve three months. Roll dated Deer-
field." He married, November 10, 1772, Lucy
Parker, born January 30. 1751, daughter of
Nathaniel and Eleanor 1 Walker) Parker, of

- Groton. She married (second) December,
1797, Joseph Longley, and died in Hawley,
May 20, 1834, in the eighty-fourth year of her
age. Children: Lucy (died young), Amile
(died young), Lucy, Oliver, Amile, Polly,
Justus, Pliny, Henry and Harriet (twins 1,
Electa, Calvin and Thera.

(VI) Henry, son of Captain Oliver and
Lucy (Parker) Shattuck. was born in Deer-
field. May 13, 1786, where he resided as a
farmer until 1833, when he removed to Am-
herst, where he died June 22, 1851. He mar-
ried (first) October 13, 181 1, Olive P. Turn-
er, born in Charlestown, August 30, 1790,

i8 3 6


died in Deerfield, October 24, 1828, daughter
of Micah and -Mary (Pratt) Turner. He
married (second) May 21, 1829, Tirza Por-
ter, born in Weymouth, July 9, 1798, daugh-
ter of Samuel and Mary ( White ) l'orter.
She died September 24, 1857, aged fifty-nine
years. Children by first marriage : Harriet
(died young), Harriet, Levi Hubbard, Mary
Ann, Joseph Henry ; by second marriage :
Olive, Edwin White and Ellen Maria.

( \ 1 1 ) Edwin White, only son of Henry
and Tirza (Porter) Shattuck. was born in
Amherst, August 12. 1834. He attended dis-
trict school until sixteen years of age. At thir-
teen he began work in a cotton mill, where he
was employed during the warm season of the
year for three years. Then on account of the
illness of his father he took charge of the
farm for a year, until the death of the father.
The following three years he spent learning
the carpenter's trade with Charles Bangs, of
North Amherst. At the age of twenty he be-
gan contracting and building on his own ac-
count at Amherst, where he remained until
1858. At that time there was much going on
in the new southwest to attract men, and Mr.
Shattuck went to Leavensworth, Kansas, and
<-o Crystal Lake, Illinois, where he spent a
year mostly at the latter place. In 1859 he
returned to Massachusetts and engaged in the
business of construction at Springfield, where
he has been actively engaged ever since — a
period of over fifty years. He has built many
well known structures in Springfield, among
which are W. D. Kinsman's block, the Chico-
pee National Bank, the Lyman building, the
Art building, all the Milton Bradley and Tap-
ley buildings near Willow and Grove streets,
the Woman's Christian Association building,
the residence of Dr. Corcoran, the residence
of Mrs. E. Brewer Smith, the residence of E.
O. Sutton, thp Irving Page house, Chicopee
Falls, the Leed House, Ridgeway Place, and
the Springfield Republican building, to which
he is now adding two stores. Mr. Shattuck
was a Whig, h"t joined the Republican party
soon after its organization, and has since
voted for its candidates. He has been a mem-
ber of the Memorial Church (Evangelical)
for many years and one of its deacons. Ed-
win W. Shattuck married. May 17, 1859, Bes-
sie Kimball, by whom he had one child, Ed-
ward Porter who died at the age of sixteen
years, lie married (second) February 25,
[864, Sarah Lavinia Bugbee, in Amherst, July
to, 1X34. daughter of Elbridge and Eliza A.
(Bugbee) Bugbee, of Belchertown, Massa-

chusetts. They had four children: Emma
Eliza, born July 2, 1865; Harriet Elmira, Sep-
tember 2, 1867, married E. F. Leonard, drug
gist, of Springfield; Gertrude, died in infancy;
Grace. April 5, 1873, was killed July 24, 1893,
while driving on State street; Springfield.

The Jones family of this sketch
JONES was of . Welsh ancestry and is

closely related to the Janes fam-
ily, the immigrant ancestor of which spelled
his name Jeanes. The Jones and Janes fami-
lies were closely connected for many genera-

( I ) Griffin or Griffith Jones, immigrant an-
cestor, settled in Springfield, Massachusetts,
as early as 1646 and was a proprietor of the
town in that year. He was admitted a free-
man April 5, 1649. He was a Welshman and

married Sarah before coming to this

country. She died May 6, 1665 ; he died Feb-
ruary 19, 1676-77. The two younger children
were bound out until they came of age, Pe-
latiah to Deacon William Holton, of North-
ampton, and Benoni to Lieutenant William
Clarke, of Northampton. The estate was ad-
ministered by sons Samuel and Ebenezer. Chil-
dren, born at Springfield: I. Child, born and
died September 25, 1645. 2 - Mercy, born
July 4, 1647, married James Barker. 3. Hep-
zibah, born September 26, 16 — , married Isaac
Cakebread. 4. Samuel, born January 19,
1651. 5. Ebenezer, born July 14, 1653, re-
sided at Northampton ; married Mercy Bagg.
6. Thomas, born June 8, 1655, married Eliza-
beth Graves. 7. Griffith, born June 4, 1658,
died young. 8. Griffith, born March 28, 1660.
9. Experience, born August 12, 1662, married
John Higgins. 10. Pelatiah, born July 22,
1664. 11. Benoni, mentioned below.

(II) Benoni. son of Griffin or Griffith
Jones, was born in 1666. At the age of twelve
years he was indentured to William Clarke, of
Northampton, until he came of age. It was
stipulated that Clarke should "learn him to
read and write and give him five pounds at
the end of his term with sufficient clothing
such as servants usually have and at the end
of his time two suits of apparel." He and
four others resided in Pascommuck, now
Easthampton, settled about 1699. His farm
was about four miles from Northampton cen-
ter and was the garrison house during Indian
hostilities. Benoni and two sons were slain
by the Indians May 13, 1704, and his wife
taken a captive to Canada, where she died
later in the year. The wife of Benjamin Janes,




a neighbor and relative, was taken to the top
of Pomeroy Mountain, scalped and left for
dead, but she recovered. Benjamin moved to
Coventry, Connecticut. Samuel Janes was
slain during the same attack'. Benoni Jones
married, January 23, 1689, Esther (Gurley)
Ingersoll, daughter of John and William Gur-
ley. Children: I. Jonathan, born January
4, 1695, died young. 2. Benjamin, born 1696,
mentioned below. 3. Ebenezer, born Novem-
ber 12, 1698, killed by Indians May 13, 1704.
4. Jonathan, born March 3, 1703, killed May
13, 1704, with father and brother.

(III) Benjamin, son of Benoni Jones, was
born in 1696 or earlier. After the massacre at
Northampton, May 13, 1704, when his father
and two brothers were killed and his mother
taken a captive, he appears to have removed
with the Janes family to Coventry, Connecti-
cut. Benjamin Janes, with whom he went,
was son of the immigrant William Janes or
Jeanes, who was a school teacher at New Ha-
ven, Wethersfield and Northampton, and per-
haps brother of Griffith Jones. The history
of Wethersfield, indeed, gives Benoni as a son
of William Janes. The maintenance of the
difference in spelling the name though the
families lived side by side, is a means of trac-
ing them and is evidence that this Benjamin
Jones was the son of Benoni Jones, not of
Benjamin Janes. The similarity of names of the
children of this Benjamin Jones and those of
Benoni Jones corroborates this assumption.
Benjamin and Hannah Jones or Janes had a
son Seth at Coventry, August 31, 1715. This

Benjamin married Patience , who died

April 24, 1770, aged seventy-five years, at
Coventry. Children of Benjamin and Patience
Jones, born at Coventry: 1. Ebenezer, born
April 8, 1718, mentioned below. 2. Esther,
born May 1, 1720. 3. Jonathan, born June 21,
1722, married, March 12, 1747, Abijah Strong,
and lived in Coventry. 4. Noah, born May
15, 1724, married. May 9, 1745, Dinah Hitch-
cock ; lived at Coventry. 6. Huldah, born
June 25, 1729. 7. Asahel, born July 7, 1731,
died August 7, 1740. 8. Sybil, born April 22,
1735, died August 29, 1740. 9. Dinah, born
March 29, 1739, died September 8. 1740.

(IV) Ebenezer, son of Benjamin Jones,
was born at Coventry, April 8, 17 18. He
married (first) at Coventry, May 5. 1743,
Abigail Long, who died December 16. fol-
lowing. He married (second) December 4,
1745, Zerviah Loomis. Ebenezer moved from
Coventry to Palmer, Massachusetts, about
1770. He was an active patriot during the

iv— 6

revolution. In 1774 he served on the commit-
tee of inspection. He was highway surveyor
in 1775. He is called lieutenant on the Palmer
records and doubtless fought in the French
and Indian war. He was chosen on a commit-
tee to provision the minutemen at the time of
the Lexington call with a barrel of biscuit, a
barrel of pork, a barrel of flour. He served
on the committee of correspondence in 1776;
and on the committee to care for the families
of revolutionary soldiers in 1777. He was
selectman 1777-79. Children of second wife,
born at Coventry: 1. Abigail, born February
24, 1747, died September 18, 1750. 2. Adoni-
jah, born August 20, 1748, mentioned below.

3. Dinah, born October 11, 1750, married, at
Palmer, December 21, 1773, Luther Chapin.

4. Ebenezer, born April 19, 1752, married, at
Palmer, April 2t„ 1778, Anna Spear. 5. Israel,
born October 24, 1753, married, at Palmer,
August, 1782 (intentions dated), Elizabeth
Mackelwan. 6. Abigail, born February 2,
1756. 7. Esther, born April 24, 1758. 8.
Benoni, born November 5, 1759. 9. Eber,
born June 4, 1761. 10. Silas, born July 28,
1764. Born at Palmer: 11. Lucretia, born
September 9, 1772.

(V) Adonijah, son of Ebenezer Jones, was
born in Coventry. Connecticut, August 20,
1748. He moved with his father and family
to Palmer about 1770. He was a soldier in
the revolution, April 19, 1775, in Captain Da-
vid Spear's company of minute-men ; also ser-
geant in Captain Jonathan Dan ford's com-
pany, Colonel David Brewer's regiment
(Ninth). His brother Ebenezer was also in
the revolution in Captain Sylvanus Walker's
company, Colonel Timothy Danielson's regi-
ment, in April, 1775. Adonijah settled at
Palmer .and married (first) at Coventry,
March 15, 1770, Sarah Lyman, who died at
Coventry, May 1, 1771. He married (sec-
ond) at Palmer, July 9, 1778, Anna MacEl-
wain, born February 27, 1753, died December
18, 1831. He died December 18, 1820. Child
of first wife, born at Coventry: 1. Sarah,
born April 26, 1771. Children of second wife:
2. Adonijah, born April 9, 1779 (records
April 24, 1780), died June 8, 1841. 3. Ann,
born February 22, 1 78 1, died December 18,
1831. 4. Esther, born December 22, 1784,
died January 31, 1864. 5. Eber, born June 7,
1787, mentioned below. 6. Susanna, born Au-
gust 5, 1789, died May 12, 1864. 7. Timothy,
born April 9, 1792, died May 16, 1813. 8.
Zachary Loomis, born August 15, 1797.

(VI) Eber, son of Adonijah Jones, was

i8 3 8


born June 7, 1787, died April 4, i860. He
removed from Otis, Massachusetts, with his
family to engage in business as a jeweler in
Brooklyn, New York, and subsequently lo-
cated upon a farm in Wellington, Ohio. He
married, July 16. 181 3, Betsey Amanda Pel-
ton, born April 20, 1794, died April 13, 1880,
daughter of Captain Samuel and Mary
( Wood worth ) Pelton. Her father was in the
revolution. Children: I. Grville Orlando,
born June 18, 1814, died < Ictober 26, 1902. 2.
Samuel Pelton, born January 17, 1817, died in
San Diego, California. February 7, 1909. 3.
Mary Eliza, born June 2, 1819, died Septem-
ber 14, 1885; married Allen Barker. 4. Ed-
ward Dorr Griffin, born September 22, 1824,
mentioned below. 5. Eber Loomis, born May
13, 1827, died young. 6. Harley Leander,
born August 30^ 1831, died November 30,

(Y1I) Edward Dorr Griffin, son of Eber
Jones, was born September 22, 1824. died De-
cember 30, 1904. lie was educated in the
public schools of Brooklyn, New York, and in
Wellington, Ohio, and remained with his fath-
er on the farm until he became of age. He
then returned to Lee, Berkshire county, Mas-
sachusetts, and learned the trade of mill-
wright with his uncle, Timothy Jones. In
1853 he established himself in business as a
millwright at Lee, and an important part of
the business was the agency for the sale of
turbine wheels manufactured by the James
Leffell Company of Springfield, <>hin. The
business of equipping paper mills and the
manufacture of paper mill machinery was
added and soon became a feature, and even-
tually the exclusive manufacturing interest.
In 1866 he sold his Lee business to Henry
Couch and Freeman Oakley, and started in
business in Pittsfield in the same line, which
evolved into the E. D. Jones & Sons Company,
in which he was engaged up to the time of his
death. He was president and director of the
company ; also vice-president arid director of
the Third National Bank of Pittsfield; presi-
dent and director of the Co-operative Bank ;
director of the Keith Paper Company of
Turner's Falls; president of the Terry Clock
Company of Pittsfield. He was a member of
the Park Club of Pittsfield; of Berkshire
Commandery, Knights Templar, and a thirty-
second degree Mason. He was one of the
board of trustees of the Methodist Church
and an active church worker. He was an ac-
tive Republican and was representative to the
general court in 1879-80 for the third Berk-

shire district, and of the state senate in 1880-
87, where he rendered efficient service. As a
member of the board of public works in Pitts-
field from 1891 to 1899, however of which
body he was chairman, his services were con-
spicuously valuable. During this time the
sewerage system was installed, and to this
work Mr. Jones gave his best efforts, and to
him, in a large measure, is due the splendid
results accomplished for the city in that di-
rection. He believed in doing well whatever
he had to do, and his ability and integrity
soon established for him an enviable reputa-
tion in business and financial circles. He had
many friends who appreciated his fine quali-
ties as a gentleman, and his character was
without blemish.

He married ( first 1 November 10, 1849,
Nancy E. M. Breckenridge, daughter of
Francis and Zilla Breckenridge. He married
(second) October 20, 1858, Ardilla H. Her-
rick, born June 30. 1836, died April 6, 1866,
daughter of Levi W. and Mercy (Hamblin)
Herrick. He married (third) May 11, 1868,
Arvilla Bartlett Noble, born December 18,
1843, daughter of John S. and Mary Ann
(Granger) Noble. Child of first wife: 1.
Italia N., born February 5, 1853, married,
April 9, 1874, Everett G. Goodell ; died De-
cember 25, 1893; child, Lena J. Goodell, died
young. Children of second wife : 2. Harley
Eber, born September 24, 1861, died Septem-
ber 24, 1896; married, April 16, 1885, Libbie
Hancock and had Margaret Ardilla, born Au-
gust 5, T887. "3. Edward Archie, born No-
vember 3, 1863, graduate of Peekskill Mili-
tary Academy and Massachusetts Institute of
Technology, 1887; married, October 7, 1891,
Isabel Amelia Abbe; son, Charles Edward,
born January 7, 1894. Children of third wife:
4. Leffell Noble, born November 8, 1872,
died July 17, 1873. 5. Mary Elvina, born
August 25, 1874, died August 8, 1875. 6.
Samuel Ralph, born March 29, 1878, member
of firm of E. D. Jones & Company; married
September 12, 1905, Adelaide Flanders, born
August 28, 1880; they have one son, Samuel
Harley, born May 29, 1906.

(For ancestry see p. 1420).

(XVIII) Daniel Whit-
WHITTEMORE temore, son of Thomas

Whittemore, immigrant
ancestor, was born in Hitchin, Hertfordshire,
England, and baptized there July 13, 1633. He
married Mary Mellins, daughter of Richard
Mellins, of Charlestown, March 7, 1662. He in-



herited the homestead from his father and
settled on it. He bequeathed it to his sons
Daniel and John. The will was nuncupative
and was not proved until nearly two years af-
ter his death. His widow Mary was the ad-
ministratrix. Children: 1. Daniel, born
April 27, 1663, died September 21, 1756. 2.
John, February 12, 1664-65, mentioned below.
3. Thomas, March 5, 1667. 4. Mary, Febru-
ary 15, 1668-69. 5. Nathaniel,. February 7,
1670. 6. Peletiah, 1680, died October 21,
1725. 7. James.

(XIX) John, son of Daniel Whittemore,
was born February 12, 1664-65, died in 1730.
He married Ruth Bassett, sister of Lydia Bas-
sett, who married his brother, Daniel Whitte-
more. They were daughters of Joseph and
granddaughters of William Bassett, immi-
grant, who came over in the ship "Fortune" in
1621, lived in Duxbury in 1637, was deputy
to the general court several years and joined
Governor Bradford and others in the purchase
of Dartmouth, Massachusetts, and removed
to Bridgewater where he died in 1667. Ruth
Whittemore was appointed April 3, 1730, ad-
ministratrix of her husband's estate, which
was inventoried at five hundred and three
pounds. Children: 1. John, born September
12, 1694. 2. Jeremiah, mentioned below. 3.
Joseph, 1698. 4. Benjamin, 1700. 5. Elias,
1702. 6. Patience, 1704. 7. David, April 16,
1706. 8. Deborah, March 1, 1708. 9. Peletiah,
October 30, 1710.

(XX) Jeremiah, son of John Whittemore,
was born in Maiden, Massachusetts, in 1695.
He married, in Boston, March 15, 1722, Pa-
tience Reed, born December 3, 1699, died Oc-
tober 24, 1745, daughter of Israel and Mary
(Kendall) Reed, of Woburn, Massachusetts.
She was received in the Weston church from
the church in Chelsea, February 26, 1726-27.
He married (second) May 10, 1746, Abigail
Wooley, of Concord, and removed there from
Weston. He died there March 31, 1783, aged
eighty-eight years. Children, all by first wife :
1. Jeremiah, born August 16, 1723, mentioned
below. 2. Isaac, Weston, November 15, 1726.
3. Patience, January 20, 1729-30. 4. Israel,
July 10, 1732. 5. Asa, August 7, 1736. died
April 12, 1746.

(XXI) Jeremiah (2), son of Jeremiah (1)
Whittemore, was born in Concord, August 16,
1723, died in Spencer, Massachusetts, May 14,
1803, aged seventy-eight years. He went from
Weston to settle in Spender in 1760. Some
of his children were born there, and some in
Weston. He married Mary Carter. Children :

1. Amos, died 1751. 2. Asa, born November
10, 1749, mentioned below. 3. Reuben, April
29, 1754. 4. Mary, Weston, married Nathan
Wright. 5. Tamar, June 18, 1756. 6. Sybil,
January 17, 1758. 7. Aaron, Spencer. .March
1, 1762. 8. Esther, December 28, 1764. 9.
Jeremiah, February 21, 1766. 10. Sarah,
March 16, 1768.

(XXII) Asa, son of Jeremiah (2) Whitte-
more, was born in Spencer, November 10,
1749, died in Leicester, September 10, 1821,
aged seventy-one years. He lived first in
Spencer, where his two eldest children were
born, and removed about 1778 to Leicester.
He married Lucy - — , who died in Leicester,
February 17, 1822, aged sixty-five. Children:
1. Lucy, born December 17, 1775. 2. Asa,
June 16, 1777. Born in Leicester: 3. Amos,
April 5, 1779. 4. Polly, December 3, 1780.
5. Nabby, December 6, 1782. 6. Amasa,
September 12, 1784. mentioned below. 7. Jon-
as, August 20, 1786. 8. Sally, September 23,
1788. 9. Charles, July 28, 1790. 10. Betsey,
April 28, 1792. 11. John Stebbins, January
28, 1794. 12. Tamma, August 10, 1796.

(XXIII) Amasa, son of Asa Whittemore,
was born in Leicester, September 12, 1784,

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