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died in Worcester. He was a member of the
Congregational Church, and a farmer by occu-
pation. He married, ( intentions dated March
1, 1817) Mrs. Senta (Richardson) Rice, of
Millbury, widow of John Rice. Children,
born in Leicester: 1. Susan Maria, born
March 23, 1818. 2. Mary Ann, January 21,
1820. 3. John Rice (twin), March 15, 1822,
mentioned below. 3. Jonathan Richardson,
March 15, 1822 (twin). 5. Henry Sargent,
July 27, 1825. 6. Charles Augustus, March
23, 1830. 7. David Henshaw, April 4, 1832.

(XXIV) John Rice, son of Amasa Whitte-
more, was born in Leicester, March 15, 1822,
died at Chicopee Falls, January 17, 1891. He
received a public school education, and about
1846 went to Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts,
where he settled. He began the manufacture
of agricultural tools and implements with the
firm of Whittemore, Belcher & Company, in
a shop located between the canal and the river.
This was the first concern in that part of New
England to do a general agricultural tool
business, and for many years it enjoyed a
large and very successful trade. The firm,
with a few changes, continued to carry on the
business until about 1881, when the firm be-
came B. & J. W. Belcher, and John R. Whit-
temore engaged in the same line in the shop
near the present Overman Wheel Works.



About a year before his death, Mr. Whitte-
more sold his business to Belcher, Taylor &
Company, which is still in business, and spent
his time in the care of his real estate, much of
which was in rentable property. His tenants
looked upon him as a model landlord, always
kind and considerate. Although he never
held public office, Mr. YVhittemore was identi-
fied with every public movement of his town
and community. He was ior many years
prominent in the temperance movement, and
was a strong Prohibitionist. He was a mem-
ber of the Second Congregational Church at
the Falls, and served on the standing commit-
tee of that church. He married, August 24,
1853, Olive Muzzy, born November 16, 1827,
daughter of Benjamin and Phila H. (Liver-
more) Muzzy. Children: 1. Alice Jane, born
February 16, 1859, married Irving Page. 2.
Albert M., March 29, 1863, died young. 3.
John M., died in infancy. 4. Charles F.,
April 12, 1868, educated at public and high
school of Chicopee Falls, and graduated at
Cornell University with degree of B. S. in
1892, was buyer for Stevens Arms & Tool
Company, and later in the electrical business,
but on account of ill-health bought a tobacco
farm in Suffield, Connecticut, where he now
resides ; married Genevieve Byrne, of New
York citv.

(For preceding generations see John Ball 1).

(IV) Joseph, son of John (3)
BALL Ball, was bom in Watertown,
May 4, 1674. Among his children
were: 1. Peter, who sold his lands in that sec-
tion and located in Southborough, where he
became the progenitor of all of that name in
that section, among them being the Hon.
Phineas Ball, of Worcester, and Rev. George
S. Ball, of Upton; Eben Tourjee, celebrated
in musical circles, was also one of his de-
scendants. 2. Josiah, see below.

(V) Josiah, son of Joseph Ball, was born
in Watertown, March 2, 1 712-13, died Octo-
ber 28, 1791. He was a man of influence in
his day and left a large estate to his children.
June 5, 1 73 1, he with his brother Peter pur-
chased and took a deed from William Brewer,
of Boston, for several adjacent parcels of
land, for which they paid the sum of one hun-
dred and eighty pounds. These parcels in-
cluded almost two hundred acres of land, to
which belonged a mansion-house, and also a
two-acre right in the town's common lands
after the eighth division. Josiah Ball gradual-
ly added to his landed possessions until he was

the owner of several hundred acres which he
left to his children, although none of it now
remains in the hands of his lineal descendants.
He owned one slave, named Andrew Dewner
or Duno, who was presented to him by a
friend in Boston, when it was but four weeks
old. Mr. Ball brought the little fellow to
his home on horseback, nourishing him on the
way with milk from a nursing-bottle. Upon
his arrival at his home he found that all of
the family had retired, and finding his wife
asleep he placed the sleeping child on her bed
while he cared for his horse. Before he re-
turned the child awoke and by its cries
aroused his sleeping bed-fellow, who was con-
siderably alarmed by this demonstration ; her
husband's entrance soon cleared up matters,
however, and Andrew grew up a faithful ser-
vant, being awarded his freedom and a horse
upon attaining the age of twenty-one years.
He exchanged the horse for a slave girl in
Marlboro, whom he married. Mr. Ball gave
Andrew a little homestead of twelve acres and
a small dwelling-house, upon which he resided
comfortably. Josiah Ball married (first) July
3, 1733, Rachel, daughter of Dr. John and
Mehitabel (Holbrook) Corbett ; she was born
August 1, 1717, and died December 18, 1751.
Their children were: 1. Josiah, Jr., born April
13, 1742, died March n, 1835, he inherited
the main homestead and succeeded to his fath-
er's enterprise and wealth, he married (first)
July 5, 1770, Sarah Palmer, born in Upton,
March 15, 1744, died July 6, 1791; they had
children : Rachel, Asenath, Sarah, Zenas,
Hannah and Abner, he married (second)
June 16, 1799, Mrs. Sarah, widow of Eben-
ezer Cliflin ; she died June 19, 1824. 2. Eli-
jah, see forward. 3. Mary, born March 2,
1749, married, May 7, 1767, Jonathan Jones,
the third. 4. Lazarus, born March 19, 1751,
died January 14, 1827; he practiced some
years in Weston and its vicinity, but was not
successful in his profession or in the acquisi-
tion of worldly wealth ; he married Lydia
Cleveland, born December 12, 1755, and they
had children : Orrilla, Betsey, Henry and
Clarissa. Josiah Ball Sr., married (second)
October 23', 1758, Widow Sarah White.

(VI) Elijah, second son and child of Jo-
siah and Rachel (Corbett) Ball, was born
February 1, 1743. He settled in Orange. In
1793 he quit-claimed to his brother Josiah for
the sum of fifty-two pounds his portion of
real estate bequeathed in the will of his fath-
er. He married (first) December 19, 1770,
Joanna, daughter of Deacon Abijah and Joan-



na French; she was born August 22, 1752, and
their children, as far as the records show,
were: 1. Elijah, who became a physician and
settled in Georgia ; he married Mrs. Talitha
(Martin) Goodwin, and had children: Joanna
French, who married Richard Thompson;
James Martin, married Sallie Hendree ; Eliza
Panthea, married W. H. Edwards ; Henry
Elijah, married Mary V. Clark; William
Theodore, enlisted in United States army and
died at Vera Cruz ; Mary Amanda, married
George Edwards; Sarah Catherine, married
Andrew Jackson Edwards. 2. Prudence. 3.
Fordyce, see forward. 4. Nancy, married
, and had a daughter, Mrs. East-
man, of Marlboro. 5. Josiah, married Han-
nah (Albee) Smith and had children: Nancy
Maria, Polly L. and Joseph Josiah Gilbert. 6.
Lucinda, married, April 29, 1799, Dr. Joseph
Gilbert. Elijah Ball married (second) Febru-
ary 20, 1786, Prudence Rice.

(VII) Fordyce, son of Elijah and Joanna
(French) Ball, married Phoebe Thurston, a
widow, and had children: 1. Levi Thurston,
born May 7, 181 1, married Almira Adams and
had children : Phoebe Ann, who died young ;
Maria Almira, married Louis C. Ells ; John
Levi, married Eudora Fowle and had two
children : John Alfred and Eudora Adaline ;
Joseph Elijah, married Blanche A. Cook and
had children : Laura Almira and Ralph Al-
phonso. 2. Elijah, born January 17, 1713,
married Sarah Clark and had children : Mary
Francis, who married George E. Whittum and
has one child : Bertha Hastings ; George Eli-
jah, married (first) Hattie Reese and has one
child : Pauline Sarah ; married ( second) Fan-
nie J. Eaton. 3. Hyder Alley, born January
2, 181 5, married Frances E. W. Johnson and
has children : Albert H., who married Alice
E. Hill and has children: Fay Hill, Ida May,
Alley Hyder and Ruby Josephine ; Lucy Ma-
ria, married Sanford L. Nestell and had :
James and Frances ; Louis Caleb, married

(first) Lucy , (second) Bertha Ray. has

one child : Ray ; Frank William, married Nel-
lie Carmen, has children : Harry, Jay and
Floyd. 4. Joseph Gilbert, see forward. 5.
Joanna French, born May 20, 1820, married
Houghton Hall and had two children : Sarah
Elizabeth, married Alfred C. King, has chil-
dren : Walter Austin, Sadie Mabel, John
Houghton, Arthur Williard and Louis Earle ;
George, deceased. 6. Lucinda Maria, born
July 28, 1823, married Samuel F. Summers
and had children: Frederick Ball, and Wal-
ter, who married Caroline Hale.

(VIII) Joseph Gilbert, fourth son and
child of Fordyce and Phoebe (Thurston) Ball,
was born May 20, 1817, died in Cambridge,
Massachusetts, September 24, 1905. He was
an enterprising man and for twenty-five years
was engaged in the baking business. He was
a member of the Masonic fraternity and a
deacon of the Wood Memorial Church of
Cambridge. He married (first) May 5, 1845,
Esther Preble, and they had children: 1.
Esther Elizabeth, born in Boston, September
6, 1849, married Ewen R. McPherson, a mer-
chant of Boston, and their only child, Ross, is
a physician practicing in New York City. 2.
Joseph Appleton, married Annie B. McPher-
son and had children : Joseph Norman, in
business with Brown Brothers, bankers in
Philadelphia ; Edith Preble ; Bertha Buckner
and Harold. Mr. Ball married (second) Janu-
ary 19, 1858, Mary Cornelia Wiley, born
March 18, 1832. Children: 1. James Hen-
ry, born in Boston, November 22, 1858, mar-
ried (first) Stella Judson, (second) Minnie
Lincoln ; has one son : Herbert James, an in-
structor in the Lowell (Massachusetts) Tex-
tile School. 2. Harry Perkins, born in Bos-
ton, November 18, 1861, lives in Colwyn,
Pennsylvania, and is a superintendent of a su-
gar refinery in Philadelphia : married Esther
A. Dow and has two children, Constance and
Raymond, who are students. 3. Elijah, born
in Boston, September 14, 1863, is in business
with R. H. Higgins, of Boston ; he married,
July 29, 1891, Clara A. Peterson, and has chil-
dren : Robert, Arthur and Theodore. 4.
Aaron Lawrence, born in Cambridge, Novem-
ber 12, 1866, is with Blake & Stearns, woolen
merchants of Boston ; he married, October 9,
1890, Lillie C. Mark, of Pennsylvania, and
had children : Mary Adaline, Ruth and Mark.
5. Benjamin, born October 14, 1869, died
September 7,' 1874. 6. A son, born June 30,
1874, died September 7, of the same year. 7.
Samuel Wiley, born February 10, 1876; was
with Arthur J. Williams & Company of Bos-
ton ; he died September 23. 1908 ; married
Mary M. Blair, and they have children: Dor-
othy and Gilbert.

Mary Cornelius (Wiley) Ball, the second
wife of Joseph Gilbert Ball, is the daughter of
Perkins Nichols Wiley, of Weston, Vermont,
and his wife. Mary Lawrence, who was born
in Weston, Vermont, the former a son of Da-
vid and (Batchelder) Wiley, of Peru,

Vermont. Mrs. Ball's maternal grandfather,
Nathaniel Lawrence, was born in Hollis, New
Hampshire, and married Lucy Putnam, who



was born in Stowe, Massachusetts, and was
supposed to be a descendant of General Israel
Putnam, of revolutionary fame. Grandfather
Lawrence was a descendant of John Law-
rence, who settled in Watertown, Massachu-
setts. Perkins Nichols Wiley, father of Mrs.
Ball, was a storekeeper and prominent in town
affairs, having represented the town in the
state legislature and filled various other town
offices. In religion he was a Universalist. His
children were: 1. Mary Cornelia, mentioned
above. 2. Eliza Ann. who died in Weston,
Vermont, 1907 ; she married Henry Hannum,
of Weston, Vermont. 3. Lucy Jane, born
July 1, 1838, married John Inger. of Straw-
berry Point, Iowa. 4. Henry, born in 1844,
died in Carlisle, Montana, August 18, 1908.

The surname Lillie is identical
LILLIE with Lilley and Lilly. The fam-
ily is located in England and in
Antrim county. Ireland, among the Scotch-
Irish. George Lillie (Lilley), immigrant an-
cestor, was born in 1638. He settled in the
west parish of Reading, Massachusetts, near
the old Sweetzer place and was school-master
at Woodend, a village of Reading, in 1683. He
married, November 15, 1659, Hannah Smith,
daughter of Francis Smith. He married (sec-
ond) in 1667, Jane - — . He died in 1691.
Children of first wife, horn in Reading: I.
Hannah. October 25. 1660. 2. John, Decem-
ber 5, 1662. Children of second wife: 3.
George, mentioned below. 4. Reuben, 1669.
5. Abigail, 1672. 6. Samuel.

Ill) George (2), son of George (1) Lil-
lie. was born in Reading in 1667. He was one
of the early settlers at Woodstock, Connecti-
cut, lie bought land between the Nipmuck
path and Little river in 17 10 and his farm
was claimed as of the town of Windham,
where his descendants lived for many genera-

(III) Jacob, son of George (2) Lillie. was
born in 1697. He settled in Windham. Con-
necticut, on or near his father's homestead In
October, 1 731, he was one of the petitioners
for the confirmation of bounds of a new so
ciety which was set off as the third of Scot-
land society, and is now the town of Scotland.
He married Phebe Thompson. Children: 1.
Nathan, born May 14. 1729, mentioned below.
2. Hannah, married Jeremiah Kingsley.

(IV) Nathan, son of Jacob Lillie, was
born in Windham, Connecticut, May 14, 1729.
He was a soldier in the French and Indian
war in 1755. In 1790 he was living in Wind-

ham, according to the first federal census, and
had five females in his family. He married,
August 20, 1752, Sarah Kingsley. Children:

1. Chester, born about 1759, mentioned below.

2. Ebenezer had a family in Windham in
J?!? - 3- Elisha, had a family -in Windham in
1790. Four or more daughters.

(V) Chester, son of Nathan Lillie, was
born about 1759 in the Scotland parish of
Windham, Connecticut. He was a soldier in
the revolution in Captain Moses Branch's
company, Colonel Obadiah Johnson's regi-
ment in 1778; also in 1780 from July to De-
cember in the Fourth Connecticut Line which
w-as stationed on both sides of the Hudson
river. He was also in Captain Thomas Wood-
bridge's company, General Wooster's provi-
sional regiment in 1781. In 1790 the first fed-
eral census shows that he had four sons un-
der sixteen and two females in his family. He
married, in 1784, Polly Tracy.

( VI ) Charles, son of Chester Lillie, was
born in Scotland parish, Windham, 1797, died
February 2, 1858. He married Almina Bing-
ham, born March 11, 1803, daughter of Ros-
well and Hannah (Spofford) Bingham. Her
father was born January 22, 1775, died April
22. 1859; her mother died September 18, 1845.
Thomas Bingham, father of Roswell, was
born June 20, 1727, died February 9, 1807;
resided in Scotland parish, married Amy
Smith, daughter of Josiah Smith, February
13, 1766. Amy died January 29, 1826. Cap-
tain Samuel Bingham, father of Thomas, was
born March 28, 1685, at Windham, died in
Scotland parish, March 1, 1760; received a
farm from his father. May 4, 171 1, and set-
tled on the east side of Beaver brook on the
road from Windham to Scotland ; was asses-
sor, constable, captain : married, January 5,
1708-09, Faith Ripley, and (second) Novem-
ber 27,. 1 72 1. Elizabeth Manning. Deacon
Thomas Bingham, father of Captain Samuel,
was baptized June 5, 1642, in Sheffield, Eng-
land, died January 16, 1729-30, at Windham,
Connecticut, aged eighty-eight years ; came to
America with his mother Ann, wife of Wil-
liam Backus : resided in Norwich and Wind-
ham. Almina Lillie died January 17, 1876.
Thev had four children.

(ATI) Lucien Bingham, son of Charles
Lillie, was born September 17, 1826, in Scot-
land parish. Windham, died January 14, 1892,
in Springfield, Massachusetts. He was edu-
cated in the public schools of his native town,
and worked on his father's farm during his
youth. In 1844 he came to Springfield and



for many years carried on an extensive and
successful trucking business there. He was
one of the substantial citizens of Springfield,
prominent in public as well as business life.
He served in the old National Horse Guards
of that city and was a member of the common
council. In religion he was a Universalist. He
married. September 10, 183 1 , Pauline Bowen,
born July 28, 1831, daughter of Nathan A.
and Roxanna Bowen. of East Highgate, Ver-
mont. His wife died in May, 1901. Children:
1. Dexter Pitt, born July 15. 1852, mentioned
below. 2. Ida Augusta, born January 14,
1865, married Fred LaCroix.

(YIII) Dexter Pitt, son of Lucien Bing-
ham Lillie, was born in Springfield, July 15,
1852. He received his education in the pub-
lic schools of Springfield. He began his busi-
ness carrer in his native town as clerk for
Howard Brothers, dealers in railroad supplies
and manufacturers of cotton waste. He was
for fourteen years clerk and travelling sales-
man. He engaged in business in 1882 in the
new firm of Alden. Lillie & Watson, manu-
facturers of cotton waste, with factory in
Springfield. The business continued success-
fully until 1884, when it was consolidated with
that of Howard Brothers. At the time of the
consolidation Mr. Lillie withdrew from the
business and became agent for the Olmstead-
Tuttle Company of Springfield. He left
this concern in 1894 to organize his present
business. Since then he has been engaged in
the manufacture of cotton waste and railroad
supplies under the corporate name of the Dex-
ter P. Lillie Company, with office and factory
in Indian Orchard, Springfield. He has built
up a large and flourishing business. He is
manager and treasurer of the corporation. Mr.
Lillie is an Independent in politics, but has
never sought or held public office. He attends
St. Paul's Universalist Church at Springfield.
He is a member of the Connecticut Valley
Historical Society. He married. October 23,
1873. Alice M. Stone, born May 30, 1849,
daughter of Addison Stone, of Springfield.
Children, born at Springfield: I. Florence.
July 24, 1875, married Frank E. Wheeler. 2.
Lucien B. November 19, 1876, secretary of
the Dexter P. Lillie Company. 3. Alice Mer-
cedes, June 9. 1878. 4. Dexter Pitt, died in

The name of Downes first ap-
DOWNES pears in the colonial records

of Massachusetts shortly af-
ter the settlement of Boston. Thomas Downes
arrived there from England in the ship "De-

fence" in 1635; a William Downes also ap-
pears in the records of that year, and several
other early settlers of this name located in
various parts of New England. The Canton
family, mentioned below, was founded in this
country by an immigrant who arrived at a
much later date than those just referred to,
and among his descendants was Commodore
John Downes of the United States Navy, born
in 1784, died in 1854; was a son of Jesse, and
grandson of Edward Downs (2). Entering
the United States navy as a protege of Cap-
tain Silas Talbor of the frigate "Constitution,"
he worked his way upward from the humble
position of a cabin boy, winning honors for
himself and glory for his country.

( I ) Edward Downes. who came from Ire-
land early in the eighteenth century, settled in
Canton in or prior to 1727, in which year his
name appears in the tax list. He resided on
the main road, under the Blue Hill, in the im-
mediate vicinity of the Doty Tavern. In 1740
he served in the war between England and
Spain, participating in the disastrous assault
upon Carthagena, United States of Columbia,
and subsequently enlisting for service in the
French war he probably lost his life in that
struggle, as he never returned. March 11,
1724, he married Ruth Puffer, born March 16,
1704, daughter of James and Abigail Puffer,
of Newton. In the records of 1744 she is re-
ferred to as a widow, and it also appears that
she bravely persisted in keeping her children
with her, instead of binding them out, as a
woman in her cicumstances was expected to
do at that time. She later received a legacy
from John Newton, of Milton, and her death
occurred April 22, 1790. The children of Ed-
ward and Ruth (Puffer) Downes were: 1.
Ruth. 2. Sarah, born October 22, 1727. 3.
Hannah. 4. Miriam, born July 25, 1730. mar-
ried Jacob French, probably the earliest com-
poser on this side of the Atlantic. 5. Abigail.
6. Edward.

( II) Edward (2), only son of Edward (1)
Downes, was born in Canton. February 26,
1742. He resided in his native town and mar-
ried for his first wife Miriam Jordan, born
March 25. 1745. daughter of William and
Mary Jordan, of Canton. She died March 25,
1777, and on March 9. 1780. Edward Downes
married for his second wife Rhoda Billings,
born in Canton, March 19, 1763. The chil-
dren of first union were: 1. Jesse, born April
3, 1764. 2. Oliver, referred to below. 3.
Mary. November 6, 1768. 4. Joanna, April
9, 1771. 5. Ruth, March 11, 1774, married
Matthew Dickey, of Francestown, New



Hampshire. 6. George, September 21, 1776.
Those of his second marriage were : 7. Asa,
1780. 8. Amasa, 1784. 9. Cynthia, 1787,
died in infancy. 10. Cynthia, October, 1788.
II. Harriet, 1793. 12. Edward, 1795. All
were born in Canton.

(III) Oliver, son of Edward (2) Downes,
was born in Canton, April 9, 1766. He mar-
ried (first) "Hipsibah" (Hepsibah) Taunt,
daughter of John and Hepsibah Taunt ; born
June 17, 1768, died in 1787. Of this union
there was one daughter, Sally, born January
10, 1787. His second wife, whom he mar-
ried December 25, 1787, was Hannah Fenno,
born in September, 1768, daughter of William
and Sarah Fenno.

(IV) Joseph, son of Oliver and Hannah
(Fenno) Downes, was born in Canton in
1788, died there in 1861. He was a well-
known real estate dealer and auctioneer in
his day, specializing in the buying and selling of
farms, and he owned a considerable abount of
woodland. He served as a selectman, was also
a member of the school board and was one of
Canton's most prominent citizens during the
first half of the last century. July 2, 181 1, he
married Eliza Carroll, daughter of Samuel
and Milla (Blackman) Carroll, of Canton. She
bore him three children: 1. Samuel Carroll,
referred to below. 2. Milla Ann, who became
the wife of Peter Wales, of Randolph. Mas-
sachusetts. 3. A child who died in infancy.

(V) Samuel Carroll, son of Joseph Downes.
was born in Canton, in December, 1812, died
there March 15, 1887. He attended the pub-
lic schools of his native town and in his youth
was deeply interested in the study of birds.
Early in life he entered the Boston and" Provi-
dence Railway Company and served in the
capacity of clerk when railroads were in their
infancy. He afterward learned paper-making
and still later became a pattern-maker. He
finally returned to the family homestead in
Canton and resided there for the remainder of
his life. Naturally reserved and domestic in
his habits, his pleasures were derived chiefly
from his home life, and he devoted consider-
able time to the study of history. He was
not interested in politics beyond the exercise
of his elective privileges, and he held no pub-
lic offices. June 6, 1836, he married Hannah
Farrington, of Dedham, born April 30, 1817.
daughter of Jesse and Rebecca Farrington.
She died and he married for his second wife
Olive Anna Hunt, born in Milton. Massachu-
setts, September 25, 1847, daughter of Elijah
and Olive ( Butler i Hunt.

Mrs. Downes is a descendant in the eighth
generation of Enoch Hunt, who was one of
the first settlers in Weymouth, Massachusetts,
resided there a short time and returned to

Ephraim Hunt, son of Enoch Hunt, was
born in England, accompanied his father to
New England, settling in Weymouth, and died
there February 22, 1686-87. He married for
his first wife Anna Richards, and his second
wife was Ebbett Brismeade. The. children of
his first wife were: 1. John, born in 1646. 2.
Thomas, 1648. 3. Ephraim. Those of his
second marriage were: 4. William, 1655. 5.
Enoch, 1658. 6. Joseph, 1670.

Ephraim (2) Hunt, son of Ephraim (1)
Hunt, was born in Weymouth in 1650, died in
1713. In the Canadian expedition of 1690 he
served as a captain, and was a colonel in an
expedition against the Indians at Groton in
1706-07. In 1736 his heirs received a grant
of land, which was settled as Huntstown in
1742; incorporated in 1764 and is now the
town of Ashfield. He married Joanna Al-
cock, daughter of Dr. John Alcock. of Rox-
bury. and she died March 20, 1746, aged eigh-
ty-six years. Their children were: I. John,

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