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brethren, and his prospective future seems full of promise and
assured success. He is faithful to the trust reposed in him by
his numerous clients, and his perfect understanding of all the
technicalities of law makes his services of the utmost value.

Arthur Du Bois was married July 21. 1901, to Helen
Sturges, born Api-il 9, 1876, a daughtei- of George and Mary
(Delafield) Sturges, and three children have blessed this miion:
John Delafield Du Bois, born January 24. 1908; Helen Du Bois,
born January 22, 1904. died June 28, 1904; :\Iarvin Sturges Du
l^ois, born December 5, 19()(i.



James Dn Bois, the eigiith child and fourth son of Henry
and Catharine (Powles) Dn Bois, was born at the family home-
steach Xo. Till Ilanunoud street, now west Kkn-enth street. New
York city, Octohei- ."!. T^-H. He was educated in the school of
his native city, and at the a.ue of sixteen began the practical
duties of life. His first employment was with the tirm of Du
Bois k Hendrix. who were at that time the leading dock builders
of New York harbor. At the age of twenty-six James Du Bois
became a member of his father's firm, Du Bois & Hendrix, and
hiter of the fii'ni of Du Bois tS: Sons, witli whom he continued
for some time, and then engaged in business on his own account.
At present James Du Bois is engaged in the sewer department
of tlie l)orougli of Brooklyn in the capacity of inspector. Fra-
ternally James Du Bois is a member of the Free and Acee])ted
]\Iasons. having attained the thirty-second degree of the order,
and also a member of the Eoyal Arch Masons, and of the
Knights of Honor.

Mr. Dn Bois was married in 1864 to Eliza Parker, daughter
of Ira and P^liza Parker, and of this marriage was born one
daughter, Lani'a Du Boi-^. lioni in 18(i5, who mai'ried George B.
Roach, and of this union there was issue. Eliza (Parker) Dn
Bois. faithful wife ajid mother, died in 18()0. and Mr. Du Bois
married (secoiidly). in 1S7(), ^largaret Dates, daughter of Abra-
liam and Maria Dates, of Fishkill Landing. Putnam t-ounty. Xew
York. Of this union there was no issue. Mr. Du Bois married
(tliii'd) Annie Longman, danghtei- of Samuel Longmr.n.


Charles A. Du Bois, a prominent real estate limkcr. with
commodious offices located at Xo. 17S0 Amsterdam a\'enne. in


the city of New Voi-k, dest'endant of tlie family whose history is
ht'fore liivcii. tiaccs liis lineage from Louis Du Bois, sixth son
and ninth child of Louis (2) and Cathei-ine (P>lanshan) Du Bois.
Louis Du l)(iis \v:is horn in 1(177. He married, January 19, 1701,
Kaehel Hashrouck. daughter of Aliraham and ^Taria (Deyo)
Hashrouek, tlie former a patentee. Tjouis died in 1717.

Nathaniel Du Bois, second child of Louis (3) and Rachel
(Hashrouck) Du liois, was l)orn :\hiy (5, 1703, died :\ray VI, 1763.
In 1738 he hed the rank of ca])tain. He married, May LJ, 1726,
Gertrude ((iertruy) Bruyn, daugliter of Jaeol)US Bruyn.

Major Zachariah Du Bois, tliird cliild of Xathauiel (4) and
(lertrude (I'ruyn) Du Bois, was horn Octolter .'51, 1734, died
A)>ril 10. 17S."). He held tlie rank of major in the Orange C^ounty
-Militia Regiment, which was under the connnand of his hrother-
in-law. ( 'olo'icl Woodiiull. in 177(!. under (Jovernoi' Clinton.
He served until 1780, was taken prisoner Octoher (!, 1777, at
Fort AFor.tgomery. His Bihie is now in the i^ossession of one of
his descendants — Charles A. Du Bois. He married, December
22, 1756. Anclie Van Duzer.

(Jenei'nl Xathauiel Du Bois, tenth child of Major Zachariah
(.")) and Anche (Van Duzcr) Du Bois, was horn November 18,
1773. died Atay 10, 1848. He married (tirst), March 28. 1797,
Helen Du Bois, who died June 5, 1810. ^NTarried (second) Mar-
garet, widow of Djuiiel Lockwood. He had children: 1. Zach-
ariah. see forward. 2. Petei-, remained unmarried. 3. Abi-aham,
mari-ied LTannah Wright. 4. Nathaniel, unmarried. 5. Ellen,

Zachariah Du B>ois, eldest child of (lencral Xathauiel (6)
and ilclen ( Du Bois) Du Bois, was horn April 10, 1798, died
July 26, 182S. He married, December IT), ISKi (1819?), Ruth
Dodge, dau.ghtei' of -lolin P. I>odge, sistei' of Levy Dodge, and
granddaughter of ijcvy Dodge, who was a lie uteuaut in the New


Ham])sliii(' Line in tlie Continental anuy, and settled in Xew-
Inii-g. after the war. Their cliihli-eii were: 1. Xatlianiel A.,
horn De.-eniher iT). 1820, died May 11. 1 !)()!. -2. Helen, horn
April 1^'). T^:]:2, died January lM, 1S71. ."!. dohn P., see forward.
4. Hnth, horn May 4, IHliC., died June 2o, 18(io.

John P. Du Bois, second son and third cliiM of Zadiai-iah
(7) and Piitli (Dodge) l)n Bois, was horn January 20, 1824,
died Felnuai'y ."), 1872, at Xewhurg, Xew York. He married,
April 27, 1847, Amanda Lawn Jackson, at Xorth Ahiugdon
Square, Xew \'oi'k t ity, and had children: 1. (reorge C, nu-
marrieci, deceased. 2. HHa, unmarried, deceased. ;'. .John, un-
married. 4. Charles A., see forward, o. Nathaniel A., un-
married, tleceased

Captain Charles A. Du Bois, tliird son and tVnirth child of
John P. (8) and Amanda Lawn (Jackson) Du Bois, was horn in
Xewhurg, Xew York, July ;>, 18(il. His education was acquired
in the schools of his native town, and he commenced his business
career in an office on \\'all street, Xew York. He suhseiiuently
became a member of the Consolidated Kxcliange, retaining his
memliership in this hody until 1888, when lie sold his seat and
since that time has given his entire time and attention to the real
estate business, iii which he has been most eminently successful.
He became a meml)er of Company L, Twenty-second Regiment,
Xational Ouard of the State of Xew York, and advanced regu-
larly through the various grades until he had attained the rank
of captain, in Company' F. He was rendered a sui)ernumerary
officer in 18!)(). He is a consistent memliei- of the Harlem Pres-
I)yterian church, and is connected in various ways with the fol-
lowing organizations: AVashington Contijiental Society of For-
eign A\'ars, Holland Society, American Scenic and Historic
Pi'esei'\'ation Society, Hudson-Fulton Celebration Commission;
Xew Yiirk Historical Society. He is an officer of the ( )l(l (iuaid


Battalion of New Vorl:, and an execntive officer of the Twenty-
second Eegiment Association, National Gnard, New York, vice-
president of Cajitain Joel C*ooke Association, and a member of
the board of managers of the Empire State Society, Sons of the
American Kevolution.

Captain l)u Bois married, Jnly 6, 1893, M. Louise Jones,
daughter of Israel C. and Phel^e ( Brush) Jones, the former a
descendant ol' an old Connecticut family, and the latter of an
old Long Island family. They have no children. Mrs. Du Bois
is a member of the Knickerbocker Chapter, Daughters of the
American Revolution.


Elias Du Bois, inspector of the floating department of the
Erie Eailroad Company, of Jersey City, New Jersey, which
company regards him as one of their most efficient and competent
officials, was born at Poughkeepsie, New York, January 4, 1837.
The pioneer ancestor of this family was Louis Du Bois, and
the representatives of tliis branch in succeeding generations
were Solomon, Benjamin, Isaac, Joel, Jeremiah. Elias.

Joel Du Bois (grandfather) was a native of Dutchess
county, New Y'ork, as was also his wife, whose mai<len name was
-Maria Romaine. Their son. Jeremiah Du Bois (father), was
l)orn in the city of Pougiikeepsie, New Y^ork, November 24, 1814,
died October 4, 183(). He received a common school education,
and then learned tlie trade of carpeiite)-, which line of work he
pursued throughout his active career. He was united in mar-
riage to Ann V. Kerr, who bore him two sons: 1. Joel, born
July 10, 1835. married Sarah ^"an Benschoten, of Dutchess
( i)unty. New York, and their (hiughter. Ehnira Du Bois, became
the wife of Horace Sague. '1. Elias, Itorn .lannary 4, 18.')7.

Elias Du l>ois was reared to manhood vear> at the familv


liuiuestead in Poughkeeiisie. His educational training was olj-
tained in the seliools of his native city, and at tlie age of seven-
teen years he took up the practical duties of life. His first occu-
pation was in the capacity of stationary engineer at Pough-
keepsie, and in this line of work lie displayed an aptitude and
thorough knowledge of its pi'actical as well as technical features
and soon became known as a competent and reliable engineer.
In 1S60 he went to Buffalo, Xew York, and there filled the posi-
tion of steamship engineer, and in 1861 came to Xew York city
and served in a similar capacity up to 1867, when he entered the
em})loy of the Erie Eailroad Company. He at first filled the
position of engineer on one of their tug boats, continuing as
such until 1882, when he was promoted to that of chief engineei
of the fioating equipment of the company, and held that position
continuously up to October, 1906. when he was appointed to the
position of inspector of the floating department. .Mr. Du Bois
is a man of sti'ict integrity, carefully looks after the interests
of liis employers, and stands high in the esteem of his fellow-
men. He is an active membei- of Jersey (_'ity Lodge, Xo. 74^
Free and Aecei)ted Masons, of which he was one of the incor-
porators in 1866, and a member of Garfield Lodge, X'^o. 65, Inde-
jiendent Order of Odd Fellows.

^Ir. Du Bois married, June 12, 18o(), Kntli Satterlee, and
they were the parents of two daughters: Julia, born June lo,
1857, died June l29, 1857. l\uth, l)orn January 17, 1859, wife
of Ohailes Jobes. and mother i»f one daughter, Emma Jobes.
Mrs. Du Bois, who faitlifuUy performed the duties of wife and
mother, died January 31. 1859. ^Ir. Du Bois married (second),
January 'I'l. 1865. Mary E. Lewis, born December 21, 1842,
daughter of John and Sarah A. (l>entley) Lewis. Their i-hil-
dren are: Edward E., born Octol)er 6, 1865, at Poughkeepsie,
X"ew York, married Laura Kearney, born December 12, 1871,


and tlu'y aic tlic ]) ircnts of one daughter, Laura, l)()ru June li),
IS*)."!, ("linrlcs A., Ijorn Mardi .''.1, ISH?, at Poughkeepsie, New
York, umriied Margaret TIall, and li;is one son, C'lmrles A., Jr.,
horn July 12, 1S<)!). John L., l)Oi-n May 2, 1S77, at Jersey City,
New Jerse\', married Anna ^lalvie, widow of Mr. Bh^odwort,
and luis one (hiugliter, Edna. Itorn JuiU' !), 'WMVA.

JAirm BEVIKK \)V P.( )1S.

Louis Bevier Ou Bois. a retired 1)usiness man of Jersey
City. New Jersov, traces liis ancestry to Louis and Catharine
(Bhiu.iean) Du Bois, whose son. Jacol) l)u Bois, married Gerrity
((ierritzt') (iarriston. Among tlieir cliihlren was a son,
Jolmannis, wlio married Juchtli AVynkoo]), and their son C^or-
nelius married Gertrude A^an Vechten Van Vleet, and they in
turn were tlie jiarents of a son Derick, grandfatlier of T^ouis B.
Du Bois.

Deriek Du Bois (grandfather) was horn at Hurley, Ulster
county. New York, Septemher 2, 1778, and was haptized at
Kingston, New York, Septemher 20. 1778. He was married
August 21, 180!>. hy the T?ev. John Gosman, to Evalina Van
A'^echten Suyland, horn at Hurley, Twister county. New York,
,)une 9. 1789. and hai)tized June 28. 1789, hy the Rev. J. G. L.
Doll. They were tlie parents of Oliver Granville, referred to
hei-einafter. Berick Ihi Bois died at his home in Kingston,
New York, Deeemher 24, 185(). He was survived many years
l)y his wife, who ])assed aAvay at Kingston, Oetoher 14, 18()8.

Oliver Granville Bu Bois. father of Louis B. Du Bois, was
horn at Hurley, Ulster county. New Yc^rk, August 2, 181(5, and
hai)tized at Kingston. New York. Oetoher .'!, 18l(), l)y the Rev.
John (losnuin. Fie married at Marhletown, Lister county. New
York, Fel)ruary 12, ISiJo, Catharine Bevier, ))orn at Marl)letown,
New York, Novemher 11, 1812. Seven children were the issue


of tliis marriage, as follows: Harriet Evaline, married Abram
Wood. Louis Bevier, referred to hereinafter. An infant who
died in early life, ^[ary Gertrude, mai'ried Henry A. ^lerritt.
Robert AVallaee. niari'ied S:irah Dailing. ^ifao-daline Bevier,
mai'ried Fornam Burhans. Louisa Jane, died 1856. The
])'^rents of these ciiildren died at Kingston, Xew ^'ork, August 29,
1885. and March L'. LSli!) respectively.

Ijouis Bevier Du IJois was l)orn at Junius, a small village
near "Waterloo, Seneca county, Xew York, Se])tember 16, 1838.
His early education was ac(|uired in tlie schools of the neiglibor-
hood. and this knowledge was sni>i)]emented by a course of study
in the academy at Kingston, which lie attended u]-) to the age of
seventeen years. Lie then took up the ]n'actical duties of life,
gaining his first exjjerience in mercantile i)ursuits by entering
the emjiloy of Sampson & Baldwin, iron mercliants, New York
city. Tn 1876 he engaged in Inisiuess on his own account in the
manufacture of chains of various kinds and deseri])tions in
Jerse>' City, Xew Jersey, continuing along this line and meet-
ing with fair success u]) to 1897, since which time he has led a
retired life, enjoying to the full the consciousness of diities well
and taitlifully ])erformed, and the competence acquired by means
of lioiiora.ble business methods, p^or a period of thirty-six years
Mr. Du Bois has l)een a member of Bergen Lodge. Xo. 47. Free
and .\cce])ted Masons, of Jersey City, X"ew Jersey.

In Xew \i.n-\\ city, August "JO. ISli,"'. ^Ir. Du Bois was mar-
ried to Elizabeth A. King, born in Xew "^'ork city, February 18,
1810, daughter of Francis and Hilary A. King, and their ciiildren
are: Kate H., Louis Bevier. Jr., deceased. Mary A., deceased.
H ittie Estelle, deceased. Lizzie Bevier. Flla May. married
('onielin-^ D. Kay and theii- children are: ("litTord Bevier and
]\:'.\niond (Jordon Ka\'. Louis !>aile>'. married dane Agatha
^h)dden and their ciiildren ai'e F^telle Bevier, .lane .\siatha and


T.ouis Bevier \h\ Bois. Thomas King. Hariy Gri'anville. Robert
Wallace. Mr. ])u Bois and his family are members of the Dutch
Keformed church in Jersey City, New Jersey.


Edward Du Bois, whose name introduces this review, is a
well known and highly respected citizen of Xew York city, and
is a descendant of an old Huguenot family whose ancestors were
among tlie early settlers of the Hudson River Valley.

p]dward Du Bois. whose name is at the head of this sketch,
was born at Catskill, (Ireene county, Xew York, March 10, 1836.
His parents were Ira and Mary (Rogers) Du Bois, the latter
l)eing a daughter of Charles and Mary (Clark) Rogers, who
were among the early Colonial settlers who came from Connecti-
cut to Greene and I'lster counties. New York. The father, Ira
Du Bois, was a son of John Dn Bois, of whose antecedents more
is written in this work.

Edward Du Bois was educated in the schools of his native
village and was reared to the years of early manhood under the
jiarental roof. At the age of sixteen he entered the employ of
Chailes ]j. Beach, proprietor of the Catskill ^lountain House, at
Catskill. where he remain.ed for seven years. In 1861 the young-
clerk, wishing to see and learn more of city life, came to New
York, and here entered the employ of W. B. Cozzens, remaining
here for some time. He next went to Chicago, Illinois, where
he engaged in the hotel business, becoming the pro})rietor of
the Adams House, corner of Lake and ^lichigan avenues. After
some time in this line of enterprise he again came east, and was
engaged as a commercial traveler for some time, and then took
up the real estate business in Xew York city, in which line of
enterprise be has met with n well merited degree of success, be-
coming well known for his straightforward and honoral)le Inisi-


ness methods. In addition to Ills varied bnsiness interests Mr.
Dn Bois lias ])een actively engaged in local political affairs, and
is an active snpporter of the pi'incii)les of the Eepnhlican party.
Fidward Du P.ois was married in New York city, October 2,
]8()2. to Anna P)oui'kc. danglitei' of Patrick and Mary (Mc-
Namara) Bonrke. Anna (P»oni'ke) Dn Rois died Sei)teml)er 2."),


The active hnsiness career of the late The()])hilus Francis
Du Pois, a dv\ goods merchant of New York city for more than
three decades, gained for him a re])ntation in commercial circles
as a man of reliability, integrity, ability and worth. He was
l>oi'n in the city of Xew Orleans, .Ponisiana, October '1\, PS82,
the only child of Nicholas and Amanda (Partigne) Du Bois, who
were highly respected m the connnnnity by all with whom they
were bronoht in contact. Nicholas Dn Bois was a mason and
bnihler by occnjiation, and a man of exemplar}' character, fnP
tilling c'cb duty in life to the best of his ability.

Theophilus F. Du Bois was educated in the pulilic schools
of his native city, and at the early age of fourteen he took up
the practical duties of life on his own ac<'ount. Pie s])ent his
early manhood years in the city of his nativity, and at the break-
ing out of the Civil war enlisted in the Confederate army in the
ninety days' service, being a member of the New Orleans
Guards, which organization took an active i»art in the tii-st battle
of Shiloli. All'. Du I)ois was wounded u])on the second day of
his engagement, after which he was sent to the hospital and then
returned liome. .Vfter the surrender of New Orleans to the
Pnit)n forces he was given the privilege of taking allegifUice tt>
his country, but bis loyalty to tlic cause of the Confederac)"
})revented him from so doing, and be was held in captivity for


sonic time. Imt was Hiially paroled. He again joined the Con-
federate army and served nntil the tei-inination of liostilities,
having taken part in nian\' of tlie princi})al engagements in the
south during tlie latter i)art of the confiirt. rpon his return
liome to Xew Orleans he engaged in mercantiU' pursuits and
continued the same until lS(i(!, during whicli time he nuide
numerous flips to the city of Xew York to ])urchase goods for
the soutliern trade. Pie tlien ojjcned an otiHce in Xew York city
and continued in tlie wholesale (lr>- goods trade u]» to his death,
which occurred May 8, 1898.

Mr. Du Bois was married, l)ecenil)er 2l*, 18r)r), in Xew
Orleans. Louisiana, to Kvalina reiie. horn January 18, 1837,
one of the two daughters of John P^leuryn Pene. Seven children,
five sons and two daughters, were the issue of this marriage, as
follows: Alice, died at the age of six years and ten months.
Henry Pene, a i)rominent art critic of X^ew York city; he mar-
ried Laura flayne. who hore him two children: and Guy

Du Bois. George .loseph, married Blanche Hayne, who hore
him four children: Hita, X'ina. George and Eobert Du Bois.
Edmund John, married Clara Gildemeister, who bore him two
children: Klla and Peter John Du Bois. Lillian Marie. Leouee
Francis. Sidney Albert, married Alice Vallet.


Among the representative business men of the city of Xew
York whose zeal, integrity and ability have brought to them
large returns for labor expended may l)e mentioned the name of
George J. Dubois, who was born in X'^ew Orleans, Louisiana,
Fel)ruary 22, 1861, the third child and second son in the family
of Theo])liilus and Evalina (Pene) Duboi>^, also natives of X"ew

(ieori>e J. Dubois attended the schools of his native citv


until the age of twelve years, when lie came to Xew York with
his i)areiits and for three years thereafter was a student in the
schools of Brooklyn. Xew York. He gained liis first experience
in the practical duties of life by entering the employ of Cazade,
Crooks & Eeynaud, wholesale wine merchants of Xew York cit}',
and while serving in the capacity of clerk ac(piired a thorough
knowledge of the various details of the importing as well as
the domestic trade of the wine business. In 188(i, upon the dis-
solution of the firm of Cazade, Crooks »& Keynaud, Mr. Dubois
entered the employ of Emil Schultze & Company, remaining
for a period of two years, and at the expiration of this time
became an employe of F. Arnault, the renowned California wine
dealer, with whom he remained about nine years, and during all
these many years of his connection with this particular line of
business gained a vast amount of knowledge which aided him
materially in conducting his own Imsiness. Upon the death of
Mr. Arnault, Mr. Dubois succeeded to the Ijusiness, which con-
sisted of a successful ini])orting and domestic trade, and since
then to the present time (IJiO.')) has been the sole proprietor of
the same.

.Mr. Dubois married. January '3), lcS,S3, IJIanclie flague, born
^larcli 29, 1803, daughter of .Joseph and Marie (Duclos) Hague,
the former of English and the latter of French extraction. Their
children are: Hita F.. boni July L'7, 1884; Xina M.. born
June 20. F88(J: (Jeorge J.. Jr.. boi-n April 5, FS94; Robert Sidney,
boi-n Xovember ."'O, lS!t(i.


Jules Du Dois is a splendid exam]ile of the p)'ogressiveness
and enterprise of the Freucli-Aiuericau citizens who have con-
tributed much to the (•(tnuneicia! interests of Xew York city.
^Ir. 1 )u l>ois was boni in A>nieres, a su])urb of Paris, France.


August 14, 1863, and is one of a family of three children of
Jules and Antoinette (Kobert) Du Bois. His brother Edward,
married Laura Cook and resides in Brighton, England. The
third cliild of tliis family, Charles l)n Bois, died February 8,
1895, at the age of twenty-three years. The father died Au-
gust 20, 1905, at the age of seventy-one, at Brighton, England.
The mother still survives and resides with her son Edward at
Brighton, England.

Jules Du Bois received his educational training in the
schools of Paris, where he also studied chemistry for some time,
l^pon attaining his majority in 18S4. he decided to seek his for-
tune in the United States, and accordingly sailed for New York
city, landing here in May of the same year. Having been accus-
tomed to an active life, he at once took up employment, and has
by his industry, thrift and tidelity to duty advanced himself to
})ositions of res})onsil)ility and trust. In 1902 he was instru-
mental in incorporating the Xew York Moulding Manufacturing
Company, and at present is vice-president, secretary and man-
ager of the corporation. Mr. Du Bois is a member of the Free
and Accepted Masons, having l)ecome identified with the order
in London, England.

Jules Du Bois married, March 3, 1888, Cecile Zemp, a
native of Switzerland, born A])ril 2, 18(38, daughter of Jean and
Christine (Bienz) Zemp. Their children are: Jules, Jr., born
July 3, 1890; Charles E., born October 18, 1892; and Helene,
l)orn December 14, 1895. Mr. and Mrs. Du Bois attend St.
John's Episcopal church in West Hoboken, Xew Jersey, where
tliey reside.


The first of this In-anch of the Du Bois family to come to
America was Francis Du Bois, who was a native of Switzerland,

T'ts Jif^is TLiJitsTitr.^ Cu


liorn in the Canton of Xeufeliatel, reared and educated there,
and upon attaining nianliood years learned the trade of wateli
making, an art in wliich tiie Swiss peoi)le have h)ng iK'en re-

In 1831 Francis Du Bois came to America and settled in
New York, wliich city as a center of trade and commerce alforded
him spl('n(li<l ()i)[)()rtuHity in his calling. Soon after his arrival
here he engaged in business with his brothei- Frederick, and
finally established an office and store at the corner of John and
(jrold str(>ets. In this undertaking the two brothers met with
innnediate >U('cess. the result of their skill and straightfoi'wai'd
Inisiness methods, and the name of Du Bois was everywhere
regarded in the jewelry trade as a synonym for honest business
dealings. In 1837 Francis Du Bois purchased a fine residence
on First street, l:)etween South Xintli and Tenth streets, in the
Nineteenth ward, Brooklyn, and later ])urehased the i)remises
at the cornei' of South Ninth and Roebling streets, where the
family resided for many years and which became known as the
Du Bois family homestead, and here Francis Du Bois and his
wife both passed away. He was a s])lendid tyi)e of the American

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