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London, 1839. the "Antirpiities of America." He married, .hnie
14, 1833, Edith, daughter of Kev. M. (1. Wallace, of Terre Haute.
Indiana, and left issue: Edith Delafield, born at Columbus. Ohio.
March 23. 183(5. died at St. Louis, Missouri, March 2S. 18(54;
married, at St. Louis. February 1. 1854. Christian Kribltcn. of
St. Louis, and left issue: I5ertrain D. and Edith Wallace Kribben.
Wallace Delafield. born at Cincinnati. Ohio. May 1. 1S41), mar
ried. at St. Louis. Missouri, April 23. 1874. Lizzie T.. daughter
of Richard P. Hanenkamp. (Mrs. Delafield is the Regent of


the Daiightei's of tlic Aiiien-iaii Hevolution in St. I^onis) and
lias issue, all honi at St. Louis; Agnes, Edith, Lizzie, Kdna and
a son Walhice, l)t)rn May 25, 1878. Mary Delafield, born at
Arein])]iis. Tennessee, July oO, 1842, now deceased; married, at
Duncan's Falls. Ohio, October 16, 1862. George Sturges, of
Chicago, and left issue. 2. Mary Ann, born at Uxbridge. Eng-
land, November 6, 1818. died Xew York; married, November 6,
1832, Cornelius l)u Bois, merchant of New York, and left issue.
]\rrs. Du Bois founded the Nursery and Child's Hospital of Xew
York. o. Charles, l)orn at AVoburn Place, Ijondon, England.
February 4, 1815, died at St. l^ouis, Missouri, .June 4, 1842;
married, August 11, 1836, Louisa, daughter of P. Pbtter, of
Poughkeeiisie and left issue, an only son, the Rev. l^r. Walter
Delafield. The town of Delafield in Wisconsin is iiamed after

John Delafield, Jr., married (second) Harriet T., daughter
of Colonel P)enjainin Tallmadge, and had: 1. Tallniadge, born
.Se))teml)er 1, 1829, merchant, married, October 2, 1850, Anna,
daughter of Thomas Lawrence, and has issue. 2. Clarence,
born ]\Iay (i, 1831, civil engineer, married. April f). 18(i2. Eliza,
daughter of John Payne, and has issue. 3. ]\lary Floyd, l)oru
]\[ay 11, 1834, deceased; married, November 4, 1858, Right Rev.
Henry A. Neely, Bisho]) of ]\[aine, she left no issue surviving

Major Joseph Delafield, born August 22, 1790, died at his
residence, 475 Fifth avenue, February 12, 1875. He was grad-
uated at Yale College, 1808. Studied law in the office of Josiah
Ogden Hoifman, was admitted to the bar October 29, 1811, and
the same year became a partner of Mr. Hoffman. ^larch 12.
1810, he was appointed lieutenant in the Fifth Regiment Xew
York State ^Militia, and ca]itain of drafted militia Februai-y 4,
1812. Decembei' 29, 1812, he was connnissioned to a captaincy


in Hawkin's regiment of artillery in the regular army of the
Ignited States, and ])romoted major of the Forty-Sixth Infantry
Aiiril 15, 1814. At the close of the war he resigned from tlie
a rmy .

He Avas a])pointed agent for the Ignited States nnder the
sixth and seventh articles of the Treaty of Ghent for settling
t!ie northern honndary of the Tnited States, and had command
of the parties in the field, military and civil, from dannary, ISl'l,
until the completion of the work in 182S — the survey extending
Irom the river St. Regis in the state of New York to the Lake of
the AVoods. Because of the inclemency of the climate aud the
uatuie of the couiiti'y. much of which was inhahited almost ex-
clusively by Indians, the woik of the conunissiou could only l)e
prosecuted during the (Continuance of the moderate weather,
hence Air. Oelalield was able to pass the winters in Xew York
and in Washington. !). (*. The president of the United States
and cDiigi-tss formally acknowledged the services rendered by
Major Delafield in the dischai'ge of his duties. While in the
noi-th Al'ijor Delafield added materially to his cdPection of min-
(^.••i|s, which foi' many years was esteemed as one of the best in
private hands in this country. The collection has now found a
l>ermanent home at the New ^'ol■l•; rni\-ersit>-, to which it has
been given by the heii's of Major Delafield. In this connection
Professor Egliston, of Columbia rniversity. wrote: "The sci-
ence of mineralogy owes a debt of gratitude to Major Delafield
which ought not to be forgotten, and h.is memory will be {k'V-
pihi:!ttd in the science which he loved so well."

Major Delafield was a member of many si-ientific societies,
both foreign and American. Foi- nearly forty years, 1S27 to
ISIil), he was president of the Lyceum of Natural IIisto)-\- of New
Yoi-k-, known during the latter part of his presidency and now
known as the New York Academv of Sciences. He was a trustee


of the ColU'ue of riiysiciniis and Surgeons and of other institu-
tions, and a vestryman of Trinity chnrcli.

In 1829 Major Delafield acquired a tract of land of two
hundred and fifty acres on the Hudson river, al)out a mile above
the Si)uyten Duyvil creek, then a i)art of the town of Yonkers,
AVestchestei' county, now in th.e Twenty-foui'th ward of the city
of New York, to which he gave the name of Fnllerton. Here he
had built a b.u'heloi- establishment, some time later destroyed by
tire, and discovering limestone on the i>roi)erty, erected a lime
kiln on a French ]ilan, which could be kept in continuous oi)era-
tion, a (juality theretofore unknown in America. The enter-
])rise for several years yielded large returns without i'e(|niring
much of his })ersonal time or attention.

In 1849 Alajor Delafield built a house in a beautiful posi-
tion, ovei'looking the ri\'er. which he oceu])ied dui'ing the sum-
mer foi' the i-emainder of his life, interesting himself in the im-
provement of the estate.

Major Delafield married, December 12, 1833, Julia, born at
Staatsburgh, Se])tember 15, 1801, died in Xew 'York, June 23,
1882, eldest daughter of Judge Maturin Livingston, of New
Yoi'k, and Staatsburgh. Dutchess county. New Vork, and bis
wife. Margaret (Lewis) Livingston, only child of (ieneral Alor-
gan Lewis, chief justice and goverrmr of the state of New Yoi-k,
l)resident of tlie Order of the Cincinnati and son of Francis
Lewis, "The Signer," and his wife, Elizabetli (Annesly)

Major and Julia Delafield had children: Lewis L., born
Novemlier ."'., IS."!-!-. Julia Livingston, boi'u September 10, 18.")7.
Jose])h, Jr., born August .1, 1839, died February 24, 1848.

(Ill) Lewis L. Delafield, born at his father's I'esidence in
Park I'lace, New York city, November 3, 183)4, died at his resi-
dence, No. 24- West Seventeenth street, March 28, 1883. He was


graduated at t]ie C'olnml)ia Colleg-e, 1855, studied law in the
office of his uncle, Alexander Hamilton, Jr., admitted attorney
at law, 1857, a triistee of School of Mines, Columbia College,
one of the foimders of the Bar Association of New York, 1870,
vestryman of Calvary church, New York, and of Christ church,
Riverdale. Mr. Delafield inherited and occupied, in summer,
his father's residence and the grounds immediately adjacent, at
Fieldston. He married. April 23, 1862, Emily, daughter of
Frederick Prime, of New York, and Edgewood, New Rochelle,
New York. By his second wife, Lydia, daughter of Dr. Robert
Hare, of Philadelphia, they had four children:

1. Lewis L. Delafield, born New York city, January 30,
1863, graduated at Columbia College Law School, 1884, and ad-
mitted attorney at law the same year. He received in 1906 from
his brother lawyers and the Republican party the nomination
for one of the justiceships of the supreme court of the state of
New York. He married, April 25, 1885, Charlotte Hoffman,
daughter of Leonard J. and Charlotte (Prime) Wyeth, and has
three children: Lewis L.. Jr.. bom October 27, 1886; Charlotte,
born April 6, 3889; Emily, born July 28, 1900.

2. Robert Hare Delafield, born at Edgewood, July 13, 1864,
died at the residence of his mother, Fieldston, November 20,
1906. He married, at San Francisco, California, August 14,
1889, Aune Shepherd, daughter of George Francis and Mary
Pindell (Hammond) Lloyd, of Virginia, and left issue, Robert
Hare, Jr., born at San Francisco, California, January 25, 1894,
and Mary Hammond, born at San Francisco, California, April 2,

3. Frederick Prime Delafield, born at 475 Fifth avenue,
New York city, February 2, 1868. Graduated at Columbia Col-
lege Law School and admitted attorney at law, 1891. He mar-
ried, November 10, 1898, Elsie, daughter of Charles G. and


Georg-iana (Williams) Barber, of New York, and has Frederick
Prime, Jr., born September 2. 1902, at Fieldston, Riverdale, and
Charles Barber, born Jnne 28, 1905, at Fieldston, Riverdale.

4. Emily Delafield, born New York city, Sei»tember 10,
1870, married, Jnne 21, 1901, at the residence of her mother, at
Fieldston, Dr. Kolfe Floyd, only child of Angnstus and Emma
Floyd, of Mastic, Long Island, and has had issue: Rolfe, Jr.,
bom July 13, 1902. Richard, born May 4, 1904, died February
16, 1905. Emily Delafield, born July 31, 1905.

(IV) Maturin L. Delafield, born at the residence of his
father, 104 Franklin street. New York city, February 17, 1836.
Was graduated at Cohnnbia College, 1856, and three years later
received the degree of A. M. After two years' experience in
the counting house of his uncle, Henry Delafield, during which
time he made a voyage as supercargo of the brig "Bohio" to
Porto Rico and Haiti, he engaged in the West Indian business
on his own account, and being fortunate, retired in a few years
from active business. Mr. Delafield 's chief residence is at
Fieldston on Hudson, where he built a stone house in 1869. He
has also a summer home, "Sunswyck," at West Hampton, Long-
Island, New York, built in 1876.

Maturin L. Delafield married, December 1, 1868, Mary Cole-
man Livingston, only surviving child of Eugene A. Livingston,
of Clermont on Hudson, by his first wife, Harriet, daughter of
Edward and Mary Jane (Ross) Coleman, of Philadelphia, Penn-
sylvania. !\lrs. Delafield's only In-other, Eugene l^ivingston, left
school at the breaking out of the great Civil war to enlist in the
Union army; stricken with fever in the camp before Washing-
ton, D. C., he was brought to his father's home at Clermont to
die. December 31, 1861, a few days before his seventeenth birth-
day. ]\Iaturin L. and Mary C. Delafield have issue:

1. Maturin L. Delafield, Jr., born at the residence of his



giaudfathei-, ^lajor .Idsepli Delatield, 475 Fifth avenue, Xew
York city, Sei)temher 2i), 18()9. entered Columbia College, class
of 1893, l)ut withdrew in his second year to engage in business,
III health, however, obliged him to abandon the work, and for
many years he has resided at St. ^loritz, Switzerland. He mar-
ried. November 21, 1898, Lettice Lee. daughter of Charles Ed-
win and Letitia (Campbell) Sands.

2. Joseph L. Delafield, born at 475 Fifth avenue, Xew York
city, enteied Columbia College, class of 189;;, but withdrew to

Eugene Livingston.

enter the Xew York T./aw School, and was admitted attorney at
law in July, 1895, and |)ractices his })rofession in X"ew York city.
He married, at the Brick Presl)yterian chundi, X"ew York city.
May 5. 190^. Alary Kenwick Sloane. daughter of William Milli.
gan and Alary I-^. (Johnston) Sloane, of Xew A'ork.

.'!. John Ross Delatield, l)oni at the residence of his i)arents.
Fieldston, Riverdale-on-Hudson, Alay 8, 1874, was graduated
at the (\)llege of Xew Jersey, 189(i, received the degi'ee of Alas-
tei- of Ai'ts from Princeton I^ni\'ersity in 1899. and was grad-
uated at Harvard T^aw School, 1899; admitted the same vear


to the lull- of the state of Xcw York, and .low practices his pi-o-
ffcssion in the city of New Vovk. Mi'. lU'hiilehl built himself a
iTsideiice at Fiehlston Hill. Kiverdaie-uii-Ihiilson. New York
( ity. ill li)()."), and has a residence on Seventy-ninth stre.'t. Mar-
ried, at Church of the Heavenly Kest, New York City, dune U.
1904. \'ioletta, daughter of John d. and Louisa Lawrance (Wet-
more) \Viiite. ?ilrs. White was one of the daughters of General
rros]/ei' ^Montgomery Wetmore. bom Felirnary 14. 179S. died
}.iarcli 1.', 1S7(>, organizer and first colonel of the Seventh Regi-
n.ie;it of X?\v York and a general of state militia. Mr. and ]\Irs.
l)?:afield have issue: John White Koss Delalield, born at the
r. iidence of ]\\< parents 111 East Thirty-ninth street. New York
( ity. May 12. 1!)()5.

4. dn'.ia L. Delalield. burn at the red(h-ii(e of her parents
rt Field-ton. IJiverdale-on-IIudson. (ktuber 14, ISTo, married.
at tiie rc.ride:ice of her parents. 475 Fifth avenue. New York
City. April 80, 1901, Frederick William Longfellow (graduated
: t Harvard Law School in L'^91). and has issue: Julia Delalield
i,o:igfe!lov.-.. 1)0! n at Fiehlston, Riverdale-nn-Hudson, April 2S,
19ilJ. Frederick Livingston Longfellow. Iiora at the country
seat of his })aieats, ILxiue Bluffs. Maine. .August 18, lOO.'J.
Eliz:TlKth Delafieid Longfellow, bom at the residence of her
])ai-ents. '2S'2 West Seventieth street. New ^'(n•k City, February
14. 1905.

5. Kdward Coleman Delafieid, bi)rn at the country seat of
liis parents. "Suuswyidv," West llampcon. Long Island, July
10, 1S77, was graduated at Princeton Lniversity in 1899, and is
engaged in business in New Yoi'k. lie resides chiefly at Fields-
Ion Hill. Kiverdal?-on-Hudson. where lie built himself a house
in HH)5. Married, at St. Thomas Church. Xcw \'ork City, Ajtril
."SO. 19(11). Ahirgaretta Stockton, daughter of .Mercer and ^fary
(Stockton) l^x'aslev (4' Xt'W Jersev. grandchild of Chief Justice



Beasley, of Xew Jersey, and oi' (Teneral liohert Field Stockton,
a descendant of tlie "Signer," and has issne: Alatni'in Living-
st.)n Delafield, ord, l)orn at the residence of his grandfather,
:\Iaturin L. Delafield, 475 Fifth avenue, .Maivli 17, IDOl. Mar-
garetta Stockton Delafield, born at the residence of her i)a rents,
20 East Thirty-fifth street, New York City, November '^, 1904.
Edward Coleman Delafield, born at the residence of his jiarents,
20 East Thirty-fifth street. New York City, February 14, l!)(Hi.
(). Alary Livingston Delafield, born at the residence of her
l)a rents at Fieldston, Riverdale-on-Hndson, November 23, 1878.

7. Harriet Coleman Delafield, l)orn at the residence of her
parents at Fieldston, May 7, 1880, married, at the Church of
the Heavenly Rest, New York City, April 28, 190(), darvis Pom-
eroy Carter. Mr. Carter was graduated at Columbia C^ollege,
li)02, and the Columbia Fniversity Law School, 1905.

8. Eugene L. Delafield, born at the country seat of his
parents, "Sunswyck," West Hampton, Long Island, August K!,
1882, was graduated at Stevens Institute of Technology, 1905,
mechanical engineering. He married, September 2(!, 1906, at
the First Presbyterian Church at Tennent, New Jersey, Mar-
garett Nevius, only child of John T. and Margarett S. (Nevius)
WoodhuU, of New Jersey.

Senator James Ross, born in York county, Pennsylvania,
July 12, 1762, died in Allegheny City, Pennsylvania, November

27, 1847. James and his sister Elizabeth, wife of

A\'liiteford, were the only children of Jose[)li and Jane (Gra-
ham) Ross who survived infancy. James' wife, Jane (Graham)
Ross, was the sole survivor of her family. Mr. Ross served as
a young man in the Revolutionary army; was one of the most
])rominent meml)ers of the First Pennsyh ania Constitutional
Convention; represented his native state in the I'nited States
seiiate from 1794 to 1803; for three terms, in 1799, 1802 and


iSd."). a caiididatc of tlic Federal ])ai'ty in Peiitisyhaiiia i'or the
ol'lii'c of i>()\('riioi- ; was cliairiiian of the coimnittee named by
Washington to ('oni]iose the ^Vlliskey Insnri'ection ; was a leg^al
adviser and ;in intimate friend of (lenei'al \\'asliin<>ton.

lie married, .lannary l."?, 17!*!, Ann, horn at l>edford. Penn-
sylvania, Jannary 1^0, 1771, died at ('ornwaH, I^ennsylvania, Sep-
tember 11, ISO."), danoiiter of John Woods, of Bedfoi'd, Penn-
sylvania, a coUjiiel of the Pennsylvania ti'oo])s during the Revo-
hition, and the chief officer for Bedford county, Pennsylvania,
under the first constitution of the state. Of Senator and Ann
Ross' children only one married, namely, Mary .lane, born at
I'irtsbnrg, dune 28, 17J)7, died at Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Sep-
tejuber 27, 1825. Married, at Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, October
7, 181(i, Edward Coleman, of Lancaster and I*hiladeli)liia, mem-
bei- of the asseml)ly and of the senate of the state of Pennsyl-
vania, born at Lancaster, Pennsylvania, duly 4, 1792, died at
Philadelphia, June 6, 1841. Edward and Mary Jane l\oss Cole-
man had three children:

1. Mary Jane Coleman, born August 2."), 1825, died un-
mairied ]\Iarch 2."!, 1847.

2. Anne Ross Coleman, born November 8. 1818, died at
Edinburgh, Scotland, December 2, 1895; married George Wool-
sey Aspinwall. Their children all died young and unmarried.

;!. Harriet Coleman, born Ju.ly 5. 1820, died .May 8, 1848;
manied, at Philadelphia, December 7, 1841, Eugene A. Living-
ston, of Clermont, Xew York, born at the residence of his grand-
fa tliei-. Chancellor Robert R. Livingston, at (Mermont, Columbia
county, Xew York, August 1."), 181.'), died at Nice, France, Deceni-
bei- 22, 18P,'), and had Eu'iC'ie, and Mary Colenuni Livingston,
who married Matuviu L. Delatield, as uu'utioiu'd in the text.

Mr-:. Delafie'd and her children are the only descendants of
tlu'ii- (iraliam. Ross and Coleman pi'ogt'uitois, above mentioned


!l(i- t'jitlicv. Fiiigvne A. Livingston, luariicd (second) p]liza-
))i'tli IJIiodcs, danghtcr of Coleman and Mary Fisher, of Pliila-
dclpliia. and had two sons and three daughters, of whom one
(huighter is married, namelx', Katlierine ^NlcCall Livingston,
mai'ried, .luiie L 1SS2, William 15. Slinhrick (Mymer, who died
May 7, IfH),"?, leaving an only chihL George (Mymer, l)orn April
i;{. ISS,"). married, April 5, 1905, Susan, daugliter of Dr. Enssell
Stnrges, of Boston, and lias issue, William P. S. Clymer, l)orn
,.];nui:!r\ I'd, P.IOC.

lIeni-\- and William Delafield, twins, liorn at the country seat
of their father. "Snnswiek," Long Island, July 19, 1792. Will-
iam died unmarried at the I'esidence of his sister, Mrs. Henry
Pa.i'ish, New Vork City. Xoxendier :!(>, Lsr).'!; Henry died at his
residence. :i()9 Fifth aA'enue, Feln-uary 1.1, lS7r). These two
hruthers resemhled each other so closely that oidy intimate
friends could distinguish one from the other, and from boyhood
weie inse])aral)le— not ln]>|)y except in each other's company.
Asscci.'ited in business as sliijiping merchants and shi]) owners,
nniler the finn name of Henry and William Delafield, they did
busine-s first ^vith Fngland, later with Cliina, South America and
the AVest Indies, fina'ly restricting their business almost exclus-
ivel>' witli the West Indies. Henry for many years was consul
for H'lyti, during the reign of the Empercn- Sonlocpie, 1851 to
1S59; and both bi-others occujjied many [){)sitions of trust. On
the death of \\'illiani, 1S5.'), Henry lost all his interest in active
( (unmercial l)Usine^,-^ ; a.-^s()ciated his nephew, Tallmadge Dela-
fit'ld, ill the business, under the fii'ui name of Delafield cV: Com-
] any, from which he retired May 1, 1S57. For some years he oc-
cupied liinisrif as a directoi' in sevei'al com])anics in which he
was inlt'i'ested. The shippiiig business of the old firm was con-
tii'.ued for seveial years hy TaI'madge Delafield; the trust and


banking affairs were i)laeed by Wv. Delafield in the hands of Ma-
turin L. Delafield, another one of his nephews.

Henry Delafield 's country seat, which he occupied fi'oui
1831, during the summer months, was on Manhattan Island, at
what is now Seventy-sixth street. The estate of over forty acres
had been i)urchased l)y Dr. John Baker, an Englishman, and
was in sight of "Sunswick," on the opposite (Long Island) shore
of the river. As countrymen by birth, the family of Dr. Baker
and that of John Delafield became intimate. Dr. Baker ai)point-
ed ^Ir. Delafield the executor of his will, and dying childless, be-
queathed, subject to the life of his wife, who died in 1831, his
country place, first to Henry Delafield, then in turn to the Dela-
field Brothers for their lives and on their deaths to become the
property of Trinity Church School. A print of the residence
may be found in Valentine's Corporation Manual for 1862, page

Henry Delafield married, at the residence of his l)rother.
Major Joseph Delafield, 475 Fifth avenue, February 9, 1865,
Mary Parish, born March 6, 1838, at Hobart, New York, died at
her husband's residence, 269 Fifth avenue, May 16, 1870, eldest
daughter of Judge Ijevinus Monson, of Hobart, New York, and
had issue an only child, Mary Frances Henrietta Delafield, born
at her father's residence, June 9, 1869, died at the same place
October 27, 1886.

Dr. Fdward Delafield, son of John and Ann Dehifield, born
at his father's residence, 35 Pearl street. New York City, May
17, 1794, died at his residence. 1 East Seventeenth street, corner
Fifth avenue. New York City, February 13, 1875. Was grad-
uated at Yale College; New Haven, Connecticut, 1812, and at the
College of Physicians cV- Surgeons, 1815: served as surgeon in
the United States army — war 1814-15. He sailed, August, 1817,
in the "Minerva," Captain Sketchley, for London, where he be-


came a favorite pui»il of Sir Astley Cooper and of Dr. Aber-
nethy, and by tbe advice of bis preceptors i)assed some time in
tbe bosj)itals at Paris. Returning to New York be founded, in

1820, associated witb Dr. J. Kearny Rodgers, tbe New York Eye
and Ear Infirmary, and was tbe senior surgeon from 1825 to
1852. In 1834 be was ai)i)ointed one of tbe attending- pbysicians,
and in 1835 professor of ol)stetrics and diseases of women and
cbiklren in tbe (*ollege of Pliysicians and Surgeons; from 1834
to 1838 pbysician to the New York Hospital, founded 1842, and
president of tlie Society for tbe Relief of Widows and Orpbans
of Medical Men ; first president of tbe New York Optbalmologi-
cal Society, 1865; in 1858 was cbosen president of tbe College of
Pbysicians and Surgeons; in 1858 be was senior consulting pby-
sician of St. Luke's Hospital, and from its establisbment in
1872 senior consulting pbysician of tbe Women's Hospital and
president of tbe ^ledical Board; from 1854 president of tbe
medical board of tbe Nursery and Cbild's Hospital; at tbe or-
ganization of tbe Roosevelt Hosi)ital, in 1867, be was appointed
a meml)er of tbe board of governors, and was afterwards cbosen
president, retaining tbe office during bis life. Dr. Delafield's
country seats were, first on tbe Floyd estate at Mastic, Long
Island, and later at Darien, Connecticut, wbere be purchased a
tract of land to wbicli be gave tbe name of Felsenbof.

Dr. Edward Delafield was twice married; first, October 12,

1821, to Elinoi- Ebzal)et]i Langdon Elwyn, daughter of Thomas
and Elinor Elwyn, of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. ^Irs. Dela-
field w;is tbe only cliild and heii' of (rovernor Langdon, of New
Hampsbire; she was born July 19, 1799, at Portsmouth. New
Hampshire, and died in the city of New York, April 24, is;'.4. Dr.
and I^linor Delafield had issue, tbree sons and three daiiiihters,
all of wboiu (lied umnanied before their father. Dr. Delafield
married (second), .laiiuarv '.\\, 1S.",9, at tbe residence of tbe


l)i-i(le's father. Mastic. Loiii"' Nhunl, Xcw York. .Iiilia Fluyd, honi
July ;. ISiiS, ;!t Mastic, died Aui>iist IS. 1S7!». at licr residence,
'■]''elsciili(if." Darieii, Connecticut, daughter of Colonel Xicoll
Floyd. ;!ii(l aranddangliter of William Floyd, '•the Signer," of
Mastic, Long Island, and had issue two sons and three daugh-

1. Catherine Floyd Delatield. horn Xovemher S, IS."!;), uiar-
ried. at the Chui'ch of the Ascension, New York City, Ai)ril 7,
lS(io. Kdward Markoe AVright, and has issue: Edward Delafield
Wright, horn January ^o, 1S(U, married, August 2(i, 1SS5, at
Huntingdon. Long Island, P^lla Blanchard Pratt, daughter of
AYilliam B. and Susie (loddard (Snelling) Pratt. Emily Hart-
man Wright, liorn New York City, April 8, L8(i(i. Francis Alark-
oe Wright, horn New York City, ]\larch 28, 18(58.

■J. Dr. Francis Delatield, liorn New York City, August 8,
18-l-L was graduated at Yale College, 1860, and at the College of
Phy.sicians and Surgeons, New York City, L8()o; studied his ])ro-

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