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the present State street. The extreme southwest portion of
the fort was very near the water's edge. Extending- to the
north, the shore line tended to the west, and formed the south
line of what was originally called Marckvelt street, and now
Batterj^ place, which met the river shore. The water line then
followed the })resent Greenwich street, where there was another
sandy beach liable to be washed away by very high tides, to
prevent which the owners of the lots used to erect low stone
walls. In the vicinity of Trinity Church the river shore was a
high, steep bank, as shown by the height of the stone wall which
sepai'ates Trinity Church yard (which retains its original level)
from Greenwich street and Rector street. On both sides of this
ancient churchyard the land has been graded to the street level.

To the east of Broadway was a high hill, now mostly leveled,
but the steep grade of what was anciently " Flattenbarrack
street," now Exchange })lace, shows to some extent what it once

The Strand along the East river extended to AVall street,
and beyond this was a long stretch of low meadow land, which
was known as the "Smith's Valey." The latter word was
shortened into "Vly," and later corrupted into "Fly." The
market at the foot of Maiden Lane was originally named the
Vly ^Market, but in its corrupted form, was called the "Fly
Market," and its true name was utterly forgotten.

A person standing at the corner of Fulton and Beekman
streets will see to the east or north a slight elevation of land.
This is all that remains of wliat was once known as "the Hill
by William Beekman 's" long since leveled, and its material
used to fill u}) the water lots, for it is, ])erliai)s, needless to state
that all the land 1)etween Pearl street and the river is "made

.. ^


land." Tliis hill was ilw north honiidary of the Siuit'.i's \'ly.
and in later years, Pearl street from Beeknian street to the
Bowery land was called "the highway that lead-; freni the
Smith's AHy toward the Fresli water."

What is now Broad street was a low jnece of land tliroi'ah
which a canal was dng which extended nearly to Wall street.
On each side was a narrow street, and. the canal l)eino- tilled
11]), made a street to some extent meriting- its ju-esent name.

At the junction of John and William streets was another
elevation of ground, known as (lolden Tlill. and like many
others long since leveled. l)ut the name continued till Revolu-
tionary days.

The lower i)art of Maiden Lane ran through a marshy
region which vras a ] art of the Smith's Vly, and tanners
had their tan vats there; hut tlie statement made hy some tliat
a stream ran down this street rests on no sufficient autliority.

One of the prin.cipal features of the landscajie at that time
was a small jjond. or more properly, two small ponds connected
hy a marsh, and known as the Fresh Water and Collect Fond.
Centre street runs thrcmgh it. and Ann street (now Lafayette
street) was on its western side. To the west of this a small
stream ran through the ]n'esent Canal street, which at Broad-
way was crossed hy a stone hridge. not made, however, till a
much later i:eriod. This stream ran through a tract of low land
known as Lis])enard's meadows.

Near the joesent corner of Mott street and the Bowery
was a sjuaug of very i)ure water, in great demand for "tea
water." and sold from house to house for that i)urpose !iy per-
sons who made it a business. From this ]ilace a rivulet or small
l)rook ran east throuah the low land, and emjjtied into the East
river at what is now James Slip. This brook was for long
vears the reci:>gni7,ed lioundarv between Citv and ('oimtry. The


little bridge that ci'ossed it was known as the "Kissing bridge,"
and gentlemen escorting ladies across it were supposed to be
entitled to certain ]n'ivileges, of which they doubtless availed
themselves. This stream was the boundary between the Mont-
gomerie ward and the Out ward, which embraced all the rest of
Manhattan Island. In 1794 this stream had been so completely
filled up, that its original place was unknown, and a new boun-
dary between the Avards was established. This stream ran
through a tract of very low land known as "AVolfert Webber's
meadows." It extended nearly to Cherry street, but was sep-
arated from it and from the river shore by a high bank sloping
down to the meadow and about two hundred and fifty feet wide.

jVll authorities agree that the island was a wooded region.
When the first ships were built in the early city, there was no
lack of timber ready to hand. A person going from the city
(then below AVal! street) to Stuyvesant's Bowery, was said to be
obliged to travel a lonely road, for nearly two miles, through
the woods. A farm in the vicinity of Tenth street was described
as extending from the Hudson's . river "300 rods into the
woods," and other farms are described in like manner.

Quite a large brook had its rise near Eighth avenue and
Thirty-fourth street, and winding its devious way emptied into
the North river at Forty-ninth street. This was called the Great
Kill, or brook, and was the largest stream on the lower part
of the island. Another stream, or brook, had its fountain head
near the junction of Sixth avenue and Twenty-third street, and
miming southward crossed Fourteenth street and ran diagonally
across the blocks, entered Fifth avenue at Ninth street, and ran
down the middle of the avenue to Washington Square. It ran
across the S(|uare, crossing Fourth street a few feet east of
Macdougal street, and ran to Alinnetta Lane, and finally joined
the I'iver at Charlton street. This stream was known as the


Alinnetta bi-ook, and is noted as being the boundary of large
and important traets of land. For instance, it separated the
Harring faiin on tlie east from the land of Sir Peter Warren
on the west. This stream has been tilled np, and all trace has
disappeared long years ago, but its underground springs are
sometimes found to plague the contractors engaged in the erec-
tion of large imildings.

When Granunercy Park was laid out it was low land, "cov-
ei'ed with cat-tails," and other niarsliy ])lants.

What is noAv Astor Place is a part of a road which is very
frecjuently mentioned in old deeds as "tlie road which leads
from the Bowery lane, ovei' the Sand Hills, to Greenwich."
These sand hills are at the Junction of University Place and
Waverly Place. They are composed of fine sand, and probably
blown into the hills by the winds. Like other elevations, they
have long since been leveled.

Stone street, east of Broad, was in the eai'liest times known
as the "Hoogh straat." or High street, and takes its name
from the fact that it was laid out on a high bank which at that
point overlooked the Strand.

The eastern part of the De Lancy farm and the farm of the
Stuyvesant family was a large tract of low land, a i)art of which
was called the "meadow of the King's farm." In the middle of
this large tract of meadow, at Fourth street, was a small tract
of upland much higher than the meadows surrounding it, and
called. "Manhattan Island." a name that continued for uuniy
years, but the memor\' of it has almost entirely passed from the
l)]-esent generation.

On the south side of the Beekman farm was a swamp or
a Kreupel boscli, as the Hutch termed it. This was purchased
by Jacobus Eoosevelt and others, and divided into lots. On
account of the water, tanneries were built here, and the lo-



eality to this time has been the headquarters, and is still known
as "The Swamji." Jacob street runs through it.

The Dutch word "Kreupel boseh" was defined as "a piece
of low land beset with small trees." The word was corrupted
into Cripple bush, rind is frequently found in old deeds as mean-
ing a swamp. The Dutch word "Kill" means a brook, and its
diminutive is "Killitie, " or little brook, both frequently found.

On the Bayard farm, in the vicinity of Broome street, was
a very high hill, sometimes called Bayard's Mount, but oftener
Bunker Hill. The gi-ading of the streets has long since caused
it to disappear.


All descendants of the Holland settlers owe a iiarticnlar
delit of gi-atitude to Rev. Henriens Selyns, who was minister
of the Dnteh ehureh from 1682 to 1701. In 1686, for convenient
I'eferenee, he made a eonijvlete list of the members of his ehureli
and the streets on which they lived. Tliis list has fortunately
been ])reserved, and was printed in one of the early volumes of
the "Collections of the Xew York Historical Society." This
list gives the names of the church members, also the names of
their wiAcs a.nd husbands. It ha]i])ened in many cases that
husljands Avero church members, while the wives were not, and
ric' rfrsa. The list is especially A'aluable, as it furnishes the
nnmes of the wife's father, given in Dutch style. For exami)le,
the wife of Paulus Turck was Aeltie Barents, that is, Aeltie,
daughter of Barents. In many cases the maiden name of the
wife is given, as the wife of Francis Rombout wlas Helena

The "Beurs Straat" in this directory is the only place
where that name is given. It is probably White Hall, south of
Pearl street. The house of Cornelius Steenwyck stood on the
south eornei- of Whitehall and Bridge street.

"Koninck Straat" ai)pears nowhere else than on this list.
It is Exchange Place, east of Broad street, and was originally
called Tuyn street, or (larden street. After the Dutch church
was built u]>nn it, the name of Church street was sometimes
gi\-en. 'I'he name of King street Avas in later days given to what
is now Pine street, l)ut that street was not opened till 1691.



.Maix'kvc'lt ^tiaat is now i)artly obliterated Ijy the Produce
Exchange. The eastern ])art of it stilJ remains of its original
width. With the exception of Pearl street (Avest of Broadway)
this is tile only ancient street which lias not been widened.

'J' he list appears to have been made with the greatest care,
but it is possible that some errors have been made as to the
names of the wiAcs. An important instance is given in the
case of the noted Petnis Stuyvesant, whose wife was Judith

When this list was inade there wei'e no houses on the north
side of AVall street, or the "Cingle." as it was then generally
called. But along the Smith's Vl> , or the jn-esent Pearl street,
there were houses on the north (or west) side as far as Maiden
Lane and beyond. At the time this list was made the houses
south of the ancient Pearl street faced the water, and Whitehall
Sli]) was not filled in, but exteiuled to o])posite Pearl street.
For this reason the famous dacol) I^eisler is mentioned as liv-
ing "along the Strand."

Bkeede W^eg. (Broadway.)

Albert Barents,
Paulus Turck,
Abraham Kermer,
Coenrad Ten Eyck,
Gerrit Jansen Eoos,
Tobias Stoutenburg,
Elias Post,
Jurian Blanck,
Johannes Van Gelder,
Peter Willemse Room,
W"i 1 1 em Vanderschuren,
Cornells Cregier,
Christian Petersen,
Hendrick Obee,

wife Ariaentie.
wife Aeltie Barents,
wife ]\raria Turck.
wife Annetje Daniels,
wife Tryntje Arents.
wife Annetje Van Hillegoru.
wife Maretje Cornells,
wife Hester Vanderbeeck.
wife Janneken ^NTontenack.
wife Hester Van (ielder.
wife Grietje Plettenburg.
wife Annetje Berdings.
wife Tryntje Cornells,
wife Aeltje Claas.



Evert Aertsen,
William Aertsen,
Olphert Seiiert,
Abraham Mathysen,
Gerrit Gerritsen,
Seuert (Jlpliertsen,
Amieken Mauritz,

Walter Hyers,

De Heei' Francois Rombont,

Isaac Steplienseu,

Lucas Andriesen,

Martin Gerrit Van Triclit,

Balthazar Bayard,

Peter Bayard,

Rachel Kierstede,

Jan Peek,

Gybert Van Imlmrgh,

Thomas Hoeken,

Jan Stephensen,

wife Marretje Herscli.

wife Styntie Xagel.

wife Margaretta Kloppers.

wife Helena Pieterse.

wife Elizabeth Cornelis.

wife Ytie Roelofse.

widow of Dominie Willielmns

Van Xieuwenhuysen.
wife Trynt.je Bickers,
wife Helena Teller,
wife Margareta Van Veen,
wife Aefie Lanrense.
wife Maria Vandergrift.
wife Maretje Lockermans.
wife Blandina Kierstede.

wife EJizabeth Van Tmbnrgh.

wife Trynt.je Adolph.
wife Elizalieth Lucas.

P)ErRS Straat. (AA'irrrEHALL Street.

wife Margarete Pieters.
wife Christina Wessels.
wife Hillegard Theumis.
wife Sarah Bedhj.
wife Susanna De Forrest.

Fredrick Ai'entse,

Jacob Teller,

Jacob De Kay,

Class Berger,

Pieter De Riemer,

Isaac De Riemer,

Juffrow Margaret De Riemer, widow of De Heer Cornelis

Andries Gi'evenraedt, wife Anna Van Brug.

Parel Straat.
(Pearl Street west of Wliitehal! Street.)
Jan Willemsen, wife Klizalieth Fredrick.

Martin Cregier,



Tryntje Cregier,
Philip Smil.h,
Gei'iit Hardenburg,
Sara Hardenberg,
Isaac Grevenraedt,
Heudrick Jillison Meyert,
Andries Breesteed,
Aeltje Schepmoes,
Susanna Marsnryn,
Peter Le Grand,
Jan Schouten,
Elizabeth Schouten,
Dirck Teuuisen,
Warner Wessels,
Nicolaes Blanck,
Justus AVilvelt,
Victor Bicker,
Tryntje Claes,
Pietr Jacobsen ^Marius,
Peter CVirnelisen,
Thomas Laurensen,
Cornells Van Langevelt,
Andries Claesen,

widow of Stoffel Hoogiand.
wife ^fargaretta Blanck.
wife Jae]ih.ie Sehepmoes.

wife ]\Iarritje .Jans,
wife Elije Rosenvelt.
wife Annetje Van Borsuni.
widow of Jan Evert Keteltas.
widow of (JIaas Berding.
wife Jannehen de Windel.
wife Sara Jans.

wife Catalina Frans.
wife Elizal)eth Cornelis.

wife Catherina Ijlanck.
wife Claerje Blanck.
widow of Jurian Blanck.
wife Marretje Beech,
wife Adeltje Willimse.
wife Marretje Jans,
wife iNIaria Groenlant.
wife Trvntie Michiels.

Lang Stkant.

(Aloug the Strand, north side of Pearl Street, east of

Willem Dervall,
Jacob Leydsler (Leisler),
Susanna Leydsler (Leisler),
Daniel Veenvos,
Eebecca Fredrick,
Nichalas Vandergrift,
Eachel Vandergrift,
Lucas Kierstede,^
Elizabeth Grevenraedt,

wife Eebecca Delaval.
wife Els.je Thymens.

wife Christian \"ander«rift.

wife Celetje Jans.

widow of Dom. Sanuiel Drisius.



Peter Delanoy,

Catharina Bedlo,

Fredrick Cfysl)ert!^e Vaiulen-

John Smit,
Henriette Wessels,
Maria Wessels,
Benjamin Blanck,
Jacobus Kip,
Nicholas Janseu Backer,
Thomas Crundall,
Albert Bosch,

Cornells Jansen Van Hooru,
Olfert Kreeftberg,
Vroutje Cornells,
Peter Jansen Messier,
Coenrad Ten Eyck, Jr.,
Tobias Ten Eyck,
Benjamin Hegeman.
Hermanns Berger,
Engeltie Mans,
Johanes Berger,
Lncas Tienhoven,
Cornells Verdnyn,
Albert Klock,
Martin Klock,
Cleesje Barentse,
Catharina Lienwensen,
Johanes Van Brngh,
Jacobus De Plai'dt,
John Robertson,
Carsten Leursen,
Zacharias Laurensen,
Aliraham Lubberts,
Annatje Van Borsum,
Pieter Vandergrief,
Robert Sinclair,

wife Eliznlu'tli De Potter

wife ^laria Lubberts.

wife Janettie Van Tienhoven.

widow of A I lard Anthony.

wife Judith Edsall.
wife Hendrickje Wessels.
wife Marentje Wessels.
wife Deborah De Meyer,
wife Elsjie Blanck.
wife Anna Maria Jans,
wife Hillegond Cornells.

wife ]\lan-itje Willemse.
vrife Belitje Hercks.
wife Elizabeth Hegeman.

widow of Berger dorisse.

wife Tryntje Berdings.
wife Sara Hendrick.
wife Ti'intje Abrahams,
wife Elizalteth Abrahams,
widow of Thomas Lienwensen.

wife Catharina Roeloffse.

wife Cornelia Beeck.

wife Margaretta Hendrichkse.

wife Geartje (^)uick.

wife Aeltje Gysberts.

widow of Egbert Van Borsum.
wife of Janneken Van Borsum.
wife ]^laria Duvckinck.



l.AXG De AVai,.
iW'all Street, Soutli Side.)

Guy^sbert Elbertsle,
Xeeultje Gysbertsle,
Adrian Dirsckseu,
John Cavalier,
Johauues Jauseu,
Jacob Petersen,
Bernardns Hassing,
Jan Otters,

Xceltje Van Thuyl,
Rntgert Parker,
Gerrit Cornelis \"an Westveen,
Trseltje Dnytman,
Casparus Hardenbrook,
Harmanns Van Borsnm,
Jan Pieter Slot,
]^eendert De Graww,
Evert Hendric'kse.

wife AVillenitje C'laes.

wife Elizabeth Jans,
wife Heyltje Delachair.
wife Anna Maiia Van Giesen.
wife Marritje Pieters.
wife Neltje \'an C'owenlioven.
wife Gertruid Jans Van Grav-

wife Sophie Claes.

wife "Wyntje Stouteuburgh.

widow Metjie Hardenbrook. .

wife AVybrng Hendrickse.
wife Claertje Dominicus.
Avife Gerritje (|)nick.
wife Metjie Hardenbrook.

XiEWK Stkaat. (X"ew Street.)

Isaac Abrahanisen,
Daniel Waldron,
Vincent De La Moutange,
Hendrick Gerritsen,
Johanes Van Gelder,
Heymau Koning,
Melje Davids,
Jan Willemse Koonie,
J)aniel Pietersen,
Arent Fredricksen,
Jnriaen Xagel,
A\'illeni Peers,

wife Janneken Jans,
wife Sarah Putgers.
wife Adriaentje Jans,
wife Maritje Waldron.
wife Aefje Poos,
wife Marritje Andries.
widow of Abraham Kernier.
wife Maria Bastiaens.
wife Annetje Ackerman.
wife Sara Thennis.
wife Jannetje Pliillipsen.
wife Gnetje Kierse.


Bevek Straat. (Beaver Street.)

Jacob Kolve,

Jacob Van Sann, Avife Jaimekeu Lucas.

Jacob Plieuix, wife Anna Van Vleek.

Jan Evedse, wife Engeltje Hercks.

Henclrick Bosch, wife Engeltje Dircksen.

Nicholaes Depn. wife ('atalina De Vos.
Jacob De Koninck,
Henricns Selyns,

Hendrick Boelen, wife Annekeii Coert. '

Conielis Van der C'nyl, wife Elizal)etli Arents.

Laurens C'olevelt, wife Sarah "Waldron.

Aln-aliam Delanoy, wife Cornelia Tol.

Marckvelt Sthaa'I'. (Markettield Street.)

Jan Adanisen Metselaer, wife Geei'tje Dircksen.

Herman De Graw, wife Styntie A^an Steenbergen.

Dirck Jansen De Groot, wife Bachel Phillipse.

Peter Meyer, wife Baetje Jans.

Arent Leendertse De Granw, wife Maria Hendrickas.

Browwers Straat.
(Stone Street, west of Broad.)

De Heer Frederick Phillipse,
Johanna Van Swaaenbnrg,

Joris Brugerston, wifi' Aniui J^lanck.

Jeremias Tothill, wife Janneken De Kay.

Isaac De Forrest, wife Elizabeth Vanders})iegel.

Sara Phillipse, widow of Isaac De Forrest.

Jan Dircksen, wife P.aetje Kip.

De Heer Stephanns Van Coxi-

landt, wife Gertruid Schuyler.

Jacolnis Van Cortlandt,

De Heer Anthony Brockholst, wife Susanua Schrick.
Eip Van Dam, wife Sarah A^an der S])iegel.

Johanes Vanderspiegel,
Pieter Jansen, wife Ariaent.je Gerritseu.



Brvc Straat. (Bridge Street.;

Otto Gerritseu,
Jeremias Jansen,
^Fetje Clrevenraldt,
Al)raliani Kip,
Abraham Jansen,
^laria Abrahams,
]\Ir. Hartman ^Vessels,
Andiies Meyert.
Jan Dervall,

wife Engeltie Pieters.
wife C'atliarina Rappailjie.
widow of Antliony Jansen.

wife Tryntie Kip.

wife Elizabeth Jans Cannon,
wife Vronetje Van Vorst.
wife Catliarina Van Cortlandt.

Heeeex Geacht, west zyde
(Broad Street, west side.)

Carel Lodowiek,

Johannes Provoost,

Brandt Schnyler,

Mr. Hans Kierstide,

Evert Arensten,

Isaac Arensten,

Jaeolnis Verhnlst,

Pieter Abrahanise Van Dnui

Helena Fiellart.
Thomas Kooek,

wife Cornelia Van Cortlandt.
wife Janneken Lockermans.

wife ^Fai'ia Bennet.
wife Hester AVeblier:

wife Havmentje Dneksen.
wife Aefje Boelen.
wife (*atliarina Hng.

widow of Pieter Van Xaerden.

Direk Ten Eyck.

Dr. Johannes Kerbbyl,

^largaretta Hagen,

Aechje Jane,

Tryntje Pieters,

Hendriek Jans Van Tnnrden, wife Sarah Thomas.

Boele Raelofse, wife Bayhen Arentse.

Cornelius Quick, wife Maria Van Hooghten.

Thennis De Kay, wife Helena Van Brngh.

Lodiwick Post, wife Agmetje Bonen.

Gerrit T^eydekker, wife Xeeltje Van der Cnyl.

Hendriek Kermer, wife Annetje Thomas.



Jan Jansen Moll,
Jacob Boelen,
Dirck Fransen,
Wybrant Abraliamse,
Hermanus Wessells,
Joliaiines Kip,
Styntie Paulus,
Isaac Van Vleck,
Jan Corsen,
liutgert Willemsen,
Joris Walgraef,

wife Engeltie Pieters.
wife C'atharina Clerk,
wife Urseltje Schepmoes.
wife E]izal)eth Jacobsen.
wife C. ^lagdalena Dumsteede.
wife Catliai'ina Kierstede.
widow of Paulus Jurrisou.
wife CVitalina Delanoy.
wife Mietje Tlieunis.
wife Gysbertje Alauritz.
wife ^Magdaleentje Kutgers.

Heeken Geacht, oost zyde.
(Broad Street, East Side.)

Hendrick Arentse,
Hendriek Reniers,
Frans Claessen,
AVolfert Wel^ber,
Albertus Ringo,
Jan. De La Montague,
Simon Breesteede,
Catharina Kreigers,

Leendert De Kleyn,
Joris Jansen,
Huyg Barentse De Kleyn,
Pieter Stoutenburg,
Willem Waldron,
Jillis Provost,
David Provoost,
Jonathan Provoost,
Jan Willemse Nering,
Gresje Tdens,
Jacob Mauritzen,
Willem Bogardus,
Claes Leet,


wife C'atharina Hardenln-ook
wife Anna Thyssen.
wife Marritje Cornells,
wife Anna Wailis.
wife Jannettie Eingo.
wife Annetje Waldron.
wife Jannetje Van Laer.
widow of Nicasius De

wife Magdalena AVolsum.
wife Magdalena Pieters.
wife ^favken ^lartels.

wife P]ngeltse Stoutenburg.
wife Maria Bon.
wife Grietje Jillis.
wife Catharina A'anderveen.
wife Catharine de Meyert.
widow of Pieter Nuys.
wife Gretje Van der (Jrift.
wife Walburg de Silla (Sills).
wife Kniertje Hendricks.


Johannes de Peyster, wife Cornelia Lubbei-t.>e.

Panlus Scliriek, wife Maria de Peyster.

Jan Vincent, wife Annetje Jans.

Arent Isaacsen, wife Elizabeth Stevens.

HooGH Straat.

(High Street [Stone Street], east of Broad Street.)

Rynard Willemsen, wife Snsanna A rents.

Tryntje Arents,

Gurtrnid Reyniers,

Adolph Pietersen De Groot, wife Afje Dircksen.

Anietje De Groot,

Maria De Groot,

Mr. Evert Keteltas, wife Hillegard -Joris.

John Lillie, wife Anna Plardenhrook.

Johannes Hardenbrook,

Jacob Abrahamse Santvoort, wife Magdalena Van Vleck.

Laurens Holt, wife Jilletje Laurens.

Jan Cooley, wife Janneken Van Dyck.

Elizabeth Cooley,

Berent Coert, wife f'hi'istina ^Vessels.

Gurtruyd Barents, widow of Jan Hyben.

Barent Hyben, wife Sarah Pannes.

De Heer Nicholas de Meyert, wife Lydia Vnu Dyck.

Elizal)etli de Meyert,

Guelliani De Honneur, wife Christina Steentjens.

Claes Janse Stavast, wife Aefje Gerritsen.

Evert Wessels, wife Jannetje Stavast.

Lawrens Wessels, wife Aefje Jans.

Johannes Hoagland, wife Anneken Dnycking.

Frans Goderus, wife Rebecca Idens.

Jan Janse Van Langendyck, wife Griet.je We-sels.

Jan Harberdink, wife ^tfayhen Barents.

Gerrit Duycking, wife Maria Abeel.

David Jochemsen, wife Christina Coppoens.

Elias de AVindel (Wendell), wife Anna Tebbelaer.


Jan Breestede, wife ^rari'iet.jc Aiidries.

Hendrick Wessels Ten

Broeck, wife Jannetjie Breestede.

Geertruid Breestede,

De Heer Nicolas Bayard, wife Judith Verlctli.

Francijia Hermans,

Evert Dnyeking, wnfe Hendrickjc Simons.

Willem Bleek, wife CStie Duyeking.

Anthony De Mill, wife Elizalteth Van der Liphorst.

Pieter De Mill,
Sarah De Mill,
De Heer Aliraham De Peys- wife Cathai'ina De Peyster.



(Deacon's House for the Poor.)

Willem Janse Roome, wife ^larritje Jans.

Ke^^er Stoffelsen, wife (leertje Jans.

Cregera Jolis, wife Jannetje Heudiicks.

Albert Cuynen, wife Tryntje Jans.

Elizabetli Jacobs, widow of Jacob .Moiis.

Pieter El)el, wife Clara El)el.

(Note: The Deacon's House ajipears to have been on the north
side of Beaver street, a little west of Broad street.)

Slyck Str.\at.

(^Fuddy Sti-eet. Afterwards Mill Street, now South William


Jan Hendricks V"an Baunnel, wife Annetje Abi'ahams.
Jan Kreeck, wife Geertruid De Haes.

Emmerentje Laurens, widow of Hendrick Oosterhaven.

Leendert Oosterhaven,

Princen Straat.

(Princes Street, now Beaver Street, east of Broad Street.)

Jan Langstraten, wife Marritje Jans.

Jan Janse Van Quistkout, wife Albertie dans.



Hendrick De Foreest,
Bareut Flaesbeek,
Jan De Foreest,
Jan Pietersen,
Xicolaes Jansen,
William Moore,
Ambrosius De Warran,
Thomas De Meer,

wife Fennntje Flae.sl)eek.
wife Alarritje Hendricks,
wife Susanna Verletts.
wife Metje Pieters.
wife Janneken Kiersen.
wife Annetje Jans,
wife Ariantje Thomas,
wife Susanna De Nis;rin.

KoNiNCK Straat.
(King Street. Exchange Place, east of Broad.)

wife Elsje Berger.

wife Neeltje Van Cowenhoven.

wife Stynte Jans.

widow of Bruin Hage.

Jan Si])kens,
Cornelius Pluvier,
Frederick Hendricksen,
Geesje Schurmans,
Elizabeth Schurmans,
Jacob Fransen,

wife Magdalena Jacobs.

(Smith Street.

C*ornelia Toos,
Jan Vinge,

Assuernes Hendricks,
Thyman Jansen,
Jan ^Nleyert,
Pieter Jansen,
Jan. Jansen Van Flemburg,

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