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I 1 795-1 The Poems of W. Sh., viz., Venus and Adonis, The Rape of
Lucrece, Sonnets, . . . with Mr. Capell's history of the origin
of Sh.'s fables. To which is added a glossary. (E. Jeffery.)

Jaggard lists what is apparently another edition in 1805. The
Sonnets text is that of Malone (1780).

1796. Plays and Poems of W. Sh. Philadelphia. (Bioren & Madan.)

The Sonnets are in volume 8. The Malone text. [In the copy
of this volume belonging to the Boston Public Library is a photo-
graphic facsimile of the title-page of The Poems of William Sh.,
Philadelphia, Bioren and Madan, .1796 (presumably a separate
issue of a portion of volume 8), with a MS. letter alluding to a
copy privately owned in Washington, D.C., as "the unique first
American edition of Shakespeare's Poems." The Library of Con-
gress knows nothing of such a separate issue.]

[1797.] Poetical Works of Sh., with the Life of the Author. Cooke's
edition. (C. Cooke.)

The Malone text (1780) of the Sonnets.

1797. The Poems of W. Sh. (G. & J. Robinson, etc.)

Volume 7 of Robinson's Works of Sh. The Malone text (1780)
of the Sonnets.

1804. Poems by W. Sh., with illustrative remarks, original and select.
[Edited by W. C. Oulton.] (Chappie.)

The Sonnets in volume 2. The 1640 text, with a slight variation
in the order; notes, chiefly from Malone.

1806. Poetical Works of W. Sh. (T. W T ilson, etc.)

Malone text of 1780; a few peculiar readings.


1807. Poems of Sh., to which is added an account of his life. First
American edition. Boston. (Oliver & Munroe, etc.)

The 1640 arrangement. As to its being the first American edi-
tion, see note under 1796.

1809. Poems of W. Sh. Boston. (Munroe, Francis, & Parker.)

The 1640 arrangement.

[1820.] The Poems of W. Sh., with three engravings. (J. F. Dove.)

Another edition, dated 1830. The Malone text.

182 1. Miscellaneous Poems of W. Sh. (Sherwin & Co.)

The Malone text.

1 82 1. Plays and Poems of W. Sh., with the corrections and illustra-

tions of various commentators [etc.]. [James Boswell.]
(Rivington, etc.)

Volume 20 of Boswell's Malone (the "third Variorum"). The
Malone text and notes of 1790, with a few corrections and addi-

1822. Sonnets of W. Sh., to which are added his minor poems and the

songs from his plays. Whitehaven. (Steel.)

1825. Poems of W. Sh. (Pickering.)

Jaggard lists another edition, in 1826, uniform with Pickering's
Shakespeare of that year.

1826. An Appendix to Sh.'s Dramatic Works. Leipsic. (Fleischer.)

Contains the Poems and Sonnets, as a supplement to the
Fleischer edition of the Plays; with Glossary.

[1830?] Poems and Songs of W. Sh. The Standard Poets, volume iv.

1832. Poems of Sh. Aldine edition. [A. Dyce.] (Pickering.)

Memoir and footnotes; a newly revised text. Other issues in
1842, etc.

1834. Plays and Poems of Sh. [1832-34.] A. J. Valpy. (Valpy.)

Sonnets in volume 15; notes. Valpy 's notes were reprinted in
the Bohn ed. of Sh.'s Poetical Works, 1862, etc.

[1837.] Poetical Works of W. Sh. Campe's edition. Nurnberg and New

York. (Campe.)
1838. Poems of W. Sh., with facts connected with his life [etc.]. Knight's
Cabinet edition. (Knight.)

Life, and footnotes, by Charles Knight. The text follows the
Aldine, with a few exceptions. Other issues in 1842, etc.

1840. Poems of W. Sh. (Moxon.)

1840. Poems of W. Sh. (L. A. Lewis.) [A few footnotes.]

1841. Poems of W. Sh. (Daly.)

Another issue, without date, but about 1850.


1843. Pictorial Edition of the Works of Sh. [1838-43.] Edited by

Charles Knight. (Knight.)

Sonnets in volume 6. Notes, and an essay called Illustration
of the Sonnets, which was widely reprinted elsewhere without

1844. Works of W. Sh. Edited by J. P. Collier. (Whittaker.)

Sonnets in volume 8. Introduction and notes. Other editions
in 1858 and 1878.

1851. Poems of W. Sh. Philadelphia. (Locker.)

1852. Supplementary Works of W. Sh., comprising his poems and

doubtful plays [etc.]. A new edition by W. Hazlitt. (Rout-

Supplementary to Hazlitt's revision of the 1778 edition of the
Plays. Preface and footnotes.

1852. Poems of W. Sh. Hartford. (Andrus.)

1855. Poems of W. Sh. Edited by Robert Bell. Annotated edition of

the English Poets.

Introduction and footnotes. Other issues in 1861, etc.
[1855.] Poems of W. Sh. Philadelphia. (J. B. Smith.)

1856. Sh.'s Werke, herausgegeben und erklart von N. Delius. Elber-


Sonnets in volume 7. Other editions in 1864 and 1872. There
also appeared at Leipzig, in 1854 and again in 1864, a one- volume
edition of Sh.'s Works (entirely in English), which is usually listed
as Delius's, the Preface being signed "Dr. D." The text of the
Sonnets in this edition is full of errors, and can hardly have been
revised by Delius; it also presents a new arrangement (see p. 437
above), which may be based on his view of the Sonnets as im-
personal literary performances.

1856. Works of W. Sh. [1851-56.] Edited by H. N. Hudson. Boston.

Sonnets in volume 11. Introduction and notes. A new edition
(Harvard edition), 1880-81, with the Sonnets in volume 20.

1856. Poetical Works of W. Sh. and the Earl of Surrey; with Memoirs,
Critical Dissertations, and Explanatory Notes, by the Rev.
George Gilfillan. British Poets. Edinburgh. (Nichol.)
Footnotes. Another issue in 1878, in Cassell's Library.

1856. Poems of Sh., with Memoir by A. Dyce, and a few corrections

[etc.]. Boston. (Little, Brown & Co.)

A revision of the Aldine edition, made by F. J. Child. Other
issues in 1864, etc.

1857. Works of Sh., edited by A. Dyce. (Moxon.)

Sonnets in volume 6. Textual notes. Other editions in 1866
and 1875.

1858. Poems of Sh. (C. Little.)


i860. Works of W. Sh., edited by H. Staunton. (Routledge.)

Sonnets in volume 4; introduction and footnotes. Another
issue in 1864.

1864. Works of Sh. Edited, with a scrupulous revision of the text, by
Charles and Mary Cowden Clarke. (Bickers.)

1864. Works of W. Sh. Edited by W. G. Clark and W. A. Wright.

Globe edition. (Macmillan.)

Text based on that of the (still unfinished) Cambridge edition,
but not identical with it. Other issues in 1865, etc.

1865. Plays and Poems of W. Sh. Edited by Thos. Keightley. (Bell

& Daldy.)

A newly revised text.

1865. Works of W. Sh the text formed from a new collation of

the early editions, etc. [Folio; 1853-65.] J. O. Halliwell.
(Printed for the editor.)

Sonnets in volume 16; introduction and notes.

1865. Songs and Sonnets by W. Sh. [Edited by F. T. Palgrave.]

Various subsequent issues; later called the Golden Treasury
edition. Introduction, notes, and new titles for the Sonnets; a
few omitted.

1865. Sh.'s Works. Edited by R. G. White. Boston. (Little, Brown


Sonnets in volume 1 ; introduction and notes. A revised edition
(Riverside Sh.) in 1883.

1866. Works of W. Sh. [1863-66.] Edited by W. G. Clark and W. A.

Wright. Cambridge edition. (Macmillan.)

Sonnets in volume 9. Textual notes. Revised edition, edited
by Wright only, in 1891-93.

1877. The Leopold Sh. (Cassell.)

The Delius text; introduction by F. J. Turnivall, treating of the
Sonnets in § II.

1885. Sh.'s Poems, 1640. (A. R. Smith.)

The only modern reprint of the 1640 text; "printed letter for
letter, line for line, and page for page, as near the original as
modern type will permit" (but with some errors).

1885. Songs, Poems, and Sonnets of Sh. With introduction by William
Sharp. Newcastle. (Walter Scott.)

Introduction and notes. Issued (in the Canterbury Poets) from
London in 1888 and thereafter.

1889. Poems and Sonnets of W. Sh. Chiswick Series. (Bell.)

1890. Works of W. Sh. Edited by Henry Irving and Frank A. Marshall.

The Henry Irving Sh. (Blackie.)

Sonnets in volume 8. Introduction and notes by A. W. Verity.


1891. Works of Sh. Edited by W. J. Craig. Oxford Edition. Oxford.
(Clarendon Press.)
Another issue in 1902.

1893. Poems of W. Sh., printed after the original copies. [Edited by
F. S. Ellis.] (Kelmscott Press.)

The 1609 text, with some emendations and modern punctua-

1898. Poems of Sh. Edited with an Introduction and Notes by George
Wyndham.- (Methuen.)

1898. Sonnets and Poems by W. Sh. Pocket Falstaff edition [of the

Works]. (Sands.)

1899. Poems of W. Sh., according to the text of the original copies. . . .

Collated by F. S. Ellis, and printed at the Essex House Press.
The 1609 text, with some emendations and modern punctuation.

1900. Works of Sh. Edited by C. H. Herford. Eversley edition.


Sonnets in volume 10. Introduction and footnotes.
1903. Poems and Sonnets of Sh., with an introduction by E. Dowden.
(Kegan Paul.)

In part the same introduction as that in Dowden's edition of
the Sonnets (see I, 1881).

[1904.] Poems and Songs of Sh. Newnes' Pocket Classics.
1905. Sonnets and Poems by W. Sh., with bibliographical introduction
by H. Bennett. Carlton Classics. (Long.)

1905. Sonnets and Poems by W. Sh. Waistcoat Pocket edition.


1906. Poems. Edited by E. K. Chambers. Red Letter Shakespeare.


Sonnets in volume 2 ; introduction and footnotes.

1906. Sh.'s Complete Works. Edited by W. A. Neilson. The Cam-

bridge Poets. Boston. (Houghton Mifflin.)
New text, and brief introduction to the Sonnets.

1907. Works of W. Sh. Stratford Town edition. Stratford-on-Avon.

(Printed for A. H. Bullen and F. Sidgwick.)

Sonnets in volume 10; essay on them (pp. 363-72) by H. C.

[1908.] W. Sh., Poems, Songs, and Sonnets. (Sisley.)

Biography by C. Mortemart; footnotes.
[1908.] Complete Works of W. Sh. Sidney Lee, General Editor. The
Renaissance Sh. (Harrap.)

Sonnets in volume 38, with introduction by John Davidson
and notes by Lee. This edition has also appeared under various
other names and imprints, as the Caxton and (in the U.S.) the


[191 i.J Sonnets and Poems. Edited by H. N. Hudson. The Era Sh.
Introduction and footnotes from the Hudson Sh.

1912. Sonnets and Minor Poems by Sh. Edited by Charlotte Porter.
The First Folio Sh. New York. (Crowell.)

A scrupulous reprint of the quarto text of 1609; introduction
and notes.

(a) German

1820. Sh.'s Sonette, ubersetzt von Karl Lachmann. Berlin.

[Certain of the Sonnets were translated by Tieck in 1826; see
under V, 1826.]

1827. W. Sh.'s sammtliche Gedichte. E. V. Bauernfeld und A. Schu-
macher. (Sonette, ubersetzt von A. Schumacher.) Wien.

1836. Sh.-Almanach. Herausgegeben von Gottlob Regis. I. W. Sh.'s
Lyrische Gedichte. Sonnette &c. Berlin.

Introduction and notes; the former chiefly from Drake (see
VI, 1817).

1840. W. Sh.'s sammtliche Gedichte, ubersetzt von Emil Wagner.
(With W. Sh.'s sammtliche dramatische Werke, A. W. von
Schlegel und Tieck.) Konigsberg.
1840. Nachtrage zu Sh.'s Werken von Schlegel und Tieck. Uebersetzt
von Ernst Ortlepp. Stuttgart.
Sonnets in volume 3.

1 86 1. Sh.'s Gedichte. Deutsch von Wilhelm Jordan. Berlin.

Introduction and a few notes; the Sonnets divided into five

1862. W. Sh.'s Sonette in deutscher Nachbildung. F. Bodenstedt.


Introduction, notes, and appendix. A new arrangement. Later
editions in 1866, etc.

1867. Sh.'s Gedichte. Deutsch von Karl Simrock. Stuttgart.

1867. Sh.'s Sonette, ubersetzt von F. A. Gelbcke.

Introduction, following Massey (see IV, 1866); the Sonnets
rearranged accordingly. The translation reappeared in volume 10
of Sh. in deutscher Uebersetzung, Bibliothek auslandischer Klas-
siker, Hildburghausen, 187 1.

1869. Sh.'s Sonette. Uebersetzt von Herm. Freiherr von Friesen.


1870. Sh.'s Sonette, Deutsch von Bruno Tschischwitz. Halle.

Introduction and a few notes.


[1870.] Sh.'s kleinere Dichtungen, Deutsch von Alex. Neidhardt. (Clas-
siker des In- und Auslandes.) Berlin.

Introduction and footnotes. Another edition, Leipzig, 1902.

1 87 1. Sh.'s Sonette, iibersetzt von Otto Gildemeister. Leipzig.

Introduction and notes, developing Delius's fiction theory. A
second edition in 1876. •

1872. Sh.'s Sou thampton-Sonette. Deutsch von Fritz Krauss. Leipzig.

Sonnets 1-126, arranged according to Massey's interpretation,
after correspondence between him and the translator; introduc-
tion and notes also based largely on Massey.

[Certain of the Sonnets were translated by F. A. Leo, Gedichte,
Berlin, 1872, p. 226.]

1875. Probe einer Uebersetzung Shakespearscher Sonette. Dr. Gutt-
mann. Hirschberg. (Gymnasium Programm.)
31 sonnets translated.
[1894.] Gedichte von W. Sh., in's Deutsche iibertragen durch Alfred
von Mauntz. Berlin.

Introduction and notes; a new arrangement of the Sonnets.
*I903. Sh.'s Sonette, iibersetzt von M. J. Wolff. Berlin.

Introduction, etc.; reviewed in Jahrbuch, 40: 295.

*I909. Sh.'s Sonette; Umdichtung von Stephan George. Berlin.
[Jahrbuch, 46: 266.]

*I909. Sh.'s Sonette, iibertragen von Eduard Saenger. Leipzig. [Jahr-
buch, 46: 266.]

*i9io. Die schonsten Sonette von W. Sh. Uebersetzt und erlautert von
A. Baltzer. Wismar.

Reviewed in Archiv fur den neueren Sprachen, 124: 217.

1913. Sh.'s Sonette, erlautert von Alois Brandl, iibersetzt von Ludwig
Fulda. Stuttgart & Berlin.

(b) French

1836. Poemes et Sonnets de W. -Sh., traduits en vers, avec le texte
anglais. E. Lafond. Paris.

Forty-eight selected sonnets. Another edition in 1856.

1857. L es Sonnets de W. Sh., traduits pour la premiere fois en entier,
par F. Victor Hugo. Paris.

Prose translation. Introduction and notes; a new arrangement
of the Sonnets. The translation was included in Hugo's Oeuvres
Completes de Sh., 1859-66.

1860-62. Oeuvres Completes de Sh. F. Guizot. Paris.
Prose translation.


1873. Oeuvres Completes de Sh., traduites par Emile Montegut. Paris.
Prose translation.

1888. Les Sonnets de Sh., traduits en vers francais, par Alfred Copin.

Introduction; Sonnets rearranged in six parts.
1 89 1. W. Sh., son Poeme, les Sonnets. Traduit par Louis Direy. Pov-
erty Bay, New Zealand. [The Phoenix and the Turtle also

1900. Les Sonnets de Sh., traduits en sonnets francais, avec Introduc-
tion, Notes, et Bibliographic Fernand Henry. Paris.
English text given also. A fairly full bibliography.

1906-07. Les Sonnets de Sh. Essai d'une Interpretation en vers frangais.
C. M. Gamier. Cahiers de la Quinzaine, Paris, Dec. 23, 1906
and March 31, 1907.
Sonnets 1-152.

(c) Italian

1890. I Sonetti di W. Sh. Tradotti per la prima volta in Italiano, da
Angelo Olivieri. Palermo.

Prose translation; introduction and notes.

1898. I 154 Sonetti di G. Sh. Tradotti in Sonetti Italiani da Ettore
Sanfelice. Velletri.

1909. G. Sh., I Sonetti. Traduzione italiana, con introduzione e noti di
Lucifero Darchini. Milano.
Prose translation.

(d) Swedish

[1871.] W. Sh. Sonetter, pa svenska atergifna af Carl Rupert Nyblom.

Introduction and notes.

(e) Danish

1885. Sh. Sonetter, oversatte af Adolf Hansen. Med Indledning og
Anmaerkninger. Copenhagen.
Introduction and notes.

(/) Dutch

1879. Sh. Sonetten, vertaald door Dr. L. A. J. Burgersdijk. Utrecht.
Introduction and notes; a new arrangement.


(g) Spanish

*i877. Obras de W. Sh., traducidas fielmente del original ingles, por D.
Matias de Velasco y Rojas, Marques de Dos Hermanas.
[Volume I :] Poemas y Sonetos. Madrid.

Prose translation, with "Estudio sobre los sonetos" and notes;
see Jahrbuch, 14: 393.

(h) Russian

*i88o. [W. Sh.'s collected Sonnets, translated by Nicolai Gerbel. St.
Petersburg.] [Jahrbuch, 16: 472.]

[Twenty of the Sonnets are to be found translated into Polish,
in Poeci Angielscy, by J. Kasprowicz, Lemberg, 1907.]

(i) Hungarian

*[ I 9°9-1 Sh. Szonettjeibol. Forditotta. Zoltan Vilmos. Budapest.
[Jahrbuch, 46: 369.]

(J) Latin

1913. Gulielmi Sh. Carmina quae Sonnets nuncupantur Latine reddita
ab Alvredo Thoma Barton; edenda curavit J. Harrower.


1837. J. Boaden : On the Sonnets of Sh., identifying the person to whom

they are addressed, and elucidating several points in the poet's

62 pp.; a revision of the articles in The Gentleman's Magazine
(see V, 1832).

1838. C. A. Brown: Sh.'s Autobiographical Poems. Being his Sonnets
s^ clearly developed [etc.].

Groups the Sonnets in six "Poems."
i860. D. Barnstorff: Schliissel zu Sh.'s Sonetten. Bremen.

Translated by T. J. Graham, as "A Key to Sh.'s Sonnets,"
1862. Esoteric.

1862. Bolton Corney: The Sonnets of Sh.; a critical disquisition.

16 pp.; based on Chasles's "discovery" regarding the Dedica-
tion (see pp. 6-7).

1865. [E. A.Hitchcock:] Remarks on the Sonnets of Sh., showing that

they belong to the hermetic class of writings, and explaining
their general meaning and purpose. New York.
Esoteric. An enlarged edition in 1867.

1866. Gerald Massey: Sh.'s Sonnets never before Interpreted.

Enlarged from an article in the Quarterly Review (see V, 1864);
on the "dramatic" theory of the Sonnets, according to which


many of them were written on behalf of Southampton and
Elizabeth Vernon. An enlarged edition in 1872.

1868. R. Simpson: Introduction to the Philosophy of Sh.'s Sonnets.

An essay on Sh.'s use of the platonic and neo-platonic doctrine
of love. First printed in The Chronicle.

1870. Henry Brown: The Sonnets of Sh. Solved, and the mystery of
his friendship, love, and rivalry revealed.

Views a large portion of the Sonnets as satires on the sonnet
fashion; groups them in 57 sections.

1872. C. M. Ingleby: The Soule Arayed; a letter to Howard Staunton,
Esq., concerning Sh.'s Sonnet 146.

16 pp. Reprinted in the author's volume, Sh., the Man and the
Book, 1877.

1877. E. Lichtenberger: De Carminibus Shaksperi, cum nova Thor-
pianae Inscriptioni Interpretatione. Paris.

A thesis; with special reference to the Dedication.
1888. Gerald Massey: The Secret Drama of Sh.'s Sonnets.

Further development of his theory (see under 1866), with replies
to critics.

1890. L. Direy: William Sh., his poem, sonnets and dedication. Pov-
erty Bay, New Zealand.

18 pp.; esoteric.

1891. L. de Marchi: I Sonetti di Sh. Milan.
An essay, including translations of eleven of the Sonnets.

1892. "Clelia" [C. Downing]: Great Pan Lives! Sh.'s Sonnets, 20-126.

1897. E. J. Dunning: The Genesis of Sh.'s Art; a Study of his Sonnets
and Poems. Boston.

Esoteric. An Appendix on the use of "you " and " thou " in the

1897. E. Freiherr von Danckelmann: Sh. in seinen Sonetten. Leipzig.
23 pp.; discusses the man-friendship as of an ideal, platonic


1898. T. Tyler: The Herbert-Fitton Theory of Sh.'s Sonnets; a Reply.
23 pp. ; a defence of the Pembroke theory in reply to critics.

1899. Cuming Walters: The Mystery of Sh.'s Sonnets.
Views the sonnets as studies of the themes of the dramas,

partially personal but largely allegorical.

1899. J- Johnson: The Testimony of the Sonnets as to the Authorship
of the Shakespearean Plays and Poems. New York.

-"" Views the sonnets as studies of an older man than Sh.

1900. Parke Godwin: A New Study of the Sonnets of Sh. New York.


1902. Jean I. O'Flanagan: Sh.'s Self-Revelation in his Sonnets.

38 pp.

1903. Arthur Acheson: Sh. and the Rival Poet.

Devoted chiefly to the identification of the "rival poet" as

1903. T. Eichhoff: Unser Sh.: . . . II: (1) Sh.'s Sonette und ihr Wert;

(2) Die Sonettensatire. Halle.

Views the Sonnets as constituting a miscellany by many
authors, relatively valueless.

1904. J. M.: Sh. Self-Revealed in his Sonnets and Phoenix and Turtle.

Esoteric. Followed [no date] by a pamphlet of 4 pp., called
"A Recantation," in which each of the 36 italicised words in the
1609 Quarto is treated as a symbol of one of the Shakespearean

[1904.] E. A. Jackson: A Consideration of Sh.'s Sonnets.

16 pp.

1909. Anna B. MacMahan: Sh.'s Love Story. Chicago.

The principal Sonnets interpreted as addressed to Anne

George H. Palmer: Intimations of Immortality in the Sonnets of
Sh. Boston.

Views the Sonnets as concerned with various types of immor-
tality, with S. 146 as the climax.

R. M. Garrett: Materials for the Study of Sh.'s Sonnets. Seattle.

A syllabus for the use of students at the University of Wash-

1913. Arthur Acheson: Mistress Davenant, the Dark Lady of Sh.'s
Sonnets. .

Further develops the author's work of 1903, identifying the
"dark lady" as Mistress Jane Davenant of Oxford.

[1913.] A. Acheson: A Woman Coloured 111.

16 pages. Supplemental to the preceding item.

*I9I3. P. Rodder: Sh.'s Sonette im Lichte der neueren Forschungen.

1913. Countess de Chambrun [Clara Longworth de Chambrun]: The
Sonnets of W. Sh. ; New Light and Old Evidence. New York.
Follows Acheson in the Mistress Davenant theory.
1915. Sydney Kent: The People in Sh.'s Sonnets.

General and conjectural; favors a very early date; identifies
W. H. as Southampton and the Dark Lady as one (hypothetical)
Alice Bird.


[Book reviews are not included, except when of independent interest.]

1818. "Proh Pudor!": On Sh.'s Sonnets, Blackwood's Magazine, 3:

Appreciative criticism, with an attack on Hazlitt.
*i826. L. Tieck: Ueber Sh.'s Sonette einige Worte, nebst Proben einer
Uebersetzung derselben. Penelope Taschenbuch, Leipzig, p.

See Goedeke's Grundriss, 6: 40; § 284, 1, 84.
1832. J. B[oaden]: To what Person the Sonnets of Sh. were actually
addressed. Gentleman's Magazine, 102: 216, 308.

The first exposition of the Pembroke theory. The prior "dis-
covery" of this solution was announced by B. H. Bright in the
October number of the Magazine (p. 296). Boaden's articles were
issued in a reprint (see IV, 1837).

1834. Armand Morlaix [pseud, for A. F. L. de Wailly]: Les Sonnets de

Sh. Revue des deux Mondes, 3d ser., 4: 679.
1834. D« L. Richardson: Sh.'s Sonnets: on their poetical merits, and on
the question of to whom are they addressed. Literary Gazette,
Calcutta, April 5.

Reprinted in the author's Literary Leaves, Calcutta, 1836.
1847. [H. W. Barrett:] Sh.'s Sonnets, American Review, 6: 304.
General biographic interpretation.

1857. Anon.: The Sonnets of Sh. Westminster Review, 68: 116.

Discussion of the autobiographical elements as related to
poetic beauty.

1859. J. G. R.: [On S. 107 and Southampton], Notes & Queries, 2d s.,
7: 125.

1861. D. Asher: [Review of Barnstorff's work (see IV, i860)], Magazin

fiir Literatur des Auslandes, 30: 476.

Reviews also the general literature of the subject.

1862. P. Chasles: Hints for the Elucidation of Sh.'s Sonnets, Athe-

nceum, Jan. 25, p. 116.

A new interpretation of the Dedication (see p. 6). Comment
by R. Cartwright followed in the number for Feb. 1, p. 155.

1862. B. Corney: M. Philarete Chasles, Notes & Queries, 3d s., 1: 87.
Applies Chasles's view of the Dedication to the Southampton
1862. B. Corney: The Sonnets of Sh., Notes & Queries, 3d s., 1: 162.

Discusses date, relation to Southampton, etc.
1862. J. A. Heraud: A New View of Sh.'s Sonnets, Temple Bar, 5: 53.
Esoteric. Reprinted as appendix to the author's Sh., his Inner
Life as Intimated in his Works, 1865.


1862. [W. R. Alger:] Sh.'s Sonnets and Friendship, Christian Examiner,
Boston, 73: 209, 403.

Argument for the Pembroke theory.

1864. F. Kreyssig: Sh.'s lyrische Gedichte und ihre neuesten Bear-
beiter, Preussische Jahrbiicher, 13: 484; 14: 91.

A review of the Jordan and Bodenstedt translations; discusses
the biographical element in the Sonnets and Sh.'s morality.

1864. [G. Massey:] Sh. and his Sonnets, Quarterly Review, 115: 431.

Develops the writer's "dramatic" theory (see IV, 1866).

1865. N. Delius: Ueber Sh.'s Sonette, Jahrbuch, 1: 18.

Presents the "fiction" theory.

1865. W. C. Hazlitt: Sh.'s Sonnets; Mr. W. H., Notes & Queries, 3d s.,


Identifies W. H. as William Hammond; a reply by B. Corney,
p. 482.

1866. R. Bell: Sh.'s Sonnets, Fortnightly Review, 5: 734.

A review of Massey's book (IV, 1866); discusses Southampton
and Pembroke theories.

1867. P. Chasles: Sh.'s Sonnets, Athenaeum, Feb. 16, p. 223.

Abandons Pembroke theory for William Hathaway. In the
number for Feb. 23 (p. 254) S. Neil calls attention to his earlier
proposal of the same theory in his biography of Sh. (see VI,

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