William Wickens.

An argument for more of the division of labour in civil life in this country. Part 1. In which the argument is applied to Parliament online

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be denied by no one. The first is, that with all
- the excellence which many are so forward to as-
J cribe to the system of internal Pohty estabhshed in
^ this Country, various parts of it teem with Imper-
"^ fection, and indeed Evil. The second is, that to
this Imperfection or Evil, the great body of the
nation are becoming every day increasingly sen-

But these facts are not to be regarded as mere
jejune truisms — leading to no inferences, or threat-
ening to bring in their train no consequences, of
?c magnitude. They are, on the other hand, preg-
sE nant with importance; and precisely in proportion



lo that iin|)()rt;m('r imisl In- llir claiius to notice ol'
any. or ol" all Propositions, that an' IVanu'd (ad-
visedly IVanu'd, we. ol' eourse, mean), and sul)niit-
ted. specially to nu'et circnnistances of so ut from wliat lias preceded, no estimate, un-
less it tall far short of the truth, can be formed
of the sum total of Business that annually de-
volves upon Parliament. Passing by the various
(juestions of a ])urely political character, that never
fail to arise, and to be at considerable length dis-
cussed in the course of each Session, the Upper
House, it is to be remembered, combines with its
legislative Cares, the duties of a su})reme Court
of Judicature: in which latter capacity the claims
upon it are to such an extent, as to have called, for
several Sessions past, for labours from the House,
beneath which it has fairly groaned : and notwitli-
standing which, a Mass of Cases in arrear exists
there at this moment, with no prospect of being
adjudicated upon, for years to come.
I'etitioiis. As it respects Parliament collectively, but par-

• Wc have spoken in this paragraph quite within compass, for on May
.I, 182(5, the royal assi-nt was given to cifjJifi/-,ii.r Bills; and on the 2()tli
nf the same month, the

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