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of authority and of original value.' — The Daily News (London).

' Dr. Hunter may be said to have presented a compact epitome of the results
of his researches into the early history of India ; a subject upon which his
knowledge is at once exceptionally wide and exceedingly thorough. . . . The
book is excellently adapted, either as an introduction to more extended studies on
the subject, or to give a respectable measure of general knowledge to people who
have not the time or opportunity to acquire more.' — The Scotsman (Edinburgh).

' Dr. Hunter's history, if brief, is comprehensive. It is a storehouse of facts
marshalled in a masterly style ; and presented, as history should be, without the
slightest suspicion of prejudice or suggestion of partisanship. Dr. Hunter
observes a style of severe simplicity, which is the secret of an impressive presenta-
tion of details.' — The Daily Review (Edinburgh).

' We part from Mr. Hunter with much respect for the care he has taken in
writing this small manual. We consider it to be by far the best manual of
Indian Histoiy that has hitherto been published, and quite equal to any of the
Historical Series for Schools, edited by Dr. Freeman. We trust that it will soon
be read in all the schools in this Presidency.' — The Times of India.

Extract from "a criticism by Edward Giles, Esq., Inspector of Schools,
Northern Division, Bombay Presidency : — ' My knowledge of Schools in this
country has led me to the conclusion, that the experience of the students of history
is confined to the acquisition of masses of statistics, names and dates, learnt
without intelligence. What we require is a book which shall be accurate as to
facts, but not overloaded with them ; written in a style which shall interest,
attract, and guide uncultivated readers ;. and short, because it must be sold at a
reasonable price. These conditions have never, in my opinion, been realized
previous to the introduction of this book.'

' The publication of the Hon. W. W. Hunter's School History of India is an
event in literary history.' — Reis &* Rayyet (Calcutta).

' We have not come across a single work on Indian History which we have
read with greater pleasure and greater pride. As a historian, Dr. Hunter has
done full justice to the people of India. He has succeeded in writing a history
of India, not only in such a way that it will be read, but also in a way which we
hope will lead young Englishmen and young natives of India to think more
kindly of each other. The Calcutta University has clone wisely in prescribing
this brief history as a text-book for the Entrance Examination. ' — The Hindoo
Patriot (Calcutta).



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The imperial gazetteer of

Online LibraryWilliam Wilson HunterThe imperial gazetteer of India (Volume 14) → online text (page 65 of 65)