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do ill to, injure ; mid., do etc. for oneself;
also, hold, deem, irtpl tcKtiirrov ( or
iravrbs) IT., deem of the highest impor-
tance. 268. See dm- , tfj.-, irepi-, TTOOIT-.

iroiTjTtos, d, ov, must be made or done. 4.

p-oiKiXos, 77, ov, [ \'irnt, cf. L pingo], many-
colored, variegated ; tattooed. 2.

irotos, d, ov, [*ir6s as otos fr. 3s], of what
kind ? what sort of? what ? 6.

iroXciu'w, -ffffu etc., to war, make war, carry
on war, absol., dat., or eiri, irp6s w. ace.
35. See 8ia-, Kara-, irpoj-, ffv/j.-.

iroXcjiiKOS, fa 6v, skilled in or fitted for
war, warlike ; like iroA//utos, of or for
war or battle, ri> iroAe/uiKoj/, war signal
or shout ; rek iro\t/j.ii(d, military affairs,
science etc. 10. polemic.

TroXefUKus, c. -tartpov, s. -wTaTa, hostile/;/ ;
. $Xfiv, be hostile. 6. 1 1 .

TToXtjAios, d, ov, of or pertaining to war, or
the enemy, hostile; ol irok.tfj.iot, the enemy ;
ri iro\tfjiia, the affairs- of the enemy or
= TO. tro\ffj.iKd ; rj iroAejuia, the enemy's
country; c. -^repos, S. -<araros. 231.

TToAtfjios, ov, [ird\\ca, brandish, cf. L. pello],
u;ar, warfare ; hostility. 33.

iroXC^ci), build a city, colonize. 6.6*.

iroXi-opKEto [tpKos, fence, or ep^co, hem in],
flffv, eiro\i6pKT](Ta. etc., besiege, invest. 11.

n-oXis, e&)j, ^, [cf. iroAi/s, irhtus, full], city,
town; by meton., .s/a^e; citadel. ~.\-~.
police, polity et al. 102. Syn. &<nv.

rroXitr^ia, aroj, TO, [iro\iu>], lit a building ;
town. 3.

iroXtrT]S, ov, [ir6\ts], citizen, politics. 2.

iroXXdiKis [iroAus], <\.dv.,many times, often. 1.

iroXXairXdrios, a, ov, manifold ; manifold
more (than, gen.) , many times as many
(or as much). 6.

iroXAa\r) or -TJ, [instr. case, *jroAAax<fy],
adv., in man'/ ways or cases, often. 7.3 12 .

rroXXaxov [ *iro\\axds }, = foreg. 4.1- R .
Cf. vavraxV' 'Xv-

iroXw-dvOpwjros, ov, populous. 2.4 13 .

, oj, [-apxot], command or go*
ernment vested in many. 6. 1 18 .

IIoXv-Kpd.TT]s ovs, [very mighty], Poly
crates. 1.5 24 .

IIoXv-viKOSj ov, [he of many victories^
Polynicus. 7.6 1 .

iroXvirpa-y(iova> [-irpdyfjLCfv, over busy], busy
oneself, intrigue, meddle. 5. 1 15 .

iroXvs, iroAA^. iroAu, g. TroAAoC, T)S, C. irAei'an/,
or w\fo>v, s. jrAelo-Tos, much, sometimes
rendered great, far, long etc., pi. many;
ol TroAAoi, the many, the majority ; TO
iroAu, the greater part, the most ; iro\v,
adv. ace., much, very, greatly, far etc. ;
firl IT., over or for a long distance ; &s
eiri rb iro\v,for the most part ; woAAd", in
many respects, much ; (K ir\ftovos,from
a greater distance, 1.10 11 ; ir\fov, often
as adv. ; ij ir\f1o-Toi, as many as possi-
ble. 418. poly- andry, -gamy et al.,
see Internal. Diet, pleonasm. [ t woA,
irAf (see irifjfir\rifj,i), L. plus.]

IIoXv-o-rpaTos [he of many armies], Poly-
stratus. 3.3' 20 .

iroXv-T\^js, ^J, g. ovs, [re\os, expense},
very expensive or costly. 1.5 8 .

iropurri, Tjr, [ire'/xTrw], escort, solemn proces-
sion. 5.5 5 . pomp.

irovcw, riffta etc.. toil; undergo hardship;
gain by toil, like IK-. 6. Syn. />x<^co.

iroi^r|pc>Si o. ov, toilsome ; bad, base, wicked
9. See iro/t-.

irov^ptus, adv., laboriously, with difficulty.
3.4 19 .

irovos, ov. [irfvo/j.ai], labor, toil, hardship,
difficulty. 8. See tin-.

TTOVTOS, ov, (?], sea. 5. Comm. of tie
smaller seas. esp. the Euxine ; 6d\ar-ra
sea in general, esp. the Mediterranean.

iropcia ay, \iroptv<e], a going, journey,
march ; way, route. 28.

TToptvojAai, tvffOfjMi, TTir6pev/j.ai, firoptvOyv.
proceed, journey ; w. cog. ace., 2.2 11 , 5 18 ,
go cross, traverse (ace.), 4.4 1 . 187. See
eiTro-, Sta-, (K-, ffv/j.- ; 8uff-ir6pevTOs.

rropcvTcos, d, ov, must proceed; to be or
must be passed over. 4.

, collat. and less comm. form of
tpQta [v/hence it is derived through a

- irpo'



lost stem], foot, plunder, lay waste, de-
stroy. 4.

iropio>, law or tea, tir6piffa etc , furnish,
supply, provide. 10. See K-, eruc-e/c-.

rropos, ov, [see sub irtpdw], way through or
across, way ; passage ; way out, means of
accomplishing or providing, means ; pro-
viding (cf. iroplfa). pore. 2. See
airopos (-ecu, -fa), avri-, ova-, (-fa), l/x-, eu-.

voppo> later Att. irp6ffu>, forwards, farther ;
far from (gen.). 2.

rop<f>vpovs, 2, ow, [-rropcpvpa, purple fish],
purple. 1.5 8 . porphyry.

iro<ri, see irovs.

iroo-os, r], ov, [*ir6s, Ion. KJO-OS, L. quotus],
Aow mucA ? (great, large, far etc.), pi.,
how man i/ ? 4.

iroTafios, ov, [ ? ], n'rer. 97. Meso-

srort [iro, (cf. vov) + T], adv. encl., at
some time or other, once ; at any time,
ever ; intens., oiroi ., where in the world.
19. Cf. ir6re, when ? d-*OTt, when, rel.

itOTtpos, o, ov, [iro (ir6s) + rtpos], which of
two ? vorepov (or a), whether ; TT. . . . i},
whether ... or. 10.

noTps, adv., in which of two ways ?
how? 3.

TfOTT|piov, ov, in form dim. of vor^p,
drinking-cup, goblet. 6.1*. N. T. 33.

ITOTOS, -f], ov, [irtvv], drinkable, potable ;
TO irorov, a drink. 6.

iroros, ov, [trivia], drinking, drinking-bout,
banquet. 2.

irov [gen. of *ir6s, Ion. KOV, L. quo], where ?
3. O-TTOU, where, rel.

ov [gen. of *ir6s, Ion. KOV, L. quo], encl.,
somewhere, anywhere; in some degree;
to qualify an assertion, any wise, perhaps,
I suppose, cf. S-fi-irov. 17. Note from
y-iro (Ion. ico, L. quo) are : irSOfv ; iroi ;
*6rf; irp; irov ; it6rtpos ; irtiffos ; Trows;
TWJ ; the same oxy toned (except ir&re-
pos) are indef., and with prefix 6- are
indef. relatives.

trovs, iroSJs. o, [L. pe(d)s, I.-E. 4/pad, ^o],
FOOT; as a measure =: llf inches. 20.
anti-podes. See eV- and ^KiroSuv, TC'
irt^os, To5-, rpdirffo, rpi-irovs, irfSuv.

n-p-yjia, OTOJ, rrf, [TP^TTW], act, deed;
thing, affair; pi. affairs, circumstances;
troublesome affairs, trouble. 25. Whence

irpa-y|ia.Tvo|iai, 6e 6usy at, labor to effect.
7.6 s5 .

irpat'wv, see irpavs.

irpdvT|s, ^s, g ovs, [akin to rprf, cf. L.
primus], inclined forward, prone ; steep;
rb irpavts, the steep declivity ; /card TOV
irpavovs, down-hill. 6.

, fus, r;, [wpdrrca], action, transaction,
business, enterprise. 7.

irpavs, fia, v, g. (os, etas, eos, Att. sing,
m. and n , vpaos, irpaov, [cf. E. FREE],
mild, tame. 1.4 9 . See irpaws.

irpdrrco, irpa|w, eirpa^a, ireirpaxa, irtirpay-
fjiai. ^irpnxOnv, do, perform (effect, achieve,
manage, transact etc. ) ; of money, exact
(cf. cli/a-) ; with advs., oSsrio, tv etc.,fare,
(v or Ka\tas TT., be fortunate, fare well ;
KO.KWS TT., fare ill (cf. eo, KUKWS irot^w).
37. [The prim, sense, pass through,
makes it prob. that \ irpay is akin to
Trepciw.] See ava-, avv-ava.-, Sia-,
Kara-, ffvft.- ; irpaypa, irpo|j, e

or irpdw^ [irpavs], mildly, tamely.

[?], tirprire, it is fitting, becomes
(dat., 7]\tKia, it? vncav). 3. See u-

irpecr(36ta, aj, embassy. 7.3 21 . From

irpeo-pevco, utra>, 6e, or 70 as, an ambas-
sador. 3. From

Trprpvs, ftas, old man, pi., elders ; ambas-
sador ; c. -vrepos, older, elder, s. -vraros,
eldest. 28. [irpta - (cf. L. pris-cus), akin
to Trprf, + flu, Cretan 71; = ytv.] pres-
byter, priest. See vvu.-.

irpo-pvrr|s, ov, old man. 6.3 10 .

jrpa<r8ai, see avtouai.

Ttpiv [akin to wpo'], adv., before, sooner,
formerly ; conj., before that, sooner than,
until, w. indie., opt., inf., or av and subj.
39. See H. 924 ; G. 1469.

irpo [L. pro, E. FRO (ward), FOR, FORE],
prep, with gen., before, in front of; in
behalf of , for. In compos., as above, also
forth, forward, publicly. 18. pro-. See
', irpoTtpos, irptf, -irpiaTos, irpos.



irpoayopevw irpovoia

n-po-cryopevw. fut. irpo-fpu, 2 a. -eitrov, pro-

claim, declare. 1.2 17 ; 2.2-'; 7.7 13 .
irpo-aY", -ol 4 ". 2 a. -hyayov, lead forward,

advance. 4.
irpo-aip('u>, 2 a. -elXor, ta&e 6e/bre ; mid.

choose beforehand or m preference to.

6.6 19 .
irpo-ai.a-0dvop,ai, 2 a. -n<r66fjir}v, perceive be-

forehand. 1.1".
trpo-airo-Tpt'irtt, 2 a. in. -frpair6fjLi}v, turn

back beforehand. 6.5 31 .
irpo-paivw, go forward, advance, 3.-1 18 ;

irpo-f3dXXci>, -ySoAw, 2 a. -t

before or forward ; mid., */ - o> before

oneself, present (SirAo) ; finny forward,

propose. 6. problem.
irpo-para ur, [-/3o, cf. o<nca>,/eed,3Ta2e],

catt/e ; in Att., shte/i. 19.
irpo-poX^j, ijs, [-/3aAAa>], putting forward,

presenting (arms). 6.5'-^.
jrpo-jiovXtvw, plan for, provide for. 3. 1 3 ".
irpo-'yovos, ov, [-ytyvofjiai], forefather, ances-

tor. 5.
irpo-SiSu>p.i, -owffta, -e'Soxca, (5a, SOI'TJV etc.),

-SfSw/co, ^zi'e u^>, betray, abandon, for-

sake. 12.

irpo-Sonjs, ov, [-SiSufu], betrayer, traitor 2.
irpo-Sovs, 2 a. pt. of *po-$i8wfj.i.
irpo-8pafuov, 2 a. pt. of trpo-rpix<a.
irpo-8pofiV|, ^y, [see foreg.], running forth,

sally. 4.7 1 '.

irpo-Sw, 2 a. subj. of irpo-$iSwfj.i.
irpd-ci|xi, -76ji', </o Jorward or before, ad-

vance, proceed . 21.

irpo-tiirov, 2 a. to IT po- ay opt via, proclaim.
irpo-icTT]-, see irpo-iffTijfu.
wpo-eXavvco, -eAi, -(]\acra, drive forward ;

ride forward, advance. 3.
irpo-\T)Xv0dTwv, pf. act. pt. of *po-fpxoncu.
irpo-p < ya>^o|iai, pf. -eipyafffiai, work out or

gain beforehand. &.l' 2i .
irpo-c'p\O|i.ai, fut. Wpt+tfU, 2 a. -rj\6ov,

-fA7}Ai/6o, gv bt/ore or forward, ad-

vance. 9.

irpo-or6ai, 2 a. iaf. of irpo-(j/u.
irpo-^x, hold before ; be before, excel

(gen.). 3.219.

t tea d forward. 6.5 10 .

irpo-T]-yopw [vpo-'fiyopos, dyopd], speak for,

advocate. 5.5".

rrpo-^tiv, see irpd-eijui, go forward.
irpo-fjXOov, 2 a of irpo-fpxofjcu.
irpo-0(i), run before or forward. 5.8 18 .
irpo-0up.eop.ai, -f)ffOfj.<u, irpovQii^Q^v, be

eager, zealous, desire earnestly. 8.
irpo-OvpCa, as, eagerness, zeal, good-will 3.
irpo-0i7pos, ov, eager, zealous, willing. 8.

See a-.
irpo-0Cp.a>s, adv., eagerly, zealously ; c.

-^Tepov. 4.

irpo-0vw, sacrifice for or before. 6.4 - ,
irpo-iSoicv, 2 a. opt. of irpo-opdte.
irpo-w'vaij see irp6-ft/jii.
irpo-itjfii, -riffu, -riKa, (-&, -eirjy, -eiva.i), 2 a.

m., -eVl", (>nf. -eV0u, pt. -ifttvos), send

forth or forward ; ch. in mid., (71 re />,

Ze< (/o, abandon ; give over, entrust. 5.
irpo-o-TT|p.i, p/ace before ; -eVrTjKO, stand

before, be leader of, command (gen.). 5.
irpo-KoXcw, call forth or forward. 7.7 2 .
irpo-KoXvirrw, v\l/ia, hang before or across,

conceal. 3.4 8 .
n-po-Kara-Kdw, burn or destroy in advance.

1.6 2 .
irpo-KaTa-Xap.pa.vu, -A^i//ojua(, 2 a. -t\a.&ov,

-d\rj<f>a, -fi\ii/j.fj.ai, seize in advance, pre-

occupy. 9.
irpo-Kcipai, lie before or out, project.

6.4 8 .
irpo-KivSvvcvw, incur danger in behalf of.

tovs, [far-famed], Procles, gov-

ernor of Teuthrania. 2. 1 3 .
irpo-Kptvw, -Kptvia, -iKpidnv, judge or select

before, prefer. 6. 1 26 .
irpo-XtY w i sa y beforehand, proclaim, bid.

7.7 3 . pro-logue.
irpo-p.axwv, tiros, 6, place of defence, ram-

part. 7.8 13 . On -wi/, cf. H. 561, 2 ; G.

129, 6.
irpo-p.Tir8iov, ov, [ft.tr-<i>iroi>. forehead],

head protector, frontlet. 1.8".
-rrpo-pvaop-ai, impf. ifpovfi.va.To, court for,

solicit. 7.3 18 .
irpo-voop.at, take thought for, provide,

7.733, 37
irpo-voia, or, [irp6 voos], forethought. 7.7 U




irpo-vo|AT|, TJJ, [wpo-re'/xoyua , jo forth in
amazing], jbraging party. 5.1".

irpo-^6Vu>, i]ffu>, act as irpo^tvos, manage,
effect ; in bad sense, bring upon. 6.5 14 .

irpo-vos, on, public guest, friend, or pat-
ron ; consul. 5.4 2 ; 6 11 .

npd^tvos, ov, Proxenus, Boeotian, general
of Cyrus, friend of Xenophon who de-
lineates his character in 2.6 16 - 20 .

trpo-oiTO, 2 a. opt. of irpo-iijfii.

irpo-opdw, -i5oiv, -1877x01, see before or in
front. 1.8 2 '; 6.1 s .

irpo-ir^jrrra), -Wyu4""> -firf/j.<f>0riv, send be-
fore or forth ; escort. 7.

irpo-irCvco, fut. -irto/xat, 2 a. -firiov, wfiruKa,
drink before or Jirst (for another (dat.)
to follow), drink to one's health. 4.

irpo-iroWw, toil for. 3. 1 37 .

irpos [akin to irp6], confronting, in presence
of, at.

1. With gen., from in front of, from
the standpoint of = our toirards, 2.2* ;
before, on the part of; by ; of what nat-
urally proceeds from any source, in ac-
cordance, ic/th, towards, 4.3- B , 1.2 n . 25.
2 With dat., before, in the presence of,
at, near, on, on the border of, besides, it.
TOVTOIS, besides this. 13.

3. With ace., to the front of, to the
presence of, before, towards, to, against,
upon ; of time, towards, near ; in view
of, with a view to, in relation to, in respect
to, ir. ravra, IT. <pi\tav. 217.

4. As adv., besides, IT. en, and further.
3.2' 2 . pros-elyte, -ody et al.

irpcxr-d-yw, -ci|a>, 2 a. -^70701', lend to or

against; bring to, apply ; w. ohj. omitted,

draw near, march. 6.
TrpoT-aiTt'w, ricru, -rJTrjffa, ask besides or for

more. 3.
irpoer-av-aXio-KO), -a\c&a-ia. -^Xafa, expend

in addition. 6.4 s .
irpoo - av-nreiv, 2 a. inf. of irpocr ayopf va>.

>// or proclaim in addition. 7. 1 11 .
irpoo - paiva>, -Pri(ro/j.ai, step upon ; go tmrtird.

4.2 28 .
Trpoo - pd\Xa), -/SaXco. 2 a -f&a\ov. B f B\riKa..

throw or dash against, advance against,

attack ft.

irpocr-paTos, ov, [-ftatvoa], accessible. 4.3 12 .

irpo<r-poX^, ^j, [-/3t\A.wj, attack, charge.
3.4 2 .

irpo<r- < yiYVO|iat, -ytvijtrofiai, 2 a. -tytvonnv,
become added to. join as ally. 3.

irpo<r-&av6cD, tlffta, lend in addition ; mid.,
borrow in addition. 7.5 5 .

7rpocr-8i, inf. fV, there is need in addition,
it is necessary besides ; mid., -Seojuot,
want more. 4.

irpoer-8i8wp.i, -tSiSovv, give in addition.
1.9 19 .

7rpoo - 8oKaw, -tSoKuv, expect, wait for. 3.

Trpoo - 8oK^w, seem good besides. 3.2 s4 .

irpotr-tSpafiov, 2 a. of irpoff-Tptx*"-

irpd<r-ei|xi, rjfiv, go or come forward, come
near, approach (dat.). 26.

irpo(r-e\avvw, -eAw, -fj\a<ra, to ride or march
to, towards, or against. 8.

irpoor-t'pxofxai, 2 a. -r)\9ov, -eA^A.ti0a, come
to or towards (dat.), approach, advance.
24. pros-elyte.

irpo<r-Td)^OT] , see n-poo'-Tdrrw.

irpoo - vx.o(iai, -tv^ofjiat, pray to. 6.3 21 .

irpocr-exw, -ttxov, -f |w, 2 a. -ttrxov, hold to ;
w. or without vovv, give attention (to,
dat.), give heed. 6.

irpo<r-^iv, -fjffav, see irp6ff-(tfi.i.

irpo<r-'f|KO), -^|w, come to ; be related to, be-
long to (dat.) ; impers., it belongs to or
bejits, is proper; dat. less often ace. -f-
inf. 7.

irpocr-^Xao-a, see irpoff-tKavvw.

irpoo - TJ<rav, see irp6<r-(i/j.i.

irpdo-Ssv [irpoff + Oev], before, in front of,
forward ; of time, before, previously ;
after the art. = the former, foregoing
etc., ret it., the front, van ; et'y rb IT., for-
ward, to the front ; ir . . . irpiv, until, be-
fore ; IT. . . . 1j, sooner . . .than. 47.

irpo<r-0o-9ai, 2 a inf. of irpocr-riOTi/jii.

irpoo'-0a>, run to or towards. 4.

irpocr-id<ri, see irp6ff-ftut.

trpo(r-T)fii, T]cr<e, let come to; mid., let come
to oneself, admit, receive, fit rain-tv, to
the same rank or place. 3.1 s '. 5.

irpoo - KaXw, call to, invite. 1.9 28 .

irpcxr-KTaofiai, -teT-ricrofiai, acquire in addi-
tion. 5.6 15 .



irpoo-tcw&o irpwros

irpo<r-icuvw [tcvvfca, kiss], impf. -tKvvovv,
ri<r<a, -(KvvTiffa, kiss (the hand) towards
in token of homage, do homage to, pros-
trate oneself before, worship (ace.). 5.

irpo<r-Xa}i.{3dvci>, -\tyo/j.ai, 2 a. -f\a&ov, take
besides, receive in addition ; take hold,
take part in (a work). 9.

irpoir-jwvw, wait or await still, wait expect-
ing. 6.6 1 .

irpo<r-n.fyvw(u, -/j.ica, -e'jiufet, come up to and
mingle with, come up to. 4.2 16 .

irp6o - o8os, ov, way to or going to, approach ;
income, revenue. 5. See eu-.

irpexr-dfivufu, -0/j.ov/j.ai, -ta/jioaa, swear be-
sides or also. 2.2 8 .

irpocr-onoXo'Yttt, agree or consent to, sur-
render. T.4 24 .

Trpocr-irepovdw, 4\aia etc., pin to. 7.3 21 .
[irfpdvi), pin.]

JTpotr-TfiTiTat, fall upon, rush to. 7. 1 21 .

irpoo - iro'o|j,ai, riffonai, make for oneself,
win; claim, profess, pretend. 6.

7rpo<r-TroX|it'a>, war against. '.6 8 .

irpooraT^w, riffta, preside over (gen.), man-
age. 4.8 25 ; 5.6 21 .

irpo<rra,TT]s, ov, [irpo-tffnitu], president,
manager. 7.7 31

irptxr-raTTw, -rc(a>, -fTaa, -erdx^nv, en-
join (rl) upon (rivl), command; in 1.6 1}
= it had been enjoined. 1.9 18 .

irpo(r-TXw, pay besides. 7 6 8:) .

irpo-oTcpviSiov, ov, [ffrtpvov], breastplate.
1.8 7 . On forma, cf. vpo fifTwiriSiov,

irpoo - T^3T]ni, 2 a. m. -tOenyv, place to;
place oneself to, agree to (dat.). 1.6 10 .

Trpoo - Tp\w, -Spa./j.ov/j.ai, 2 a. -t'Spauov, run
to (dat.). 4.

irpo<r-4*'pa>, bring to; mid., bear oneself
toward. 3.

irpo<r-\<ap4<a, come to or over to, join.
5.4 s3 .

irpo<r-)(pos, ov, [w. land (xu>pa) adjoining],
neighboring. 5.3 9 .

irp<5<ro, later Att. iroppto (wh. see), \irp6],
adv., c. -tartpta, s. -tardrca, forwards, far-
ther, far : ov ir., not Jar, fls TO K., forward
farther, rov it (part, gen.), farther, 13'
With gn. (I) far from, retv

(2) far into, rov irora^ov.


-n-pocr-cofiocra, see irpo<r-6fi.vv/j.i.
irpocrwirov, ov, [&>i]/, o^ofjiai], face, looks, pi.

comm. for sing. 2.6 11 .
irpo-raTTw, -TtrayfMt, post in front. 5.2 18 .
irpo-TtXe'w, to-Q>, pay in advance. 7.7 2S .
irpoTpaios, 6, ov, preceding, rfj IT. (rj^pcf),

on the day before. 2. 1 3 .
irpoTtpos, d, ov, [irp6], former, earlier;

(rb) irportpov, adv. ace., before, previ-

ously. 11.
irpo-Tlnaw, ficrta, honor above (gen.), prefer

in honor, 1.6 5 ; fut. mid. as pass., 1 4 U .
7rpo-Tp^x.u, 2 a. -fSpanov, run forward or

before; outrun. 3.
irpov- =r irpof-.
irpovSeS- = irpo-foto-.
irpQ-$a.ive>, show before ; mid., appear be-

fore or in a distance, 1.8 1 ; 2 3 18 .
Trpo<j>a<r5o(iai, make or allege as an ex-

cuse. 3. 1 25 . See a.-irpo-<pacri<rT(as.
irp6-<j>ao-is ews, fj, [<prinl], what is said in

one's defence truly or falsely, pretext,

excuse. 4.
irpo-<}>vXa, O.KOS, out-guard, pi. picket, out-

post. 6.
irpo-xwpf'w, jo-aa, go forward, go on, pros-

per, be favorable ; impers., be conven-

ient. 1.9 18 ; 6.4 21 ; ".S 26 .
irpvuva, rjs, [fern, of irpvnv6s, (*p6), hind-

most], stern, of a boat. 5.8 20 .
irpw [irprf], early, in the morning; c. irpifai-

Tepov, earlier (than usual), very early.

3.4 1 . 4.

n-piopa, as, [irp<$, cf. irpvuvd], prow. 5.8 20 .
ar, prow-officer, next to the

in rank. S.S 2 '*.
irpwrevw, 6e ,/zrs/, stanrf first (in, dat.).

irpwros. 77, ov, [for irptJ-aros, sup. of irp6],

Jirst, foremost, most eminent ; rovsirpiarovs,

the van ; it. tfyyei\f, I Jirst announced =

T trus the first to announce, 2.3 19 ; often

w. force of an adv., (cf. tutStv, see H.

619 and a, G. 926, n.), first, in the first

place ; (TO) irpwrov, first, at first, in the
first place ; it. nsv . elro, firerra, or

dra of. 95. proto-, see Internal. Diet.



-irrdpwp.a.1 [cf. L. sternno], sneeze ; omi-
nous, comm. of good, among both Greeks
and Romans. 3.2 9 .

jrr^pv, vyos, i], [trrepov, feather, see wrro-
IMI], wing; skirt, at the bottom of the
corselet. It covered the loins, and from
it hung strips of leather or felt covered
with plates of metal. 2.

mryji^, TJS, [TU], fist ; boxing. The con-
testants dieted and trained for months,
fought naked, but with hands and
wrists weighted with the cestus (*ce<rr<$i),
4.8 27 . pigmy.

IIv9-a-y6pas, ov, [Pythian or Delphian
speaker], Pythagoras, 1.4 2 . Hv6ci> (=
Delphi), a part of many proper names.

truKVos, -fi, &v, [akin to iru|], close, dense,
thick; irvKvd, adv., often. 5.

mJKTT^s, ov, borer, pugilist, L. pugil. 5.S 23 .
See Trv, irvy/j.-fi-

TTV\T], Tjy, [cf. ir6\os, axis, E. pole], gate,
(opp. to Gvpa, door), ch. in pi. gates ;
entrance, pass, because barred with gates,
1.4 4 . 22. pylorus, Pylae.

IlvXai, wv, at, [see foreg.], Pylae or Gates.
Those of 1.5 5 known in later geogra-
phy as at Ba&v\<aviai, and located
opp. Charmande. It seems to have
been a city, cf. ot tvotKovvrts in 1.5 5 .
Some identify it with the descent from
the hills into the Babylonian plain,
others make it a pass through the
Median wall.

mJV0dvo|i.ai [ \irvO], 2 a. irv()6u.i]v, learn
by inquiry, ascertain, inquire ; ace., ace.
-+- gen. ( source ), ace. + pt. irpo<rt\au-
VOVTO, 1.7 16 , gen. + OTI, tl, irrfrepo etc.
13. See dj/o-.

irv [prob. dat. pi. shortened, L. pugnns,
E. FIST], adv., icith the fist. 5.8 16 .

irop, irvpos, r6, [cf. L. pruna, coals], FIRE;
pi. Trvpd, uv, o?s, fires, watch-fires. 26.
pyre, pyrite, pyr-, see Internat. Diet.
See irupsTTO), irvpcrevta.

irvpafxis, iSos, fi, [ 7 prob. Egypt.], pyra-
mid, one of the ruins of Nineveh de-
scribed 3.4 Its width, as excavations
show, is one hundred and fifty feet (not
a plethron as Xen. says), its present

height one hundred and forty. For

what purpose erected is uncertain.
Ilvpapos, ov, Pi/ramus, river of Cilicia.

irvp-yo-(Jia\w [irvpyo-fjidxos, tower-fighting ],

storm a tower. 7.8 13 .
irvp-yos, ov, [see irepya/j.os], tower. 7.8 13 .
iruptTTw [T/P], have a fever. 6.4 11 .
irdpivos, 17, ov, of wheat, wheaten. 4.5 31 .
irupds, ov, [?], wheat, often pi. 13. Its

flour, &\evpa.
Hvppias, ov, [Redhead, cf. Kufus], Pyr-

rhias. 6.5 11 .
iruppi^T|, TJS, [sc. Spx"nffis, dance], the

Pyrrhic, a mimic war-dance. 6.1 12 .
irup<rvo> [irvpaos, torch, see irvp], light

beacon fires. 7.8 15 .
trw [instr. case of *vos], adv., encl., yet, only

w. neg., oS-irw, /iTj-irw etc., not yet. 6.
irwXea), fjau etc., sell. 4. [Prob. fr. irt'Aw,

be in motion, be busy, through a lost noun

stem.] mono-poly. See ^-iro\ao.
irwXos, ov, [L. pullus, FOAL], colt, filly. 3.
IIwXos, ov, [colt], Polus. 7.2 5 .
irwjia, arcs, TO, [irfvai], drink. 4.S 27 .
TrcG-iroT, ever yet. 8.
irs ['TOS], how? 16.
irws [*irds], somehow, in some way, in any

way ; &\\ws irws . . . 1j, in any other way

than. 3.1 20 . 14.


p = Lat. r Eng. r.
Cf. pe'<o, SaKpv, 8fip, 9v

p, dvpa.

pa'Sios, d, ov, c. p&tav, s. p'owrroj, easy. 10.

[ 4 pa or i>a, of unc. kin.]
paSiws, adv., c. paov, s. p^ffra, easily. 3.
'Pa0vr]s, ov, Rathines. 6.5".
pa.9vp.eoj \pa-8vfjLos], 4}ff<a, be of an easy dis-

position, lead an easy life. 2.6 6 .
paOvfiia, as, [f>a,-6vfj.os], easiness of disposi-

tion, life of ease. 2.6 5 .
paov, pciffros, see paSto?
pijioTwvii [p&o-ros, cf. a.vtfid>vi} fr. &Wyuo?],

ijs, easiness, ease, indolence. 5.8 16 .
peed, f>fv<ro/jMi, oftener ^i/^ero/uai, 2 a. p. as


act tppfaiv,Jlow. 7. [ \fpv, (ptF, pop),
orig. era, E. STREAM, cf. 'S.Tpv-p.&v, river
of Macedonia]. See 5ta-, irapa-, iff pi-,
wp- , tirippirros, pvOftos rheum, rheu-
matism, cata-rrh, dia-rrhcea

pTJrpa, eu, verbal agreement, bargain. G.6 28 .
[pf (see (pu) + rpa, cf. <pap(-rpa.]

pi-yos, ouj, vo, [for Fpty-os, L. frigidus],
/rosf, co/rf. 5.8 2 .

piirHw, impf. tpptirrow, 4.7 18 ; 7.3 22 = foil.

^tirrw [?], i4""> *ppty a > throw, hurl ; throw
off', away, or down. 4. See 5ta- ( Sidp-
), rr-, ^iri-ifora-.
ff, ^, [?], nose. 7.4 8 .

'PoSios, a, of, Rhodian ; as subs., a Rho-
dian, of Rhodes, a large island off the
coast of Asia Minor. The Rhodians
were famous slingers.

po4>'o>, -fiffonat, [cf. L. sorbeo], sup greedily,
gulp down. 4.S* 2 .

|Sv0p6s, ou, [pV (ptta), on end. cf. (rra-
0/uo's], measured motion, time, rhythm.

pvpia, aroj, rrf, [^5o/tai, rfrozr], a rfraw of
the bow, ex r&^ou pharos, from (the
distance) of a bow-shot. 3.3 15 .

p<VT], ijj, [^c5i'vi>)ut, mate strongf], strength,
force. 3.3 14 . See

<r, = Ldt. s (= r between two vowels* = Kng. s.

Cf. <7KTji'7J, <rird<u, (Txe'irTO^iac, icrTTjfii.

&,=:', cf. <rus, 5s ; I.-B. soften r= ', cf. a^a, viot,

crd-yapis, ewj, ^, fPers .], battle-ax. 2.
O-O.KLOV, ou, [dim. of a-awos, (Heb. ?), sack],

small bag. 4.5". Cf. tiri-adma.
2a\p.u8T)crcrds. ou, i, Salmydessiis, a town

and district in Thrace, on the Euxine.

o-oLXfri-yl, 17701, j, f?], trumpet, a lonj;,

straight, bronze tube, commonly with
' bell-shaped aperture, opp. to (repay. 9.
aa\ir w i iw, ^fft{Air7|a, sound the truinpi-t,

signal by the trumpet; iicd tffd\iriyf.

when the trumpet sounded, 1.2 17 . 7.3 3 ' 2 .
ov, trumpeter. 3.

2d.fii.os, ou, a Samian, of the island Samos,
off the west coast of Asia Minor. 1.7 6 .

2aji6Xas, a, Samolas. 5 6 14 ; 6.5 11 .

2dp8Ls, ftav, cd, Sardis, capital of Lydia
and of the satrapy of Cyrus. Under

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