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Alse y^ daughter of Sam Wilson Aprill 10
Mary y« daughter of John Woodmancy June 23
Ruth y* daughter of Rich : Johnson July 20
Mary daughter of Wittm Hobson Aug. 4
Sam: y« son of John Burn 9vember 3**
Ben : ye son of Richard Kirby 9vember 20
John y« son of John Wilson 9vember 25
John y« son of Ralf Cook December 9
Alee daughter of Tho: Richardson December 9

Bapt. 1708
Mary the daugh. of Rouliy banes Ap. 2
Rob* son of Rob* Grey May 28

Tho John Hessey August 15

Joseph y^ son of John Baker octob: 15
Francis y* son of Will: Hobson Decern: 21
Ben son of John Woodmancy March 1

Eliz: daughter of Geo: Wallas April 3**
Eliz. daught of Sa™ Wilson Aprill 12
Robt son of John Burn November 13
Mary daughter of Rich. Constable Decem. 7
Catterene daughter of Will. Whiting July 10

Bap: 1710
Mary daughter of John Wilson Aug. 12
Rob* son of Ralph Cooke December 18
John son of Rich: Constable Jan: 4
Eliz. dau: of Will. Whiting March 13

Ann daughter of Samuell willson Aprill 9
Barbra daughter of Tho: wetterill Aprill 22
Mary Daughter of Geo: Haton May 6
Ben: son of John Baker november ii
Mary daughter of John Hessay March 23

Stephen son of Rob* Grey Aprill 8*^
Jane daughter of Rich. Johnson June 12
Eliz. daughter of Wittm Hobson June 19
Thomas son of Rob* Barker Aug. 2
Tho : son of John Burn Octob : 10
Rob* son of Rich. Constable Novem. 29
Eliz. daughter of Wittm Smith March 23

Tho. son of Rob' Wilson Aprill 30*^^
John son of Wittm Raley May 3^
Geo: son of Geo: Haton July 27
Mary daught : of Sam. Wilson 2^ Novem.

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The Registers of Cherry Burton. 77

Richard son of Rob* Kirby Novem : 19
Alice daugh: of Wittm Stephenson Decern: 17
Ann daught. of Rob^ Barker Jan : 14
Jane y^ daught: of Rich. Huson March 22

Joseph son of Rich: Constable June 18
Rich: son of Wittm Smith Septem. 17
Hannah daught. of Jon Burn Decern: 27
Wittm son of Rob* Grey June 28

Baptised 17 15

Richard son of Rich: Constable August 28
John Bastard son of Jane Mutch October 16^
Mary darther of Wittm Colson December 4
Alice daughter of Wttm Wetheril DecemB 18
Eliz. daughter of John Hill January 12
John son of George Haton March 10

Baptised 1717
Easter daughter of will: hobson Aprill 27
Elis. daugh. of will: couUson novemer 4
will: son of will: wetterill febevery 24

Baptised 17 18
Anne doughter of Will smith may 13
Eliz. daughter of John Simon May 23*
John Hill son of John Hill August 7**^
Wittm son of Ralp Cook March 23

Baptised 17 19
Ann fill, of Rob* Grey Aprill 10
Mordicai son of Wittm Hill May 12
Elis. daught. of Wittm Colson Sepf^ 28
Peter son of Geo: Haton Feb. 14
John son of Will: Wetherill March 3*^

Baptise 1720
Elis. daiit. of John Simon Aprill 23
John son of Sam Kirkman 8^^ 12**^
Bapt. 1 72 1
Elis. daghter of Will°» Stephenson Agric: May 25
Will: son of Will"* Coulson Oct 2$^
Baptised 1722

Eliz: dauagte of Francis Nicolson Aprill 10
Mary daught. of Tho. Wilson Agic : Oct. 23
Mary dayght. of Witt Hill kb: December 9'^
John son of John Hil lab : Feb. 28*^
Married 1722*
Wittm Wilson & Mary Gillah by publication March 27
Will™ Barnard & Mary Marr by publication Novemb. 5
John Dowe & Margrett Raley by publication Novemb. 18
John Lee & Eliz: Archard by publication Decern. 27

* The following entries under 1722 have two lines drawn through them.

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7^ TlTB Rbgistsrs or CHftRmY Burton.

John Pindar lab: June 14
John Kirby from Hull Novem. 21
Ann Wife of Witt Smith Match 17

Wrong placed by mistake

Baptisd 1723

Alice fil. of Witt Stephenson Agic : Aprill y* 4*^
John fit of Will" Wilson laB: ApriU 11
Eliz. fil. of John Burn lab. Aprill 13
Tho. son of Tho. Willson August 12
Ellen daughter of John Lee Octo : 8^
John son of John Pharah Oct : 16*^

John (bastard) of Ester Mutch April 3^
Anne daughter of John Lee Sept : 28
Elis: daughter of Richard Richardson March 16
Francis son of Will™ Coulson March 24

Tho : son of John Dow May y« 4*^

Law: son of Will" Stephenson May 13*^

Margt daughter of Christ. Elyarl May 20^

Baptid 1725

Mary daughter of Wittm Bamett June 6*^

Rob* son of Wittm Coulson June 14^

Jane daught of John Hill Novemb*' 28

Ann daught John Bilton Jaftry 25

Hannah daght of Rob* Russell Jaiiry 31

Mary daught of Rob* Grey Feb: 17

Ellin: daught. of Wittm Bullock March 6


Ann fita of John Watson April 30*'

Everald fita of John Simon May 29**

Rich, son of Ricfe Dobson May 31^

Riclid son of Riclid Richardson Novem : 8^

Francis son of John Pharoh Feb. 7

John son of Samuel Ransom Septem^' 30**^
Martha daughter of Daniel Woodmansey Novem^' 19***
Robert son of W" Stephenson Jan : 23**
George son of John Hill Feb: 10*^
Mary daughter of John Bilton March 22

Elizabeth daughter of Ro^* Stevenson Octo^ 6*»»

Sarah daughter of Edward Johnson parish Clarke Aprill i
Alice daughter of Rich^ Richardson Labour' Aug* 3
Stephen son of W"» Bradley xber 27*

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The RcGisTsms or Cherry BtntTOw. 79

Francis son of Francis Baker labour* Janu. y« u***
Martha Daughter of John Simon labo' Febuy y j^
Robert son of Sam* Ransom February y« 16***

Jane daught' of Tho» Butler May y« 27*^
Jane daughf of Mathew Much July 21"*
John son of Rob* Russel xbcr 2i»*
Elizabeth daught: of John Fairy xber 25*'*
John son of Francis Baker Feb^y 20

Benjamin son of John Hill April y« ii**»
Catherine daught' of Rich** Richardson July y« 27***
Rob* son of Rob* Stephenson December y« 5***
Ralph son of W°> Stephenson March y« 23*

William son of William Bradley May 30
Robert son of Sam: Ransom Nov: 23
Thomas son of Thomas Raley Jan: 31

Robert son of Thomas Watson April 16 babtized Privately
Mai^aret daughter to Francis Baker June 18***
Anne daughter of Marmaduke Constable August 12***
Mathew son of John Thorlay Nov' 13***

Anne Daughter of Richard Gruby March 26
Elizabeth Daughter of Jn° Camp 14 July
Charles Horsley Son of Tho» Watson of Gardham privately Baptiz'd

August 18*** and Received 19*** September
Mary Daughter of Tho» Raylay December 11***

March 30 Frances Daughter of John Cooke Shepherd
May ii Lawrence Son of Robert Stevenson Husbandman
May 18 Mary Daughter of William Stevenson Husbandman
August 3 Robert son of Francis Baker parish-Clerk
October 26 Mary Daughter of John Thorley Shepherd
*Jan. 18*^ Mary daughter of John Thorlay was Buryed
Jan. 22*^ Samuel Son of Sam Ransom

August 5**» Richard Son of Richard Richardson
August 22^ Ann daughter of John Campe

October 3** Michael the Son of Francis Baker and Margaret his Wife
February 22*^ Catherine daughter of John Thorlay and Mary hi* Wife
March 14*** Ann daughter of M' Thomas Watson of Guardholme and

Ann his Wife
1737 fMary the daughter of Robert and Ann Woodmansey his Wife
September 12*^

•This entry is lined out.

t Ann has been lined out and Mary, in a different handwriting, placed above.

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8o The Rboistbrs op Cherry Burton.

Jane the daughter of William and Jane Elliker November 6'^
Marmaduke the son of Francis And Margaret Baker his wife

December 12*

Elizabeth daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Bayley January 13**^
Margaret Daughter of Thomas And Margaret Atkinson January 19^^
Jane the daughter of W" Stadder on the 28th of February
1738 Alice the Daughter of Robert Stephenson Husbandman May 7**»
Mary the Daughter of Richard Richardson and Catherine His Wife

was privately Baptized May the ^i*^
Thomas (Bastard) of Francess Thorly July the 2*
John the son of John Cooke Shepherd Nov: the 28*^

Elizabeth the daughter of M** Thomas Watson of Guardholme Aprill

the 2^
w" son of Stephen Day June the 12*'*
Jane the Daughter of Richard Richardson July the 29**^
Elizabeth Daughter of W" Levet Nov: 13*
Margaret Daughter of W" Stadder Nov: 15'**
Peter son of Richard and Isabel Grooby Deceb*" 9***
Sarah Daughter of Ralph Stephenson and Mary His Wife December
the 26<^

Ann Daughter of Robert & Ann Woodmansey April y* fifteenth
William son of William and Elizabeth EUeker October y« twelth
Ellen daughter of Franc : and Margaret Baker October y* nineteenth
Robert son of William Levett December y« twenty ninth

Thomas Barker Rector
William Stepheson Ben Everinham Churchwardens

Memorandum That the Reverend Thomas Barker Master of Arts
of Jesus College in Cambridge, Rector of Leven in Holdemess and
Chaplain to the Right Honourable Henry Earl of Suffolk was inducted
into the Rectory of Cherry Burton The Sixth Day of February one
Thousand Seven Hundred and Forty By Samuel Johnston B.D. Vicar
of St Mary's in Beverley In the Presence of

William Nelson

Henry Munby

Fran: Kirby

Fran : Baker
M*" Barker dyed at C. Burton 26 Sept' 1774.

Mem" Robert Darley Waddilove, M.A.; and F.A.S.; of Clare
Hall, Cambridge, Vicar of Topcliffe in this County, and Chaplain
to the Hon^*« & Right Reverend D' Robert Drummond, Lord
Arch Bishop of this Province, and also to the R' Hon^** Tho* Lord
Grantham, His Majesty^s Ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary
at the Court of Spain, was inducted into this Rectory of Cherry
Burton (vacant by the Death of Tho» Barker 26 Sepf 1774) the ninth

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The Registers of Cherry Burton. 8i

Day of March one thousand, seven hundred and fifty five* by George
Croft, Master of the Grammar School in Beverley, & Fellow of
University College Oxford, in the presence of William Browne M.A.

Rector of Silverton & Rowe
& John Baker, Parish Clerk

of C. Burton.

Extract from a MS. Book of A. Bishop Sharp.

No Papists in 1706. North Burton, aF Cherry Burton R. S*
Michael, in the Arch Deaconry of the East Riding, Deanery of
Herthill, Hunsley Dec. An Ancient Rectory in the Patronage of the
College of Beverley, and upon the Dissolution thereof continued in
the Crown till Queen Elizabeth, who presented twice, since that it is
come to the Hothams. The Town is in the Jurisdiction of Beverley
as to the Probate of Wills et^. It is not charged with Synodals or
Procurations: It is valued in my Book at ;^i20. K 'B ;^23:6:8.
T* ^2 : 6 : 8. The present R' is John Johnson, supposed the same
that holds South Dalton.

1662 Tho» Gay ton . by S' John Hotham

i68i John Johnson . . by W"* Gee Esq'
1703 Rob* Barker . . by his Broth*" p.h. Vice
1727 Tho* Gee . . .by Tho» Gee Esq** of York
1736 Christopher Burton . by John Burton of Kirkthorp in the

Parish of Warmfield in this county
1740 Tho^ Barker . . by Elizabeth Barker of Beverley p.h.v.
1775 Rob* Darley Waddilove by the Rep" of Robert Waddilove p.h.v.

Value ;^35o crede R.D.W.
1779 Aug* R.D.W. returned from Spain; and in Oct*' was appointed
domestic Chaplain to D' W"* Markham L^ A. Bishop of this Province
(who had been his Master at West' School)

Prebendery of York 22 Feb: 1782

Prebendery of Ripon 25 July 1780

Arch Deacon of the East Riding 3 March 1786

Dean of Ripon 19 Nov' 1791

* This date is so in the original.

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8a The Registers of Cherry Burton.


A register booke for burialls: Containing In it the Names and
Surnames of all Such psons as are buried within the pish
Church or Church yeard of Cherry burton, the day and yeare
when they weere buryed: from the 2i**» of October in the yeare
1653 & so following.

Imprimis Anno 1653
W" Gowlsbrough was buried the first day of november in the fore-
said yeare
A male Childe of m' Robert Billips (which lived but two dayes) the

foure and twentycth day of November unbaptized
John Ashton the younger the fower and twentieth day of december
W°^ one of the twin children of Marmaduke Gybson Jan : 30***
Isabell another twin of Marmaduke Gybsons the same day together
with the other

Anne the daughter of John Raper Aprill the 4^
Anne the daughter of Robert wetwang May the 25'^
Mary the daughter of Elizabeth Collson June the 25***
Anne the wife of John Sparrow July the 29'**
Thomas Hodgson december 23*^

Edward the sonne of Francis Ealand (Eland) the 2^ day of Januarie
Alice Kelsey widdow Feb. 3*^

Elizabeth Woodmansie (Woodmasy) doughter of Robert Woodmansie
Febr. the 24°

Jane the doughter of John Ashton June the 22"* 1655
Robert Johnson June the 27^^
Mathew Levit Sep. 4*^
Two twinne sonnes of Henry Gollsbrough (Goldsbrough) the 20**^ day

of November being still borne
Isabell the wife of Henry Gollsbrough (Goldsbrough) November the 27**
John Raper december the 6**^

Anne the doughter Thomas Wilson the younger Januarie the 2*
Nicolas Loft Febrarie the 5***

Anne Hessey (Hessay) widdow Aprill the first
Mary Pickering April 12

Jane the doughter of Henry Gollsbrough (Goldsbrough) Aprill the 30
Elizabeth the doughter of Richard Constable the younger the 9**^ day

of June
Two twinne sonnes of Walter Hall was buridd the 10**^ day of

Januarie one of them still borne the other his name is called John
Richard Stead a Stranger February the 6
Robert the son of John Sparrow March the 24

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The Rbgistbrs of Cherry Burton. 83

Jane the wyfe of John Swabye (Swalby) Aprill the first
John Wallis Aprill the i6'»» (i3*»»)
Isabell Swabye (Swalby) May the 8
Phillipp Stockdaile had a female child still borne and was buryed

May the 12*^(15^^)
Margret Ruston May the 19**^
Samuel Burn (Bourne) had a female child still 1;K>me and was buryed

June the 23*^
Martha Raper August 31^^
John Wilson September 5***
John Raley (Rayley) September 7*^*
Katherin (Catherine) Gibson November 4***
Thomas Wilson elder Novemb. 22**^
Thomas Burn (Bourne) January 4*
William Coulson (Collson) January 6
John Tomson the sonn of Alexander Tomson (Thompson) January

the 9^^
George Baker January 1$^
Thomas Southeron (Southerne) January 14***
Elizabeth Loft the younger January 17**^

Alice the wife of Thomas Southeron (Southerne) January 29**^ (25*^)
Robert Woodmansie (Woodmasy) February i
A female child of Jonathan Burn (Bourne) February the 2
A female child of John Grozier March 4*^^
Dorithy the wife of John Grozier March the 6

Walter Hall had a male child still borne Aprill 14^**
Thomas Carnabye (Camaby) Aprill 24*** (19"*)
John the sonn of Francis Jenison May the 5^^
John Bum (Bourne) elder May 26'^ that came from Holdcrnes
Elizabeth Bum (Bourne) wyddow June 3***
A male child of Samuell Marr (Marrc) unbaptized June the 21^
Robert Burn (Bourne) the sonn of John Burn (Bourne) in holdernes

the iS^ day of September
Sara the daughter of William Wilson November 21*^
Katherin Cunstable december the 10*^
Margret Ingland (England) december the 31***
Susanna the daughter of John Raley (Rayly) March 23***

Ann Kempe March 25^
Martin Wetwand (Wetwang) Aprill 6*^
Thomas Wilson May g^^ {SS^)
William Marr (Marre) May 14*^

Elizabeth the daughter of Samuell Marr (Marre) July the 22'**
Elizabeth the daughter of Peter Baker February the 4'**

Mary the daughter of Thomas Marr (Marre) June the 9*^ (8***)

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84 The Registers of Cherry Burton.

Alice the daughter of Samuell Lowthropp (Lowthorpe) June the lo'**
William the sonn of Tomison (Thomasine) Wilson June the i6**^
Mary the wife of M"" Walter Fowke (Fouke) Sep. i***
William Dalton had a newborn child November the i6*^
John the sonn of James Walker November the 20***

Mary the daughter of Samuell Lowthropp (Lowthorp) June the 12***
John the sonn of Ralph Burn (Rafe Bourne) August the 24**^
Jane the wife of Robert Browne February the 4'^
Jane the daughter of John Ashton March the 10'** day
John the son of John Sparrow March the i6***
Jane the daughter of Peter Baker March the 17*^

Aleander Tomson (Alexander Thompson) May the 29*^
Thomas the sonn of Marke Ayre October the 22^^
William Loft November the first
Ann the daughter of Richard Cunstable (Constable) the younger

december 5**^
Nickolas Marr (Marre) december 19^
Ann the wife of Robert Wetwange december the 25**^
Isabell the wife of Robert Johnson January the 16^**
Mathew the sonn of John Ashton March the first

Elizabeth the daughter of James (Jane) Waukcr (Walker) July the 5^**
William Richardson had a male child by Mary his wife still borne and

buried September 14***
Mary the wife of William Richardson (Richlnson) September the 20*^
Elizabeth the daughter of Thomas Coall (Cole) Sept 23'^
M"^ Tho : Micklethwaite (Micclethwayte) Minister of Ghospell Novem-
ber the 3 : day (Rector of Cherryburton)

Elizabeth the wife of Thomas Marr (Marre) May the 7**^
Robtus Peacocke Novemb: vicesso primo
ElizaB Uxor Thomae Hessey Jan : vicesso sexto
Infans nourter natus Thomae et Aliciae Elfing : vicess® 3^ feb.
Alicia uxor Thomae Elfing: quinto die Martii
Anna woodmanscy (Woodmasy) vidua decimo tertio Martii
Thomas Gayton

Rector iM
William Richardson (Richinson) \
Thomas Coalle (Cole) J Churchwardens

Anna filia Guylielmi et Annae wilson Martii ultimo die
Anna filia Jofias et ElzalS Sparrow undeco: Aprilis
Isabella filia Johaii et Elizaft Sparrow maii quinto
Guylielmus Downes decimo secundo Junii (17*^)
Thomas Peacocke secundo Julii
Thomas Stockdale Filius Phylippi et Annae Stockdale s*® die August

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The Registers of Cherry Burton. 85

Benjamin filius Thomae et ElizaB : micklethwait : (Micclethwayte cleric.)

7*** die August n

Paulus filius Thomae et ElizalS micklethwait (Micclethwayte) undecimo

die August
Henricus Golsbrough (Goldsbrough) Beverlacensis DecemB sexto
Alicia Marre Vidua tricessimo : primo (29'**) Decemb.
Maria Comewell (Cornwall) vicessimo tertio Feb.
Thomas Gayton Thomas Marre I Church

Rector ibd. Francis + Gale / wardens

RoBtus Wetwang sen : vicess** Julii

Jeremiah filius Guyliett: et Annse Wilson vicesso secund: septemB
Anna filia Georgii et Annae Marr (Marre) duodecimo Novemb
Radalph Burne (Rafe Bourne) vicesso q*° die Decemb : (5'*")
Johaiies Ruston quinto die Martii

Thomas Gayton J William Wallis )

Rector iBd ( Rob' wetwang |

Gurliett Burne (Bourne) ultimo die martii
Jana Swaby (Swaleby) vicess** septimo maii
Gullets filius Johans et Janae Grosier (Groser) decimo die Junii
ElizaB uxor Jonathaiiae Bourne (Burne) undecimo die Junii
Anna uxor Thomae Gale Julii vicess® octavo
RoBtus filius Johanis et Aliciae woodmansy (Woodmasy) sept : vicess®

Domina Crompton*de Wansworth septimo die Decemb:
Anna uxor Georgii marre tertio die Martii

Thomas Gayton Laurenc Lothropp (Lowthorpe)

Rector ibd. Thomas + Gale

Maria Peacocke maii decimo tertio

Maria filia Richardi Constable ju : et mariae uxoris maii vimo tertio
ElizaB Colson (CoUson) vidua vicess® q'° die Junii 25*^
Georgius filius Georgii et Annas Carter 17** Aug:
Katherina uxor Guyliellmi Pattinson Feb : vicess® septimo
pauper gurda nomine Samuette Chymney sepult martii decimo octavo

Thomas Gayton Rector ibd.
Richardus Constable se: Maii sexto

Robertus filius Johans et ElizaB Sparrow vicesso nono Novemb.
Thomas filius Thomae et Joannae Hessey (Hessay) quinto Decemb.
puer nourter natus Jonath. et Aliciae Bourne eod. die
Alicia uxor Jonath. Bourne sexto Decemb.
GuylielAs Ruston hujus loci -^dituus Feb. vicess® octavo

Thomas Gayton J°^" »°"™« ^•

Rector iBd t i, T^^k*

John Lowthropp

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86 The Registers of Cherry Burton.

ElizaB filia petri et Janae Baker Septemb. 5 :
Sara filia Guyl. et Hester Mutch Septemb. 10 :
Anna filia RoBti et Eliza^ Wettwang Apr: 18
Thomas filius Thomae et ellisia pattison (Pattinson) Maii septimo :
Thomas Gayton Tho. + Bourne )

Rector iM Tho. + Elfing ) Churchwardens

Johannes Bourne sen: ter^ die August
Jana filia francissci et Janae Ealand (Eland) August vicessimo primo

Elizab. Mutch filia Guyliet et Hesterae Mutch sept vicessimo
Edwardus filius Thomae et ElizaB Bourne sept vicessimo quarto
Samuellis Bourne decimo quinto die NovemB
Joseph filius Johannis et Aliciae Woodmansey (Woodmasy) vicess.

quinto Novemb.
Audrea Constable Quinto die Novemb.

Johannes Sparrow decimo die Aprilis
Josephus filius Guytii et Annae Wilson Julii secundo
Jana filia Guylieil: et Hesterae Mutch Julii nono
Alicia filia Thomae Marre Julii decimo quarto
Maria filia Guyliett et Hesterae Mutch August undecimo
Elizab. filia RoBti et ElizaB wetwang Augu : decimo septimo
Anna filia Thomae et ElizaB Bourne Aug: vicessimo secundo
Anna filia Georg et Janae Horsley Novemb vicessimo secundo
Thomas Gayton John Bourne

Rector ibd. Edmund Swaby


RoBtus wetwang feb: sexto die

Ellis (EUice) England Feb. decimo quarto
EUena Bourne Martii tertio die

RoBt Swaby filius Edmundi et Mariae Swaby (Swalby) martii undecimo
John Gaton Robert Constable

Rector ibd. John Woodmansy (Woodmasy)

Jonathan Bourne Maii Decimo Septimo
Johannes Bourne Junii tertio
Thomas Cornwell Junii decimo (16**^)
Jana Baker uxor Petri Baker Junii vicesio quarto
Guyliettus wilson Julii secundo die
Elizabetha marre filia Thomae marr eodem die

Jane Wetwang June 10'"
Mary Elfing July 29**^

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The Registbrs of Cherry Burton. 87

Elizabeth Bourne vidua decimo octavo die Aprilis
Katherina uxor m^ Guylielmi Johnson decimo octavo die Junii

Samuell Johnson primo die octob.
Anthony Grosier

Guliellmus wilson Decern^ decimo nono die
Margareta Marr (Marre) uxor Tho: Marr vicesio 2^^ febra.
Joseph et Jana Gemelli Josephi et Janae Wright 2^^ Martii
Elizab Grooby filia Richardi Grooby martii nono

Here you must search y^ Booke of Woollen burialls

Anno D" 1681
Thomas Cole Apr: 7^: or neare upon that time
Ellice Pattison about Apr: 16**

John Ashton about the latter end of Apr: or beginning of May
W'^ the son of Richard Hewson about the same time
Jane Daughter of Richard Hewson the day after him
Stephen y* son of Stephen Hardy about Apr: 2*
Elizabeth y* wife of W™ Bourne about May 1 2
Mary daughter of George Marre neere y® Same time
Timothy son of Peter Baker about May 14^**
Mary the daughter of John Gillons June 6***
Richard Constable June 15*^
Margaret the daughter of W™ Burne June 19^**
Elizabith Levitt widow July 24*
Francis Eland Aug: i**

Anne the daughter of George Pease Octob: 25^^
Robert the son of Edmund Swalby Nov: lo**'
Anne Stockdale December ii*^
Thomas Partigan of Walkmton at Cherry-burton: Dec: i8'*»

1682 : . * .

W" son of Edmund Swalby July 5**^ ( George Pease

Anne y* wife of Francis Gennison Octob. 5*^ ] Tho. Wilson

Wittm son of George Horsley Dec : 26*** ( Warden s

1683 ' '

William Elfing son of Thomas Elfing. May 13

Elizabeth Ayre May 25*^

John the son of George Horsley June 27*^

Mary y* wife of Thomas Wright Nov: 23

John the son of Thomas Wright DeC 16^ '83

Joseph the son of Francis Russell Janu : 9^**

Mary the wife of Wittm Bourne Janu. 9***

Jane Walker January 19**

Martha daughter of Francis Russell Febr: 19'**

1684 Jeremy the son of George Marre Aug. 21*' 1684

Mary the daughter of Thomas Marr June 3**

Thomas Marre Aug: 31:

Digitized by VjOOQ IC

88 The Registers of Cherry Burton.

Alice the daughter of M*" Hodgson Johnson Oct': 30**
Thomas the son of Thomas Bedell Janu: 21^:
Anne the wife of Thomas Bedell Janu : 19**:

1685 Matthew the son of James Deane March 28
John Bourne Apr: 14**

Elizabeth Spophert May 3^

John Milner May 15**

Francis Thoigill Aug: 17^

Mary the wife of Thomas Wright Aug: 20^

Anne the daughter of George Pease March 21^

1686 Gabriel the son of Anne Robson May 6*^
Thomas the son of Francis Russell Oct: 12^
George Marre Dec': 26**

Witt Richardson Febr: 28*

Margarett y« daughter of D' Johnson March 14^

1687 Jonathan son of Edward Stennett May 14*^
Phillip Stockdale Sep' 22^

Peter Baker Octob: 24^*:

1688 Wittm son of John Wilson jun' Apr: 14**
Mary y* daughter of Richard Gruby May i"':
Elizabeth Monkeman Widow May 25***

Witt son of John Rauson May 29
Elizabeth the wife of John Baker June 1 1*^
William the son of Thomas Wright Oct. 30
Robert y* son of Francis Russell Dec. 31
Thomas Dawson serv* Janu: 15^

1689 Francis Jennison jun' Apr: 25**
Marke y® son of Marke Leeke July 10**

Zackeryas the son of John Johnson Rectour att Bps. Burton octob: 15^
M" Catharine Fenwicke (alias Johnson) the wife of John Johnson

Reef deceased oct: 18^** being S' Lukes Day and was buried att

Bps. Burton in the Quire Octob. 19** '89
William Walker Octob: 30**
Joseph Marre December 18**
William Marre his brother December 20^
George Marre brother to the 2 former Dec: 28

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