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Hillman; directors, James E. Brierly, Cordie F. Hillman and Louise R.
Macy; principal, James E. Brierly. On September 23, 1915, at sunrise,
with simple but impressive services, the cornerstone of the new First
Church of Christ, Scientist, was laid on the site at County and Mill
streets in the presence of the officers of the church, the building commit-
tee and the contractors. The brief service was conducted by the readers,
Mrs. Alice B. Taber and George W. Holbrook. James E. Brierly put
the stone in place. Beneath it was imbedded a copper box containing the
writings of Mary Baker Eddy, copies of the publications of the Christian
Science Publishing Society, and a paper containing the names of the
church officials, the building committee and the contractors. The new
church was ready for occupancy in 1916. Mr. Brierly maintained an
office at No. 948 Kempton street, where he keeps office hours morning,
afternoon and evening, ministering to the spiritual and physical needs
of a large clientele there and at their homes. He is the dean of New Bed-
ford practitioners and a bulwark of strength to the church he was instru-
mental in founding in New Bedford.

Mr. Brierly married, October, 1877, Ruth Agnes Harrison, of Fall
River, Massachusetts, daughter of William H. Harrison, who died at


Fall River, aged ninety-three, a quarry operator, but for many years was
retired from all active business pursuits. His wife, Ruth Ann (Brayton)
Harrison, was born in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. Mr. and Mrs. Brierly
are the parents of Raymond H., born in New Bedford, in May, 1888, now
in charge of the shipping department of the Weeden Manufacturing Com-
pany of New Bedford ; he married Maud Brightman, they the parents of
sons, Roland and Earl Brierly.


At the bottom of one of the panels of the forefathers monument at
Plymouth, Massachusetts, in this inscription: "Robert Cushman, who
chartered the Mayflower and was active and prominent in securing the
success of the Pilgrim Enterprise, came in 1621." This Robert Cush-
man, whose term of residence in New England was short, was one of
the leading spirits in all the preliminary measures taken both in Eng-
land and Holland by the Pilgrims prior to the actual sailing of the "May-
flower." His own coming for some reason was delayed, but the year
following he came in the "Fortune" accompanied by his only son,
Thomas. This Thomas Cushman married Mary Allerton, a "Mayflower"
passenger, and became prominent in church and colony life. Robert
Cushman returned to England on business for the colony and there died
in 1626, but Thomas Cushman continued in Plymouth until his death,
December 10, 1691. He was laid at rest in that holiest of American
shrines. Burial Hill in Plymouth, his gravestone proclaiming him "that
precious Servant of God." He was the founder of this one of New Eng-
land's historic families, he being the only son of Robert Cushman, who
is commemorated on the Forefathers' Monument.

Herbert Ellsworth Cushman, for many years financial head of one
of New Bedford's great corporations. The Morse Twist Drill and Ma-
chine Company, and an eminent citizen, is of the ninth American genera-
tion of the family. The line of descent from Robert Cushman is through
Elder Thomas Cushman, elder of Plymouth Church for forty-three years,
and his wife Mary (Allerton) Cushman; their son, Thomas (2) Cush-
man, and his second wife, Abigail (Fuller) Cushman, of Rehoboth ; their
son, Benjamin Cushman, and his first wife, Sarah (Eaton) Cushman;

their son, Jabez Cushman, and his wife, (Padelford) Cushman;

their son, Zebedee Cushman, who moved to Taunton, Massachusetts,
and his wife, Mary (Padelford) Cushman; their son, Alvah Cushman,
of Taunton, and his wife, Sally (Leonard) Cushman; their son, William
H. Cushman, of Taunton, and his wife, Joanna Harlow (Paine) Cush-
man ; their son, Herbert Ellsworth Cushman, of further mention.

William H. Cushman was born in Taunton, Massachusetts, Novem-
ber 2, 1839, sn^l there died, August 27, 1901. For many years he was
engaged in nail manufacture with his brother David, was well known,
highly esteemed and greatly beloved. He married Joanna Harlow


Paine, born October 12, 1840, daughter of John B. and Rebecca (Reed)
Paine, and granddaughter of Levi and Lucy (Doten) Reed, of Plym-
outh. Mrs. Cushman survived her husband and later became a resident
of New Bedford, where her sons were prominent in manufacturing cor-
porations. William H. and Joanna Harlow (Paine) Cushman were the
parents of eight children : Henry Presbrey, died young ; Herbert Ells-
worth, of further mention ; Albert Francis, died aged twenty years ;
William Alvah, of New Bedford, clerk of Morse Twist Drill and Machine
Company; Jennie E., married Louis Bright Barker; Everett Morton (q.
v.), superintendent of the Holmes Manufacturing Company, New Bed-
ford; Grace Reed, died young; Bessie May, married Francis N. Smith.

Herbert Ellsworth Cushman, eldest son of William H. and Joanna
Harlow (Paine) Cushman, was born in Taunton, Massachusetts, Janu-
ary I, 1862. There he completed full courses of grade and high school
study, finishing with graduation, class of 1880. He began business life
with the Taunton Locomotive Works, serving that corporation as clerk
for one year, then for about six years was head bookkeeper for the Wil-
liams Manufacturing Company of Taunton. In 1887 he resigned his
position and came to New Bedford, entered the employ of the Morse
Twist Drill and Machine Company, as sales agent, and is now rounding
out his thirty-first year of continuous service with that very important
corporation. He continued as sales agent for the company until 1902,
his record in that responsible position then bringing him promotion to
his present office, treasurer and general manager, succeeding Gideon
Allen, Jr., who succeeded E. S. Taber as treasurer in March, 1889, be-
came vice-president in 1902, and upon the death of Andrew G. Pierce,
September 11, 1903, was elected president. As treasurer of so important
a manufacturing corporation, Mr. Cushman at once became a factor in
the financial world and during the years which have passed since assum-
ing the duties of his office he has grown to full stature as a financier and
general manager. The corporation is strong in all its departments,
factory, office and selling, but in its finance department particularly so,
that department being the cornerstone of every successful manufactur-
ing enterprise.

During his thirty years of residence in New Bedford, Mr. Cushman
has been called to other positions of trust, he now serving the First
National Bank as director, the New Bedford Institution for Savings, as
trustee, the Fireman's Mutual Insurance Company and Union Mutual
Insurance Company, of Providence, as director, the New Bedford
Foundry and Machine Company, as director, and is a director of the
company which he also serves as treasurer, the Morse Twist Drill and
Machine Company. He is an ex-president of the New Bedford Board of
Trade, member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the
Engineer and Machinery clubs of New York City, the Wamsutta and
Country clubs of New Bedford, Hope Club of Providence, the Old
Colony Historical Society of Taunton, the Peabody Museum and Essex


Institute of Salem, the Ainericau Museum of Natural History of New
York, and the Old Dartmouth Historical Society of New Bedford. He
has been for several years and is now president of the Old Dartmouth
Historical Society of New Bedford. In religious affiliation he is a mem-
ber of the Unitarian church of New Bedford. His masonic memberships
are held with .Mfred Baylies Lodge, Free and Acce]ited Masons, of Taun-
ton ; St. Mark's Chapter, Royal Arch Masters, of Taunton ; New Bedford
Council, Royal and Select Masters, of Taunton ; St. John's Commandery,
Knights Templar, of Providence. In political faith he is a Republican.
Mr Cushman married, January 22, 1901, Amia Russell Taber,
daughter of William C. and Sarah .\. W . Taber. Mr. and Mrs. Cush-
njan are the parents of three children : Mary .-Mlerton, who died in in-
fancy ; Sarah, born September 30, lyoJ; Eleanor Jarvis, born November
28, 1905. This record of tlie life of a busy business man necessarily
touches the principal happenings of its half century of years. From the
age of eighteen years he has been a worker, performing well each duty
as presented and continually rising to a high level of usefulness. He is
a worthy twentieth century representative of a family which dates back
to the earliest English settlement of New England, a family, which dur-
ing the near three centuries which have elapsed since Robert Cushman,
"that precious servant of God," first stepped upon the sacred soil of Plym-
outh, has borne well its part in the upbuilding and development of the
new Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


Scion of an ancient Rhode Island family, Horace Allen Lawton was
brought when an infant to New Bedford, Massachusetts, and there his
years, fifty-five, were passed. He selected a business career, and for
twenty-three years conducted two drug stores in New Bedford, one at
the corner of Union and Purchase streets, the other at the corner of
LInion and Second streets. He operated in connection with his brother,
Charles H. Lawton. the firm of C. H. & H. .X. Lawton, organized Janu-
ary I, 1873, continuing until July 1. i8

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