1286-1296 (John Romanus) York (Province). Archbishop.

The register of John Le Romeyn, lord archbishop of York, 1286-1296 (Volume 2) online

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amplioris." Mandate to induct.

57. II kal. Jan. (Dec. 22, 1297). Cawode. Mandate to
the chapter of Ripon to allow dame Christiana de Brus. who is
worn out by old age and weak, to have an oratory in the
house wherein she dwells in Ripon {Letters from Northern
Registers, 135 and Memorials of Ripon, ii, 23).

58. Idibus 1297. Moncketon. Mandate to the Fabric of

chapter of Ripon to levy the arrears of a subsidy granted in chSSi.
the time of archb. le Romeyn for the fabric of the church of
Ripon which was in danger of falling into ruin {Memorials

of Ripon, ii, 23).

59. [Monday in the octave] of St. Martin (Nov. 18), 1297.
Wilton'. Mandate from the archbishop elect to Master P.
de Ross, [precentor, and Thomas dep Correbrigge, canon of
York, then present, to admit Master Garrin, proctor of Sir
Theobald de Barra, brother of the count of Barre, to the
treasurership at York.

^SeeCa/. Pa/. i?o//s, p., 221. On Nov. king's clerk, the prebend in the

22, 1296, the prebend of Fenton, void church of York, void by the resigna-

by the resignation of William de tion of Master James de Ispannia

Pykeryng, was granted to John de (Ibid., p. 248). This was the pre-

Berewyk, king's clerk [ibid.). The bend of Husthwaite (Vol. i, p. 369).

following grants of prebends, vacant Sept. 6, 1296. To Robert de

by reason of the voidance of the see, Bardelb}', king's clerk, the prebend

are entered on the Patent Rolls, in the chapel of St. Mar\' and the

Dec. 3, 1296. To John de Lange- Holy Angels. York, void by the

ton, king's clerk, the chancellor, the death of Hugh de Metheley {ibid.,

prebend in the church of York, void p. 200).

by the resignation of Walter de 2^yqi.(Js in brackets supplied from

Langeton, bishop elect of Coventry the bottom of fo. 7. See vol. i, p.

and Lichfield {Ibid., p. 223). May xxvii and no. 1170.
5. 1297. To John de Hustweyt.


Same date and place. Protestation by the archb. that
by such mandate he did not intend in any way to derogate
from the king's right to collate. Document very imperfect.
John Colonna {de ColumpnaY, a canon and treasurer of York,
the provost of Lausanne (prepositus Lausanensis), and
Theobald, brother of the count of Bar (Barisducis) men-
tioned. 2
Fo.7d. 5q 7 kal. Maii (April 25), 1298. Aynho. Mandate by

Southwell, the archb. to the chapter of Southwell to install George de
Iporegia in the prebend vacant by the death at the Curia
of Roland Grassus of Ferentino, to which he had been
provided by Pope Boniface viii. " Nacta autem possessione
predicte prebende per procuratorem predicti Georgii,
Lamberto, nato Nigri Cambi^ de Florencia, ac magistro
Bartholomeo de Ferentino, Ristorio Bonaventure, Guydoni
Bardi et Cunino* Brosii, civibus et mercatoribus de societate
Spinorum de Florencia, procuratoribus ejusdem Lamberti
principalibus ad prosequendum negocium gracie et pro-
visionis a sanctissimo patre domino B. papa octavo factarum
eidem de prebenda in ipsa ecclesia nostra Suwellensi
proximo vacatura ; ac eciam Fulconi Ilgemeri de Florencia,
procuratori substituto a dicto Guydone Bardi, dicti Lamberti
procuratore principali, et eorum cuilibet denuncietis vel
faciatis denunciari puplice in ecclesia Suwellensi ut citra
instans festum Pentecostes prebendam ipsam vacantem per
admissionem prebende, que fuit dicti Rolandi Grassi de
Ferentino in dicta ecclesia Suwellensi, curent, vel aliquis
eorum curet, ipsius Lamberti nomine recipere cum effectu ;
alioquin, ne in ecclesie nostre predicte et nostrum prejudicium
vacet diucius, quod nostrum fuerit secundum juris exigen-
ciam faciemus. De qua notificacione fieri faciatis et

^May 11, 1296. Protection for trum, auctoritate nostra in pio-

five years for John de Columpna, vcntibus et fnictibus ecclesie de

treasurer of York and canon of Sibthorpe interpositum, relaxetis,

Lincoln (C. P. i?., 1292-1301, p. 189). pro quibus et perceptis medio

Feb. 20, 1301. Pardon to Erardus tempore nobis Templarii responde-

de Baro, knight, for taking some bunt. Dat. apud To[c]with, v idus

deer in the forest of Galtres and Julii. Per dominum." Also in a

carrying them away ; and to different hand : — Memorandum de

Garricus, proctor of Theobald de admissione thesaurar' apud Wylton'

Baro, treasurer of St. Peter's, York, die Lune in octabis sancti Martini,

for receiving him in his houses at fuit magistris P. de Ros,

Alne with the said venison (Ibid., precentore, et Thoma de

p. 577). ad eum vice capituli

^From the bottom of fo. 7 : — diem Martis.

" H. de Meningthorpe. Seques- ^Also called Cambii (no. 29).

*Also Conino,


habeatis puplicum instrumentum, alioquin fiat coram
testibus fidedignis. Valete.

Kal. Mali (May i), 1298. Hereford. Appointment by
Henry, elect of York, of Johannes Capelli de Poncia, as his
proctor to present his letters to the above named Lambert
and to his proctors, concerning the vacancy of the prebend
in the church of Southwell which had belonged to George
de Iporegia.

Letter from the same to the same proctors, notifying that
the prebend in the church of Southwell, which had belonged
to George de Iporegia, had become vacant by reason of his
admission to the prebend which had belonged to Roland
Grassus of Ferentino.

6 idus Schelton. Second letter to the same


Appointment of de Rouceby and John de Ase-

garby as the archbishop's proctors in the same matter.

^Littera responsiva magistro Geffredo de Vezano pro
prebenda de Northwell' que fuit magistri Pauli Deucauite^
directa. Viro venerabili et discreto magistro G. de Vezano,
canonico Cameracensi, camere domini pape clerico, aposto-

lice sedis nuncio,, executori Lamberto,^ nato Nigri

Cambii de Florencia, unacum magistro Gozio de Veteri

urbe, quondam archidiacono P . . . . atem abbate

monasterii sancte Trinitatis Florencie, a sede apostolica
deputatis, H., permissione, etc., Eboracensis electus, salutem
et sinceram in Domino caritatem. Litteras vestras recepi-
mus, inter cetera continentes quod vos prebendam magistri
Pauli Deucauite de Veteri urbe, canonici Suwellensis, quam
dicitis per mortem ejusdem vacare, Guidoni Bardi, pro-
curatori Lamberti predicti nomine procuratorio auctoritate
apostohca asseritis contulisse, mandantes dictum Lambertum
vel procuratorem suum ejus nomine in corporalem
possessionem dicte prebende {cetera desunt).



61. 2 kal. Sept. anno i (Aug. 31, 1298). Burton. Notice swme
of a visitation of the prioress and convent of Swyne on """^^^

1 Interpolated. Aug. 8, 1298. On Aug. 18, 1299,

^See no. 29. he had an indult as canon of South-

^Le Neve (Fasti, iii, 440), quoting well to hold a prebend there

Torre, states that Lambert was although non-resident, for five

collated to the prebend of Norwell years (C. P. L., i, 584).

Paleshall by letters apostolic in


Tuesday after the feast of St. Giles (Sept. 2). " Et dominus
earum sumptibus ibidem noluit declinare."

Bumby. 52. 7 idus Sept. (Sept. 7, 1298). Patrington. Licence to

Master John de Seleby, rector of Brunneby, to study for
one year.i

63.2 17 kal. Oct. (Sept. 15, 1298). Burton. Appoint-
ment of Sir. W. Darains, rector of Lonnesburg, as master of
Swyne. " Memorandum quod traditum fuit decretum
domini dicto magistro, priorisse et conventui hberandum.
Item tradita sunt eidem domino aha decreta per eum
fidehter conservanda et eis irrequesito domino minime

64. Idibus Sept. (Sept. 13), 1298. Beverley. Discharge
to Sir John de Eyland, rector of Wellewyke, William de
Sothull, Stephen de Thorp and Ralph de Wellewyke,
executors of the will of Alice, formerly wife of the said
Stephen, their accounts having been audited by Master
Henry de Colingham and Sir John Russell, the archb.'s clerks.

Goods of 65. 2 idus Oct. (Oct. 14, 1298). Thorpe by York. Com-

uJhtred, mission to Sir Thomas, rector of the church of Everingham,

^' Sir Robert Uchtred, knight, and Thomas de Ascham, clerk,

to administer the goods of Sir John Uchtred, knt., deceased.

Same day. Cawode. Sequestration of the deceased's

goods in the deanery of relaxed, and of his goods at

Kernetby (Camaby).

Keyingham. 66. Inquisitiou on the church of Cayngham and the
presentee and his induction.

North Cave. 67. 3 kal. Nov. (Oct. 30, 1298). Ottclcy. Custody of the
sequestration in the church of North Cave granted for one
month to W. de Carleton, presented by Sir J. de Melsa, knt.

Decree after 68.^ Dccrctum in visitaciouc de Swyna salutem,

visitation . . ,..-'. •,.•

of swice. etc. Ad pacis quietem, sancte religioms et caritatis aug-

mentum apud ex incumbente nobis pastoral!

solicitudine, visitacionis officium excercen nomine

sic duximus reformanda. In primis statuimus quod divinum

offtcium tam in bita et distincte. Et silencium

in locis debitis melius solito observetur locum

tenentem faciendas personis transgredientibus per nos

graviter infligenda eligendas et deputandas a

vobis ostia de die custodiantur diligencius ne

*5 nonas Oct. (Oct. 3, 1299). 23 jg written in the margin of this

Master John de Seleby, rector of deed. See no. 68.

Brunneby, had leave to study for ^A is written in the margin of this

one year (fo. 59). deed. See no. 63.


stus et hora debita post completorium claudantur omnesque

moniales conventum seqiientes diim. Que vero cum

aliis hora debita ingressa non fuerit, in crastino prandentibus

aliis deliquerit, prout qualitas delicti exegerit

puniatur ; simulque surgant ad matutinas ne

aliqua exeat vel divertat aut secretum habeat colloquium

cum quocumque. Moniales. j aut ejus locum

tenens permittat aliquam in infirmaria morari nisi necessaria

et racionabilis suppetunt et status pacientis

requisierit procurentur. In offtciis autem bus

non est suspicio levitatis. Item parlatorium per unam de

senioribus monialis exire aut fabulari valeat

cum aliquo aut aliqua. Priorisse per moniales

fiant inposterum et sorores, nee sit distinccio quam ad

priorissam fidedignas personas a vobis com-

muniter eligendas quousque magistrum habueritis, et tunc

per ipsum compo audiatar cum auditus fuerit

coram conventu in capitulo [recitetur. Rotulus compoti

duplicetur uno ente, et totam pecuniam domus

undecumque recipiendam due moniales per vos

diant et ad negocia domus liberent quando necesse fuerit per

tallias et compotum inde in cista sub tribus

serruris, quarum claves una penes priorissam et due

remaneant ; in qua volumus omnia domus privilegia una

cum cartis et instrumentis que moniales de

cetero mittant vel recipiant litteras, nisi a priorissa vel p^, g^
suppriorissa primitus videantur. Et ut omnis occasio ^^ ^.^^^^
proprietatis tollatur, prohibemus ne alique dent vel recipiant property.
munera sine licencia priorisse vel ejus locum tenentis ;
firmiter injungentes ut priorissa, assumptis secum duabus Nuns' boxes
monialibus de majoribus et senioribus, cistas earum de searched
quibus sinistra suspicio habeatur in sua presencia faciat eecessLry,
aperiri et contenta videat in eisdem. Si qua vero cistam ^^^^^^^
suam tunc aperire noluerit, tunc priorissa auctoritate nostra open.
et licencia eam frangat, et ei ob hoc debitam penam infligat.
Inter sorores autem mulieres jacere nolumus seculares, secuiar
excepta Albreda Colleman cui ex certa causa j acendi inter Jir^leVi^'
eas dum vixerit licenciam concedimus specialem. Terciam ™o°astery.
priorissam, contra consuetudinem antiquam de novo ™^^^g
creatam, amovemus et decetero fieri prohibemus. Defectus removed.
eciam ecclesie et domorum quam cicius comode fieri poterit Repairs,
reparentur. Et cum priorissa, que aliis preest, eis exemplum
bene vivendi prebere debeat, statuimus ut ipsa, quo ad


Prioress to
follow the
convent and
obey the

Nuns to
obey her.




sleeves, etc.


divinum obsequium et omnia alia que ad suum spectant
officium, prout sibi possibile fuerit, sequatur conventum,
presitqiie cotidianis capitulis, regulam observe! et ab aliis
facial observari ; cui omnes moniales obediant reverenter
ej usque salubria monita, correcciones et correpciones
suscipiant et conservent et pro commissis mutuo in
capitulo se proclament. Correcciones sine personarum
accepcione debite faciat priorissa, nee decetero pro negociis
domus expediendis exeat que per alium comode poterunt
expediri. Et si pro arduis negociis ipsam exire oportuerit,
de labore reversa die illo in camera comedat et per unicam

noctem dumtaxat jaceat voluerit in eadem. Si

vero ipsam alias in camera ex causa racionabili comedere

contigerit, non semper easdem moniales has

aliquando alias de conventu ut sic inter eas caritas fervencior

augeatur, et tunc ibidem expensas vero eam

pro majoribus domus negociis personaliter egredi oportuerit,

non semper moniales easdem, set tunc ha secum

ducat, sicque singulis in omnibus se conformet quod vivendi

regulam eis prestet. Vest cium pauperibus

earum amicis sen magis indigentibus de conventu distribuat

priorissa scandalum manicis strictis

uti, colariis largis, zonis barratis, aut sotularibus laque[atis]. .

tacione dicuntur seu revelacionis secretorum

capituli fieri. Corrodia aut boscum vendi

aliquas in moniales et sorores vel seculares quoscumque in

converses recipi aut q non obtenta nostra licencia,

aut inutilem f amiliam in domo retineri firmiter

negocia de consilio vestro communi procuret. Laicis vero

f ratribus domus distric et discrete horasque suas

dicant. Jejunia secundum ordinis statuta co

magistro conveniant, et si quas transgressiones commiserint

per eum inhibi Injungimus insuper et

districte precipimus vobis omnibus et singulis ut caritatem

et discidio abstinentes ut capud ad membra

et ea sic adinvicem se deservire. Hec autem

salubria statuta et precepta in virtute obediencie sub pena

[trans] gredientes nostro arbitrio, prout regulari

discipline convenit inf et in capitulo coram vobis

semel articulatim et distincte singulis anno, etc.,

nonagesimo octavo, et pontificatus nostri primo.

69. 16 kal. Dec, anno i (Nov. 16, 1298). Custody of the
sequestration in the church of Ful-Sutton granted to Hugh
de Thornetoft, presented by William de Alt[a ripa].


70." Custody of the sequestration in the church of Caing- Keyingham

ham granted to presented by the prior of Birstall,

proctor of the abbot and convent of Aumale, on the nomina-
tion of the king of England. i

71. Notice to the official of the archdeacon of the E. R., Levy of
the rector of Folketon and the guardian (custodi) about a e°r.
levy of horses in the archdeaconry of the E. R.

72. Commission to the commissaries of the official ofsirjoim
York to examine witnesses proving the debts of Sir J. kiu. " '
Ucthred, knt.

73. Custody of the sequestration in the church of Catton catton.

granted to ,2 presented by Sir Henry de Percy


74. 4 kal. Feb. (anno i), (Jan. 29, 1298-9). Institution Hoime-on-
of Master Adam de Seton, clerk, to the church of Holme on uwre."*^
Spaldingmor on the pres. of Sir W ^

75. Nonis Feb., anno i (Feb. 5, 1298-9). Schelton. fo. 9.
Mandate to the archb.'s sequestrator in the archdeaconry of Nafterton.
the E. R. or to the dean of Dikering to commit the seques-
tration in the church of Nafferton to Sir Hugh de Thome,

76. 2 idus Feb. (Feb. 12, 1298-9). Schelton. Mandate Hunmanby.
to the same sequestrator to relax the sequestration in the
church of Hunmanby which had been issued by reason of

the suit between the prior and convent of Bridelington and
the abbot and convent of Bardeney about the thraves
{super trahis) belonging to the church of St. John of Beverley.

77. Same day and place. Mandate to the official of York
to levy from the rectors of Semer and Naffreton their share
of the sum of ten marks in which they were bound with the
abbot of Bardeney for the finding of one horse.

78. Nonis March (March 7), 1298-9. Continuation of North cave.
the sequestration in the church of North-Cave granted to

Sir William de Carleton, the presentee.

^Nov. 19, 1298. Mandate to the who had a dispensation in 1308 to

abbot of Aumale, or his attorney in hold Catton and Aughton (C. P. L.,

England, it being the king's right ii, 41). William de Peicy, the last

to nominate a parson for the abbot parson, was presented in 1268 [Reg.

to present to the church of Kayng- Giffard, p. 52). He had letters of

ham, to present to the archbishop protection, Oct. 18, 1294. (C. P. R.,

of York William de Eston, king's 1292-1301, p. 123).
clerk, as parson thereof [Cal. P. R., ^probablv Sir William Constable,

1292-1301), p. 372). The grant to who was joint lord of Holme on

Eston is dated October 21, 1298 Spaldingmore in 1315-6 (Kirkby's

(Ibid., p. 366). Inquest, p. 309).

'^Probably Walter de Bedewinde,


Purgation 79. Purgacio prioris de Feriby super quadam prohibi-
of Ferriby' cioiie impetrata. Memorandum quod, cum priori de Feriby
objectum fuisset ex officio apud Beverlacum in vigilia
Ramis Palmarum (April ii) quod prohibicionem regiam in
causa pecuniaria racione cujusdam legati sibi in testamento
Willelmi Gegge relicti, inter Willelmum de Wellewyk' et

ipsum priorem mota, coram officiali archidiaconi

porrigebat, et sic ad examen vetitum convolavit ; idem,

dictis die et loco comparens, super hujusmodi canonice se

purgavit ut supra inter acta plenius continetur.

Harsweii. 80. 18 kal. Mali, anno i (April 14, 1299). Wylton.

Custody of the sequestration in the church of Hersewelle

granted to John de Mounceus, acolyte, presented by Sir

[Gerard Salvain].

Quarrel Si^. Eisdcm die et loco. Commissio ad admittendum

marfed jurameutum Alicie de Grimeston' quod viro suo debite

people. adherebit. Willelmo, rectori ecclesie de Sprotley. De vestra

sincera consciencia confidentes ad recipiendum

uxor' Radulphi de Belvero, ipso presente seu per contuma-
ciam absente, quod sibi ut viro in omnibus reverenter

secundum legem committimus cum cohercionis

canonice potestate. Valete juramentum viri

pens corporale prestitit juramentum quod

uxorem suam predictam in omnibus maritali affectu secun-
dum legem conjugii pertractaret.

82. 9 kal. Maii (April 23), 1299.2 Cawode. Littera
directa sequestratori ad vendendum bona domini Willelmi

de Percy defuncti quod bona domini Willelmi

de Percy sub nostro sequestro existencia per fratrem

Rogerum de Crathorn,' monacum sibi per te

ahquo fideli, de cujus industria et fidelitate confidas, ven-

dantur, ita tamen quod prior de Brid[elington']

itis provenientem recipiant et teneant sub sequestro et
caveant de liberando nobis vel illis quibus administracionem
in bonis defuncti commissuri fuerimus, eandem quando-

cumque super hoc per nos

settrington. 83. 8 kal. Juuil (May 25), 1299. Lanum. Custody of
the sequestration in the church of Setrington, granted to
Sir John Bygot, clerk, presented by Roger Bigod (earl of
Norfolk and marshal) of England. ^

^See no. 262. parson of Settrington, had been

2 Altered to 6 nonas Maii, presented on Feb. 19, 1283 (Reg.

Muncketon. IVtckwane, no. 372). He was parson

^Bogo de Clare, the preceding in 1291 (Reg. Joh. le Romeyit. i, 396).


84. Idibus Junii (June 13), 1299.' Muscham. Institution Harsweii.
and induction of [John de Mounceus], subdeacon, to the
church of Hersewelle, on the pres. of Sir Gerard Sal[vain].

85. Muscham. Custody of the sequestration in the seamer.
church of Semer, granted to Master presented

[by the abbot and convent of] Wyteby.

86. 2 kal. Juhi (June 30), 1299. Lanum. Commission countess of
to J. [de] Hustwayth and Giles de Garderoba, canons of *™"^-
Rypon, to audit the accounts of the executors of the will of

lady Isabel de Fortibus, countess of Albemarle.

87.1 2 kal. Augusti (July 31), 1299, anno 2. Cawode. ordination
Ordinacio et diffinicio super travis de Hundmanby priori et abbot of
conventui de Bridd[elington] nomine ecclesie Beverlaci fh^t^w/of**
solvendis, et de modo percipiendi easdem ab abbate et fbou't°^'°"
conventu de Bardeney. [Henricus, etc.,] divina, etc. Inter ^jj^m""^
religiosos viros, abbatem et conventum de Bardeneya, ^„""{^^°^y
ecclesiam de [Hundmanby, nostre dyocesis, ut pretenditur, Beveriey.
in usus proprios optinjentes, ex parte una, et priorem et
conventum de Briddelington' ex altera, super travis [sancti
Johannis Beverlaci, quas dicti prior et conventus infjra
parochiam ecclesie predicte se debere percipere asserebant,
ac modo percipiendi dictas travas, [necnon et quadam ^^/""^^
composicione, super ipsarum prestacione olim inita] inter eos submitted
ut ipsi similiter pretendebant, per viam appellacionis ex to archb.'s
quibusdam gravami[nibus per nostrum capitulum Beverlaci ""^ "'^"°°-
dictis abbati] et conventui illatis, ut dicebatur, legitime
inter] ecte materia conquestionis ; tandem dicti abbas et
prior [per se, et eorum conventus per procuratores,suffi-
cienter instructos] et mandata specialia optinentes, super
dictis travis et modo prestandi easdem, ac [super composi-
cione premissa et omnibus ipsam composicionem] con-
tingentibus, pro bono pacis, concordie et quietis, in nos se
specialiter submiserunt, [ut, racionibus parcium auditis et
plenius intellectis, ord]inaremus inter dictas partes super
travis predictis et modo prestandi easdem seu satis[faciendi
pro eisdem, ac composicione predicta, et omnibus ipsam]
contingentibus, prout secundum Deum videremus melius et
equius expediri. Demum, [propositis coram nobis hinc^
racionibus et exhibitis] instrumentis, auditis eciam allega-

^The passages, illegible or missing belonging to Sir William Ingilby

in Newark's Register, have been bart. See the Bridlington Chartu-

supplied by Mr. W. T. Lancaster lary, p. 67.
from the Bridlington Chartulary -Inde omitted.


The thraves
in Hun-
belong to
according to

Fo. 9d.

to receive
tithes of
from their
lands in

These lands
to remain
tithe free
even if let or

Bardney to
from all
ploughs in

cionibus parcium super illis, quia comperimus dictas travas
infra [parochiam de Hundmanby percipiendas] per pre-
positum et capitulum nostrum Beverlacenses dictis priori et
conventui suo fore concessas perpetuo possidendas,accedente]
ad id concessu] bone memorie Thurstini, quondam Ebor.i
archiepiscopi, predecessoris nostri ; nos, intime affectantes
inter partes predictas, velut inter ceteros nostros subditos,
quantum cum Deo possumus, pacem perpetuam confovere et
eciam stabilire, ac omnis litis materiam, que ex verbis
ambiguis in dicta composicione contentis ac modo percipiendi
dictas travas posset seu poterit inter partes memoratas,
quod absit, imposterum suscitari, totaliter amputare ; ad
perpetuam rei memoriam et utriusque monasterii utilitatem
ut subsequitur ordinamus et eciam diffinimus ; videlicet, quod
dicti prior et conventus omnimodas decimas garbarum et
seminis cujuscumque qualitercumque provenientes de
quibuscumque terris suis dominicis quas colunt in presenti
propriis sumptibus in [campis] de Burtonflemming infra
parochiam antedictam, que [in] scriptis cirograffatis inter
dictas partes super hoc confectis continentur et plenius
distinguntur, in recompensacionem omnium travarum
parochie supradicte nomine et pro satisfaccione earundem
sibi perpetuo percipiant et retineant, et a prestacione
dictarum decimarum ipsis abbati et conventui de cetero sint
inmunes. Si autem ipsas terras, vel partem ipsarum, ut
premittitur, distinctas, quas inpresenciarum suis sumptibus
colunt, ut predicitur, dicti prior et conventus de cetero ad
lirmam concedant, dimittant seu quovis alio modo alienent,
seu per alienos aut alienis sumptibus colant, seu coli faciant
in futurum, erunt similiter inmunes a prestacione decimarum
de eisdem et ipsas decimas percipient, ut superius est
expressum. Abbas vero et conventus de Bardeney omnes
travas racione quarumcumque carucarum, que nunc sunt
vel successu temporis erunt infra totam parochiam de
Hundmanby debitas et solvi dictis priori et conventui
consuetas^ in recompensacionem et nomine dictarum deci-
marum perpetuis temporibus percipient et absque omni

^Archbishop, 1119-1139.

Online Library1286-1296 (John Romanus) York (Province). ArchbishopThe register of John Le Romeyn, lord archbishop of York, 1286-1296 (Volume 2) → online text (page 29 of 47)