1286-1296 (John Romanus) York (Province). Archbishop.

The register of John Le Romeyn, lord archbishop of York, 1286-1296 (Volume 2) online

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nee tunc vacavit, nee nos tunc electus de archiepiscopatu
quicquam habuimus, eo quod dominus rex coluerat et
seminaverat omnes terras archiepiscopatus ante provisionem,
et fructus provenientes percepit et habuit suo jure. Item,
cum navisi ecclesie nostre Eboracensis diu est corruerit, xhenaveat
propter quod necesse est novam ecclesiam reedificare opere wbuut? ^^
sumptuoso, nee ad hoc [habet] ecclesia aliquas facultates,
petatur decima et tercia non residencium per triennium, vel
alia quota, prout melius videritis expedire et facilius potest
impetrari. Item, maneria nostra de Hextildesham^ et Manors of
Alwenton' in marchia Scocie cum villis adjacentibus consue- Aiwiift?a^°
verant valere annuatim archiepiscopis, predecessoribus thfscotch/
nostris, quinque millia cc marcas ; nunc, vero, per Scottos
interfectis hominibus et inhabitatoribus villarum, atque
maneriis et villis unacum nobilissimo prioratu et ecclesia,
que erat in loco, in cineres actu iterato redactis, bona tem-
poralia archiepiscopatus plusquam in tercia parte valoris
ipsorum proculdubio minorentur. Petatur ad reparacionem
maneriorum ipsorum appropriacio trium ecclesiarum nostri ^uJhVu)^*
patronatus ad mensam archiepiscopatus, cedentibus vel three°''"*'°
decedentibus rectoribus earundem, videlicet, ecclesiarum de benefices for

' ' the archb. s

Bolton' ad LX marcarum, Queldrik' xxx marcarum, et fa^ie.
Misterton' xxxv marcarum sterlingorum summas, secundum
taxacionem veri valoris ultimam extentarum. Ob hoc
quidem clerum nostrum gravari nollemus cum hiis diebus
alias multipliciter deprimatur. Valorem ecclesiarum hie
ideo exprimi fecimus, ut deliberare possitis an expediat in
peticione valorem inseri vel omitti. [Item,^ cum clerus Grant by
nostre diocesis ad exoneracionem debitorum, quibus ecclesia ckrgy°of the
Eboracensis premitur, nobis concesserit primes fructus per for'th^e'^
triennium, super hoc in alia forma, prout melius expedire y^"^^-

^Archbishop Romanus laid the ed to 5,200 marks. The primate
foundation-stone of the new nave at certainly makes an unseemly re-
York on April 6, 1291. His mis- quest when he asks for leave to
fortunes towards the close of his appropriate to himself and his
life probably delayed the progress successors " ad mensam " the
of the work. (J. R.) livings of Bolton Percy, Wheldrake

'^The archb. states his losses in a and Misterton. I need not say the

very startling way. The scribe request was refused. (J. R.)

must surely liave made a blunder ^jhig entry has been crossed out

when he says the archb.'s annual and marked " vacat." It is not

income from Hexhamshire amount- printed in the Hexham Book.




Division of


Fo. 5 Id.

Fo. 55.

Fo, 55d.




videritis, poteritis impetrare]. Item, cum indultum^ fuerat
Johanni, predecessori nostro, quod posset dividere quinque
prebendas in Eboracensi ecclesia cum vacarent, ita quod
singule diversarum l marcas valerent, sicut ex transcripto
indulti hujusmodi, quod vobis mittimus, plene liquet,
petatur pro nobis consimilis gracia de prebendis totidem vel
pluribus ; hoc mutato quod unaqueque diversarum xxx vel
XL marcas ad plus valeat prebendarum cum beneficia hiis
diebus tanti valoris non constet existere ut solebant. Item,
impetretur ut liceat nobis ilia in nostra provincia conferre
beneficia que per tantum tempus vacarunt quod eorum
collacio sit ad sedem apostolicam devoluta ; et super hoc
habeamus bona executorum.^ [Item,^ quod possimus de
beneficiis que religiosi absque sufficienti titulo in propriis
tenentur usibus ordinare, quia id potest facere jure ordin-
ario].* Item, quod ad certum numerum quem impetrare
poteritis possimus cum nobilibus docilibus dispensare ad
curam, defectu etatis ipsorum nullatenus obsistente.

Diverse littere.


309. ^7 idus Nov. (Nov. 7), 1297. Queldrik'. Pro neces-
sariis ecclesie de Middleton' liberandis. H., permissione,
etc., Eboracensis electus, decano de Rydal' salutem. Vobis
mandamus quatinus ea, que fuerint necessaria pro ecclesia et
ministris ecclesie de Middleton' et pro semine in terra ecclesie
seminando, procuratori domini Henrici,^ rectoris ejusdem,

churches are Grittleton, Wootton

iThis indult is dated April 1, 1289
(C.P.L.. i, 496).

^Written " bona executor'."

^Crossed out and marked
"vacat. " Omitted inthe printed copy.

*This sentence added in a differ-
ent hand.


^7 kal. Aug., 1300. Dispensation,
at the king's request, to his almoner,
Henry de Bluntesdone, to retain the
archdeaconry of Dorset, to which
the church of Gyssych (Gussage) is
annexed, and those of Gritelintone,
Wotthone Basset, Hanyngdone,
Ruenhale and Middeltone, in the
dioceses of Salisbury, London and
York, which he obtained without
papal dispensation since the council
of Lyons, together with canonries
and prebends of Salisbury, Chiches-
ter and St. Paul's. London [Cal. P.L..j
i, 588). The modern names of these

Basset, Hannington, Runwell, and
Middleton - in - Pickering Lythe.
March, 1309. Henry de Bluntcsdon,
almoner of the late king and one of
his executors, on account of his age
and infirmity, is not to be harassed
in matters relating to such execu-
torship (C.P.R., 1307-1313, p. 107).
The archdeacon derived his name
from Blunsdon St. Andrew, a parish
in North Wilts, near Cricklade, or
perhaps Broad Blunsdon, near
Swindon. The connection between
the family of Bluntesdon and York
diocese was carried on through a
Robert de Bluntesdon, possibly
Henry's younger brother, a
favourite of archbishop Greenfeld,
who some ten years later was rector
of Skirpenbeck and Burton-on-
Trent, near Burton Joyce {Calendar
of Papal Letters, ii., 100-107).


de fructibus ipsius ecclesie sequestratis per visum vestrum
liberare facias ; residuum vero fructuum predictorum sub
arte sequestro tenentes, sicut nobis inde volueritis respondere.


310. 17 kal. Ju Schelton. Publication by arch- Fo.4d.

bishop Newark of a hcence of non-residence for seven years
from the pope for Sir Peter of Savoy, dean of Sahsbury,^ as
long as he was staying at the Curia or studying. Imperfect.^

311. Commission from the archb. to his official to tryro. 12.
the case about the vicarage of the church of Thurkilby Thirkieby.
between Roger de Soureby, chaplain, presented by the prior

and convent of Newburgh, and John de Folketon, elk.,
claiming under a papal provision.

Another commission to the same person on the same fo. i2d.
subject in similar terms.

312. Sanctissimo, etc.. A., permissione ejusdem ecclesie fo. 20d.
Dunolmensis minister, cum omnimodis obediencia et reveren- a letter from
cia devotissima pedum oscula beatorum. Cum vos nuper, ^k^b°fhop
pater sanctissime, domino Karleolensi episcopo et michi per °^ J^g'^'^o™'
litteras apostolicas* mandaveritis quod nos vel alter nostrum, informing '
ascitis nobis duobus vel tribus episcopis, graciam et com- company'
munionem apostolice sedis habentibus, Henrico, electo ^ther
Eboracensi, munus consecracionis impenderemus ; manda- hfd°^^' ^^
veritis, eciam, domino Elyensi episcopo^ et michi quod nos, He''nr"of^'*
vel alter nostrum, ab eodem electo vestro et ecclesie Romane ^Tk^'H

' ^ arcn bishop

nomine iuramentum in forma quam sub bulla nobis misistis of Jork and

J . . ^ J . , J , t ■ delivered t

reciperemus, formamque juramenti quod prestaret vobis the paiiium
de verbo ad verbum per ejus patentes litteras suo sigillo
signatas studeremus quam tocius destinare ; ego, die
dominica, scilicet, xvij kal. Juhi (June 15), anno gracie
M°cc° nonagesimo octavo, in cathedrali ecclesia Eboracensi,
ascitis michi Coventrensi et Lychefeldensi,^ Assavensi et

iThe remaining documents are advowson of a chaplain (super jure

interpolations. advocacionis dicti capellani) in the

2Non. Jan., 1297. Dispensation church of Suwelle No. ii is written

to Peter de Sabaudia, dean of on both sides, but with the excep-

Salisbury, at the king's request, to tion of a few words is illegible. No.

retain the fruits of the benefices iii is a letter on money matters,

which he has received while under Master Adam de Walton, precentor

age, those he had before he held the of Lichfield, is mentioned. See

deanery of Salisbury amounting to no. 325.

1,000 marks yearly (C.P.L.. i, 574). *See C.P.L., i, 574.

SThere are three unnumbered ^william de Luda, or Louth,

membranes, in very bad condition, ^w^lter de Langton, bishop of

between folios 7 and 8. No. i Lichfield, Leolinus de Bromfield,

appears to relate to a claim by bishop of St. Asaph, and Robert

Ralph de Freschenvile, knt., to the Macdonagh, bishop of Cork.


Corkagensi episcopis, graciam et communionem dicte scdis
habentibus, eidem electo munus consecracionis impendi,
juramentum fidelitatis predictum juxta formam mandati
vestri michi direct! recipiens ab eodem. Cujus formam in
litteris ipsius patentibus, sigillo suo [signa]tis, de verbo ad
verbum vestre sanctissime paternitati transmitto, Quam ad
exaltacionem ecclesie sue in prosperis [conservjet Altissimus
per tempora feliciter successiva.
Fo. 20. 313. [Sanctissimo, etc., ut supra], pedum oscula beatorum.

The same to Ut vcncrabilis pater, dominus Karleolensis episcopus et ego,

thelaSe°° aut alter nostrum, viro, Henrico, in ecclesia Ebora-

subject. censi tunc electo, ascitis nobis ad hoc duobus aut tribus
episcopis, sedis apostolice graciam [et communionjem
habentibus, munus consecracionis impenderemus ; et ut
dominus Elyensis episcopus et ego, aut alter nostrum,
juramentum in forma sub bulla inclusa recipe[remu]s ab eo,
sanctitatique vestre sub sigillo consecrati transmitteremus
indilate ; ac ut eidem in forma [michi] demandata pallium,
videlicet, insigne pontificalis officii assignaremus, misse
sanctitatis vestre epistole continebant. Quarum auctoritate
fretus, die dominica, xvij kal. Julii (June 15), anno gracie
M°cc° nonagesimo octavo, in ecclesia Eboracensi, assistenti-
bus michi venerabilibus patribus, Coventrensi et Lyche-
feldensi, Assavensi eciam et Corkagensi episcopis, solempniis
per omnia observatis, predictum Henricum in Eboracensem
archiepiscopum consecravi et in forma michi sub bulla
tradita juramentum fidelitatis recepi ab eodem, quod sub
sigillo ipsius archiepiscopi vestre sanctitati transmitto per
presencium portitorem. Ac eciam in forma michi demandata
pallium, videlicet, insigne pontificalis officii, sibi postmodum
assignavi, prout michi vestra sanctitas imperabat. Quam ad
exaltacionem ecclesie sue sancte in prosperis conservet
Altissimus per tempora feliciter successiva.
Fo. 26. 314. This document, which is very much rubbed, relates

to a commission from Boniface viii to Geoffrey {Giffredus) de
Vezano, canon of Cambray, and clerk of the pope's chamber,
to make inquiries about the procurations due to B. and S.,i
cardinal bishops of Albano and Palestrina, both deceased,
when they were in England.
Fo. 27. 315. A commission, dated in 1284, from archb. William

Wickwane to an unknown person for an unknown object.

^Bernard de Goth, archbishop of archbishop was still termed " Ebor-
Lyons, and Simon Beaulieu. The acensis electus."


Very much obliterated. Also to his bailiff at Ripon. The
name Baunfeld^ occurs.

Very rubbed. Mention made of the master of a hospital fo. 27d.
of lepers.

316. Memorandum quod, cum domini Robertus de fo. ssd.^
Leverton', de Langeton', et Martinus de Carleton', de Wyon Administra-
ecclesiarum rectores, executores testamenti magistri Petri *^yj°*j*''®
Durandi defuncti, coram nobis, H., permissione divina Master
Eboracensi archiepiscopo, etc., essent citati quod persona- Durandi.
liter comparerent die Lune proxima ante festum nativitatis
beati Johannis baptiste (June 22), 1299, apud Muscham,
cum testamento ejusdem defuncti et inventario ac ahis
instrumentis et munimentis ipsum testamentum contingenti-
bus, administracionis sue ratiocinia in bonis ejusdem
infra nostram diocesim existentibus reddituri, facturi et
recepturi quod justicia suadebit ; idem Robertus dictis die
et loco minime comparuit, licet Martinus, coexecutor ejus-
dem, personaliter comparuerat, exibens dictum testamentum
cum quo illo die propter dicti Roberti absenciam, quo ad
reddendum compotum, extitit nichil actum. Quibus die et Robert of
loco comparuit Robertus de Gringelay personaliter, petens chxl^l
ex causa legati pro uxore sua xx marcas et unum ciphum, ^^^^^ fj^^^
contra cujus peticionem ex parte executorum fuit exibita ^"^p-
quedam littera renunciacionis et quieteclamacionis cujus- ll^^l°'^^
libet accionis et querele, competentis racione dicte peticionis, retease
quam litteram, sigillis dicti Roberti et uxoris sue signatam, Robert says
fatebatur esse factam, tamen dum esset incarceratus. ^hi^ti^
Unde datus est dies Mercurii proximus post festum apostolo- p"'°°-
rum Petri et PauH (July i) dicto Martino, ad ostendendum
quod dicta littera facta fuit de consensu dicti Roberti dum
esset extra carcerem et proprie voluntatis. Quo die, apud Fj^e^^^^
Lanum, dictis Roberto de Gringelay pro uxore sua, et produced to

,,.', o J i. prove the

Martino, altero executorum, ut supra, personaliter com- release was
parentibus coram nobis, productisque quinque testibus per executed.
dictum Martinum ad probandum dictam litteram fuisse dum
idem Robertus de Gringeley {sic) erat liberi arbitrii et extra
carcerem sigillatam, juratis et super hoc examinatis et
diligencius requisitis, idem Robertus protestabatur se velle,
si dicti testes intencionem prefati executoris probarent,
contrarium probare ; cumque ab eodem Roberto petituni
fuisset an protestacioni hujusmodi et ulteriori prosecucioni

iRichard de Baunfeld (Bamfield) was Wickwane's seneschal. He was
a canon of Southwell. ^Fo. 35 is blank.


negocii coram nobis vellet inniti, expresse respondit quod
non, unde in penam contumacie. Predicti Roberti
attestacionibus puplicatis decretaque ipsarum copia et
optenta, datus est dies Jovis prox. sequens ad faciendum in
dicto negocio quod justicia suadebit. Quo die dicto Martino

personaliter comparente et eodem Roberto nullatenus

comparente, lectis attestacionibus et plenius intellectis, cum
constaret nobis per testes esse probatum quod dictus R.

pro^nounces idem Robcrtus erat a carcere liberatus et proprie

mjavourof yoluntatis, rcuunciarunt peticioni viginti marcarum et

executors, unius ciphi, ac omnibus querelis eisdem Roberto et Ja

peticionis competentibus usque ad diem confeccionis littere
predicte sigillis suis consignate, prout in ipsa plenius con-

tinetur, ac constet nobis coram nobis renunciasse,

predictum Martinum executorem ab impeticione et prose-
cucione dicti Roberti nomine suo facta absolvimus justicia

Acta pro executoribus testamenti magistri Petri Durandi.
Fo.42. Very fragmentary. Sense imperfect.

Fo.43. 317. 13 kal. Junii (May 20, 1297). Bour'. Carissimis

Thearchb. ct confidcntissimis amicis suis, Martino Amanati et Jacobo
of pfs^okr'^ Agolant', ac sociis [suis de societate Amanatorum de]
Pistorio, servus in omnibus Henricus de Newerk', electus
Eboracensis, salutem et quicquid poterit recommendacionis,
Have benevolenciei et honoris. Litteras vestras die dominica


your letter proxima autc festum Londoniis recepimus, inter cetera

bav'^la^d" continentes quod procuratoribus nostris in curia in facto
arth'e'^°c^il electionis nostre optulistis x milia fiorenorum, pro qua
florins for oblacione et serviciis vestris nunc et alias quocienscumque

our election. sufficimus sumus ct possumus referimus speciales ;

offerentes nos prono affectu ea jugiter prosequi que vestris

et sociis oportuna vicissitudine respondere. Et si

procuratores nostri vel nuncii, quos ad curiam pro nostre
eleccionis negocio misimus, contra vos vel honestatem

vestram quicquam vestra offenderint, id emendari

wm repay pro vcstro bcncplacito faciemus. Ceterum sociis vestris in
p^tnersin Anglia, postquam de confirmacione nostra per vestras
whrao^ litteras certificati fuimus, pecuniam pluries optulimus, et

coi^mcd! modo duo nt recipere neque volunt, et hoc ad

mandatum vestrum occasione guerre ut dicunt. Propter
quod per nos et omnes amicos nostros cum omni studio et

diligencia laborabimus instanti parliamento pro certo

^Altered from servicii.


graciam et licenciam domini regis optinent ut predictam
pecuniam et amplius per nostros homines una cum Lapo,
socio vestro, cui dominus noster rex nostri optentu trans-
fretandi concessit licenciam. ..., .mittere ultra mare, itaiMveflom
quod infra festum nativitatis beati Johannis baptiste prox. send^Joo
(June 24) futurum duo milia et quingenta vel tria milia ^^bray
marcarum apud Cameracum pro certo, Domino concedente, Y^°l%^
habebimus predicto Lapo vel alicui de vestris sociis liberanda.
Hinc est quod vestram amiciciam caram et benivolam, quam
semper in nostris agendis pronam invenimus atque gratam, wuFev^rbe
specialiter requirimus et rogamus quatinus in present! get uf leaw'^
negocio nostro ex quo [noster hjonor dependet et vita, ^^ [o bind
nolitis nobis deficere seu nos relinquere, set velitis negocium °^York^'^''
ipsum in secreto servicio domino pape faciendo, recepta
prius potestate ab illo, ut solitum est, nostram Eboracensem
ecclesiam obligandi, tam celeriter quam feliciter expedire,

ut idem dominus papa in petendis nobis sus existat.

Et scripsimus procuratoribus nostris ut, ostensis summo ^n^u Ciform"
pontifici dampnis et gravaminibus ecclesie et provincie ^^l tSSi^
Eboracensium occasione guerrarum Wallie, Scocie et ^g^^
Francie illatis, quantum ad commune servicium et consue- ^"J'^'^^ ™
tudinem terminum ab eo petant quantum poterunt Scotland,

1 . _ , . . , ... re 1 aad France.

longiorem. Vos igitur sicut pnus atiectuose rogamus
quatinus pro hujusmodi communi servicio obligetis vos et
manucapiatis adeo quod negocium nostrum senciamus per
vos domini pape et aliorum manibus totaliter liberatum, et ^^^ ^^^
vobis astricciores teneamur ad grata merita accionum. ^^"^^^p ^^
Erubesceremus, siquidem, si nos, qui toto nostro tempore ^'j^^j|°j.|°

vobiscum egimus, extraneorum mercatorum in nostris

esidium postulare. Valete. Dupplicatur ix kal. Junii.

318.1 Amico suo Jacobo Agolant', civi et mercatori de fo. 44d,

societate Amanatorum de Pistorio, totus suus H. Ebora- The archb.

censis electus, salutem beneplacita voluntatem. De merchant of

eo quod super [expedito]^ eleccionis nostre negocio alios fhSg

preveniendo^ nobis ex* quadam affeccione [nostris ^^^^^ If

mentis erga nos geritis specialip necnon de gratis |^e cuna^i

serviciis semper hactenus,^ [quociens vestram requisivimus of^ws^^^

^A draft. quam non sine tedio aliquociens

^Expedito interlined. circa ipsius promocionem negocii

^Singulos crossed out. jugiter [impendistis].

*Ex crossed out. ®The following words interlined

'Words in brackets interlined and and crossed out : — cum omni

the following crossed out : — promptitudine.

laboriosa eciam et sollicita industria



praying him
to continue


expressing a
hope that he
should not
be obhged
to seek help
from others

Fo. 44.

The archb.
to Master
Adam of
him for his
services at
his election
and praying
him to

benivolenciam],! per vos nobis factis,^ omnes quas^

possumus referimus vobis grates.* Amiciciam vestram^ [cordi
nostro impressam],^ attencius"^ requirentes quatinus affec-
cionem^ erga nos contingentes inceptam sic vos ipsos
soUicitare velitis sociosque vestros [in curia^ solita bonitate
dirigere quod negocium nostrum predictum, ex quo honor
noster dependet et vi[ta]. . . vos et ipsos [cum celeritate]^
prosperaio a domini pape et aliorum manibus totaliter
liberetur, nos in hoc necessitatis articulo minime deserentes.
Verecundum esset s[iqui]dem [si nos],ii qui societatem
vestrami2 [ab antiquo preelegimus et]ii eidem semper
adhesimus, extraneorum mercatorum subsidium, [ob vestri
et societatis defectum], ^^ in nostris compelleremus ultimis
invocare.13 Hoc autem negocium vobis, ex precipua et
summa confidencia quam de vobis habemus, committimus
finahter promovendum. [Etj^^ nos ad omnia favorabihteri*
[faciendajii que vestro honori et comodo convenire poterunt
ex gratitudinis debito [habebitis semper pronosj.i^

319. Dilectissimo sibi in Christo magistro Ade de Driffeld
salutem quam sibi. De dihgencia vestra circa eleccionis
nostre negocium non sine cordis anxietate quandoque
vigilante exhibita intimas referimus vobis grates, et eo
majores quo nulla ex parte nostra precesserunt merita que
vos ad id debuerant induxisse ; devocionem vestram attente
rogantes quatinus ad expedicionem finalem ejusdem negocii
grato velitis affectu ceptos continuare labores, quos, minis-
trante Altissimo, recompensare intendimus oportune.
Ceterum de negocio quod scripsistis, ex litteris quas Rogero

HVords in brackets interlined
instead of : — et socios vestros, vobis
ut scimus procurantibus.

^Grates crossed out.

^Ex corde crossed out.

^The following passage marked
vacat : — nos ad omnia favorabiliter
prosequenda que honori vestro et
comodo convenire poterunt ex grati-
tudinis .... to totaliter exponentes.

^Expertam " crossed ; also non
immerito which has been interlined.

^Words in brackets interlined.

'Instead of affectnosissime.

*The following crossed out : —
quam non nostris meritis [erga nos]

^Interlined and celeriter et crossed

^"Altered from prospere.


^^Altered frbm societati vestre.

^3 Altered from postulare.

"Interlined and Etc. prosequenda
crossed out.

^^Interlined. The following has
been crossed out : — Totaliter ex-
ponentes. Quod cum aliquid penes
nos volueritis, poteritis efficaciter
experiri. Cui fiducialiter precipie-
tis in omnibus velle vestrum. The
last sentence was altered thus from :
Cui fiducialiter precipietis perpetuo
velut vestro. The following sen-
tence which had been crossed out
should have been inserted some-
where in the text : — Quod sociis
vestris in curia recomendari peti-
mus per vestras litteras speciales.


de Mar dirigimus nostram videre poteritis voluntatem.
Valete. Dat. apud La Bour' ix kal. Juniii (May 24, 1297).

320. Memorandum quod Gressetest^ et Franceys por- fo. 45.
tarunt secum de La Bour' ad curiam Romanam litteras
subscriptas : — In primis j procuratorium ad impetrandum
licenciam a domino papa ut magister Adam et
dominus Rogerus^ possint contrahere mutuum pro servicio
faciendo. Item j procuratorium ad contrahendum mutuum
mille librarum. Item j ad contrahendum mutuum mille
librarum. Item j ad contrahendum mutuum ij miUia
marcarum. Item j ad contrahendum mutuum mille

marcarum. Item j litteram* Item j episcopo Lich-

feldensi Item j domino Item j magistro Th

Item j magistro Bar Item alie littere clause de

Pikeringe scripte.

321.^ Suo Elyensi suus Eboracensis [salutem et] in fo. 46.
omnibus [Super peticione] etc., usque ad finaliter The archb.

^ ^ r^ • r i j to the bp. of

respondendum. Q iniormare et ad consensum Eiy about a

inducere si [idem]^ dominus noster rex cartas predictas Iffh'to^the

confirmaverit suoque sigillo consign averit, ac eciam ^h^^Jerg'^

do a ipsi clero [super hoc]^ certitudinem [fecerit]^ province of

pleniorem. ^[Unde^ vestram itaque amiciciam requirimus et York.

rogamus attente quatinus ensum quod predicti

Cantuarienses per suos nuncios domino regi fecerunt, et
quid ipsi reportarunt ab eo ; necnon quid dominus rex

intendit facere contra , vestrum consilium, quid,

scilicet, nobis in hoc casu tucius fuerit faciendum, [nobis per
latorem, si placet, presencium rescribatis],^ unacum statu
domini regis et rumoribus curie, nobis, si placet, per latorem
presencium rescribatis. In prosperis jugiter valeatis].^ Ut
interim curiam regiam consulerem {etc. usque ad finem).

322. II kal. Nov. (Oct. 22, 1297). Bour'. Magne dis-Fo.47.

crecionis viro, amico karissimo, magistro H., per- The archb.

missione divina Eboracensis electus, salutem et in omnibus ^°^^\t
id quod sibi. De affeccione gratissima quam [erga nos et'^^curia.
nostram]^ Eboracensem ecclesiam semper habuistis hactenus
et habetis ; de vestra eciam fida, circumspecta et experta

lit may be ix kal. Julii. 7lnterlined.

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