1286-1296 (John Romanus) York (Province). Archbishop.

The register of John Le Romeyn, lord archbishop of York, 1286-1296 (Volume 2) online

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Fraunceys, Rob. de Insula, Ralph
de Knoville, Miles de LHlingston,
John de Luca, Hugh de Metheley
Henry de Mileford, John de Nor-
folk, Ralph de Ponthop, Walter de
Revestiario, Mr. J. of Ripon,
Thos. le Seneschal, Rob. de
Sexdecimvallibus, Will. Skirlock,
WUl. de Somerdeby, Ric. de
Taunton, Nicholas de Widmarpol ;
official, 232; sacrist, 60; — see
Thos. of Corbridge, Percival of

churches: — All Saints, 322;

Holy Trinity, Gotheromgate, 250,
320; Holy Trinity, King's Court,
321; St. Crux, 72; St. Helen,
John, clerk of, 332; rector, dom.
Joh., 325; St. Lawrence, Walm-
gate, 217; St. Martin, Nicholas
clerk of, 321 w; St. Mary, Ran-
dulph of, 32in; St. Mary, Castle-
gate, 320; St. Michael-le-Belfrey,
322; St. Saviour-in-the-Marsh,
-, court, commissary general-

see John de Berewyke, Will, de
Wirkessale; official — see archb.'s
official; deanery, xli, 212, 297,
301, 304, 314- .

, minster, xxxiv, xxxv; fabric,

27; altar of St. Andrew, iii, iiin;
new chapter house, xxxiv, 23;
nave, 305; north transept, vii;
St. William's tomb, iii,; chapel
-, prebends, division of, 27, 28,

306; — see Ampleforth, Apesthorpe
Bilton, Bugthorpe, Buttevant,
South Cave, Cottam, Dunnington,
Fenton, Fridaythorpe, Givendale,
Grindale, Holme, Husthwaite,
Knaresborough, Landeford, Lang-

toft, Masham, North Newbald,
South Newbald, Riccall, Strensall,
Thockerington, UUeskelf, Wart-
hill, Weighton, Wistow.

- — , religious houses and hos-
pitals : — St. Leonard's, vii;
master — see Geoffrey of Asphale,
Walter of Langton; St. Mary's,
abbot, xiii, 137, 270; abbot
Thomas, vn; abbot and convent,
viin, 18, 173, 206, 269, 327.

, streets : — Barkaregate, Blake

Street, Bleykestret, Bootham,
Buthum, iv ; Goodramgate, Guth-
erumgate, iiin, ivn, vi, viii, xxxi;z;
North Strete, John son of Henry
le Tannur in, 69; Stayngate,
John the clerk of, 321 w; Walm-
gate, iv; synod, 279, 283; trea-
surership, xvi, 47.

, administrator, T., 231.

, archbishops : — Will. Bothe,

xlvii; Walter Giffard, xix, xxxix,
57, 84W, 162; Walter de Gray,
118, 123, 124, 243; Will, of
Greenfield, 3o6w; Godfrey de
Ludham, 162, 49; Will, de Melton,
xxxixw; John Thoresby, xxxi;
Thurstin, 228; Will. Wickwane,
X, xiii, xiv, xix, xxxix, xlvi, 39,
45, 49, 78, 837?, 154, 1622, 308;—
see also Thomas of Corbridge,
John le Romeyn.

, archbishop's officials : — chan-
cellor — see Rob. of Sleaford;
clerks — see Rob. de Byham,
Henry de Colingham, Rob. of
Laneham, Rob. de Levesham,
Will, of Nottingham, Rob. of
Pickering, John Russell, Rob. of
Sleaford (de la Ford), Lam-
bert de Trikingham, Will, de
Wrelton; official, 40, 70^, 106,
126, 133, 2412, 290; Mr. H., 205;
— see also Thos. of Adderbury,
John de Craucumbe, Rob. de
Lascy, Hugh of Menithorpe, Rob.
of Pickering ; his commissary, 62 ;
penitancer, 271; receiver, Mr. H.,
205 ; — see also Simon of Barnby,
Thos. de Castroforti, Rob. de
Nassington, Rob. of Tealby ;
seneschal — see Ric. de Bamfeld,
John de Cave, John de I^ithe-
greins, Hugh de Louther, Gilbert
de Thorneton, Lambert de
Trikingham; sequestrator — see
Rob. de Nassington ; vicar general
— see John de Craucumbe.



, archdeacon, 131 — see Godfrey

Giffard, Walter of Gloucester,
Will, of Hambleton, Lawrence of
Lincoln: archdeacon's official, 51.

, canons • — Bernard, Erard,

Godard, Maurice, viii«: — also
Thos. of Adderbury, Boniface of
Aosta, Rob. de Arenis, Theobald
de Bar, John de Berewyke, Thos.
de Bitton, Guy de Boys, Rob.
Burnel, Bogo de Clare, Ric. de
Clifford, Giovanni Colonna, Thos.
of Corbridge, Will, de la Corner,
John de Craucumbe, John de
Drokenesford, Nich. de Ewelme,
John Francis, Francesco Gaetani,
Simon of Ghent, John le Gras,
Will, de Grenefeld, Thos. de
Hedon, Jas, de Hispania, John of
Husthwaite, Ralph de Ivingho,
John of Langton, Walter of Lang-
ton, Andrew de Languisel, Ber-
nard de Languisel, cardinal bishop
of Porto, Rob. de Lascy, Percival
of Lavagna, Thos. of Louth,
Roger Marmyon, Stephen de
Mauley, Hugh de Menithorpe,
Henry of Newark, Matteo Rubeo
Orsini, Neapoleone Orsini, Adam
de Osgodeby, Will, de Percy, Rob.
of Pickering, Will, of Pickering,
Thos. Pykalott, Rob. of Rippling-
ham, John le Romeyn senior,
archb. John le Romeyn,
Amadeus de St. John, Boniface
de Saluciis, Hugh Sampson,
Pandolfo Savelli, Pietro Savelli,
Aymo of Savoy, Will. Segyn, Rob.
of Slealord (de la Ford), Stephen
of Sutton, John de Warenne,
Philip of Willoughby, Gerard de

— , chancellor, 63; — see John
Blund, Rob. of Ripplingham,
Rob. of Scarborough, Thos. of
Wakefield, Will. Wickwane.

— , chapter, 1-3 1, 17, 208-221, 213,
241 «, 250; commissary and
official — see John de Nassington;
register, 318-332.

— , dean, Roger, viiiw; Will, de
Sancta Barbara, 231; — see also
Will, of Hambleton, Will, of Kirk-
ham, Will, of Langton, Henry of
Newark, Will, de Rotherfeld,
Rob. of Scarborough; dean and
chapter, iii, 18, 19.

— , dean of the Christianity, 69,
70, 250, 254, 262, 320; — see also
Simon of Barnby, Will, of Kirton.
precentor, Geoffrey, viiiw ; —

see also Simon de Evesham, Peter
de Ros; subdean — see Will, of
Blyth, John le Romeyn senior,
Simon of St. Giles, Thos. de Wake-
feld; subtreasurer — see Will, de
Craven; succentor, viii, ix; — see
also Roger de Mar, Thos. de
Munkegate; treasurer, 106, 107;
William, viiiw; — see also Theobald
de Bar, Bogo de Clare, Giovanni
Colonna, Rob. Haget, John Man-
sel, John le Romeyn senior;
vicars choral, ivn, ix, xxxiw;
Elias, Jeremy; — see also Thomas
the baker, Adam de Vestibulo;
vicechancellor, viii.

, apothecary — see Nich. de

-, Edward of, 321 ; Will, of, 263 ;

Will, of — see rector of Headon.
Yorkshire, county courts, 250, 260;
escheator; sheriff. 265; — see
John de Lithegreins.




The Society's Volumes are Published by

ANDREWS & CO., Sadler Street, Durham ;

BERNARD A. QUARITCH, ii Grafton Street, W., London.






Owing to the war the issue of the Report has been delayed till
the present year. The Society has lately had to deplore the loss
of one of its Vice-Presidents, Mr. Richard Oliver Heslop, who
held that office since 1905. Although Mr. Heslop, who was
not an infrequent attendant at the Council Meetings, had done
little work directly for the Society, his readiness and geniality in
imparting information will be missed by many members. His
capacity as an antiquary and philologist are borne witness to
by his labours for the Newcastle Society of Antiquaries and
his admirable volume, " Northumberland Words, •'^ published
by the English Dialect Society, a monument of patient and dis-
criminating research. This vacancy has not been filled up. The
only other change in the Vice-Presidents is the substitution of
Mr. William Brown, till recently Secretary of the Society, in the
place of the Rev. Henry Gee, D.D., Master of University College,
Durham, who has been elected Secretary in Mr. Brown^s place.

Since the issue of the last Report four volumes have appeared,
bringing the Society^s publications up to date. In no. 124
Mr. J. Crawford Hodgson has published a second volume of
North Country Diaries, containing no fewer than five diaries
with other documents of a similar nature. The scarcity of such
records makes the editor's industry and perseverance in securing
so many the more noteworthy. The volume is edited with
Mr. Hodgson's usual care and accuracy. The second part of
the York Memorandum Book completes this most valuable
record. In it is given a lively picture of city life during the
fourteenth and fifteenth centuries in our Northern metropolis,
illustrating not only its municipal and mercantile aspects, but
the ecclesiastical, and in the miracle plays even the theatrical.
The references to the foreign traders, especially those from the
Hanse Towns, give an idea how extensive the commerce of York
was at this time. In the Register of the Priory of St. Bees Canon
James Wilson shews how a somewhat arid subject may be
rendered readable. The value of the book is much enhanced
by an appendix of illustrative documents. The last volume

(no. 127) is a volume of niiscellaiiea. It contains: (i) Two
Thirteenth Century Assize Rolls for the County of Durham,
edited by Mr. K. E. Bayley. These are the earliest assize rolls
extant antl the only ones for that county in the Public Record
Office. Unfortunately ill-health and pressure of business have
prevented the editor from giving the annotation these rolls
deserve and require. (2) North Country Deeds of considerable
value, and edited v^ith copious notes by the late Secretary.
(3) Documents relating to the Visitations of the Diocese and
I'rovince of York in 1407 and 1423, under the editorship of
Mr. A. Hamilton Thompson. Records of such visitations are
rare, especially of the province, a prerogative the primate of the
Northern province was seldom able to exercise,, chiefly in con-
sequence of the jealousy of his powerful suffragan, the bishop
of Durham.

Mr. R, H. Skaife, who recently died in Leeds, did good work
many years ago as editor of two of the Society^s most useful
publications. His edition of " Kirkby^s Inquest'^ (vol. 49),
with its triple index of Yorkshire place-names, is indispensable
for all students of the topography of that county. The Register
of the Corpus Christi Guild, York (vol. 57), under his care has
been enriched with notes, forming a mine of information about
Yorkshire families in the fifteenth century.

A considerable number of volumes are in a forward state of
preparation and may be expected to appear soon. For York-
shire : — The second volume of " Visitations of the North, ^' edited
by Mr. F. W. Dendy. The " Records of Merchant Adven-
turers of York," edited by Miss Sellers. The " Horae Ebora-
censes," edited by the Rev. Canon Wordsworth. The
'' Register of Archbishop John le Romeyn,^^ part ii., with which
will appear the " Register of Archbishop Henry of Newark, ""^
edited bv Mr. William Brown. The " Valor Ecclesiasticus for
Yorkshire" with a large amount of annotation, edited by
Mr. A. Hamilton Thompson.

For the two Northern Counties : — '' Protestations for the
County of Durham in 1642," edited by Mr. H. M. Wood.
"^ Tithe Accounts of the l^arish of Gainford in the seventeenth
century, with illustrative documents," edited by Miss Alice
Edlcston. A " Register of Roman Catholics' estates in
Northumberland in 1717 — 1770," edited by Mr. J. Crawford


In jMcsenting his last Report the Secretary desires to tender
his most hearty thanks to the members of the Society and the
editors of the vohimes which have appeared during his tenure
of office for their courtesy and forbearance. Of this period, nine-
teen years, he will always have most pleasant recollections,
more especially as it has afforded him the opportunity of making
many friends. In Dr. Gee it is felt that the Society has secured
the services of a Secretary who will carry on the traditions of
his two predecessors, Dr. Raine and his son Canon Raine, the
latter of whom was so well known to many of the elder
members of the Society. It is worth noticing that Dr. Gee
P will only be the fourth Secretary of the Society since its founda-
tion over eighty years ago.

William Brown.



In honour of the late Robert Surtees of Mainsforth, Esquire, the
author of the History of the County Palatine of Durham, and in
accordance with his pursuits and plans ; having for its object the
publication of inedited Manuscripts, illustrative of the intellectual,
the moral, the religious, and the social condition of those parts
of England and Scotland included on the east between the Humber
and the Firth of Forth, and on the west between the Mersey and
the Clyde, a region which constituted the ancient Kingdom oi


I. — The Society shall consist of not more than three hundred
and fifty members.

II. — There shall be a Patron of the Society, who shall be President.

III. — There shall be twenty-four Vice-Presidents, a Secretary,
and two Treasurers.

IV. — The Patron, the Vice-Presidents, the Secretary, and the
Treasurers shall form the Council, any five of whom, including
the Secretary and a Treasurer, shall be a quorum competent to
transact the business of the Society.

V. — The twenty-four Vice-Presidents, the Secretary, and the
Treasurers shall be elected at a general meeting", to continue in
office for three years, and be capable of re-election.

VI. — Any vacancies in the office of Secretary or Treasurers shall
be provisionally filled up by the Council, subject to the approbation
of the next general meeting.

VII. — Three meetings of the Council shall be held in every year,
on the first Tuesday in the months of March, June, and December;
and the place and hour of meeting shall be fixed by the Council, and
communicated by the Secretary to the members of the Council.

VIII. — The meeting in June shall be the Anniversary, to which
all the members of the Society shall be convened by the Secretary.

IX. — The Secretary shall convene extraordinary meetings of the
Council, on a requisition to that effect, signed by not less than
five members of the Council, being presented to him.

X. — jNIembers may be elected by ballot at any of the ordinary
meetings, according to priority of application, upon being proposed
in writing by three existing members. One black ball in ten shall

XI. — Each member shall pay in advance to the Treasurer the
annual sum of one guinea. If any member's subscription shall be in
arrear for two years, and he shall neglect to pay his subscription after
having been reminded by the Treasurer, he shall be regarded as
having ceased to be a member of the Societv.

XII. — The money raised by the Society shall be expended in
publishing such compositions, in their original language, or in a
translated form, as come within the scope of this Society, without
limitation of time with reference to the period of their respective
authors. All editorial and other expenses to be defrayed by the

XIII. — One volume at least, in a closely printed octavo form,
shall be supplied to each member of the Society every year, free
of expense.

XIV. — If the funds of the Society in any year will permit, the
Council shall be at liberty to print and furnish to the members, free
of expense, any other volume or volumes of the same character,
in the same or a different form.

XV. — The number of copies of each publication, and the selection
of a printer and publisher, shall be left to the Council, who shall
also fix the price at which the copies, not furnished to members,
shall be sold to the public.

XVI. — The armorial bearings of Mr. Surtees, and some other
characteristic decoration connecting the Society with his name, shall
be used in each publication.

XVII. — A list of the otficers and members, together with an
account of the receipts and expenses of the Society, shall be made up
every year to the time of the annual meeting, and shall be submitted
to the Society to be printed and published with the next succeeding

XVIII. — No alteration shall be made in these rules, except at
an annual meeting. Notice of any such alteration shall be given,
at least as early as the ordinary meeting of the Council immediately
preceding, to be communicated to each member of the Society.



N.B. — 0/ several of these Volumes the. immher of copies on hand is very smaU ; some will not
be, sold, except to Members of the Society under certain conditions, and all applications
for them must he made to the Secretary,

1. Eeginaldi Monachi Dunebnensis Libellus de Admirandis Beati Cuthberti Virtutibus. 10s.

Edited by Dr. Eaiiie.

2. Wills and Inventories, illustrative of the History, Manners, Language, Statistics, ete., of

the Northern Counties of England, from the Eleventh Century downwards. (Chiefly
from the Registry of Durham.) Vol. I. Edited by Dr. Raine. (Only sold in a set
and to a Member.)

3. The Towiieley Mysteries, or Miracle Plays. Edited by Mr. J. Gordon. The Preface by

Joseph Hunter, F.S.A. (Only sold in a set and to a Member.)

4. Testamenta Eboracensia : Wills illustrative of the History, Manners, Language, Statistics,

etc., of the Province of York, from 1300 downwards. A'ol. I. 20s. Edited by
Dr. Raine.

5. Sanctuarium Dunelmense et Sanctuarium Beverlacense ; or, Registers of the Sanctuaries

of Durham and Beverley. 7s. Od. Edited by Dr. Raine. The Preface by Rev. T.

G. The Charters of Endowment, Inventories, and Account Rolls of the Priory of Finchale
in the County of Durham. 10s. Edited by Dr. Raine.

7. Catalogi Veteres Librorum Ecclesia> Cathedralis Dunelm. Catalogues of the Library of

Durham Cathedral at various periods, from the Conquest to the Dissolution ; including
Catalogues of the Library of the Abbey of Hulme, and of the MSS. preserved in the
Library of Bishop Cosin at Durham. 7s. 6d. Edited by Dr. Raine. The Preface by
Beriah Botfield, Esq.

8. Miscellanea Biographica; a Life of Oswin, King of Northumberland: Two Lives of

Cuthbert, Bishop of Lindisfarne : and a Life of Eata, Bishop of Hexham. 5s. Edited
by Dr. Raine.

9. Historioe Dunelmeusis Scriptores Tres. Gaufridus de Coldingham, Robertus de Greystanes,

et Willehnus de Chambre, with the omissions and mistakes in Wharton's edition
supplied and corrected, and an Appendix of G65 original Documents, in illustration
of the Text. 7s. tid. Edited by Dr. Raine.

10. Rituale Ecclesiae Dimelmensis : a Latin Ritual of the Ninth Century, with an interlinear

Northumbro-Saxon Translation. 12s. Edited by Rev. J. Stevenson.

11. Jordan Fantosme's Anglo-Norman Chronicles of the War between the English and the

Scots in 1173 and 1171. 5s. Edited, with a Translation, Notes, etc., by Francisque
Michel, F.S.A.

12. The Correspondence, Inventories, Account Rolls, and Law Proceedings of the Priory of

Coldingham. 7s. 6d. Edited by Dr. Raine.

13. Liber Vitx' Ecclesise Dunelmensis ; necnou Obituaria duo ejusdem Ecclesiae. 5s. Edited

by Rev. J. Stevenson.

14. The Correspondence of Robert Bowes of Aske, Esq., Ambassador of Queen Elizabeth to the

Court of Scotland. 7s. Od. Edited by Rev. J. Stevenson.

15. A Description or Briefe Declaration of all the Ancient Monuments, Rites, and Customs

belonging to, or being within, the Monastical Church of Durham, before the Suppression.
Written in 1593. Edited by Dr. Raine. ( Only sold in a set and to a Member.)

IG. Anglo-Saxon and Early English Psalter, now first published from MSS. in the British
Museum. Vol. I. 78. Gd. Edited by the Rev. J. Stevenson.

17. The Correspondence of Dr. Matthew Hutton, Archbishop of York. With a selection from

the Letters of Sir Timothy Hutton, Knt., his son, and Matthew Hutton, Esq., his
grandson. 7s. Gd. Edited by Dr. Raine.

18. The Durham Household Book ; or, the Accounts of the Bursar of the Monastery of

Dunham, from 1530 to 1534. 7s. 6d. Edited by Dr. Raine.

19. Anglo-Saxon and Early English Psalter. Vol. II. 7s. 6d. Edited by Ee v. J. Stevenson.

20. Libellus de Vita et Miraculis S. Godrici, Heremitse de Fiuchale, auctore Eeginaldo,

Mona-iho Dunebnensi. 7s. Gd. Edited by Rev. J. Stevenson.

21. Depositions respecting the Bebellion of 1569, Witchtraft, and other Ecclesiastical

Proeeedinfis, from the Court of Durham, extending from 1311 to the reign of Elizabeth.
7s. 6d. Edited by Dr. Raine.

22. The Injunctions and other Ecclesiastical Proceedings of Richard Barnes, Bishop of Durham

(1.577-87) . Edited by Dr. Raine. ( Onh/ sold in a set and to a Meinbur.)

23. The Anglo-Saxon Hj-mnarium. from MSS. of the Eleventh Century, in Durham, the British

Museum, etc. 7s. 6d. Edited by Rev. J. Stevenson.

2-1. The Memoir of Mr. Surtees, by the late George Taylor, Esq. Reprinted from the Fourth
Vol. of the History of Durham, with additional Xotes and Illustrations, together with
an Appendix, comprising some of Mr. Surtees' Correspondence, Poetry, etc. Edited by
Dr. Raine. {Only sold in a set and to a Member.)

25. The Boldon Book, or Survey of Durham in 1183. Edited by Rev. W. Greeuwell. [Only

sold in a set and to a Member.)

26. Wills and Inventories illustrative of the History, Manners, Language, Statistics, etc., of the

Counties of York, Westmoreland, and Lancaster, from the Fourteenth Century down-
wards. From the Registry at Richmond. Edited by Rev. J. Raine. (Only sold in a set
and to a Member.)

27. The Pontifical of Egbert, Archbishop of York (731—67), from a MS. of the Ninth or Tenth

Century in the Imperial Library of Paris. Edited by Rev. William GreenweU. (Only
sold in a set and to a Member.)

28. The Gospel of St. Matthew, from the Northumbrian Interlinear Gloss to the Gospels

contained in the MS. Nero D. IV, among the Cottonian MSS. in the British Museum,
commonly known as the Lindisfame Gospels, collated with the Eushworth MS. 7s. 6d.
Edited by Eev. J. Stevenson. (The four Volumes which make up this Series vnllle sold
together /or £1 Is.)

29. The Inventories and Account EoUs of the Monasteries of Jarrow and Monkwearmouth, from

their commencement in 1303 until the Dissolution. 10s. Edited by Dr. Eaine.

30. Testamenta Eboracensia ; or. Wills illustrative of the History, Manners, Language,

Statistics, etc., of the Province of York, from li29 to 1-167. Vol. II. Edited by Eev.
J. Eaine. (Only sold in a set and to a Member.)

31 . The Bede Eoll of John Buraaby, Prior of Durham (1456—64) . With illustrative Documents.

7s. 6d. Edited by Dr. Eaine.

32. The Survey of the Palatinate of Durham, compiled during the Episcopate of Thomas

Hatfield (1345—82). 10s. Edited by Eev. W. GreenweU.

33. The Farming Book of Heniy B^st, of Ehnswell, E.E.Y. Edited by Eev. C. B. NorcUlfe.

( Only sold in a set and to a Member.)

34. The Proceedings of the High Court of Commission for Durham and Northumberland. 123.

Edited by Mr. W. H. D. Longstaffe.

35. The Fabric Eolls of York Minster. Edited by Eev. J. Eaine. (Only sold in a set and to a


36. The Heraldic Visitation of Yorkshire, by Sir WiUiam Dugdale, io 1665. Edited by Mr.

Eobert Davies. (Only sold in a set and to a Member.)

37. A Volume of Miscellanea, comprising the Letters of Dean Granville, the Account of the

Siege of Pontefract by Nathan Drake, and Extracts from the Eokeby Correspondence.
Edited by Eev. George Omsby, Mr. W. H. D. Longstaffe, and Eev. J. Kaine. (Only
sold in a set and to a Member.)

38. A Volume of Wills from the Eegistry at Durham ; a continuation of No. 2. Edited by

Rev. AV. GreenweU. (Only sold in a set and to a jf ember.)

39. The Gospel of St. Mark, from the Northumbrian Interlinear Gloss to the Gospels contained

in the MS. Nero D. TV, among the Cottonian MSS. in the British Museum, commonly
known as the Lindisfame Gospels, coUated with the Rushworth MS. ; a continuation of
No. 2S. 7s. 6d. Edited by Mr. George Waring.

40. A selection from the Depositions in Criminal Cases taken before the Northern Magistrates ;

from the Originals preserved in York Castle. Saec. XVII. Edited by Eev. J. Raine.

( Only sold in a set and to a Member.)

41. The Heraldic Visitation of the North of England, made in 1330, by Thomas Tonge, with an

Appendix of Genealogical MSS. Edited by Mr, W. H. D. Longstaffe. (Only sold in a
set and to a Member.)


42. Memorials of Fountains Abbey. Vol. I. Comprising the Chronicle relating to the

Foundation of the House, written by Hugh de Kirkstall ; the Chronicle of Abbats,
etc. ; and an Historical description of the Abbey, with Illustrations. Edited by Mr.
J. R. Walbran. {Only sold in a stt and to a Member.)

43. The Gospel of St. Luke, from the Northumbrian Interlinear Gloss to the Gospels con-

tained in the MS. Kero D. IV, among the Cottonian MSS. in the British Museum,
comjnonly known as the Lindisfarne Gospels, collated with the Hush^yorth MS. ; a
continuation of Xos. 28 and 39. 7s. 6d. Edited by Mr. George AVaring.

4-i. The Priory of Hexham, its Chronicles, Endowments, and Annals. Vol. I. Containing
the Chronicles, etc., of John and Eichard, Priors of Hexham, and Aelred, Abbat of
Kievaulx, with an Appendix of Documents, and a Preface illustrated with Engravings,

Online Library1286-1296 (John Romanus) York (Province). ArchbishopThe register of John Le Romeyn, lord archbishop of York, 1286-1296 (Volume 2) → online text (page 45 of 47)