1286-1296 (John Romanus) York (Province). Archbishop.

The register of John Le Romeyn, lord archbishop of York, 1286-1296 (Volume 2) online

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Online Library1286-1296 (John Romanus) York (Province). ArchbishopThe register of John Le Romeyn, lord archbishop of York, 1286-1296 (Volume 2) → online text (page 47 of 47)
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The Yorkshire Archaeological Association. 3rd March, i!
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From 1st January, igij,

To Balance from 191 2

£ s. d.
601 II o

„ Subscriptions received from ist January, 1913, to 31st Decem-
ber, 1914 62415 o

„ Bank Interest

„ Amounts received for Sale of Books by Treasurer

;^I262 18 6


to 31st December, 1914. Cf.

;^ S. d. £ S. d.

Vol. 122. Visitations of the North in 1552 and
By paid A. Reid and Co., on account for printing. . 60 o o

Vol. 123. Register of John le Romeyn : —

By paid Knight and Forster, for printing .. .. 75 16 9

,, „ Leighton and Co., for binding .. .. 11 13 o

87 9 9

Thirteenth Century Assize Roll: —

By paid Mitchell Hughes and Clarke, on account

for printing .. .. .. .. 34 12 o

Vol, 125. City Book of York : —

By paid B. Johnson, on account for printing ., 60 o o

Miscellaneous : —

By paid W. Brown, Secretary, for two years' allow-
ance to June, 1914 .. .. .. 60 o o

,, ,, J. G. Gradon, Treasurer, for like .. .. 30 o o

„ „ Andrews and Co., on account for rent of
warehouse, insurance and postage of
Books to Members . . . . . . 40 o o

,, ,, Veitch and Sons, for stationery .. .. i 18 6

,, „ Chequebook .. .. .. .. 026

, „ Treasurer, for postage and expenses (two

years) .. .. .. .. .. 8170

140 18 o

Balance in hands of Treasurer .. .. 879 18 9

j^i263 i8 6

Audited and found correct,
2Sth March, 191 5. STANLEY C. DAVIS.





Online Library1286-1296 (John Romanus) York (Province). ArchbishopThe register of John Le Romeyn, lord archbishop of York, 1286-1296 (Volume 2) → online text (page 47 of 47)