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of the world, must receive support throughout the world.

Abdul Baha. Star, Vol. 5, p. 166.

* * * Envy and rancor arise between nations, but because I find the
American nation so capable of achievement, and the American govern-
ment the fairest of the western governments, its systems superior to others,
my wish and hope is that the banner of peace may be raised first on this conti-
nent and that the standard of the Most Great Peace may here be unfurled.

May the nation of America and its government unite in their efforts, in
order that this light may dawn from this point and spread to all regions,
for this is one of the greatest bestowals of God. In order that America
may avail herself of this opportunity, I request that you strive and suppli-
cate with heart and soul, devoting all your energies to this end, and that
the banner of international peace in reality may be unfurled here and that
American democracy may be the cause of the cessation of warfare in all
other countries.

Observe what is taking place in Tripoli! Think of their cutting one
another into pieces! From the waters of the sea comes the bombardment;
on the land the guns respond, and from the very air itself the dynamiting
descends. The contending parties are thirsting for each other's blood.
Truly armies should not contend like this. How can they do it! Have
they not fathers, have they not mothers, have they not children, are they
not human.'' What of the children when they hear the terrible news?
What of the wives? Think of their experiences!


How unjust this is, how terrible! Human beings should not suffer
this. Those chieftains should strive for the good of their subjects. Those
shepherds should bring their sheep within the fold and comfort them and
give them pasture. I supplicate the Kingdom of God and ask that you
may be instrumental in bringing about the "Great Peace" in this country,
in this nation and government, and through them spread it to the world.

Abdul Baha. Wisdom Talks, p. 13.

* * * Praise be to God that stupendous material developments are
obtained in this country (United States); but material civilization alone
does not safeguard the progress of a nation ; because through material civil-
ization dynamite, Krupp guns, projectiles and Mauser rifles are invented;
thus the infernal instruments of human fratricide are multiplied and con-
stantly perfected. Therefore, natural civilization fosters both good and evil.

All the wolfish bloodshed, all this feverish multiplication of military
armaments are the results of material civilization.

When material civilization joins hands with spiritual civilization, then
it will be perfect. In former times a wooden box might have protected
your possessions from the thief, but now the safes with their complicated
keys and combinations do not daunt the robber.

Consequently, just as good is advancing through material civilization,
evil takes the same place, unless the earthly civilization become the
handmaid of heavenly civilization. Natural civilization is like unto the
body of man. If the body be animated by the spirit it is alive; otherwise
it is a vile corpse which in the long run will become putrid and decayed.
Abdul Baha. Extract from Ahraad's Diary, July 15, 1913.

Thou hast written regarding the tests and trials to be manifested in
the American countries. Know this, that hardships and misfortunes shall
increase day by day and the people will be distressed. The doors of joy
and happiness shall be closed upon all sides, terrible wars shall happen.
Disappointment and the frustration of hopes shall surround the people
from every direction until they are obliged to turn to God. Then the
lights of great happiness will enlighten the horizons, so that the cry of
"Ya Baha-el-Abha ! " may arise upon all sides. This will happen.

Abdul Baha. Tablet to I. D. B., 1904.

* * * America cannot be compared with Europe. The problems of
America in comparison with those of Europe are as nothing. One of the
problems of Europe is to maintain a great army. All the French and
German nations are soldiers, but you are free from this great calamity.
You must thank God for saving you. In the interior of America there is
protection and safety. The first banner of peace will rise here. Know
for a certainty that this will come to pass. For man knows the result from
the beginning. The result will be that the peace which you have here
among your people will, from here, be spread to other regions.

Abdul Baha. Star, Vol. 7, p. 82.

This American nation is a revered nation and presents great and de-
served worthiness. I hope this fair government will stand for peace, so


that warfare may not reign in the world; that the banner of peace shall be
unfurled and all nations be united together, which is the greatest attain-
ment of the world of humanity. It is equipped to accomplish that which
shall surely adorn the pages of history, become the envy of the world and
to be blest in the East and the West because of its democracy. I hope
it may be the cause thereof and I ask God in behalf of you all.

Abdul Baha. Star, Vol. 3, No. 4, p. 32.

Every state of the United States is an independent sovereignty and
freedom rules over the hearts of men. Every American considers himself
responsible to hold aloft the ideals of humanity and as such they are the
guardians of the rights of man. Their splendid isolation entitles them
not to interfere with the internal affairs of other nations. They are not
imbued with the ruthless law of land-grabbing. I was most pleased with
the results of my trip to America. I found a wonderful spirit of peace
hovering over that vast continent. The people are inspired with the
thought of peace and are working for its final realization. I hope that
they will be the first nation to unfurl the standard of peace. I will ever
pray for their success. Today this is the most great service to the world
of humanity.

Abdul Baha. Extract from Ahmad's Diary, April 12, 1914.

God ! O Thou who art the confirmer of every just power and equitable
empire in eternal glory, the everlasting power, continuance, steadfastness,
firmness and greatness! Strengthen by the abundance of Thy mercy
every government which acts rightly towards its subjects and every
dominion, given by Thee, that protects the poor and weak by its flags.

1 ask Thee by the abundance of Thy holiness and that of Thy bounty,
to assist this just government which hath stretched out the ropes of its
tent to far and wide countries; the justice of which hath manifested its
proofs throughout the well inhabited, cultivated and flourishing regions
belonging to such government. O God, strengthen its soldiers and flag,
give authority and influence to its word and utterance, perfect its terri-
tories and dominions, guard its reputation, make its renown widely spread,
diffuse its traces and exalt its flag by Thy conquering power and wonderful
might in the Kingdom of creation.

Thou art the confirmer of whomsoever Thou wiliest.
Verily, Thou art the powerful and the Almighty.

Prayer revealed for America by Abdul Baha, about the year 1900.

As to the American people, this noble nation, intelligent, meditative:
is quite disinterested, for its territory is insular and geographically separated
from the other nations. Here we find a oneness of interest, a oneness of
policy. These are indeed United States. Therefore, the United States
is possessed of the capacity and capability of holding aloft the banner
of international peace. May this nation, this noble people, be the cause
of unifying humanity! May this noble people spread broadcast the
heavenly civilization and illumination ! May it be the cause of the diffusion
of the love of God ! May it proclaim the solidarity of mankind ! May it


be the cause of the guidance of the human race ! Therefore, I request you
to give this all important question your most serious consideration and
efforts. Thus may the world of humanity obtain peace and comjiosure.
Thus may this dark world be transformeil into a realm of radiance. Thus
may the East and the West clasp hands together. Thus may the oneness
of God become reflected and fully revealed or mirrored forth in the hearts
of humanity, and all mankind prove to be manifestations of the favors of
God. Abdul Baha. Star, Vol. 5, p. 200 (1912).

* * * Now I have come to America and I consider the American people
to be a civilized people, an intelligent nation, a nation investigating reality.
I hope through the effort of this noble nation the solidarity of humanity
will be advanced daily; the illumination of the human world will be wide-
spread; the banner of universal peace will be held aloft; the lamp of the
oneness of the human world be ignited; and the hearts of the East and
West become united. Then the reality of the divine religions shall be-
come resplendent and refulgent, indicating the fact that all the divine
religions were meant to be the cause of unity and love, and all heavenly
bestowals have ever been conferring light upon humanity.

Abdul Baha. Star, Vol. 6, p. 64.

We shall, therefore, offer supplication to the threshold of God, so that
perchance a great love may take possession of the hearts of men and unite
the nations of the world ; that the standards of international peace may be
hoisted and that the oneness of the world of humanity may be promulgated.
This American democracy may be the first nation to hoist the banner of
international peace; through your efforts all this is possible and feasible.

May it be the first nation to promulgate the universality of mankind!
May it be the first nation to upraise the banner of the Most Great Peace,
until these philanthropic institutions, through this democracy, this nation,
may be spread broadcast throughout the world. Truly, this is a great
nation. Liberty has reached its utmost degree. It is a revered nation.
The intentions are all good; they are indeed worthy of being the people to
raise the tabernacle of this great peace and to hoist the standard of the
oneness of humanity. I supplicate to God and I will ask aid and con-
firmation in your behalf. Abdul Baha. Star, Vol. 3, No. 3, p. 9.

* * * In the Orient I heard that there are many peace loving people
in America. I left my native land to associate here with those who are
the standard bearers of international peace. Having traveled from coast
to coast, I find America a continent vast and progressive, the government
just, the nation noble. * * *

I attended many gatherings where international peace was discussed
and am extremely happy to witness the results of these meetings, for one
of the great teachings of Baha'o'llah relates to international peace. He
founded and taught this principle fifty years ago in the Orient. He pro-
claimed universal peace among the nations; He summoned the people to
establish universal peace among the various religions; He organized peace
among many races, communities and sects. At that time He wrote


epistles to all the rulers and kings of the world and summoned them to
cooperate with Him in spreading these principles, saying that humanity
would not attain composure and rest save thru universal peace. And
He practiced the principle in Persia. And therefore, today there are
people of various religions and races in Persia and elsewhere, souls who
followed the exhortations of Baha'o'Uah, living together in the utmost
love and fellowship, with no religious prejudice, no patriotic prejudice,
no sectarian prejudice. Mohammedan, Roman Catholic, Jew, Buddhist,
followers of Zoroaster, and all others live in unity and agreement.

Now, America has arisen to spread the teachings of peace, for the illumi-
nation of mankind and for bestowing happiness and prosperity on all the
children of men. These are the principles of divine civilization. America
is a noble nation, a standard bearer of peace throughout the world, shedding
her light to all regions. Foreign nations are not untrammeled and free of
intrigues like the United States, and are unable to bring about universal
peace. But America, thank God, is at peace with all the world and is
worthy of raising the flag of brotherhood and international peace. When
the summons to international peace is raised by America all the rest of the
world will cry, "Yes, we accept!"

The nations of every clime will join in adopting the teachings of Baha-
'o'Uah, revealed over fifty years ago. In His epistles He asked the parlia-
ments of the world to send their wisest and best men to an international
world parliament, that should decide all questions between the peoples
and establish universal peace. The last court of appeal, and the Parliament
of Man long dreamed of by the poets, would be realized. It would be
much more far reaching than The Hague Tribunal. * * * When we have
the inter-parliamentary body, composed of delegates from all the nations
of the world, devoted to maintaining universal peace and good-will, then
we will have the Parliament of Man, of which the poets have dreamed.

Abdul Baha. Star, Vol. 6, p. 81.

Because the Californians seem to be so peace loving and possessed of
such great worth and capacity, I hope that peace advocates among them
may daily increase in number, until the whole population shall stand for
peace. May the men of affairs in this democracy uphold the standard
of peace. Thus may these altruistic thoughts radiate from this center
toward all other regions of the earth and may this glory exist forever for
this country. May the first flag of universal peace be upraised in this state.
May the first illumination of reality shine gloriously on this soil. May
this center become distinguished in all degrees, for the virtues of humanity
and possibilities of advancement are boundless. There is no end to them
and whatever be the degree to which humanity may attain there are
always degrees beyond.

There is no phenomenon in the contingent realm of which it can be
said, "Beyond this state of being and perfection there is no other," or
"This has achieved the superlative degree." No matter how perfect it
may appear to be there is still a greater degree of attainment to be reached.
Hence, no matter how much humanity may advance there are higher de-
grees to be attained, because virtues are unlimited. There is an end for


everything save virtues and although this country has achieved extra-
ordinary progress I hope that its attainment may be even greater, for the
divine bounties are unHmited. Abdul Baha. Star, Vol. 5, p. 259.

* * * The continent of America is most progressive. The means of
instructions are prepared; the educational institutions are thoroughly
equipped and the pupils are being systematically trained and educated.
The wealth is on an upward tendency. Its government is democratic.
Its advancement is unceasing. Its nation is hospitable. Its people are
loyal, energetic and noble. Its inhabitants are free and the lovers of
liberty. Its men are civilized and its women are cultured, refined and
idealistic. On the other hand, all these advantages are on the material
plane and I observe the majority of the people are submerged in the sea
of materialism and agnosticism. The natural civilization is well nigh
perfect; but it is in need of the civilization of heaven — divine civilization.
"What do you mean by divine civilization?"

Divine civilization is the light. Material civilization is the lamp.
Material civilization is the body: in itself it is not sufficient and humanity
from every standpoint stands in sore need of divine civilization. Natural
civilization insures material welfare and prosperity. Divine civilization
vouchsafes man ideal virtues. Material civilization serves the physical
world; divine civilization serves the world of morality. Divine civiliza-
tion is a symposium of the perfections of the world of humanity.
Divine civilization is the improvement of the ethical life of a nation.
Divine civilization is the discovery of the reality of phenomena. Divine
civilization is the spiritual philosophy. Divine civilization is the knowledge
of God with rational and intellectual evidences. Divine civilization is
eternal life. Divine civilization is the immortality of the soul. Divine
civilization is the breath of the Holy Spirit. Divine civilization is heavenly
wisdom. Divine civilization is the reality of all the teachings of the
ancient prophets. Divine civilization is universal peace and the oneness
of the world of humanity.

The holy Manifestations of God have been the founders of divine
civilization and the first teachers of mankind and the spreaders of the
fragrances of holiness and sanctity amongst the children of men.

Abdul Baha. Star, Vol. 4, p. 206.

* * * Praise be to God, this American democracy presents capacity
showing forth their readiness to become the flag-bearer of the Most Great
Peace. May they be the hosts of the oneness of humanity. May they
serve the threshold of God and spread that which is the good pleasure of


O Thou Kind Lord! This gathering is turning to Thee. The hearts
are radiant through Thy love. The thoughts and the spirits are exhil-
arated through Thy glad tidings.

O God! Let this American democracy become glorious in spiritual
degrees even as it has aspired to the material degrees, and render this just
government victorious.


Confirm this revered nation to hoist the standard of the oneness of
humanity; to promulgate the Most Great Peace; to become thereby
most glorious and praiseworthy among all the nations of the world.

God ! This American nation is worthy of Thy favors and is deserving
of Thy mercy.

Make it near, dear to Thee, through Thy bounty and bestowal!

Abdul Baha. Wisdom Talks, April 30, 1912.

1 am ever anticipating joyous news from America, wishing that all the
newspapers and journals might write of the Bahais in the following terms:

These people are distinguished in all qualities; they have pure inten-
tions; they are truthful to all humanity; they are trustworthy; they
exercise kindness toward all mankind, and with heart and soul and life
they are engaged in service. They depend upon God, they are severed
from attachments of this world, albeit they are all engaged in some pro-
fession or work. They serve real civilization; in reality they are civilized
people. They fear nothing whatever; night and day their thoughtful
attention is devoted to philanthropic deeds; they wish no harm to any
one, and they do not annoy any one. They put forth efforts in general
philanthropy. Their greatest and highest desire is that bias may be re-
moved from among the nations and sects of the world; that all mankind
may be united with each other; that all wars and battles may be abolished
from among the nations and powers of the world; that the standard of
universal peace or the Most Great Peace shall be raised; that estrange-
ment may cease entirely; that no religious fanaticism, racial or patriotic
bias shall exist, for all are the creatures of God, and all are the signs of the
power of God.

All the inhabitants of the earth belong to one nativity; they are all
members of the human race and divisions of one nation. Differences are
caused by superstitions.

For example: Germany and France are one country, but the division
is made by an imaginary line. These two parts of one continent have
become differentiated or separated; one is known as Germany and one
as France, and with the greatest enmity have they arisen against one
another, whereas they belong to the same fatherland and to the same

In short, we hope that the beloved of God may raise the standard of
the solidarity of mankind in the center of the world; that all nations will
unite and agree, gather together under the blessed banner attaining to the
happiness of the world and the Kingdom.

Abdul Baha. A Heavenly Feast, p. 7.

Convey the utmost kindness to the friends and say: I have crossed
half of the arc of the globe, till I reached America. My aim was that you
may become awakened and mindful; perchance through the favor and
bounty of God you may turn your faces toward the Kingdom.

Praise be to God that you are attentive. However, it is my hope that
you may become the brilliant lamps of the world of humanity and the lights
of the oneness of humanity may dawn through you; that you may arise to


serve the people of the world; that you may be the means of binding to-
gether the hearts of men; that you may hoist the banner of international
peace, so that you may all attain to the greatest virtues of the world of
humanity, that your attention to God may be uninterrupted; that you
may receive the bestowals of the Holy Spirit, that you may become purified,
sanctified, and the Kingdom of God may become established for eternity.
Abdul Baha. Message to Friends in Atlantic City, Nov. 21, 1912.

* * * Therefore, O ye companions of Abdul Baha, display ye an eflFort,
so that ye may make that region (America) the paradise of Abha, hoisting
the banner of the Most Great Peace and spreading the teachings of
the beauty of Abha; so that the slumberous world become awakened, the
unconscious become mindful, the universe become another universe, the
human world become the realm of the Kingdom, earthly emotions become
heavenly attractions, cruelty and oppression be changed into love and
faithfulness, the clattering of the sword be transformed into the sweet
melody of the pen and the discordant sound of war become the wonderful
song of love and intelligence; in order that all the individuals of humanity
embrace each other and live among themselves in perfect love and affinity.

Abdul Baha. Tablets, Vol. 3, p. 559.

When the ship was abreast the Statue of Liberty, standing erect and
facing it, Abdul Baha held his arms wide apart in salutation and said:

There is the new world's symbol of liberty and freedom. After being
forty years a prisoner I can tell you that freedom is not a matter of place.
It is a condition. Unless one accept dire vicissitudes he will not attain.
When one is released from the prison of self, that is indeed a release.

Then waving adieu to the Statue of Liberty, he continued:

In former ages it has been said, "To love one's native land is faith,"
but the tongue in this day says: "Glory is not his who loves his native
land, but glory is his who loves his kind " — humanity. * * *

* * * The ship now pointed its nose up the North River, and gazing
in a look of bewildered amazement at the rugged sky line of the lower city,
formed by the downtown sky-scrapers, Abdul Baha said, pointing at the
towering buildings:

These are the minarets of Western World commerce and industry, and
seem to stretch these things heavenward in an endeavor to bring about
this universal peace for which we are all working, for the good of the nation
and mankind in general.

The bricks make the house, and if the bricks are bad, the house will
not stand as these do. It is necessary for individuals to become as good
bricks, to eradicate from themselves race and religious hatred, greed and
a limited patriotism, so that, whether they find themselves guiding the
government or founding a home, the result of their eflForts may be peace
and prosperity, love and happiness.

Abdul Baha. Star, Vol. 3, No. 3, p. 3.

O Thou kind Lord! Thou hast created all humanity from the same
original parents. Thou hast destined that all shall belong to the same


household and in Thy holy presence they are all Thy servants and all man-
kind are sheltered beneath Thy tabernacle. All have gathered together
at Thy table of bounty, all are radiant through the light of Thy providence.

O God! Thou art kind to all, Thou hast provided for all, Thou dost
shelter all. Thou conferest life upon all. Thou hast endowed each and all
with talents and faculties and all are submerged in the ocean of Thy mercy.

O Thou kind Lord, unite all! Let all the religions agree. Make all the
nations one, so that all may see one another as one kind, the denizens of the
same land. May they all associate with one another with perfect amity
and unity.

O God! Hoist the banner of the oneness of humankind. O God!
Establish the Most Great Peace! Cement Thou, O God, the hearts to-

O Thou kind Father, God! Exhilarate the hearts through Thy frag-
rance of love; brighten the eyes through the light of Thy guidance; cheer
the hearing of all with the melody of Thy Word and shelter us all in the
cave of Thy providence.

Thou art the mighty and powerful! Thou art the forgiving and Thou

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