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structed or designed, the London Docks, the East and West India
Docks, Docks at Liverpool, Hull, Dublin, Greenock, and Leith, the
Dockyard at Sheerness and the Breakwater in Plymouth Sound. Died,
1821. Lent by G. B. Rennie, Esq.

933 Rear- Admiral Charles Sandys. (1752-1814.)

Born, 1752. Captain, 1783, and commanded the Latona in the West
Indies. Superannuated Rear-Admiral, 1805. Died, 1814.

Lent by R. J. Roddam, Esq.

934 Admiral Lord Hugh Seymour. By S. W. REYNOLDS, after J.

Captain, 1779. Commanded the Leviathan at the occupation of
Toulon in 1793, and in the battle of ist June, 1794. Rear- Admiral,
1795. Vice- Admiral, 179 . Commander-in-Chief in the West Indies,
1799. Died at Jamaica, 1801. Lent by Messrs. E. &> E. Emctnuel.

935 Admiral Sir W. Sidney Smith. By E. BELL, after W. CHANDLER.

For services see No. 381. Lent by Messrs. E. 6 E. Emaniul.

936 Admiral The Hon. Sir R. Stopford. By J. SCOTT, after S. PEARCE.

For services see No. 397. L-:nt by Messrs. E. & E. Emanud.

937 Jarnes Saumarez, Lord De Saumarez, Admiral. By H. T.
RYALL, after S. LANE.

For services see No. 380. Lent by Lord De Saumarez.

938 James Saumarez, Lord De Saumarez, Admiral. By C. TURNER.

For services see No. 380. Lent by Lord De Saunui\-.

939 James Saumarez, Lord De Saumarez, Vice-Admiral. By V.
GREEN, after L. F. ABBOTT, R.A.

For services see No. 380. Lent by Sir y. Campbell-Orde, Bart.

940 James Saumarez, Lord De Saumarez, Vice-Admiral. By W.
SAY, after J. PHILLIPS, R.A.

For services see No. 380. Lent by Captain Yorke Rattray, R.N.

941 Vice-Admiral Sir Thomas Boulden Thompson, Bart., G.C.B.
(1766-1828.) From a miniature.

Born, 1766. Lieutenant, 1782. Commander, 1786. Captain, 1790.
Commanded the Leander at the battle of the Nile, and when she was
afterwards captured by the Genereux. Knighted for his brilliant

148 Historic Loan Collection. [Blake

941 continued.

defence against a vastly superior force. Commanded the Bellona at
Copenhagen, where he lost a leg. Baronet, 1806. Rear-Admiral,
1809. Vice-Admiral, 1814. K.C.B., 1815. G.C.B., 1822. Died,
1828. Lent by G. F. Smith, Esq.

942 Vice-Admiral John McDougall. (1750-1814.)

Captain, 1783. Rear- Admiral, 1805. Vice-Admiral, iSio. Died,
1814. Lent by R. J. Roddam, Esq.

943 Captain John Maitland.

Captain, 1783. Died, 1789. Lent by R. J. Roddam, Esq.

944 Captain William Henry Jervis. By H. R. CROKE, after LUBERSAC.

Son of Mrs. Ricketts, sister of the 1st Earl of St. Vincent. Took the
name of Jervis in 1801. Captain 1790. Drowned off Brest, by the
upsetting of his boat, 26th March, 1805.

Lent by Colonel E. H. fi. Lysons.

945 Vice -Admiral James Alms.

Captain. 1783. Commanded the Repulse when lost on the Penmarks,
iSco. Rear-Admiral, 1805. Vice-Admiral, 1810. Died, 1816.

Ltnt by R. J. Roddam, Esq.

946 Captain Phillips. (1782.) Lent by R. J. Roddam ^ Esq.

947 Captain Otway. Lent by R. J. Roddam, Esq.

948 Captain Taylor. Lent by R. J. Roddam. Esq.

949 Captain Williamson. Lent by R. J. Roddam. Esq.

950 Captain Young. (1782.) Lent by R. J. Roddam, Esq.

951 Captain Marsh. (1782.) Lent by R. J. Roddam, Esq.

952 Captain Lumsdon. (1782.) Lent by R.J. Roddam, Esq.

953 Captain Lechmere. 'Lent by R. J. Roddam, Esq.

954 Captain Calder. (1782.) Lent by R. J. Roddam, Esq.

955 Admiral Sir Edward Thornbrough. (1754-1834.) ByH. DAWK,
after S. LANE.

Born, 1754. Served and was wounded in the American War. Pro-
moted to Commander for his dashing conduct on the capture of the
La Nymphe, French frigate, by the Flora, 1780. Captain of
Latona in Lord Howe's victory, and of the Robust at the capture of
La Hoche and three frigates by Sir J. B. Warren's squadron. Promoted
to be Rear- Admiral, 1801, and held several commands as Flag Officer up
to 1818. Died, 1834. Lent by Jftssrs. E. & E. Emanucl.

956 Admiral Sir J. B. Warren, G.C.B. By TITTLER, after GATES.

For services see No. 396.

Lent by the Trustees of the British MUSHIM.

957 Captain Charles Wood. By C. TOWN LEY, after Sir W. BEECHEY.

For services see No. 37-

Lent by Miss Barbara L. St. John O'Rciiiy.

958 Captain Martin Waghorn.

Captain, 1782. Captain of the Royal George, when she foundered
at Spithead, 1782. Died, I7th December, 1787.

Lent by R. J. Roddam, Esq.

959 Captain William Affleck. ( -1791-)

Captain, 1774. Died in the West Indies, captain of the Blonde
frigate, 1791. Lent by R. J. Roddam, Esq.

Gallery] Historic Loan Collection. 149

960 Captain John Wright.

Captain, 1783. Died, 1785. Lent by R. J. Roddam, Esq.

961 Rear- Admiral Sir P. B. V. Broke, Bart. By C. TURNER, after LANE.

For services see No. 613.

Lent by Rear- Admiral Sir L. Loraine, Bart.

962 Vice-Admiral the Hon. Sir H. H. Blackwood, Bart.

For services see No. 519.

Lent by Rear- Admiral Sir L. Loraine, Bart.

963 Vice-Admiral the Hon. Sir H. H. Blackwood, Bart. By C.

For services see No. 519.

Lent by the Trustees of the British Museum.

964 John Crawford.

Seaman of the Venerable, Admiral Duncan's flag ship in the battle of
Camperdown, 1797. It is said that during the action the flag was shot
away, and that Crawford climbed to the main-truck and nailed it there.

Lent by Sir W. A. Eraser, Bart.

965 Admiral Sir Ross Donnelly. By SALTER, after IPSI.

For services see No. 568. Lent by Miss B. N. Melladnv.

966 Thomas Cochrane, Earl of Dundonald, G.C. B., Admiral. By
H. MEYER, after J. RAMSEY.

For services see No. 498. Lent by Messrs. E. and E. Emanuel.

967 Thomas Cochrane, Earl of Dundonald, Admiral, G.C. B.

For services see No. 498. Lent by the Earl of Dnndonald.

968 Captain Robert Faulknor. (1763-1795.) By H. D. GARDNER,
after ROBERTS.

Born, 1763. Lieutenant, 1780. Commander, 1790. Commanded
the Zebra sloop at the capture of Fort Royal, Martinique, on the 2Oth
March, 1794, and for his brilliant conduct was posted to the command
of a prize frigate, "named," as Sir John Jervis told him, "like you, Sir,
the Undaunted." Commanded the Blanche in 1795, and was killed in
action with the French frigate Pique ; shot through the heart as he was
lashing her bowsprit to the Blanche's capstan.

Lent by the Trustees of the British Museum.

969 Admiral John Giffard. ( -1855.)

Midshipman of the Canada at St. Kitts in January, 1782, and in the
battle of Dominica, I2th April, 1782. Lieutenant, 1790. Lieutenant
of the Queen Charlotte in the action off L'Orient, June, 1795. Com-
mander, 1796. Captain, 1796. After continuous service was appointed,
in 1807, Lieutenant-Governor of the Royal Naval College at Portsmouth.
Rear-Admiral, 1819. Vice-Admiral, 1830. Admiral, 1841. Died, 1855.

Lent by Miss Giffard.

970 Captain Sir A. S. Hamond. By J. H. PHILLIPS, after LAURENCE.

For services see No. 466.

Lent by the Trustees of the British Museum.

971 Vice-Admiral Sir T. M. Hardy, Bart., G.C.B.

For services see No. 5/0. Lent by W. Man field, Esq.

972 Vice-Admiral Sir Samuel Hood., Bart, G.C.B. By G. CLINT,

after J. HOFFNER, R.A.

For services see No. 366. Lent by Messrs. E. d^ E. Emamtel.

150 Historic Loan Collection, [Blake

973 Vice-Admiral Sir S. Hood, Bart, G.C.B. By CLINT, after HOPPER.

For services see No. 366. Lent by Sir J. Campbell-Orde, Bart.

974 Samuel Hood, Viscount Hood, G.C. B., Admiral. By V. GREEN,
after L. F. ABBOTT, R.A.

For sen-ices, see No. 377.

Lent by Admiral Sir A. IV. Acland Hood, Bart.

975 Samuel Hood, Viscount Hood, Admiral. By J. JONES, after

For services see No. 377. Lent by the Trustees of the British Museum.
975a Admiral Sir Harry Burrard Neale, Bart., G.C. B., G.C.M.G.

Succeeded to the baronetcy on the death of his uncle, Sir Harry
Burrard, in 1791 : took the name of Neale on his marriage in 1795.
Captain, 1793. In 1797 commanded the San Fiorenzo, when she and
the Nymphe, in company, captured the French frigates Resistance and
Constance, after a hard fought action. Served with distinction through-
out the war. In command of the London, assisted in the capture of
Linois's squadron, March 1806. Captain of the Fleet to Lord
Gambier, 1808-9. Rear- Admiral, 1810. Vice- Admiral, 1814. K.C.B.,
1815. G.C.B., 1822. Commander-in-Chief in the Mediterranean,
1823, and reduced the Dey of Algiers to terms. Admiral, 1830.
Died, 1840. Lent by P. H. Crozier, Esq.

976 Rear- Admiral Sir Frederick Lewis Maitland, K.C.B. (1776-


Born, 1776. Present, as Midshipman of the Southampton frigate, in
the battle of 1st June, 1/94. Captain, 1801. In 1815, when in
command of the Bellerophon, received the surrender of Bonaparte.
Rear- Admiral and K.C.B., 1830. Commander-in-Chief in the East
Indies. Died, 1839. Lent by Colonel C. Maitland.

977 Sir Robert Seppings, Kt, F.R.S., Naval Architect. (1768-1840.)
By R. J. LANE, after W. BRADLEY.

For many years Surveyor of the Navy. Introduced many improve-
ments in the construction of Ships of War, especially the round sterns,
which gave rise to a fierce controversy about 1822. Died, 1840.

Lent by Mrs. C. Tkorne- Georges.

978 Captain John Stewart. ( -1811.) After C. TURNER.

Sailed round the world with Vancouver. Captain, 1801. In com-
mand of the 38-gun frigate Seahorse, engaged two Turkish ships off the
island of Scopolo, and took one of them, 1808. Died, 1811.

Lent bv Messrs. E. &* E. Emanuel.

979 Admiral Sir Michael Seymour, G.C.B". (1802-1887.) ByF. HOLL
(the elder) after A. DE SALOME.

Third son of Rear-Admiral Sir Michael Seymour, Bart., No. 463
Born, 1802. Lieutenant, 1822. Commander, 1824. Captain, 1826.
Commanded the Challenger on the South American Station, 1833, and
till she was wrecked, near Concepcion, on igth May, 1835. Commodore
Superintendent at Devonport. 1852. Captain of the Fleet in the Baltic
and Rear-Admiral, 1854. K.C.B. and third in command in the Baltic,
1855. Commander-in-Chief in China, 1856-9, during the second
Chinese war, including the action with the junk fleet in Fatshan Creek,
and capture of Canton, 1857, and capture of the Taku P'orts, 1858.
G.C.B., 1859. Vice-Admiral, 1860. Commander-in-Chief at Ports-
mouth, 1863. Admiral, 1864. Vice-Admiral of the United Kingdom.
Died, 1887. Lent ey Professor J. K. Laitghton.

Gallery] Historic Loan Collection. 151

980 Rear-Admiral Sir Home Riggs Popham, K.C.B. (1762-1820.)

For Services see No. 496.

Lent by IL W. Popham, Esq.

981 William Hopetown Carnegie, Lord Rosehill, afterwards 8th Earl
of Northesk. (1791-1807.)

Born, 1794. Served as a volunteer at Trafalgar on board the
Britannia, carrying the flag of his father, Rear-Admiral the Earl of
Northesk. Lost in the Blenheim with Sir Thomas Troubridge in 1807.

Lent by Colonel E. H. B. Lysons.

982 Captain Thomas Forrest, C.B. ( -1844.) By SHARPE, aftef

Highly distinguished as First Lieutenant of the Emerald, in 1804, in
cutting-out a privateer schooner from under the batteries of St. Pierre;
Martinique. Commander, 1806. In 1809, Commander of the PrometheuB
in the Baltic ; commanded the boats of the squadron in the capture of
three Russian gun-boats in the Gulf of Finland, and for his gallantry
on this occasion was promoted to be Captain. C.B. 1815. Held
various commands during the peace. Died, 1844.

Lent by Messrs. E. &> E. Emanuel.

983 Rear-Admiral Sir Francis Augustus Collier, K.C.H. (1783-1849.)

Second son of Vice-Admiral Sir George Collier, No. . Bora

about 1783. Midshipman of the Vanguard at the Nile ; and afterwards
with Nelson in the Foudroyant. Captain, 1808. Served actively
during the war. In 1819, Commodore in the Gulf of Persia, in com-
mand of an expedition which reduced the Joasmi pirates, K.C.H.,
1833. Rear-Admiral, 1846. Commander-in-Chief in China, 1848.
Died, 1849. Lent by

984 Rear-Admiral George Benthara. (1787-1862.) By HEAPHY.

Born, 1787. Lieutenant, 1805. Commander, 1810. Commanded
the Heron at the bombardment of Algiers, in 1816, and promoted to be
Captain. Rear-Admiral on the retired list, 1851. Died, 1862.

Lent by Miss Gipps.

985 Captain G. Nicholas Hardinge. ( -1808.)

Captain of H.M.S. San Fiorenzo, and was killed in action with
the French frigate Piemontaise, which was captured on the coast of
Ceylon, after a running fight of 3 days, 8th March, 1808.

Lent by Colonel E. H. B. Lysons^

986 Admiral Henry Gosset. ( -1877.)

Entered the Navy in 1810. In 1816, Midshipman of the Northumber-
land, when she carried Bonaparte to St. Helena. Captain, 1829;
Rear-Admiral, 1855. Vice-Admiral, 1862. Admiral, 1865. Died,
1877. Lent by Mr. Gosset.

987 Admiral Henry Theodosius Browne Collier. ( -1872.)

Third son of Vice-Admiral Sir George Collier. (No. .) Mid-

shipman of the Canopus at the passage of the Dardanelles, 1807.
Lieutenant, 1807. Commander, 1812. Captain, 1822. Rear- Admiral
on the retired list, 1852. Vice-Admiral, 1858. Admiral, 1863. Died;
1872. Lent by Lady Campbell, of Barcaldine.

152 Historic Loan Collection, [Blake

988 Charles Philip Yorke, Earl of Hardwicke, Admiral. (1799-1873.)

Born, 1799. As Midshipman of the Queen Charlotte, had command
of a gunboat at the Bombardment of Algiers in 1816. Lieutenant, 1819.
Commander, 1822. Captain, 1825. Rear-Admiral, 1854. Vice-
Admiral, 1858. Admiral, 1863. Died, 1873.

Lent by Messrs. E. 6 E. Emanncl.

989 Rear- Admiral Lord John Hay. (1793-1851.) By J. FAED, after


Born, 1793. Entered the Navy in 1806, and in 1807 lost his left arm
in a cutting-out expedition in Hyeres Roads. Lieutenant, 1812. Com-
mander, 1814. Captain, 1815. In 1837 Captain of the North Star,
and in command of a small squadron on the north coast of Spain during
the Civil War ; was frequently landed in command of a Naval Brigade.
Commodore-Superintendent at Devonport, 1850. Rear-Admiral, 1851.
Died, 1851. Lent by Messrs. Stilwell cb Sons.

990 Admiral Sir W. King Hall, K.C.B. (1816-1886.)

Born, 1816. Mate of the Benbow at the Bombardment of St. Jean
d' Acre in 1840. Lieutenant, 1841. Commander, 1848. Captain, 1853,
and Captain of the Calcutta, carrying the flag of Sir Michael Seymour,
during the War in China, 1856-9. Rear-Admiral, 1869. K.C..B, 1871.
Vice- Admiral, 1875. Commander-in-Chief at the Nore. Admiral, 1879.
Died, 1886. Lent by Professor J. K. Laughton.

991 Captain George Francis Lyon. ( -1832.)

Lieutenant, 1814. Commander, 1821. Captain, 1823. Distinguished
as an Arctic and African Explorer. Died, 1832.

Lent by J. B. Brown, Esq.

992 Captain Frederick Marryat. ( -1848.)

The Celebrated Novelist. Captain, 1825. Served with distinction in
the first Burmese War. Died, 1848.

Lent by Messrs, E. &* E. Emanuel.

993 Rear-Admiral Sir W. E. Parry, Kt. By REYNOLDS.

Lent by Messrs. E. 6 E. Emanuel.

994 Rear-Admiral Sir J. C. Ross. (1800-1863.) By COOK, after


Born, l8co. Accompanied his uncle, Sir John Ross, and Sir Edward
Parry, on five successive voyages to the Arctic Regions. Reached
Lat. 82 44' N. in 1827. Discovered North Magnetic Pole, 1831.
Commanded the Erebus on a scientific voyage to the Antarctic Regions,
1839 to 1843, and reached Lat. 78 10' S. Knighted, and received
the gold medal of the Geographical Society, on his return. Commanded
an expedition in search of Sir John Franklin, 1848. Died, 1863.

Lent by Messrs. E. & E. Emanncl.

995 Captain Sir Nesbit J. Willoughby. By GREATBACH after BARBER,

For Services see No. 773.

Lent by Major General Sir Henry Greene, K.C.B., C.I.E.

996 Captain John Woolmore, F.R.S. By TURNER after SIR MARTIN
A. SHEE. Lent by Messrs* E. & E. Emanucl.

Gallery] Historic Loan Collection. 153

997 Captain Charles Moore.

Midshipman of the Eagle in the Walcheren Expedition. Lieutenant,
1813. Commander, 1817. Captain on the retired list, 1856. Died,
1870. Lent by Messrs. Frank Giles &> Co.

998 Rear- Admiral Sir Robert John Le Mesurier McClure, Kt, C. B.

Born, 1807. Lieutenant, 1837. Commander, 1849. Captain, 1850.
In command of the Investigator, 1850-53, in the search for Franklin,
was frozen in, in the Bay of Mercy, and, abandoning the ship, with his
crew journeyed over the ice to the Resolute, thus actually completing
the North West Passage, for which he was knighted and received a
reward of ^5,000. Commanded the Esk in China, and served on shore
with the Naval Brigade at the capture of Canton in 1858. Rear-
Admiral, 1867. Vice-Admiral, 1873 ; and died the same year.

999 Captain Lawrence.

Lent by Admiral of the Fleet Sir Provo IVallis, G.C.B.


By Admiral of the Fleet Sir G. Phipps
Hornby and Captain Fitzgerald, R.N.




The Finest Light fop Dining
and Drawing Rooms.










Benbow Gallery] Historic Loan Collection. 155


1001 The Ark Ralegh, or Ark Royal. The Ship of the English Com-
mander-in-Chief (Lord Howard of Effingham) in the battles with the
Spanish Armada, 1588. Autotype, from a Woodcut in the British
Museum. Lent by the Art for Schools Association.

1002 The famous Game of Bowls on Plymouth Hoe, a;th July, 1588 ;
with Portraits of the English Captains who fought against the Armada.
Engraving after LUCAS, A.R.A. Lent by Arthnr Lucas, Esq.

1003 The Ark. Ralegh autotype, said to have been in Spanish Armada.

Lent by Lady Smart.

1004 The Loss of the Revenge. Engraved by A. WILLMORE, after SIR

Lent by the Corporation of the Art Union of London.

1005 The true Portraieture of H. Male's Royall Ship the Soveraigne
of the Seas. Built in the yeare 1637, Captain Phinees Pett being
Supervisor, and Peter Pett, his sonne, the Builder. Engraving.

Lent by E. A. Drummond, Esq.

1006 The Duke of Northumberland, Lord High Admiral in 1636 ; on
a broad sheet, with a list of the Ships, Tenders, and Merchant Ships
forming the Fleet sent to the North Sea to drive off the Dutch busses.
This list gives the names of Flag Officers, Captains, and builders of the
ships ; and it would appear to be an exhaustive list of the Navy at the
time, as it gives the ships in the Irish Seas, and the ships in reserve or
ordinary. It was the last Fleet sent out by King Charles I. before the
Revolution, and was fitted out with the " ship money."

Lent by Captain T. H. Lysaght, R.N.

1007 Embarkation of Henry VIII. at Dover, May 3ist, 1520. By J.
BAZIN. Lent by Commander W. G. H. Morgan, R.N.

1008 The Spanish Armada Sailing from Ferrol, July, 1588. Etched
by D. LAW, after Sir O. BRIERLY. Lent by Arthur Lucas, Esq.

1009 Defeat of the Spanish Armada. Engraved for the "Universal
Magazine," 1750. Lent by Messrs. L. & J. Parnell.

1010 Types of Ships in the Armada. Three Etchings.

Lent by Messrs. L. & J. Parnell.

ion Attack of the Vanguard on the Armada, August, 1588. By A.
WILLIAMS, after Sir O. BRIERLY. Lent by the Art Union of London.

1012 Queen Elizabeth at Tilbury. Lent by Thomas G. Daniel, Esq.

1013 Dutch Ships of War, 1584. Fac-simile, from the original engraving
by JOHN PARNELL. Lent by Messrs. L. &> J. Parnell.

1014 Spanish Ships of War, 1584. Fac-simile, from the original en-
graving by JOHN PARNELL. Lent by Messrs. L. &> y. Parnell.

1015 Defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588, engraved from the tapestry
in the old house of Lords ; with border of portraits of eighteen

The tapestry was destroyed in the burning of the Houses of

Parliament, 1834. Lent by Messrs. L. &> y. Parnell.

1016 English Ships of War, 1584. Fac-simile, from the original engrav-
ing by JOHN PARNELL. Lent by Messrs. L. 6 y. Parnell.

156 Historic Loan Collection, [Benbow

1017 The decisive action with the Spanish Armada off Gravelines,
30th July, 1588. By DAVID LAW, after SIR OSWALD BRIERLY, R.W.S.

Lent by H.I.M. The German Emperor,

1018 The Armada Memorial, Plymouth. By H. A. GRIBBLE.

Lent by H. A. Cribble, Esq.

1019 The Revolt of the Fleet. Engraved by GUCHT after LE CHERON

The Parliament having consoled the Earl of Warwick with the
command of the Fleet contrary to his Majesty's pleasure, and the Earl
having endeavoured to intercept a small vessel which the Queen had
despatched from Holland with arms and ammunition for the King,
his Majesty began to think it high time to take the Admiralty into his
own hands, and for that purpose sent his Royal letters to the Captains
of every ship, commanding them no longer to pay obedience to the
Earl of Warwick, but to obey such orders as they should receive from
Sir John Pennington. When the Captains had received these letters,
many of them expressed their duty and submission, and only waited for
the orders of Sir J. Pennington, who was not yet arrived. This delay
the Earl improved to encourage those whom he thought true and to
watch those he mistrusted. By the proper signal (as represented in this
print) he summoned the Captains to attend him on board in Council.
This they all did excepting Captain Slingsby and Captain Wake, who
attempted to put to sea, but the corruption of the seamen was so great
that the Captains were seized by their own men and by them carried to
the Admiral. Lent by Edward Almack, Esq.

1020 Admiral Blake informing a Spanish Priest "None but an
Englishman shall ever chastise an Englishman."

From this engraving one of the lights of the Blake Memorial Window
in St. Margaret's, Westminster, was designed.

Lent by W. F. Blake, Esq.

1021 " His tenet Imperium Pelagi Brittannia Magna." After J. BASTON.

Portraits of Line of Battle ships, probably of the early part of the

1 7th century. Lent by Vice-Admiral C. M. Buckle.

J022 English Sailors assisting Marshall Turenne to repulse the

Spaniards besieging Dunkirk. Lent by N. Center, Esq.

1023 The Spanish Armada dismasted and scattered in a gale.

Lent by Admiral Sir E. Inglefield, A'.C.JS., F.A\S., D.C.L.

1024 Action between the English and Dutch Fleets off the Thames.
Print. 1 7th Century. Lent by Rev. S. M. Mayhew.

1025 Action between the English and Dutch Fleets off the Thames.
Print. Lent by Rev. S. M. Mayhew

1026 The Departure of Charles Stuart, the II. Kinge of England, Scot-
land, France, and Ireland, from the Hollands coast at Scheveling toi
England, the 2nd of June, Anno. 1660. Engraved by JACOBUS ALLARD

Lent by Edward A'lmatk, Esq.

1027 An English second-rate, 1665. Engraving after VAN DE VELDE.

Lent by Mrs. Gossett,

1028 Destruction of Ships in the Medway by the Dutch, 1667.
Engraved by SALLIETH after LANGENDYCK.

Lent by Sir J, Campbell- Orde, Bart.

Gallery] Historic Loan Collection. 157

1029 Dutch second-rate, 1670. Engraving after VAN DE VELDE.

Lent by Airs. Gossett,

1030 Spanish second-rate, 1670. Engraving after VAN DE VELDE.

Lent by Mrs. Cosset t.

1031 English second-rate small class, 1670. Engraving after VAN DE
VELDE. Lent by Mrs. Gossett.

1032 French second-rate, 1670. Engraving after VAN DE VELDE.

Lent by Mrs. Gossett.

1033 The Royal Charles, 1673. Engraving after VAN DE VELDE.

Lent by Mrs. Gossett .
I033A The Loss of the Association, 1767.

1034 Battle of La Hogue. By WOOLLETT. after WEST.

Lent by Stephen Martin Leake, Esq.

1035 Battle of La Hogue. By WOOLLETT, after WEST.

Lent by Sir J. Campbell -Orde, Bart.

1036 H. M. Ship Boyne, of 8p guns. In top corner, left, portrait ol
Sir George Rooke. Engraving.

Lent by Rev. Willoughby J. E. Rooke.

1037 The Loss of the Romney, 1707. Print.

Lent by Mrs. Gossett.

1038 H.M.S. Barfleur, 1705. Lent by the Misses Kncwles.

1039 Sketch. In Sepia, by W. VAN DE VELDE.

1040 Ditto. Lent by the Misses Schetky.

1041 View of Town and Harbour of Portsmouth, with his Majesty's
Fleet under sail, 1733. Print by R. SAVER. Lent by Miss Clarke.

1042 Capture of the Spanish Treasure Galleon Nuestra Seiiora de
Covadonga, 60 guns, by H.M.S. Centurion. Engraving.

Lent by Lord De Sanmarez.

1043 Commodore Anson's Expedition to the South Seas. By MULLER.

Lent by Lord De banmarez,

1044 Bombardment of the Town of Payta. By MULLER.

Lent by Lord De Saumarcz,

1045 The Boscawen, Captain George Walker, and Sheerness, Pri-
vateers, engaging a Fleet of French Ships from Martinique,
five of which were taken, one sunk, and two escaped, 1745. Engraving.

Lent by Vice- Admiral R. P. Cator.

1046 Capture of the Marquis d'Antin and Louis Erasme, two rich
ships from the South Sea, by the Prince Frederick and Uuke, privateers,
loth July, 1745. Engraving. Lent by Vice- Admiral R. P. Cator.

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