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Denmark, and Admirals Lord Berkeley, Lord Carmarthen. Cloudesley
Shovel, Rooke, Benbow, Dilkes, Byng, Churchill, Aylmer. Mitchell,
Secretary Burchett, Temp. Queen Anne.

Lent by Guy Thomas Fairfax, Esq~.

2253 1696. Commission on Parchment appointing Sir George Rooke
Admiral and Commander-in-Chief of His Majesty's Ships employed
and to be employed in the expedition to the Mediterranean. Dated
28th April, 1696. Lent by Km. Willoughby J. E. Rooke.

2254 1696. Letter frotn Sir George Rooke to a relation on the eve cf
his departure to fight a duel. Lent by Rc%<. WiUoughby J. E. Rooke.

2255 1698. A Navy letter book from H. M. Navy Yard near Plymouth.
From May, 1696, to January, 1698.

Lent by The Lords Commissioitcrs cf the Admiralty.

260 Autographs, [Blake & Nelson

2256 1698. Contracts and "Warrants from 4th July, 1698 to and April,
1701. Lent by the Admiral-Superintendent, Portsmouth.

2257 1697. Registry of Joseph Taylor as a Seaman, dated 3rd
May. signed by George Byng and others.

Lent by Colonel P. T. H. Taylor.

2258 1697. Commission appointing James Taylor 1st Lieutenant of
H.M. Ship the Dragon, dated 5th May, signed by G. Rooke, with
others. Lent by Colonel P. T. H. Taylor.

2259 1700. Volume of Plans, with warrant, signed by King William
III. Lent by the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty.

22OO 1700. Autograph Roll of Original Donors to Greenwich Hospital.
Lent by the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty.

2261 1702. Commission appointing James Taylor Master and Com-
mander of H.M. Fireship the Terrible, dated nth January, signed
George (Prince George of Denmark). Lent by Colonel P. T. H. Taylor.

2262 1704. Plymouth. Accot of y Sales of the Richard, Two Brothers,
and Hope, prizes and their cargoes taken by her Maj ties Ships Lichfield,
Cornwall, and Pembroke, Captain Taylor, Capt. Swantou, and
Captain Stucley. Command' 3 - The sale fetched ^n,86o is. id.

Lent by Col. P. T. H. Taylor.

2263 1704. Large Octavo Bible, with large silver Ornaments, pre-
sented by James Sewell, for the use of H.M. Dockyard and Church.
Portsmouth, A.D. 1704. The Ornaments renewed. 1793.

Lent by the Admiral-Superintendent, Portsmouth.

2264 1704. List of the Prizes taken by the ships of Sir George Byng's
squadron between the I4th Jan., 1/04, and I7th June following, showing
name of prize, description, guns, when taken, by what ship, what port
carried into, and the names of the captains to whom dividends are due
in respect of prize-money. Lent by Col. P. T. H. Taylor.

2265 1704. Order of Admiral Prince George of Denmark, dated
13 Sept., to Captain Taylor, commanding the Charles Galley. "Soe
soone as the ship under your command shall be in a condition for
the sea, which you are to hasten all that possibly may be, you are
directed forthwith to sayle and cruize with her."

Lent by Col. P. T. H. Taylor.

2266 1705. Navy List of the Reign of Queen Arme.

Lent by Miss Hnggins.

2267 1710. General Order of Admiral Mathew Lord Aylmer.

Dated on board the Royal Sovereign, I7th July, to Captain Tayler, of
the Lichfield. " You are hereby directed and required as long as you
shall be at any time under my command not to go on shore without
my leave." It also refers to the " abominable sin of swearing."

Lent by Colonel P. T. H. Taylor.

2268 10 Aug., 1707. Letter of Sir C. Shovell. Dated her Majestic
of Great Brittain's Fleet before Toloune. ' I doubt not but your
Exelency will give your assistance to her Majestie's Embasadore."

Lent by H. Saxe Wyndham. Esq.

2269 1720. Navy List of 1st March (dates of earliest commissions 1688).

Lfttf by Captain Joscdine Bagot*.

Galleries] Official Papers, &c. 261

2270 1740. Book (Bible and Prayer Book combined) which was used on
board the Centurion by the Rev. Richard Walter (Author of Anson's
" Voyage Round the World"), who was Chaplain of that vessel on her
voyage of circumnavigation under Captain Anson, (1740 te 1744).
The ny-leaf of the Bible only is missing.

Lent by Sydney Arthur Walter, Esq

2271 1756. Five Marine Commissions held by father, son, and grand-
son in five Reigns, viz.: George II. (this by purchase), George III.,
George IV. , William IV. . and Victoria.

Lent by General Sir Anthony B. Stransham, K.C.B.

2272 1757. Admiral Byng's last letter to Ms sister (the Hon. Mrs.
Osborn). dated 12 March, 1757. "I can only with my last breath
thank you over and over again for all your endeavours to serve me. "

,*Lent by Sir G. R. Osborn, Bart.

2273 1757. Admiral Byng's justification of his conduct, made in
writing a few minutes previous to his execution, and handed to Mr.
Brough, the Marshall. Happy for me at this my last moment that I
know my own innocence, and am conscious that no part of my country's
misfortunes can be owing to me." Lent by Sir G. R. Osborn, Bart.

2274 1758. Order of sailing, and conducting His Majesty's ships of war
and transports, Sir George Pocock, Admiral of the Blue Squadron, and
Commander-in-Chief. Lent by Vice-Admiral R. P. Cator.

2275 1768. A Logg kept on board His Majestie's Ship the Endeavour,
James Cook. Commander, by Monkhouse. Dates from May 27,
1768, to November 19, 1769. Lent by Robert Debenham, Esq.

2276 1768. A manuscript book (paper covering) by James Cook (signed)
1 6 pages. " Directions for sculing from the island of Scalerie to Quebec
describing the coasts, capes, headlands, islands, bays, roads and har-
bours." A loose paper is pinned upon the cover, apparently in the
writing of James Cook. Lent by Robert Debenham, Esq.

2277 1768. Leaf of a Log Book, written by Captain Cook, givingthe
soundings into the Harbour of Glutsbury, when he was surveying the
American Continent for the British Government. A gold frame.

Lent by William Slaughter, Esq.

2278 1771. Holograph Letter of Captain Cook, dated July i2th,

2279 1771. Captain Cook's Journal, compiled during his first voyage
round the world, 1768 to 1771.

Lent by the Executors of the late John Corner, Esq.

2280 1773. Note from Mr. Bentham to Mr Kee, introducing Horatio
Nelson to the purser of the Sea-horse, October 2Sth. Mr. Bentham
would ' ' be obliged to him for a recommendation in favour of Horatio
Nelson, a young lad, nephew to Captain Suckling, who is going in that
ship. " Lent by Sir William Augustus Eraser, Bart.

2281 1779. Account of Keppel's Trial. The book contains also the
trial of John Donellan ; and the trial of Captain E. Sutton, H.M.S.
Isis, 1 784. Lent by Dr. Hayes.

2282 1780. Newspaper. The General Advertiser, May.

Lent by Sir Francis Geary, Bart.

262 Autographs, [Blake &: Nelson

2283 1780. The Navy List of the Year, 1780. Compiled for his
country's benefit by Cardanus Rider. In this book the name of Horatio
Nelson as a Lieutenant. Date of Commission, loth April, 1777.

Lent by Sampson Seaton, Esq.

2284 1781. Very Small Book. The Neptune of Europe.

Lent by Admiral Sir Augustus Phi Hi more, K. C.B.

2285 1781. Log Book kept by Daniel Wcodhouse, illustrating engagement
of Dominique. Lent by Thos. Jas. IVoodhotue, Esq.

2286 1781. Letter from Admiral Kempenfelt, dated December I4th,
two days after his engagement with Count Guichen.

Lent by Lord de Saumarez.

2287 1785. Admiral Lord Nelson. Letter to the governor of St.
Eustatius, W. I., demanding apology. Dated on board H.M.S. Boreas,
2Oth June.

" If a salute of at least as many guns as that given to the French,
is not paid to the British Flag, I must suppose it as an intended insult,
and such an insult as I am sure will be properly noticed."

Lent by Lachlan _!/. Bean, Esq.

2288 1787. The Medical Book of H.M.S. Bounty.

Lent by John C. Blacked, Esq.

2289 1790. Document (a Copy) relating to Captain Richard Boger and
the Officers of the Cambridge, by mutineers, signed Lloyd, delegate.

Lent by Captain Henry T. Boger, R.N.

2290 1792. Logs, Journals, and Letter Books of Sir John Leake

and his Flag Captain, Captain Martin.

Lent by Stephen Martin- Ltake, Esq.

2291 1794. Muster Book of Brunswick, commanded by Captain
John Harvey, R.N. Lent by Captain F. Harvey, R.N.

2292 1794. Log Book of Brunswick, commanded by Captain John
Harvey, killed in Action ; written before up to eve of the Battle.

I^ent by Captain F. Harvey, R.N.

2293 1795- Autograph Letter from Lord Bridport mentioning wounds
received by Captain Grindall in the action off L'Orient, together with
the London Gazette Extraordinary of June 27th, containing the official
list of wounded. Lent by Miss A. J. Grindall.

2294 1795. Original Record of Gunners' Stores expended by H.M.
frigate Crescent, 36 guns, in the action with La Reunion, 2Oth October.
Original record of stores expended in H.M.S. Orion, 74 guns, during
Lord Bridport's action, June 23rd. Lent by Lord de Sattmam.

2295 1796. Sailing Orders of Admiral Sir John Jervis (afterwards Earl
St. Vincent), dated on board the Victory, 9th May.

Lent Ify If. T. Dundas Bathurst, Esq.

2296 1797. "God bless you and Fremantle"; supposed to be the
first writing of Nelson after the loss of his right arm, 25th July, 1797.

By the accompanying letter it seems to have been written on board
the Seahorse on 3rd or 4th August. 1707. in which case 'you' must be
Mrs. Fremantle. With it is placed a right handed signature of Nelson's,
dated I2th September, 1794. Lent by Edivin Daws, Esq.

Galleries] Official Papers, &c. 263

2297 1797. Times newspaper of July 3rd, containing an account of
the execution of Richard Parker for the part he took in the mutiny at
the More. Lent by 0. R.- Fabian, Esq.

2298 1797. An account of the state of Sheerness during the
Mutiny at the Nore, I2th May. Lent by Alfred Bastard, Esq.

2299 1797. The first letter written by Lord Nelson, then Sir
Horatio Nelson, with his left hand, addressed to Sir John Jervis. K.B.,
afterwards Earl of St. Vincent, and bequeathed by him to Admiral Sir
William Parker. "I hope you will be able to give me a frigate to
convey the remains of my carcass to England." "You will excuse my
scrawl, considering it is my first attempt."

Lent by Sir William Parker, Bart.

2300 1797. The Freedom of the City of London to Commodore
N elson. Presented to Greenwich Hospital by Her Majesty the Queen
in 1 86 1. Lent by the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty.

2301 1797. A letter giving interesting particulars of a Naval Action off
Ushant written by Lieutenant A. Wilson, R.N. "The enemy was
several times on board us once in particular."

Lent by Miss Fleetiuood Wilson.

2302 1797. Original Memorandum given to the Rev. J. Greville,
Curate of St. George's, Hanover Square, by Admiral Lord Nelson after
the loss of his arm. Purchased from the Rev. P. G. Greville (his son) by
Sir W. A. Eraser, Bart., Nov. 3Oth, 1867. The frame made from the
mainmast of the Victory. " An officer desires to return thanks to
Almighty God for his perfect recovery from a severe wound, and also
for the man)' mercies bestowed upon him."

Lent by Sir William. Augustus Fraser. Bart.

2303 1797. Memorandum, by Sir James Saumarez, with information
respecting the Expedition of General Bonaparte to Egypt, and the
French fleet subsequently destroyed at the Nile.

Lent by Lord dc Saumarez.

2304 1797. Log kept by mutineers on board H.M.S. Comet, Fire-ship,
May and June. Lent by the Rev. W. Ciimby.

2305 1797. Letter of Admiral Sir Horatio Nelson to the Mayor of
Norwich, dated on board the Irresistible, off Lisbon, 26th Feb., com-
municating his desire to present the sword of the Spanish Rear- Admiral
Dom H. F. Winthuysen, surrendered to him on the I4th Feb., in the
action off Cape St. Vincent, to the town of Norwich.

Lent by the Mayor and Corporation of Norwich.

2306 1797. Letter from Sir John Jervis to Sir James Saumarez :
dated, on board the Ville de Paris, nth May, during the blockade of
Cadiz. " I have a beautiful woman (Mrs. Mansfield) on board the
Ville de Pans, who, with her husband, Capt. Mansfield, are very
desirous to see Cadiz before they go to England, and if Don Joseph will
permit them to land for a few days, and return to me, I shall be very
much obliged." The application was made and refused.

Lent by Lord de Saumarei.

2307 1797- Original Draft of the bet between Lord St. Vincent and Sir
James Saumarez respecting conclusion of peace ; dated I2th August.
" That preliminaries for peace are at this moment signed, four o'clock
in the afternoon, and that hostilities will cease between the belligerent
Powers on or before the I2th day of September next." The bet was won
by Sir James Saumarez ; peace was signed. Lent by Lord de Saumarez.

264 Autographs, [Blake & Nelson

2308 1797. Original Record of Gunners' Stores expended on board
H.M.S. Orion during the action of I4th February.

Lent by Lord de Saumarez.

2309 1798. Original Record of Gunners' Stores expended on board
H.M.S. Orion during the battle of the Nile, August 1st.

Lent by Lord de Saumarez.

2310 1798. Passport for Pope Pius VI. (escorted by a small Spanish
squadron) to pass from Leghorn to a Spanish port, while England and
Spain were at war. issued by Admiral Lord St. Vincent, and dated
June I5th, 1798, with original signature of Sir Horatio Nelson.

Lent by Lord de Saumarez.

2311 1798. Original Agreement signed by the Captains of the Fleet off
the Nile dated on board H.M.S. Orion, 6th October, whereby they
agree to share equally Prize money, including Head money, &c. &c.

Lent by Lord de Saumarez.

2312 1798. Resolution of the Court, making a grant of ^10,000 to
Lord Nelson, after the Battle of the Nile, and his lordship's reply.

Lent by the Rt. Hon. the Sec. of State for India.

2313 1/98. Letter of Admiral Sir Horatio Nelson to the Captains
of His Majesty's ships, dated Off the Nile. Vanguard. 3rd August.
' My prompt decision was the natural consequence of having such
Captains under my command, and I thank God I can say that in the
battle the conduct of every officer was equal. I accept as a particular
mark of your esteem the sword you have done me the honour to offer."

Lent by Lord de Sanmarrz.

2314 1798. Letter from Sir Horatio Nelson to Lady Collier from on
board the Vanguard at St. Helena dated April 8th. "You may rely
that your son shall spend as little as possible, for he will be a very lucky
fellow if he gets on shore twice in a year. "

Lent by Mrs. Carr-Glynn.

2315 1798. Times Newspaper, 3rd October, containing Nelson's official
despatch after the battle of the Nile. Lent by 0. J?. Fabian, Esq.

2316 1798. Copy of the Times Newspaper dated October 3rd.

Lent by Alfred S. J'hillips, Esq.

2317 1798. The Times of October 3rd, containing the account of the
victory at the Nile, and list of killed and wounded.

Lent by George ffollis, Esq.

2318 1799. General Order issued by Admiral Lord Nelson to Captains of
H.M. ships, dated on board the Foudroyant, 4th October, and signed
Nelson. Lent by Mr. William Baugh, late Ste-ward H.M.S. Victory.

2319 1799. Letter from Admiral Lord Nelson to Admiral the Hon. William
Cornwallis, dated Palermo, January 3ist. " Nothing could give me
more pleasure than receiving a visit from my very old acquaintance
who has more than once saved my life by his friendship, and taught me
by his example to be at the French."

Lent by Cornwallis Wykenhatn-Martin, Esq.

2320 1799. Letter from Captain Alexander J. Ball, H.M.S. Alexander, to
Sir James Saumarez, dated 27th April. "I congratulate you on your
appointment to the Marines, and the command of the Cresar, which
are given to you as a mark of the high estimation in which you are
regarded by the Admiralty and the public." Lent by Lord de Saumarez.

2321 iPco. Notice Board offering inducements to sailors to join H.M.
.service. Lent by Messrs. James Hawker & Co.

Galleries] Official Papers, &>c. 265

2322 1800. Order Book (Collingwood's) all in manuscript, dates from 1800.

Lent by Lady Wilson.

2323 1800. M.S. in Frame. Parole d'honneur, given to William
Augustus Thomson, H.M.S. Florentine, by Jean Lambert Tallim and
Jules Banke, on the strength of which that officer, the only Englishman
on board, conveyed them, with 88 other prisoners of war, from Alex-
andria to Malta, in the Florentine's prize, L'Union, nth December,
1800. Lent by Mrs. J. T. Anderson. .

2324 1800. Letter from Admiral Earl St. Vincent to Sir James Saumarez,
dated on board the Ville de Paris, off Ushant, I5th Sept., when the
latter was commanding the advanced squadron, blockading Brest. "I
repose such unbounded confidence in your zeal and judgment, that I
sleep as sound as if I had the keys of Brest in my possession.''

Lent by Lord de Saumarez.

2325 1801. Draft Convention of Treaty of Copenhagen, with
original notes by Rear- Admiral Lord Nelson.

Lent by the Rev. Alfred Catty, D.D.

2326 1802. Holograph Letter from Admiral Lord Nelson to Captain
Digby, H.M. Sloop Kite, dated 6 Jan. Lord Nelson came home from
the Baltic in the Kite in 1801. "There are few things, I assure jrou,
that would give me so much pleasure as being in the smallest degree
instrumental in your promotion."

Lent by Captain Noel S. F. Digby, R.N.

2327 1802. Letter from Lord Nelson to Lady Collier, dated Merton, i8th
June. " I assure you I regard your son for his own worth."

f Lent by Mrs. Carr-Glyn.

2328 1803. Letter from Admiral Lord Nelson to Lady Collier, dated 2ist
March "I am very happy to hear that your good son is made a
Lieutenant." Lent by Mrs., Carr-Glyn.

2329 1804. The Attestation Paper (framed) of an Italian, enlisted for
the Royal Marines in 1804 by Captain C. W ; Adair, Royal Marines,
of H.M.S. Victory. Signed " Nelson and Bronte."

Lent by Gmeral Sir Charles Adair, K.C.B.

2330 1804. Framed Memorandum, dated " Victory at sea, I5th March."
Signed, "Nelson and Bronte;" directing ships under his command
ordered home to England, not to take away a greater portion of pro-
visions or stores than might be necessary for the passage. Addressed to
the Commanders of H.M. Ships on the Mediterranean Station.

Lent by the Mayor and Corporation of Dover.

2331 1804. Letter of Lord Nelson describing his wounds, and stating
his opinion on the politics of the English Government : "When I run
over the undermentioned wounds eye in Corsica, belly off Cape St.
Vincent, arm at Teneriffe and head in Egypt, I ought to be thankful
what I am." Lent by T. Bruce- Kingsmill, Esi/., R.H.A.

2332 1804. A Letter from Lord Nelson to Mr. James Lockhart, dated
"Victory, 3ist March, 1804." Lent by C. Piercy Henderson, Esq.

2 333 1805. Hough Signal Book of H.M. Ship Naiad, Captain Thomas
Dundas, repeating frigate in the battle of Trafalgar. It contains the
celebrated signal, "England expects that every man will do his duty."

Lent by Mrs. E. M. Becker.

266 Autographs, [Blake & Nelson

2334 1805. Two Letters by Captain Thomas Dundas, one referring to
his escape from a French squadron in August, 1805 ; and the other
giving a description of the battle of Trafalgar, in which he was present.
Both written on board H. M. Ship Naiad. Lent by Mrs. E. M. Becker.

2335 1805. Original General Order from Lord Collingwood, thanking
officers and men for their gallant conduct, dated on board the Euryalus,
22nd Oct., 1805. See Times, 6th Nov., 1805 (No. ).

Original General Order from Lord Collingwood, for a day of humilia-
tion and thanksgiving, and fixed for Thursday, Nov. 7th ; dated
Euryalus, off Trafalgar, 22nd Oct., 1805. Lent by Miss A. J. Grindall.

2336 1805. Holograph Letter from Lieutenant John Pasco, Signal
Officer of the Victory, 2ist Oct., 1805, giving an account of Nelson's
last telegraphic signal, and how the writer suggested the alteration
of the word "confides"' to "expects." (Date, Aug., 1846.)

Lent by Lieut. -Col. Baylis.

2337 1803. Book (Memoirs of Count Gramont), damaged by a shot during
the battle of Trafalgar. Lent by Lord Digby.

2338 1805. Lord Nelson's Letter to Samuel Briggs, Esq., 4th Feb.

Lent by Rear- Admiral W. R. Kennedy.

2340 1805. Letter from Lord Nelson, dated Victory off Cadiz, October
1 8th, the day before the Spanish fleet put out, and three days before the
battle of Trafalgar. "Our friends at Cadiz are ready to come forth."

Lent by Lord de Saiimarez.

2341 1805. Copy of Admiral Collingwood's general order after the
action, and dated *2nd October. addressed to Sir Robert Moorsom.

Lent by Lieut. Col. Henry Moorsom.

2342 1805. Letter by same writer dated 4th December, giving further
account of action and an amusing incident of it.

Lent by Lieut. -Col. Htnry Moorsom.

2343 1805. Autograph letter of Lord Nelson, dated from the
Victory, July zoth, to Lieut. Henry Sharp, R.N., commanding the
Victualling ship Momus, charging him with a packet for the Admiralty.

Lent by Felicia IVhite

2344 1805. Card of admission to Lord Nelson's funeral.

Lent by the Royal United Service Institution.

2345 1805. Printed Instructions, giving orders for a Naval procession
to St. Paul's Cathedral ' ' to lay colours " on the altar.

Lent by Miss A. J. Grind all.

2346 1805. Letter written by Captain, afterwards Admiral, Sir Robert
Moorsom, R.N., commanding H.M.S. Revenge, dated 1st November,
Gibraltar, and sent to England in the Victory, giving an account of the
Battle of Trafalgar. Lent by Lieutenant- Calond Henry Moorsom.

2347 1805. Application in the matter of John King, who fell on board
the Victory. Lent by William Hall, Esq.

2348 1805. Autograph of Captain Hardy, R.N., in whose arms
Nelson breathed his last. Lent by William Hall, Esq.

Galleries] Official Papers, &c. 267

2349 1805. London Gazette of 6th November. 1805. Admiral Colling-
wood's despatch of the victory off Trafalgar and death of Admiral
Lord Viscount Nelson.

; ' His Lordship received a musket ball in his left breast about the
middle of the action and sent an officer to me immediately with his
last farewell and soon after expired."

The identical musket ball is exhibited by H.M. the Queen and is
numbered in the catalogue. Lent by the Rev. F. J. Richards.

2350 1805. Grant of the Freedom of the City of London, to Captain
Hardy, after the battle of Trafalgar.

Lent by William Manfield, Esq.

2351 1805. Writing 1 Book on which the Trafalgar despatches were
written (only the boards left). Lent by Lady Wilson.

2352 1805. Prayer Book used by Rev. Dr. Scott. Chaplain of H.M.S.
Victory, 1805. Lentby Rei 1 . Reginald A. Catty.

2353 1805. A copy of Milton's Paradise Lost, struck by a cannon
ball in the battle of Trafalgar in cabin of H.M.S. Africa, Captain K.
Digby. The book contains an autograph memorandum of the fact.

Lent by Keiiclm E. Digby, Esq.

2354 1805. Letter of Earl Nelson, referring to his brother Vice-
Admiral Viscount Nelson. '' I. am perfectly satisfied from the Surgeon's
reports which have sent to me that every thing proper has been done.
I cou'd have wished to have known what was done with ye bowels,
whether they were thrown overboard, or whether they were preserved
to be put into ye Coffin with the Body. The features being now lost,
The face cannot, as Mr. Beatty very properly observed, be exposed.
I hope therefore everything is closed and soldered down."

Lent by A. Scott Catty, Esq.

2355 1805. Writing Book on which the Trafalgar Despatches were
written by Admiral Lord Collingwood. Lent by Lady Wilson.

2356 1805. A Log of the Weather in the. hand- writing of Admiral
Lord Nelson, from May, 1805, to October 2oth, 8 p.m., including the
last night of his life.

The book is opened at the last entry made by him at 8 p.m. on
Sunday 2Oth October. Lent by W. Eyre Matcham, Esq.

2357 1805. Ticket to the Funeral of Lord Nelson, No. 400.
Colonel Elford, signed by Isaac Heard, Garter ; and Sealed.

Lent by Charles Taylor Phillips, Esq.

2358 1805. Letter from Admiral Collingwood dated on board
Euryalus off Cadiz, 24th October, addressed to H.B.M. Minister
Plenipotentiary at Lisbon.

"The great day has not been without a considerable suffering on our
part in loss of officers and men, and what the British Navy and the
British Nation will have to lament is the death of the Commander-in-
Chief, Lord Nelson, who in the middle of the action fell covered with
glory." Lent by the Chevalier Dal ton.

.2359 3Oth Oct., 1805. Mr. John Wells, Signal -Midshipman on board
the Britannia, at Trafalgar ; letter to his parents describing the battle.
" We do not yet know what has become of the remainder of the enemy's
fleet, who took to their heels as soon as they saw we had got so many
of their ships in our possession." Lent- by Mrs. Older.

268 Autographs, [Blake & Nelson

2360 1805. Times of November 7th, containing the list of killed and
wounded at the battle of Trafalgar. "If ever there was a man who

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