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not mean that it will necessarily crystallize into
a new Religion. None the less they are all agreed
that Spiritism has come to add new lustre to
Christ's teaching. We may remark in passing
that Spiritists are not at all modest. They see
nothing incongruous in the finite giving lessons
to the Infinite, the creature instructing the Cre-
ator, and human beings with all their limitations
giving splendor to the teachings of Christ 1 1 The
ages of Faith have always looked upon Our
Saviour as the Great Teacher; it remains for

(8) Matt. vi. 24.

Digitized by VjOOQIC

26 Spiritism

those who make propaganda for Psychic Re-
search to teach The Master 11

In spite of their dogmatic statements, the lit-
erary exponents of the New Revelation are not
quite sure whether their attitude toward Chris-
tianity is constructive or destructive, even though
Spiritists eventually reject every important doc-
trine of historic Christianity as revealed by
Christ, and found imbedded in the pages of
Holy Scripture. This contradictory quality is
one of the striking characteristics of Spiritism.
The very opposite is verified in Christianity.
"The truth shall make you free" from all doubt,
anxiety, suspense, uncertainty and indecision;
Christian faith is sure, certain, definite, precise,
unambiguous, the undoubting adhesion of the
mind to eternal truth, and Spiritism has none of
these qualities.

Psychic Research seems to some of its dev-
otees to resemble a modern Associated Chari-
ties organization, a sort of connecting link, or
clearing house, a great unifying force, the one
provable thing connected with every religion,
Christian or non-Christian, forming the common
solid basis upon which each rests, in some ways

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The Modern Satanism 27

confirming ancient systems of religion, and in
some ways entirely new. A glorious compre-
hensiveness 1 1 A sort of omnium gatherum//
And this is to be one of the shining marks of the
New Revelation. You may believe in God, or
not; you may assert the Divinity of Christ, or
deny it; you may proclaim the divine authorship
and inspiration of the Bible, or see in it merely
a defective human document; you may be a
Universalist or a Unitarian; you may worship
Christ or worship science; you may do any one
of these and a hundred other mutually impossi-
ble things in the new Spiritistic Religion, and
see nothing incongruous in it 11 O Science, what
absurdities are uttered in thy name!!

Spiritists are not too fond of accuracy of
statement. Their leaders assure us that when
holding communication with the spirit world
they have unhappily to deal with absolute cold
blooded lying on the part of wicked or mis-
chievous intelligences. This is a very fatal ad-
mission on their part. To claim that their Re-
ligion is founded upon statements made by such
lying agencies shows at once that Spiritism is a
subtle attack at the very heart of Christianity.

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28 Spiritism

There is no need to be other than purely ob-
jective in the whole investigation of Spiritism.
Men who are loudly championing its cause look
upon themselves as scientists. Hence we have a
right to ask that if a new force has been found
operative in the phenomena of Spiritism, let us
have proof of its existence other than seventy
years of such mediumship as we know today.
For the truly critical student who weighs all the
possibilities up to date we have not had a single
conclusive proof of spirit identity from the other
world. Every serious investigation of psychic
phenomena during the last few generations has
had but one result — absolute failure to demon-
strate the truth of the assertion made so emphat-
ically that spirits can be positively identified.
Rewards of large amounts of money have been
offered for the production of a single attested
proof of genuine spirit identity. These rewards
have never been claimed, and no attention seem-
ingly is paid to them by the leaders of the pres-
ent Spiritistic movement. Not a single spirit
has come to us with anything but empty hands.
After a long life given to an examination of the
phenomena, some very great authorities are

Digitized by VjOOQIC

The Modern Satanism 29

forced to say that the revelations from the other
side by no means prove that they come from the
souls of the dead, or from discarnate spirits;
rather some of them incline to the diabolic
theory. Yet despite this notorious lack of proof,
Spiritists boldly assume that the whole question
has been proved, and they are amazed at our re-
fusal to look upon this attitude as conforming
to the scientific method. Science cannot be built
upon doubt. Negation and contradiction and
suspicion are not the stuflf out of which science
is builded. Furthermore, the so-called revela-
tions from beyond have usually been made not
by the great and good of heart, but by the flotsam
and jetsam of the spiritual world. If evil spirits
can come back, why not the good?

Spiritism tells us nothing about God, his na-
ture, his attributes, his perfections, his opera-
tions; it leaves us unenlightened as to how we
can know him, love him, or serve him ; it sets up
no moral code, no system of Philosophy or The-
ology. It leaves us like the seance room, dark
and doubting. It seems to acknowledge that we
can know nothing about God, yet the very
essence of religion is to know God: —

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30 Spiritism

"This is Eternal life" says Holy Scripture
"that they may know Thee, the only true God,
and Jesus Christ whom Thou hast sent/*^
Hence if we cannot know God, Spiritism is vir-
tually a Religion without a God.

Over against this if we look for positive and
constructive results to balance the ledger, we
will search in vain. The cult has brought to
mankind nothing of value; it has given us no
heroic examples of self denial, nor a single dis-
closure worth mentioning; no secret of nature
has been brought to light; no invention that
would benefit the human race ; no discovery that
would make for the progress of civilization;
nothing that adds to our happiness or that makes
nobler or higher our mutual relations on earth;
there has been no impulse given to art, or music,
or science, or literature, no new ideas have been
promulgated, no new principles have been pro-
claimed, nor from all the past history of Psychic
Research have we any ground to hope that any
such, benefits will ever accrue from it.

Spiritists forget easily. No sooner have they
done telling us that they have come to give a new

(9) John xvii, 8. _

Digitized by VjOOQIC

The Moderp Satanism 31

polish to the teachings of Christ, than we are
brusquely informed that their task is to be a very
thorough housecleaning. The lustre they are to
give the Church founded by the Son of God is
not to be a thin veneer; the axe is to be laid to
the very roots, and historic Christianity must
change or perish. Psychic Research is a revolu-
tion in religious thought, we are told, and his-
toric Christianity has received its death blow; it
lacks foundation, but Spiritists are rushing to the
rescue to give religion the firmest basis upon
which it has ever stood. These are almost verba-
tim expressions found in the very voluminous
literature of Spiritism today. This reminds us
of a certain remark of Our Lord to St. Peter who
thereupon became the enduring rock upon which
Christ erected his never failing Church. "Thou
art Peter and upon this rock I will build my
church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail
against it."^^^^ Up to the present time the only
Church that holds its ground is the one erected
on the rock of Peter, and it needs no reinforcing
from modern Spiritism. All other churches es-
tablished during the last 1900 years have had no

(10) Matt xri. 18.

Digitized by VjOOQIC

32 Spiritism

such firm foundation ; the heretical creeds have
all crumbled, and we smile at the assertion that
Modern Spiritists have come to strengthen that
which Christ himself made impregnable. Yet
it is insisted that an acceptance of the teachings
of Spiritism brought to us from beyond would
deeply modify historical Christianity as taught
by Christ. Why, may we ask, have 1900 long
and anxious years passed while we have been
allowed to remain in ignorance of this doctrine?
Why postpone the modification until the twenti-
eth century? Where have the spirits been all this
time ; or did they lack efficient publicity agents
such as their present leaders are proving to be?

Spiritists tell us that it is certain the New Tes-
tament records statements which have no mean-
ing at all unless they imply a knowledge of
Psychic Phenomena. They inform us that
Christianity has long been guilty of false witness,
and they hope the Christian people may come
back to the teachings of Christ whom they have
so long misrepresented. After reading these dec-
larations culled from many Spiritistic sources
competent to speak in its behalf, we turn to a
well known passage in the Gospel where Christ

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The Modern Satanism 33

clothed his representatives with the most ample
authority. "He that heareth you, heareth me;
and he that despiseth you, despiseth me."^^^^
"Whatsoever thou shalt bind upon earth, it
shall be bound also in heaven; and whatsoever
thou shalt loose on earth, it shalt be loosed also
in heaven."^^^^ Confronted with these majestic
lines, it is clear that modern Spiritists are the
ones who misrepresent. They remind us of In-
gersoU; the only difference is that they are if
anything more blasphemous. The heathen
Colonel was fond of libeling Moses; whereas
the Spiritists libel Christ.

Hence it is evident that Spiritism, or Spirit-
ualism, or Psychic Research, whatever its name,
is a definitely planned effort to found a New Re-
ligion hostile to Christianity. It is a well de-
signed plot to destroy the Church of Christ.
This is rather a huge undertaking. Christ's
Church is not easily overthrown. It has been at-
tempted frequently in the past, but always with
the same issue. We commend to Spiritists and
all enemies of Christianity the history of the
many efforts of the human intellect to rise

(11) I.uke X. 16.

(12) Matt. xvi. 19.

Digitized by VjOOQIC

34 Spiritism

against the yoke of Our Saviour. After each
attack the Christian Church has emerged com-
pletely victorious. When we consider the tre-
mendous blows which she has survived, we find
it difficult to imagine what new assaults can
cause her to perish.

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'Take heed that no man seduce you: for many will come in
my name, saying I am Christ, and they will seduce many." ^i>

"And every spirit that dissolveth Jesus is not of God ; and that
is Anti-Christ of whom you have heard that he cometh, and he
is now already in the world." <2)

Whether Spiritism is a New Revelation or a
New Religion, as is loudly claimed by its prop-
agandists, whether it is to afford a firmer foun-
dation for Christianity, whether it will modify
or destroy the Church of Christ, may be appar-
ent from the teachings of its well known and
recognized leaders whose principal doctrines
will be examined in some detail. They stagger
us at the very outset by declaring that Christ
himself was a Medium. His Divinity is brushed
aside by the assertion that he is not God, but
only a creature, a human being, one who is near
to God. They call him the ^Christ Spirit' who
represents God. In order to soften this cruel
wound to the Christian conscience, we are told

(1) Matt. xxiv. 4.

(2) 1 John iv. 8.


Digitized by VjOOQIC

36 Spiritism

with great condescension that Christ was the
greatest Medium of all time. His powers were
more highly developed than those of present day
exponents of the mediumistic profession, but in
ail other respects he is like them. As a conse-
quence his many stupendous miracles lose their
divine character because they were performed
by employing the natural psychic forces which
he possessed. Hence all of the miracles of
Christ recorded in the New Testament are mere
spiritistic phenomenal Indeed they are quite
common, we are informed, to those familiar with
Psychic Research. Wonders of a similar na-
ture are reproduced so frequently by mediums
today that great light is thereby shed upon the
use of Spiritism by Christ and his Apostles. We
are told emphatically that the miracles of Our
Saviour are nothing but the production of Spir-
itistic phenomena which virile mediums today
can easily parallel; nay, more than that, that
they can actually transmit this power to others.
To style Christ's miracles the ^production of
phenomena' is decidedly ingenious. Its lan-
guage sounds strange to a Christian, since it does
not savor of due reverence for the Son of God

Digitized by VjOOQIC

The Modern Satanism 37

and his work. But with pious unction we are
summoned to believe in the credibility of the
Gospel accounts of the miracles of Christ pre-
cisely because modem spiritistic mediums are
alleged to perform similar wonders 1 1

We hope to show that none of the miracles of
Christ have ever been reproduced by Spiritistic
means, nor can Spiritists today ever point to a
single case of a genuine miracle surpassing the
powers of nature, performed by themselves.
The gratuitous assumption of the Spiritistic
fraternity continues, step by step, until finally we
are told that the result of the present renaissance
of Spiritism will be a new school of Biblical in-
terpretation. Spiritists see nothing incongruous
in flaunting themselves in the face of all the
Christian centuries. It is evident that humility
is not one of their dominant virtues. They cry
aloud that the world has been entirely wrong for
1900 years, and that Spiritism has come to set it
right, leading us on gradually to a new school of
exegesis, in which all the Gospel story is colored
by Spiritistic explanations. Fools rush in where
angels fear to tread. Without adequate equip-
ment of Theology, or its cognate sciences, Spirit-

Digitized by VjOOQIC

38 Spiritism

ists have the temerity to found nothing less than
a new system for interpreting and explaining the
Bible. The world is strewn with the wrecks of
those who attempted this task in former centuries.
It were safer to touch dynamite. The Bible be-
longs to the Church of Christ, and she alone is
competent to interpret it; she is the only offi-
cially appointed School of Biblical interpreta-
tion. Did not Christ say: "He that heareth you
heareth me"?^^^ "If they will not hear the
Church let them be as the heathen and the pub-
lican'' ?<'^

Those addicted to Psychic Research proclaim
that on no account is the heart-searching gaze of
Christ and his clear vision into the innermost
thoughts of men to be attributed to his Divine
knowledge. Why, say they, call in the super-
natural when it is all so perfectly natural and ob-
vious? Miracle working is quite an ordinary
thing to Spiritists, and after all Christ was only
a Spirit, a Medium, even though he be the Chief
Medium, or the Christ Spirit. In explaining
St. Mark's Gospel, for instance, "When Jesus
presently knowing in his spirit, that they so

(3} Luke X. 16.
(4) Matt. xviu. 17.

Digitized by VjOOQIC

The Modern Satanism 39

thought within themselves saith to them : Why
think you these things in your hearts P',''^*^^ Spirit-
ists sweep the supernatural clean away, and they
place all the miracle working power of Christ
upon a purely natural foundation, even though
he searches the secrets of the heart, lays bare the
sinful lives of others, or hints at their hidden
sins. Even Christ healing those who but touched
the hem of his garment is shorn of his divine
character, and relegated to the sphere occupied
by a highly developed psychic medium ; and the
cases of healing which Christ performed at a dis-
tance by his Infinite Word are now assigned to
the low level of Spiritistic phenomena. Such
for instance as where Our Saviour drove the
devil out of the daughter of the Syro-Phoenician
woman, and where he healed the son of the cen-
turion.^®^ All of these miracles performed by
Christ are repudiated by the founders of modern
Spiritism. Even the eighteen cases of healing in
St. Matthew, the thirteen miracles of this class in
St. Mark, the twenty cures in St. Luke, the four
in St. John's Gospel, as well as the two miracles
of healing in the Acts of the Apostles,— all are

(6) Mark ii, 8.
(6) I.uke vii, 1.

Digitized by VjOOQIC

40 Spiritism

rejected, and we are led to believe that every one
of them was merely the ^production of Spiritistic
phenomena.' They even explain away on this
basis the miracle of raising to life the daughter
of Jairus/^ alleging that the girl was not dead
but merely in a comatose condition, and that Our
Saviour only awoke her from a trance by sugges-
tion, after having formed a psychic circle com-
posed of Peter, James and John, who, they tell
us, were the most powerful mediums in the
Apostolic group. Christ's suggestion to the young
girl resulted in her immediate recovery of con-
sciousness, just as mediums today suddenly awake
from a trance. How easy this all seems 11 how
natural 11 Spiritistic writers pass over the quite
positive declaration of Holy Writ that the girl
was actually dead.

The raising of Lazarus to life^®^ is surrounded
by a diflFerent set of circumstances, so another ex-
planation is furnished us. Anything but the
truth seems to satisfy a Spiritist, so they put
their own interpretation upon this great miracle.
It is a fair specimen of the method adopted by
modern scientific minds to discredit the miracles

m Mark V. 86.

John xi. 88

Digitized by VjOOQIC

The Modern Satanism 41

of Our Lord. Instead of the plain, unvarnished
facts, as they stand in the pages of the New Tes-
tament, we are given a highly fantastic account
The groans of Christ on this occasion, we are
told, clearly indicate that he was a Medium. Do
not modem mediums groan during their seances?
Why then not explain the Resurrection of
Lazarus by Spiritism, since Christ is alleged to
have groaned audibly?

We have always been taught by scientists that
the modern scientific method was to prove your
facts, test your conclusions, and make good your
ground as you go; that nothing was worthy of
the name of science until it was supported by un-
impeachable evidence in its behalf, capable of
standing any test Scientists and literary men
with more or less scientific training, are now as-
suming the fairly lucrative task of popularizing
and advertising Spiritism, writing many books
about it, some of which rank with the six best
sellers. But where in all this output is there a
single scientific proof to corroborate this bold
assertion that Christ was a Medium, and that his
miracles were but prototypes of present day
spiritistic phenomena? Scarcely ever since the

Digitized by VjOOQIC

42 Spiritism

Pharisees of old accused Christ of performing
miracles by the aid of Beelzebub/^^ has such a
calumny against the person of Our Saviour been
employed. Outside of a superficial similarity in
a few incidental and accidental details, not at all
connected with the events themselves, and hav-
ing utterly no bearing upon them, there is not a
shred of evidence of any kind anywhere adduced
to substantiate the claim. On the contrary there
are numerous places in the New Testament
directly contradicting this unwarranted assump-
tion, and showing not only its improbability, but
its impossibility as well.

In all the versatile and multiform exhibitions
of his Divine miracle-working power, Christ
never employed a dark room, nor even semi-
darkness. The vast majority of his miracles were
performed in the open air, in the crowded
streets, and along the highways pulsing with life.
Spiritists themselves reluctantly admit that all
psychical phenomena produced in the dark must
necessarily lose much of their value, and yet the
dark is the favored spot for such production. It
almost seems as if the passage in Holy Scripture

(9) Matt xn, 24.

Digitized by VjOOQIC

The Modem Satanism 43

were again verified : "they have loved the dark-
ness rather than the light"^^^^

Christ never sat in a seance; he never pro-
duced any spiritistic phenomena such as spirit
rapping, levitation, apport, table tilting, the
ringing of bells, or causing trumpets or other
musical instruments to float about in the air. He
never distracted the attention of his audience by
music or songs while he was performing his
miracles, although this practice is almost uni-
versally used by mediums in the production of
their psychic phenomena. Christ never went
into a trance, yet that is the usual prerequisite of
modern mediumship. He never imposed
psychical conditions upon others, such as hold-
ing hands, or insisting that the sitters remain in
a certain place, yet such things are obligatory in
the modern seance. Never did Christ hesitate
in the performance of his miracles; on the con-
trary most of them were instantaneous, unex-
pected, unhoped for interventions of his power.
Never once did he suggest a postponement to a
more propitious time. He never reported the
conditions as unfavorable or difficult, and never

(10) John ui, 19.

Digitized by VjiOOQIC

44 Spiritism

in all of his career did he, by the slightest hint,
indicate that his power depended on the aid or
support of those in whose behalf he exercised
his wondrous healing touch.

Moreover Christ never gave exhibitions of
clairvoyance or clairaudience to amuse the pop-
ulace; he never displayed his powers to satisfy
the curiosity of the multitude, nor even to grat-
ify the cupidity of a king/"^ He never made
use of his infinite powers for gain, or a fee, as do
modern mediums. Even prominent spiritists
charge an admission for the purpose of inform-
ing us concerning those who have passed beyond.
Christ never hypnotized any one ; he never used
a Ouija board, or the Planchette, or any appa-
ratus corresponding to these instruments for
communicating with the souls of the dead. He
never called forth his supernatural powers for
light or trivial reasons, and we never read of him
gathering about him a circle for the purpose of
getting into touch with the unseen. Power or
virtue went out of him, but not with anything
resembling a local motion or material transfer of
power. Power did go out from Christ, but it

(11) Luke xxiii. 8-9.

Digitized by VjOOQIC

The Modem Satanism 45

left him unchanged, and with his own divine
energy undiminished. A parallel of this may be
found in a teacher and a pupil. The former
transmits knowledge to the learner, without
thereby lessening his own stock of knowledge.
In this particular miracle virtue went out from
Christ only in so far as its effects may be said to
have been experienced by the woman who was
cured by the healing power that Christ pos-
sessed. But there is here, as in all other traves-
ties on the miracles of Christ put forward by
Spiritists, not a particle of evidence of anything
even remotely resembling a spiritistic seance.

Further than this, all the miracles he per-
formed were no drain upon his physical
strength ; they were to him easy, without effort,
without struggle; they caused no exhaustion in
him ; they did not leave him hysterical, or weary.
Yet all of these conditions and results are veri-
fied in all modern mediums. Spiritistic medi-
ums for physical manifestations sit only once or
twice a week, and then for a limited time, ex-
tending usually one or two hours. Whereas
Christ was accustomed to go about doing good
all day long, nay, even far into the night, and

Digitized by VjOOQIC

46 Spiritism

performing his miracles continually, yet it did
not affect his bodily health. On the other hand,
even Spiritists themselves complain of the tax
upon their intellectual and bodily constitution
by mediumistic practices. Spiritists claim that
the sitters at seances supply a great part of the
psychic energy required for spirit manifestations,
and this energy is alleged to be taken in some un-
known form from their bodies. Authentic pho-
tographs and the evidence of loss of weight,
showing the psychic stuff in the process of flow-
ing from the bodies of the mediums seem to bear
out this contention. As a consequence if a per-
son is in poor health the drain on the vital energy
may be disastrous, and we are assured by compe-
tent and reliable authorities that this vital or
nervous energy thus extracted from the bodies of

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