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the medium and the sitters requires a consider-
able period for restoration. When experiments
are being carried out, the mediums often lose
temporarily 30, 40 and 50 pounds in weight, yet
we never hear of Christ losing weight in this
fashion owing to the performance of his

Christ never used automatic writing, despite

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The Modern Satanism 47

the amazing statement of Spiritists who venture
the opinion that among the many fomis of
mediumship which he possessed in the highest
degree was the power of automatic writing.
They refer to the celebrated passage in St. John's
Gospel, the only instance in all of the New Tes-
tament where Christ is reported to have written

When we come to the Transfiguration of
Christ, Spiritists tell us that this is only one of a
large number of Spiritistic phenomena, easily
duplicated today by any well developed medium.
One simply stands aghast at the heights of blas-
phemy reached by the Spiritistic propagandists.
They inform us that they have been present at
miracles paralleling the Transfiguration of
Christ performed by modern mediums! They
tell us that at the miracle of the Transfiguration,
Christ was in contact with the dead, and thus
communicated with Moses and Elias after the
manner of a spiritistic seance, Moses and Elias
being only materialized spirits, just as psychic
phenomena are produced every day in spiritistic
circles. Yet in this case, as in all others adduced

(12) John viit, 8.

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48 Spiritism

by the new religious sect, there is not a single
solitary proof adduced to corroborate it, noth-
ing but the declarations, assumptions and theo-
ries of spiritists set down solemnly as attested
facts, without substantiation. At the Transfigu-
ration, not a single movement of any of those
concerned was in any way connected with what
Spiritists tell us so emphatically is necessary for
the production of psychic phenomena. There is
the open air, the broad daylight, the mountain
top. There is no swoon, no seance, no cabinet,
no preparation, no raps, no tables, — indeed, the
whole gospel narrative^^^^ is a simple, straight-
forward account of a miracle that is separated
by an abyss from anything that is even remotely
associated with psychic phenomena.

Christ never used such childish twaddle as the
enigmas and literary puzzles put forth as serious
revelations from the other world by modern me-
diums, who act as the mouthpieces of discarnate
spirits. Christ's sermons, discourses and conver-
sations, as preserved for us in Holy Scripture,
are simple, direct, full of unction, lofty, noble,
and dignified. They reveal his Infinite wisdom,

(13) Matt. xvH. 1.

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The Modern Satanism 49

whereas the messages purporting to be the reve-
lations of modern spirits read like the effusions
emanating from an insane asylum.

Christ never became excited or eccentric, as
are all, or nearly all mediums today, most of
whom are persons of little or no education.
Christ never descended to exaggeration, a
feature that seems to characterize all modern
mediums, male and female. Surely one must
have lost all reverence for Christ to class him
with such creatures! Never do we read of
Christ losing consciousness, or lapsing into a
swoon, or falling into the repulsive and morbid
symptoms usual in Spiritistic manifestations.
That such things are customary is not made too
public by the advertising agents of the modern
Spiritistic renaissance. They conceal this very
dark side to the picture.

They rarely refer to the repulsive shaking and
trembling of the medium as the vital energy is
being withdrawn. The many photographs of
mediums under control are sufficient to shock the
Christian sense of propriety. Surely this is evi-
dence that the whole process of Psychic Re-
search is against nature, and is a violent removal

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50 Spiritism

of the barriers which nature has erected. Never
did any of the miracles perforaicd by Christ
have an evil effect upon! those in whose behalf
he worked, or upon the beholders; whereas there
is a downward tendency in all those who cooper-
ate in the experiments of the seance room.

Never do we read of the expenditure of weari-
some hours in the process of establishing condi-
tions, or of the frivolous waste of precious time
to the complete neglect of all true and whole-
some spiritual exercises on the part of those who
were in immediate contact with Christ Never
in all of his public life did Christ indicate physi-
cal collapse after performing a miracle. Yet
this is the ordinary effect today upon mediums
who regularly and frequently engage in seances.
It usually requires several days for a public me-
dium to recover strength after the ordeal. Yet
in spite of all this we are warned in trumpet
tones that by such disastrous methods, perilous
alike to the intellectual sanity and moral char-
acter and physical constitution of all concerned,
we are being made the recipients of a new and
tremendous revelation from all wise and mer-
ciful God!!

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The Modern Satanism 51

Christ never extracted psychic stuff from the
bodies of so-called sitters for the purpose of per-
forming his miracles. Never did he withdraw
from his own sacred body any astral material for
this object, yet Spiritists tell us that the produc-
tion of phenomena depends upon this operation,
and innumerable photographs of the issuance of
this psychic stuff from the bodies of the mediums
amply prove their contention. The function of
the medium is to borrow from his body this
ethereal psychic stuff, and the function of the
sitters is to supplement the psychic energy. All
Spiritists agree in the existence in man of an
astral substance of an unknown nature, some-
where between matter and spirit, which, if de-
tached from the material body, offers a means of
communication with the unseen world and is the
raw material out of which spirit manifestations
occur. Mediumship, therefore, consists in the
ability of a person easily to detach from his body
this so-called teleplasm or astral substance while
in a passive state. Spiritists claim that Christ
was a Medium, yet there is not an instance in his
entire life where any psychic stuff issued from
him in the performance of his miracles or while

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52 Spiritism

he was in a passive state. Nowhere do we read
of the emanation from the bqdy of Christ of the
so-called "odic effluvia'' which some writers on
Spiritism say generally appears as a radiant
aura, and which at times transforms itself into a
sort of limb, capable of exerting at great dis-
tances forces that are both dextrous and power-

Christ is eternal truth, whereas mediums and
the spirits who control them often deceive, they
lie, they misrepresent, they cheat, they contradict
each other, they give false names, and they give
addresses that are unverifiable. Many of them
have been sooner or later caught in trickery and
fraud. The miracles of Christ were never pro-
duced amid the noise, confusion and disturbance
that frequently characterize the seance room.
Christ never took part in a gathering whose sole
result was throwing about the furniture, pro-
ducing spirit lights, pulling the hair of the at-
tendants, playing tricks on them, stroking their
heads, kissing them, or similar actions. The
mere thought of such things shocks the reverent
Christian mind. Yet all such things are the
usual phenomena attending the exercise of me-

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The Modern Satanism 53

diumship, and in spite of it all we are told that
Christ was a Medium, yea, the greatest Medium
of all time 1 !

Is there a single recorded public utterance or
private statement of Christ that is occupied with
the mere trivialities of life, or the insipid memo-
ries of the dull and vapid existence of some dis-
caraate spirit? On the contrary, Christ's mira-
cles were performed alone and unaided, by his
own inherent divine power, without any inter-
mediary. They all took place in the full light
of day. Never did he descend to tricks. He
never went into convulsions; he needed no elab-
orate preparation; he scored no failures. The
results were always certain and decisive, and no
cry of fraud or trickery was ever raised regard-
ing him, even by his avowed enemies. In a word
at every turn we behold in Christ the very an-
tithesis of all those circumstances and surround-
ings and environment that are so peculiarly in
evidence in modem mediums. Hence to allege
that Christ was a medium is at once to place him
on a level with the unwholesome practices in-
dulged in by all modern spiritistic mediums.

On many occasions the evil spirits rcc-

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54 Spiritism

ognized Christ^^*^ and acknowledged his divinity,
yet he never permitted any conversation with
them ; he never sought to obtain occult informa-
tion from these diabolic agents; he never en-
couraged others to invoke them, but imme-
diately detecting them, banished them, con-
demned them, drove them out from the unfor-
tunates whom they had obsessed, and by his
whole attitude manifested his desire that the
human race have nothing to do with them, dem-
onstrating thereby that he knew them to be
demons, and not the souls of the dead. Never
did Christ refer to these spirits as other than
evil, and intelligences to be entirely shunned;
never once did he refer to the persons obsessed
by these evil spirits as other than their unfortu-
nate victims. So that at no single point in his
career is there a parallel between the practices of
modern Spiritism and the methods employed by

Never once did Christ, the supposed greatest
medium that ever lived on earth, intimate that
we should seek knowledge from the dead, or
from discarnate spirits; nor did he ever indicate

(14) Luke iv, 41.
(16) Mark i, 34.

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The Modem Satanism 55

the manner in which such communications could
be achieved; neither did he in any single in-
stance intimate how such infomiation, even if
legitimate, could be identified and guaranteed
from error; nor did he ever formulate laws or
principles, or set up a standard and a system for
regulating such information, or propose rules to
guide us in separating what was true from what
was false in all such communications. More
than all this, all such communications were
strictly forbidden in the Old Testament, and un-
der the severest penalties :r—

"Go not aside after wizards, neither ask any-
thing of soothsayers to be defiled by them.'^^^^^

"The soul that shall go aside after magicians
and soothsayers, .... I shall set my face
against that soul, and destroy it out of the midst
of its peoplc."^"^

"Neither let there be found among you any
one that shall expiate his son or daughter, mak-
ing them to pass through fire, or that consulteth
soothsayers, or obscrveth dreams and omens,
neither let there be any wizard, nor charmer, nor
any one that consulteth python spirits, or fortune

(16) Lev. xix, II.
' (17) Uv. XX. 6.

Digitized by VjOOQIC

56 Spiritism

tellers or that sccketh the truth from the dead.
For the Lord abhorreth all these things, and for
these abominations he will destroy them at thy

Christ formally and explicitly approved this
Old Testament legislation, and by his solemn
utterance "Do not think I am come to destroy the
law or the prophets ; I am not come to destroy,
but to fulfill,''^^'* he forbade any attempts on
the part of his followers to engage in Spiritistic

The only existing history of the life of Christ
is the New Testament. Hence the miracles of
Our Lord recorded there are in league with his-
tory, and they who accept them are on plain,
high, safe ground. Those who deny them, or
allege them to be the mere production of spirit-
istic phenomena cannot possibly be at home in
the pages of the Evangelists. To deny Christ's
miracles or to interpret them in any psychic fash-
ion is to mutilate and enfeeble the whole of the
Gospel narrative. All of the four Gospels con-
cur in representing to us Christ encased in a set-
ting of miracles. The mere enumeration of them

tl8) Dent xrriH. 10.
(19) Matt. V. li

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The Modern Satanism 57

would make a very large total, and Spiritism has
nothing to show that can compare in the slightest
with any of the recorded miracles of Christ dur-
ing the three crowded years of his public life.
The mere list of the passages describing them,
their great diversity, and the peculiar circum-
stances surrounding them, make an impressive

In all the miracles of Christ, he invariably dis-
tinguishes cases of obsession from other cures,
and the Evangelists are at some pains to mark
this distinction, specifically calling attention to
the proper diagnosis made by Christ, never con-
fusing cases of obsession with ordinary symp-
toms of disease.

"And he healed many that were troubled with
divers diseases ; and he cast out many devils."^^^^

"And Jesus went about all Galilee, healing all
manner of sickness and every infirmity among
the people, and they presented to him all sick
people that were taken with divers diseases and
torments, and such as were possessed by devils
and lunatics, and those that had the palsy, and
he cure d them.^^^^^

m) Mark i, S4.
(21) Matt. iv. 2S.

Digitized by VrOOQlC

58 Spiritism

"And running through the whole country,
they began to carry about in beds those that were
sick, where they heard he was. And whitherso-
ever he entered, into towns, or into villages or
cities, they laid the sick in the streets, and be-
sought him that they might touch but the hem of
his garment; and as many as touched him were
made whole.'^^^^

"And there came to him great multitudes,
having with them the dumb, the lame, the
maimed, and many others; and they cast them
down at his feet and he healed them ; so that the
multitudes marvelled seeing the dumb speak, the
lame walk, the blind see, and they glorified the
God of Israel."^^^

"And in that same hour, he cured many of
their diseases, and hurts, and evil spirits ; and to
many that were blind he gave sight."^^*^

The supernatural prophecies and predictions
of Christ are real miracles, which have nothing
in common with Spiritism. In all of these far-
seeing glances into the future, Christ is not pas-
sive, as are the sensitives in a seance ; he is wide
awake, alert, active, and in full possession of all

(22) Mark vi, 65. (28) Matt xv, 80. (24) Luke vH. 21.

Digitized by VjOOQIC

The Modem Satanism 59

his faculties. There is about him no swoon, no
trance, no dreamy state, no cataleptic condition,
no hypnosis. Christ manifests a perfect knowl-
edge of the secrets of the heart; he has an inti-
mate knowledge of Simon, for instance, whose
name he changes to Peter/^^ He is familiar with
the innermost secrets of the heart of Na-
thanael/^ He is perfectly aware of the sad con-
dition of the Samaritan woman/^^ The treason of
Judas^^^^ is not hidden from his heart-searching
gaze, and he reiterates his betrayal by this un-
worthy and money loving follower a few hours
in advance of his base act/^^ He predicts with
fulness and detail the triple denial of Peter/^^
In general terms he deliberately and calmly pre-
pares his disciples for his coming passion, suf-
ferings, and death/^^^ With a precision and a
clarity that are remarkable he gives the most
minute details, as if the whole tragic event were
spread before him as in a map/^^

He foretells the ruin of Jerusalem^'^^ even to
its minor features: He predicts the fate of St.
Peter,^**^ His chosen Rock; the long delayed

(26) John I. 42. (29) Matt xxvL 21. (82) Matt xvl. 21.

(26) John i. 47. (80) Matt xx^ 81. (83) Matt xxiv. 25.

(27) John sv. 16. (81) John xiv. 29. (84) John xxi, 18.
i2S) John vi. 71.

Digitized by VjOOQIC

60 Spiritism

death of St. John is revealed to the beloved dis-
ciple ; and the persecutions to which the Apos-
tles ^^^ are to be subjected are foretold to them in
advance, as well as the proximate descent of the
Holy Ghost/^^ All of the miracles of Christ
took place in the presence of a great number of
witnesses, a large proportion of whom were not
his friends. This circumstance is not verified
in spiritistic circles where mediums repeatedly
refuse to continue the seance or produce any
phenomena unless the sitters are sympathetic.
The supernatural works produced by Christ did
not take place in a corner, a circumstance to
which Holy Scripture feels it necessary to call
attcntion.^^^ These stupendous marvels were
verified, not only by his selected friends, but also
by his bitter and implacable foes. Witnesses
numbering hundreds were either indifferent or
hostile, both to Christ and his miracles, yet on no
single occasion did they cry fraud, allege trick-
ery, or complain of deception. Their objections
to his miracles were not made because they de-
nied the fact that a miracle had been performed,
but for reasons flowing from the admitted facts,

, (35) Matt. X. 17. (86) John xiv. 16. (87) Acto xxri, 26.

Digitized by VjOOQ IC

The Modern Satanism 61

for instance, because they were performed on the
sabbath day/^^ Miracles such as those of the
paralytic^^®^ curing the man born blind/**^^ restor-
ing the withered hand/*^^ relieving the woman
possessed by an evil spirit/^ or healing the drop-
sical man^^^ who had lingered for many years,
all were objected to on the ground of a violation
of the commandment to rest on the Lord's day —
yet we hear no repudiation of the fact of the
miracle itself. His enemies would not have al-
lowed to pass an opportunity to cry fraud, if any
such existed, hence their silence is an eloquent
argument for the truth of the event.

The mere touch of his hand is omnipotent and
suffices for the working of a miracle, as in the
case of Peter's mother-in-law. He cures the sick,
raises the dead and drives out demons without
any elaborate apparatus, preparation or warn-
ing, employing but a single word, such as "Go
out of the man."^^^ "I will, be thou cured."^^^
"Arise, take diy bed.''^^> Peace, be still."^*^
"Young man, I say to thee, arise."^^^ "Lazarus,
come forth.''^^^ "He touched her hand and the

(38) John ▼, 17. (42) Luke xiii. 10. (46) John v. 8.

(39) John V. 1-16. (48) Luke xiv, 1. (47) Mark iv. 39.

(40) John ix, 1-38. (44) Mark i, 26. (48) Luke vii, 14.

(41) Matt, xii, 9. (46) Matt viu, 32 (49) John xi. 48.

Digitized by VjOOQIC

62 Spiritism

fever left her."^^^ "And the sick that he cured
by the laying on of his hands.''^"^

Frequently miracles took place without any
external indication on the part of Christ that
they were to occur, there being no outward man-
ifestation of his will, for instance, his walking on
the water,^^^ The "Miraculous fishing,''^^^
"Healing at a distance,"^"^ "The cure of the ser-
vant of the centurion,"^^^ "The healing daughter
of the Chanaanite woman.^'^^^ Once only did he
put clay on the eyes of a blind man,^^^^ al-
though ordinarily the result was instantaneously
produced, without any intemiediary. Even
Herod admits the fact of Christ's miracles/'^^
The doctors of the law, the last persons in the
world to lose an opportunity to deny the mira-
cles, none the less admit them, even though irri-
tated at the fact. The high priests in spite of
their enmity are forced to admit it again and
again by crying out "He saved others; let him
save himself,"^^^^ yet they are all the while plot-
ting his death. They could not deny the reality
of the miracles because the whole countryside

(50) Matt, viii, 15. (64) John iv, 46. (67) John ix, 6.

(51) Mark vi, 5. (65) Matt. viii. 7. (58) Matt, xiv, 2.

(52) Matt xiv, 25. (56) Matt xv, 28. (59) Matt, xxvii. 42.

(53) John xxi, 6.

Digitized by VjOOQIC

The Modern Satanism 63

was filled with those who had been cured by
Christ. On one occasion an official inquest was
deliberately organized to test the f act/®*^ the case
being the cure of the man born blind. This is
one of the most dramatic passages in the New
Testament, and like the denial of St. Thomas it
serves to throw into high relief the solid founda-
tion of reality upon which rest all the miracles
of Christ.

The noble serenity and perfect simplicity with
which Christ performed them are in striking
contrast with the labors and futile efforts of
Spiritists. His groans at Lazarus' grave were
entirely independent of the miracle.^^^ In no
sense was it an indication of a medium passing
under control, but merely an expression of his
deep and abiding sorrow for the grief stricken
family, a touching incident of the wondrously
delicate and finely attuned human nature of
Christ He performed his miracles as easily as
we do ordinary actions. For him to raise the
dead to life was the same as to wake them from a
tranquil sleep.^®^^ Hence from beginning to end
of his miracles, stretching through the years of

(60) John ix, 1. («1) John xi. 88. (62) John xi. 12.

Digitized by VjOOQIC

64 Spiritism

his public life, there is no effort, no hesitation,
no uncertainty. His language always is modest
and reserved, a word, a gesture, and the deed is
done. All of his prodigies were performed with
a superhuman poise and dignity, and assurance
of the possession of inherent divine power as


his personal prerogative, and with a high and
lofty purpose in view — the manifestation of eter-
nal truth. Between the exalted message of
Christ to fallen humanity which he came to heal,
save and restore, and the message of modem
Spiritists there is an abyss that is impassable. The
chieftains of the spiritistic forces now admit that
Spiritualism has forfeited considerable because
it has not organized its position into a moral,
ethical, intellectual or spiritual force for the re-
demption of individual and social life. It has no
supreme and consoling message for humanity.
It has concentrated interest almost exclusively on
communication with the dead and the survival
after death. We search in vain through the
vague and indefinite records of Spiritistic
seances for any tangible religious or moral doc-
trine. There is none to be found that we did not
know ages ago, and this reveals its utter weak-

Digitized by VjOOQIC

The Modern Satanism 65

ness to establish itself as a practical every day
working basis for a new religion. All the mir-
acles of Christ were performed quietly, unos-
tentatiously, no matter what the nature of the
miracle he performed, whether it was cleansing
the leper, searching the hidden thoughts of the
heart, restoring sight to the blind, walking the
waves, calming the tempest, driving out the
demons, feeding of the multitude, restoring a
withered hand, or raising the dead to life.

He performed many miracles but not, how-
ever, in a prodigal manner. He always worked
within reason with superb calm and supreme
self restraint and for an object of a high moral
character, as well as a supreme necessity in the
physical order. For instance, he multiplied the
loaves, but ordered the fragments to be gathered
lest anything go to waste. He performed no
miracles during the first thirty years of his life,
and this wondrous self restraint is in itself a
miracle of self-abasement when we compare the
character of the miracles of Christ with Spirit-
istic phenoniena. The latter are produced with-
out aim, without object, without reason, without
purpose, in a reckless, haphazard fashion. Nor

Digitized by VjOOQIC

66 Spiritism

can it be urged against Christ's miracles that
they were performed in the presence of an igno-
rant multitude and that no commission of
learned men, university professors or scientists
stood by to investigate them.

It is not necessary to have a commission of
scientists to pass upon the plain, obvious, evident,
historical fact of a miracle. Facts are verified,
not by the learned exclusively, but by the testi-
mony of reliable witnesses. Miracles belong to
the moral order, and we cannot apply to the
moral order the forms, rules, methods and pro-
cedure applying to another and entirely different
order. Miracles are historical facts, and it is
necessary to treat them as such. Historical facts
cannot be subjected to an experimental verifica-
tion such as we employ in physics or chemistry,
for this would be equivalent to changing history
into a natural science ; it would be tantamount to
a complete revolution of its character and re-
verse all the rules of historical criticism. The

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