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ing for us the woes that would have befallen us
had he not done so. "And if Christ be not risen
again," he says, "then is our preaching vain, and
your faith is also vain."^^°^ "God hath raised up
Christ"^^^^ In spite of this. Spiritists attack this
great truth by saying that the placing of em-
phasis upon the Resurrection of Christ was the
great mistake of Christianity."

It is too late in the centuries to accuse Chris-
tianity of making a mistake. Spiritists call into
question the fact of the Resurrection. Yet for
1900 years the Resurrection has been one of the
"fixed facts" of history, and it argues no small
degree of presumption and arrogance to deny it

(80) I Cor. XV. 17.

(81) I Cor. XV. 16.

Digitized by VjOOQIC

88 Spiritism

The Resurrection is looked upon by all Chris-
tians as the dominant proof of the divinity of the
mission and teaching of Christ. It set a heavenly
seal upon his life and work. It is a demonstra-
tion adapted to the capacity and understanding
of all classes whatever their intelligence. Hav-
ing proved that Christ died, and has come to life
again by his own power, without the aid of astral
matter or psychic stuff borrowed from the gar-
dener or any other person, there is absolutely
no escape from the conclusion that he is really
God. It is inconceivable that God would allow
such an imposition upon humanity as to permit
of a falsifier to work such a prodigy, especially
when such a miracle was foretold and appealed
to in advance as the very crown of his divinity.
Hence God's honor is involved in the Resur-
rection of Christ. If Christ be not risen from
the dead by his own power, then humanity
should have nothing to do with God for allow-
ing the human race to be deceived in this fashion.
Christ not only foretold his own Resurrection,
but the Apostles appeal to it constantly in their
preaching. When there is a vacancy in the
Apostolic group, to fill the place of the traitor

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The Modern Satanism 89

Judas, the qualities demanded of the new can-
didate are that he shall not only be a witness to
the life and death of Christ, but to his Resur-
rection as well/^^ The attempt of Spiritists to
explain the Resurrection upon purely natural
and psychic grounds is one of the few attempts
during the last 1900 years of the enemies of
Christianity to find such an explanation. Hith-
erto the customary attitude of Christ's foes has
been to deny the Resurrection entirely. Atheists,
agnostics, infidels, — all realized the accumulated
weight of evidence was so tremendous that there
was no possible escape from either admitting the
fact and its consequent divine and miraculous
character, or else denying it in its totality. There
was no middle course. It remained for modem
Spiritism to evolve this new and fantastic ex-

There can be no question that Christ was dead
when he was placed in the tomb. St. John ex-
pressly tells. us that he died^^^ on the cross, and
the other Evangelists give the same testimony.
The atrocious tortures that he endured before
being crucified would in themselves have been

(32) Acts i, 22. (33) I Cor. xv, 14-17. (34) John xix, 38.

Digitized by VjOOQIC

90 Spiritism

sufficient to kill him; the marvel was that he
lived three hours hanging in agony on the Cross,
a form of punishment that the great Jewish his-
torian, Josephus, tells us was in itself sufficient to
cause death. The Roman soldiers who were sent
for the express purpose of bringing about his
speedy death by breaking his legs did not do so,
for the simple reason that this was unnecessary,
Christ being already dead. The piercing of his
side with a lance by Longinus was in itself
enough to cause death at that moment, and Pilate
did not give the body of Christ to Joseph of
Arimathea until he had officially received the
proof of Christ's death from the Centurion in
command of the troops. The Jews themselves
were convinced of his death, else they would not
have demanded a guard over the tomb. So we
see on all sides, and from all classes, a unanimous
conviction of the certain death of our Saviour.

Yet, suddenly nature is conquered, and his-
tory reverses itself. After three days, Christ
who was dead reveals himself full of life, and
this fact is attested by a large number of wit-
nesses, worthy of belief. They did not see him
in sleep, or during a dream, or at night, but in

Digitized by VjOOQIC

The Modern Satanism 91

broad daylight, when they were in full posses-
sion of all their faculties ; they heard his words,
received his commands, touched him, felt his
pierced hands and feet and put their fingers into
his open wounds ; they even reclined at the table
and ate with him. During a period of 40 days
this continued, under the most varied circum-
stances, in a great variety of conditions, and
among all classes of people. He was seen close
to the tomb, in the garden; on the road to
Emmaus, in the upper room, on the shore of the
lake, on the mount of Olives and elsewhere. He
was seen not only by the holy women, but by
men as well, by St. Peter, and the disciples at
Emmaus; then by all the Apostles gathered to-
gether, by that famous skeptic St. Thomas who
wished more evidence than the others ; nor was
he denied it. Then to seven of the Apostles on
the shore of the lake, and finally in Galilee, when
there was an assemblage of five hundred of his
Apostles and disciples, most of whom were liv-
ing when St. Paul wrote his celebrated Epistles
to the Corinthians,^^^ an appeal to their testi-
mony as a proof of the Resurrection of his Lord

(85) I Cor. XV. 6.

Digitized by VjOOQIC

92 Spiritism

and Master. In all these apparitions of Christ
there was no dark room, no dim ruby light, no
medium, no cabinet, no complicated apparatus,
no table tilting, no spirit rapping; no automatic
writing; no direct voice manifestation, nothing
in short that characterizes modern mediums and
Spiritistic seances. The characteristic of Modern
Spirit materializations is that usually they occur
only a few feet distant from the medium, and
they are ordinarily visible only for a few min-
utes at a time and in a darkened room. Whereas
the appearances of Christ after the Resurrection
were at varying distances, often considerable
ones, and they were visible for a long period of
time in the sunlight. The Apostles and disciples
not only saw Christ, talked with him, broke
bread with him, and visited with him, but they
were so convinced of the reality of the Resurrec-
tion that they willingly laid down their lives for
the truth of their belief. No one at all familiar
with the history of Christ and his dealings with
the Apostles can accuse them of being credulous,
and easily persuaded. On the contrary, they
were hard to convince, and unwilling to make an
act of faith. Hence, this new attitude on their

Digitized by VjOOQIC

The Modern Satanism 93

part, even to giving up their lives as martyrs for
their faith in Christ's Resurrection is a proof of
the highest order.

Still another effect of Spiritists to discredit
and deny this miraculous element in the life of
Christ is found in their attributing to psychic
phenomena the celebrated miracle of Our Sav-
iour walking on the water, related in detail by
three of the Evangelists and the very clear ac-
count of it in the Gospels is alleged to be due to
the fact that the sacred writers were quite
familiar with psychic apparitions and spirit-
istic phenomena/^^ But no sane man could utter
such a calumny. A simple reading of the Gos-
pel narrative shows that Christ appeared to the
Apostles in the early morning, there was no
spiritistic apparatus, no medium, no darkened
enclosure, no cabinet, no trance, no hypnotism,
no hallucination. It was on the high seas; the
Apostles were frightened, therefore they were
not accustomed to the production of spiritistic
phenomena. The apparition was no usual affair,
as is alleged, hence their trepidation. More-
over, Christ spoke to them, and actually entered

(86) Matt. xiv. 22.

Digitized by VjOOQIC

94 Spiritism

the ship with them, so that it was no phantom —
no ghost — but Christ himself. To attempt con-
sequently to place this or any other miracle of
Christ in the category of spiritistic phenomena
is neither science or religion, but a studied effort
to discredit Christianity and to attack its great
central stronghold, the divine personality of its

Consistent with its avowed policy of explain-
ing every event in the life of Christ from a spirit-
istic standpoint, we are treated to this highly
novel account of the well known triple tempta-
tion of Christ by Satan^^^^ which is referred to as
a travelling clairvoyance, a phenomenon, we are
told, quite common with spiritistic mediums, and
by which the soul leaves the body and travels to
the places represented in the vision. It is a sort
of globe trotting soul, in a half dreamy state,
with no objective representation at all. This
fantastic account shows to what lengths Spiritists
are ready to go in discrediting Holy Scripture.
No effort is too far fetched to use against Christ.
For Spiritists the Bible is no longer the Word of
God in the sense that historical Christians be-

es?) Luke iv, 1.

Digitized by VjOOQIC

The Modern Satanism 95

lieve it to be inspired; it is merely a form of
automatic writing, tainted with the mentality of
the mediums cooperating therein, and conse-
quently the Bible contains misstatements and
errors. Shocking as this is to the devout
Christian mind, it is the only possible conclusion
from the spiritistic premises, and it should put
us on our guard against the new sect, that on the
pretense of proving the soul's immortality, is
undermining the entire fabric of historic Chris-
tianity by actually or virtually, either explicitly
or implicitly, denying every doctrine of the
Christian faith.

Spiritist authorities assure us that Christ se-
lected his Apostles and disciples for no other
reason than that they were good mediums, pos-
sessed of unusual psychic powers. Out of all the
multitudes f I'om whom he might select his com-
panions he chose twelve men.^^^ Why these
particular ones? It was not for their intelli-
gence or learning, say the Spiritists, for Peter
and John, who were among the most prominent,
were expressly described as unlearned and igno-
rant men. It was not for their virtue, for one of

(38) Matt iv. 18.

Digitized by VjOOQIC

96 Spiritism

them proved to be a traitor. It was not for their
unwavering faith, for there were great numbers
of earnest believers. And yet Spiritists claim
they were chosen on some subtle principle since
they were called in ones and in twos. In at least
two cases they were pairs of brothers, as though
some family psychic gift or peculiarity might
underlie the choice. In other words, we are
told by the Psychic Research Propagandists that
the quality which determined their choice by
Christ was this — that they were good Psychics,
and Christ, the greatest medium who has ever
appeared upon earth, desired to surround him-
self with others who possessed similar qualities.
But this is mere gratuitous assumption. Never
since rational man existed on earth has pure as-
sumption risen to the height of proof. It is a
violation of the elementary rules of logic to as-
sume as already proven the very point in
argument, yet this method is customary at every
step and is on par with the whole Spiritistic pro-
fession. Christ never, in any way, at any time,
gave any indication whatsoever of being directly
or indirectly engaged in the production of
Spiritistic phenomena. Never did he indicate

Digitized by VjOOQIC

The Modern Satanism 97

by word of action that his followers either dur-
ing his lifetime or afterwards were chosen for
their psychic powers. Christ, the Son of God,
the omnipotent and eternal and everlasting,
never depended upon a few frail, weak human
creatures to give him some of their "psychic
strength" to enable him to perform his miracles.
Even Pentecost, the birthday of the Church,
is robbed of its supernatural significance. It
was nothing but a seance, the production of
psychic phenomena, a purely natural event.
Spiritists declare that on that historic Sunday,
the Christian leaders were all "with one accord"
in one place, and they seize upon the phrase
"with one accord" as expressing admirably those
sympathetic conditions which in psychic circles
have always been found conducive to the best
results. It is difficult to be patient with the pub-
licity agents of Spiritism. They falsify the most
obvious texts of Sacred Scripture. In this pas-
sage the whole argument is built up upon the
phrase ^^with one accord, '' yet had a later transla-
tion of the Bible than the King James been con-
sulted the argument would have failed. The
Protestant Revised, like the Douay version, has

Digitized by VjOOQIC

98 Spiritism

the more accurate rendering — "all together"
meaning they were all present instead of "with
one accord" — so does the Latin and Greek orig-
inal. Is this an honest method of founding a
New Religion? Is this a Scientific way to add
new splendor to the Religion of Christ? Is it
ethical to deliberately distort texts in this fash-
ion to support a thesis? The gift of tongues
verified at Pentecost is lightly waived aside by
saying that in seances Mediums frequently
speak unknown trance tongues. The remarka-
ble difference is that mediums speak while in a
trance, whereas at Pentecost there was no trance
condition verified among the Apostles. Further,
mediums in a trance state act in an automatic
manner; they are in a condition of passivity,
without initiative, without volition, without con-
trol ; whereas conditions the very reverse of this
are to be noted at Pentecost, where the Apostles
manifested a degree of high activity; they were
the masters of the situation ; they knew what they
were about, and they addressed themselves reso-
lutely to their task with the utmost energy.
Moreover, in a trance condition, mediums have
no clear knowledge of their utterances; nor do

Digitized by VjOOQIC

The Modern Satanism 99

they direct the course of their thoughts. Whereas
the Apostles at Pentecost had a connected view
and grasp of their subject, and in well ordered
fashion set out to achieve it. In addition to all
this, a further variation must be observed. The
gift of tongues in the Apostles was external and
outside of them, in persons whom they addressed,
the effect having taken place upon the minds of
their audience of several thousand, whereas in
the medium the effect is internal, within the me-
dium who speaks a strange tongue. Hence all
through the weary effort of following Spiritistic
claims, we find upon investigation only a super-
ficial parallel that is nothing else than a travesty
upon historic Christianity; it is a caricature
that Spiritism presents to us, a counterfeit, noth-
ing real or substantial in the way of paralleling
genuine Christian miracles. Thus the whole
character and value of the miracle of Pentecost
is misconceived by writers on Spiritism. St.
Luke tells us expressly "Every man heard them
speak in his own tongue,"^^^^ — and he emphasizes
the names of the nations present putting before
us the expressions employed by the vast audience
from the ends of the earth.

(89) Acts ii. 6.

Digitized by VjOOQIC

100 Spiritism

"We have heard them speak in our own
tongues the wonderful works of God."^^^

There is here no question of dark lantern
methods, no seance room mysteries, no curtained
cabinets, no table tilting, no spirit rapping, no
hysterical mediums, no trance, no selected few
who were sympathetic, no psychic circle, no
holding of hands, no suggestions, no hypnotism,
no clairaudience, no direct voice. It is the plain
open air, out of doors — ^where "The multitude
came together."^*^^ The crowd was in a doubting
rather than in a receptive mood, they demanded
proof, and the proof was immediately fur-
nished by St. Peter in his address to that many
tongued population — "Parthians and Medes,
and Elamites and inhabitants of Mesopotamia,
Judea, and Cappodocia. Pontus and Asia,
Phrygia and Pamphylia, Egypt and the parts of
Libya about Cyrene, and strangers of Rome.
Jews also, and Proselytes, Cretes and Arabians."
Peter spoke and the doubters were convinced,
"and there were added in that day about three
thousand souls."^*^^

The miracle of Pentecost was at once a physi-

(40) Acts ii. 11. (41) Acts ii. 6. (42) Acts U» 41.

Digitized by VjOOQIC

The Modern Satanism 101

cal and a moral miracle. One hundred
and twenty persons were present/^^ and it
resulted in a complete transformation of their
character. Previously they had been cowards,
hesitating, doubtful; now they became bold
and zealous, braving all dangers, even death
for their crucified and resurrected Master.
What has Spiritism to offer in comparison
with this? Having destroyed as they think
the very essence of Christianity the Spiritists
proceed steadily attacking every doctrine that
stands in their path. Everything sacred must be
explained in accordance with their Spiritistic
theory. Once upon a time in respectable circles
Science was built upon facts; it had to fit the
evidence and square with the phenomena on
every side. Now modern Scientists reverse the
natural scientific processes of centuries and try
to make the facts fit their preconceived theory.
This results in distorting, truncating, evading,
minimizing, denying facts, however well proven,
just as it suits their unchristian purposes. By
these methods Spiritists are prostituting not
only religion but they arc prostituting Science.

(48) Acts i, 15.

Digitized by VjOOQIC

102 Spiritism

According to Spiritism, the Sacrament of Bap-
tism is no regenerating function, cleansing the
recipient from sin and infusing supernatural
life. It is merely the reception of psychic
power. Denying sin, ridiculing the necessity of
a renewal of supernatural life, rejecting Baptism
whereby man is raised again to be a child of
God, the next step is that of doing away entirely
with the spiritual order instituted by Christ to
perpetuate his work. Hence we are treated by
Spiritists to the absolute rejection of the Sacra-
ment of Holy Orders. In the Church of Christ
the representatives of religion are made the
"ministers of God and the dispensers of the
mysteries of his grace,"^^^ but in Spiritism the
priesthood has no place — the medium takes the
place of the priest. According to the New Re-
ligion the Sacrament of Holy Orders was a mere
passing on of psychic power, and Christ differed
in no wise from any medium who is able to
charge another with psychic force.

Spiritists declare that mediums are able to
convey a power to other persons just as Christ
when he was levitated over the lake was able to

(44) I Cor. £v. 1.

Digitized by VjOOQIC

The Modern Satanism 103

convey the same power to Peter so long as Peter's
faith held firm. There is no case on record
where a medium has conveyed this power to any
one else. Yet it is with arguments such as this
that Spiritists wish us to deny the Divinity of
Christ. St. Paul too was a medium we are told,
a student of psychic research, and his miraculous
conversion while on his way to Damascus^*^^ was
merely one of many similar incidents in the pro-
duction of Spiritistic phenomena, an apparition
of the dead, mainly an auditory one, a case of
clairaudience on the part of St. Paul having all
the features of mediumistic phenomena, both
experimental and spontaneous, although in St.
Paul's case, they tell us, it was an event of the
first magnitude. This, it is alleged, was the be-
ginning of virile mediumship with him; from
that time on he began to recognize the phenom-
ena in all their types. The miracles to which
St. Paul refers are, it is alleged, mere psychic
phenomena, and he spoke and wrote as a spirit-
ist, manifesting a wide acquaintance with the
entire range of spiritistic phenomena. But to
this a flat denial must be entered. Even a super-

(45) Acts ix. 1-22.

Digitized by VjOOQIC

104 Spiritism

ficial perusal of any of the Epistles of St Paul
would have revealed to any inquiring mind the
tremendous abyss between the great Apostle of
the Gentiles and modern Spiritism. St. Paul and
Psychic Research are in open and violent oppo-
sition at every turn. Indeed his whole antipathy
to Spiritistic Phenomena may be summed up in a
characteristic passage in the Acts of the Apos-
tles.^*^^ Like Christ himself whose ambassador
he was, St. Paul drives out the Evil one in
Christ's name. "And it came to pass, as we
went to prayer, a certain girl, having a pythoni-
cal spirit, met us, who brought to her masters
much gain by divining. But St. Paul being
grieved, turned and said to the Spirit: "I com-
mand thee, in the name of Jesus Christ to go out
from her. And he went out the same hour."^*^
Were St. Paul alive today he would employ his
inspired pen and his gifted mind against the
emissaries of Satan who are roaming the world
disguised as Spiritists, as he did against the
magician of old.^**^ And in this he would be but
carrying out his stern admonition to the Ephe-
sians ^^ warning them to have "No fellowship

(46) I Cor. iv, 1. (48) Acts xiii. 6.

(47) Acts xvi, 16. (49) Eph. v. 11.

Digitized by VjOOQIC

The Modern Satanism 105

with the unfruitful works of darkness but rather
reprove them." Lovers of dark rooms and ob-
scure seances and curtained cabinets might
ponder on this apt command of the great St.

Spiritists are taking out an insurance policy
against eternal loss by fire. They don't want to
go to Hell so they are doing away with it en-
tirely. By this elimination of a highly uncom-
fortable future for sinful persons, Spiritism may
appeal to a large clientele who have little regard
for morality in its teachings. Hell drops out
altogether they tell us. It simply does not exist.

This reminds us of the remark of a sagacious
observer, who pondering on the wickedness of
the world and the apparent preponderance of
evil and the defeat of justice, cried out, "There
may possibly be a heaven but there certainly will
be a hell."

And yet some how or other, but just how we
are not told, it may not be so happy over there,
for there is still a hint of some inconvenient sit-
uations. Some sort of Purgatory still awaits the
sinner. The idea of punishment, they tell us, or
purifying chastisement, in fact the idea of Pur-

Digitized by VjOOQIC

106 Spiritism

gatory, is justified by the reports from the other
side. Without such punishment we are assured
by Spiritists there could be no justice in the uni-
verse, for how impossible it would be to imagine
the fate of a Rasputin the same as that of a
Father Damien.

So the situation at best seems to be doubtful.
Yet there is some hope, even if there is a Hell.
Denying the Divine Christ to be the universal
Redeemer of the human race, nevertheless they
repudiate the age old expression "Out of Hell
there is no redemption," for they teach that
there is a progressive evolution out of Hell and
its misery, a sort of wandering on and on ; a pro-
bationary period as it were, a progression to a
higher plane. But we summon all the Spiritists
in the world to bring forward one single text of
the Old or New Testament to substantiate this
endless progressive march of the soul. It is very
curious to observe the adroit way in which the
doctrine of Purgatory is insisted upon to throw
out a bait for the purpose of deceiving Catholics.
Needless to say in all of Holy Scripture or in the
great tomes containing the authentic teaching of
the Fathers and Doctors of historic Christianity

Digitized by VjOOQIC

The Modern Satanism 107

there is not a line to substantiate this modern
Spiritistic position.

It is not surprising, therefore, after having
alleged that Christ and his apostles were me-
diums, and ancient Christianity was a perpet-
ual darkened seance, that the early followers of
Christ should have imitated their leaders, and the
Apostolic Church was filled with spiritualism,
they seeming to have paid no attention to those
Old Testament prohibitions of Spiritistic prac-
tices but lived and acted as those who cultivated
all the phenomena of Psychic Research. Evi-
dently there is not much agreement in the realm
of Psychic Research, because we are told by still
other Spiritist writers that the Apostles did not
succeed after Christ's death as well as he did;

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