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At the earnest solicitation of friends of the Mo} r -
er Family we were prevailed upon to compile a sec-
ond Genealogy of the Moyer Family. It was at tirst
intended to revise the first edition of the Moyer Fam-
ily published in 18 , and add other branches that
had not heretofore been published. However, it was
found impracticable to revise the firsc work, and
hence the present work is confined to several new
branches of the Meyer, Mayer and Moyer families
that early settled in Berks and Lancaster counties,

We have made it our most earnest endeavor to
make the woik as complete as possible. In some
instances, however, the records are incomplete, ow-
ing to the lack of iuteiest manifested by some of the
descendants in the work, who failed to respond to
communications asking for information.

We acknowledge ourselves greatly indebted to
many of the friends who manifested a lively interest
in the work, for their kinduess in furnishing data
for same, and while we express our sincere gratitude
to all who in any way aided us, we especially ac-
knowledge our indebtedness to those who have very
materially aided us. To Major H. P. Moyer, of Leb-
anon, Pa., belongs the credit of being the prime
mover in securing the completion of this work. He
also furnished much data, and otherwise very liber-
ally aided the work. Prominent among others who
gave us much assistance in furnishing data are tin.'
following: Mrs. Mary A. Eschelman, Reading, Pa. ;
Kevin W. Moyer, Lingelstown, Pa. ; Miss Elizabeth

S Fryberger, Philipshiirjjf, Pa.; Mrs. Emma Line,
(Carlisle, Pa.; Henry Meyer, ReberROurg, Pa ; Miss
Sue Boyer, Gratz, Pa ; Isaac S. MeyerH, Hendley,
Neli : Edward E. Haller, F'orreston, III ; and others.

Milton, X. J., July, 1909.


The Meyer and Mayer family have evidently
been very numerous in Germany and Switzerland,
judging from the great numbers of the names that
iiave emigrated to this country from its earliest set-
tlement by Europeans to the present, time. It is quite
evident too, that Pennsylvania received more Meyer
and Mayer emigrants than any other state, but the
family have drifted in large numbers into every state
of the Union from the Atlantic bo the Pacific coast
and Canada. The name has been and still is various-
ly spelled, viz., Mayer, Meyer, Meyers, Meier, Mire,
Miere, Myers and Mover. The name Moyer is evi-
dently a new form, first occurring in the United
States at an early date, or prior to 1720. Among the
emigrant ship lists on file at Harrisburg, Pa., the
name is never found written Moyer, but most fre-
quently Meyer. In old deeds and other papers sign-
ed 100 or 150 years ago, the name was always writ-
ten Meyer or Mayer. The original spelling of the
name in the old country therefore seems evidently to
have been Me} T er and Mayer. In Switzerland the
principal vocation of the Meyer family in the moun-
tain fastnesses was that of graziers, as the name is
said to imply.



I. Christian Meyer, progenitor of a family nu-
merously represented in Montgomery, Bucks, and
adjacent counties in Pennsylvania, thioughout the
western states and Canada, settled in Lower Sal ford
Twp., Montgomery Co., Pa.

Tradition points to Switzerland as the father-
land, where the Mennonites, to which seethe belong-
ed, were unmercifully persecuted by the State church,
which he, with others, unable longer to endure, aban-
doned their homes in the mountain fastnesses and
fled for safety to the Netherlands. From thence, ab-
out 1700 or later-, Christian Meyer, of Amsterdam,
sailed for Pennsylvania, and located at the Indian
Creek, Moutg. Co. , Pa., where he had purchased a farm
containing 150 acres, sometime prior to 1719, and
for which he received a patent from the Hon. John
Penn, Thomas Peun and Richard Penu, Sept. 6, 1734.

There has been preserved a description of a cab-
in erected by him, ami which probably was the first
Meyer domicile in the Western world, and consisted
of four forked saplings driveu into the ground, in the
forks of which were laid poles, and on these a roof
of poles, and the walls were of upright poles. A sin-
gle opening served for an entrance, and the whole
was built with an axe. An article of furniture which
adorned this primitive house was a large Dutch clock,
brought from the Old World, a much treasured relic
of the late Tillman W. Moyer, of Campdeu, Out.,

Christian Meyer made his Will Jan. 18, 174N.
It was probated June (>. 1751, which shows he died
in the early part of 1751. His wife Barbara died be-


iiore he wroifcehis will- Farmer. Menu's. C, Christiau,
Jacob, Samuel, Elizabeth, Anna, Barbara.

II. Rev. Christian Meyer, Jr., b about 1705, d

about 1787, m Magdalena . He lived in Frau-

couia Twp . , where he purchased of James Steel, of
Piiila., 170 acres of land, Nov. 14, 1729. The old
homestead proper was where the late Abraham F.
Moyer lived and died.

Christian Meyer, Jr., was a very prominent
Mennouite, and stood front in the church. He was
one of the founders of the Mennouite church of Sal-
lord in 1738, being a that time oue of the Deacons.
He was later chosen to the mini: try, and served at
Fiaueonia- 0., Christian, Rev Jacob. Esther, Rev.
Samuel, Anna,* Maria, Esther, Barbara.

III. Rev. Jacob Meyer, b Jan. 28, 1730, d 1778,

in . C, Christian, Jacob, Mary. He m 2d wife,

Barbara Dirsteiu. C, Michael, Agues, Samuel, Bar-
bara, Joseph, David. Farmer in Bucks Co. and min-
ister of Menuonite church at Blooming Glen, Pa,

S IV. Joseph A. Moyer, f b in Bucks Co., Pa.^

June 19, 1774, d June 21, 1815, m Barbara Augeny,
1795. He was a noted artist and penman. Farmer.
Menu's. C, Jacob, Samuel, Abraham, Joseph, Wil-
liam, Henry, Elizabeth, Mary.

V. Henry A. Moyer, b Oct. 26, 1807, d Aug. 4,
1875, in Sarah Garhart, Dec. 8, 1833. School teach-
er, later farmer. Held various township offices, be-
ing Assessor several terms. Menu's. C, Lydia, Ab-

*III. Anna Meyer m John Kratz, their daughter, Magda-
lena Kratz, m (Deacon) Abraham Fretz, and were the grandparents
of the aruthor of this work.

fFor full report of this family history, see Moyer Family His-
.tory. by Rev. A. J. Fretz, 1896.


raham, Joseph, Barbara, Sarah/ Henry, Jacob,

VI. BenryG. Mover, bin BucksCo., Pa., Aug.
28, 1848, in Em«line*Seiple. P. 0. Perkasie* Pa. He

was raised on his father's farm, and began fitting
himself for future duties by attending the common
hools of his district. This educational experience
was supplemented by availing himself of the oppor-
tunities afforded by higher schools of learning,
winding up his schooling by taking in the Quaker
City Business College, from which he graduated with
honors when 20 years old. In 1879 when Perkasie be-
eame a borough, he was elected Justice of the Peace,
which position he filled for three terms of five years
each. During that time he had an extensive eonnec-
tiou with the settlement of estates and other busi-
ness in Bucks Co. In 1882 he purchased half inter-
est of the "Central News,'' a local paper published
at Perkasie, with Mahlon Sellers & Co., and became
one of the editors of the paper. Mr. Sellers dying
soon after, S. R. Kramer purchased his interest, and
the "Central News" was conducted under the firm
name of Moyer & Kramer. Mr. Moyer is an ardent
Republican in his county, having been prominently
identified with the local organization; and having at-
tended several Republican State conventions as a
delegate. In 1882 he was nominated by his party as
a caudidate for the House of Representatives from
his County, and, although failing of election, receiv-
ed a large complimentary vote from the opposite par-
t} T in the district in which he was personally known.
In 1894 his party again nominated him for the State
Senate, when he was elected by a majority of 1577
votes in a county which the year before elected ^ a
solid Democratic delegation to the House. At the


Session of 1895 Mr. Moyer was chairman of Public
Buildings, also served on the committees on appro-
priations, Finance, Insurance, Mines and Mining,
and Retrenchment and Reform. Mr. Moyer had no
difficulty in adapting himself to the duties of his
position as a Senator, and served with credit to him-
self and the State. In 1895 at the forming of the
"Moyer Family Reunion Association" he was elec-
ted President of the Association, and has served as
its President up to the present time. Evan' Ass'n.
C, VII. Bertha, d, Wallace, d, Henrietta, d, Jen-
nie, d, Mabel, Emilie, d, Henry C.
II. Jacob Meyer, died single.

II. Samuel Meyer, m Barbara . No issue.

II. Elizabeth Meyer, m Nicholas Oblinger, Jr.
Had issue.

II. Anna Meyer, d 1758, m Bishop Henry Funk,
who came from Europe in 1719, and settled at >the
Indian Creek, iu Fraucouia Twp., Moutg. Co., Pa.
Farmer and Miller. He was chosen to the ministry
of the Mennouite church, and was the first minister
at Fraucouia, and was later ordained Bishop. He
was a very prominent minister, and wa.-i author of
several works in German. His descendants are very
numerous and widely scatteied. C, John, Rev. Hen-
ry, Rev. Christian, Abraham, Esther, Elizabeth, Bar-
bara, Anne, Mary, Fronica.



IT. Barbara Meyer, d about 1773, m Abraham
Reiff.* He d about 1763. The name of Abraham
K«'ifT appears in the tax list of 1734, when he was
rated on 200 acres of land. He came to Franconia in
1719. and for 10 years had only a lease for his lam),
which was dated Dec. 24, 1719, for 212 acres, with
allowances of 6 per cent for roads. A conveyance
was granted by Steel and wife Sept. 14, 1729. The
tract includes the farms of Simeon Moyer, Jonas L.
Moyer, and Tyson Detweiler. Abraham Reiff lived
on this plantation 27 years. On April 17, 1746, they
conveyed their whole plantation to Jacob Detweiler
of Bedmiuster, Rucks Co. Abraham Reiff lived in
Lower Sal ford some time afterward, but about
1763 he moved to North Coventry, Chester Co., and
di»d there the same year. His will was dated July
20, 1763, proven Dec. 7, 1763. He was one of the
founders of the Lower Salford Mennonite church
and was a Deacon. O. , Isaac, Christian, Abraham,
Frauce-j, Anna, Barbara, Eliztbeth.

♦Apparently son of pioneer Hans Reiff, one of the
early settlers of Lower Salford twp. , where on Feb. 14,
1718, he purchased 270 acres of land from David Powell.
By later purchases the farm comprised 390 acres. In 1718
he built his log cabin near the present residence of Philip
Alderfer. In 1746 he sold his farm to Peter Freed. His
wife died in 1741, and was buried in Lower Salford Men-
nonite grave yard. He died soon after selling his farm,
and was buried beside his wife. He was a Mennonite.
The names of all his children are not known. Seven or
eight graves in a row are supposed to be of his family.



III. Isaac Reiff removed to Leacock Twp., Lin-
caster Co. Descendants not found with certainty.

III. Christian Reiff, b 1723, d 1809, in Veronica
— ,b 1730, d 1800, m 2nd wife Elizabeth—. No issue
by 2nd wife. Fanner. Menu's. Date of Will Oct. 6,
1804, probated HYb. 15, L809. Provides for wife Eli-
zabeth. "To son Joseph all my lands, consisting of
two tracts contiguous in Coventry, containing 160
acres paying therefor £8,000, £650 of which he is
to retain in his hands for the support of his brother
Isaac during his life. Remainder in equal shares to
children, viz: daughter Barbara Schautz, son Abra-
ham, daughter Frances, wife of Daniel Brower, dau-
ghter Eve, wife of John Hershstein, daughter Mary,
wife of Benjamin Cox, and son Joseph."


George Speis Christian Reiff.

Barney Gilbert Signed in Germau.

Peter Richards.

C. Isaac, Barbara, Abraham, Frances, Eve,
Mary, Joseph,

IV. Isaac Reiff was feeble minded, and provis-
ion was made for him in his father's will for his

IV. Barbara Reiff, b Sept. 12, 1753, d Sept.
25, 1820, m Isaac Schautz,* May 4, 1774. He was b
in Montgomery Co., Pa., Jan. 14, 1748, d at Potts-
town, Pa., Oct. 11, 1802.

In 1808 the widow, with her sons David and
Isaac, and daughter Veronica, moved to Canada

*Son of Jacob Schantz, who was born in Switzer-
land about 1710, owing to religious persecution emigrat-
ed first to Holland, aud from thence to America, landing
at Philadelphia in 1737. In 1745, he located in Montgom-
ery Co., Pa., where he died Feb. 5, 1781.


and settled on a farm near Berlin, Out., where she
died. She was of an amiable disposition, small in sta-
tin*', bat robust and of a quick turn. At GO she
would mount her pony like a young man. C, Mary,
Abraham, Christian, Jacob, Isaac, David, Veronica,
Samuel, Joseph.

Y. Mary Sbantz, b in Montg. Co., Pa., Mar. 13,
1775, d Apr. 6, 186(5, m John Shoemaker, May 2,
1797. He was b in Montg. Co., Pa., May 12, 1775, d
there January 30, 1828, In 1829, the widow with
her three youngest children moved to Canada.
Farmer. C, Jacob, Isaac, John, Barbara, Mary,
Joseph, Magdalena, Veronica, David.

V. Abraham Shantz, b in Montg. Co., Pa., Dec.
15, 1776, m Allie Hunsburgher. She was b Jan. 20,
1775, d Aug, 27, 1821. Moved first to Canada, later
to Butler Co., Pa,, where he d Dec. 28, 1856. Far-
mer. C, Moses, Aaron, Catharine, Isaac, Elizabeth,
Lena, Amos, Mary, David, Eden. M 2nd wife Mary
Bechtel. C, Nanc}^, Sarah, Livy, Abraham, Joseph.

V. Christian Shantz, b in Montg. Co., Pa., Feb.
13, 1779, d Nov. 9, 1856, m Magdalena Cressman,
Oct. 19, 1800. She was b Jan. 30, 1783, d Aug, 13,
1866, In May, 1806, with his family moved to Can-
ada and died there. Farmer. C, Anna, Isaac, Bar-
bara, John, Christian, Magdalena, Jonas, Eli, Noah,
David, Mary, Susanna.

V. Jacob Shantz, bin Montg. Co., Pa,, Oct. 11,
1781, d July 1, 1867, m Mary Yost, 1805. She was
b in Montg. Co., Pa., March 12, 1784, d Oct. 22, 1869.
In 1810, they moved to Cauada, settled near Berlin,
Ont., d there. Farmer. C, Mary, Isaac, John, Veron-
ica, Joseph, Joshua, David, Jacob, Samuel, Amos.

V. Isaac Shantz, b in Mor.tg. Co., Pa., Apr. 23,
1783, d Dec. 12, 1854, m Esther Bechtel, Oct.15,


1808. Iu 1808, he with others of his family moved to
Canada., settled near Berlin, Out. Mrs. S. b Feb. 2,

1786, d July 24, 1867. Farmer. C, Elizabeth, Sam-
uel, Barbara, Mary, Sarah, Nancy, Veronica, Es-
ther, Magdalena, Isaac, Leah.

V. David Shautz, b in Montg. Co., Pa., Mar. 7,

1787, d Apr. 9, 1879, in Elizabeth Pannebecker. She
was b July 16, 1793, d Dec. 1, 1863. In 1809, moved
to Canada. No issue.

V. Veronica Shantz, b Nov. 14, 1789, d July 27,
1876, m Abraham Biehn in 1808. He was b in Montg.
Co., Pa., Feb. 7, 1781, d Nov. 3, 1858. Farmer
near Doon, Out. C, Moses, Sallie, Aaron, Mary,

V. Samuel Shantz, b July, 1792, d Dec, 1792.

V. Joseph Shantz, b in Montg. Co., Pa., June
24, 1795, d Mar. 19, 1882, m Cathaiine Schneider,
July 8, 1817, moved with his mother to Canada in
1808. He moved on a farm in Waterloo Co., Out., re-
maining until 1849, then removed to a farm later de-
vised to his sons Joseph and Menno. Here he built a
dam and sawmill and did a large business. C, Simon,
Moses, Veronica, Barbara, Maria, Joseph, Menno.*

IV. Abraham Reiff, lived on a farm near Audo-
lon, (now Audobon) on the Perkiomen, in Upper
Providence, Montgomery Co., Pa. Have not been
able to get trace of his decendants.

IV. Frances Reiff, b Apr. 25, 1758, d Oct. 7,
1822, m Daniel Brower, May 23, 1779. He was b
May 2, 1757, d Apr. 2, 1802. Farmer. Menn's. C,
Henry, Barbara, Frances, Christian, Abraham, Mary,
Elizabeth, Catharine, Daniel, Ann.

*For more complete records of Barbara Reiff
Schantz's descendants, see Ezra E. Eby's "History of
Waterloo Twp. , Waterloo Co., Ontario, Canada."


V. Henry Brovver, b in Montg. Co., Pa. , May 3,
1780, (1 Dec. 10, 1874, m Elizabeth Marais, Nov. 23,
L806. She was b Nov. 29, 1783, d Mar. 8, 1861. In
L822 they moved to Canada, and settled at Preston,
Ont. He was a carpenter and put up many build-
ings in and around Preston. During the winter
mouth? he made spinning wheels. He also did quite a
business as an auctioueer. Menu's, C, Harriet,
Sarah, Mar}*, Ephraim, Elizabeth, Daniel, Henry,
Samaria, Abraham.

VI. Harriet Brower, b Sept. 20, 1807, d , m

William Warden, Farmer in Mich. C, Mary, Sarah,
Nancy, Margaret, Catharine, Henry, Jane.

VI. Sarah Brower, b Jan. 21, 1809, d Aug. 2,
1842, m John Bechtel. Merchant at Blair, Out. C,
Elizabeth, Isaac, Sarah, Mary, Sarah. Rachel, Dan-
iel, Rebecca.

VII. Elizabeth Bechtel, b May 1, 1828, m Jos-
eph Krumbach. P.O. Middleville, Mich. Farmer.- No

VII. Isaac Bechtel, b Oct. 8, 1829, d July 22,
1892, m Jane Tilt. Brick and Tile Mfgr. Christadel-
phians. C, Meranda, Sarah, Roxy, Elvine, Byron,
Berah, Emily, Miltou, Wilson, Ella, Carrie.

VIII. Meranda Bechtel, b Apr. 11, 1850, m A.
C. Biggs. P. O. Burlington, Ont.

VIII. Sarah Jane Bechtel, b Oct., 1852, m Wil-
liam McBain. P. O. Oakland, Cal.

VIII. Roxy Ann Bechtel, b Dec. 11, 1855, m
Homer R. Watson. P. O. Doon, Ont.

VIII. Elvine Bechtel, b Oct. 5, 1857.

VIII. Byron E. Bechtel, b Sept. 30, 1859, m
Anna M. Taylor, July 1. 1884. P. O. Waterloo, Ont.
Brick Machy Mfr. Meth. C, Charles, Wilhelmina,
Anna, Edith, Margurite, Janie, Ruth.



IX. Charles Herbert Bechtel, ni Mabel Cheiry.
P. O. Gait, Out. Episcopal oh.

VIII. Berah E. Bechtel, b July 16, 1861, m
Robert O. Dubbin. P.O. Waterloo, Out.

VIII. Emily M. Bechtel, b July 27, 1863, m
Samuel L. Martin, June 30, 1884. P. O. Waterloo,
Out. Teacher and Farmer. Meih. C, IX. Hazel L.
Martin, b July 25, 1886; Ida Jane Martin, b Mar. 5,

VIII. Milton S. Bechtel, b Apr. li, 1865, m
Caroline Whyard, Oct. 3, 1898. She d Feb. 16. 1908.
P. O. Waterloo, Out. Vet. Sur. Meth. C, IX. Mar-
ion Grace Bechtel, b Feb. 10, 1905.

VLLL Wilson B. Bechtel, b Apr. 16, 1869, m
Nellie V. Biekell, June 5, 1899. P.O. Waterloo, Out.
Brick and Tile Mfgr. Protestant. C, IX. Cathariue
Bechtel, b Oct. 13, 1905.

. VIII. Ella May Bechtel, b Dec. 11, 1870, d Sept.
18, 1901.

VIII. Carrie Ruth Bechtel, b July 6, 1874, m Dr.
John H. Ratz, Jan.. 1896. P. O. Bouners Ferry,
Idaho. Physician. C, IX. Ella May Ratz, b July 23,
1898; Anna Margaret Ratz, b May 13, 1907.

VII. Sarah Bechtel, b Apr., 1832, d May, 1832.

VII. Mary Bechtel (d), b Mar. 29,1833, m Will-
iam Barlow (d). Book-keeper. C., VIII. Herman,
John, Agues, Caroline, William.

VII. Sarah Bechtel (d), b Mar. 29, 1835, in
George Thompson (d). Notary Public, C, VIII.
Mary, Bella, Agnes, Elizabeth.

VII, Rachel Bechtel, b Mar. 5, 1837, d Oct. 3,
1870, m Abraham Detweiler. P. O. Berlin, Out. C. ,
VIII. Israel, John, Edward.

VII. Daniel Bechtel, b Feb.22, 1839, d Nov. 22,
1864. S.

16 i be mover FAMILY

VII Rebecca Bechtel, b Feb. 19, 1841, m John
iin;iii (d) P. 0. Elmira, Out. C., VIII. Sarah,
Emma, Dauiel, Lovina, Meranda, John, James, Es-
ther, Ma iv, Susanna, Byron.

VI. Mary Ann Brovver, b Aug. 13, 1811, d Mar.
27, L888, m Hon. Isaac Clemens. He was 1) Jan. 21,
L815, (1 Sept. 24, 1880. Farmer. In 1867, Mr. Clem-
eua was elected to represent South Waterloo in the
Provincial Legislature, aud again elected to repre-
sent the Reform party in 1871. Meth. C, Sarah,
Emeline. Mary, Isaac.

VII. Sarah Clemens, b Oct. 22, 1835. d Jan. 15,
1907, m John W. Martin, 1854. He was b in Pa.,
.July 7, 1826, d in Waterloo Co.. Onr., Mar. 1, 1896.
Farmer and Mfr. Meth. C, Emeline, Samuel, Carrie.

VIII. Emeline Martin, b Mar. 26, 1855, m
George Copelaud, 1874. P. O. Chillawack, British
Columbia. Farmer. Meth. C, IX. Burnell M., Cur-
tis W., Uriah A., Martin VV.

VIII. Samuel C. Martin (d), b May 13, 1858,
m Mamie Sehlicster, Oct. 17, 1887. Manufacturer.
Presby. C, IX. Harry S. Martin, b Feb. 7, 1889.

VIII. Carrie Martin, bin Waterloo Co., Oht.,
Mar. 8, 1861, m Ventry R. Conway, June 16,
1886. P. 0. Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. Druggist. Meth.
C, IX. Anna Dumas Conway, bSept. 13, 1889; Ruth
Martin Conway, b Mar. 28, 1898.

VII. Emeline Clemens, b May 6, 1839, d Aug.
16, 1841.

VII. Mary Ann Clemens, b Dec. 28, 1845, m
James Henderson, Nov. 28, 1865. P. O. Preston, Out.
Farmer. Presby. C. , Emma, Elsie.

VIII. Emma A. Henderson, b Sept. 22, 1866, m
George C. Martin. P.O. Preston, Ont. Farmer. Presby.
C.,IX. Elton J. Martin, Samuel C. Martin.

Joseph A. Munk, M. D.


VIII. Elsie May Henderson, b Dec. 4, 1872, m
Milton Hagey. P. O. Preston, Ont. Farmer. Presby,
C„ IX, Milton H. Hagey.

VII. Isaac B. Clemens, b in Waterloo Co., Ont.,
Nov. 5, 1851, m Luanua Clemens, Feb. 27, 1878. P.
O. Preston, Oat. Carpenter. Meth. C, Lillian, Elton,
Nellie, Mary, Ethel.

VIII. Lillian Florence Clemens, b Dec. 18, 1878,
m Herbert A. CJemens. P. O. Guelph, Out. Lumber
Merchant. Meth. C, IX. Grace Alexandra Clemens,
b March 5, 1902. Helen Louise Clemens, b Oct. 16,
1904. Margaret Rose Clemens, b Nov. 30, 1905. Jean
Lilliau Clemens, b Nov. 1, 1907. Donald Herbert
Clemens, b July 28, 1908.

VIII. Eltou Lewis Clemens, b Aug. 15, 1880.
P. O. Preston, Ont. Real Estate Broker. S.

VIII. Nellie Hudson Clemens, b Sept. 10, 1882.
VIII. Mary Lena Clemens, b Nov. 2, 1883.
VIII. Ethel Innes Clemens, b Nov. 25, 1885.

VI. Ephraim Brower (d), b Feb. 11, 1813, m
Ann Grant. C, John, Abraham, Elizabeth.

VII. John Brower, m and has family.
VII. Abraham Brower, d siugle.

VII. Elizabeth Brower, m Miller, d. C,

VIII- Son d single. M 2nd husband Ifonley.

VI. Elizabeth Brower, b June 20, 1815, d July
30, 1883, m Chrisfciau Erb, Feb. 19, 1835. He was b
May 15, 1815, d Juue 28, 1849. Farmer. Campbell-
ites. C, Nancy, Aaron.

VII. Nancy Erb, b Dec. 29, 1836, d 1846.

VII. Aaron Erb, b Mar. 30, 1843, m Hannah
Green. P. O. Berlin, Ont. C, Ellen, Mary.

VIII. Ellen A. Erb, d Oct. 13, 1877.

VIII. Mary E. Erb, m George W. Clark, Sept.
1, 1892. P. O. Drumbo, Ont. C, IX. Verna Leoua


Clark, h Aug. 16, 1893; Bertha Ellen Clark, b May
15, L895j A. Erb Clark, b March 5, 1897; Lawrence C.
Clark, 1) July 17, 1899; Lena Belle Clark, b Feb. 2,
190'-*; George W. Clark, b Dec. 2, 1903; Kenneth R.
(Mark, 1) Sept. 20, 1905; Hugh James Clark, b Feb.
28, 1908.

VI. Daniel Brower (d), b Jan. 19, 1818, m Ann
Pool. Farmer at Preston, Ont., later removed to
Beams vi He, Out., and from there to Southern Mich-
igan, where he died. C-, Emeliue, Adeline, Mary,
Elizabeth, Sarah.

VII. Emeliue Brower, m Benjamin Martiu, P.
O. Beamsville, Out.

VII. Adeline Brower, m Houser. P. O.

Beamsville, Out.

VII. Mary Ann Brower, went to Mich.

VII. Elizabeth Brower, went to Michigan.

VII. Sarah Brower, moved to Michigan.

VI. Henry Brower, b Apr. 25, 1820. When a
young man left Canada for the west, married, but
disappeared and lost sight of, had one son, name not

VI. Samaria. Brower, b in Preston, Ont,, June 9,
1822, d in Winona, Minn., Sept., 1900, m Jacob K.
Latshaw, in 1842. He was b in jtferks Co., Pa., Sept.
17, 1810, d in Durand, Wis., Dec, 17, 1890. Furni-
ture Mfgr. Christian ch. C, Alexander, Washington,
William, Sarah, Jacob, Isaac, Susanna, Samaria,
Syuthia, Melitta, Norman.

VII. Alexander O. Latshaw, b in Preston, Can.,
Mar. 2, 1843, m Jane N. Far u urn (d), Nov. 22, 1865.
C, Elwiu, Vernon, Amy. M 2nd wife Mrs. Susie
Kins, (nee Campbell), Dec. 21, 1895. No issue. P.O.
Brinsmade, N. Dak. Contractor and builder. Socia-
list. I. W. W.

"Judge Monk, the Ranchman of Arizona.


VIII. Elvin Latshaw, b Mar. 10, 1867. P. O.
Brinsmade, N. Dak. Farmer. Socialist. S.

VIII. Veruou M. Latshaw, b Sept. 22, 1870, d
Jau., 1896. S.

VIII. Amy L. B. Latsbaw, b Mar. 13, 1878, m
Asa L. Burdick, Jan. 29, 1897. P. O. Grabam Isl-
aud, N. Dak. Farmer. C,, IX. Nina Lucy Burdick,
b Aug. 27, 1898. Mable Elizabeth Burdick, b Dec. 8,
1899. Florence Ivy Burdick, b Mar. 12, 1900. Emma
Evelyn Burdick, b Dec. 15, 1901, d Mar. 14, 1908.
Melvin Alexander Burdick, b Oct 1, 1904. Helen
Jane Burdick, b Sept. 1, 1906. Gladys Jennie Bur-
dick, b Mar. 29, 1908. James Clarence Burdick, b

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