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for'Sam pe bim god gram wses . and be grimetode egeslice . 540

secgende and BetSende pcet bim swa gelompen W8es .

forSan t5e be godes tempi . tawode to bysmore .

and 8a geleafifollan wolde of beora lande adylegian .

Him weollon p& wurmas of Sam [gewitnodan] licbaman . 544

and be stAnc swa f^e pcU man bine ferian ne mibte .

and be Sa jfele and earmlice ge-endode

on selfremedom {sic) earde to }7am ecan witum .

and bis sunn eupator ffifter bim rixode . 548

Se weart^ eac ongebrobt post be ofslean wolde

pek geleaffullan indei . |>e gelyfdon Sa on god .

Hi gelyfdon p& on J?a ealdan wisan . on J?one selmibtigan god

J>eab Se bi snme witS-socon siS)>an })one bseleud , 55 a

and eac swa ofslogon swa swa be sylf wolde .

Hwset Sa eupator antiocbes sunu

gegaderode bis fyrde fyrran and nean .

and sende bnnd-teontig ]7usenda gangendra manna . 556

and twentig ]7usenda geborsedra manna .

and })rittig ylpas ealle getemode .

530. VII. in C. D. U. ; not in A. 540. C. D. U. for«an. D. gegrim-
XJ. fSe (J'or se). metode.

531. C. miclum. 541. C. 88e<^ende.

533. D. -winnen. 542. C. tempel. D. bysmere.

533. C. ]>anaii. 543. C. gelefdon.

534. C. D. U. ancswm-. 544. D. weollan. C. U. wyrmas.

535. C. U. weard. C. D. U. gecyd. C. D. U. gewitnodan ; A. gewitnodon.

538. D. yflum [Jhr )>am fylCum]. C. lichoman.

539. C. wear5a(!) C. U. geanc- 547. C. D. selfremedum ; U. sel€re>
Bnmod, mede. C. ecuw; U. ecum.

* Leaf 146.

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§ VIL I Maco. vi. i.-vii. 4 ; see also 2 Macc. ix. i-ii.
VII. About this time went the foresaid Antiochus
to the Persian people with great strength;
he would there overcome a wealthy city; 531

but he was chased thence and shamefully escaped,
and with much anxiety out of the country turned
towards Babylon; and it was thei*e told him
how Judas oyercame his enemies with weapons, 536

and how he had cleansed the holy temple of God
from all the abominations that he formerly set up there.
He was then vexed, and eke afflicted with sickness,
because God was angry with him, and he raged terribly, 540
saying and affirming that it had so happened to him,
because that he treated God's temple reproachfully,
and would destroy the faithful ones out of their land.
Then worms rose out of him, out of his afflicted body, 544

and he stank so foully that no one could carry him,
and he then evilly and miserably ended (his life),
in a foreign land, (going) to eternal torments;
and his son Eupator reigned after him. 548

Se was likewise inclined so that he wished to slay
the believing Jews, who believed then in God.
They believed then, in the old manner, in Almighty God,
though that some of them [afterwards] denied the Saviour, 552
and even so slew (Him), as He himself desired.
Well then, Eupator, Antiochus' son,
^thered his army far and near,

and sent a hundred thousand of marching men, 556

and twenty thousand of mounted men,
and thirty elephants, all tamed,

549. XJ. J)e (for Se). C. gebroht 554. U. antiochus.

550. D. gdefdon. 555. C. D. ferde. C. D. U. feorran.

551. U. am. first ]». D. U. near {icrongly),
553. C. D. U. insert eytJiJan before 556. U. -tweontig.

wiffsocon; D. repeats 8i])^an where 557. C. xxx; D. twenti. C. )>a-

Jl has 8i0]>an. sendra.

553. A adds hine, ab<yve the liney 558. D. ))ritig. U. ylpas, glossed

after swa, D. self. elefanz.

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and to wige gewenode raid wundorlicum crsefte .

Fif hund gehorsedra manna ferdon mid selcum ylpe . 560

and on aelcum ylpe wses an wig-hus getimbrod .

and on selcom wig-liuse wseron }7rittig manna

feohtende [mid crsefte] . and mid ge-cneordnysse farende

Sumuw menn wile J?incan syllic J?is to gehyrenne . 564

for]7an pe ylpas ne comon nsefre on engla lande .

Yip is ormsete nyten mare ]>onne sum has .

eall mid banum be&ngen binnan ]?am felle

butan 8et Sam nauelan . and he nsefre ne liS . 568

Feower and twentig mouSa gseS Eeo modor mid folan .

and )>reo hand geara hi libbatS gif hi alefede ^ ne beot^ .

and hi man maeg wenian wundorlice to ge-feohte .

Hwsel is ealra fixa msest . and yip is ealira nytena msest . 573

ac swa-]>eah mannes gescead hi maeg gewyldan .

pa hcetSenan Sa ferdon to Sam gefeohte swySe .

and mid mor-berium gebyldon )>a ylpas .

forSan ]>e m6r-berian him is metta leofost . 576

pser W8BS swySe egeslic here ]>8era hseSenra manna .

ac swa-Seah iudas heom eode to mid wige .

and ofsloh \>8dr sona six hund wera .

and an his geferena eleazarus hatte 580

am to anum ylpe \>e ISesr [senlicost] wsbs .

wende pcet se cyning wsBre on Sam wig-huse Se he bser .

he am mid atogenum swurde betwux ]7am eorode middan.

and sloh se&e on twa healfa ]>cet hi sweltende feollon 584

oS \>€et he to )>am ylpe com . and eode him on under .

stang Sa hine set Sam nauelan "pcet hi lagon Sser begen .

heora egSer oSres slaga . and iudas siSSan ge-wende

559. U. wunderlicum. 567. D. eal; befanguw(!).

563. D. U. Jjritig. C. D. U. wera 568. C. buton. D. >an. C. D. U.

[for manna]. nafelan.

563. C, D. U. mid onefte ; A. om. 569. C. zxiiii.
D. -nesse. 570. C. gsera.

564. D. U. men. U. sellic. C. ge- 571. CD. U.wsenian. D, wunder-.
heranne. 572. C. D. U. ealra; A. ealre, al-

565. C. sengle ; D. aengla. tered to ealra. D. ealra {for ealira).

566. D. )>one. 573. C. gescad.

" Leaf 146, back.

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and trained to war with wonderful craft.

Five hundred mounted men went with each elephant, 560

and on each elephant was a war-house huilt,

and in each war-house were thirty men,

fighting with craft and going with eagerness.

To some men it will seem strange to hear this, 564

hecause that elephants have never come to England.
An elephant is an immense heast, greater than a house,
all surrounded with bones, within the skin,
except at the navel, and he never lies down. 568

Four and twenty months goeth the mother with foal ;
and three hundred years they live, if they be not crippled;
and man may tame them wonderfully for battle.
The whale is of all fishes greatest, and the elephant is of all
beasts greatest, 57^

hut nevertheless man's skill may tame them.

The heathen then went to the battle swiftly,
and with mulberries emboldened the elephants,
because mulberries are to them the pleasantest of food. 576

There was a very terrible army of the heathen men,
but nevertheless Judas went against them with war,
and slew there soon six hundred men ;

and one of his comrades, Eleazar he bight, 580

ran to an elephant that was the most excellent there,
weened that the king was in the wstr-house that he bare.
He ran with drawn sword through the midst of the band,
and slew ever on both sides, so that they fell dying, 584

until he came to the elephant, and went under him,
pricked (him) then at the navel, so that they both lay there,
each one the other's slayer; and Judas afterwards returned

575. U. m<5rberiguw. D.gebyldum. 583. C. anum [/or atogenum]. A.

576. C. mor-berian ; D. U. morbe- midden {corr. to middan) ; C. D. U.
rigan. A. mette {corr. to metta) ; U. middan.

metta; C. meta; D. mete. C. U. 584. D. U. healfa; C. healfe; A.

leofast. healfe {corr. to healfa). U. ewultende.

578. A. him, alt. to heom ; C. D. U. C. feoUan.

him. tJ. wigge. 586. After ^a A. hcts hine {which

579. D. ofslog. C. D. U. omit) in the margin. U. na-

580. C. gefera. felan. C. om. hi.

581. C. D. U. senlicost ; A. enlicoat. 587. C. U. segiSer.

582. U. om. wende. U. tJe {for se).

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into hienisalem mid ealre his fyrde . 588

and weredon hi cenlice witS ]x)ne onwinnendan here .

oS \><Kt Be cyninc^ feng to friSe witS hi

be his witena raede . ac he hit hraSe tobrsec .

He cyrde Sa ham-werd mid his here-lafe . 592

and hine ofsloh sona sum sigefsest ]>egen

demetrius gehaten . and hsefde his rice

on antiochian byrig . and psdT abutan gehwser .

[VIII.] Hwset j?a alchimus se arleasa sacerd 596

wrehte mid leasungum his leode to ]>am cyninge .

and se cyning demetrius ]>am manfullan gelyfde •

and geswencte tSa iudeiscan . oS pcet he sende him to

nicdnor his ealdor-man ]>cBt he hi ealle fordyde . ^

Nicdnor \>& ferde mid fyrde to hierusalem .

and sende to iudan mid swicdo^me and cwceS .

Ne com ic for nanum gefeohte ac for freondscipe to eow .

and cyste Sa iudan . and his cempan wseron 604

gearwe to genimenne iudan on bendum .

ludas J)a under-geat heora wselhreowan swicdom .

and wende him £ram sona . and nolde hine geseon .

Nicdnor J>a oncneow pcet his facn cuS wses . 608

began 8a to feohtenne fserlice wiS iudan . *

oS pcet J>8Br feollon of hb fyrde fif Susend manna .

and ]>a oSre setflugon afyrhte for iudan .

Nicanor J>a sceawode salomones tempi . 61 a

and swor ]7urh his godas ]>(Bt he pcet godes bus

wolde mid fyre forbaBman butan him man betsehte

iudan gebundene to bismorlicum deaSe .

wende him swa awseg wodlice geyrsod . 616

588. D. ferde. 596. VIII in C. D. U. ; not in A.

590. C. cyning ; U. cyng. D. feong. U. Ce {for se).

591. U. witene. C. fj. raCe. 597. U.wreigde. C.lea8llnga;I).XI•
593. C. cerde ; D. cyrd. U. hawi- Iseasunge. D. U. leoda. U. cyninga.

weard. C. om, lafe. 598. U. 6e cyng.

593. C. J)eng {sic), 599. C. geswsencte. D. B»nde.

594. U. ins. he before hssfde. 600. C. om, hi. C. D. U. im^

595. U. gehw^r. mid before ealle.

^ Leaf 147.

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unto Jemsalem, with all his army, 588

and they defended themselveB keenly against the conquering army

until the king instituted peace with them

by bis counsellors' adyice; but he quickly brake it.

He turned then homeward with the remnant of his army, 59a

and Boon a victorious thane slew him,

named Demetrius, and possessed his kingdom

in the city Antioch, and everywhere thereabout.

§ Vm. I Macc. vii. 6-viii. 1 7.
VIII. Moreover Alcimus, the impious priest, 596

accused with lyings his people to the kiog;
and the king Demetrius believed the wicked one,
and afflicted the Jews until he sent to them
Nicanor his alderman, that he might destroy them all. 600

Nicanor then went with a host to Jerusalem,
and sent to Judas with deceit, and quoth,
*I have not come for any battle, but for friendship to you,'
and kissed then Judas, and his champions were 604

ready to take Judas in bands.
Judas then perceived their cruel deceitfulness,
and turned from him soon, and would not see him.
Nicanor then perceived that his guile was known, 608

began then to fight suddenly against Judas,
until there fell of his army five thousand men,
and the rest fled, affrighted because of Judas.
Nicanor then beheld Solomon's temple, 613

and swore by his gods that he the house of Qod
would burn up with fire, except one should give up to him
Judas bound, to shameful death;
(and) so turned him away, madly enraged. 616

0O2. C. ssende. 609. 0. om. fS&,

603. C. D. U. gefeohte; written 610. C. D. feollan. C. ferde.
alove the line in A. U. fryndscipe. 613. D. godes {twice),

604. C. D. csempan. . 614. U. forbeemen, C. D. buton.

605. U. gearuwe. C. D. geniinene; C. betahte.

XT. nimenne. C. D. baendum. 615. C. D. U. gebundenne.

606. G. -gaat. D. weal-. 616. C. wsende. C. on weg ; U.

607. C, D. U. omit the second and. aweg.

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Hwset Sa sacerdas 8a mid swySlicre heofiiDge .

baedon pone SBlmihtigan god . pcU he his agen hus gescylde

wits ]>one arleasan . and hine ardlice fordyde .

Nicanor J>a eft genam oSre fyrde of sirian . . 620

wolde his gebeot mid weorcum gefremman .

and iudas him com to . mid J?riin tSusend cempum .

and gebsed hine to gode gebigedum limum J?us .

Drihten . \>u pe asendest )>inne scinende engel . 624

J?a Sa Syrian kynincg sende J>urh his heretogan

on serend-gewritum \>6 tallice word .

and se engel ofsloh ]>& on anre nihte of heom

an hund ]>usend manna . and hund-eahtatig ]7usenda . 628

to-brjft nu swa ic bidde ]jisne breman here

setforan urum gesihSum , pcet men magon geseon J?ine mihte on heom .

Hi fengon pa. togsedere fsestlice mid wsepnum .

and nicdnor set fruman feoll pSBr ofslagen . 63 a

and his here awearp heora wsepna and flugon .

ac iu^das him folgode fsestlice mid wsepnnm .

and bicnode gehwanon mid blawunge him fultum .

otJ post hi man gynde ongean eft to iudan . 636

and hi ealle ofslogon pcet S«r an ne belaf.

Namon }?a heora wsepna and heora gewaeda mid heom .

and nicanores heafod and his SwytSran hand .

and setton }?a to tacne for his teon-rsedene . 640

and J?ancodon jja gode ]>earle mid wurSmynte .

Wunodon Sa on sibbe sume hwile sefter Sam .

and iudas p& sende mid sibbe to rome

gecorene serendracan wolde [cutSlaecan] wiS hi . 644

forSan pe romanisce witan wseron "5a mihtige .

and raedfseste on weorcum . and ofer-wunnan heora fynd .

618. 0. agon; D. agan. him {corr. to heom); D. him; U.

620. D. ferde. C. os {for of). hym. C. om.from of heom to eahta-

622. D. ])reom. C. csempum. tig in next line.

623. C. leomum. 628. ai;Rtomajm&addedinA,after'

624. C. D. U. scinendan. wards over a blank space ; C. omits ;

625. D. J>a pe, C cyng; D. U. D. Aarf hund-teontig J)U8eiida. Thund-
cyning. eahtetig J)UBenda ; U. has hun-tweontig

627. U. ])e (for se). C. sengel. A. Susenda "j hund-eahtetig, &c.
Leaf 147, back.

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Thereupon the priests with excessive mourning

prayed the Almighty God that He would shield His own house

against the impious one, and would quickly destroy him.

Nicanor then again took another army from Syria; 620

he desired to execute his threat with works;

and Judas came to him with three thousand warriors,

and prayed to Qod with bent limbs thus.

'Lord, thou that sentest thy shining angel, 624

when the king of Syria sent by his leaders

in written messages a reproachful word to Thee,

and the angel slew then, in one night, of them

a hundred thousand men and eighty thousand, 628

destroy now, I pray Thee, this furious army

before our faces, that men may see Thy might over them.'

They then joined battle together quickly with weapons,

and Nicanor at the first fell there slain, 63 a

and his host cast away their weapons, and fled.

But Judas followed them quickly with weapons,

and summoned on all sides with blowing [of trumpets] assistance

to him,
until that they drove (1) them back again to Judas, 636

and slew them all, that there remained not one.
They took then their weapons and their garments with them,
and Nicanor's head and his right hand,

and set them for a token, for his injury (to them), 640

and thanked God then exceedingly with worship.
They dwelt then in peace some time after that,
and Judas then sent, with peace, to Rome
chosen messengers; he would have friendship with them, 644
because the Roman senators were then mighty,
and prudent in works, and overcame their enemies.

629. G. \feosne, , 638. C. Naman. A. him (alt, to

630. D. mihta ; U. mihto. A. him heom) ; C. D. XJ. him.

(alt. to heom) ; rest him. 641. C. )>ancoden. D. wnrCmente.

631. U. togadere. 642. D. Wunoden; U. Hi wune-

632. C. D. feol. don.

634. C. folgade ; om. mid. 644. C. D. cu91secan ; A. cu^Jlsecen ;

635. C. gehwanan. U. gecyClican.

636. D. him (for hi). C. gende 645. C. weotan.

(glossed draS) ; D. glnde. 646. C.D.XJ.oferwunnon. C.feond.

637. C. ofslogan; nan {for an).

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[Vlin.] Hit wearS gecjdd sytySan )>am cynincge demetrio

]><et nicanor feci and eall his folc mid him . 648

]>a wolde he git sendan and ofslean }>a iudeiscan .

and funde tSa bachidem se waes mid bealuwe aiylled .

and alchimum mid him )>one arleasan sacerd .

and sende hi mid ge-fylce to iudeiscam folce . 653

£[i comon t^a ferlice mid gefeohte to iadan

and his ge-feran eargodon butan eahta hund mannum

pe him mid fohton wiS ]x>ne feondlican here .

pa cwsedon his geferan poet hi fleon woldon . 656

fortSan pe heora werod wses gewanod mid ]>am fleame .

and woldon heom beorgan wiS )>one breman here .

pa an^wyrde ludas . swa swa he eall cene wses .

Ne ge-wurSe hit na on life . pcet we alecgan ure wuldor 660

mid earh-licom fleame . ac nton feohtan wiS hi .

and gif god swa fore-sceawaS . we sweltaS on mihte

for vrvan gebrotSrum butan bysmorlicum fleame .

Hi comon |>a to-gsedere . and begunnon to feohtenne 664

* on twam gefylcum fortS eallne tJone dseg .

and iudas |>a beseah to pxre swytSran healfe

past pA woeron strsengran . and stop t^yder sona

mid Sam anrsedystnm mannum pe him mid fuhton 668

and todrifon )?one ende . ac him aefter eode

pcet otJer gefylce . mid gefeohte hindan

and feollon Sa on twa healfe on {^am gefeohte manega

and iudas eac feoU . and pa, oSre setflugon . 673

pa gelsehton his gebroSra his lie of Sam wsele .

and bebyrigdon on moclfn to mathathian his feeder .

and ealle folc hine beweop on Sa ealdan wisan .

647. Vnil. *» C. D. ; DC. in TT. ; 654. C. D. U. baton. C. D. U.

not in A. C. U. gecyd ; D. j)a gecyd.

C. D. U. cyninge. 655. D. feondlice.

648. U. feoll. C. U. his folc eall ; 657. C. weorod ; D. om.

J), his folc eal. 658. A. him {alt. to heom) ; G.

649. C. eendoiL hiom; D. U.him. C.D.U.gebeorgan.

650. C. fulde(!). U. tJe (for Be). 659. U. ^w^l^de. D. eal.
C. bealewe ; D. bealwe. 660. C. U. wurtJe.

653. C. Hio. D. iudam. 661, D. eardlicuw. C. feohton.
» Leaf 148.

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§ IX. I HaCC. ix. 1-22.

IX. It was afterwards told the king Demetrius,

that Nicanor fell, and all his folk with him. 648

Then would he yet send and slay the Jews,

and found then Bacchides, who was filled with vrickedness,

and Alcimus with him, the impious priest,

and sent them with a troop to the Jewish folk. 65 a

They came then suddenly with battle against Judas,

and his companions were slothful, except eight hundred men,

that fought with him against the hostile host.

Then quoth his companions that they would flee, 656

because their company was diminished with the flight (of the rest),

and would save themselves against the furious army.

Then answered Judas, as he was wholly bold,

' Let it never happen in our lives, that we lay aside our glory 660

with slothful flight, but let us fight against them ;'

and if God so foreordains, we shall die in our might

for our brethren, without shameful flight.'

They came then together, and began to fight 664

in two troops, throughout the whole day,

and Judas then looked to the right side,

that they were the stronger, and advanced thither soon

with the most hardy men, that fought vrith him, 668

and chased that end (of the army), but after him went

the other troop, with battle, behind (him) ;

and there fell then on both sides many in the battle,

and Judas fell also, and the rest fled away. 67 a

Then his brothers brought his body out of the carnage,

and buried it in Modin, beside Mattathias his father,

and all the people mourned him, in the ancient manner.

66a. U. fore-BcewatJ. U. swyltatJ. 671. D. heal£Eb.

663. C. D. buton bysmer-. 67 a. D. feol.

664. U. tO'gadere. 673. C. gelehten ; U. geleahton.

665. D. gehwilcum {for gefylcum). C. He.

C. D. U. efJne. 674. C. bebyrgdon. U. tW. Line

666. C. XJ. om, J)a. hef. on. "Sare byrig added above in A,

667. U. Btrengran. after on. C. mathian. D. mathathiam.

668. D. andrsedestum. 675. D. eal ; U. eall. U. bew^op.

669. D. to-drifen. C. 9onne eende.

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Ne synd swa-)>eah awritene jjaes 8e wyrd-writeras ssecga}) . 676

ealle iudan gefeoht for his freonda ware .

and ealle Sa mihte \)e he mserlice gefremode

his folce to gebeorge . swa swa us b6c secga'S .

Menig-fealde wseron his micclan gefeoht . 680

and he is eall swa halig on Ssere ealdan gecySnysse .

Bwa swa godes gecorenan on t^re godspel-bodunge .

forSan \>e he sefre wan for willan J?6es aelmihtigan .

On f>am dagum wses alyfed to alecgenne his fynd . , 684

and swiJ>ost tSa haetJenan J>e him hetole wseron .

and se wss godes Segen pe Sa switSost feaht

wi8 heora onwinnendan to ware heora [leoda] .

ac crist on his tocyme us cydde otJre 8incg . 688

and het us healdan sibbe . and sotSfaBstnysse cefre .

and we sceolon winnan wiS Jja waslhreowan fynd .

past synd tSa ungesewenlican . and ))a swicolsin deofla

]>e willaS ofslean ure sawla mid leahtrum . 692

vnS Sa we sceolon winnan mid gastlicum wsepnum *

and biddan us gescyldnysse simle aet criste .

pcet we moton ofer-winnan f>a waelhreowan leahtras .

and psds ^ deofles tihtinge . poet he us derian ne msege . 696

ponne beo8 we godes cempan on t^am gastlican gefeohte .

gif we t^one deofol forseo}) Jjurh soSne gelea&n .

and J>a heafod-leahtras Jjurh gehealtsumnysse .

and gif we godes willan mid weorcum ge&emmatJ . 700

past ealde godes folc sceolde feohtan j?a mid wsepnum .

and heora gewinn haefde haligra manna getacnunge .

\>e to-draefatS \>& leahtras and deofia heom fram

on Caere niwan gecytSnysse J^e crist sylf astealde . 704

SecgatS swa-J?eah lareowas \>cet synd feower cynna gefeoht .

676. XJ. sund. D. -writerefl. D. U. selmihtigaen.
secgaS. 684. C. feond. U. hia feond to alec-

678. C. D. U. mihta. genne.

679. C. 88ecga«. - 685. C. D. hetele; U. hetele.

680. C. Manig-fealda ; mycele. 686. XJ. Ce (for se).

68i. D. eal; -nesse. 687. C. D. leoda; A. U. leode.

683. C. -bodunga. 688. C. D. U. >iiig.

683. C. TJ. wann. A. has godea 689. U. healden. D. -nesse.

added above, after aelmihtigan. D. 691. D. -licen. U. swicelan.

^ Leaf 148, back.

Digitized byCjOOQlC


Nevertheless are not written, according as historians saj, 676

all the battles of Judas, for the defence of his friends,

and all the mighty deeds which he illustriously performed,

for the defence of his people, as the books tell us.

Manyfold were his great battles; 680

and he is as holy, in the Old Testament,

as GK>d's elect ones, in the Gospel-preaching;

because that he ever contended for the will of the Almighty.

In those days he was permitted to defeat his enemies, 684

and especially the heathen, that were angry against him;

and he was God's thane, that most often fought

against their conquerors, in defence of their people.

But Christ, at His coming, taught us another thing, 688

and bade us hold peace and truthfulness ever;

and we ought to strive against the cruel enemies,

that is, the invisible ones, and the deceitful devils,

that wish to slay our souls vrith vices. 691

Against them we should fight with ghostly weapons,

and pray for protection for us, continually, of Christ,

that we may overcome the cruel iniquities,

and the devil's enticement, that he may not harm us; 696

Then shall we be God's champions in the spiritual battle,

if we despise the devil, through true belief,

and the chief vices [cardinal sins], through self-control,

and if we perfoiin God's will with our works. 700

The ancient people of God had to fight then with weapons,

and their contest had the signification of holy men

who drive away vices and devils from them

in the New Testament, that Christ Himself appointed. 704

Nevertheless teachers say that there are four kinds of war;

692. A. e»wle {alt. to sawla). D. inserts ]mm after mid.

693. G. Boulan. 70a. D. gewin. C. -nunga.

694. D. -nesse. C. D. symble. 703. C. to^dnefeS. C. hleahtnes.

695. 699. D. leahtros. C. D. U. deoflu. A. him (corr, to

696. U. mage. heom) ; C. D. U. him.

697. 0. D. U. beo. C. csempan. 704. C. D. self. C. astelde.

698. U. deofel. 705. A. has on above, after aynd

699. C. U. geheald-. D. -nesse. (for syndon") ; but C. D. U. omit it.
701. C. D. U. am. godes. C. scolde. A. cynne {alt. to cymia).


Digitized by VjOOQIC


Ne synd swa-)>eah awritene Jjaes tJe wyrd-writeras ssecgaj? . 676

ealle iudan gefeoht for his freonda ware .

and ealle 8a mihte pe he mserlice gefremode

his folce to gebeorge . swa swa us b^c secga'S .

Menig-fealde wseron his micclan gefeoht . 680

and he is eall swa halig on tSsere ealdan gecytSnysse .

swa swa godes gecorenan on Caere godspel-bodunge .

forSan pe he »fre wan for willan Jjges aelmihtigan .

On }>am dagum wses alyfed to alecgenne his fynd . , 684

and swijjost Sa haeSenan J>e him hetole wsBron .

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