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None left to tell the story of that day.

Howbeit, Sisera alighting fled

On foot, and to the tent of Jael sped ;

Who going out to meet him, spake : " My lord,

Turn in, fear not, I shelter will afford.'.'

And when he had come in, he said, " Give me

To drink a little water." And when she

thee to the river Kishon Sisera, the edge of the sword before Barak;

the captain of Jabin's army with so that Sisera hghted down off his

his chariots and his multitude; chariot and fled away on his feet. .

and I will deliver him into thine I'To the tent of Jael the wife of

hand..43And Sisera gathered to- Heber the Kenite. .if^And Jael went

gether all his chariots, and all his out to meet him, and said, Turn

people. .i^And Deborah said unto in, my lord, turn into me, fear not.

Barak, Up ; for this is the day in And when he had turned in unto her

which the Lord hath delivered Sis- into the tent, she covered him with

era into thine hand. .So Barak went a mantle. i9And he said unto her,

down from Mount Tabor and ten Give me, I pray thee, a little watei

thousand men after him. i^And the to drink ; for I am thirsty. And she

Lord discomfited Sisera, and all opened a bottle of milk, and gave

his chariots, and all his hosts, with him drink, and covered him. .2iThen


Had given him milk, and covered him, he slept :
With nail and hammer then she softly crept,
And smiting nailed his temples to the ground —
Where passing in pursuit him Barak found.

The mother through her lattice breathes the
sigh :
*' Why tarries thus his chariot ? Ah, why
So long in coming, and so slow the wheels? "

With self-deceiving words she care conceals :

*^ Have they not sped ? Are they not on the way ?

Have they divided not ere this the prey?

To each a damsel, one or more, and fair?

To Sisera a richer, nobler share —

she took a nail of the tent, and took Ch. v: i. Then sang Deborah
a hammer mto her hand, and smote and Barak, saying, spraise ye the
the nail into his temples, and fasten- Lord for the avenging of Israel. .
ed it into the ground : for he was ^cphey fought from heaven ; the
fast asleep and v^^eary. So he died, stars in their courses fought against
22And behold as Barak pursued Sis- Sisera. siThe river of Kishon swept
era, Jael came out to meet him, and them away, that ancient river.,
said unto him. Come, and I will 22Xhen were the horse hoofs broken
shew thee the man whom thou seek- by means of the prancings. .2-iBles-
€St. And when he came into the sed above women shall Jael the wife
tent, behold, Sisera lay dead, and of Heber the Kenite be. .28The mo-
the nail was in his temples. 2350 ther of Sisera looked out at a win-
God subdued on that day Jabin the dow, and cried through the lattice,
king of Canaan before Israel. Why tarry the wheels of his chariot ?


A prey of needlework of cost and toll

Meet for the necks of them that take the spoil ? '^

The king and power of Canaan thus destroyed^
The land a rest of forty years enjoyed.
'Twas then that Gideon, in unequal fight,
Beyond the Jordan drove the Midianite :
Jephthah of Gilead 'gainst Ammon fought,
And a great victory for Israel wrought :
Samson, with the Philistines waging strife,
Slew in his death more than he slew in life :
Last of the Judges, Samuel the good
Made Saul their king, for so the people would.

The Ark of God at Shiloh, thence was brought
Out from behind the veil, when Israel fought

29Her wise ladies answered her, Ch. vi-xvi. And the children of

yea, she returned answer to herself, Israel did evil : and the Lord deliv-

soRave they not sped? have they ered them into the hand ot Midian

not divided the prey ; to every man seven years, etc.

a damsel or two ; to Sisera a prey of i Sam. iv : 3. And when the peo-

divers colours of needlework, meet pie were come into the camp, the

for the necks of them that take the elders of Israel said, Wherefore

spoils? sigo let all thine enemies hath the Lord smitten us to-day be-

perish, O Lord: but let them that fore the PhiUstines ? Let us fetch

love him be as the sun when he go- the ark of the covenant of the Lord

eth forth in his might. And the land of hosts which dwelleth between the

had rest forty years. cherubim, out of Shiloh unto us, it


With the Philistines, and disaster met.

The captured Shrine they took to Ashdod, set

It by their own god Dagon : morning found

This fallen, lying prone upon the ground.

The second time, the idol brake — bereft

Of head and hands nought but the stump was left.

And the Lord's hand, because of it, was sore

On all the cities where the Ark they bore :

So deadly the destruction, Ekron said,

*' Let it go back again, send it away

To its own place ! why bring it us to slay ?

In a new cart, with offerings, they sent

It drawn by two milch kine, that lowing went —

may save us out of the hand of our off upon the threshold ; only the

enemies. . , /">And the Philistines stump was left to them. ^Xhe hand

fought and Israel was smitten., of the Lord was heavy upon them of

^lAnd the ark of God was taken. . . Ashdod, and he destroyed them,

Ch. v: I. And the Philistines and smote them with emerods..

took the ark of God and brought it ■? And the men of Ashdod said the

unto Ashdod, into the house of Da- ark of the Lord shall not abide with

gon, and set it by Dagon, ^And us.. «And they a'sked the lords of the

when they arose early on the mor- Philistines, What shall we do with

TOW, behold, Dagon was fallen upon it? And they said. Let it be carried

his face before the ark of the Lord, about unto Gath. .^And the hand of

and they set him in his place again, the Lord was against the city with a

. .40n the morrow morning Dagon very great destruction. .loTherefore

was fallen on his face, .and his head, they sent it to Ekron, and the Ek-

and the palms of his hands were cut ronites cried out, saying to the


As mindful of their calves, and fret
Of th' unaccustomed yoke — on straightway yet
Unled to Beth-shemish, whereby they knew
'Twas not to chance the fatal scourge was due.

The men of Beth-shemish the two cows took
For a burnt offering : but dared to look
Into the sacred Ark, so broke the law,
And threw themselves into the open maw
Of penal death, wide gaping to devour —
Such consequence has sin down to this hour.
Because abuse of trust brought punishment,
They messengers to Kirjath-jearim sent,

lords of the Philistines, Send it offering, in a coffer by the side
away, and let it go again to its own thereof; and send it away. .^And see
place, that it slay us not. if it goeth up by the way of his own
Ch. vi: I And the ark was in coast to Beth-shemesh, then he hath
the country of the Philistines seven done unto us this great evil ; but if
months.. 2And they said to the not, then we shall know that it is
priests and diviners, What shall we not his hand that smote us ; it was
do to the ark of the Lord?..3And a chance that happened to us.
they said. If ye send it away, send i^And the men did so ; and took the
it not empty. .''Make a new cart, two milch kine, and tied them ta
and take two milch kine, on which the cart, and shut up their calves at
there hath come no yoke, and tie home..i2And the kine took the
the kine to the cart, and bring the straight way to the way of Beth-she-
calves home from them. .^And take mesh, lowing as they went, and turn-
the ark of the Lord, and lay it upon ed not aside to the right hand or to
the cart, and put the jewels of gold, the left. .i^And they of Beth-shemesh
which ye return him for a trespass were reaping their wheat harvest in


And said, '' Come, fetch it ! " filled with dastard
fears :

And Kirjath-jearim kept it twenty years.

Meanwhile the Tabernacle— made to mourn
Maimed rites of worship, standing there forlorn,
Deprived of Deity, that glory dark
Which once flashed splendor o'er the sacred Ark-
Was like a casket when the jewel's gone.
Or soul from which God's presence is withdrawn.

'TWAS in the early, dark, and troubled days
When Judges ruled, and danger filled the ways,

the valky. and they saw the ark and all the house of Israel lamented
rejoiced to see it. .i^And they clave after the Lord

the wood of the cart, and offered Judges v : 6. In the daysof Shan-

the kine a burnt offering unto the gar the son of Anath, in the days of

Lord i9Because they looked into Jael, the highways were unoccupied

the ark of the Lord, he smote them and the travellers walked through

..-lAnd they sent messengers to by-ways. "^

Kirjath-jearim, saying. The Philis- Ruth i : i. Now it came to pass

tmes have brought again the ark of in the days when the judges ruled

the Lord ; come ye down and fetch that there was a famine in the land.'

It up to you. And a certain man of Bethlehem-

^i^. VII : I. And the men of Kir- judah went to sojourn in the country

jath-jeanm came, and brought it in- of Moab, he. and his wife and his

to the house of Abinadab in the two sons. ^And the name of the

hil . and sanctified Eleazar his son man was EHmelech, and of his wife

tokeep,t..2And the ark abode in Naomi, and of his two sons Mah-

Kirjath-jeanm twenty years: and Ion and Chillon. ^And Elimelech


Elimelech, his wife Naomi, and two sons —
*Tis on this wise the sacred story runs —
Driven by famine, starving there unfed
Amid the cornfields of the *' House of Bread,"
Leaving their native Bethlehem behind,
Compelled elsewhere the means of life to find,
To MOAB came, whose hills and valleys green
Across the Dead Sea gulf might thence be seen.

The father dying, both the sons them chose
Wives of the women of the land. Of those
One was named Orpah, and the other Ruth.
After ten years the sons too died. In truth
'Twas a sad sight that threefold widowhood,
Naomi sitting in her solitude,
So lorn, so stricken, utterly bereft.
Empty who once was full, with nothing left

Naomi's husband died ; and she in-law that she might return, for she

was left and her two sons. ^And had heard that the Lord had visited

they took them wives of the women his people in giving them bread,

of Moab : the name of the one was "^ Wherefore she went forth out of

Orpah, and the name of the other the place where she was, and her

Ruth, and they dwelled there about two daughters in law with her; and

ten years. ^And Mahlon and Chi- they went on the way to return to

Ion died ; and the woman was left the land of Judah. sAnd Naomi

of her two sons and her husband, said unto her two daughters in law,

6 Then she arose with her daughters- Go, return each to her mother's


Of all that wealth of love that made her glad
Ev'n then when stript of home and all she had.

Stranger among strangers longer why sojourn ?

She filled with home-sick longings to return,

Rose to depart ; and when her daughters both,

In their devotion were to leave her loath,

She tenderly persuaded them to go

Each to her mother's house : '' 'Twere better so,"

She said, and kissed them, and with forehead

Upon each other's neck they wept aloud :
Again she urged, again aloud they wept —
Orpah gave way, but Ruth her purpose kept:

** Entreat me not to leave thee, to return
From following thee : thou canst not change my

house: the Lord deal kindly with ters: why will ye go with me? are

you, as ye have dealt with the dead, thereyetany more sons in my womb,

and with me. ^The Lord grant that that they may be your husbands ?

ye may find rest, each of you in the i^Xurn again, my daughters, go

house of her husband. Then she your way ; for I am too old to have

kissed them ; and they lifted up a husband. If I should say, I have

their voice, and wept, ^"And they hope, if I should have a husband

said unto her, Surely we will return also to night, and should also bear

with thee unto thy people. "And sons ; i^Would ye tarry for them till

Naomi said, Turn again, my daugh- they were grown ? would ye stay for


Fixed purpose. Where thou goest I will go : .
And where thou lodgest I will lodge : ev'n so
Thy people shall be mine ; thy God my God :
There where thou diest I will die — same sod
Shall cover both. The Lord do so to me
And more if aught but death part me and thee.*^

Finding her steadfast, nothing more she said —
So they unsundered on their journey sped
Until they came to Bethlehem, and all
Exclaimed " Is this Naomi?"

" Ah ! me call
No more Naomi, * Pleasant ' I am not ;
But call me Mara, ' Bitter' is my lot."
Nay, but Naomi, bitter is the best ;
No woman living is more truly blest.
O loving heart, eternal is thy fame,
Sweet is the fragrance that attends thy name.

them from having husbands? nay, thou after thy sister-in-law. i^And

my daughters ; for it grieveth me Ruth said, Entreat me not to leave

much for your sakes that the hand thee, or to return from following af-

of the Lord is gone out against me. ter thee : for whither thou goest, I

"And they lifted up their voice, and will go ; and where thou lodgest, I

wept again : and Orpah kissed her will lodge : thy people shall be my

mother-in-law ; but Ruth clave unto people, and thy God my God :

her. i^And she said. Behold, thy i^Where thou diest, will I die, and

sister-in-law is gone back unto her there will I be buried : the Lord do

people, and unto her gods: return so to me, and more also, if aught but


Boaz took Ruth, and she became his wife,
And the maternal font of flowing Hfe
To Obed, Jesse, and, O honored one!
To David, and to JESUS, David's Son.

Still shining down through ages hoary,

A halo of unfading glory

Surrounds the name of Ruth in story.

She to Naomi still would cling.
Nor would return from following,
Coming to trust beneath the wing

Of Israel's God, and so became
Mother of kings of mighty name,
And One of more exalted fame,

Ev'n Him, upon whose radiant brow
The crown of heaven and earth sits now,
And at whose feet Archangels bow.

death part thee and me. iswhen come to Beth-lehem, that all the

she saw that she was steadfastly city was moved about them, and

minded to go with her, then she left they said, Is this Naomi ? 2oAnd

speaking unto her. i^So they two she said unto them, Call me not

went until they came to Beth-lehem. Naomi [Pleasant], call me Mara

And it came to pass when they were [Bitter]: for the Almighty hath



What recompense did she receive,
Who home and kindred chose to leave,
That to God's people she might cleave !

David at Hebron, reigned in place of Saul,
Acknowledged first by Judah, then by all;
Stronger and stronger waxing, while the power
And house of Saul grew weaker hour by hour:

dealt very bitterly with me. 211
went out full, and the Lord hath
brought me home again empty :
why then, call ye me Naomi, seeing
the Lord hath testified against me,
and the Almighty hath afflicted me ?
iiSam. ii: 4. And the men of
Judah came, and there they anoint-
ed David king over Judah,. *But
Abner the son of Ner, captain of
Saul's host, took Ish-bosheth the
son of Saul, and brought him over
toMahanaim; ^And made him king
over Gilead, and all Israel.. i"He
was forty years old when he began
to reign, and reigned two years..
i2And Abner the son of Ner, and
the servants of Ish-bosheth went out
from Mahanaim to Gibeon. i^And
Joab the son of Zeruiah, and the
servants of David went out, and met
together by the pool of Gibeon..
^"And there was a very sore battle
that day ; and Abner was beaten,
and the men of Israel, before the
servants of David.

Ch. iii : i. Now there was long
war between the house of Saul and
the house of David ; but David
waxed stronger and stronger, and
the house of Saul weaker and weak-

Ch. iv : 5. And the sons of Rim-
mon the Beerothite, Rechab and
Baanah, came about the heat of the
day to the house of Ish-bosheth,
who lay on a bed at noon.. ''And
they smote him, and slew him, and
beheaded him and took his head,
and gat them away through the
plain all night. ^And brought the
head unto David to Hebron.. ^And
David said unto them. As the Lord
liveth, who hath redeemed my soul
out of all adversity, ^"When one
told me, saying. Behold, Saul is
dead, thinking to have brought good
tidings, I took hold of him and slew
him in Ziklag, . .^How much more,
when wicked men have slain a right-
eous person in his own house upon
his bed ? . . i^And David commanded


Crowned king at length o'er Israel at the death
Of poor, abandoned, butchered Ish-bosheth.

The rocky citadel of Jebus (high,
Impregnable, and saucy to defy
Assault or capture, hurling words of shame —
" Except thou take from us the blind and lame
Thou canst not come in hither " — trusting these
Were able to repel attack with ease)
David yet took, and dwelt there in the fort,
Made it his capital, there removed his court —
City of David, thenceforth ; ere this named
Mount Zion ; then Jerusalem, far-famed ;
The Holy City, mightiest of boasts.
After th' enshrinement of the Lord of Hosts,
And bringing of the Ark of Power and Grace,
Into the new pavilion's Holy Place.

his young men and they slew them, saying, Except thou take away the

Ch. V : 3. So all the elders of blind and the lame, thou shalt not

Israel came to the king to Hebron ; come in hither. TNeygj-ti^eless, Da-

..and they anointed David king vid took the strong hold of Zion :

over Israel. ^David was thirty years the same is the city of David. ^So

old when he began to reign ; and he David dwelt in the fort and called it

reigned forty years. .^And the king the city of David,

and his men went to Jerusalem un- Ch. vi : 2. And David arose, and

to the Jebusites, the inhabitants of went with all the people that were

the land: which spake unto David, with him from Baale [i. e. Kirjath-



According as he swore: '' I will not come

Into the tabernacle of my home,

Nor sleep nor slumber shall my eyelids bind,

Until a Dwelling for the Lord I find.

At Ephratah we heard of it, and sought : •

It from the fields of Kirjath-jearim brought.

Arise, O Lord, into thy rest, at length.

Thou, and the Ark of Thy immortal Strength !

" Lift up your heads, ye ancient Jebus gates !
Rusty with age, ye stiff portcullis grates !

jearim] of Judah, to bring up from
thence the ark of God, whose name
is called by the name of the I^ord of
hosts, that dwelleth between the
cherubims. J^So David and all the
house of Israel brought up the ark
of the Lord with shouting and with
the sound of the trumpet.

Ch. vii : 2. The king said unto
Nathan the prophet, See now, I
dwell in a house of cedar, but the ark
of the Lord dwelleth within curtains.
3 And Nathan said, Go, do all that
is in thine heart ; for the Lord is with
thee. 4And it came to pass that
night, that the word of the Lord
came imto Nathan, saying, ''Go and
tell thy servant David, Thus saith
the Lord, Shalt thou build me a
house for me to dwell in? ''Where-
as I have not dwelt in any house
since the time that I brought up the

children of Israel out of Egypt, even
to this day, but have walked in a
tent and in a tabernacle. .i^When
thy days be fulfilled, and thou shalt
sleep with thy fathers, I will set up
thy seed after thee. .i^He shall build
an house for my name.

Ps. cxxxii : i. Lord remember
David.. 2How he sware unto the
Lord. .^Surely, I will not come into
the tabernacle of my house, nor go
up into my bed ; ^I will not give
sleep to mine eyes, nor slumber to
mme eyelids, ^Until I find out a place
for the Lord, a habitation for the
mighty God of Jacob. ^Lo, we
heard of it at Ephratah : we found
it in the fields of the wood. 'We
will go into his tabernacle: we
will worship at his footstool. ^Arise,
O Lord, into thy rest ; thou, and the
ark of thy strength.


Ye everlasting doors uplifted be !
The King of Glory shall come in to thee."
Who is this King of Glory ? warders cry —
** The Lord the strong in battle," these reply.

Who shall ascend into the Holy Place,
And Mountain of Jehovah, and find grace?
The clean of hands and pure of heart: he who
Has not been lifted up, nor sworn untrue:
Who walks uprightly, and who speaks no lie :
Abhors all wrong, deceit and calumny;
Esteeming not the vile, but holding dear
And honorable those Jehovah fear:
Who swears to his own hurt, and keeps his word —
He shall receive the blessins; of the Lord.

Not cedarn House, but temporary Tent —
Like that in which Jehovah walked and went

Ps. xxiv : 3. Who shall ascend everlasting doors ; and the King of

into the hill of the Lord ? or who glory shall come in. sWho is this

shall stand in his holy place ? ^He King of glory? The Lord strong

that hath clean hands, and a pure and mighty.

heart ; who hath not hfted up his i Kings viii : 3. And all the elders

soul unto vanity, nor sworn deceit- of Israel came and the priests took

fully. sHe shall receive the blessing up the ark of the Lord..-'^And

from the Lord. .''Lift up your heads, king Solomon and- all the congrega-
O ye gates ; and be ye lifted up, ye • tion of Israel were with him before


With marching Israel — did David raise ;
That other work forbidden in his days :

'* A House thou shalt not build Me, but thy son
The wise, unwarlike, peaceful Solomon."

And when the Lord performed this work as well^

He promised Solomon that He would dwell

In the thick darkness of the Holiest,

The Oracle, would there abide and rest

In a fixed place (nomadic now no more.

The Ark's long wanderings forever o'er,)

Between the wings of cherubim that hover

Over the Mercy-Seat, and meeting cover

The Sacred Chest and Shrine, wherein lay hid

The granite blocks of Sinai. When the lid

Was lifted for another, these anew

With awe one moment seen, were shut from view

the ark..6And the priests brought of the Lord. i^So that the priests
in the ark unto his place into the could not stand to minister because
oracle of the house, to the most holy of the cloud : for the glory of the-
place, even under the wings of the LordhadfiUed the house of the Lord,
cherubim. .9There was nothing in i^Then spake Solomon, The Lord
the ark, save the two tables of stone, said that he would dwell in the thick
which Moses put there at Horeb. . . darkness. ^H have surely built thee
i"And it came to pass, when the a house to dwell in, a settled place-
priests were come out of the holy to abide in forever. .^^And it was in
place, that the cloud filled the house the heart of David my father to-


In closed Propitiatory dark beneath —

The sword of vengeance hidden in its sheath* —

While present Deity from either place

The Throne of Justice and the Throne of Grace^

Proclaimed forgiveness with consenting voice,

And bade a lost and ruined world rejoice.

*' Arise, O Lord, once more into Thy rest !
Splendor of God ! break forth, be manifest ! "

The Glory came — the house was filled with light,.
To human eyes insufferably bright.

" But will in very deed God dwell with men ?
The heaven of heavens cannot Him hold, how then
• This House that I have built? Upon this Place
Where Thou hast put Thy name, O God of Grace,.
Thy wakeful eyes be open night and day.
And hear Thy servants when they humbly pray."

build a house. .i^And the Lord said heavens cannot contain thee : how-
to David, Thou didst well that it much less this house that I have
was in thy heart. ^^Nevertheless builded. 2sYet have thou respect
thou shalt not build the house, but unto the prayer of thy servant, which
thy son. .26And now, O, God of Is- he prayeth before thee to day:
rael, let thy word, I pray thee, be 29Xhat thine eyes may be open to-
verified, which thou spakest unto ward this house night and day, even
thy servant David, my father. 27But toward the place of which thou hast
will God indeed dwell on the earth ? said. My name shall be there : that
behold, the heaven and heaven of thou mayest hearken unto the pray-

* " Tanquam gladium in vagina reconditum." — Cicero.


Lo, everywhere through boundless space
Thy being spreads ; yet, if Thou Avilt,

Thou, Lord, canst enter here, and grace
The house our feeble hands have built.

O vast, O ever-living Mind !

A thousand years are nought to Thee —
Yet Thou, the Eternal One, dost find

In moments room enough to be.

Most sacred, solemn, and sublime,
The favored spot and season, when

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