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' 1 HE REAL ESTATE \ ^^^



S. E. Corner Chestnut and Broad St

Full-Paid Capital,
Surplus and Profits,


Receives Deposits of Money payable by check, an(
ist thereon. Collects Interest, Dividends, and Income

Receives for safe keeping securities and other valu
nts Safe Deposit Boxes in Burglar-proof Vaults. Buys,
ses Real Estate in Philadelphia and its vicinity. Assun
arge and management of Real and Personal Estates. i

Executes Trusts of every description under the apj,
.rts, Corporations and Individuals. Acts as Registrar
ent for Corporations, and as Trustee under Corporatior
ceives Wills for safe keeping without charge.

^^NK K. HIPPLE. President.

SAMUEL F. HOUSTON, Vice-President.



HOMAS B. PROSSKR, Real PZstate Officer.


M. S. COLLINGWOOD, Asst. Treaj


Edward P. Borden,

William A. Patton, ^

S. Weir Mitchell,,

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Who's Who in New York is compiled upon the lines of a
I London publication, which furnishes biographic data of prominent
men the world over, and a Chicago publication which covers the same
ground for the whole United States. Obviously, the wider range of
I these books precludes the mention of many names that have a definite
and important interest when considered as factors in the life of this

This local information, so to call it, has never, up to this time,
been gathered within the limits of a single volume, and those who
have had occasion to look for such information realize how difficult it
is to secure. It is to be found only in County histories of dubious
veracity; in newspaper clippings difficult of access ; in family histories
overloaded with unimportant trivialities ; or, in many instances, is
not to be found at all. But, worst of all, when the alleged facts are
gathered together they are found to be conflicting and the vital
element of authenticity lacking. Who's Who ix New York is
authentic. The information has been gathered at first hand. It may
be relied upon.

The readers of this volume will confer a great favor upon the
L. R. Hamersly Company by suggesting the names of people who
should be included herein, but who have, for various reasons, been
omitted. No one can be more sensible than the Publishers of the
sins of omission which may be properly laid at their door. One
thing, however, they do pride themselves upon : the most severe critic
of their work cannot say that any men or women have been included
I who do not deserve a place in this book. The error has been ihat of
I omission rather than commission.

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nf maukfiiii is mmi




ABABBANEX.!., Jacob B.:

Kdiloi, author and playwright; born
City of N. y., Dec. 6, 1S52; was educated
in private and public schools, passing
through the College of City of N. Y.,
receiving the degrees of A. B. and B. S.
in 1872; then studied law at Columbia
I'niversity. receiving the degree of L.L.B.
in 1874; while at Columbia he was also
a teacher In both the day and night
public schools in N. Y. City; after his
admission to the Bar, practiced law for a
number of years; he is a member of the
Press. Manhattan. Single Tax and Plei-
ades Clubs, and of the Medico- Legal So-
ciety; he was married June ;iu. 1892. to
Cornelia L. Eaton, and has one child.
Ralph Royal Abarbanell, born Sept. 10,
l'J03. Address, 24 Vandewater St., N. Y.
ABB ATT, William:

Author; son ui" William D. and Agnes
A. (Dean) Abbatt; born N. Y. City, Nov.
16. 1851; formerly editor and assistant
editor of insurance journals, and occa-
sional contributor to the press. Author:
Crisis of the Revolution; Battle of Pell's
Point; editor of Sargent's Life of Ma-
jor Andre; Memoirs of General William
Heath; Winfield's Block-House by Bull's
Ferry-; Codman's Arnold's Expedition to
Quebec, and Mrs. E. F. Ellet's Women of
the American Revolution. Member and
former secretary of Quill Club. Address,
281 4th Ave., N. Y. City.
ABBE, Cleveland:

Meteorologist; born New York, Dec. 3.
1838; son of George Waldo Abbe and
Charlotte Colgate; was graduated from
the College of the City of N. Y., A. B..
1857, A. M., 1860; after graduation he
taught for a year in the Trinity Church
grammar school, but since then has con-
fined himself to work in astronomy and
meteorology; as director of the Cincin-
nati Astronomical Observatory, 1868-
1873, he established a system of daily
weather telegrams and a daily weather
map for the whole country, with fore-
cast of the weather for Cincinnati; this

was done by co-operation with the Cin-
cinnati Chamber of Commerce, the mem-
bers of which united with Prof. J. A.
Lapham of Milwaukee in urging upon the
L'. S. Congress the importance of a sim-
ilar work for the benefit of the whole
country; the national service was origi-
nally, in 1870, entrusted to Gen. Albert J.
Myer. as the chief signal officer of the
Army, but was transferred to the depart-
ment of agriculture in 1891, and is now
known as the U. S. Weather Bureau;
Abbe's interest in this meteorological
work was to a considerable extent the
outcome of circumstances peculiar to his
boyhood in N. Y. City, where the lectures
of James P. Espy and Elias Loomis, the
writings of William H. Redfield and Jos-
eph Henry and the publication of long-
range forecasts by Merriam, "The Sage
of Brooklyn Heights," and especially the
daily weather tables published by the
telegraph companies as items of news,
all conspired to arouse a great interest
in the subject and convince many citi-
zens that daily weather predictions
would soon be feasible; in connection
with his work in Cincinnati, Prof. Abbe
published in the New York papers, dur-
ing the winter of 1869-70, as also in the
Chicago papers, letters showing his
great hope that telegraphic weather work
would be a benefit to the country, and
would thereby gain the right to ask that
the study of meteorology as a science be
heartily supported by the universities;
after the successful career of the weather
bureau for over thirty years, he has still
to regret that in his native city, whose
commercial interests depend so much
upon the weather, there has not yet
been established a professorship of me-
teorology. Address, 2017 I St., N. W.,
Washington, D. C.

ABBE, Bobert, M. D.:

Surgeon; studied medicine at the Col-
lege City of N. Y. in 1870; College Phy-
sicians and Surgeons, 1874; curator
Roosevelt Hospital and Museum of An-
atomy, Columbia College, 1876-1880, clinic
assistant to clinic professor of diseases


of the skin; professor surgeon Post Grad-
uate Medical School; attending surgeon
St. Luke's Hospital and Babies Wards
Post Graduate Hospital; consulting sur-
geon Ruptured and Crippled Hospital and
of Babies Hospital. Address, 13 W. 50th
St., N. Y. City.
ABBEY, Henry:

Poet; born Rondout, N. Y., July 11,
1842; father was Stephen Abbey and mo-
ther, Caroline Vail; father's grandmother
was Lucy Knox, a lineal descendant ot
John Knox, the famous Scotch reformer;
Carouine Vail was the daughter of Elias
Vail, of Masonville, Delaware County, and
was a descendant from one of two bro-
thers Vail who came over in the time
of Mayflower, and is said to have married
a daughter of Massasoit; subject of sketch
was sent to school when six years old
and for several years was a student at
Kingston Academy, at the Hedding In-
stitute in Green County, at the Dela-
ware Institute in Delaware County, and
at the Hudson River Institute in Colum-
bia County; owing to father's financial
reverses in ISGO, was obliged to give up
intention to be a college graduate. Pub-
lished first book: May Dreams, in 1862.
In 1865 married Mary L. DuBois, of
Kingston (she died in 1889); soon after
publication of first work became assist-
ant editor of The Rondout Courier, but
soon removed to New York; subsequently
became editor of the Orange (N. J.) Spec-
tator; 1864-1865, teller of the Bank of
Rondout; 1866-1900, in flour and grain
business at Rondout and was director,
vice-president and for a year president
of the State of New York National Bank
of Kingston; has been (until 1900) mem-
ber New York Produce Exchange; has
contributed many poems to Galaxy, Har-
's Monthly, Harper's Weekly and


other well known periodicals.

Ballads of Good Deeds; Poems

City of Success,

by D. Appleton

1879 and 1883

complete edition

Abbey was published by the

last year, 1904. Is a mombci


and The

books of verse published

and Company in 1872.

rcspoctively. A fourth

of The Poems of Henry

same hou.«!o

of the Au-

thors Club and of The Shakespeare So-
ciety of New York. Address, 11 Linder-
man Ave., Kingston. N. Y.
ABBOT, Everett Verg-niers :

I^awyer; educated at Harvard College;
member of Reform and Univer.sity Clubs,
and Association of the Bar of the City of
N. Y. Residence, West ISth St.; oflice,
45 Cedar St., N. Y. City.
ABBOT, rrederic V.:

Major Corps of Engineers, U. S. Army;

Jupiter Inlet,
Oct. 9, 1897;
ments. Wis.,
1900; member

born Massachusetts;- appointed from New
York to Military Academy, West Point,
July 1, 1875; was graduated No. 1 in
class, June 13, 1879; second lieutenant en-
gineers, June 13, 1879; first lieutenant en-
gineers, June 17, 1881; captain, engi-
neers, July 22, 1888; major, engineers,
July 5, 1898; services: In charge various
works, river and harbor improvements,
and as assistant to officers in charge of
such works, in North and South Carolina,
1890; in charge torpedo material, Charles-
ton, S. C, 1890, to Sept. 15, 1897; engi-
neer Sixth District for lighthouse, ex-
tending from Cape Fear River, N. C, to
Fla., from Dec. 31, 1895, to
in chai'ge river improve-
and Minn., Sept., 1887, to
of mixed Civil and Military
Board on Brunswick Harbor, Ga., Nov.
13, 1894, to June 3, 1896; in office of chief
of engineers since 1900. Address, Wash-
mgton, D. C.
ABBOT, Willis John:

Editor, writer; born New Haven, Conn.,
March 16, 1863; son of Waldo and Julia
Holmes) Abbott; grandson John S. C.
Abbot, historian; graduate of University
of Michigan, 1884; Democrat in politics;
married, 1887, Marie A. Mack, Ann Ar-
bor, Mich.; on editorial staff of Chicago
Times 1892-93 and of New York Journal
1896-98; now editor of The Pilgrim (Bat-
tle Creek, Mich.) in which he has an in-
terest; constant contributor to Forum,
Outlook and other periodicals as well as
western papers; in Bryan's 1900 presi-
dential campaign, manager of Democratic
National Press Bureau; author: Blue
Jackets of '76; Blue Jackets of 1812. Blue
Jackets of 1801; Battlefields and Camp
Fires; Battle Fields of 1861; Battle Fields
and Victory; Life of Carter Henry Har-
rison: A Memoir; Blue Jackets of 1898;
American Ships and Sailors; member of
Lotos and Authors Clubs (N. Y.), Socie-
ty of American Authors, Chicago Ath-
letic Association. Address, Battle Creek,
Mich., and Lotos Club. N. Y. City.
ABBOTT. Iiawrence Fraser:

Editor and publisher; graduate of Am-
herst College; president and director of
The Outlook Company; member of Uni-
versity and Social Reform Clubs and Al-
dine Association. Residence, 303 West
71st St.; oflice, 287 Fourth ,Ave., N. y.
ABBOTT, Iiyinan:

Clergyman, author, and editor-in-chief
of The Outlook; born Roxbury, Mass.,
Dec. 18, 1835, and is one of the four sonj
of Jacob Abbott, well known in his time
as the author of the Rollo Books; Dr.


Abbott began life as a lawyer, was In
successful practice with two of his broth-
ers in N. Y. City, and is still a member
of the New York Bar; he was ordained
as a Cong-regational minister in 1S«10, and
his first pastorate was In Terre Haute.
Tnd., from which place he came to the
New England Church In New York. In
lStj5-68 he was secretary of the American
Freedman's Commission; he resigned his
pastorate in 1869 to devote himself to
literature, and became associate editor
with Henry Ward Beecher of The Chris-
tian I'^nion. finally succeeding him as ed-
itor-in-chief; The Christian Union be-
came The Outlook in ISO.*?. He succeed-
ed Mr. Beecher as pa.stor of Plymouth
Church. Brooklyn. May. ISSS. and re-
signed Nov., 1898. since whleh time he

entlrelv in editorial
preaching from time
places and acting as

to Harvard. Cornell


has been engaged
and literary work,
to time in various
university preacher

and Chicago universities. He Is the au-
thor of a number of books. Adflress. The
Outlook Company. 287 Fourth Ave.. N. Y.
ABEIili, Charles Iice:

Merrhaiit; born Oct. 4. IS.'.fi. Buffalo.
X. Y. ; married; president Marine Ele-
vator Co.; lieutenant colonel. 71th Reg-
iment. N. Y. National Guard; Knight
Templar. Tliirty-second degree. Mason
and Mystic Sbriner; member of Buffalo.
Ellicott and Army and Na\'>' Clubs and
Sons of American Revolution. Address.
Buffal(\ N. Y.
ABX:i:iIi, Henry H.:

Joni ii.iiist ; born June 2E>. 1837. Esper-
ance. N. Y. ; educated at Delaware Liter-
ary Institute and Columbian T'niversity;
.iournalist. 18.19; served on hospital corps
in Civil War; Deputv Survevor of Port
of New York. 1869. Private secretary to
Governor Cornell. 1880-83. Member of
Assembly. 1884-85. librarian of the As-
sembly. 1887. Secretary and treasurer
of the TiOng Island State Hospital. Police
Commissioner of N. Y. City. 1S90-i9no.
Address. 434 Fourth St.. Brooklyn. N. Y.


Physician; born, 1845. Canada; educated
in Toronto and N. Y. City; married:
visiting physician to St. Vincent de Paul
Orphan Asylum; member of Svracuse
Academy of Medicine. Onondaga Medical
and Central New York Microscopical So-
cieties. Fellow of the Micropsconical and
New York State ATedical Associations, and
Royal Microsconical Society of Kings Col-
lege. London. England. Trustee oi State
Institution for Feeble Minded Children.
at Syracuse. Address, 327 St. James St.,


Syracuse, N. Y.
ABITETT, John Butledg-e:

Lawyer; member of Democratic and
Church Clubs. Southern Society. Sons of
Revolution and Association of the Bar of
the City of N. Y. Residence. 19 East
86th St.; office, 27 William St., N Y
City. ■

ABRAHAM, Abraham:

Merchant: born N. Y. City. March 9
1843; first was clerk in dry goods house
later engaged in father's wholesale dr.v
goods store; 1865 became member of
Wechsler & Abraham. Brooklyn, now
firm of Abraham & Straus; is i>resident
of Temple Israel and Jewish Hospital;
director of Brooklyn Society for Preven-
tion of Cruelty to Children; also of
Kings County Trust Co.; member of
rhamber of Commerce. New York. Mr
Abraham's summer home in the Thous-
and Islands Is one of the best appointerl
of the many fine residences that overlook
the water of the St. Lawrence. Address,
800 St. ATark's Ave., Brooklyn. N. Y.

ACHHSOar, Edward Goodrich:

Inventor and manufacturer; born
VV'ashington. Pa.. March 9. 1856; educated
at Bellefonte (Pa.) Academy; 1872 until
father's death, worked at iatter's blast
furnace: subsequently connected with
surveying party In Pennsylvania; studi.d
ebemistry and electricity; early Invented
drilling machine and dynamo; 1880-08; ap-
prentice In Thomas A Edison's labora-
tory at Menlo Park; 1881-83. assistant
engineer of work carried on by Edison in
Europe; 1884-85. was superintendent of
Consolidated I^^amp Co.. Brooklyn; 1886-
89. electrician of Standard Underground
Cable Co.. Pittsburg; 1891. discovered
silicide of carbon, called "carborundum;"
Sept. of same year established the Car-
borundum Co., becoming its pre.sident;
July 23, 1895, obtained patent for pro-
duction of graphite from amorphus car-
bon in electric furnace, and used It In
manufacture of electrodes of cells; 1899,
established Acheson Graphite Co.. which
following year was merged in Tnterna-
ticnal Acheson Graphite Co.. of w'hich ho
became president. Has obtained about
thirty patents for his inventions: is mem-
ber of the American Institute of Electri-
cal Engineers, of Franklin Institute of
Philadelphia, of American Asociation for
-Advancement of Science, of American
Electro-Chemical Society; of Soeietv of
Arts. London, besides clubs of Buffalo:
married. Dec. 16. 1884. Margaret Maher.
of Brooklyn. N. Y. Residence. Niagara
Falls. Ontario; office, Niagara Falls,
N. Y.


ACKEB, Charles Ernest:

Manufacturer and inventor; author of
the electro-chemical process which bears
his name; born March 19. 1S68, Bourbon,
Ind., educated at Wabash College and
Cornell University, graduating from the
latter institution in 1888, with the degree
of Ph. B. ; his father, William James
Acker, has been a manufacturer for
nearly fifty years. The family came from
Holland originally arid settled in New
Amsterdam (New York). Mr. Acker was
engaged in electrical engineering work
in Chicago, after leaving college, until
189.3. He afterward entered the field of
chemistry and electro-chemistry, and de-
veloped the first electrolytic process for
the manufacture of caustic soda and
chlorine by the electrolysis of molten
salt. He was awarded the Elliott-Cres-
son medal (gold) by the Franklin In-
stitute for this electrolytic process. He
built the works of the Acker Process
Co. at Niagara Falls, of which he is now
vice-president and manager. These
works utilizes 4.000 electrical horse power
generated by the water of the falls. He
has produced various original and suc-
cessful processes including one for the
production of tetrachloride of tin, like-
wise a process for the manufacture of
carbon tetrachloride, both of these being
in use at Niagara Falls. He was the
first to manufacture carbon tetrachloride
in America. Mr. Acker has been granted
about forty-five U. S. and foreign patents
for inventions relating to the chemical
and electro-chemical industries. He was
at one time an officer of the North West-
ern Alumni Association of Cornell Uni-
versity (Chicago) and later, an officer
of the Cornell Alumni Association of
Buffalo. He is a director of the American
Electro-chemical Society; president of
the Niagara Falls Country Club; director
of the Niagara Falls Trust Co.. etc. He
is Remember of the Society of Arts (Lon-
don), Faraday Society (I^ondon), Socie-
ty of Chemical Industry (London). Am-
erican Electro-chemical Society, Ameri-
can Institute Electrical Engineers, Am-
erican Chemical Society, National Geo-
graphic Society, and of several clubs.
He was married in 1892 to Alice Reynolds
Beal. daughter of AVilliam R. Beal of N.
Y. City. Address, Niagara Falls, N. Y.

ACKER, rranklin:

Merchant; born Feb. 16. 185,3. N. Y.
City; educated at Weston Academy.
Connecticut. Wholesale grocer. 1870-92;
retired, 1892. Director, David D. Acker
Co. and Fiberite Co., member of Holland,
Colonial, Commercial and Hardware

Clubs, and American Museum of Natural
History. Married in 1884 Emma Brinck-
erhoff. Address, Rutherford, N. J.
ACKERMAN, Carl Frederick:

Journalist; born Syracuse, N. Y., June
17, 1873; engaged in newspaper work
since Jan. 1, 1891; was a private in the
Spanish-American War. At present with
the New York World. Address, 123 West
SOth St., N. Y. City.
ACKERMAN, Ernest R.:

Manufacturer; born N. Y. City, June
17, 1863; educated at private and public
schools. Councilman, Plainfield, N. J..
1S90; presidential elector, 1896; secretary
of Electoral College, 1897; member at
large of New Jersey Geological Survey;
president Lawrence Cement Company and
of Feltville Water Co.; director of Cum-
berland Hydraulic Cement and Manu-
facturing Co., U. S. Portland Cement
Corporation, Plainfield rust Co., Grand
River Plaster Co. Member of Chamber
of Commerce, Lawyers Club, American
Society of Testing Materials, London
Philatelic Society, National Association
of Manufacturers, Union League Club,
Building Material Exchange, Metropolitan
Museum of Art, American Museum of
Natural History; Associate American So-
ciety of Civil Engineers; Fellow of the
American Geographical Society; treasurer
of the Association of Portland Cement
Manufacturers. Residence. Plainfield, N.
J.; office, 1 Broadway, N. Y. City.
ADAMS, Aaron:

President Essex County Trust Co., and
Hudson Manufacturing Co.; director. City
Trust Co., Newark, American Coal Co..
and Ohio & Kentucky R. R. Co. Ad-
dress, 331 West St., N. Y. City.

ADAMS, Charles:

Stock broker; born May 7, 1864, in
Terryville, Conn.; graduated at Yale Col-
lege, 1887. Member of Psi Upsilon col-
lege fraternity, and Barnard Clubs. Yale
Alumni Association. New England So
ciety Sons of Revolution, Dyker Meadow
Golf, arid Hamilton Clubs, of Brooklyn.
Residence, 183 Columbia Heights, Brook-
lyn; oflice, 41 Wall St., N. Y. City.

ADAMS, Charles Albert:

Commanaer U. S. Navy; born New
York; entered Naval Academy. July 2.3,
1863; graduated, June, 1868; Kearsarge,
186S; Pacific Fleet. 1868-70; promoted En-
sign. 1869; Ossipee, Pacific Fleet, 1870-2;
promoted to Master. 1870; Shenandoah,
European Station, 1873; commissioned as
Leiutenant. 1873; Congress, European
Station, 1874-6; Alert, Asiatic Station.
1877-8; Ranger, Asiatic Station, 1878-9:
Palos, Asiatic Station, 1879-81; Michigan

(N. W. Lakes), 1882-5; Penascola, Euro-
pean Station, 1885-8; receiving-ship Ver-
mont 1888 to March, 1892; Adams, Pacific
Station, March, 1892 to April, 1893; Lan
caster, Asiatic Station, Flag Lieutenant,
May, 1893, to Oct., 1893; Philadelphia,
Pa., Flag Lieutenant, Pacific Station,
Oct., 1893, to April, 1894; Lieutenant-
Commander, Nov., 1894; Aide to Com-
mandant, New York Navy Yard, 1894-6;
receiving-ship Richmond, 1896; Monte-
rey. 1897-8; receiving-ship Independence,
March 25, 1898; Baltimore, 1899; Oregon,
Dec. 20, 1899 to July, 1901; Navy Yard,
New York, Oct., 1901 to 1903; promoted
to Commander, Feb. 11, 1901. Retired,
own request, Dec. 26, 1903. Address,
342 W. 27th St., N. Y. City.
ADAMS, Charles H. :

Lawyer; born in 1824 in Coxsackle, N.
Y. ; educated at Albany Academy, N. Y. ;
practiced law until 1850, when he en-
gaged in manufacturing in Cohoes, N. Y.
Trustee and president of Water Board;
Mayor of Cohoes, 1870-2. Aide-de-Camp,
with rank of Colonel on Gov. Hunt's
Military Staff, 1851. Member of Assem-
bly, 1858, State Senator, 1871-2. Member
of Congress, 1875-6. Delegate to Na-
tional Republican Convention, 1872.
President of National Bank of Cohoes for
a long time. Member of Metropolitan
Club, St. Nicholas and American Geo-
graphical Societies, Sons of Revolution,
and New York Genealogical and Bio-
giaphical Society. Residence, 16 East
67th St., N. Y. City.
ADAMS, Charles Josiah:

Clergyman; born Oct. 31, 1850, in New
Lisbon, Ohio; educated at Mt. Union Col-
lege, 1871, Yale College, 1873, and Boston
University, 1874. Ordained in P. E.
Church, 1875; Canon of St. John's Ca-
thedral 1882-8; Dean of Wichita, Kan.,
Staten Island, N. Y., since 1896; organ-
ized the Church Thinking Bureau and
the Bureau of Biophilian. Author of
Where Is My Dog? The Matterhorn
Head, How Baldy Won the County Seat,
etc. Married Jennie E. Kolloway. Resi-
dence, Rossvile, N. Y.

ADAMS, Charles Thornton:

Lawyer; born Nov. 28, 1856, in Boston,
Mass.; graduated at Harvard College,
1878, and Columbia Law School, 1880.
Married. He is connected with the law
department of the Manhattan Railway
Co. Member of Sons of Revolution, St.
David's Society and State Bar Associa-
tion. Address, Montclair, N. J. ; office,
195 Broadway, N. Y. City.
ADAMS, Cyrxxs Cornelius:

Editor; born in Naperville, 111., Jan. 7,


1849; graduated from the University of
Chicago; editor on staff of New York
Sun since 1884. Author of Elementary
Commercial Geography, David Living-
ston. African Development, etc. Mar-
ried Mrs. Blanche Dodge, Aug. 17, 1877.
Address. 416 West 118th St.; office, N. Y.
Sun. N. Y. City.
ADAMS, Edward D.:

Banker, director and chairman execu-

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