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A bibliographical dictionary; containing a chronological account ... of ... books, in all departments of literature ... with biographical anecdotes ... the whole of the fourth edition of Dr. Harwood's View of the classics, with innumerable additions and amendments. To which are added, an essay on bi online

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Online LibraryAdam ClarkeA bibliographical dictionary; containing a chronological account ... of ... books, in all departments of literature ... with biographical anecdotes ... the whole of the fourth edition of Dr. Harwood's View of the classics, with innumerable additions and amendments. To which are added, an essay on bi → online text (page 1 of 17)
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Containing a chronological Account, alphabetically arranged, of
the most curious, scarce, useful, and important



which have been published in




From the Infancy of Printing to the Beginning of the
Nineteenth Century.

With Biographical Anecdotes of Authors, Printers, and Publish-
ers;... a distinct Notation of the Editiones principes and optima..-.
and the Price of each Article, (where it could be ascertained) from
the best London Catalogues, and public Sales of the most valuable
Libraries, both at home and abroad.

Including the WHOLE of the FOURTH Edition of


With innumerable Additions and Amendments.

To "which are added,


With a general and particular Account of the different Authors on
that Subject, in Latin, French, Italian, German, and English.. .
a Description of their Works ; first, improved, and best Editions j
with critical Judgments on the whole, extracted from the best
bibliographical and typographical Authorities.

And an Account of the best English Translation of each
Greek and Latin Classic.


Hi sunt magistri qui nos instruunt sine virgis et ferula, sine verbis et colera,
sine pane et pecunia. Si accedis non dormiunt; si inquiris non se abscondunt ;
non remurmurant si oberres j cachinnos nesciunt si ignores.








L HE Editor of the Bibliographical Dictionary
*gain returns heartiest thanks to the public for their con-,
tinued encouragement of the work. He hopes he can
say, that his promise of keeping it in a progressive state of
improvement has been faithfully observed; and that the
present volume bears evident marks of superadded care
and attention. His aim and ambition have been to make
it, as far as time and circumstances would admit, in some
measure worthy of the public patronage with which it
has been favoured. It is to him an additional proof of
the good taste of the nation, and of the high esteem it
entertains for polite and useful liteiature, that a Dictionary
of Authors and their Works, such as the present, should
be so eagerly purchased by all classes. May a spirit, so
honourable to Britons, be ever cultivated, and crowned
with suitable success J

The subject of this work must appear to many at first
view as dull and uninteresting; but it has been the Editor's
constant aim, by inserting numerous criticisms from the
learned, with the best authenticated literary and bio-
graphical anecdotes, to render a work, necessarily dull in
itself, both entertaining and instructive ; and he flatters
himself his endeavours have not been unsuccessful.

It may be farther necessary to state, that it has been

the design of the Editor, from the beginning, to include

in his work an account, 1st, of all the ancient Classics,

both Greek and Latin, in all their principal Editions, from

/? O'C *> O* the


the invention of printing to the present time: 2dly, all
the primitive Fathers, Greek and Latin, with all ancient
and modern Ecclesiastical Writers in these Languages :
and, 3dly, all celebrated works in every department of
science and literature, published either in Greek, Latin,
Arabic, Syriac, &c. either at home or abroad. Books
in other languages could not have been included without
extending the work beyond all reasonable limits. Be-,
sides, the Editor hopes to be able to furnish his friends
and the public with something on a similar plan in the
more modern languages of Europe, after the present work
shall have been completed.

The fourth volume will be put to the press, and
printed with all convenient speed.

Liverpool, July I, 1803.

In vol. 2, p. 240, lin. 7, for 1473 read 473.
In vol. 3, p. 240, lin. antepenult, for Beparionem
read Bessarionem.

For information concerning other Errata &c. the
reader is respectfully referred to the Advertisements pre-
fixed to the two preceding volumes.



c o



V-^ONCILIA Generalia Ecclesise Catholicae, Pauli
V. P. P. Auctoritate edita, Gr. et Lat. fol. Roma?,
Typ. Propag. 1628, 4 vol.

Conciliorum Collectio Regia, fol. max. Par. Typ.
Reg. 1644, 37 vol.

a Joanne Harduinoy fol. Paris. Typ.

Reg. 1715, 12 vol.

Collectio Maxima Conciliorum, a Phil. Labb6
et Gab. Cossarty fol. Paris. Societas, 1672, 18 vol.

- ex iisdem, a Jo. Dom. Mansi, fol. Ven-
Ant. Zatta, 1759-92, 30 vol. This is the best Col.
lection yet published.

Synodicon, seu Pandectae Canonum Apostolorum
et Conciliorum, a Guill. Beveregio, Gr. et Lat. fol.
Oxon. 1672, 2 vol.

Canones Apostolorum, Veterum Conciliorum
Constitutiones, Decreta Pontificum Antiquiora, &c.
a Joan. VuendelstinOy fol. parv. Moguntiae, Joan.
SchoefFer, 1525. Scarce Edition.

Apostolorum et Sanctorum Conciliorum Decreta,
Gr. 4to. Paris. Conr. Neobarius, 1540. Beautiful
and scarce Edition.


2 C O

ActaNiceni Concilii, cum Gelasii Cyziccni Com-
mentario, a Roberto Bolforeo Scoto ; Tertias Synodi
OEcumcnici Ephesi habitae, a Theodoro Peltano
Soc. J. et Compendium Sanctarum et Universaiium
Synodorum, ab Abrahamo Scultero, Gr. et Lat. fol.
Commelinus, 1604.

Concilium Ephesinum, Gr. fol. Heidelberga;,
Commelin. 1595.

Laodicense, Gr. cum tribus Versionibus,

a Wolfango Gundlingio, 8vo. Norimb. 1684.

Concilia Antiqua Gallia?, a Jacobo Siruwndo, fol.
Paris. Cramoisy, 1629, 3 vol. To this the two fol-
lowing Appendixes should be added ; that, a Petro
de la Lande, fol. Paris. 1666 ; and that, a Ludovico
Odespun, fol. ibid. 1646.

Concilia Hispanica, a Card. Aguirre, fol. Romaj
1693, 4 vol.

Concilia Anglicana, ab Henr. Spelmanno, fol.
Londini, 1639 64, 2 vol.

Collections of Canon Law.

Bibliotheca Juris Canonici veteris complectens
Canon. Eccl. et Codices antiquos turn Gra?cos turn
Latinos, ex Bib). Christoph. Justelli a Guilt. Voello
et Henr. Justello, fol. Paris. Ludovicus Billaine,
1661, 2vol.

Corpus Juris Canonici emendatum, cum Glossis,
jussu Gregorii XIII. P. M. fol. Roma;, 1582, 4 vol.

Codex Canonum Vetus Ecclesiae Romanae, a Fr.
Pithceo, fol. Paris. Typ. Reg. 1687, 2 vol.

a/. Pet. Giberl, fol. Col. Allob. 1725, 3 vol.

CO 3

Corpus Cartonicum, cum Commentariis, fol. Ven.
Nic. Jenson, 1474.

ab Albignano Trecio recognitum, fol.

Venet. Jo. de Colonia, 1479.

Repetitiones Juris Canonici, ab Azzone, fol. Ve-
net. 1496.

Compendium Juris Canonici, fol. Argentina, 1490.

Decretum Gratiani, seu Concordantiae discordan-
tium Canonum, fol. Argentina?, Heniicus Eggestein,
1 47 1 . Editio princeps.

fol. Moguntice, Petr. Schoffer, 1472.

Decretum Gratiani, seu Concordantiae discordan-
tium Canonum, cum Apparatu Bartholomaei Brixien-
sis, fol. Mogunt. Petr. SchbfFer, 1473, 2 vol.

fol. Basilea?, Bern. Richel. 1476.

cum Glossa, Romae, Georgius Laver de

Herbipoli, 1476.

fo!. Venet Nicolaus Jenson, 1477.

fol. Romas, Udalr. Gallus, alias Barba-

tus, 1478.

Recognitum, a Jo. Bapt. de Lanciis, foL

Romae, Simon de Luca, 1479.

4to. Venet. Adam deRotwill, I4SO.

cum Glossis Jo. Semeca? et Barthol.

Brixiensis, 4to. Venet. Petrus de Blasiis, 1483.
The celebrated Gratian was the true author of this
branch of sacred literature : and although, in the 6 th
century, Dionysius Exiguus, Crescentius, and others,
had made similar Collections, yet Gratian, who was
a monk of Bologne about A. D. 1 140, was the first who
formed a regular series of sacred Canons, and re-


4 e o

duccd sacred jurisprudence to the form of a regular
science. The labours of the learned since, to amend
the work of Gratian, are a sufficient proof of the high
estimation in which the original has been held. Gra-
tian was undoubtedly one of the most learned men
of his age. The Glosses entitled Palea are the
work of a lawyer, who flourished a little after Gra-
tian's time.

Gratiani Decretorum Libri quinque secundum
Gregorianos Libros distincti per Johannem a Tune-
cremata, ex Cod. MSS. a Justo Fontanim, Archiep.
Ancyr. fol. Romas, 1726 27, 2 vol.

Decretorum Breviarium, a Paulo Floi^eniino, foL
Mediolani, Pachel, 1479.

Decretorum Auctoritates a Jo. Caldrino ; fol. Co-
lonise Agrippinae, Petrus de Olpe, 147 1 .

Decretales cum Apparatu, fol. Moguntiae, Petri
Schoffer, 1474.

Antique Decretalium Collectiones, ab Ant. Au-
gustino etJacobo Cujacio, fol. Par. Cramoisy, 1609.

Nicolai I. P. M. Epistola?, fol. Romas, 1542.

Epist. ad Michaelem Imp. ct alia, 4. to. Lips. 1536.

Innocentii III. P. M. Opera, fol. Colon. 1575.

Prima Collectio Decretalium atque

Epistoke, ex Cod. Vaticano, a Gulielmo Sirlcto t io\.
Roma?, Fr. Priscianensis, 1543, 2 vol. Edit, princ.

a Rainerio Pomposiano, cum notis

Steph. Baluzii, fol. Paris. Muguet, 1682, 2 vol.

For the other writings of this pontiff, see the arti-

Innocentii IV. Pont. Max. Decretales, cum Flisci

C CX 3

Comment, fol. Venct. impensa Nic. Jenson et Jo de
Colonia, impressit Jo. Herbort, 1481.

Innocenti IV. Apparatus Decretorum, fol. Argent.
Henr. Eggestein, 1478.

Apparatus Decretorum, fol. Venet;.

Bern, de Stagnino, 1495.

Gregorii IX. Pont. Max. Compilatio nova Decre-
talium, fol. max. Mogunt. P. Schoffer, 1473. Edit,
princ. This first and celebrated Edition is very in-
teresting to the history of Printing, for some bar-
barous Latin verses, which attribute the invention of
printing to the two Johns (Guttemberg and Fust)
and Peter Schoeffer ; the first of whom invented the
art, the second forwarded it with pecuniary assist-
ance, and the third, the first engraver of metallic
types. There is also a person referred to in the
concluding lines, who was corrector of the press to
these first printers. See Maittaire, vol. 1. p. 327.

fol. Romas, Udalricus Gallus et Simon

Nicolai de Luca, 1474.

fol. Rom. G. Laver de Herbipoli, 1474,

fol. Venet. Nicol. Jenson, 1475.

fol. Basil. Wenzler, 1478 et 1482.

fol. max. Moguntia?, P. Schoffer, 1 479.

cum Glossis, fol. Basileae, 1479.

4to. Venet. Andreas de Asula cum so-

ciis, 1482.

fol. Mediolani, Ant. deBonaso, 1482.

fol. Spirae, Petr. Drach, 1486.

cum Glossa et ejus Vita, 4to. Paris,

Thielman Kerver, 1505.


6 C O

Bonifacii VIII. Pont Max. Liber Sextus Decreta-
lium, fol Moguntize, Joan. Fust et Petr. Schoffer,
1465. There were either two Editions of this in
the same year, or the colophon was altered, for in
different copies different subscriptions are found :
but this appears in all the books printed at Mons
before 1470.

Bonifacii VIII. Pont. Max. Liber Sextus Decreta-
lium, fol. ibid. P. Schoffer, 1470 et 1473.

cum Glossa, fol. Roma?, Georg. Laver

et Leon. Plugel, 1472.

fol. Basilea?, Michael Wenzler, 1 477.

Sextus Decretalium et extravagantes, fol. Venet.
Nic. Jenson, 1479.

fol. Venet. Jo. de Tortis, 1434.

Constitutiones Clementis V. P. M. a Jo, Andrea,
Hi. Moguntia?, Jo. Fust et Pet. Schoffer, 1460.

cum Apparatu, fol. ibid. 1467, 1471,

et 1476.

fol. Argent. Henricus Eggestein, 1471.

The first book printed at Strasburg with a dale.

fol. Romse, Leon. Plugel. et Georg.

Laver, 1472.

fol. Roma?, Udalr Gallus, 1473. Ac-

ced. Joannis XXII. Constit. Exivi, et Execrabilis, ab
Andrea Bononicnsiy fol. Basil, Wenzler, 1476; et
ibid. 1478.

ex eadem Edit. fol. Ven. Jenson, 1476.

< et cum Extravagantibus, fol. Venet.

Nic. Jenson, 1479.

Regula? et Ordinationes et Constitutiones Cancel-

C O 7

lariae Apostolicse, 4to. Romae, 1471. A very scarce
Edition, attributed to Philip de Lignamine, printer
to pope Sixtus TV.

Decisiones Rota? Romanae, antiquae, et novae, a Jo.
Horborch, fol. Roma?, Udalr. Gallus, sine anno, cir-
ca 1470, et cum Simone de Luca ejus socio, 1472.

Decisiones Rota Romanae, antiquse, et novae, fol.
Mogunt. Pet. Schbffer, 1477.

a Bernardo de Bisigneto, fol. Rom.

Georgius Laver, 1475.

a Thoma Fastoli recollectae, fol. Rom.

Georg. Laver, 1475.

Liber Diurnus Pontificum Romanorum, 4to. Par^
1680. This is the work of an uncertain author, sup-
posed to have been written about A. D. 730.

Bullarium Magnum, a Laertio et Ang. M. Cheru~
binis, fol. Lugd. 1687. ^

Bullarum, Privilegiorum ac Diplomatum Roma-
norum Collectio amplissima, fol. Rom. 1744, 28 vol.

Variorum Auctorum veterum Scripta de Jurisdic-
tione Politica et Ecclesiastica, a Simone Schardio,
fol. Basil. 1566.

Monarchia S. Rom. Imp. sive Tractatus de Juris-
dictione Imperiali et Pontificia, a Melchiore Gol-
dasto, fol. Vol. Primus, Hanov. 1612. Vol. Secun-
dus, Francof. 1614. Vol. Teitius, Francof. 1613.

Collection of Greek and Latin Liturgies.

Liturgiae SS. Patrum, Gr. fol. Paris. Typ. Reg.
1560. This Edition was reprinted, and the follow-
ing, with a Latin version.

9 C O

Liber Pontificalis Ecclesiae Graeeae, nunc primtini
ex mss. Euchologiis collectus, ab Isaaco Ilabcrto,
Gr. etLat. fol. Paris. Lud. Billaine, 1676.

Missa Apostolica, a Wilhelmo Linda?io } Gr. et
Lat. 8vo. Antverp. Plantinus, 1539.

Divina Liturgia SS. Apostolorum et SS. Marci et
Clementis, Gr. et Lat 8vo. Paris. Drovard. 1583.

S. Jo. Chrysostomi, Basilii Alagni, &c.

Gr. 4to. Rom. Demetrius Duca Cretensis, 1526.
Edit. prin. et lib. rariss. done with red and black

Missae SS. PP. Jacobi Apostoli, Basilii, Jo. Chry-
sost. &c. Graece, fol. Guill. Morellus, 1560.

a Fr. Claudio de Sainctes, 8vo. Latine,

Antverp. Jo. Stelsius, 1562.

Divina Missa S. Jo. Chrysostomi, Gr. et Lat. 4to.
Fratres de Sabioy 1528. Lib. rar.

Liturgiae Basilii Magni, Gregorii Nazianzeni, et
Cyrilli Alexandrini, ex Arabico in Latinum con-
versae et editas, a Yictorio Scialach, 4to. Aug. Vin-
del. 1614.

B. Isidori Hispalensis de Officiis Ecclesiasticis,
Lib. II. Svo. Antverp. Jo. Stelsius, 1534.

Micrologus de Ecclesiasticis observationibus,Opus-
culum ante annos prope quingentos conscriptum, a
Pamelio Brugcnsi in lucem editum, 8vo. Antv.
Plantinus, 1565.

Acoluthia Lectoris, sive Sylliturgica, Gr Svo. Ve-
net. Fed. Turrisanus cum Sign. A!di, 1549.

Guillelmi Durandi Rationale Divinorum Officio-
rum, fol. Mogunt. Jo. Fust etPet. Schoffer, 1459.

C O 9

Liber rariss. This is the first book with a date in
cast metallic characters. Peter Schoiffcr is gene-
rally supposed to have been the inventor of them ; and
as a reward for his ingenuity, John Fust gave him
his daughter in marriage, in consequence of which
he became heir to his printing-office. See Durandus.

Liturgia Romana vetus, a Muratori, fol. Venetiis,
1748, 2 vol.

Liturgiarum Orientalium Collectio, ab Renaudotio )
4to. Paris. 1716.

Collections of the Greek and Latin Fathers,
and other Ecclesiastical Writers.

Bibliotheca Patrum, a Margarino de la Bigne,
fol. Paris. 1575, 8 vol. et fol. ibid. 1589, 9 vol. et
ibid. fol. 1609 10. Another Supplement to this
Edition came out at Paris in 1624 and 1639.

Magna Bibliotheca Veterum Patrum, a Theologis
Coloniensibus, fol. Colon. 1618, 14 vol. A Supple-
ment, in folio, came out in 1622.

Magna Bibliotheca Patrum et Scriptorum Eccle-
siasticorum, fol. Paris. 1644-, 17 vol. etiterum, 1654,
The first Supplement to this Edition came out in
1648, in two volumes, and another, in one volume,
in 1672, both a Fr. Combefisio. See the article Bib-
liotheca, vol. 2. p. 16.

Bibliotheca Maxima Veterum Patrum, a Philippo
Despont, fol. Lugduni, apud Anissonios, 1677 et
seq. 27 vol.

Thesaurus Novus Anecdotorum, ab Edmundo
Martene et Ursino Durand, fol. Paris. 1717, 5 vol.

10 CO

This and the two following Collections have not
been much approved by the learned.

Collectio amplissima Veterum Scriptorum, etMo-
numentorum, ab iisdem, fol. Paris. 1724-33, 9 vol*

Collectio Variorum Patrum, &c. a Jacobo Sir-
mondo, ex edit. Jacobi de la Baune, fol. Paris. Typ.
Reg. 1696, 5 vol.

Thesaurus Anecdotorum Novissimus, a Bernar-
do Fez, fol. Aug. Vindel. 1721 29, 5 vol.

Thesaurus Monumentorum, 6cc. ab Henr. Cani-
sio et Jacobo Basnage, fol. Antverp. 1715, 7 vol.
A better Collection than the preceding.

Bibliotheca Nova Manuscriptorum, a Philippo
Labbeoy fol. Paris. 1657, 2 vol.

Bibliotheca Patrum Ascetica, a Claudio de C/ian-
telou, 4to. Paris. 1661, 6 vol.

Bibliotheca Patrum Concionatoria, a Francisco
Combefisio, fol. Paris. 1662.

Bibliotheca Virginalis, sive Marias Mare Mag-
num, a Petro de Alva ttAstorga, fol. Matriti, Typ.
Reg. 1648, 3 vol. See article Bibliotheca, vol. 2.
p. 17.

MIKPOITPESBYTIKON : Veterum quorundam Bre-
vium Theologorum, qui Apostolorum Temporibus
floruerunt Opuscula, Gr. et Lat. fol. Basil. Henr.
Petri, 1550. A very rare Edition.

Orthodoxographa, seu Varia Scriptorum Veterum
Monumenta, a Joanne Heroldo, Gr. et Lat. fol. Ba-
sil. 1555.

Hasreseologia, ab eodem, fol. Basil. 1556.

C O 11

Monumenta Orthodoxographa, a Jo. Jacobo Gry-
n<eo t fol. Basil. 1569.

Theologi Veteres Orthodoxi, a Conr. Gesnero,
fol. Tiguri, 1559.

SS. Patrum qui Temporibis Apostolicis floruerunt
Opera, a Jo. Bapt. Cotclerio, Gr. et Lat. fol. Paris.
1672, 2 vol.

ex eadem Edit, a Joanne Clerico, fol.

Antverp. 1698, et fol. Amstel. 1724, 2 vol. The
last and best Edition. A very excellent work.

Spicllegium Sanctorum Patrum, utet Hsrcticorum
Saeculi I, II, III, a Jo Erneste Grabe, Gr. et Lat.
8vo. Oxon. 1700, 3 vol. et 8vo. Lond. 1714, 3 vol.

Codex Apocryphus Novi Testamenti, a Jo. Alb,
Fabricioy 8vo. Hamburgi, 1719, 3 vol.

Bibliotheca Ecclesiastica, in qua continentur An-
tiqui Scriptores Varii, a Jo. Alberto Fabricio, fol.
Hamburgi 1718.

. Spicilegium Veterum aliquot Scriptorum, qui in
Galliae Bibliothecis latuerant, a Ltica Dacherio, et
Josepho de la Barre, fol. Paris. 1723, 3 vol, The
first Edition of this excellent Collection, in 13 vols.
4to. Paris, 1655 77, had become scarce and dear ;
but this second Edition has brought down the price.
The Vetera Analecia, a Jo. Mabillonio, Par. 1723,
fol. should be added to this Collection.

Ecclesiae Graecae Monumenta, a Jo. Bapt. Cote-
lerio, Gr. etLat. 4to. Paris. 1677 92, 4 vol. A va-
luable work, to which the following should be
added : Analecta Graeca, ab Ant. Pouget, Jacobo

12 C O

Lopp/'n, et Bern, de Monifaucon, Gr. et Lat. 4to.
Paris. 1688.

Collectanea Monumentorum Veterum Ecclesiae
Grascce et Latinoe, quae in Biblioth. Vatic, delituerant,
a Laur. Akxandro Zacagnio, Gr. et Lat. 4to. Rom.

Graecia Orthodoxa, seu Varii Scriptores Graaci, a
Leone Allatio, Gr. et Lat. 4to. Roma?, 1652 59,
2 vol.

Collectio Nova Patrum Graecorum, Eusebii Caesa-
riensis, Athanasii, et Cosmae TEgyptii, a Bern, de
Monifaucon, Gr. et Lat, fol. Paris. 1707, 2 vol,

Graecae Ecclesiae Monumenla, ab Angelo Maria
Bandinio, Gr. et Lat. Svo. -Florent. 1762, 3 vol.

Miscellanea, sive Collectio Veterum Monumen-
torum, &c. a Steph. Balusio, 8vo. Par. 1678 1715,
7 vol. Best Edition.

Tomus singularis insigruum Auctorum tarn Gra?co-
rum, quam Latinorum, a Petro Stevartio, 4to. In-
golst. 1616.

Antiquae Lectiones, seu Varia Veterum Monu-
menta, ab Henrico Canisio, 4to, Ingolst. 1601 04,
6 vol.

Thesaurus Ecclesiasticus, a Jo. Cusp. Suicero, Gr.
et Lat. fol. Amst. Wetstcnius, 1632, 2 vol.

Graec. et Lat. fol. 2 vol. Amst. 1738.

Edit. opt.

Epistolae Pontificum Romanorum, et quae ad eos
scriptae sunt, a Petro Constant, fol. Paris. 1721. To-
mus primus. This work has not been continued.

Philocalia Sanctorum Vigilantium, fol. Gr. Ven.

C O 13

1782. An Edition little known. It contains various
pieces of the Fathers, which were before unedited.

HomiliceD. Gregorii, Augustini, Hieronymi, Am-
brosii, Beda?, &c. cum Prologo Caroli, Magni opus
jussu ejusdem Caroli Regis compilatum a Paolo Di~
acono, fol. Colon. Coiir. de Hombarch> circa 1475,
2 vol.

Homilias Doctorum Ecclesiasticorum in Evangelia
Dominicalia et Temporanea, jussu Caroli Magni
per Alcuinum redacta?, 4to Lugd. 1525.

Variorum Divinorum Liber unus, a Jeanne Meur-
sio, Gr. 4to. Lugd. Bat. 1619. This rare Edition
contains the works of several ancient writers, not
published before.

Varia Sacra, a Stephana le Moyne, 4to, Lug. Bat.
1685, 2 vol.

Homilia; 'quatuor SS. Patrum, a Petro Pantuw,
Gr. et Lat. 8vo. Antverp. 1598.

Scripta quasdam Patrum, a Theodoro Beza, 8vo.
Geneva?, Henr. Steph. 1570.

Opuscula quaedam Veterum Scriptorum, a Caspare
Barthio, 8vo. Cygnea?, 1655.

Heptas Praesulum, fol. Paris. 1671.

Jacobi Sirmondi Opera Varia, fol. Paris. Typ.
Reg. 1696, 5 vol. Volumes 1, 2, 3, and 5, contain
some works of the Fathers, which in this Edition of
Sirmond were publ : shed for the first time.

Stephani Baluzii Miscellanea, 8vo. Paris. 167S-
1700, 5 vol.

Variorum Patrum Orationes de Cruce Domini, a
Jacobo Gre(zero, 4to. Ingolstadii, 1600, 2 voL

14 C Q

Insignia Itineraiii Italici, a Jacobo Tollio, Gr. ct
Lat. 4to. Trajecti, 1696.

Anecdota ex Ambrosiana Bibliotheca eruta, a
Lud. Ant. Muratori, 4to. Mediol. 1697 98, 2 vol.

Anecdota Graeca, ab eodem, Gr. et Lat. 4to. Pa-
tav. Man/re, 1789 et 1713, 2 vol.

Anecdota Graeca Sacra et Prophana, a Jo. Chris*
toph. JVolJio, Gr. et Lat. 8vo. Hamburgi, 1722 et
seqq. 4 vol.

Musasum Italicum, a Jo. Mabillonio et Michaele
Germain, 4to. Paris. 1687 89, 2 vol. et ibid. 1724
2 vol. Best Edition.

Deliciae Eruditorum, seu Veterum Anccdotorum
Collectanea, a Joanne Lamio, Gr. et Lat. 8vo. Flo-
rent. 173644, 15 vol.

Veterum Gallia? et Belgii Scriptorum Opuscula
Sacra, a Casimiro Oudino, 8vo. Lugd. Bat. 1692.
This contains the works of Hincmar, Fulbert, Her-
man, Ernald, Guillelmus, and Gualter.

Veterum Authorum qui ix Sa?culo de Gratia et
Prasdestinatione scripsere Opera et Fragmenta, a Gil-
berto Mauguin, 4lo. Paris. Billaine, 1650, 2 vol.

Liber trium Virorum et trium Spiritualium Virgi-
num, a Jacobo Fabro, fol. Paris. Henr. Steph. 1512.
The men were, Hermas, Uguetinus, and Franc-
Robertus ; tlie virgins were, Hildegarda, Elizabetha,
and Matilda.

Mella Patrum nascentis Ecclesia? per prima tria
SiECula Collecta, a Franc. Rous, 8vo. Londini, Tho-
mas Maxey, 1650.

Anecdotorum Fasciculus, sive S. Paulini Nolani,

Anonymi Scriptoris, Aiani Magni, ac Theophylacti
Opuscula aliquot, a D. Johanne Aloysio Mingarello
Can. Reg. Old. S. Augustini, 4to Roma?, Monaldini,


Fasciculi x Opusculorum, quae ad Historiam ac
Philologiam Sacram spectant, 8vo. Roterodami,
1693700, 10 vol.

Fasciculus Rerum Gra?carum Ecclesiasticavum, ab
Aug. M.Badinic, 8vo. Fior. 1763. Tracts of Basili-
us Magnus, Nicephorus Calistus, &c. not before pub-

Amoenitates Litteraria? Jo. Georgii Schelornii, 8vo.
Francof. 1725, 7 vol. et ejusdem Amoenitates His-
toriae Ecclesiastical et Litterariae, 8vo. ibid. 1737,
2 vols A good Collection, in which may be found
several tracts of ecclesiastical writers, not before pub-

Miscellaneorum Collectio ex Codicibus mss. a
Raymundo Duellio, 4to. Aug, Vindelin. et Graecii,

Institutiones Theologicae Antiquorum Patrum, a
Card. Jos. M.Thomasio, cum not. Ant. Franc. Fez-
zosi, Gr. et Lat. 4to, Roma?, 1769, 4 vol. Collec-
tio optima.

Epistola? Variorum Patrum ad Ephesinum Conci-
lium, e mss. Cassinensi desumpta?, a Frid. Christ.
Lupo, 4to. Lovanii, 1632, 2 vol. They are connect-
ed with : Commonitorium Caelestini Papa? ; Tituli
Decretorum Hilarii Papa?; et Epistolae Anacle^i An-


16 G O

Vetcrum Epistolarum Ecclesiasticarum Hibernica-
rum Sylloge, 4to. Paris. J 665.

Vetus Disciplina Monastica, a Mon. Bened. Con.
S. Blasii, 4to. Paris. Osmont, 1726. A valuable
Collection of ancient Benedictine authors, who treat
of monastic discipline. The chief are, Peter the dea-
con, Sturmius abbot of Fulda, Benedict Anianens,
Bernard Cluniacens, Wilhelmius, &c.

Parcenctici Veteres, a Melchiore Hahninsfeldio
Goldasto, 4to. Insular, 1C04. A rare collection,
which includes : S. Prisci Valcriani Cimelens. Episc.
de Bono Discipline Sermo ; Columbani Opuscula ;
Dinamii Grammatici Epistola ; Basilii Canadensis
Admonitiones ; Boethii de Moribus Liber ; Tyroli
Regis Scotorum, Vuinsbekii Equitis Germuni, et
Vuinsbekiae nobilis Germanise Parceneses ad Filios
lingua veteri Teutonica. Priscus Valerianus flou-
rished in the fifth century, and Dynamus Gramma-
ticus in the sixth.

Codex Regularum, quas Sancti Patres Monachis
ct Sanctimonialibusprescripserunt, a Luca Jlolstenio,
4to. Roma;, 1661, 3 vol.

Collectio Romana Bipartita veterum aliquot Histo-
rian Ecclesiastics Monumentorum, aLuca Tlolstenio,

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