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A bibliographical dictionary; containing a chronological account ... of ... books, in all departments of literature ... with biographical anecdotes ... the whole of the fourth edition of Dr. Harwood's View of the classics, with innumerable additions and amendments. To which are added, an essay on bi online

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Online LibraryAdam ClarkeA bibliographical dictionary; containing a chronological account ... of ... books, in all departments of literature ... with biographical anecdotes ... the whole of the fourth edition of Dr. Harwood's View of the classics, with innumerable additions and amendments. To which are added, an essay on bi → online text (page 16 of 17)
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dem hujus saeculi, cum figuris personarum, Argent.
1580, 8vo. fig.

Phasma, hoc est, Comcedia posthuma, nova et
sacra, de variis ha?resiarchis, auctore Frischlino
anno 1619, 12mo.

Nicodemus Frischlin was born at Balinghen, in
the dutchy of Wittemberg, in 1647. He had a con-
siderable talent for poetry. For his comedy of Re-
becca, the emperor Rodolph caused him to be crown-
ed solemnly with a golden laureate crown at the
Diet of Ratisbon : and for some of his verses he was
imprisoned in a tower in 1590, from which, endea-
vouring to escape, he was killed in the 43d year of
his 3ge.

Fritschii (Jkasueri) Princeps peccans, sive
Tractatus de peccatis principum, Jenoe, 1672, 8vo.

Froelich (Erasmi) Quatuor tentamina in Re
nummaria vetere, Vien. Austr. 1717, 4to.

Annales Compendiarii Regum et Re-

rum Syrise nummis veteribus illustrati et deducti ab
obitu Alexandri Magni, ad Cn. Pompeii in Syriam
adventum, cum Prolegomenis et Nummorum Ico-
nibus. Vien. Austr. 1744, fol.

Dubia de Minnisari aliorumque Armenia? Regum

F R 267

Nurnmis et Arsacidarum Epocha nuper vulgatis pro-
posita ptv Erasm. Froelich. Vien. Aust. 1754, 4ta.

Numismata Cimelii Caesarei Regii Austriaci Vin-
tfobonensis quorum rariora iconisrais, coetera Cata-
logis exhibita jusso Maria Teresiae Imperatricis ;
opera et studio V. Duval, Erasm. Froelich, et
P. Jos. Khell, Vindob. 1755, 2 vol. fol.

Sexti Julii Frontini de Aqu&ductibus et Strata-
gemata, ex recens. Godeschakki Stewechii, a Petro
ticriverio, 4to. Lugd. Bat. 1607.

a Rob. Keuchenio, 8vo. Amst. 1661.

- I 1 a Jo. Sulpicio et Pomponio Ltrta, fol.

absque ulla nota. Thejirst Edition, with Vitruvius.

fol. Venet. sine typ. nomine, 1494.

A very rare Edition.

fol. Florent. sine typ. nomine, 1496.

With Vitruvius.

fol. Venet. Simon. Papicnsis, dictus

Bevilacqua, 1497. With Vitruvius.

a Jo. Jocundo, 8vo. Florent. Junta,

1513 and 1522, cum fig. With Vitruvius.

de Aquaductibus, ex eadem Editione,

8 to. 1523, sine alia nota. This is a counterfeit of
the Junta Edition.

4to. Bat. 1530. This contains many-
fragments, several of which do not belong to Fron-

- de Aquaductibus^ a Georgia Macha*

ropioeOy 4to. Argent, in oflkina Knoblochiana, 1543,
and ib, 1550 : with Vitruvius.

" a Jean. Po/eno, 4to. Patar. 1722, Edit.


268 F R

opt. A. rare work, illustrated with plates, and with
such excellent notes as few classics can boast.
10s. 6d.

Frontin. de Aquaduct. a Georgio Christ. Ad*
iero, /Etona?, 1792. 8vo.

Stratagemata, ex recens. Phil. Bero-
aldi, fol. Bononia?, 1495. Some mention an Edition
done at Bologna in 1486, but whether any such Edi-
tion exists is doubtful.

a Petto Scriverio, 12mo. Lugd. Batav.

a Joan. Frid. Gronovio, 12mo Lugd.
Bat. 1675.

cum Not, var. et Fraticis. Oudenorpii,

8vo. Lugd. Bat. 1731, et 1779. The second is the
better Edition. 10s. 6d.

1 2mo. et Vegetius de Re militari, 2 vol,

Paris. 17623, 14s.

12iiio. Paris. Jo. Vallart, 1763.

a Nic. Schwebellioy 8vo. Lips. 1772.

Good Edition, 4s.

8vo. Bipont. 1779, 13s.

Oudenorpii, Edit. nov. 8vo. Bipont.
1788, 5S.

Flav. Vegetii Renati de Re militari Sexti Julii
Frontini de Stratagematis, JEliani de instruendis
Aciebus, Modesti de Vocabulis Rei militaris ; item
Picture bellicee cxx. passim Vegetio adject*. Col-
lata sunt omnia ad antiquos Codices, maxime Bud<ei 9
quod testabitur JElianus, Parisiis, apud Wechelium
sub Pegaso, in vico Bellovacensi, anno 1553, fol

F R 269

Sold lately at an auction for 5l. 5s. An extremely
rare and beautiful Edition. The cuts, which are in
woody are executed with uncommon elegance. See
Scriptores de Re militari.

Frontinus, Vegetius, Modestus de Re militari,
fol. Bonon. Jo. Ant. de Benedictis, 1505.

Sexti Julii Frontini Stratagematicon, Libri iv.
Chronologica et Historica, Annotatione Indicibusque,
in usum lectionum instructi, a Geo. Frid. Weigmann.
1798, 8vo. 5s. Of this work the Reviewers speak
in the following terms : " The view with which
this Edition of the Stratagems of Frontinus was pub-
lished will astonish many of our readers. Mr. W.
is, however, of opinion, that the reading of this au-
thor will be found much more useful to the tyro than
that of Eutropius, Nepos, Justin, Valerius Maxi-
mus, and others. As for the language, Nepos is
certainly preferable to Frontinus, but if we look to
the subjects upon which Frontinus has treated, we
cannot deny that his accounts are more variegated
and interesting than the dry breviary of Eutropius,
better connected than the frequently uncritical rela-
tions of Nepos, and that, besides, the reading of
this author is less dangerous to innocence than Jus-
tin and Valerius may prove, on account of their
freedom of language. We apprehend, however,
on the other hand, that the class of readers for
which this Edition is designed, will soon be tired by
the great sameness of the stratagems which are re-
lated in one chapter, and under one head. As for
the notes which the learned editor has subjoined,
A a 3


they are as pertinent as the te\t is correct \ and the
two Indexes which are affixed, will contribute very
much to facilitate the reading of an author who hi-
therto has been very much neglected.

Septus Julius Frontinus was a brave Roman war-
rior, and learned lawyer. He was made praetoF,
A. D. 70, and afterwards consul. Vespasian sent
him, in 78, against the Britons, whom, it is said, he
had the honvur of defeating in several battles. He
was made superintendent of the public aqueducts by
Nerva in 97, and was consul for the third time under
Trajan, in A. D. 100. He died in 106, and Pliny
succeeded him in the augural dignity. His books
of Stratagems prove him to have been an experi-
enced officer.

J. Frontini Junioris de Coloniis RomanisFrag-
menta, ab Onuphrio Panvinio, 8vo. Paris ^gid. et
Nic. GilKi, 1588. With Onuphrii Panvinii Bespub-
tica Bomana.

de Limitibus et de Re Agraria. With

Sextos Frontinus de Aquceductibus, &c. a S'tewechio,
Lugd. Bat. 1607, 4to. and in that, a B. Keuchenio,
8vo. Ams. 1661. *This author is supposed to have
flourished under Domitian. Some think Sextus
Frontinus was the author, and others attribute it to
Junius Nipsus.

Corielius Fronto. See Grammatics Latino?
Auciores antiqui.

Joan. Froschii, Rerum Muscarum Opusculum
rarum ac insigne. Argent. 1535, fol. cum fig.

Fulbekti Opera varia, a Carolo de Villiers, 8vo
Paris. 1608.

F U 2ff

Fulberti Opera. *& Also among the Veierxmi
aliquot Gallia et Belgii Opuscula, 8vo. Lugd. Bat
1892,-^and with the Hyvvni Ecclesiastici 'variorum
Auctorum, Francof. 1578.

Fulbert was bishop of Chartres, and chancellor of
France. He died in 1029. His works consist of
Letters, Sermons, and Hymns. From his Letters it
appears he was held in high estimation by the great-
est potentates in Europe ; particularly Robert king
of France, Canute king of England, Richard duke
of Normandy, &c.

Fulcherius Carnotensis one of the authors ia
the Collection, termed Gesta Dei per Francos, a, Ja~
cobo Bongarsio, fol. Hanov. 1611, 2 vol.
Sancti Fulgentii Opera, 4to. Paris. 1684.

fol. Ven. 1742. Contains besides the

Homilies of Amadeus, bishop of Lausanne.

Spicilegium D. Augustini (Fulgentii Ruspensis
Episcopi) hoc est libri de Fide ad Petrum Draconum,
cum antiquiss. duobus mss. Sec. Sec. coUatio et casti-
gatio, Opera T. J. (Thomas JajnesJ in ejus Eclcga.
Lond. 1600, 4to.

Fulgentius was bishop of Ruspa in Africa, and
died in 533. The principal part of his works is his
Treatise of Predestination and Grace, in. 3 books.

Fabius Fulgentius Planciades de prisco Ser-
mone ad Chalcidium, ab Had. Junio, Svo. Antv.
1565. With Nonius Marctllus.

a Dionysio Got hqf redo, 4to. Parish's,
1586. With the Auctores Lingua" Latin<e.
a Josia Mcrcero, Svo. Paris. 1614.-

212 FU

A good Edition, with which Nonius Marcellinus is

Fulgent. Mj/thologica, a Jo Bapt. Pio, fol. Me-
dio]. Scinzenzeller, 1498. Editio princeps. Ulderi-
cus de Scinzcnzeller finished this impression of Plan-
ciades at the expence of Joamies Passiranus de
Asula, who obtained a patent, constituting him the
sole vender and proprietor of it for six years, from
Louis Sfprza, duke of Milan. It is remarkable, that
this prince, in the beginning of the Instrument,
styled himself Ludovicus Maria Sfortia ANGLUS,
Dux Mediolani, Kc. Papia?, ANGLIAtSUE Co-
mes ; Genua? e t Cremona? Dominus, &c. To the
text is added the Commentary of Joannes Benedic-
tus Pius of Bologna.

a Hieron. Commelino, 8vo. Heidel.

1599. With Ittigius.

Mythol. et de Vocibus antiquis, fol.

Basil. 1549.

Fulgentius is also found with the SS. Leo Mag-
nus, Maximus Taurin. Pet. Chrysologus, he. a
Theophilo Beinaudo, fol. Par. 1661.

Fabius Fulgentius Planciades is an author of an
uncertain age ; but he probably lived in the 8th or
9th century. He is a barbarous and insipid writer,
and scarcely merits any consideration. The grossest
darkness had overspread the whole horizon of Euro-
pean literature in his time ; and it is not to be won-
dered at that his works bear the impress of the age
in which he lived.

Baptists Fulgosi Anteros, seu Disputatio de

F U 273

Amore, Italice scripta, Mediol. Pachcs, 1496, 4to.
A scarce and curious dissertation.

B. Fulgos. de Dictis Factisque memorabilibus, a
rerum humanarum primordio usque in praesens tem
pus, iilis exceptis quae Valerius Maximus edidit. a
Glinio Latinitate donati Mediol. apud Jac. Ferrari um,
an. 1509, fol.

Baptist Fulgose was elected Doge of Venice in
1478 ; but his government was so severe, that he
was deposed the same year, and banished to Tre-
gui. When he died is uncertain.

Olympue FulvIj*e Moratae, Fcemina? doctissima:
Orationes, Dialogi Epistola? et Carmina, ex Editione
Ccelii Secundi Curionis. Basil. 1562, 8vo. This
Edition is said to be preferable to those of 1570
and 1580.

Fu net i us de Origine et Pueritia Latina? Lingua? ;
de imminenti Latinae Linguae Senectate, 3 vol. 4to.
Marb. Cat. 1736. ll. Is.

de Virili ^Etate Latinae Lingua?* 4to.

Marb. Cat. 1727. 3s.

Frideric. Furii Valentini, Bononia, sive de libris
sacris in vernaculam Linguara convertendis, libri
duo. Basil. Oporin. 1556, 8vo.

Leonarti Fuschh de Historia Stirpium Comment,
insignes, cum iconibus plusquam 500. Basil. 1542,
fol. Very rare, and much esteemed.

Leonard. Fusch was born at Wembdingen in Ba-
varia. He was an eminent physician and botanist,
and surnamed the German dtginetus. He died in

( 274 )




XLLUSTRORUM et clarorum Virorum Epistola-
rum Centuria? 3, in quibus multa Theologica, Poli-
tica, Ecclesiastica, Historica, Philologica -, ex Edi-
tione Simonis Abbes Gabbema. Edit, s&xinda, xx.
Epistolis aucta, Harlingse, Frisior. 1669. Avery
good Edition.

Gabri.-e Fabells tres et quadraginta, Gr. et Lat
Vcnet. Aid. 1505, fol.

Fabellse, ties et quadraginta, Gr. et Lat

Lovanii, Theod. Martini, 1511, 4to.

Fabiitee, Basil, ap. Froben. 1521, Svo.

See the Index to Panzer's Annals, vol. 10. p. 355.
< DIssertatio de Babrio (Gabrio) Fabularum yso-
pearum scriptore. Inseruntur Fabulae quaedam .flLso-
peae, nunquam antehac editae ex Cod. ms. Bod-
leiano. Accedit Babrii, {Gabri<e) Fragmenta, a
Thoma Tyrwhitt, Lond. 1776, Svo.

Auctarium Dissertationis de Babrio (Gabrio) ad-
jecit Thomas Tyrwhitt, sua? Orphei de Lapidibus
Editioni. Lond. 1*781* 8vo.

Quaedam Babrii (Gabrio) loca emendantur, et
explicantur in Richardi Domes Miscellaneis Critieis
iterum Editio, a Thoma Burgess, Oxon. 1781, Svo.
p. 468.

a Stephano Weston in ejus libro inscripto ;

Hermesianax : sive conjectural in Athenteum atque
aliquot Poelarum Graecorum Loca. Lond. 1784,

Svo. p. 80 82. et a Ja. Toup,'m Emendationibua
in Suidam, &c. Oxon. 1730, Svo. vol. I 4,

It has been long the opinion of the learned, that
many of those fables which are called ufisop's were
written by other hands. M. Tyrwhitt inclines
to give thera to Babrius {called also Gabrius) on>
the authority of an unedited ms. in the Bodleian
Library ; which had not been consulted bv the for-
mer editors ofJEsap. But all this is very uncertain-
Whether such a person as JE&op ever existed is
doubtful: who Gabrius, or Babrius, was, nobody
knows : whence the fables attributed to these per-
sons came, who can teli ? Probably they are all -of
Indian origin ; and the Heetopades of Vtshnoo Sar~
ma was the root whence the whole sprung.

Gabrius, or Babrius, is supposed to have lived
in the 4th century, but the Abbe Boni thinks the fa-
bles attributed to him were made by one Ignatius, a
deacon of the church of Constantinople, in the 9th
century. These contradictory opinions of the learned
shew the darkness in which the question concerning
the ancient mythologists is envelloped* See yEsoP
and Ph.edrus,

Gaddi (Jacobi) Critico-historicum Opus de
Scriptoribus non ecclesiasticis, Grsecis, Latinis, Itali-
cis, Tom I. Florent. 1648, rbL Tom. II. Lugdun.
1649, fol. Rarely found complete, because the vo-
lumes were printed at different places.

Gaffarelli {JacobiJ Curiositates inauditae, de
cguris Persanim Taiismaeids, cum. X oris, et ex Edi-

276 G A

tione Gregorii Michaelis, Hamburghi, 1676, 2 vols.

figuris. The best Edition.

Gaffarelli Abditae Cabala Mysteri Defensa,

Par. 1625, 4to.

Index Codicum Cabalistorum mss.

quibus usus est J. Picus Mirandula, Parisiis, 1654,

i Quaestio paciflea, num Religionis

dissidia, per Philosophorum Principia, per antiquos

Christianorum orientalium Libros rituales, et per

propria Hzereticorum Dogmata conciliari possint,

Paris. 1645, 4to.
James Gaffarel was born at Mannes in Provence,

in 1601, and died in 1681. He was librarian to the

Cardinal de Richlieu. No person has penetrated
more deeply into cabalistic and occult philosophy
than Gaffarel. His Curiosiiates inaudita is indeed
a most curious work. It was translated by Mr.

Chamberlain, and published at London in 1650, 8vo.
with the following title, " Unheard of Curiosities,
concerning the Tatismanical Sculpture of the Per-
sians, the Horoscope of the Patriarchs, and the
reading of the Stars." It is a feast for an occult phi-
losopher, but it is very scarce. It is said that cardinal
Richlieu employed Gaffarel to endeavour to unite
the Catholics and Protestants, and that, in order to
this, he wrote the work entitled, Qitcestio Pacifica.

Gaguini {Roberti) Epistolas et Orationes de
Conceptione B. Virginis Mariae, necnon Epigram-
mata, &c. Par. 1498, 4to, To be perfect the work
should have, either in the middle or at the end, a

G A 277

small piece, entiled, De variis Vita * humana In-
commodis. This tract is in Roman ; but the book
itself is in Gothic characters*

Roberti Gaguini Compendium de Francorum
Gestis. Paris, ap. Ant. Bonnemere, 1518, 8vo.

de Arte Metrica, ejusdem versi. Parisiis,

Gering. circa 1477, 4to.

Disceptatio Oratorum duorum Regum Romanf,
(Jacobi Phiniphelingi) scilicet- et Franci, (Roberti
Gag^jin'i) super raptu illustrissinaae Ducissas Britan-
nic* (1492) 4to. Goth.

Epistolae et Orationes, Opuscula, &c. Pa-
ris. Gerler, 1498, 4to.

Ordin. Sanctiss. Trinitat. Generalis Mir

nistri, Compendium super Francorum Gestis a Pha-
ramondo usque ad annum 1497 : fol. ab ipso recog-
nitione et auctum. Parisiis, Kerver, 1500. A. very
rare book, even where it was published. Only three
copies were done on Vellum. Of a fine copy in the
Harleian Collection the following is a description.
" The subscription of this book is as follows . Pr<e-
clarissimum hoc de Francorum Gestis Compendium
multis noiatu dignissimum additionibus Libri waits
accessione locupletatum impressit diligcns ac pius
Chalcographus Thielmannus Kerver in inclyto Pa-
risiorum Gyynnasio impensis eptiviorum Ribliopola-
rum Durandi Gerleriiet Joannis Parvi Anno Grce.
(Gratiae) quern Jubilaum vocant, a Natali Chr.
M. I), ad Idus Januarias. In the beginning and
end of this book are Verses written by Jodocus Ra-
dius, who was afterwards an eminent printer, and

278 G A

was, perhaps, at this time, corrector of the press.
This book is printed with a degree of elegance
which is now seldom attained. The leaves are re-
gularly numbered with numeral letters on the top,
and signatures at the bottom. On the top is the
king's name, whose reign is related ; and on the
margin the contents of each passage beautifully dis-
posed. Nor has the illuminator been less careful,
having decorated them with particular attention.
The copies are ruled, not only on the edges of the
pages, but in every space between the lines, which
was sometimes practised at that time, probably that
printed books might retain the air of beautiful manu-
scripts, which were ruled in that manner to direct
the writer. The initials of each chapter are adorned
with red and gold. The paragraphs are distinguish-
ed, not by an interval continued to the end of the
line, but by a small space of the breadth of two let-
ters, which is filled up with gold, upon blue and red
alternately. The character is Roman the abbre-
viations few."

Robert Gaguin was general of the Mathurins,
born atCollines, in the diocese of Amiens, and died
at Paris in 1501. He was employed by Charles
VIII. and Lewis XII. in many important difficult
negotiations in Italy, Germany, and England. He
is allowed to have written better Latin than any of
his contemporaries.

Sacramentale Neapolitanum per Steph. de Gaie-
ta.. Neapoli, per Jodoc. Havestain, 1475, fol. Li-
ber rarus.

G A 379

Antonii Galatei Liber de Situ Japygiae Basileae.
Perna, 1558, 8vo. Liber rariss.

Petri Galatini Opus de Arcanis Catholicae Ve-
ritatis contra obstinatissimam J udaeorum nostra: tern-
pestatis perfidiam. Othone Maris, 1530, fol. A
learned and valuable work.

Rhetores Selecti, scilicet Demetrius Phalereus,
Tiberius Rhetor, Anonymus Sophista, et Severus
Alexandrinus, Gr. et Lat. ex Editione et cum Notis
Thonue Gale et varior. Oxon. 1616, 8vo. A va-
luable Edition.

Historiae Pocticae Scriptores antiqui ; Apollodorus,
Conon, Ptolomceus, Parthenius, Antonius Liberalis,
Gr. et Lat. ex recens. Thoma Gale et varior. not.
Paris. 1675, 8vo. A learned and valuable work.

Opuscula Mythologica Physica et Ethica, Graec.
et Latin, ex recens. T. Gale, Amstel, Wetst. 1688,
gvo. This is more esteemed than the Cambridge
Edition of 1671, Svo.

Historiae Britannicae, Saxonicae, Anglo-Danicae,
Scriptores 15, necnon Historiae Anglicanae Scriptores
5, ex vetustis codicibus mss. editi et in unum col-
lecti, opera et studio Thomte Gale, Oxoniae, 1687,
et 1691, 2 vols. fol. A very useful and important

Jamblici Chalcidiensis de Mysteriis Liber. Pra-
mittitur Epistola Porphyrii ad Anebonem. Tho-
mas Gale Greece nunc primum edidit, Latine ver-
tit, et notas adjecit, Oxon. 1678, fol. This is a va-
luable Edition, and the learned editor was assisted
in it by Isaac Vossius, John Mabillon, Sebastian

2S0 G A

FescMus, and others. Porphyry' 's Letter is not per-
fect, nor has any ms. containing it been found, but
what is here published, is collected by Mr. Gale
from EusebiuSy Theodoret, and Augustin.

Hcrodoti Historiarum, libri ix. Excerpta et Cte-
sije Jibris de rebus Persicis et India's, Gr. et Lat. a
T. Gale. Lond. 1679, foJ. An excellent Edition.

Antonini Iter Britanniarum, Lond. 1109, 4to. a
Th. Gale. A good Edition.

Tlwmas Gale, D. D. and F. R. S. was born at
Scruton, in Yorkshire, in 1636. He was educated
at Cambridge, and became professor of Greek in
that university. He was afterwards chosen head
master of St. Paul's school, London, and wrote those
elegant inscriptions on the monument erected in
memory of the conflagration in 1666. He was made
dean of York, and died there in 1702. He was a
modest and amiable man, and possessed an astonish-
ing depth of erudition.

Phil. Gall^ei Effigies xi. doctorumVirorum, qui
bene de studiis litterarum meruerunt, cum singulo-
rum elogiis. Antv. 1587, 4to. Opus rar. The first
Edition of this work, containing only 45 figures, was
printed at Antwerp in 1572, fol.

Petri Gallandi Vita Petri Castelliani Episcopi
Tutelensis, &c. cum notis Steph. Balluzii. Parisiis,
1 684, 8vo. Le Long says, " This is an interesting
Life, and well written ; and contains many facts
which are not elsewhere to be found."

Galeni Opera, Gr. et Lat. fol. Yen. Aid. 1525,
5 vol. 11. lis. 6d. Edit. prin. Incorrect*

G A 281

Galeni Opera, Gr. fol. Bas. Cratander, 1538, 5
vol. Best Edition. 2l.

cum Hippocrate, a Renato Charterio, Gr.

ct Lat. fol. Par. 1679, 13 vol. Very incorrect.

Opuscula varia, a Theodoro Goulston, Gr.

et Lat. 4to. Lond. 1 640.

Isagoge, a Sebastiano Singklero, et Defi-

nitionum Medicinalium Liber, Gr. et Lat. 8vo. Ba-
silese Oporin. 1537.

De Urinis et alia, Gr. Svo. Paris. Colin.

absque anni indicio.

De Cognitione et Medela Affectuum, a

Jo. Henr. Achero, Gr. etLat. 8vo. Rudolstad. 1715,

De Elementis et alia, Gr. 8vo. Parisiis,

Gward Morrhius, 1530.

De Tuenda Faletudine, a Jo. Cajq, Gr.

Svo. Basil. 1549.

De Plahitis Hippocratis et Platonis, et

alia Opuscula, a Jo. Cajo, Gr. 4to. Basil. 1544.

Libellus, quod optimus medicus idem sit

et philosophus, Gr. 4to. Par. Morel, 1577.

De Ossibus, a Jo. Fan Home, Gr. et Lat.

12mo. Lugd. Bat. 1665.

Admonitio ad Litter as adiscendas, a Kceh-

lero, Gr. 8vo. Lips. 1778.

De Dignoscendis et Sanandis Aniini Af-

fectibus, a Jo. Casselio, Gr. 4to. Helmst. 1592.

Therapeutica, fol. Gr. Zacc. Catliergius,

1500, 61. 6s. Liber eximue raritatis.

Galeni Suasdria ad Artes Oratio, Graec. et Lat.

282 G A

cum Callimachi Hymnis, &c. Londini, 1741, 8vo.
p. 216243.

Galeni Suasoriaad ArtesOratio, Grasc. et Latin,
cum Sclectioribus JEsopi Phrygis Fabulis, &c. in
usum Scoticae Juventutis, Edinb. 1747, 1767, 12mo.

Latin Translations of Galen.

Galeni De Affectorom Locorum Notitia, Lib 6.
4to. Par. 1 5 1 3. This Translation was done by Wil-
liam Copus of Basil, and printed by H. Stephens,
The first page exhibits two cuts of Galen and Hip~

Opera in Latinum conversa, 7 vol. (some-
times bound in 4.) Venet. apud Juntas, 1625, ll. is.

Opera, cum Brassavoli Indicem, 7 vols.

Venet apud Juntas, 1565, ll. lis 6d. Edit. opt.

m Opera Latinc, cum Indice et Studio Aug.
Ricci, Venetiis, 1541. 10 vols. 8vo. Scarce, and sel-
dom complete.

Caleni (for Galeni) De TempeFamentis, libri
tres, Thoma Linacro Anglo Interprete, Cantab. 4to.
1521. Lib.rar.

De Pulsuum Usu, a Thoma Linacro,

Lond. 1522, 4to.

De Motu Musculorum, libri duo, Nic. Le-

oniceno Interprete, Londini, in zedibus Pynsonianis,
1522, 4to.

De Naturalibus Facultatibus, libri tres, a

T. Linacro, Lond. Pynson. 1524, 4to. At folio 91
is annexed a small treatise Ex Paulo JEgineta dc
vrisi et m'ticis, &c.

G A 283

GalEni De Syraptomatum DifTerentiis, lib. unus.

De Symptomatum Causis, libri tres, a T.

Linacro, Lond. Pynson. 1524, 4to.

These Translations by T. Linacer are allowed
by good judges to be executed with great fidelity,
The translator was one of the first who revived the
learning of the ancients in England.

Claudius Galenus was son of an architect, born
at Pergamus about A. D. 131. He studied medi-
cine in the famous school of Alexandria, then the
best in the universe. He afterwards went to Rome,
and became a great favourite with the emperor
Marcus Aurelius. After the death of this prince
be returned to his own country, where he died about
210. Hippocrates and Galen are justly reputed
the fathers of medicine, and to them all modern
medical writers are greatly indebted. One of Ga-
len's maxims was, A man should always rise from
table before his appetite be fully satisfied. And
every person who loves health and long life should
make it his maxim also.

Gall.i (Servatii) Dissertationes de Sybillis ea-
rumque Oraculis, cum figuris asneis, Amstel. 1688,

Sybillina Oracula, ex veteribus coddicibus

emendata et restituta, necnon commentariis diverso-
rum illustrata. Accedunt Oracula magna Zoroastris,
Jovis et Apollinis, &c. Gr. et Lat. cum Not. variis,
etfiguris aeneis, Amst. 1689, 4to. These two works
are often joined together, and seli from 15s. to 20s.

Servatius Gallcsus was a Dutch man. He died

284,1 2 A

at Campen in 1709. Previous to his death he had
nearly finished new Editions of Minutius Felix and

Gallicanus (Vulcatius.) Among the Augusts
Scriptores. See Scriptores.

Gallus {Medicus) fol. Venetiis, Aid. 1547.
Among the Medici antiqui Scriptores.

Galli (Alexandri) Grammatica Latina, seu Doc-
trinale Puerorum, Venet. 1473, fol. Lib. rar.

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