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A bibliographical dictionary; containing a chronological account ... of ... books, in all departments of literature ... with biographical anecdotes ... the whole of the fourth edition of Dr. Harwood's View of the classics, with innumerable additions and amendments. To which are added, an essay on bi online

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Online LibraryAdam ClarkeA bibliographical dictionary; containing a chronological account ... of ... books, in all departments of literature ... with biographical anecdotes ... the whole of the fourth edition of Dr. Harwood's View of the classics, with innumerable additions and amendments. To which are added, an essay on bi → online text (page 4 of 17)
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This contains also the Tract De Idiomatibas Lin-
guarum y of Joan. Grammaticus, Eustatius, and Co-

" Gr. et Lat. 4to. Venet. Fairaus,



52 C O

Constantini Lascaris, Grasc. et Lat. 4to. Paris.
JVechel. 1543.

Gr. et Lat. 8vo. Basil. 1547. A

good Edition.

Opera Grammatica et alia Opus-

cula, Gr. et Lat. 8vd. Venet. Aid. 1557, 12s.

Constantine Lascaris was a native of Constanti-
nople, from which he fled in 1453, when it was con-
quered by the Turks. He came into Italy, and taught
the belles lettres successively at Milan, Naples, and
Messina. From his school Cardinal Bembo and
other illustrious men proceeded. He left his library
to the senate of Messina, which had in 1465 ho-
noured him with the right of citizenship. His Greek
grammar is deservedly esteemed. It is more clear,
methodic, ample, and useful, than that of Theodore

Copa et Moretus. See Virgil.

Ambrosii Corani Oratio de Conceptione S. Ma
rke Virginis, 4to. Printed about 1 472.

Corinna. See vol. 2. pp. 289 et 290.

Corinthius. See under Constantine Las-

Remedium contra Concubinas et Conjuges, per.
modum libri Matheoli a Petro de Corboho, Arche-
diacono Senonensi, et ejus Socios compilatum feli-
citer. Absque nota Editionis literis Gothicis, 4to. >
This tract is commonly preceded by another, inti-
tled Invectiva Cactus Feminei; which is followed by
a third, De Arte Stigmatizandi. All three sold at

C Q 53

the Duke de la Valliere's sale, in H84, for 60 livres
19 sous.
S. Dionysii Areopagitae Opera, Gr. et Lat. cum

Annotationibus Balthazari Corderii, 2 vol. foL

Catena Graecorum Patrum in Psalmos,

Antver. 1643, 3 vol. fol.

Job elucidatus, 1644, fol.

Catena in Lucam, 1628, fol.

Catena in Johannem, 1630, fol.

Balth. CorderiuSy a Jesuit of Antwerp, was a good
Greek scholar, professed theology at Vienna, and
died at Rome in 1650, aged 58 years.

Mathurini Corderii Colloquia Scholastica, iv.
libri, 8vo. et 12mo. This work has been much
used in schools for the instruction of youth in the
Latin tongue. It is the first book put into the hands
of children after having gone through the Latin
Grammar. It has gone through a vast number of
editions ; but is now less used than formerly. 2u.
Has any thing, better calculated to answer the end,
been put in its place? The author, Mathurin Cor-
dier, was born in Normandy about A. D. 1480, and
died in 1565. He was a learned and pious man, of
the Calvinistic persuasion. He also published Cato's
Distichs, with a French translation.

Corinnus, a Greek heroic poet, according to
Suidas more ancient than Homer. He is said to
have been the disciple of Palamedes, and to have
written a poem on the Siege of Troy, and one on
the war oiDardanus with the Faphlagonians It Is

54 GO

said that Homer profited much by this work, which
the author wrote in the Doric letters invented by Pa-
lamedes. if this account be true, it casts some light
oh the Iliad ; for it cannot be supposed that so
finished a poem was the first essay of this kind. It is
on account of this circumstance that his name is in-
troduced here. See the article Ko^mo? in Suidas.

Corippus ( Cresconius Flavins J DeLaudibusJus-
tini Augusti Minoris, libri iv. ac Carmen panegyri-
cum in laudem Anastasii Questoris et Magistri, a
Mich. Ruizio Assagrio, 8vo. Plant. Antverp. 1581.
Edit. prin. Very incorrect.

a Thoma Dempstero, 8vo. Par. 1610.

" ' ab Andrea Rhino, Svo. Lips. 1653,

et 1655.

' a Nicholao Ritlerhuisio, Svo. Altorf.

1743. A better Edition than the preceding. Scarce.

< a P. F. F. (Petro Francisco Foginio)

cum Notis Variorum, 4to. Rom. 1777. An excel-
lent Edition, which deserves a distinct place among
the authors cum Not. Varior. From the same
learned Editor there is some room to expect two
other works ; the Bellum Lyricum, libri 8. and Bella
Syrtica, of the same poet, which are very interest-
ing, not only in respect of the style, but because
they are the two last efforts of the falling Roman

Cresconius Corippus was an African ; a gram-
marian, historian, and poet. He flourished under
the emperor Justin the younger, about A. D. 570.
He roust not be confounded with another Crts*

C O 55

conius, who lived about A. D. 690, and from whom
we have the following work :

Concordia Cano?ium, a Petro Pithcco, fol. Paris.
15SS, which was afterwards inserted in the Col lectio
Juris Canonic, and lately reprinted at Rome, fol.
1777, a Petro Foginio, in the Appendix Historic
Byzantina^ &c.

Antonii Cornellii, exactissima infantium in
Limbo clausorum Querela adversus divinum Judi-
cium apud asquum Judicem proposita; Apologia
divini judicii contra Querelam infantium ; Infantium
ad Apologiam divini Judicii Responsio. iEqui judi-
ciis super hac re sententia. Lutetia apud Christ.
Wechel. 1531, 4 to. Liber impius, sed admodum
rarus. Vogt.

Anthony Cornellius, the author of this tract, was
a lawyer, in Auvergne, about the beginning of the
16th century. When his work made its first ap-
pearance, it was decried as a monster of atheism,
and was so completely suppressed, that scarcely a
copy of it is to be found, even in the most curious
and select libraries. Several think the work was
designed to sap the foundation of religion ; but it is
very likely the author only designed to ridicule and
expose the absurd and horrible doctrine of infant
damnation^ so repugnant to the nature of God and
the gospel of his Son. The book contains about 70

Antonii Cornazani, Poemata varia de Vita
Christi, et de Creatione Hominis ; partim Italice
partim Latine conscripta, 1472, 4to. Lib. rariss.

56 C O

Cornelius Nepos, under the Name of iEmilius
jJtmilii Probi Vitas excellentium Imperatorum,
fol. Ven. Jcnsoti, 1471. The first Edition with a.
date. 111. lis.

fol, . sine ulla nota : doubtless of the

15th century.

a Petro Cornerio, 4to. Mediolani, sine

anno. An Edition of the 15th century.

. Venet. fol. 1473. .

Parma?, fol. 1480.

Venet. fol. per Bernardinum Fenetum t

sine anno, circa 1490.

fol. Brixia?, 1498.

8vo. Fani, Soncinus 1504 : united to

Aurelius Victor.

4to. Argentor. ex ^dibus Schureria-

nis, 1506.

Cornelius Nepos (qui contra fidem veteris in-
scriptionis Plinius aut Suetonius appellatur) cum Ma-
chanei Comment, disserenlibusiigurisinsignitus, 4to.
(Mediolani, 1502?)

De Viris illustribus Urbis Roma?, ex re-

censione C. Catelliani Cotta. Mediol. 1505, 4to.
The author of this work wasSextas Aurelius Victory
and not Cornelius Nepos.

De excellentibus Imperatoribus. Me-
diol. 1511, 4to. attributed to iEmilius Probus.

Taurini Nicolai de Benedictis, 1515,


. per Machaneum Expositum, Lipsise,

apud Valent. Schumann, 1521, 4 to,

C O 57

Vita;, &c. Parisiis, NuhoL de Pratis, 1521, fol.

a Gyberlo Longolio, 8vo. Colon. Gym-

nicus, 1543.

8vo. Paris. Hen. Steph. 1 560.

a Dionysio Lambino, 4to. Par. 1569.

a Joan. Loccenio, 8vo. Holmice, Janso-

nius. An incorrect Edition, but valuable on account
of the interesting philological and political notes.

fol. Francof. 16081609, 2 vol. An

excellent Edition. 18 s.

cum Notis Varior. a Hob. Keuchenio,

8vo. Lug. Bat. 1658, 1667, 1675, 1687, 1107, (Amst.
1708,) 1728. The Edition of 1675 is the most cor-
rect, and represents the heads of the generals, excel-
lently engraved. 5s.

24mo. Salmuri, Ernon. 1673.

. > 12mo. Oxon. 1675, 1687.

a Nic. Courtino, in usum Delphini, 4to.

Par. 1675. Reprinted in 1726.

a Joan. And. Bosio, 8vo. Jenae, 1675.

ab August ino Buchnero, 8vo. Lips.

1688. A good Edition.

ab Herm. Jsse?iio, 8vo. Traj. ad Rhen;


a Christ. Cellario, 12mo. 1694. Of-
ten reprinted since, and the most generally received
in schools.

. 8vo. Oxon. 1697, 1708. The first of

these two Editions is by far the most valuable. It
is a very correct book, and the heads are well en-
graved. 2s. 6d.

5fc C O

Vitae, &c. a Jo. And. Bosio, l6mo. Amst. 1704.

a Davidc IJoog.stratano, l 2mo. Amst.


cum Notis Ernesti, 8vo. Lips. 1707.

' a. Mich. Maitlaire, 12mo. Lond. 1115,

Is. 6d.

cum Not. Var. 8vo. Rhotomagi, Nic.

Alemannus, 1718.

8vo. Patav. Cbmmus, 1720, 172-1, 1727,


cum Comment. Aug. Biuhneri, cura

Stubellio, Dresd. 1721.

cum Not. Var. ab August, van Stover en.

cum subjectis Styli Corneliani, a Weg-

nero, 8vo. Lauba?, 1731.

8vo. Lugd. Bat. Luchtmans, 1 734.

ex Edit. Ilerm. EssenH ab Hen. JVes-

terhovio, 8vo. Amst. 1737, 1746.

1 cum Notts et Phrasibus accommod. a

Muzelioy l2mo. Berol. 1744.

24mo. Brindley, 1744. A very good


a Jo. Mich. Heusingero, 8vo. Ise-

naci et Lips. 1756. A good Edition, on wretched

a M. J. D. Engehchmid, 8vo. Rege-

mont. 1756.

a Jo. Pet. Millero, Lat. et Gall. 12mo.

Berolini, 1756.

a Jo. F. Fischero, 8vo. 1759.

ex Edit. Oxoniensi, Svo v Giasg. Foulis^

CO 9

1749, 1761, 1777. That of 1761 is a beautiful and
correct book. 10s. 6d.

Vita?, &c; cum Notis ad modum Minettii, 12mo.

Lips. 1766.

. 12mo. Barbou, 1767.

cum Not. Var. ex Edit. Aug. van. Sta~

veren, a Car. Ant. Wetstcnio, 8vo. Lugd. Bat. 1773.
-Best Edition.

. Halae, 12mo. 1775.

a J)av. Hoogstratano, 8vo. Traj. 1777.

Cornelii Nepotis, Vita Pomponii Attici, 4to. sine
juJla nota. A singular Edition, of the 15th century,
mentioned by Denis and Panzei\ and which bears
the genuine name of Cornelius Nepos. Abbe Boni.

cum Notis et Observationibus Ccllarii,

et novis Notulis Stubellii, 12mo. Regiom. 1772.

Idem Liber, 8vo. Lips. 1774.

1 - ad Exemplum optimar. Edition, a Men*

selling, 8vo. Lemgov. 1764.

cum Notis, 8vo. /. Ilh> 8vo. Bern.

Typogr. 1780.

- sine Notis, Norim. 8vo. 1784.

cum Not. Varior. 8vo. Hafnia?, 17S2.

8vo. maj. Biponti, 1782.

edid. Hauss. 8vo. Francof. 1785.
- " ex recensione Van. Staveren, 12mo.
Misn. 1791.

' cum Adnot. Grammat. ed S. F. PVurs*

ter, 8vo. Ulm. 1791.

Gallice et Latine de Mr. Le Gras et

P. Millero, BcroJ. 1756.

60 c

Vita?, &c. nova Arte enucleatus mit'noten und
deutschen phrasen von J. /. Ungnad, 8vo. Bresl.

Cornelius Nepos was the first Classic published
in the Russian Empire. It was done at Moscow in
the year 1762.

Connected with Fl. Mallii Theodori Liber de
Metrisy a Heusingero, 8vo. Lugd. Bat. 1766, are
found Cornelii Ncpotis Fragment a Guelpherbytina.

Cornelius Nepos was born at Hostilia, near Ve-
rona, in the reign of Julius Caesar, and lived till the
6th year of Augustus, about the year of Rome 716.
He was an intimate friend of Cicero and Alticus.
He wrote several things, which are all lost, except
'* The Lives of illustrious Greek and Roman Gene-
rals" This work was for a long time attributed to
JEmilius Probus, and several Editions of the work
were published under his name. The Editors were
probably deceived by an Epigram in the ms. pre-
sented to Theodosius, in which were the following

words :

Si rogat auctorem, me sciat esse probum.

The learned critic, Andrew Scotus, was the first
who restored the work to its genuine author. He
also collected some fragments of the lost works of
this historian, which may be found in several of the
above Editions. The original of this work was writ-
ten by Tragus Pompeius in 44 books, and contained
a history of the world from the creation till the time
of Augustus. This voluminous wrok Justin abridged,
taking a selection from each of the 44 books, and

C O 6t

preserving the number and order of the books of the
original in his own work. The abridgment was
read and prized, and the original neglected, and in
the end irrecoverably lost. The work of Justin is
allowed to be written with all that elegance and pre-
cision which characterizes the writings of the Au-
gustan age. He gives a pleasing colouring to the
most simple facts. His arrangement is regular and
perspicuous, and his reflections new, striking, and
always promotive of virtue. But, like other his-
torians, he can only be trusted while relating those
facts with which he had a personal acquaintance, or
were near to the times in which he lived. His account
of the Jews, lib. xxxvi. c. 1 1 , &c. is sufficient to shew
that every page should be read with extreme caution.

Cornelii Severi ./Etna et qua; supersunt frag-
menta, a Theodor. Gorallo, (Joan. Clerico) 8vo.
Amst. 1703. Some copies of this same Edition
have been sold under a counterfeit title, bearing
date 1715. Connected also with Petri Bembi*
^tna, 12mo. Amst. 1715.

. Cornelius Severus flourished in the reign of Au-
gustus, about the beginning of the Christian aera.

Cornelii a Lapidc Commentarii in sacram Scrip-
turam, 10 vol. fol. Antv. 1681. A vast mass of he-
terogeneous matter, in which, connected with con-
siderable learning, the reader may find ridiculous
fables, legends, and trifles, in abundance. The best
parts of the work are, the Commentary on the Pen-
tateuch, and that on St. Paul's Epistles. The author,
whose real name was Cornrillc de la 2 i icrre t was a

2 CO

Jesuit, born at Liege in 1566, and died at Rome iff
1637, aged 71 years.

Cornelii Galli Fragmenta : with Catullus, Ti-
bullust and Propertius, 12mo. Lugd. Gryph. 1548,
1561, and with the same 12mo. Paris. Barbou,
1755, and 8vo. Bipont. 1794. See this Dictionary,
vol. 2. p. 160.

Cornides, D. Commentatio de Religione vete~
rum Hungarorum, 8vo. Vien. 1791.

Cornutus DeNaiura Deorum. The celebrated
Villoison has undertaken an Edition of this author :
it is probably not yet published. Cornutus was a
Stoick philosopher, of Leptis in Africa. He was
exiled by Nero, A. D. 54, because of having passed
an unfavourable judgment on some verses made
by that emperor. He was preceptor to the poet

Corpus integrum Antiquitatum^ viz. Gravii et
Gronovii Thesaurus Antiquitatum, Rom. et Graec. 25
vol. Poleni Supplementum, 5 vol. Sallengre, No-
vus Thesaurus, 3 vol. Grsevii Thesaurus Antiq. et-
Hist. Italiae, Neapolis, Sicilian, Sardinia?, Corsica, Mi-
litae, atq. adjac. Terrar. Insularumq. aBurmanno, 45:
vol. in 24mo. cum multis figuris; the whole 78 vol.
bound in 56; all of the best Edition. Lug. Bat. 1697,
&c. On London sale catalogues for 451.

This Collection is more than sufficient to study-
Roman antiquities to the bottom. But dreadful are
the preliminaries uequired for the study of a parti-
cular history ; to run through so many volumes !
and yet the Collection is good, and absolutely nc-

co m

cessary- for the right understanding of classical an-
tiquities. An Edition, printed at Venice in 1732,
fol. 33 vol. 251. has the Supplements ofSallengre and
Polenus ; but the above is preferable.

Corpus Historic Byzantinae nova Appendix,
Opera Georgii Pisida?, Theodosii Diaconi, et Co>-
rippi Africani Grammatici complectens, studio Pe-
tri Fogginti, Gr. et Lat. fol. Roma?, 1777.

Corpus Poetarum Latinorum, 2 vol. 4to. Geneva
1611, and 1627. It is truly ridiculous, that in this
Corpus Poetarum Latiiwrum y printed at Geneva,
1627, this line in Virgil, jEneid i. v. 13.

Insignem pielate virurn tot adirc laborxs y

is published, .

Insignem impietate virum y &c.

From this let the reader judge of the wonderful
accuracy of this Edition of the Corpus Poetarum
Latinorum at Geneva. Ilarwood.

a more correct Edition, 4to. Lugd. 1616.

Corpus omnium. Veterum Poetarum Latinorum;
cum V-ersiofcfc Italica, Mediolani, 1731 65, 36
torn. 4to. 41. 4s.

Corpus Poetarum Latinorum, Maittaire, 2 vol.
fol. Lond. 1713, 31. 3s. An excellent and scarce
Edition. See Collectio, vol. 2. p. 296.

Corpus Poetae Christiani, 4to. Venet. Aid. 1501,
1502, 1504, 3 vol.

Veterum Poetarum tam profanorum quani

ecclesiasticorum, fol. Lond. 1721, 2 vol. A valua-
ble Collection. See Poetae.

fc* c o

Corpus Juris CivlHs, a Van. Lieuwe'no, 2 vol. fol.
Amst. 1603. A very good Edition. 3l. 13s. 6d.

Corpus Juris Canonici, cum Glossis, 3 vol. Lugd.
1680. 15s. See Collections, in vol. 3. p. 2.

Corpus Juris Civilis, 2 vol. fol. Amst. Elzevir,
J 663, cum notis GotkofredL 2l. 2s. The Editor's
notes are greatly valued by civilians.

2 vol. 8vo. Elzevir, Amst. 1664. This is

the best Edition ; it is a beautiful one for print and
paper ; but contains nothing but the text.

< Amst. 1681,2 torn. 8 vo. A reprint of the

former, but not so well done.

. i i Amst. 1700, 2 torn. 8vo.

> cum notis Gothofredi, et selectis variorum,

Lipsise, 1720, 4to.

- ex recensione et cum notis Gebaver, Got-

tinga?, 1776, 4to. Not yet completed. See Col-
lections, in vol. 3. p. 2.

Corpus Juris Civilis, a Ludovico Bussardo, fol.
Lugd. 156J,et 8vo. Antv. Plant. 1567, 12 vol.

.a Julia Pacioy fol. Genev. 1560, 2. vol. et

8vo. ibid, eodem anno, 8 vol.

These two are the completest Collections made
in the 16 th century.

a Dionysio Gothofredo> fol. Paris. Vitray,

1628, 2 vol. A good Edition. The editor spent
the whole of his life in illustrating this great work.
: ex eadem Editione, a Simone van Leeven,

ibl. Amst. Elzev. 1663. A beautiful and very valu-
able Edition.

1 ex eadem recensione, 8vo. Amst. Elzev.

CO 5

1664, 2 vol. This is often united to the Collection
cum Notis Variorum.

cum Not. Var. 4to. Lips. 1720.

a Simon van Leeven, cum Not. Var. fol.

Colon. Mumatianae, 1756, 2 vol.

a Georgio Christ. Gebavero, 4to. Gotting.

1776, et seqq. Excellent Edition.

Romani, cum Not. Gothofredi et Van

Leeven, 2 vol. fol Colon. 1781.

reconcinnatum, ab Eusebio Begero, et

Hen. Christ. L. B. de Lenchenberg, 4to. Francof.
et Lips. 1767, 2 vol. See under Collectio et Jus.

P. M. Corradini etJos. Rossi Fulpii t vetus La-
tium profanumet sacrum, Romse, 1704 05, etPa-
tavii, 1726, et ann. seqq. 7 vol. 4to. cum fig. 3l. 3s.

CosMiE ^Egyptii Opera with the Collectio nova
Patrum Graecorum, aMontfaucon, fol. Par. 1707.
This author was a monk, of the 6th century, his
work is a kind of Christian Topography \ of some
use to geographers.

Corvi Chiromantia, 8vo. No place or date. It
has several prints in wood, and is a very singular
book. The first page is printed in those long letters,
which sometimes occur in mss. five or six centuries

Benedkti Cosmomorii Bulla Diaboli, qua pater-
jie Papam instruit quo modo gerere se debet in re-
genda Romana Curia et toto terrarum orbe, 1545.
Lib. rariss. Cosmomorius is a borrowed name un-
der which the author has disguised himself.

66 c o

CoTELERil Patres Apostolici, 2 vol. fol. Paris.
1672. ll. is.

a Joan, le Clerc, 2 vol. fol. Antv. 1698.
A fine Edition.

Patres Apostolici* Gr. et Lat. Cotelerii, 2 vol.
fol. Amst. 1724; best Edition; sells for 1 1. 16s.
This is also by.Le Clerc. It is an useful work, and
includes many fragments not published alone.

Ecclesiae Gra?cae Monumenta, Gr. Lat:

Parisiis, 1677 86, 3 torn. 4to. ll. Is. This is not
often to be met with complete. It is sometimes
joined to the Analecta Graca of Montfaucon. Sec
voj. 3. p. 11.

John Baptist Coteleriiis (Cotelier) was born at
Nismes, in 1 629. He was Batchelor of the Sorbon-
he, and Greek professor in the royal college. At
12 years of age he could translate the Hebrew Bible
with great facility, and was perfect master of Eu-
clid's Elements. He Was one of the most learned
men of his time, and a pattern of uprightness, gen-
tleness, and piety. He died in Paris, Aug. 12, 1686,
leaving nine volumes folio of mss. containing ex-
tracts from the primitive fathers, and different eccle-
siastical authors, with notes. These volumes were
deposited in the late king's library. His Patres
Apostolici is a work of great merit, and should oc-
cupy a distinguished place in the library of every

Biblia Latina Vulg. Editionis additis summariis
Chronologia Indicibus, &c. Opera D. F. C. P. C.
minutis et nitidis characteribus. Parisiis, Couste-

C'R 67

lier, 1665, 2 vol. 12mo. This beautiful little Bi-
ble, which is very scarce, goes by the name of the
printer, CousteKer.

Thoma Cr.<eni de Furibus Librariis Dissertatio,
Lug. Bat. 1716, l2mo. Curious.

Thomas Cragius de Republica Lacedsemonio-.
rum, in 8vo. Lugd. Bat. 1671. There are older
Editions of this book. It is allowed to be a learned,
though rather confused work.

Crantz, de duobus Draconis Arboribus Botani-
corum, cum figuris aeneis, Viennae, 1768, 4to.

Creccellii Descriptio et Refutatio Ceremonia-
rum Gesticulationumque Pontificias Missae. Magde-
burg, 1603, 12mo.

Jo. Crellii Franci, De uno Deo Patre, libri 2,
in quibus multa etiam de Filii Dei et SpiritusSancti
Natura disseruntur. Racovia?, 1631, 8vo.

Declaratio Sententiae de Causis Mortis

Christi, 1637, 8vo. .

De Spiritu Sancto qui fldelibus datur,

1650, 8vo.

. Ethica Aristotelica, et Ethica Christiana

Cosmopoli (Amstelodami) 1681, 4to.

John Crell was a famous Socinian divine, born at
Nuremburg in 1590, and died at Cracovia in 1632.
He published a Commentary on parts of the New
Testament, and some pieces on Morality, in which
he endeavours to prove, that there are certain easel
in which husbands should beat their wives. After
this, it is not supposed he made any female converts
to the doctrine of Socinus.

63) e R

Cremonini (Casaris) Tractatus tres. I. De
Sensibus externis. 2. De Sensibus internis. 3. De
Facultate appetativa. Venet. 1644, 4to.

. Explanatio Prooemii Librorum Aristo-

telis de Physico auditu : cum Introductione ad Na-
turalem Arist. Philosophiam, continente tractatum
tie Peedie, deseriptionemque universal naturalis Aris-
totelicze Philosophise, quibusadjunctaest Praefatioin
libros de physico auditu. Patavii, 1596, fol. Both

C&saris Cremonini, Tractatus de Ccelo, et Apo-
logia dictorum Aristotelis, de Via Lactea, et de Fa-
cie in Orbe Luna?. Venet. 1613, 4to.

C&sar Creynonini was professor of philosophy at
Ferrara and Padua. He was born at Cento in the
Modenese in 1550, and died of the plague at Padua
in 1 630. He was not a limited materialist, but be-
lieved that the soul was as mortal as the body, and
that both finally died together.

Petri de Crescentiis, Opus ruralium Commo-
dorum sive de Agricultura, libri xii. Lovanii, 1472,
fol. A scarce and curious work.

Idem liber, Lovanii, per Joan, de West-

folia, 1474, fol. Edit, altera : very rare : sold at the
Vallierian sale, in 1784, for 150 livres.

Idem Liber, Florent. 1 43 1 , fol.

This work was translated into Italian, and pub-
lished at Florence with the title " II libro della Agri-
cultura di Pietro de Crescentiis, 1478, fol." and into
French with the following title, " Le Livre des

C R 69

Proufits Champestres et Ruraulx compose en Latin,
par Pierre de Crescens. Paris. 1486, fol."

Peter de Crescentiis was a native of Bologne ; he
lived towards the conclusion of the 13th century.
He dedicated the above work to Charles II. king of
Sicily, who died in 1308.

Psalterium Graecum cum Latina Versione ; ex re-
cognition Johannis Crestoni, Placentini Monachi,
cujus praemissa Epistola ad Ludovicum Donatum
Episcopum Bergamensem. Mediolani, 1481, die
xx. Septembris. Small folio. This is ihejirst Edition
f the Psalms in Qreek. Lib. rariss. Sold in the
Vallierian sale, 1784, for 216 livres.

Johan. Crestoni Lexicon, cura Boni Accursii
Pisaniy Gr. et Lat. fol. sine ulla nota. Supposed to
have been printed at Milan, about A. D. 1481. It
was reprinted, fol. Vicentiae, 1483 ; again, Regii, 4to.
1497, per Dionys. Bertochum; and again, fol.
Mutinas, 1499.

Lexicon, cura Boni Accursii Pisani ad

Franciscum Turrianium. The 2d Edition \ different
from the preceding.

Lexicon, fol. Placent. sine anno. At

the beginning of the book there is an Epistle from
Bonus Accursius to Franciscus Turrianus ; and at
the end of it, another from the author to Franciscus
FeivariuSy a famous physician and philosopher ;
which gives some account of the work, as well as of
the author's motives to it. This was the first Grseco-
Latin Lexicon.
Cretensis. See Dictys.

70 C R

Crigtont (Jacobi) Opera; 1 . Odae ad Laur en-
tium Massam plures.

2. Laudes Patavinae, Carmen extempore effusum
cum in Jacobi Aloysii Corneliidomo experimentum
ingenii, coram tota Academias frequentia, non sine
multorum stupore faceret.

Z\ Ignorationis Laudatio, extemporale Thema ibi-
dem redditum post sex horarum disputationes, utr,
praesentes Somnia potius fovere quam rem se verana
videre affirmarint, ait Manutius*

4. De Appulsu suo Venetias.

5 < Odae ad- Aldum Manutium.

6. Epistola; ad Diversos.

7. Praefationes soiennes in omnes Scientias, sacras
et profamas.

8. Judicium de Phik>sophia.
9.' Errores Aristotelis.

10. Anna- an Liters praestant? Controvert*

1 1. Refutatio Mathematicorum.

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