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The descendants of John Thomson, pioneer Scotch covenanter; genealogical notes on all known descendants of John Thomson, covenanter, of Scotland, Ireland and Pennsylvania, with such biographical sketches as could be obtained from availble published records, or were supplied by the friends of those i online

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Online LibraryAddams Stratton McAllisterThe descendants of John Thomson, pioneer Scotch covenanter; genealogical notes on all known descendants of John Thomson, covenanter, of Scotland, Ireland and Pennsylvania, with such biographical sketches as could be obtained from availble published records, or were supplied by the friends of those i → online text (page 10 of 32)
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Pa. In June, 1898, he was appointed under the Civil Service Rules,
Assistant Inspector of Engineering Material for the Bureau of
Steam Engineering, Navy Department, Washington, D. C, and
resigned Dec, 1903, to accept the position of Sales Representative
for the Penn Steel Castings & Alachine Co., Chester, Pa., and is
at present Sales Agent for the Penn Seaboard Steel Corporation,
Main Office, Philadelphia, Pa. He is a member of the Society of
the Sons of the Revolution. Married on Dec. 12, 1882, at Hum-
melstown, Dauphin County, Pa., Ada Virginia Nissley (born Feb.
6, 1858; died Nov. 21, 1885), daughter of John J. and Katherine
(Ubil) Nissley, and granddaughter of Christian and Nancy

( ) Nissley and of John and Hannah ( ) Ubil.

Issue (i) John Paul.

BRANCH NO. 3 103

33(10)11— John Paul Zell, Ixjrn Aug. 30. 1885. at Reading. Pa.; died Nov.
17, 1885, at Hummclstown, Pa.

33(10)2— William Thompson Zell, iK.rn July 19. 1854. at Marietta. Lan-
caster County, Pa. Accountant 130 .North Second St.. Reading,
Pa. Married on Dec. 24, 1889, at Danville, Pa., Alice Beaver
Thompson, dau^ihtcr of Egbert and Sarah Ann (Pauihamous)

Thompson and granddaughter of Henry and Letitia ( )

'i'hompson and of John and Catherine ( ) Pauihamous.

Issue (i) Lucian Thompson.

33(10)21— Lucian Thompson Zell, l,<,rn .Aug. 27, iHyO. at Iranktord. Phila-
delphia, r.i, .\ddrcss, I JO North Second St., Reading, Pa.

33(10)3— Josephine Patterson Zell, horn Dec. 23. 1855. at Marietta. Pa,
Address. 6510 .North Seventh St.. Oak Lane, Philadelphia, Pa.
Married on July 10. 1H74, at Readin,;, Pa., Henr>- Crowther (l)orn
Nov. I, 1855, in Reading, Pa), son of Henr\- and .-Vmelia (Homan)
Crowther, grandson of Henry and Mary (Castello) Crowther and
of Augustus and Klizaheth (Hoyer) Homan. and great-grandson
of Hon. George Ro<lney Richard Crowther (Captain in the British
Army), a descendant of Henry W of England. Mary Castello
was the daughter of Rachel (Montefiore) Castello and a grand-
daughter of Moses Munes Montefiore. Issue (i) Henry Lindley,
{2) Mary Ethel, (j) Herbert Burd, (4) Helen .-Xda, (5) Frances
Lois, (6) Charlotte Patterson, (7) Edith Florence, (8) Margaret
Shippen, (9) Edmond Castello, (10) Burd Shippen, (il) Laurance
Montefiore, (12) Cecil Richard.

33(»o)3i— Henry Lindley Crowther, born Nov. 22. 1875, at Reading. Pa.
Address, Conshohocken, Pa. Married on June il, 1902, Mary
Beaver, daughter of Dr. David R. and Mary (Patterson) Beaver
of Conshohocken, Pa. Issue (l) David Beaver, (2) Mary

33(10)3" — David Beaver Crowther, born .-Xpr. 30, 1906. at Philadelphia,

33(10)312 — Mary Rachel Crowther, born Dec. 24, 1915.

33(10)32— Mary Ethel Crowther, born Mar. 24. 1877. at Reading. Pa.
Address, 6510 North Seventh St., Philadelphia, Pa. Married on
Sept. 8, 189S, at Ridgewood, Pa., Theodore Stengel (died Aug.
30. 1012, at Ebensburg, Pa.), son of Godfrey and Fredericka
(Hertle) Stengle. Issue (i) Josephine, (2) Fredericka Mary, (3)


33(10)321— Josephine Stengel, born Dec. 2, 1899, at Pittsburgh, Pa.
33(10)322— Fredericka Mary Stengel, born July 26, 1903, at Pittsburgh, Pa.

33(10)323— Dorothy Stengel, born June 26, 1907, at East Orange, N. J.;
died June 29, 1907.

33(10)33— Herbert Burd Crowther, born Dec. 4, 1879, at Reading, Pa.;
died 1881 at Reading, Pa.

33(10)34— Helen Ada Crowther, born Mar. 8, 1881, at Reading, Pa. Ad-
dress, 2127 Lambert St., Philadelphia, Pa. Married on Nov. 14,
1901 at Ridgewood, N. J., Charles Andrew Cumings of Tidionte,
Pa., son of Henry Harrison and Charlotte (Sink) Cumings and
grandson of Charles and Emma (Amsden) Cumings and of An-
drew and Sarah (La Rue) Sink. C. A. Cumings is in the auto-
mobile business. Issue (i) Margaret Shippen.

33(10)341— Margaret Shippen Cumings, born Apr. 26, 1908, at Philadel-
phia, Pa.

33(10)35— Frances Lois Crowther, born Oct. 14, 1883, at Reading, Pa. Ad-
dress, 327 East Second St., Bloomfield, Ind. Married on June 28,
1905 at Montclair, N. J., Edgar Roscoe Cumings (born Feb. 20,

1874 at Madison, Ohio) son of Charles and Rebecca A

(Sullivan) Cumings. Edgar Roscoe Cumings received the degree
of A. B. from Union College in 1897 and Ph. D. from Yale in
1903. He is professor of geology at Indiana University, Bloom-
ington, Ind. Fellow of the Amer. Assoc. Adv. Science. See
"Who's Who in America" and "American Men of Science."
Issue (i) Edith Katherine, (2) Edgar Crowther.

33(10)351 — Edith Katherine Crowther Cumings, l)orn May 12, 1906, at
Bloomington, Ind.

33(10)352— Edgar Crowther Cumings, born Nov. 27, 1909, at Blooming-
ton, Ind.

33(10)36— Charlotte Patterson Crowther, liorn May 20, 1883, in Reading,
Pa. Married June 5, 1912, Edward Shippen Thomson (3383) son
of Theodore Samuel Thompson and Annie (Cassell) Thompson,
grandson of William Thompson, Jr., and Charlotte (Patterson)
Thomson, who were the great-grandparents of his wife. Ad-
dress, 1912, Thompsontown, Pa. See 3383.

33(10)37— Edith Florence Crowther, l)orn May 26, 1885, at Reading, Pa.
Married Sept. 29, 1914, at Philadelphia, Edward Everett Thomp-
son — see (10) 113.


33(10)38 — Margaret Shippen Crowther, born Sept. 24. 1888, in Philadelphia,
J 'a. Unmarried. Address, 6510 North Seventh St., Oak Lane,
Philadelphia, Pa.

33(10)39 — Edmond Castello Crowther, horn Jan. 17, 1891. in Philadelphia,
i'a. Unmarried. Address, Philadelphia, Pa.

33(10)3(10) — Burd Shippen Crowther, l)orn May 9, 1893, in Boston. Un-
married. Address, Philadelphia, Pa.

33(10)3(11)— Laurance Montifiore Crowther, horn Jan. 24. 1895, in Boston.
Unmarried. Address, Philadelphia, Pa.

33(10)3(12)— Cecil Richard Crowther, horn June 7, 1897, in Pittsburgh.
Address, Philadelphia, Pa.

33(10)4 — Elizabeth Jeannette Zell, horn Feb. 8. 1866, at Marietta, Pa. Ad-
dress Cranberry, .\. J.. R. F. D. Married on April 23, 1898, at
Keadins, Pa., Thomas Thursby (born July 18, 1855, at London,
England) son of James Randall and Martha (Bodell) Thursby and
grandson of John and Mary Ann Elizabeth (Harvey) Thursby and
of William Hodcll. For many years Thomas Thursby was Super-
intendent of the American Gem & Pearl Co., New York City.
Now engaged in scientific farming. Issue (i) Thomas Burd.

33(10)41 — Thomas Burd Thursby, l)urn Nov. 2. 1900, at Dorchester, Mass.

33(10)5 — Margaret Lowery Zell, born Jan. 13, 1868, at Reading, Pa. Mar-
ried Dec. 14, 1904 at Passaic, N. J., Charles Morford Hallman
(born Jan. 9, 1870, at .Mlcntown, Pa.), son of Stephen Jacob and
Emma (Morford) Hallman and grandson of Jesse and Susan

( ) Hallman and of George and Maria (Hohn) Morford.

C. M. Hallman was president of the Kentucky Refinery Co. with
headquarters at Louisville, Ky. Address Reading, Pa.

33(10)6 — Theodore Shippen Zell, born June 15, 1870. at Reading. Pa.; died
June 20, 1896. Married on Dec. 5, 1893., Theresa Collins (born
Sept. 27, 1868 at Wolverhampton, England) daughter of John
and Sarah (Harbland) Collins. Issue (i) Gladys Maj-.

33(10)61 — Gladys May Zell, born Oct. 14, 1894, at Philadelphia. Address,
1623 North Fifty-fifth St., Philadelphia, Pa.

33(10)7 — Lucian Mitchell Zell, born Sept. 15, 1873, at Reading, Pa. Ad-
dress, 251 Ridgewood Ave., Glen Ridge, N. J. Married on Sept. 28,
1898 at Philadelphia, Pa., Annie Cunningham. Issue (i) Dorothy
May, (2) Lucian Mitchell.


33(10)71 — Dorothy May Zell, born May i, 1903, at Philadelphia.

33(10)72 — Lucian Mitchel Zell, Jr., born Apr. 9, 1906, at East Orange,

34 — Sarah Thompson, born 1783, in Pfoutz Valley, in what is now Perry
County, Pa. ; died March 7, 1862 in the 79th year of her age ; buried
beside her husband in the Lost Creek Cemetery near McAlisterville,
Juniata County, Pa. She married on Nov. 2, 1802, William McAlister
(born Aug., 1775, in Lost Creek Valley, Juniata County, Pa. ; died Dec.
21, 1847 in the 73rd year of his age), son of Hugh and Sarah (Nelson)
McAlister and grandson of Hugh and (Harbison) McAlis-
ter, Scotch Protestants, who emigrated from the north of Ireland to
America in 1732 settling first in Little Britain Township, Lancaster
County, Pa., and later in Tyrone Township in what was then Cumber-
land and is now Perry County, Pa. Hugh McAlister, Jr., was born
in 1736 in Little Britain Township, Lancaster County, Pa. In 1758 he
enlisted in Forbes campaign for the capture of Fort DuQuesne — on
the present site of Pittsburgh. After his return home from that cam-
paign he married Sarah Nelson of Lancaster County, Pa., and settled
first on a farm, near what is now Icksburg, in Sherman's Valley, which
he sold to his brother John. In 1762 he moved to land he had bought in
Lost Creek Valley, Juniata County, Pa., named by him, "Hugh's Fancy."
He fought against the Indians in Pontiac's War in 1763. He served as
private soldier, sergeant, lieutenant and captain at different times during
the Revolution and at about the close of the war was commissioned
major — see 34524. Major Hugh McAlister died Sept. 22, 1810, and was
buried beside his wife in the Lost Creek Cemetery. His record in the
Colonial Wars and in the Revolutionary War has been compiled by his
great-granddaughter, Mrs. Henrietta Graham (McAllister) Baldwin
— 3452. To her are indebted not only the descendants of Sarah
(Thompson) McAllister, but also those of the other branches of the
Thompson family, for much pains-taking care in the collection of a
great amount of thoroughly reliable information relating to the Thomp-
son and kindred families living along the Juniata and the adjacent
country in the "Old Colonial Days," 1754-1764. William McAlister, son
of Hugh and Sarah (Nelson) McAlister, was born at "Hugh's Fancy"
in Juniata County, in Aug., 1775. Papers now in the possession of his
descendants show that he served as paymaster of the 83rd Pennsylvania
Regiment in 1812 and 1814. On March 4, 1842 he was appointed one
of the two associate Judges of Juniata County, and he served as a
trustee of the Lost Creek Presbyterian Church for forty years. Chil-
dren of William and Sarah (Thompson) McAlister, (i) Jane Thomp-
son, (2) Nancy, (3) Hugh Nelson, (4) Thompson, (5) Robert, (6)
Elizabeth, (7) William, (8) .son unnamed, (9) George Washington.


341 — Jane Thompson McAllister ("Jean"), born Dec. 27. 1803. at the Mc-M-
ister homesteafl near McAlistcrviile, Pa.; died July 29. 1880. She was
married by Rev. John Hutchinson, on Apr. 10, 1827. to David Banks,
of Juniata County. Pa., son of Andrew and Elizabeth (Lintner)
Banks and grandson of James and Anna (Small) Banks, and of
Christian Lintner, all of Fermanagh Township, near Mifflintown, Pa.
James Banks was born 1732, probably in the town of Ayr, the son of
Hugh Banks, of Ayrshire Scotland. He emigrated to America with
his wife Anna (Small) Banks, settling at New London Cross Roads,
Chester County, Pa. James Banks served for two years. 1756-7, in
Captain William Clinton's company of volunteers under the command
of Colonel George WashinKton. In 1758 he enlisted in the army of
General Forbes against Fort Duquesne. In 1772 he purchased a tract
of 172 acres in I.f)St Creek Valley. Juniata County. Pa., from William
Sharon. Andrew Banks, his son, who was born in York County, Pa.,
Jan. 12, 1767, and died Dec. 28. 1855 in Lost Creek \'alley. was for
many years ruling ebler in the Lost Creek Presbyterian Church.
David Banks, his son, who was l)orn May 23, 1798 in Juniata County,
and died Mar. 6, 1870, serve<l from 1856 to 1861 as one of the asso-
ciate judges for Juniata County. See "History of Juniata and Sus-
quehanna Valleys in Pennsylvania." p. 824-830. Issue (i) James An-
drew, (2) Wilbam, (3) David Stewart, (4) John Edmund, (5) Robert
Edwin, (6) John Nelson. (7^ Lucien.

341 1— James Andrew Banks, ix^rn Jan. 17. i8j8. Went to California in
1H33. Served in the Legislature of that State two terms and in the
State Senate one term. Came within one vote of being elected U. S.
Senator. He was elected first president of the Young Men's Christian
Association of San Francisco. He was killed by Indians in Nevada,
Aug. I, 1807, while managing mining interests there. Never married.

3412— William Banks, ln.rn Mar. 12. 1830; died Oct. 18, 1914, aged 85
years at MifHintown. Pa. He was for many years an elder in the
Mifflintown Presbyterian Church. Married on Oct. i. 1861 Jane
Elizabeth Hamlin, daughter of Dr. Philo and Rebecca (North) Ham-
lin and granddaughter of Darling and Elizabeth (Doty) Hamlin, all
of Mifflintown. Pa. Issue (i) William Hamlin, (2) James Alonza,
(3) Andrew, (4) Ella Kate, (5) Philo Hamlin, (6) Rebecca Jane,
(7) Annie May.

34121 — William Hamlin Banks, born in Fermanagh Township, Juniata
County, Pa., Nov. 16, 1862. Graduated from the medical course at
the University of Pennsylvania. 1889. Under President Cleveland's
second administration he held the office of examining surgeon for
United ^tates pensions. Dr. Banks is a director of the Mifflintown
& Patterson Electric Light Company, of which he was one of the


organizers, and is a director of the Fermanagh Building and Loan
Association. He is a practicing physician in Mififlintown, Pa. Mar-
ried Oct. 27, 1892 Bessie Jacobs Parker, daughter of Robert E. and
Catharine (Jacobs) Parker and granddaughter of Caleb Parker, all
of Mifflintown, Pa. Issue (i) Robert Parker, (2) Jane, (3) William
Hamlin, (4) Catharine Jacobs, (5) Hugh McAllister.

341211 — Robert Parker Banks, born Oct. 20, 1893.

341212 — Jane Banks, born Nov. 15, 1894.

341213 — William Hamhn Banks, born July 17, 1896.

341214 — Catharine Jacobs Banks, born Feb. 6, 1899.

341215 — Hugh McAllister Banks, born June 5, 1901.

34122 — James Alonza Banks, born Oct. 15, 1864. Druggist, Mifflintown,

34123 — Andrew Banks, born Mar. 21, 1866. Graduated from Princeton
University, 1889. Corporal U. S. A., Philippines Co. I, Tenth Pa.
Vols. Infantry. Enlisted April, 1898; honorably discharged, San
Francisco, May, 1899. Lawyer. District Attorney two terms. He
is secretary of the Thompson Family Association. Address, Mifflin-
town, Pa.

34124— Ella Kate Banks, born May 6, 1868. Married Dec. 31, 1891, at
Mifflintown, Pa. John Howard Neely (born Sept. 7, 1858 in Tusca-
rora Township, Juniata County, Pa.), son of John Neely (born
June 6, 1814; died May 30, 1892) and Margaret Jane (Ewing) Neely
(born Nov. 20, 1831, in Perry County, Pa.). The grandparents of
J. Howard Neely were John and Margaret (McFeaters) Neely and
William and Sarah (Allison) Ewing. His great-grandfather, Wil-
liam Neely lived in his boyhood near the present town of Roxbury,
Franklin County, Pa., but later settled in Lack Township, Juniata
County, Pa. He married Sallie Harvey of Path Valley, Franklin
County, Pa. William Neely, was a member of the Presbyterian
Church at Waterloo, Juniata County, Pa. His land in Lack Town-
ship, which he had purchased from the Indians, was held in the
Neely family until 1873. His son John Neely, born in Lack Town-
ship, Juniata (then Cumberland) Co., Pa., June 20, 1774, died Aug.
5, 1846, on a farm in Tuscarora Township, same county, which is
now owned by one of his descendants. John Neely, Jr., the father
of John Howard Neely, was born and died on a farm in Tuscarora
Township, Juniata County, Pa. He was a member of the Middle


Tuscarora Presbyterian Church. J. Howard Xeely graduated from
Princeton University in 1884, and was Riven the advanced degree
of H. M. by this university in 1887. Since July, 1886, he has been
practicing law at Mifflintown, Pa. From 1891 to 1894 he served as
district attorney. Issue (i) Lucien Banks, (2) John Howard, (3)
William Hamlin, (4) Helen, (5) Elizabeth Banks (6) Margaret

341241— Lucien Banks Neely, born Mar. 3, 1893; died Nov. 29, 1893, Mif-
fliiitown. Pa.

341242— John Howard Neely, born Nov. 22, 1894, Mifflintown, Pa. Grad-
uated from Princeton University degree, A. B., 1916.

341243— William Hamlin Neely, born Feb. 2, 1896. Mifflintown, Pa. Grad-
uated from the Harrisburg Academy, 1913. Princeton University,

341244— Helen Neely, born Dec. 27, 1899, Mifflintown, Pa.

341245— Elizabeth Banks Neely (twm), born Sept. 21, 1902, Mifflintown,

341246— Margaret Banks Neely (twin), born Sept. 21, 1902, Mifflintown,

34125 — Philo Hamlin Banks, born Sept. 30. 1870, in Fermanaugh Township,
Juniata County, Pa.; died Nov. 23, 1901, at New Orleans, La.;
buried at Mifflintown, Pa. After a course at the Mifflin Academy,
ho entered the Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia, Pa., and
graduated from that institution in the class of 1901. After gradua-
tion, he served for a short time as resident physician at the Jeffer-
son Hospital. The Boer war was going on at this time and he was
appointed as physician and surgeon on the "Montcalm," an English
merchant vessel plying between New Orleans and South Africa.
On the return trip of his first voyage, he contracted tj-phoid fever
and died at New Orleans.

34126 — Rebecca Jane Banks, born July 18. 1872. Married June 30, 1896,
Ezra Doty Parker, son of E. Southard and Isabella (Wilson)
Parker of Washington, D. C, and grandson of Andrew and Ann E.
(Doty) Parker of Mifflintown, Pa. Ezra D. Parker is a banker at
Washington, D. C. Issue (i) Edmund Southard, (2) Helen Wilson.

341261 — Edmund Southard Parker, born May 30, 1897.
341262 — Helen Wilson Parker, born Aug. 26, 1900.


34127 — Annie May Banks, born July 14, 1879; died May 10, 1880.

3413— David Stewart Banks, born Jan. 10, 1832; died July 13, 1898, at
Santa Cruz, Cal. B. A. Lafayette College, Pa., 1856, and Princeton
Theological Seminary 1859. Presbyterian minister, held pastorates at
Saxton near Altoona, Pa. ; Easton, Pa. ; Marquette, Mich. ; Santa
Cruz, Cal., and elsewhere. Unmarried.

3414— John Edmund Banks, born Oct. 31, 1834; died April 7, 1837.

3415— Robert Edwin Banks, born June 29, 1837; died of typhoid fever at
Jeflferson College, Pa., April 17, 1858.

3416— John Nelson Banks, born May 3, 1839. Received the degree of
Bachelor of Scientific Agriculture from the Agricultural College of
Pennsylvania in 1861 and the degree of Master of Scientific Agricul-
ture in 1865. His room-mate at college was his first cousin William
Miller McAllister (3443) who left school to join the Southern army
while J. N. Banks entered the Northern army. J. N. Banks has been
a practicing lawyer since 1866. Address, Indiana, Pa. He married
on Jan. 23, 1873, Huella Willson, daughter of David and Lucinda
(DeVane) Willson of Allegheny County, Pa., and granddaughter of
Hugh and Margaret (Pearce) Willson. Issue (i) William, (2)

34161— William Banks, born Jan. 23, 1874. Lawyer, Indiana, Penn. Mar-
ried on Aug. 3, 1904, Carrie Zelma Sweeny, daughter of William

A and Caroline (Lucas) Sweeny of Indiana, Pa., and

granddaughter of John and (Piffle) Sweeny. Issue

(i) William Nelson, (2) Roxanne, (3) Lucile.

34161 1 — William Nelson Banks, born Jan. 11, 1906.

341612 — Roxanne Banks, born Aug. 31, 1909.

341613— Lucille Banks, born Jan. 25, 1911.

34162— Annie Banks, l)orn July 8, 1877. Married Sept. 19, 1906, Charles
Austin Cunningham, son of David Austin and Emma Moore (Smith)

Cunningham, Indiana, Pa., and grandson of George B

and Nancy (George) Cunningham. Address, Banker, Cresson, Pa.
Issue (i) John Banks.

341621— John Banks Cunningham, l),,rn Fcl). 8. 1908.


3417 — Lucien Banks, liom Jan. 13, 1841 ; died .\ug. 3, 1907, at MifBintown,
Pa. He attended Tuscarora and Airy View Academies and graduated
at the University of Pennsylvania Medical College in the class of
1868 and located at Mifflintown, Pa., remaining there in active prac-
tice until his death. He served as surgeon of the Pennsylvania Rail-
road Co. throughout substantially his professional career. In 1887,
he was elected President of the Juniata Valley Medical Society. He
always took an active part in the politics of his native county and
was elected to the State Legislature in 1879. At the time of his
death, he was a director of the Juniata N'alley National Bank of
Mifllintown, Pa., and a stock holder of the First National Bank of
the same place and was also president of the Mifflintown-Patterson
Water Co.

342 — Nancy McAlister, l.orn Jan. 17, 1807; died Sept. 28, 1807.

343 — Hugh Nelson McAllister, horn at the homestead in Lost Creek Val-
ley, Pa., June j8, 1809. Graduated from Jefferson College, Pa., 1833.
Attended the law school of Judge Reed at Carlisle, Pa. Distinguished
lawyer of Bcllcfonte, Pa. Member of law firm of Potter & McAllister
(1835-1850) and McAllister & Beaver ( iS5'>-i873)- He first wed Hen-
rietta Ashman Orbison, daughter of William and Eleanor (Elliott)
Orbison, Huntington, Pa. William Orbison (born June 27, 1777, in
York County. Pa.; died Aug. 23, 1857. in Huntingdon, Pa.) was a son
of Thomas and Elizabeth (Bailey) Orbison and a grandson of Thomas
and Elizabeth (Miller) Orbison and of Benjamin and Elizabeth Bailey.
Thomas Orbison, Sr., who was born near Lurgan, Ireland, about 171 5,
came to America about 1741 settling first in Franklin County, Pa., and
later in Peter's Township, Cumberland County, Pa., where he died in
March, 1779. His wife whom he married on Oct. 19, 1744, was a
daughter of James Miller of New Castle, Del. Eleanor (Elliott)
Orbison was a daughter of Benjamin Elliott by his second wife Sarah
Ashman and a grandson of Robert Elliott and of George and Jemima
(Murray) Ashman. Robert Elliott who was of Irish ancestry died
in Peters Township, Cumberland County, Pa., in 1768. George Ash-
man was a son of John and Constance (Hawkins) Ashman and a
grandson of George Ashman who was born prior to 1660 in Lyming-
ton County, Wiltshire, England, and came to America about 1670,
settling first in Calvert County, Md. On Nov. 30, 1694, he received a
grant from King William III of 500 acres in what was then Cecil
County, which he called "Ashman's Hope." About 1687 he married
Elizabeth Trahearne, widow of William Cromwell. When he died in
1699 he willed "Ashman's Hope" to his son John— see Biographical
Encyclopedia of Juniata Valley, Pennsylvania, pp. 1-16. By his first
wife, Mrs. Henrietta Ashman (Orbison) McAllister, Hugh Nelson
Mc.A.llister had seven children, four of whom died in infancy. The
first Mrs. McAllister died April 12, 1857, and on Sept. 12, 1859, he


married Margaret Hamilton, of Harrisburg, daughter of Hugh and
Rosanna (Whiteside) Hamilton, Harrisburg, Pa., and granddaughter
of Captain John Hamilton, under whom his grandfather, "Major
Hugh" McAllister, had served in the Revolution. During the War of
1861-5 Mr. McAllister did more than any one man to raise and
organize the many companies which left his (Centre) county. He
finally raised a full company (Co. F, 23rd Pa. Militia), was elected its
captain and went with it to the field, serving faithfully until his place
could be filled by a younger man. He was one of the projectors and
constant supporters of the (now) Pennsylvania State College ("Mc-
Allister Hall" there is named in his honor) ; elder in the Bellefonte
Presbyterian Church and one of the most learned of the fourteen
delegates at large of the Pennsylvania Constitutional Convention. He
died in Philadelphia as a member of that body May 5, 1873 (see "Con-
stitutional Convention, McAllister Memorial"). Children of H. N.
and Henrietta Ashman (Orbison) McAllister, (i) Mary Allison, (2)
Ellen Elliott, (3) son, (4) William Orbison, (5) Sarah Banks, (6)
Laura, (7) Nelson.

3431— Mary Allison McAllister, born at Bellefonte, Pa., Sept. 26, 1842.
Married on Dec. 26, 1865, James Addams Beaver (born at Millers-
town, Pa., Oct. 21, 1837; died at Bellefonte, Pa., Jan. 31, 1914), son
of Jacob and Ann Eliza (Addams) Beaver and grandson of Rev.
Peter and Elizabeth (Gilbert) Beaver and of Abraham and Lydia
(Miller) Addams. Abraham Addams was a son of Isaac and Barbara
(Ruth) Addams, a grandson of William and Anna (Lane) Adams
and of Peter and Catherine (— — — ) Ruth, and a great-grand-
son of Richard Adams and of Edward and Ann (Richardson) Lane.
Lydia Miller was the daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth (Feather)
Miller, granddaughter of Peter and Marie (Levan) Feather, a great-
granddaughter of Isaac and Mary Margaret Levan and great-great-
granddaughter of Daniel and Marie (Beau) Levan — see 344. Rev.
Peter Beaver's father was George Beaver, a soldier in the Revolution

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