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The descendants of John Thomson, pioneer Scotch covenanter; genealogical notes on all known descendants of John Thomson, covenanter, of Scotland, Ireland and Pennsylvania, with such biographical sketches as could be obtained from availble published records, or were supplied by the friends of those i online

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Online LibraryAddams Stratton McAllisterThe descendants of John Thomson, pioneer Scotch covenanter; genealogical notes on all known descendants of John Thomson, covenanter, of Scotland, Ireland and Pennsylvania, with such biographical sketches as could be obtained from availble published records, or were supplied by the friends of those i → online text (page 11 of 32)
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and a member of Anthony Wayne's fourth battalion of the Pennsyl-
vania line; he served in the Revolutionary war in 1776 and 1777 and
afterwards as a captain of Associators in Berks County, in 1778. He
was a son of George Beaver, a German of French-Huguenot influ-
ence who came to America in 1740 with his father Peter Beaver from
• Elsess, Germany, and settled in Berks County, Pa. George Beaver,
Jr., married Katharine KicfFer, a daughter of Dewalt and Hannah
(Fox) Kieffcr, and lived and died at Upper Strasburg, Franklin
County, Pa., after the war. See "Biographical Encyclopedia of
Juniata Valley," pp. 1283 and 1291. James Addams Beaver was the
Junior law partner of his wife's father — 343. He graduated from
Jefferson College, Cannonsburg, Pa., 1856 (LL.D. Dickinson, Pa., and
Hanover, Ind., 1889, and University of Edinburgh, Scotland). Ad-
mitted to bar 1856. Practiced at Bellefonte, Pa., 1859-1861. Second

BRANCH NO. 3 113

Lieutenant, Second Pennsylvania Infantry, April 21, 1861 ; Lieutenant
Colonel Forty-fifth Infantry, Oct. 21, 1861 ; Colonel One Hundred
and Forty-eighth Pennsylvania Infantry, Sept. 6, 1862. Brevet Briga-
dier General Volunteers "for highly meritorious and distinguished
conduct throughout the campaign, particularly for valuable service at
Cold Harbor while commanding a brigade; honorably discharged
Dec. 22, 1864; shot through body Chancellorsville, May 3, 1863; shot
in side Petersburg, Va., June, 1864; lost a leg at Ream's Station
Aug. 24, 1864." Resumed law practice at Bellefonte. Was Major
General Pennsylvania National Guards 1870-78. Governor of Penn-
sylvania 1887-91. Judge of Superior Court of Pennsylvania, 1896-
1914. President, Board of Trustees Pennsylvania State College; Vice-
Moderator Presbyterian General Assembly 1888 and 1895. Member
of the President's Commission for investigating the War Depart-
ment, 1898. Delegate to the General Missionary Conference, Edin-
burgh, 1910. — See "Who's Who in America," "International Who's
Who in the World." Address of Mrs. James A. Beaver, Bellefonte,
Pa. Issue (i) Nelson McAllister, (2) Gilbert Addams, (3) Hugh
McAllister, (4) Thomas, (5) James Addams, Jr.

3431 1 — Nelson McAllister Beaver, born Nov. 11, 1866; died Jan. 8, 1867.

34312 — Gilbert Addams Beaver, born Jan. i, 18O9. B. S. Penn. State Col-
lege 1893. Served for years as secretary of the International Com-
mittee of the Y. M. C. A. and later as secretary of the College Board
of the Presbyterian Church, U. S. A. Address, Yorktown Heights,
N. Y. Married on May 12, 1896, Anne Simonton. daughter of John
Wiggins and Sarah (Kunkel) Simonton. John W. Simonton was
Judge of the Court of Dauphin County, Pa. He was a son of
William and Martha (Snodgrass) Simonton and grandson of Dr.
William and Jean (Wiggins) Simonton of West Hanover Township,
Dauphin County, Pa. Issue (i) Katharine Simonton.

343121 — Katharine Simonton Beaver, born Nov. 10, 1897.

34313 — Hugh McAllister Beaver, born Mar. 29. 1873. Graduated from
Pennsylvania State College, B. S. 1895. He was college secretary
of the Y. M. C. A. of the State of Pennsylvania, serving with
marked distinction. Died at Bellefonte, Pa., August 2, 1897. Un-
married.— See "A Memorial of a True Life," by Robert E. Speer.

34314 — Thomas Beaver, born Apr. 8, 1875. Business and farming. Belle-
fonte, Pa. Married on Feb. I, 1913 at Bellenfonte, Pa., Millicent
Prince (born March 21, 1890), daughter of Wyrley William and
Rachel (McAfee) Prince and granddaughter of Stephen Fair
Prince and of William McAfee. Issue (i) James Addams.


343i4i_janies Addams Beaver, son of Thomas Beaver, born Mar. ii,
1914, at Bellefonte, Pa.

343i5_james Addams Beaver, Jr., son of James Addams Beaver, Sr.,
born Dec. 26, 1883 ; died at the Executive Mansion, Harrisburg, Pa.,
Jan. 22, 1887.

3432— Ellen Elliott McAllister, born Apr. 18, 1846. at Bellefonte, Pa.;
died Aug. 18, 1866.

3433— Son, unnamed, born Bellefonte, Pa., Apr. i, 1848; died the same

3434 — William Orbison McAllister, born June 9, 1849, at Bellefonte, Pa.;
died Feb. 26, 1850.

3435 — Sarah Banks McAllister, born Apr. 2, 1851, at Bellefonte, Pa. Mar-
ried Dec. 28, 1871, Dr. Thomas Renick Hayes, of Bellefonte, Pa., son
of Robert Goodloe Harper and Esther Renick (Foster) Hayes and
grandson of John and Margaret (Gray) Hayes and great-grandson
of Robert and Margaret (VVray) Hayes and of Capt. Gray of the
Revolution; and great-great-grandson of Patrick Hayes who came
to Dauphin County, Pa., from County Donegal, Ireland in 1725. Dr.
Thomas R. Hayes died Dec. 27, 1913 at Atlantic City, .N. J. Resi-
dence of Mrs. Sarah (McAUister) Hayes, Bellefonte, Pa. No

3436— Laura McAllister, born Jan. 5, 1855, at Bellefonte, Pa.; died Apr.
II, 1855.

3437— Nelson McAllister, born Apr. 12, 1857, at Philadelphia; died Apr.
15, 1857-

344 — Thompson McAllister, born Aug. 30, 181 1, at the old homestead in
Lost Creek Valley, Juniata County, Pa.; died March 13, 1871 at "Rose
Dale" Covington, Va. Married on Feb. 14, 1839, Lydia Miller Addams
(born Feb. 11, 1819, at Millerstown, Pa.; died Feb. 3, 1902 at "Rose
Dale") daughter of Abraham and Lydia (Miller) Addams of Millers-
town, Perry County, Pa. — see pamphlet on "Eightieth Anniversary of
Lydia Miller (Addams) McAllister" and "In Memorian— Lydia Miller
(Addams) McAllister," by j. Gray McAllister. The ancestor of the
present America family of Addams (name originally spelled Adams)
came to this country from England about 200 years ago and acquired
ownership of land in Pennsylvania. The records show that on Dec.
22, 1681, William Penn deeded 500 acres in the Province of Pennsyl-
vania to "Robert Adams of Ledwell in Oxfordshire, England." (The

BRANCH NO. 3 1 15

name was spelled Addams on the map of the territory*.) The will of
Robert Adams, dated July 2-], 1717 and probated June 6, 1719 refers
to his nephew Richard Adams. Richard Adams was a son of John
Adams, who was living in 1717. In the will of Richard Adams of
what was then Philadelphia County, but is now Montgomery County,
Pa., dated Feb. i, 1747-8, and probated March 24, 1747-8, mention
was made of ten children including William, who was referred to
in the papers of the executors as of Brecknock Township, Lancaster
County, Pa. This son William Adams founded Adamstown in Lancas-
ter County, Pa., in 1761. He married Anna Lane, a daughter of Ed-
ward and Ann (Richardson) Lane. Edward Lane was an Englishman
who came from Jamaica in 1684 and purchased on Dec. 12, 1698-9, 25,-
000 acres from Thomas Fairman which was confirmed to him by patent
in 1 701 by William Pcnn. When he died in 1710, leaving seven children
including William and Ann — not then married — his son William be-
came owner of that part of the property lying east of the Perkiomen,
218 acres of which he deeded to Richard Adams on Feb. 9, 1722. The
youngest son of William and Anna (Lane) Adams was Issac Addams
(the additional having been reinserted, it is said, to distinguish him
from a cousin of the same name), who married Barbara Ruth, daugh-
ter of Peter (died Sept., 1771) and Catherine Ruth, of German an-
cestry. Isaac Addams was captain of the Fourth Company of Asso-
ciators in the Ninth Battalion under Col. John Huber. The youngest
of the six sons of Isaac and Barbara (Ruth) Addams was Abraham
Addams. As a young man he was a merchant in Reading, Pa. He
moved, about 181 1, to Perry County, Pa., and bought the land on
which Millcrstown is built. He was a member of one of the most
important courts of the State. He was thrice married. First, to Lydia,
daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth (Feather) Miller, of Reading. Eliza-
beth Feather was the daughter of Peter and Marie (Levan) Feather,
granddaughter of Isaac and Mary Margaret Levan and great-grand-
daughter of Daniel and Marie (Beau) Levan, Huguenots who fled from
France to Amsterdam, Holland, and subsequently, in 1715, came to
America and settled in Exeter Township, Berks County, Pa. See "The
Addams Family in America," "The Ruth Family" and "The Levan
Family," by Addams S. McAllister. After his marriage to Lydia M.
Addams, Thompson McAllister moved to the farm "Spring Dale," in
Franklin County, Pa., seven miles from Chambersburg, later deeded to
him by his father. He was elected member of the Pennsylvania Legis-
lature in 1847. He moved to Covington, Va., in Dec, 1849 having pur-
chased a 2,200-acre tract and built "Rosedale" the Virginia homestead
in 1856-7. He and his younger brother Robert — 345 — spent much time
together "studying military tactics, were always connected with military
companies, and were both fond of drilling." Thompson formed, and
was made captain of an artillery company near the homestead in Juni-
ata County, and after removal to Franklin County was (in 1846) cap-
tain of an artillery company there. At the outbreak of the Civil War


the brothers, under the firm name of T. McAlHster & Co., were building
the approach to Lewis tunnel (section i8 on what was then the Coving-
ton & Ohio, now the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad) between Lewis
and Alleghany tunnels on the crest of the Alleghanies, Thompson being
in charge of the work. In March, 1861, Thompson raised and at his
own expense, largely equipped the first volunteer company, for the im-
pending war, in Alleghany County or in that part of Virginia ; and was
made its captain. This company, organized and drilled for the purpose
of being placed at the disposal of Virginia, whatever side the State
might espouse, became Company A, Twenty-seventh Infantry, of the
original "Stonewall Brigade"; Captain McAllister was the oldest (and
his son William the youngest) member of the company. At the First
Manassas battle both were wounded. His favorite brother and business
associate. Colonel (afterwards General) Robert McAllister commanded
the First New Jersey in the same battle, one of two regiments (First
and Second New Jersey) that threw their columns across the road
at Centerville and finally arrested the retreat that the Stonewall Bri-
gade, more than any other, had brought to pass. (See "Sketch of
Captain Thompson McAllister," by J. Gray McAllister). Camp fever
and large, unsettled business interests necessitated, in August, 1861,
the resignation of his command (furlough being denied). In the fall
of 1861 he was placed in command of all the home-guards and reserves
in the Alleghany section, continuing in this service throughout the
Civil War. He was for many years an elder of the Covington Pres-
byterian Church. Children of Thompson and Lydia M. (Addams)
McAlhster (i) Clara Biddle, (2) Abraham Addams, (3) William
Miller, (4) Edgar Thompson, (5) Annie Elizabeth.

3441— Clara Biddle McAllister, born Dec. 8, 1839, at "Spring Dale," Frank-
lin County, Pa.; died May 28, 1869 at Covington, Va. Married on
Sept. 29, 1859 at "Rose Dale" Covington, Va., Dr. Gabriel McDonald
(born May 10, 1827 at Lynchburg, Va. ;.died Sept. 22, 1889, near
Union, Monroe County, W. Va., buried beside his wife at Covington,
Va.), son of James and Mary (Jordan) McDonald and grandson of
Daniel McDonald and of Thomas and Ann (Withers) Jordan. Ga-
briel McDonald graduated from Hampden Sidney College and sub-
sequently studied medicine at Jefferson College, Philadelphia, re-
ceiving the degree of M. D. He entered the confederate service in
1861, as surgeon of the Twenty-second Virginia Regiment and served
for four years, being at the close, division surgeon under General
Breckcnridge. He served continuously as a member of the West
Virginia State Board of Health and the State Board of Examiners
from the enactment of the laws creating these bodies. He was a
practicing physician with office at Union, Monroe County, W. Va., at
the time of his death. Children of Dr. Gabriel and Clara (McAlhster)
McDonald (i) Mary Jordan, (2) Willie May, (3) James Addams,
(4) Clara Gabriel.


3441 1— Mary Jordan McDonald, born Nov. 12, i860; died Feb. 15, 1862.

34412— ^Willie May McDonald, born Sept. 19, 1864. Married at "Rosedale,"
Covington, Va., Oct. 27, 1915 Capt. Samuel Wilberforce Anderson
(born Apr. 8, 1836 in Nelson County, Va.) son of Robert H. and
Susan (KimbrouKh) Anderson, grandson of Robert Nelson and

(Spencer) Anderson, and of Joseph and Mary (Nancy)

Kimbrough, and great-grandson of John Anderson. Scotchman, who
was a Colonel in the Revolutionary War. Samuel Wilberforce
Anderson was commissif)ned, by Governor Letcher of Virginia, cap-
tain to organize troops for the state line. See 34421. Address of
Samuel W. and W. May (McDonald) Anderson, Warm Springs,

34413— James Addams McDonald, bcjrn Sept. 22, 1867; died .\ug. 6. 1868.

34414— Clara Gabriella McDonald, liorn May 11. 1869. Married Nov. 2,
1892, at "Rosedale," Covington, Va., Thomas Evred Buck (born Jan.
9, i860, at Front Royal. Va. ; died Jan. 21, 1911, at Lenoir City,
Tenn.), son of William Mason and Elizabeth .Xnn (.-\shby) Buck
of Front Royal, Va., and a grandson of William Richardson and
Lucy Neville (Blackcmore) Buck. William Richardson Buck was
a son of C.npt. Thomas and .'\nn (Richardson) Buck, a grandson of
Charles and Lcttitia (Lord) Buck of England, and of William and
Isabella (Calmes) Richardson of Maryland and a great-grandson
of the Marquis De La Calmes, a Huguenot refugee who settled on
the Shenandoah in \'irginia. Lucy Neville (Blakemore) Buck was
a daughter of Capt. George Neville and Elizabeth (Mauzey) Blake-
more, a granddaughter of Thomas and Annie (Neville) Blakemore
and of John Mauzey, a great-granddaughter of George and Mary
(Gibbs) Neville and of Col. Henr>- Mauzey. Thomas Buck, who
was captain of a volunteer company at the close of the Revolution,
was twice high sheriff of Frederick County, \'a. He built and
occupied Bel Air homestead on the Shenandoah. Col. Henr>- Mauzey
was Washington's companion in surveying the Northern Neck of
Virginia. Elizabeth .Vnn (.\shby) Buck was a daughter of William
R. and Rebecca Richardson (Buck) Ashby, a granddaughter of
Rev. Nathaniel Ashby of Fanquier County, Va., and Lexington, Ky.,
and of Thomas and .\nn (Richardson) Buck, and a great-grand-
daughter of Capt. John Ashby. Indian fighter. T. Evred Buck was a
merchant at Lenoir City, Tenn. Address, Mr§. Clara McDonald
Buck, Covington. \'a. Children, (i) William McDonald, (2) Evred
Johnson, (3) Frank Speed, (4) Thomas Ashby, (5) Lawrence

344141 — ^William McDonald Buck, born Aug. 14, 1893, at Radford, Va.
Address, W. McDonald Buck. Logan, W. Va.


344142 — Evred Johnson Buck (twin), born June 11, 1895; died Aug. i,
1896, at Radford, Va.

344143 — Frank Speed Buck (twin), born June 11, 1895; died July 2"], 1896,
at Radford, Va.

344144 — Thomas Ashby Buck, born Dec, 1903, at Lenoir City, Tenn.

344145 — Lawrence Neville Buck, born Aug. 28, 1905, at Lenoir City, Tenn.

3442 — Abraham Addams McAllister, born Aug. 25, 1841, at "Springdale,"
Franklin County, Pa ; died Sept. 4, 1916 at Covington, Va. He en-
listed 1862 in the Confederate Army in "The Monroe Artillery," soon
known as "Bryans Battery, later a part of the Thirteenth Bat-
talion of Virginia Artillery. He was successively corporal and
sergeant of the Battery, participating in every battle in which the
battery was engaged except that of Cedar Creek, Oct. 19, 1864, when
he was absent on sick leave. He was mustered out with the battery
at Christiansburg, Va., on Apr. 12, 1865. A. Addams McAllister was
the senior partner of the milling firm of McAllister & Bell, Inc., and
president of the firm of A. A. McAllister and Sons Company, Inc.,
Covington, Va. He was for many years president of the Covington
Improvement Company, and was president of the Citizens' National
Bank, Covington, Va., 1908-12, and director of the Covington Na-
tional Bank. He was a successful and scientific farmer, and owned a
controlling interest in a number of enterprises in and near Coving-
ton. He was an elder in the Covington Presbyterian Church. See
"McAllister Family Records," by J. Gray McAllister. On May 10,
1865, at Covington, Va. A. Addams McAllister married Julia
Ellen Stratton (born June, 1838, in Maiden, Kanawha County,
Va. ; died Nov. 23, 1906 at "Rosedale,". Covington, Va.), daughter of
Joseph Dickinson and Mary Ann (Buster) Stratton, and grand-
daughter of Archibald and Edna (Dickinson) Stratton and of Claud-
ius and Nancy (Moffet) Buster; the great-granddaughter of Henry
and Sarah (Hampton) Stratton; of Joseph and Elizabeth (Wool-
dridge) Dickinson; of Claudius and Dorcas (Sumpter) Buster and
of Thomas and Elizabeth (Johnson) Mofifet ; the great-great-grand-
daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth (Elam) Stratton; of William and
Jane (Woods) Buster; of Col. Philip and Ann ( ) John-
son. See "The Buster Family" and "The Dickinson Family," by
Addams Stratton McAllister. The Stratton line has been traced
back to England through Edward Stratton (I) of Bermuda Hundred,
Va., whose son Edward ( li ) married Martha Shippey, daughter of
Thomas Shippey. Edward Stratton (III) who married Anna Batte,
daughter of Henry Batte, was the father of Thomas Stratton, who
married Elizabeth Elam, daughter of Robert Elam, and the grand-

BRANCH NO. 3 1 19

father of Henry Stratton (a lieutenant in the naval service during
the Revolutionary War), who married Sarah Hampton, mentioned
above. See "A Book of Strattons," by Hattie R. Stratton. Jane
(Woods) Buster was a daughter of Michael and Ann Woods, a
grandflaughter of Michael and Mary (Campbell) Woods, and a
great-granddaughter of John and Elizabeth (Worsop) Woods. Eliza-
beth Worsop was a daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth (Parsons)
Worsop and a granddaughter of Richard and Letitia (Loftus) Par-
sons. Lctitia Loftus was a daughter of Sir Adam Loftus and his
wife Jane Vaughn, a daughter of Walter Vaughn, of Coldingrove.
Sir Adam Loftus was a son of Sir Dudley Loftus and his wife Ann
Bagnal, daughter of Henry Bagnal, of Newry. Sir Dudley Loftus
was a son of Archbishop Adam Loftus and his wife Jane Purdon,
daughter of T. Purdon. Adam Loftus, l>orn 1534 in Yorkshire, Eng-
land, the son of Right Reverend E<iward Loftus, of Levinhead, was
ordained Archbishop of Dublin and made Lord Chancellor of Ire-
land during Queen Elizabeth's reign. Sec the "Woods-McAfee
Memorial," by Kcv. Neandcr Woods. Sec 34451. On .\ug. 18, 1908,
A. Addams McAllister married, second, Nettie B. Handley (born
Dec. 2, 1857 near Kansas City, Mo.; died Oct. 24, 1912. at Coving-
ton, Va.), daughter of Harrison and Susan Margaret (Mann) Hand-
Icy, of Covington, Va.. granddaughter of John and EIiz.ibeth (Shank-
lin) Handley. and of Moses Hamilton and .Mice (McClintic) Mann,
of Alleghany County, Va., and great-great-granddaughter of Moses
and Mary (Kincaid) Mann, and of William and Keziah (Cailes)
Handley, great-great-granddaughter of William and Jane (Hamil-
ton) Mann and of Daviil and .Mberdina Cailes. The will of William
Mann, dated Feb. 3, 1778, was recorded in Botetourt County, Va.,
Nov., 1778. The will of David Cailes, dated Apr. 25, 1786, was re-
corded July 17, 1787, in Augusta County, Va. No issue. Mr. McAllis-
ter married, third, on May 2, 1016, at Milboro, Va., Mrs. Mary Lewis
(Handley) Tyree, widow of Edward Tyree and a cousin of his
second wife. She is a daughter of Austin and Elizabeth (Bell)
Handley, a granddaughter of John and Elizabeth (Shanklin) Hand-
ley, and of Joseph G. W. and Harriet (Dickinson) Bell, a great-
granddaughter of William and Keziah (Cailes) Handley; of Joseph
and Mary Ann (Nelson) Bell and of Adam and Martha (Brown)
Dickinson ; a great-great-granddaughter of David and Alberdina
Cailes; of Joseph and Elizabeth (Henderson) Bell: of Alexander
and Ann (Matthews) Nelson; of John and Martha (Usher) Dickin-
son; and of Samuel and Elizabeth (Gratton) Brown, and a great-
great-great-granddaughter of Joseph Bell of Lancaster County. Pa.;
Sampson and Catherine Matthews, of Ireland ; of Adam and Cath-
erine (Stevenson) Dickenson, of Lancaster County, Pa.; of Edward
and Aminta (Perry) Usher, of England; of William and Jean
Brown, of Augusta County, Va. ; and of John Gratton, of Augusta
County, Va. Mrs. Mar>- Lewis (Handley) McAllister is a cousin of


Mrs. Margaret Ann (Erwin) McAllister — 3443. Children of A.
Addams and Julia E. (Stratton) McAllister: (i) Joseph Thompson,
(2) Mary Lydia, (3) WiUiam McDonald, (4) James Gray, (5) Ad-
dams Stratton, (6) Clara Annie, (7) Hugh Moflfet, (8) Julian

34421— Joseph Thompson McAllister, born Feb. 2-7, 1866, at Maiden, W.
Va. Graduated from Hampden-Sidney College, B. A., 1889; Uni-
versity of Virginia, LL. B., 1891. He is a lawyer with office at
Hot Springs, Va. He is president of the Hot Springs Valley In-
vestment Co., the Alleghany Land Co., etc. He has made a large
collection of material on the Virginia militia in the Revolutionary
War and is recognized as the best authority on that subject in
America. This material has been issued in book form under
title "Virginia Militia in Revolutionary War." He assisted Secre-
tary Reuben G. Thwaite, of the Wisconsin Historical Society, in
collecting data for "The Dunmore War," and has been a contributor
to the "Virginia Magazine of History," and to the "West Virginia
Historical Magazine." He issued his "Historical Sketches of Hot
Springs and Bath County, Va." in 1908, and character sketches,
"Humor in Ebony," in 191 1; "Virginia Militia in the Revolution,"
1913, and Index to Saffell and Palmer, 1913. He was a trustee of
Hampden-Sidney College from 1896 to 1910. See "Who's Who in
America." Married first on Apr. 18, 1893, at Warm Springs, Va.,
Virginia Richards Anderson, daughter of Captain Samuel Wilber-
force and Virginia (Richards) Anderson of Warm Springs, Va.
Captain Anderson, born in Nelson County, Va., Apr. 5, 1836, or-
ganized the first company that left Nelson County for the Civil War,
but turned the actual command of it over to a friend, and was soon
elected Captain of the Nineteenth Virginia Infantry. His father was
Robert H. Anderson, of Nelson County, Va., son of Robert Nelson

Anderson and (Spencer) Anderson; and his mother was

Susan Kimbrough, daughter of Joseph and Mary (Yancey) Kim-
brough— See 34412. Children of Joseph T. and Virginia (Ander-
son) McAllister (i) Joseph Thompson, Jr., (2) Jean Graham. Jos-
eph T. McAllister, Sr., married, second, on Apr. 8, 1916, at Caldwell,
N. J., Marjorie Roosevelt Leaycraft (born Feb. 6, 1886, New York
City), daughter of Charles Russell and Mary Leontine (Roosevelt)
Leaycraft, granddaughter of Jeremiah and Sarah (Griffin) Leay-
craft and of Samuel and Mary Jane (Horton) Roosevelt; a great-
granddaughter of Nicholas and Lydia (Latrobe) Roosevelt and of
Stephen Horton, a great-great-granddaughter of Jacobus and An-
natje (Bogert) Roosevelt and of John Henry Latrobe. Annatje
Bogert was a daughter of John and Hannah (Peck) Bogert; a
granddaughter of Claas and Beeltje (Van Schaick) Bogert and of
John and Elizabeth (Van Imbroch) Peck; a great-granddaughter
of Jan and Cornelia (Everts) Bogert, and of Dr. Gysbert and

BRANCH NO. 3 121

Rachel (Montauge) Van Imbrock, a great-great-granddaughter of
Lowcns Bogert, of Schocnderwoert, a small village in the south of
Holland. Jacobus Roosevelt (who was the father of Jacobus Roose-
velt, Jr., the grandfather of Theodore Roosevelt, Sr., the father
of Ex-President Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.), was the son of Johannes
Roosevelt and his wife Hcyltje Sjoerts, daughter of Capt. Albert
and Margaret (Cloppcr) Sjoerts; a grandson of Nicholas Roose-
velt and his wife Heyltje Jans Kunst, daughter of Cornelius and
Jan (Barentsen) Kunst, and a great-grandson of Claes Martensen
Van Roscnvclt, who with his wife Jannetje Samuels Thomas came
from Zceland to New Amsterdam in 1649. Child of J. T. and Mar-
joric Roosevelt (Lcaycraft) McAllister, (3) Meriel Roosevelt.

34421 1— Joseph Thompson McAllister, Jr., l)orn Mar. 24, 1894. at Warm
Springs, \'a. Allciulcd Cluster Springs Academy 1911-14 and 1915-
16. He died Feb. 4, 191 7, at Denver, Col., buried at Warm Springs,

344212 — Jean Graham McAllister, born Dec. 6, 1897, at Warm Springs.
Va. Graduated from Saint Anne's School, Charlottesville, Va.,
1917. Address Hot Springs, Va.

344213 — Meriel Roosevelt McAllister, imrn July 3, 1917. at Hot Springs,

34422 — Mary Lydia McAllister, born Sept. 7. 1868, at Covington. Va. ;
died Oct. 9. 1888. at Covington, Va. She attended the Lewisburg
(W. Va.) Seminary. Married on Nov. 29, 1887, at Covington, Va.,

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