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The descendants of John Thomson, pioneer Scotch covenanter; genealogical notes on all known descendants of John Thomson, covenanter, of Scotland, Ireland and Pennsylvania, with such biographical sketches as could be obtained from availble published records, or were supplied by the friends of those i online

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Online LibraryAddams Stratton McAllisterThe descendants of John Thomson, pioneer Scotch covenanter; genealogical notes on all known descendants of John Thomson, covenanter, of Scotland, Ireland and Pennsylvania, with such biographical sketches as could be obtained from availble published records, or were supplied by the friends of those i → online text (page 12 of 32)
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Frank Holloway Hammond, son of Col. George Wilson Hammond
(C. S. A.) and Emma Mason (Scott) Hammond, of Covington, Va.

34423 — William McDonald McAllister, born Jan. 15, 1871, at Covington,
Va. Attended Fisliburne Military School. President of the Cov-
ington Hardware & Furniture Company, Inc.. president of the
Virginia Hot Springs Valley Orchard Company, vice-president of
the Virginia Fruit Growers' Association, Vice-president of the Cov-
ington National Bank, and President of the Covington Grocery Com-
pany. He married first on Sept. 23. 1895. at Lewisburg, W. Va.
Annie Virginia Harlow, daughter of Benjamin Franklin and Hen-
rietta Clay (Renick) Harlow. Benjamin F. Harlow, son of Henry
Martin Harlow, was for some years one of the editors of the
"Farmer's Friend," at Union, Monroe County, W. Va. ; from 1855
to 1858 was editor of the "Greenbrier Era," and was for about a
year in Memphis, Tenn., on the "Daily Bulletin" of that place. He
returned to Lewisburg in 1859 and began the practice of law, which
he continued until the breaking out of the war, w^hen he enlisted


in the Greenbrier Cavalry. On May ii, 1862, he was taken prisoner
and confined in Camp Chase until the following fall, when he was
exchanged, returned to his regiment, and was in service until the
close of the war. From June, 1866, to Sept. 2, 1887, he was editor
and publisher of the "Greenbriar Independent," of Lewisburg. After
selling out the "Independent," he gave his attention to farming and
stockraising. He was elected mayor of Lewisburg many times, three
times a delegate to the Democratic National Convention, twice a
member of the State Legislature, holding the latter position at the
time of his death. He served on the staff of Gov. Wilson with the
title of Colonel. Children of William McD. and Virginia (Harlow)
McAllister (i) Franklin Addams, (2) Mary Lydia. William McD.
McAllister married, second, on Alay 16, 191 5, at Washington, D. C,
Mrs. Willa Catharine (Skeen) Garrett, widow of Harvey Lincoln
Garrett, of Covington, Va., daughter of Robert and Lucy Ellen
(Montague) Skeen, and granddaughter of General William Skeen
and of Justice James M. Montague, of Alleghany County, Va. Gen.
Wm. Skeen, who was born in Rockbridge County, Va., and resided
in Covington, Va., for many years prior to his death in 1893, aged
75 years, was a son of Robert and Polly (Hart) Skeen. James M.
Montague was a son of William and Judith (Street) Montague of
Cumberland County, Va., and a grandson of Thomas and Jane
(Daniel) Montague of Powhatan County, Va. Thomas Montague
was a descendant of Peter Montague, who came to James City,
Va., in 1621 and served as a member of the House of Burgesses,
1651-8. Child of William McD. and Willa Catherine (Skeen), Mc-
Allister, (3) Ellen Montague.

344231— Franklin Addams McAllister, born July 17, 1896, at Covington,
Va. "Frank" McAllister attended school at Lewisburg, W. Va.

344232— Mary Lydia McAUister, born Nov. 13, 1897, at Covington, Va.
She attended school at Lewisburg, W. Va., and Brownsburg, Roch-
bridge County, Va., and Mary Baldwin Seminary, Staunton, Va.,
contralto soloist.

344233— Ellen Montague McAllister, born Feb. 20, 1916, at Philadelphia,

34424— James Gray McAllister, born Nov. 27, 1872, at Covington, Va.
Graduated from Hampden Sidney College, B. A., 1894; Union Theo-
logical Seminary, Richmond, B. D., 1901. He was given the degree
of D. D. by Washington and Jefferson College, Pa., and the Central
University of Kentucky in 1906. He was editor of the Bath County
Nezvs at Warm Springs, Va., 1894-5; business manager of the Cen-
tral Presbyterian, Richmond, Va., 1895-8; assistant professor of

BRANCH NO. 3 1 23

Hebrew at the Union Theological Seminar>% 1902-3 ; pastor of Farm-
ville (Va. ) Presbyterian Church, 1903-4; adjunct professor of
Hebrew, Union Theolopical Seminary, 1904-5 ; president of Hampden-
Sidney College, 1905-8; supplied Hot Springs (Va.) Presbyterian
Church 1908-9. Since 1909 he has been teaching in the Presby-
terian Theological Seminarj' of Kentucky, Louisville, of which since
191 1 he has been professor of Biblical Introduction, English Bible
and Biblical Theolog>-. Residence, 1133 Cherokee Road, Louisville,
Ky. (See "Men of Mark in Virginia"; "Men of America";
"National Cyclopedia of American Biography" ; "Who's Who in
Louisville," and "Who's Who in America." He married on May 18,
1904, in Winchester, Va., Meta Eggleston Russell, daughter of Isaac
William and Sarah Henrietta Elizabeth (Eggleston) Russell, grand-
daughter of Isaac and Eliza (Baker) Russell and of Rev. William
George and Frances Sanford (Muse) Eggleston, and great-grand-
daughter of David and Hannah (Greenway) Russell; of James and
Magdalen (Warden) Baker; and of Robert and Elizabeth Muse.
The wife of David Russell (who was a son of Richard Russell who
left Holland, 1732, in the "City of London" and purchased land from
the Indians in the Wyoming \'alley in Pennsylvania) was a daughter
of William and Mary (Stevens) Greenway who came to America
from Scotland and lived at Greenway Manor, Va. See "Family
Records Compiled for the Descendants of I. W. and S. E. Russel,"
by J. Gray McAllister. Children of J. Gray and Meta (Russell)
McAllister, (i) James Gray, (2) Russell Greenway, (3) Sarah

344241 — James Gray McAllister, Jr., born N'ov. i, 1907, at Hampden-Sid-
ney, Va.

344242 — Russell Greenway McAllister, born July 20, 191 1, at Winchester,

344243 — Sarah Louise McAllister, born Apr. 7, 1913, at Louisville, Ky.

34425 — Addams Stratton McAllister, born Feb. 24, 1875. at Covington, Va.
Graduated from the Pennsylvania State College, B. S. 1898, and
E. E. 1900; Cornell University, M. M. E. 1901 and Ph.D. 1905. In-
structor in the departments of physics and electrical engineering,
Cornell Universit.v, 1901-5; professorial lecturer on electrical engi-
neering, Pennsylvania State College, 1909-12; associate editor of the
Electrical World, Xew York City, from 1905 to 1912; editor 1912-15;
consulting engineer 191 5 — . Inventor of alternating-current machin-
ery; author of "Alternating-Current Motors," an electrical engineer-
ing college text-book, and of Chapters 6 and 8 of the "Standard
Handbook for Electrical Engineers," Editions 1-3. Compiler of
genealogies for McAllister, Thompson, Addams, Dickinson, Buster


and associated families ; member of the National Genealogical So-
ciety, the Pennsylvania Historical Society; president of the
New York Electrical Society 191 7-8; president of the Illuminating
Engineering Society, 1914-15; vice-president of the American Insti-
tute of Electrical Engineers, 191 7-8. See "Cyclopedia of Virginia
Biography," "National Cyclopedia of American Biography," "Who's
Who in Science," "Who's Who in New York" and "Who's Who, in
America." Unmarried. Address, 261 West 23rd St., New York,
N. Y.

34426— Clara Annie McAllister, born Mar. 17, 1877, at Covington, Va.;
died Aug. 12, 1903, at Covington, Va. Attended the Lewisburg
(W. Va.) Seminary and the Cincinnati (Ohio) Conservatory of
Music. Married on Oct. 16, 1901, at Covington, Va., George Well-
ford Call, son of Manfred and Sallie Elizabeth (Watt) Call of Rich-
mond, Va., and grandson of Moses Call of New Hampshire and
Sarah Elizabeth (Bryant) Call of Maine. No issue.

34427— Hugh Moffet McAllister, born Apr. 7, 1879, at Covington, Va.
Graduated from Hampden-Sidney College, B. A. 1902. He was asso-
ciate editor of the Clifton Forge (Va.) Review, June to October,
1902; reporter for the Newport News (Va.) Times-Herald, July to
November, 1903, and April to November, 1904; associate editor
Petersburg Trade Journal, now The American Fruit and Nut Jour-
nal, November, 1903 to April, 1904. From November, 1904, to
August, 1907, he was bookkeeper for the McAllister Hardware &
Furniture Co., Covington, Va. ; August, 1907, to December, 1909,
cashier, Covington Savings Bank; December, 1909, to October, 1910,
bookkeeper for the McAllister (now the Covington) Hardware &
Furniture Co. Since October, 1910, he has been partner and secre-
tary-treasurer of the firm of Julian R. McAllister & Co., Covington,
Va. He is also secretary of the A. A. McAllister & Sons Co. He
was for some years a deacon of the Covington Presbyterian Church
and its treasurer. He married on Jan. 3, 1907, at Southside, Mason
County, W. Va., Evalene Long, daughter of James Washington and
Catherine Ann (Hannan) Long. The pioneer Long ancestor was
Philip Long who came from Lorraine, Germany, settling first in
Pennsylvania and after a short time locating permanently, 1720, in
Page County, Va. His estate has been handed down to Lee Long of
the sixth generation. Philip Long's son was named Paul; his son
was named Philip. His son, Adam, married Anna Rosenberger of
Rockingham County, Va. Their son George Long married Emily
Kirk Sterrett of Point Pleasant, W. Va., and their son was James
Washington Long, father of Evalene (Long) McAllister. The
father of Emily Kirk Sterrett was William Sterrett, of Point Pleas-
ant, W. Va., and her mother was Agnes Bell, of Augusta County,
Va. The Sterrett ancestors came from Pennsylvania and originally


from Scotland. The Hannans came from Cork, Ireland. Thomas
Hannan, of Augusta County, Va., married Elizabeth Henr>- of the
family of Patrick Henry. Their son Henry married Rhoda Hender-
son, of Henderson, W. Va., and their daughter Catherine Ann
Hannan is the mother of Evalene (Long) McAllister. Henry, son
of Thomas Hannan, was born in the Fort at Point Pleasant. William
Henderson married Margaret Bruce. Both lived in Scotland. Their
son James Henderson, lx)rn in Scotland, married Martha Hamilton,
of Virginia. Their son Lieutenant John Henderson, of Augusta
County, Va., fought in the battle of Point Pleasant, October 10,
1774. His wife was Anne Givcns. Their son. Colonel John Hender-
son of Greenbrier County, (now) W. Va., married Elizabeth Stad-
gill, of Greenbrier County, W. Va.. and their daughter, Rhoda Hen-
derson married Henry Hannan. Colonel John Henderson ser\ed in
various ollices of the county and state, ffc represented his district
for eighteen years consecutively in the State Legislature. Children
of Hugh M. and Evalene (Long) McAllister, (l) Catherine Ellen,
(2) Clara Long, (3) Emily Ann, (4) Hugh Nelson, (5) James

344271 — Catherine Ellen McAllister, born .-Xug. 31. 1908. at Covington, Va.

344372 — Clara Long McAllister, l,orn Jan. *>3. nvio, at Covington. Va.

344273 — Emily Ann McAllister, Uirn Aug. 28. 191 1. at Covington, Va.

344274 — Hugh Nelson McAllister, horn Oct. 18, 1913. at Covington. Va.

344275 — James Addams McAllister, born Dec. 16, 1915. at Covington, Va.

34428 — Julian Robert McAllister, l)orn Nov. 21. 1881. at Covington, Va,
Ho was for several years a member of the firm of McAllister & Call,
general merchants, Covington, Va., and is now of the firm of Julian
R. McAllister & Co. and treasurer of A. A. Mc.\llister & Sons Co.,
Inc. He married on Oct. 7. IQ08. at Oak Grove near Savannah, Al-
leghany County. \'a.. Anna Gertrude Massie, daughter of Captain
Hezekiah William and Emma Judson (Ryals) Massie. This branch
of the Massie family goes back to Captain Thomas Massie (Col-
onist) who married a Miss Bland and died before 1740. Their son
William married Lucy Macon. The son of William and Lucy
(Macon) Massie was Major Thomas Massie (born Aug. 11, 1747, at
"Bottoms Bridge," New Kent County, Va.) married Sallie Cocke
(born ^Lirch 8. 1761, at "Turkey Island." on the James River; died
April 20, 1S3S. at "Level Green." Nelson County, Va.). In the spring
of 1775 Major Massie was chosen Captain of a large Company of
Volunteers to assist in protecting Williamsburg and its environs
against the depredations of Lord Dunmore. In the Fall he was


commissioned captain to recruit regulars to serve in the Virginia
Regiment of the Hne on continued estabUshment and marched it to
WilHamsburg in the Spring of 1776. He then went with its regi-
ment to the North, where he saw service under General Washing-
ton, he himself for two succeeding years being usually on detached
or particular service. On Feb. 20, 1778, he was promoted to the
rank of major. "He acted alternately under the commands of Gen-
erals Scott, Weedon, Sullivan, Morgan, Woodford, Lord Sterling
and others, and was afterwards under the command of General
Nelson as aid-de-camp in the winter of 1780-81, when Arnold in-
vaded Virginia and destroyed the public stores and houses at Rich-
mond. He was at the siege of Yorktown and the surrender of that
post with the British army, in October, 1781." (See affidavit of
Major Thomas Massie, Feb. 15, 1833.) He died Feb. 2, 1834, at his
home "Level Green," Nelson County, Va. His son Captain Henry
Massie was born Oct. 16, 1784; he married on May 18, 1826, Elizabeth
Rutherford Daggs, of Hot Springs, Va., and died at "Oak Grove,"
Jan. 12, 1841. Their son Captain Hezekiah William Massie, the
father of Gertrude (Massie) McAllister, was born on Oct. 21, 1834,
at "Oak Grove," where he died Aug. 23, 1905. He was captain of
Company G, Twenty-second Virginia Infantry. Child of Julian R.
and Gertrude (Massie) McAllister (i) Gertrude Massie.

344281— Gertrude Massie McAllister, born Oct. 6, 1909, at "Rose Dale,"
Covington, Va.

3443— William Miller McAllister, born Mar. 6, 1843, at "Spring Dale,"
Franklin County, Pa. Leaving the (now) Pennsylvania State College
at the outbreak of the Civil War, he enlisted on April, 1861, as
youngest in his father's company (Company A, 27th Virginia, Stone-
wall Brigade). This company was later transformed into the famous
"Carpenters Battery" and in this he served until the close of the war.
(See his "War Diary," typewritten.) Graduated in law at University
of Virginia, 1869. Married on October 27, 1869, Margaret Ann Erwin,
daughter of James Robertson and Martha (Dickinson) Erwin, of
Bath County, Va., and granddaughter of William and Margaret
(Robertson) Erwin, of Augusta County, Va., and of Col. Adam
Dickinson and of Martha (Brown) Dickinson, daughter of Col.
Samuel Brown of Greenbrier County, W. Va., by his wife Elizabeth,
daughter of John Gratton. The parents of Col. Samuel Brown were
William and Jean Brown. Martha Robertson was the daughter of
Col. James Robertson and Margaret (Poage) Robertson and a grand-
daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Poage who came from Ireland
about 1737 and settled near Staunton, Augusta County, Va. Robert
Poage was a member of the first county court of Augusta County.
Col. Adam Dickinson was a son of Col. John Dickinson (born, 1731 ;
died, 1799) and Martha (Usher), daughter of Edward and Amitba

BRANCH NO. 3 1 27

(Perry) Usher, and grandson of Adam Dickinson (by his wife Cath-
erine, dauj?hter of Adam Stevenson) who moved from Lancaster
County, Pa., to Virginia in 1742 and became one of the first justices
for Augusta County, and died in 1760. William M. McAllister is a
lawyer, business man and farmer. He was an attorney for the Com-
monwealth of Bath County, 1874-1884, special attorney for the U. S.
Department of Justice, headquarters Tennessee, 1893-8. member of the
Board of Directors Western State Hospital, Staunton, Va. 1886-90,
and of the Board of Visitors, Virginia Military Institute. Member
of the Virginia Legislature Dec, 1899-Jan. i, 1902 and active in se-
curing the Constitutional Convention (and thus a progressive con-
stitution) for Virginia. Bank Director and officer, president Bath
Telephone Company, since its organization in 1899. Has been en-
gaged in farming and stock-raising since 1876. Commander Bath
Camp Confederate Veterans; elder. Warm Springs Presbyterian
Church since 1869 — see "Men of Mark in Virginia," 1908. Adress
Warm Springs, Va.

3444 — Edgar Thompson McAllister, born Oct. 30, 1848. at "Spring Dale,"
Franklin County, Pa. He was a member of the Home Guards during
the Civil W ar, being too young to enter the regular army. Married
twice, first on Oct. 20, 1874 >" Alleghany County, Va., Alice Cavendish
Mann ; died Oct. 18, 1895, in Alleghany County, Va., daughter of
Moses Hamilton and .-Mice (^^cClintic) Mann and granddaughter of
Moses and Mary (Kincaid) Mann and great-granddaughter of Wil-
liam and Jane (Hamilton) Mann who married in Scotland and emi-
grated to America in 1730. — See 3442. Children of Edgar T. and
Alice (Mann) McAllister (i) Alice Miller, (2) William Addams.
Edgar T. McAllister married, second, on Jan. 26, 1898, at Covington,
Va., Clementine Dysard of Greenbrier County, W. Va. No issue.
Edgar T. McAllister lived for years on his farm near Master's, Alle-
ghany County, \'a. He died at Covington, \'a., Oct. 20, 1914.

34441 — Alice Miller McAllister, born Apr. 16, 1877, in Alleghany County,

34442 — William Addams McAllister ("Will Add"), born May 16, 1879, in
Alleghany County, Va. Graduated from Hampden- Sidney College,
B. A. 1901. Address, W. A. McAllister, Ivor Stone Company, Cam-
town, Ky. Married on June 7, 1909 at Danville, W. Va., Archie
Bessie Hopkins, daughter of John William and Nannie (McNeely)
Hopkins and granddaughter of Henrj- Halbert and Julia Ann (Hill)
Hopkins and great-granddaughter of Henry Sheldon and Sallie
(Edwards) Hopkins of Halifax County, Va. The father of Henry
Sheldon Hopkins emigrated from England about 1750. Child of
W. A. and Archie (Hopkins) McAllister (i) Elizabeth Hopkins.


344421 — Elizabeth Hopkins McAllister, born June 3, 1910, at Danville, W.

3445 — Annie Elizabeth McAllister, born June 6, 1850, at Covington, Va.
Married on Dec. 17, 1873, at "Rosedale," Covington, Va., Joseph Root
England (born Nov. 29, 1842 in Frederick County, Md. ; died Jan. 22,
1912 at Covington, Va.), son of Nathan and Harriett (Root) England
of Carroll County, Md. and grandson of John and (Town-
son) England of Carroll County, Md. and great-grandson of Nathan

and (Hargrave) England of Frederick County, Md. and

of Dr. Townson of Baltimore, Md. John England was a lieutenant
in the Revolutionary Army. Nathan England was a member of the
committee to welcome Lafayette at Frederick City, Md. Joseph R.
England was educated at the Mount Hope Academy, Frederick
County, Md., and took the degree of D. D. S. in Baltimore, 1866. He
practiced dentistry in Virginia and West Virginia. He enlisted in
June, 1863 at Hagerstown, Md. in Company D, Fourteenth Virginia
Cavalry, Jenkins Brigade, Confederate Army, serving until his com-
pany was disbanded in April, 1865. He was elder in the Covington
(Va.) Presbyterian Church. For many years until his death he en-
gaged in farming at Covington, Va. Children of Joseph R., and
Annie (McAllister) England (i) Lydia Miller, (2) Harriet Elizabeth,
(3) Charles Thompson, (4) William McAllister, (5) Clarence Mc-
Donald, (6) Twin daughter, (7) Frank Addams, (8) Mary Kyle.

34451 — Lydia Miller England, born June 21, 1875, at "Rosedale," Coving-
ton, Va. Married on Oct. 3, 1899 at "Rosedale," John William Ruff,
son of William Alexander Anderson and Mary Elizabeth (Moore)
Ruff and grandson of John Milschleggel and Martha (Wallace) Ruff
of Lexington, Va., and great-grandson of Jacob and Barbara (Mil-
schleggel) Ruff and of Samuel and Rebecca (Anderson) Wallace.
Samuel Wallace (born 1745; died March, 1786) was a colonel in the
Revolutionary Army. He was in command of Fort Young on the
Virginia frontier during the French and Indian War. He was a son
of Peter and Martha (Woods) Wallace and a grandson of Peter
and Elizabeth (Woods) Wallace and of Michael and Mary (Camp-
bell) Woods. The parents of both Elizabeth Woods and Michael
Woods were John and Elizabeth (Worsop) Woods. Elizabeth Wor-
sop was a daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth (Parsons) Worsop and
a granddaughter of Richard and Letitia (Loftus) Parsons. Letitia
Loftus was a daughter of Sir Adam Loftus and his wife Jane
Vaughn, daughter of Walter Vaughn. Sir Adam Loftus was a son
of Sir Dudley Loftus of County Dublin, Ireland and his wife Ann
Bagnal, daughter of Henry Bagnal of Ncwry. Sir Dudley Loftus
was a son of Archbishop Adam Loftus and his wife Jane Purdon,
daughter of T. Purdon. Archbishop Loftus was born in York-


shire, England, in 1534, the son of the Right-Reverend Edward
Loftus. He was ordained in 1559, and was rapidly promoted by
Queen Elizabeth, being made Archbishop of Armagh when only 27
years old, and subsequently Archbishop of Dublin and Lord Chan-
cellor of Ireland — see the "Woods-McAfee Memorial" by Rev. Xean-
der M. Woods — see 3442. J. William Ruff is president of the Blue-
field Hardware Company, and the Logan Hardware Company. Ad-
dress, Bluefield, W. Va. Children of J. William and Lydia (Eng-
land) Ruff, d) Lydia Miller, (2) John William, (3) Annie Eliza-
beth, (4) Louise Kyle, (5) Joseph England, (6) Charles Sheffey,
(7) Wallace McAllister.

34451 1— Lydia Miller Ruff, born Jan. 3, 1901, at Covington, Va.; died July
17, 1904 at Covington.

344512— John William Ruff, Jr., born Mar. 30, 1905, at Bluefield, W. Va.

344513— Annie Elizabeth Ruff, born Oct. 22, 1906, at Bluefield, W. Va.

344514— Louise Kyle Ruff, born Apr. 2, 1908, at Bluefield, W. Va.

344515— Joseph England Ruff, born Aug. 6, 1909, at Bluefield, W. Va.

344516— Charles Sheffey Ruff, born Nov. 19, 1910, at Bluefield, W. Va.

344517— Wallace McAllister ("Mack") Ruff, born June 4. 1912, at Blue-
field, W . \a.

34452— Harriet Elizabeth (Hattie) England, born Sept. 8, 1876, at "Rose-
dale," Covington, Va. Married on Nov. 22, 1906, at Covington, Wil-
liam Franklin Bevill, son of Benjamin Wyatt and Sarah Elizabeth
(Kea) Bevill and grandson of William Franklin and Sarah Anne
(Glover) Bevill of Alabama, and of Zacharia Kea of North Caro-
lina, and great-grandson of Thomas Kea of England. William F.
Bevill, Jr., is secretary- and treasurer of the Logan (W. Va.) Hard-
ware Co.

34453 — Charles Thompson England, born Apr. i, 1878, at Covington, Va.
Engaged in railway contracting work, Washington, D. C. Married
on Dec. 15, 1912, at Washington, D. C, his cousin Hattie England,

daughter of James W. and (Hendry) England and

granddaughter of Nathan and Harriett (Root) England, a great-
granddaughter of John England and a great-great-granddaughter of
Nathan England of Frederick County, Md. See 3445. Address
1437 Belmont St., Washington, D. C.

130 de;sce;ndants of john Thomson

34454— William McAllister ("Mack") England, born Apr. 3, 1880, at Cov-
ington, Va. Attended Hampden-Sidney College 1899-1900. With the
Covington Machine Co. from 1902 until 1910. With the Oliver
Chilled Plow Co. 1910-11. Died May 7, 1912, at Covington, Va. Un-

34455— Clarence McDonald England (twin), born Mar. 19, 1882, at Coving-
ton, Va. Vice-president of the Logan (W. Va.) Hardware Co.
Married on Dec. 22, 1909, Alma Hines, daughter of William Adolphus
and Lucy Catherine (Hatchett) Hines of Danville, Va., granddaugh-
ter of Henry Davidson Hines of Hinesville, Va., and Celestia Mand-
well (Robertson) Hines, originally of Pleasant Gap, Va., and great-
granddaughter of Colonel Thomas J. Hines of Whilewell, Va., and
Frances (Petty) Hines, originally of Halifax County, Va. Children
of Clarence and Alma (Hines) England, (i) Katherine McAllister,
(2) Annie Elizabeth, (3) Clarence McDonald.

344551— Katherine McAllister England, born May 29, 191 1, at Logan, W.

344552 — Annie Elizabeth England, born Feb. 19, 1913, at Logan, W. Va.

344553— Clarence McDonald England, Jr., born May 2, 1916, at Logan, W.

34456 — Daughter, — . England (twin), born Mar. 19, 1882, at

Covington, Va. ; died that day unnamed.

34457 — Frank Addams England, born Apr. 18, 1884, at Covington, Va.
office manager, Oliver Chilled Plow Co., Memphis, Tenn.
Married on June 5, 1912, at Clifton Forge, Va., Eva Nair, daughter
of Charles Perry and Frances (Burger) Nair and granddaughter of
George William and Margaret Jane (Tardy) Nair of Rockbridge
County, Va., and great-granddaughter of William Nair from Ger-
many, who located first at Germantown, Pa., and later in Rock-
bridge County, Va. Issue (i) Eva Nair, (2) Mary Margaret.

344571— Eva Nair England, born July 14, 1915, at Chattanooga, Tenn.

344572— Mary Margaret England, born Sept. 7, 1916, at Clifton Forge, Va.

34458— Mary Kyle England, born July 16, 1886, at Covington, Va. Grad-
uated Lcwisburg (W. Va.) Female Seminary. Married on June 25,
1913, at Covington, Va., Burns Oscar Severson (born Dec. 9, 1887),

Online LibraryAddams Stratton McAllisterThe descendants of John Thomson, pioneer Scotch covenanter; genealogical notes on all known descendants of John Thomson, covenanter, of Scotland, Ireland and Pennsylvania, with such biographical sketches as could be obtained from availble published records, or were supplied by the friends of those i → online text (page 12 of 32)