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The descendants of John Thomson, pioneer Scotch covenanter; genealogical notes on all known descendants of John Thomson, covenanter, of Scotland, Ireland and Pennsylvania, with such biographical sketches as could be obtained from availble published records, or were supplied by the friends of those i online

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Online LibraryAddams Stratton McAllisterThe descendants of John Thomson, pioneer Scotch covenanter; genealogical notes on all known descendants of John Thomson, covenanter, of Scotland, Ireland and Pennsylvania, with such biographical sketches as could be obtained from availble published records, or were supplied by the friends of those i → online text (page 13 of 32)
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son of Henry Severson (born Jan. 21, 1857) and of Mary Olive
(Halverson) Severson (born April 2, 1856, at Stoughton, Wis.) and
grandson of Helga Severson (1796-1856) who came to America


from -Norway in 1842 and was one of the pioneer settlers near
StouKhton with his wife Berget (Osen) Severson (born 1818 in
Tclcmarkcn, Norway, and grandson of Steven Halverson (bom
1822 in Telmarkcn, Norway) who came to America in 1845 ^"th
his wife Ducas (Evans) Halverson (born 1823 in Telmarkcn, Nor-
way). B. O. Stevenson received the decree of B. S. from the Uni-
versity of Wisconsin, 1910, and M. S. from the Pennsylvania State
College, 191 5. He is associate professor of Animal Husbandry at
the Pennsylvania State College, State College, Pa.

345— Robert McAllister, born June i, 1813. at "Hugh's Fancy," the old
homestca<l in Lost Creek \'allcy, Juniata County, Pa. Married on
Nov. 9. 1841 I'Mcn Jane Wilson (of Mcrccrsburg. Franklin County,
Pa.), daughter of Moses Wilson of Hanover Township, Dauphin
County, Pa., and his second wife Elizabeth (Boyd) Wilson, daughter
of Benjamin Boyd, of Derry Township, same county, a farmer of
Scotch-Irish descent, and a member of the Derry Presbyterian Church.
The parents of Moses Wilson were Hugh Wilson and Mary (Wilson)
Wilson, daughter of Moses Wilson of Lancaster County. Pa. The
founder of this Wilson family in America was William Wilson, who
emigrated about 1730 from the north of Ireland (whither his ancestors
had emigrated from Scotland) and settled at the junction of the
Swatana and Manarda Creeks. Hanover Township, in what is now
Dauphin County, Pa., but was then Lancaster County. He died in
1736 and is buried in the graveyard of the historic Derry Presby-
terian Church, as are also his r.on. Hugh Wilson, his grandson Hugh
Wilson, ancl his great-grandson Moses Wilson, father of Ellen Jane
Wilson, in the line given above. They were all farmers and Presby-
terians. Moses Wilson was an elder in the Derry Presbyterian
Church. Robert and Ellen (Wilson) McAllister moved in 1842 into
the new house he had built on part of the old "Hugh's Fancy" home-
stead farm. He engaged in farming until he began railroad con-
struction work in 1847. and even then supervised the farm until 1854,
when he moved to Bethlehem. Pa. thence in 1857. to O.xford. X. J.,
where he was buikiing a tunnel three thousand feet long for the Dela-
ware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad (and he was also partner in
railway construction work with his brother Thompson McAllister —
344 — in X'irginia) at the outbreak of the Civil War. Always interested
in military affairs, he had held while living in Pennsylvania several
commissions in the militia service of that state, the last of which was
from 1854 to 1859 as Brigadier-General in command of the Brady
Brigade, of the uniformed militia of Pennsylvania. WTien the Civil
War broke out he raised a company at Oxford. N. J., went to Trenton,
was commissioned by Governor Olden a Lieutenant-Colonel in the
First New Jersey Regiment and commanded it with rare distinction
at First Manassas — see 344. On June 30. 1862, he w^as commissioned
Colonel of the Eleventh New Jersey \'olunteers, "thence as ranking

132 desce;ndants of john Thomson

Colonel to the command of the First Brigade, Second Division, Third
Corps, to which his regiment was attached." He was one of the very
few men who went through the war from its inception to its close,
being present at Bull Run and Appomattox Court House, respectively,
without missing any of the pitched battles (except South Mountain
and Antietam) of the Army of the Potomac, to which he was at-
tached from first to last. He was brevetted Brigadier-General for his
behavior at Boydton Plankroad, Oct. 27, 1864, and Major-General for
meritorious conduct throughout the war. A monument was erected
to his command at Gettysburg, the Eleventh Regiment, New Jersey
Volunteers, where he was severely wounded, a minie ball going through
the left leg and a piece of shell hitting the right foot. In the second
day of the Battle in the Wilderness, in 1864, two horses were killed
under him and he was hit by a fragment of a spent shell. General
De Trobriand says of him : "As punctual in his religious habits as he
was sincere in his belief, he had Protestant religious services regularly
on Sunday at his headquarters. The most pleasant attention we
could pay him on that day was to listen to the sermon of his Chap-
lain." (See sketch of Gen. Robert McAllister, by General John Watts
De Peyster, from "Representative Men.") After the war General
McAllister was general manager of the Ironton Railroad Company,
and resided from 1866-1883 in Allentown, Pa. Thence he returned
to Belvidere, N. J., where he died Feb. 23, 1891. His widow died in
Mifflintown, Pa., July 8, 1905. Children of Robert and Ellen (Wilson)
McAHister (i) Sarah EHzabeth, (2) Henrietta Graham.

3451 — Sarah Elizabeth McAllister, born Jan. 6, 1843, at "Hugh's Fancy,"
Lost Creek Valley, in Juniata County, Pa. Married on Aug. 13,
1863, at Belvidere, N. J. (where Col. McAllister was recuperating
from wounds received at Gettysburg), Wilson Loyd (born Jan. 7,
1841, in Philadelphia; died Sept. 9, 1914, in Mifflintown, Pa. Buried
in the Mifflintown Presbyterian Cemetery) son of William and
Elizabeth Bellerby (Spackman) Loyd, of Philadelphia, and grand-
son of Thomas and Sarah (Smith) Loyd, and of Samuel Spackman
and Ann (Bellerby) Spackman. The Loyds were Quakers. (The
other 1 in the name, dropped by Thomas Loyd to avoid confusion
with a cousin of the same name, has been resumed by the children
of Wilson and Sarah Loyd. Wilson Loyd attended Penn Charter
School and Nazareth Hall. He conducted a banking and brokerage
business in Philadelphia until 1882, when impaired health necessitated
a change and in 1883 Wilson and Sarah (McAllister Loyd moved
from Gcrmantown, Philadelphia, to "Hugh's Fancy," where they
lived until the Fall of 191 1, when they sold the farm and moved to
Mifflintown, Pa. Children of Wilson and Sarah (McAllister) Loyd
(i) Robert McAllister, (2) Elizabeth Spackman, (3) Thomas Wil-
son, (4) Nelson McAllister, (5) William Henry.

BRANCH NO. 3 133

3451 1— Robert McAllister Lloyd, born June 14. 1864, at Elizabeth, N. J.
Attended (jermantown (I'a. ) Academy, and took a special course
in electrical enfjineering at LehiRh University, 1885. He organized
and manaf;;ed a number of manufacturing enterprises and has held
positions in the following companies : President of the Plante Co.,
subsequently sold to the Electric Storage Batter\' Co., of Philadel-
phia; President of the Electric Vehicle Co.; President of Siemens &
Halske Co. of America, sold to the General Electric Co. ; Treasurer
of the Electric IJoat Co. ; the Electric Launch Co. and the Electro-
Dynamic Co.; President of the Vehicle Equipment Co.; Vice-Presi-
dent of the Appcrt Glass Co.; Vice-President and General Manager
of the General Vehicle Co., Long Island, N. Y. Since 1913 he has
been a consulting engineer with office at 1790 Broadway, New York
City. He served in Squadron A, X. G. N. Y., from 1895 to 1900.
He is a member of the Institution of Electrical Engineers in Great
Britain, the Society of Automobile Engineers of the United States,
the Automobile Club of America, the Dum Turn Club of New York,
and the Piping Rock Club at Locust \'alley. Long Island. He mar-
ried on Sept. 30. iH(X(, at Huntington Bay, L. I., Janet Maitland
Belknap, daughter of Robert Lenox and Mary Phoenix (Remsen)
Helknap, and granddaughter of Aaron Better and Jennet Lenox
(Maitland) Helknap, and of Henr>- Rutgers and Elizabeth W'aldron
(I'liocni.v) Remsen. Issue (t) Robert Mc.Mlister, (2) Jennet Rem-
sen, (3) Gwendolyn.

3451 1 1 — Robert McAllister Lloyd, Jr., born Jan. 12, 1898. at New York

34511a — Jennet Remsen Lloyd, born Oct. 10, 1905. at Cold Spring Harbor,
L. I.

3451 13 — Gwendolyn Lloyd, l>orn Sept. 12, 1907. at Syosset, L. I.

34512 — Elizabeth Spackman Lloyd, born Xov. 27, 1866, at Germantown,
Pa. Married on Sept. 6. 1S98 at "Hugh's Fancy" near McAlister-
ville, Pa., George Calbraith Clarke (bom on Jan. 16 at Pittsburgh,
Pa.) son of Robert Alexander and Henrietta Maria (Calbraith)
Clarke and grandson of Rev. David Duncan Clarke, D. D. and Mary
Eleanor (Cochrane) Clarke and of George Harris and Maria Crom-
well (Reynolds) Calbraith; great-grandson of Samuel and Mary

(Duncan) Clarke and great-great-grandson of Robert and

(W'ier) Clarke. Mary Eleanor Cochrane was a daughter of Robert
and Margaret (Blackford) Cochrane and granddaughter of Patric
and Mary (Eachus) Cochrane. George Harris Calbraith was a son
of George and Hannah (Harris) Calbraith. Maria Cromwell Rey-
nolds was a daughter of Rueben and Henrietta Maria (Cromwell)
Reynolds. George C. Clarke received the degree of C. E. from the


Pennsylvania State College in 1902. He was employed as a civil
engineer by the Pennsylvania Railroad Company for 20 years, and
was resident engineer for the Union Station, Pittsburgh, and the
Pennsylvania Terminal, New York, when they were being built. He
is now secretary-treasurer of Fraser, Brace & Co., 1328 Broadway,
New York ; Vice-president of Fraser, Brace & Co., Ltd., of Montreal,
and president of the Hydrolithic Waterproofing Co. Inc. Residence,
Richmond Hill, Long Island, N. Y. Issue (i) Elizabeth, Lloyd, (2)
George Calbraith.

345121— Elizabeth Lloyd Clarke, born Apr. 25, 1900, at Philadelphia, Pa.

345122 — George Calbraith Clarke, Jr., born Feb. 2, 1902, at Pittsburgh, Pa.

34513 — Thomas Wilson Lloyd, born June 16, 1869, at Germantown, Phil-
adelphia, Pa. Vice-president of the importing firm of Jonas &
Naumberg, furriers, New York City. Residence, Short Hills, N. J.
Married on May 16, 1900 at Chapel of General Theological Semin-
ary, New York., Elizabeth Wheatly Jewett, daughter of Rev. Edward
Hurt Jewett, D. D., LL. D. — Professor of Pastoral Theology at
the General Theological Seminary, New York — and Sophia Seymour
(Miller) Jewett; granddaughter of John Hurt and Katharine (Stan-
ley) Jewett of Nottingham, England; and of Judge Rutger Bleecker
and Mary Forman (Seymour) Miller of Utica, N. Y., great-grand-
daughter of Judge Morris Seymour and Maria (Bleecker) Miller of
New York City. Maria Bleecker was the daughter of Rutger and
Catharine (Elmendorf) Bleecker of Albany, N. Y. Mary Foreman
Seymour was the daughter of Henry and Mary Ledyard (Foreman)
Seymour; granddaughter of Maj. Moses and Mollie (Marsh) Sey-
mour; great-granddaughter of John and Rachael (Goodwin) Sey-
mour; great-great-granddaughter of John and Elizabeth (Webster)
Seymour; great-great-great-granddaughter of John and Mary (Wat-
son) Seymour; great-great-great-great-granddaughter of Robert and

Mercy ( ) Seymour. Major Moses Seymour (born in

Hartford, Conn., July 23, 1742) was present at the surrender of Bur-
goyne in Oct., 1777. Issue (i) Thomas Wilson.

345131— Thomas Wilson Lloyd, Jr., born Jan. 31, 1906, at Short Hills, N. J.

34514— Nelson McAllister Lloyd, born Dec. 18, 1872, at Germantown, Phil-
adelphia, Pa. Graduated from the Pennsylvania State College, 1892.
For several years he was city editor of the New York Evening Sun.
Author of numerous short stories in the leading magazines and of
the following books : "A Chronic Loafer," "A Drone and a
Dreamer," "The Soldier of the Valley," "Mrs. Radigan," "The Rob-

BRANCH NO. 3 1 35

berries Company, Ltd.," "Six Stars." See "Who's Who in New
York," "Who's Who in America." Residence, Syossett, L. I., N. Y.
Married on April 4, 1908, in Florence, Italy, Susanne Livinpstone
Green (horn 1879; died Feb. 25, 1913 in New York City) daughter
of Charles Ewinp and Mary Livingston (Potter) Green of Trenton,
N. J. Granddaughter of Henry Woodhull and Susan Mary (Ewing)
Green and of William W'oodburn and Margaret (Fox) Potter.
Henry W'oodhull Green was chancellor and chief justice of the State
of New Jersey for 25 years. Susan Mary Ewing was a daughter of
Chief Justice Ewing. Mrs. Susanne Livingston (Green) Lloyd was
a member of the Colonial Dames of America. Issue (i) Nelson
McAllister, (2) Charles Ewing Green.

345141— Nelson McAllister Lloyd, Jr., l,orn Apr. 7, 1909, at New York

345142— Charles Ewing Green Lloyd, horn Feb. 25. 1913, in New York City.

34515— William Henry Lloyd, lM>rn June 16, 1877, at Germantown, Pa.
When the Spanish-American War started he was studying medicine
in New York City and was a member of the First Battalion, New
York Naval Reserves. In April, i8<)8, he enlisted with his battalion
in the V. S. Navy and served five months on a five-inch gun on the
"Yankee" at Santiago, Trinida, Guantonamo and Corsilda. He grad-
u;Uc(l at University of New York and Bellevue Hospital Medical
C<ilk'gc. 1000. Six months post-graduate study in Paris. Appointed
to Medical StalT, Correction Department, Biackwell's Island, Jan.,
1901, and served two years. Went to Mexico in 1903. Was surgeon
for two gold mining companies in Durango till 1908, when he went
to the Hahualilo Cotton Co. as physician and surgeon till 1912.
Then practiced in Santc Fe, N. M. Commissioned First Lieutenant,
Medical Reserve Corps, \J. S. Army, 191 1. Was on duty with the
20th Infantry Regiment at Fort Bliss, Tex., when in 1916 the 6th
Rcgimctit Infantry was sent to Mexico and he was ordered to go
with them. He married Dec. 16, 1909, at Leredo, Republic of
Mexico, Edith Vincent Butler, daughter of Benjamin Franklin and
Katherine Storm (\'incent) Butler and granddaughter of Capt.
Benjamin Franklin and Ellen Granville (Parker) Butler and of Rev.
Marvin Richardson and Hulda Fowler (Seagrave) Vincent. Capt.
B. F. Butler, a member of the Twenty-second New York Regiment,
was a son of Benjamin Franklin Butler, Secretary of War under
President Andrew Jackson and Attorney General under President
Martin \'an Buren. Ellen Granville Parker was a daughter of Dr.
\\ illard Parker for whom the Willard Parker Hospital was named.
Rev. Marvin Richardson Vincent was a professor at the Union
Theological Seminary (Presbyterian), New York City. Issue (i)
Sarah Elizabeth, (2) Edith Vincent.

136 de:sce;ndants of john Thomson

345151 — Sarah Elizabeth Lloyd, born Dec. 24, 1912, at Santa Fe, N. M.

345152 — Edith Vincent Lloyd, born May 26, 19 15, at El Paso, Tex.

3452 — Henrietta Graham McAllister, born May 11, 1845, at "Hugh's
Fancy" in Lost Creek Valley, Juniata County, Pa. Married on Oct.
30, 1873 in Allentown, Pa., Johnson Hewitt Baldwin (born April 23,
1832 at Durham, Greene County, N. Y. ; died Jan. 13, 1908 in Mifflin-
town, Pa.), son of James and Loisa (Hall) Baldwin and grandson of
Abiel and Eunice (Coe) Baldwin. The line of this Baldwin family
in America begins with Joseph, son of Richard and Isabell Baldwin
of Cholesbury, Bucks County, England. Joseph Baldwin and his two
brothers Timothy and Nathaniel, came with Herefordshire people to
America, (Cholesbury was near the Hereford County line) under the
guidance of their pastor, the Rev. Peter Prudden. This company
formed part of Rev. John Davenport's Colony, which arrived in
Boston, A. D., 1637. In 1638 the Davenport Colony settled in New
Haven, Conn, and in 1639 the Herefordshire people left that Colony,
and with people from Wethersfield Conn., formed the Colony which
settled at Milford, Conn., with the Rev. Peter Prudden as their
pastor. They were Puritans, Joseph Baldwin, the first American an-
cestor and his first wife Hannah were among the first settlers of
Milford, Conn., in 1639. His son Jonathan was born 1649 in Milford,
Conn., and died there in 1739. He married 2nd, Thankful Strong of
Windsor, Conn, and their son Ezra Baldwin (born 1706 in Milford,
Conn.; died 1782, in Durham, Conn.) married Ruth Curtiss in 1728.
He served as a state representative in 1754. Abiel Baldwin, first son
of Ezra and Ruth (Curtiss) Baldwin (born 1730 in Milford, Conn.;
died 1802 in Durham, Middlesex County, Conn.) married in 1756,
Mehitable Johnson. Their son Abiel Baldwin, 2nd, was born in
1762 in Durham, Conn. ; died in 1847 in Durham, Greene County, N. Y.
He was a Revolutionary soldier. He married first, Eunice Coe and
their son James was born 1793 at Durham, N. Y. and died there in
1848. James married first, Loisa Hall of Bridgeport, Conn, (born
1798; died 1838) and their son Johnson Hewitt Baldwin was born 1832
in Durham, Greene County, N. Y. He practiced law in Pittsburgh,
Pa. from 1861-1900. He was an elder in the Bellefield Presbyterian
Church, Pittsburgh; repeatedly a commissioner to the General As-
sembly and a member of important ecclesiastical committees. His
widow resides at Mifflintown, Pa. To Mrs. Henrietta (McAllister)
Baldwin must be given full credit for the highly satisfactory and
complete form in which appear the records herewith presented of her
own and associated branches of the Thomson family — see 34, and 6.
Children of Johnson H. and Henrietta (McAllister) Baldwin (i)
Eleanor McAllister, (2) James Hewitt, (3) Robert McAllister, (4)


34521— Eleanor McAllister Baldwin, born Aug. 12. 1874, at Pittsburgh, Pa.;
died May 3, H/J7, in I'hiladclphia, Pa. Married on Aug. 9, 1900, at
Mifflintown, F'a., James Hayward Harlow, Jr. (born Sept. 22, 1873
in Allegheny, Allegheny Connty, Pa.), son of James Hayward Har-
low (born Sept. 30, 1846, at Westminster, Mass.) and Thursa Alice
(Hiitler) Harlow and grandson of Noah Richardson Harlow (born
April I, 1H15 at Cambridge, Mass.; died March 14, 1802 at Lowell,
Mass.) and Sarah Ann (Hunt) Harlow. The founder of the Har-
low family in America was Sergeant William Harlow (born in Eng-
land in 1624 ; died Aug. 2, 1691 ) who emigrated to America when a
boy and in 163S was t'iven a grant of four acres of land in Plymouth,
Mass., where he lived the rest of his life. "As Sergeant of the South
Company, William Harlow had charge of the old Fort on Burial
Hill for many years, and after King Philip's War in 1675 he bought,
and used for his homo, the old timbers of the fort. This house is
still standing in Plymouth. He was engaged in the Indian warfare,
of which the chief event was the great Naragansett fight, when both
the Plymouth companies were present under command of Major
William Bradford. James Hayward Harlow, Jr., graduated from
the Western University of Pennsylvania, June. i8<j6, in the course
of Civil Kngincering. continued to reside in Edgewood, Alleghany
County, Pa. Iteing assistant engineer for the Pennsylvania Water
Co. June, nx)2, removed to Conowingo, Md. In the year follow-
ing till i«>ii was assistant engineer for several different companies
interested in the development of the water power of the Susque-
hanna river. In iqii became President and manager of the Havre
dc Grace Electric Co., which position he now holds. Children of J.
Hayward and Eleanor (Baldwin) Harlow (i) James Hay-ward, 3rd,
(j) Rol)ert l?aMwin.

345211 — James Hayward Harlow, 3rd, born Oct. i. 1901. in Edgewood,
A!loi:iK-ny Coiintv, I'.i. .\ Havre de Grace, Md., care of
J. Hayward Harlow.

345212 — Robert Bald\*'in Harlow, born June 2, 1904, at Conowingo, Cecil
County, Md. .\ddress, Havre de Grace, Md., care of J. Hayward

34522 — James Hewitt Baldwin, born July 23. 1876. at Pittsburgh. Pa.
Attended the East Liberty Academy and studied law in his father's
office. In 1899 entered the employ of the Electric Boat Co., New
York. In 1902 he became private secretary to William Dulles, New
York. From 1003 to 1906 he was western agent for A. S. Hyde &
Sons of New York, with headquarters in St. Louis, Mo. In 1906
he again became associated with Mr. Dulles in various enterprises,
principally that of the Dulles-Baldwin Electric Drill Co. In 1913
he was appointed American manager of the Anglo-American Patent


Bottle Co., and in 1915 managing director of that company, located
in London, England. He served for seven years in the N. Y. N. G.
He married on Nov. 19, 1901, at St. Joseph, Mo., Anna Belle Frazer,
daughter of Benjamin Boyd Frazer (born Mar., 1826, near Shippens-
burg. Pa.; died Aug. 31, 1899, at St. Joseph, Mo.) and Ann Eliza
(Sterrett) Frazer, granddaughter of Andrew and Ann (Wilson)
Frazer, of near Chambersburg, Pa., and of Robert and Jane (Clarke)
Sterrett, of near Carlisle, Pa. ; great-granddaughter of William and
Mary (Boj'd) Frazier, of Derry Township, Dauphin County, Pa., of
Moses and Mary (Snodgrass) Wilson, of Hanover Township,
Dauphin County, Pa., and of John and Agnes (Chambers) Sterrett —
see 345. Children of James H. and Belle (Frazer) Baldwin, (i)
Eleanor Frazer, (2) Ann Elizabeth.

345221 — Eleanor Frazer Baldwin, born Sept. 11, 1905, at St. Louis, Mo.

345222 — Ann Elizabeth Baldwin, born Sept. 16, 1907, at Englewood, N. J.

34523— Robert McAllister Baldwin, born Sept. 13, 1877, at Pittsburgh, Pa. ;
died May 31, 1892, at Edgewood, Allegheny County, Pa.

34524 — Henrietta Baldwin, born Nov. 22. 1885, at Pittsburgh, Pa. She is
a member of the Thomas Mifflin Chapter (Mifflintown, Pa.) of the
Daughters of the American Revolution having been accepted on the
services of three of her ancestors, namely, William Thompson as
lieutenant and captain, Hugh McAllister as sergeant, lieutenant, cap-
tain and major, and Abiel Baldwin, 2nd, as private soldier.

346— Elizabeth McAllister, born Jan. 7, 1815; died Nov. 21, 1835. Mar-
ried on June 3, 1834, David Stewart, Esq., son of John and Elizabeth
(Walker) Stewart, a grandson of William and Elizabeth Stewart and
of David Walker of Mifflin Countj^ Pa., and a great-grandson
of Archibald and Margaret Stewart who came to America from Newry,
Ireland, and settled in 1753 on what was later known as the "Bark
Tavern Tract" in Perry County, Pa. See History of Juniata and
Susquehanna Valley, pp. 854, 866 and 1084. No issue. See 52 — 572 and

347 — William McAllister, born July 5, 1817; died Aug. 6, 1822.

348 — Son, McAllister, born Oct. 10, 1820; died unnamed.

Nov., 1820.

349— George Washington McAlister, ],orn Feb. 9, 1823, at the old home-
stead, "Hugh's Fancy," in Lost Creek Valley, Juniata County, Pa.,
where he died Sept. 6, 1902, aged 79 years, 6 months and 2."] days. He
was a farmer and owned and lived on one-half of the old "Hugh's

BRANCH NO. 3 1 39

Fancy" tract. He married on Jan. 15, 1850, Mary Myers (born Jan.
13, 1827, died Jan. 8, 1903, a^ed 75 years, i month and 25 days), daugh-
ter of Rev. David and Elizabeth (Holtzapple) Myers of McAlister-
ville. Pa., and Rranddaughter of Michael Myers of Mifflintown, Pa.,
and of Adam and Catherine (Mcrtz) Holtzapple of Lebanon County,
Pa. See "iJioKraphical Encyclopedia of Juniata Valley," p. 383. Rev.
David Myers bought the old Mitchell farm west of where his father
lived in F'ayette Township, Juniata County, Pa. See "History of
Juniata and Susquehanna \'alleys," p. 839. Children of G. Washington
and Mary (Myers) McAlister. (i) Frances Elizabeth, (2) William
Clinton, (3) Laura Jean, (4) David Stewart, (5) Banks Clayton.

3491— Frances Elizabeth McAlister, l.nrn Dec. 8, 1850; died July 3, 1853.

3492— William Clinton McAlister, born July 6. 1853; died July 13. 1854.

3493— Laura Jean McAlister, Iiorn Oct. 26, 1855. at the homestead in
Juni.itii County. I'a. She attended the following schools: Bellefonte
Aradrmy, iHCirj-Ji ; Moravian Seminary, 1871-2; Supplee's Institute,
Philadelphia, 1872-3. Address, Miss Laura McAlister, Mifflintown,

3494— David Stewart McAlister, born Nov. 6, 1856; died Feb. 21, 1859.

3495— Banks Clayton McAllister, born Oct. 5. 1859, at the homestead in
Juniata County, Pa. From iS<j2-07 he was a merchant at McAlister-
villo, Pa., and was postmaster during President Cleveland's second
term. From 1897 to ifxx) he lived at Montoursville, Lycoming Co., Pa.
During this time he was president of the Montoursville Passenger
Railway Co., and also of the Montoursville Electric Light Co. He is
now farming at the homestead. Address, Mifflintown Pa. Married
on .\pril 18, 1888, in Culpeper, Va., Emma Clorinda Irvine,
daughter of John and Mary Ellen (Elliott) Irvine of Culpeper,
Va. (formerly of Perry County, Pa.) and granddaughter of William
and Sarah (Milligan) Irvine and of James and Jane (Linn) Elliott,
great-granddaughter of William and Sarah (McCullough) Elliott
and of John and Mary (Ross) Linn; great-great-granddaughter of
Edward and ^[argaret (Kincaid) Elliott, of John and Susanna Ross,
and of W illiam and Martha Linn ; great-great-great-granddaughter

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