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The descendants of John Thomson, pioneer Scotch covenanter; genealogical notes on all known descendants of John Thomson, covenanter, of Scotland, Ireland and Pennsylvania, with such biographical sketches as could be obtained from availble published records, or were supplied by the friends of those i online

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Online LibraryAddams Stratton McAllisterThe descendants of John Thomson, pioneer Scotch covenanter; genealogical notes on all known descendants of John Thomson, covenanter, of Scotland, Ireland and Pennsylvania, with such biographical sketches as could be obtained from availble published records, or were supplied by the friends of those i → online text (page 14 of 32)
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of Robert and Mary (Rainey) Elliott. Robert Elliott was a Scotch-
man who emigrated to this country from Ireland in 1737 and settled
about seven miles north of what is now Carlisle, Pa. See "History
of Juniata and Susquehanna Valleys in Pennsylvania," p. 1034. Issue
(i) George Irvine.

34951 — George Irvine McAllister, born Sept. 28. 1890. in Juniata County,
Pa. Address, J^IcAlisterville, Pa. Married on Oct. 27, 1915, near


McAlisterville, Pa., Isadora Elsie Reynolds, daughter of Frank Wal-
lace and Annie L. (Bentley) Reynolds of McAlisterville, Pa., and
granddaughter of Levi and Hannah (Van Ormer) Reynolds and of
Caleb and Elizabeth (Criswell) Bentley. Levi Reynolds was a son
of Stephen Reynolds and his wife who had been the widow, Mrs.
Elizabeth (Hartman) Kreider. Stephen Reynolds was a son of
Benjamin and Mary (Job) Reynolds, and a grandson of Henry
Reynolds, a preacher of the Society of Friends who came from
Nottingham, England, at an early period in our Colonial history and
settled in Cecil County, Md. See "Biographical Encyclopedia of
Juniata Valley in Pennsylvania," p. 75.

35 — Robert Thompson, born 1790; died Jan. 3, 1866, at Thompsontown,
Pa., in the old stone house built in 1798 by his father, William Thomp-
son — 3. After the death of his father, he and his brother William — 33 —
conducted the business at Thompsontown for many years, purchasing
much additional land in different localities. They purchased at different
times the Cuba Mills, the Oakland Mills and other mill properties.
About 1829 they built a storehouse on the "Diamond" subseciuently
occupied by Wickersham Shelley; a storehouse was erected on the
canal bank, and in 1835 the old mill was torn down and the present
mill erected. He was a very exact man and upon his notes have been
built the later records of the earlier members of the Thompson family.
He accumulated a large estate, the bulk of which he left to the sons of
his brother and business partner, William Thompson, with whom he
made his home. He died unmarried at his father's homestead, then
occupied by the family of his brother William — 23-

36 — Isaac Thompson, born Jan. 23, 1790; died May 3, 1835, aged 45 years,
3 months, 10 days. He inherited from his father a farm in Lost Creek
Valley "adjoining the Hugh McAlister property called 'Hugh's Fancy.' "
He served in the War of 1812, and was at the Black Rock encamp-
ment during that war. He carried on business at Newton Hamilton
and Hollidaysburg. He married twice: first his cousin (77) Jane Boal
(born June 16, 1801 ; died Nov. 20, 1833, aged 32 years, 5 months, 4
days), daughter of David and Sarah (Thomson) Boal and granddaugh-
ter of John Thomson, Sr. Issue (i) son. He married secondly Nancy
Patterson of Butler County, Pa. No issue.

361— Son Thompson, born •; died ;

aged 12 years ; drowned in the canal at Mexico, Pa.

37— Jane Mitchell Thompson, l)orn ; died Feb. 7, 1847, at

Harrisburg, Pa. Married Henry Walters (born 1795; died Nov. 14,

1854, aged 59; buried at Harrisburg, Pa.), son of Jacob and

(Ott) Walters of Liverpool, Perry County, Pa. Jacob Walters was a
mining and civil engineer of English ancestry. Henry Walters was a

35 —Robert Thompson. Merchant

40S0 #■'

372— William Thompson Walters


merchant at Liverpool. He left there in 1820 and subsequently became
cashier of the Harrisburg (Pa.) National Bank. Issue (i) Louise
Martha, (2) William Thompson, (3) Margaret Stuart, (4) Edwin,
(5) Thaddeus, (6) Mary Jane, (7) Jane Mitchell, (8) Charles.

371 — Louise Martha Walters, horn 1823; died Sept. 7, 1901, at Millersburg,
Pa.; buried at Harrisburg. Unmarried.

372 — William Thompson Walters, horn May 22, 1819, at Harrisburg, Pa.;
died Nov. 22, 1894, at Baltimore, Md. Attended the University of
Pennsylvania. At the age of ig, he was given charge of an iron fur-
nace at Farrandsville, Clinton County, Pa., where he produced, for the
first time in America, iron by the use of coked bituminous coal. He
was a merchant, railway director, patron and connoisseur of art. He
did much to develop transportation facilities in the South and was the
president of first steamship line between Baltimore and Savannah;
was Vice-President, Northern Central Railway when it was extended
to Baltimore. With his life-long friend, Thos. K. Scott, President
Pennsylvania Railroad, formed the Southern Security Co., which in
the years 1866 and 1S73 borrowed the money to rebuild the railroads
between Richmond and Charleston, Richmond and Danville and Bristol
to Chattanooga, Tenn., and built the Charlotte and Atlanta Air Line.
After the panic of 1873 ^'l these roads were sold except what now
forms the Atlantic Coast Line, of which he was the Chairman of the
Executive Committee until his death. For ten years he was Chairman
of the Executive Committee of the Texas and Pacific Railroad, which
he and his friend Thos. K. Scott had projected from the Mississippi
River to San Diego, Cal., but which they sold to Jay Gould, who com-
pleted it to a connection at the Rio Grande with the Southern Pacific.
He was one of the early art collectors in the United States and Chair-
man for many years of the Purchasing Committee of the Corcoran
Art Gallery in Washington, D. C. He was also President of the Pea-
body Institute of Baltimore. He translated from the French, Charles
Du Hay's authoritative treatise on the Percheon horse and for 20
years was an importer and breeder of this draught horse to introduce
it into this country. From 1S67 to 1869 he was Finance Commissioner
of Baltimore City and in 1873 Commissioner to the Vienna Exposition.
See Appleton's Encyclopedia of American Biography. The Walters
Art Gallery, Baltimore, Md., is considered one of the finest in exist-
ence. W'. T. Walters married in 1845, Ellen Harper (born ;

died 1862), daughter of Charles A. and Anna D. ( ) Harper.

Issue (i) Henry, (2) Jennie, (3) William Thompson.

3721 — Henry Walters, horn Sept. 26, 1848. in Baltimore, Md. Educated
at Loyola College, Baltimore, and George Washington University, and
Lawrence Scientific School, Harvard Universitv-. Director of the
U. S. Steel Corporation. Largest stockholder in the Atlantic Coast


Line. Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Atlantic Coast Line
and of the Louisville & Nashville Railroad. Railroads in which he
is financially interested reach every Southern state except West Vir-
ginia. He is an extensive art collector. After his father's death he
rebuilt the Walters Art Gallery, North Charles St., Baltimore. Has
built a mimber of public baths in Baltimore. Yachtsman, capitalist,
head of W. T. Walters & Co., 916 Empire Building, N. Y., and 5
South St., Baltimore, Md. See "Who's Who in America," etc. Un-

3722— Jennie Walters, born April, 1854. Married July 11, 1876, Warren
Delano, Jr. Residence, 39 E. 36th St., New York. Issue (i) Jean,
(2) Sarah, (3) Warren, (4) Lyman, (s) Ellen, (6) Laura.

37221 — Jean Delano, born ■ — . Married on June 13, 1914, at

Steen Veletze, Barrytown, N. Y., the country home of Mr. and Mrs.
Warren Delano. Prof. Harold Edgell of the Art School, Harvard
University, Boston.

37222 — Sarah Delano, born . Married on June 5, 1915, at

the Roman Catholic Church, Tivoli, N. Y., Roland Livingston Red-
mond, son of Mrs. Geraldyn (Livingston) Redmond, New York,

grandson of Johnston Livingston and nephew of the

Countess Henri de Langier-Villars. Address, 535 Park Ave., New

37223 — Warren Delano, 3rd, born ; died in infancy.

37224 — Lyman Delano, born .

37225 — Ellen Delano, born .

37226 — Laura Delano, born .

3723 — William Thompson Walters, Jr., born ; died very young.

373 — Margaret Stuart Walters, l)orn May 27, 1833, in Liverpool, Perry
County, Pa.; died on May 25, 191 1, at Pittsburgh, Pa. Married on
Dec. IS, 1852, in Harrisburg, Pa., William Henderson Moore (born
Mar., 1829; died Feb. 14, 1889), son of Silas and Lucretia (Henderson)
Moore and grandson of Samuel and Ruth (Blair) Moore and of
Major William and Mercy (Little) Henderson and great-grandson of
Captain John Blair. W. H. Moore was a banker at Lockhaven, Pa.
Issue (i) Maria Louise, (2) Henderson Walters.


3731— Maria Louisa Moore, born Mar. 2, 1854. at Hollidaysburg. Pa, Mar-
ried on Dec. 24, 18H5, in Lockhavcn, Pa.. Waiter Lee McrAvin (born
Mar. 23, 1854, in Durham, Conn. ; died Feb. 5, 1905, in Pittsburgh,
}'a.), son of Miles Talcott and Ellen A. (Foote) Merwin, and grand-
son of Miles and Phoebe (Camp) Merwin. \V. L. Merwin was
an attorncy-at-law. Address of Mrs. W. L. Merwin, 6328 Howe St.,
Pittsburgh, Pa. Issue (i) William Walters, (2) Miles Henderson,
(3) Margaret Fiussell.

37311— William Walters Merwin, bf.rn July 11. 1887. at Lockhaven, Pa.
Mining engineer at Paintsvillc, Ky.

3731a— Miles Henderson Mervin, born July 23, 1892, at Pittsburgh. Pa.
(Graduated LcIiiKh I'nivcrsity, 1914. Metallurgist with Pittsburgh
Steel Co., Moncsscn, Pa. Married Sept. 27, 1913, Lauretta Louise
Simon (born July 3, 1892, at Allcntown. Pa.). Issue (i) Robert

373121— Robert Russell Mervin, Injrn May 12. 1915, at Charleroi, Pa.

37313— Margaret Russell Merwin, born July 30. 1895, at Pittsburgh, Pa.
Address, 6328 Howe St., Pittsburgh, Pa.

3732 — Henderson Walters Moore, 1), ,rn Oct. 15, 1856, at Upper Paxton
Mills, Pa. Address, 41 Saint Nicholas Terrace, New York City.
Married on Feb. 17, 1910, at New York City, Theresa Eichhom (born
in (jcrmany), daughter of General George Eichhorn of the Bavarian
Army. Issue (i) Charles Henderson.

37321 — Charles Henderson Moore, born 1915.

374 — Edwin Walters, l>orn Dec. 14. 1834. He was a merchant at Balti-
more, Md. Married on .^pril 4, 1S66, X'irginia C. Torian of Parrish
St. !Mary, La. No children.

375 — Thaddeus Walters, born ; died in infancy.

376 — Mary Jane Walters, born ; died in infancy; buried at

Harrisburg, Pa.

377 — Jane Mitchell Walters, born ; died in infancy; buried at

Harrisburg, Pa.

378 — Charles Walters, born . No record.


38 — Elizabeth Thompson, born 1795, at Thompsontown, Pa.; died Feb.
II, 1866, in her 71st year; buried in the Thompson family graveyard,
Thompsontown, Pa. She married on Dec. 14, 1820, at Thompsontown,
Pa., Dr. WilHam Waterhouse (born Mar. 30, 1794, ^t Kingwood, N. J.;
died Nov. 28, 1822, at Millerstown, Pa.), son of Ingham and Jean
(Dean) Waterhouse and grandson of Joshua and EUzabeth (Ingham)
Waterhouse and great-grandson of James Ingham who came from
Yorkshire, England, to America between 1700 and 1705. Dr. William
Waterhouse studied medicine with Dr. Dewees of Philadelphia and
graduated from the Jefferson Medical College. Issue (i) Jane Mitchell

381— Jane Mitchell Deane "Waterhouse, born Sept 15, 1821, at Millers-
town, Pa. ; died May 23, 1867, at Oakland Mills, Juniata County, Pa.
Married on Mar. 17, 1842, near McAlisterville, Pa., Lucien Wilson
(born Oct. 20, 1818; died Sept. 23, 1889, at Oakland Mills, Pa.), son
of Hugh and Martha (Banks) Wilson, grandson of Robert and Eliza-
beth (Haines) Wilson and of James and (Catherine) Nelson Banks,
great-grandson of James and Anna (Small) Banks and Robert and
Martha (Patterson) Nelson; great-great-grandson of Hugh Banks
from Aryshire, Scotland. See "History of Juniata and Susquehanna
Valleys in Pennsylvania," pp. 816, 824 and 838, and "Biographical Ency-
clopedia of Juniata Valley," pp. 343 and 898. James Banks, the ances-
tor of the American branch, was born about 1732 in Ayr, Scotland,
and emigrated to America with his wife locating first at New London,
Cross Roads, Chester County, Pa., later in York County, Pa., and
finally in 1773 in Lost Creek Valley, Juniata County, Pa., where he
died June, 1793, aged 61 years. Of his six children, James the eldest
son, was born 1765 in York County, Pa., and was 24 years old when
he married Catherine Nelson. He died near Memphis, Tenn., at the
age of 72 years. Robert Nelson is said to have been a nephew of
Thomas Nelson by his second wife Fannie (Houston) Tucker, widow
of a Mr. Tucker of Bermuda Islands whom he married in 1721, whose
son William Nelson — by his first wife Margaret (Read) Nelson — was
president of the Virginia Council and was father of Governor Thomas
Nelson of Virginia. — See Baltimore Sun, May 13, 1906. — Thomas
Nelson who emigrated to Virginia in 1690, was born Feb. 20, 1677, at
Penrith, England, son of Hugh and Sarah Nelson, of Cumberland
County, England. Robert Nelson (born 1725; died 1805, aged about
83, at Bowling Green, Ky.), settled in Maryland before 1755 and
before 1763 purchased from his cousin William Houston a tract of
land in what is now Lancaster County, Pa. He married in 1751
Martha Patterson, daughter of Robert and Elizabeth (Gray) Patter-
son and granddaughter of Walker and Margaret (Scott) Patterson.
James Banks who married Catherine Nelson was Major General of
the Eleventh Battalion, U. S. Army, in the War of 1812. Children of
Lucien and Jane Mitchell (Waterhouse) Wilson, (i) Martha Eliza-









BRANCH NO. 3 145

both, (2) Hujs'h Horace, (3) William Waterhouse, (4) Catherine
Nelson, (5) Ella Thompson, (6) John Lequear, (7) Lucian Banks,
(8) Julia Marion, (ij) Laura Jane, (10) Allen Latimer, (lO E<lcar
Waterhouse, (12) Juniata Mary, (13) Southard Doty.

3811 — Martha EHzabeth Wilson, horn Dec. 27, 1842, at Minersville, Pa.;
died Jan. 27, i«5i at Oakland.

381a— Hugh Horace Wilson, horn Mar. 28, 1844, at Oakland Mills, Pa.;
died Dec. 6, 1874.

3813 — William Waterhouse Wilson, |)orn Apr. 20, 1845. at Oakland Mills.
Pa. ; (lied, -rt), 1.H51.

3814 — Catherine Nelson Wilson, horn Jan. 6. 1847. at Oakland Mills. Pa.
Died March 16. 1917, at Oakland Mills. Married on June 20, 1872 at
Oakland Mills, Pa.. Howard Stansliury Janney (horn Oct. 24. 1847,
Philadelphia; died July 29, Kjoo at Ashury Park, buried at Lost Creek
X'alley). son of Hrnjamin and C.corKiana (Janney) Janney and grand-
son of Dr. Israel Pcmhcrton Janney and Isabel (Garrettson) Janney
and of (jeorj^e Fox and Sarah (House) Janney. Dr. Israel P. Janney
was a son of Lewis and Mary (Pcnnock) Janney and a prandson of
Jacob and Elizabeth (Lewis) Janney. Mrs. Catherine (Wilson)
Janney, took an active interest in the Thompson family reunion, and
was larj;cly instrumental in insuring the publication of the present
volume of Thompson records. Issue (i) Edgar Pemberton, (2)
Benjamin Stansbury, (3) Nelson Wilson.

38141— Edgar Pemberton Janney, l>orn Apr. 20, 1873, at Philadelphia, Pa.;
died Feb. 24, 1902 at Philadelphia.

38142 — Benjamin Stansbury Janney, horn Sept. 21, 1874. at Philadelphia,
Pa. Late of the grocen.- firm of B. S. Janney, Jr. & Co., of Phila-
delphia. Unmarried. Address, Oakland Mills, Pa.

38143 — Nelson Wilson Janney, born Sept. 13. 1881, at Philadelphia, Pa.
Graduated 15. S., University of Pennsylvania, 1902 ; ^L D., University
of Pennsylvania, 1906; M. D., University of Muncin, 1911 ; Ph.D.,
University of Marburg, 1912. Resident physician, hospital of Uni-
versity of Pennsylvania 1906-8. Director of Physiological Chemical
Laboratory of the Montefiore Home, New York, X. Y. In 191 7, he
was appointed Professor of Medicine at the New York Post Grad-
uate Medical School Hospital and Adjunct Attending Physician to
the ^fontefiore Hospital. Office, 131 West 60th St., New York.


3815 — Ella Thompson "Wilson, born June 7, 1848, at Oakland Mills, Pa.
Married first at Oakland Mills, Nov. 24, 1875, Rev. Thomas Alexander
Robinson (born at Academma 1847; died Nov. 7, 1901). Graduated
Washington and Jeflferson College 1872; Theological Seminary, Alle-
gheny, Pa., 1875, son of John and Sara (Armstrong) Robinson. Is-
sue (i) Lucian Wilson, (2) Sarah Katherine. Married second time,
Oct. 15, 1909, Edward Harris. Address, Mrs. Ella Thompson Harris,
Marengo, 111.

38 1 5 1— Lucian Wilson Robinson, born Sept. 22, 1876, at Potter's Mills,
Center County, Pa. ; died Aug. 28, 1910 at Marengo, 111.

38152— Katherine Robinson, born Aug. 22, 1882, at Winnebago, 111. Mar-
ried on Oct. 16, 1907 at Marengo, 111., Edward James Tupper (born
Feb. 14, 1876 at Des Moines, la.) son of Melbourne and Phoebe

(Currier) Tupper and grandson of Calvin and (Loverin)

Tupper and great-grandson of James Currier. Abstractor. Address,
Galesburg, 111. Issue (i) Helen Katherine, (2) Marguerite Robin-
son, (3) Robert Lucien.

381521— Helen Katherine Tupper, born Dec. 30, 1908, Clark, S. Dakota.
381522— Marguerite Robinson Tupper, born Dec. 13, 1910, Galesburg, 111,

381523— Robert Lucien Tupper, born , Galesburg, 111.

3816— John Lequear Wilson, born McT. 26, 1850; died Aug. , 1850.

3817— Lucian Banks Wilson, born Nov. 24. 1851, at Oakland Mills, Pa.;
died Sept. 24, 1912 at Creston, Iowa. For many years of the grocery
firm of Janney & Andrews, Philadelphia. Married on Oct. 27, 1898
at Clarion, Pa., Mary Stewart Montgomery. Issue (i) James Mont-
gomery, (2) Margaretha Katherine.

38171— James Montgomery Wilson (twin), born Mar. 31, 1901, at Creston,

38172- Margaretha Katherine Wilson (twin), born Mar. 31, 1901, at Cres-
ton, la.

3818— Julia Marion Wilson, born Mar. 23, 1853, at Oakland Mills, Pa.;
died Dec. 2, 1853.

3819— Laura Jane Wilson, born June 12, 1854, at Oakland Mills, Pa.; died
Aug. 9, 1854.

BRANCH NO. 3 147

381(10) — Allen Latimer Wilson, iKirn June 30. 1855. at Oakland Mills. Pa.
Stock dealer. Address, Creston, la. Married on .^pril 27, 1879 at
Walnut, 111., Emelou Lindscy, daunhter of Isaiah and Eliza (Sill)
Lindsey. Issue (i) Howard Lindsey. (2) Ruth Sill, (3) Myra,
(4) Lucian, (5) Ralph, (6) Harriett Maron.

381(10)1 — Howard Lindsey Wilson, horn May 16. 1880, at Walnut, 111.;
died Jan. 7, iK<>7 at Creston, la. Drowned after saving the life of
a schoolmate.

381(10)2— Ruth Sill Wilson, horn Apr. 8. 1882. at Walnut. III.; died Apr.
28, 18H2.

381(10)3— Myra Wilson, horn Sept. 15, 1883. at Walnut. 111. Married on
-\pril 20, i«vio at Creston, Union County. la., Frederic Waterman
Ide (horn Aur. 6. 1K77 in Grant Township. Union County, la.)
son of George Ahcl and Ellen Frances (Allen) Ide and grandson
of William Tiffany and Sarah Ann (Stone) Ide, and of Samuel
Howcn and Mary (Chaffee) Allen. Address, Creston, la. Junior
partner in the firm of Geo. A. Ide & Son. real estate and insur-
ance. Cliililrcii ( I ) I.iiiiin Ide, (2) Helen. No record.

381(10)4 — Lucian Wilson, horn July 26. 1886. at Bedford 111,; died June
26, KKx; at Creston, la.

381(10)5— Ralph Wilson, horn -Xpr. 26, 1889, at Creston, la.

381(10)6 — Harriett Maron Wilson, horn May 18, 1893. at Creston, 111.

381(11) — Edgar Waterhouse Wilson, horn Xov. 2, 1857, at Oakland Mills,
Pa.; died Nov. 27, 1915 at Creston, III. Unmarried.

381(12) — Juniata Mary Wilson, liorn at Oakland Mills, Pa. Unmarried.
.Address, Oakland Mills, Pa.

381(13) — Southard Doty Wilson, horn July 7. 1861, at Oakland Mills. Pa.
Traveling representative of Sprague Warner & Co., Chicago, 111.
Address, 1674 Steele St., Denver, Col. Married on June 30, 1898,
Alherta Alaude Johns, daughter of Spencer and Ida Mary (Dur-
fey) Johns and granddaughter of Seth H. and Sybil Mary (Pop-
pleton) Durfey. No children.

39 — Samuel Thompson, horn 1792, in Juniata County, Pa. ; died Mar. 7,
1S51 in the 58th year of his age at Pottsville, Schu%-lkill Count}-, Pa.
"Possessed of wealth, energy and public spirit, he did much for the im-
provement of our town and its general prosperity as a member of the
Building Committee to erect the new court house and public offices, he

148 de;sce;ndants of john Thomson

was prompt, active and efificient, while as a member of the town council,
his cool dispassionate judgment and discretion gave him a large share
of influence" — From the Pottsz'ille Etnpor'mm, March 13, 1851. He
married twice; first, on Nov. 6, 1827 at Newton Hamilton, Pa., Ann
West Alricks (born Oct., 1798; died Aug. 27, 1828, aged 29 years, 10
months) daughter of James and Martha (Hamilton) Alricks and grand-
daughter of John and Margaret (Alexander) Hamilton of Shermans
Valley, and of James Alricks, son of Herman Alricks, son of Wessells
Alricks, son of Peter Alricks of Holland. No children. He married
second, on Aug. 6, 1833, Elizabeth Cunningham of Newtown Hamilton,
who was born March 3, 1805 and died Oct. 5, 1874 at Pottsville, Pa.
Issue (i) WiUiam, (2) Lewis Cunningham, (3) Emily Jane, (4) Heber

391— WUIiam Thompson, born May 22, 1834, at Pottsville, Pa. ; died July
9, 1905. Prior to the Civil War when 27 years of age he was the
head of a well established and profitable banking concern. In Septem-
ber, 1862, War Governor Andrew Gregg Curtin gave him authority to
recruit a cavalry company in Schuylkill Count)', and on Nov. ist he
was mustered into the service as captain of Company H, 17th Pennsyl-
vania Cavalry, which belonged to the 2nd Brigade, ist Cavalry Division,
and served under the successive commands of Generals Pleasanton,
Buford, Merritt and Devin, with the greatest efficiency and distinction.
For several months, commencing in May, 1863, Captain Thompson
commanded Gen. George G. Meade's escort. Companies D and H, and
later was with Gen. P. H. Sheridan in his battles ; his active service,
in fact, included participation in nearly every engagement in which the
Union Cavalry took part in the operations of the Army of the Potomac
during the last two years of the war. He was severely wounded in
the right shoulder at Kearneystown, Va., when three divisions of the
Union Cavalry made a charge upon Gen. Early's entire force, to
divulge its strength and plans. He was elected major Feb. 13, 1865,
and a month later, Mar. 13th, was brevetted lieutenant-colonel "for
meritorious and distinguished services." It was only when incapaci-
tated by his wounds that he was ever absent from the front ; and with
these exceptions, he never lost a day's duty while he was in the ser-
vice. Pie was mustered out on June 20, 1865. Colonel Thompson's
interest in his companions in the army did not end with the war. His
regiment had the honor of firing the first gun in the great conflict at
Gettysburg, and to him to a great extent is due the erection, on that
historic field, of a grand monument to the memory of those who gave
up their lives in the struggle. Upon the close of his service in the
field. Colonel Thompson again turned his attention to the calling for
which his early education and experience had so thoroughly fitted him.
Possessed of a fair competence by inheritance from his father, he
became a large stockholder in the Miners' National Bank of Pottsville,
one of the oldest and most substantial banks in the state. He was

39— Samuel Thompson









BRANCH NO. 3 1 49

elected a director of this institution on Jan. 13, 1882, and thereafter
made its interests his life work, his long and honorable connection with
it ending only with his death. He served as a cashier from May 23,
1882, until Jan. 25, 1893, when he became vice-president. He became
president on Jan. 12, 1894. His property holdings included some of
the finest business blocks in Pottsville. An attendant at the Presby-
terian Church, Colonel Thompson was one of its most open-handed
supporters. Colonel Thompson never married. He died July 9, 1903,
at Pottsville, Pa., and was buried there in the Thompson family plot
in the Charles Baber cemetery.

392— Lewis Cunningham Thompson, born Nov. 7, 1835, at Pottsville. Pa.
Address, Pottsville, Pa. He attended school at Chambersburg, Frank-
lin County, and continuing his studies at the Bolmar Academy, West
Chester, Pa. His business life began early. In .April, 1855, in partner-
ship with Harry P. Stichter, he established a wholesale and retail hard-
ware business at the corner of Centre and Market Sts., Pottsville, the
firm of Stichter & Thompson being the pioneer in the town in that line.
This association lasted until the spring of 1865, when Mr. Thompson
purchased Mr. Stichtcr's interest and associated with him his brother,
Hebcr S. Thompson, the firm becoming L. C. Thompson & Co. Later
Heber S. Thompson withdrew, and from that time the business was
carried on by Lewis C. Thompson himself until May i, 1911, when it
became incorporated, as previously stated, with the following officers :

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