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The descendants of John Thomson, pioneer Scotch covenanter; genealogical notes on all known descendants of John Thomson, covenanter, of Scotland, Ireland and Pennsylvania, with such biographical sketches as could be obtained from availble published records, or were supplied by the friends of those i online

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Online LibraryAddams Stratton McAllisterThe descendants of John Thomson, pioneer Scotch covenanter; genealogical notes on all known descendants of John Thomson, covenanter, of Scotland, Ireland and Pennsylvania, with such biographical sketches as could be obtained from availble published records, or were supplied by the friends of those i → online text (page 15 of 32)
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Lewis C. Thompson, president; W'm. M. Thompson, vice-president;
J. Harry Benner, secretary and treasurer; and L. C. Thompson, Wil-
liam M. Thompson, J. Harr>' Benner, and W. K. \\'oodbur>', directors.
Though Mr. Thompson's time and attention have been directed prin-
cipally to the affairs of this concern, he has formed other associations,
and is, at present, director of the Miners' National Bank of Pottsville,
and a director of the Union Hall Association. He has always taken
an active interest in the life of the city, as a member of the Pottsville
Club, and a prominent worker in the First Presbyterian Church; he
served as president of its Board of Trustees when the present church
building on Mahantongo Street was erected, in 1874. During the Civil
War, ^Ir. Thompson enlisted in Company A, 27th Emergency Regi-
ment, raised when Lee invaded the State in 1863. He married on June
10, 1862, in Chester County, Rebecca Frances Bruner (born in Chester
County, Pa., near the line of Berks County), daughter of John and
Maria (Jones) Bruner. Issue (i) Elizabeth Maj-, (2) Marie Louise,
(3) Carrie Frances, (4) William Mitchell, (5) Elsie.

3921— Elizabeth May Thompson, born March 15, 1863, at Pottsville, Pa-
Attended school at Bradford, Mass. Alarried Feb. 20, 1890, at Potts-
ville, Pa., Frank Bailey Parsons (born ; died March 16,

1911), son of Col. Parsons of Northampton, Mass. No children.
Address of Mrs. Elizabeth May (Thompson) Parsons, Pottsville, Pa.


3922 — Marie Louise Thompson, born Aug. 9, 1864, at Pottsville, Pa. Mar-
ried Jan. 24, 1900, Henry Townsend Blodget of New York City.
Address, East Paget, Bermuda.

3923 — Carrie Frances Thompson, born 1866; died in infancy.

3924 — William Mitchell Thompson, born Dec. 15, 1871, at Pottsville, Pa.
Attended school at Pottsville and the Phillips Academy at Andover.
Since 1892 he has been in business with his father at Pottsville. Mar-
ried on Jan. 7, 1902, at Pottsville, Mary Jane Sturman, daughter of
Joseph T. and Sarah E. (Golightly) Sturman.

3925 — Elsie Thompson, born July 27, 1875, at Pottsville, Pa. Address,
801 W. Mahantongo St., Pottsville, Pa.

393— Emily Jane Thompson, born July 21, 1838; died Nov. 17, 1880, at
Pottsville, Pa. Married on Oct. 11, 1866, Major Edward Carey Baird
(born at Pottsville, Pa., Apr. 3, 1836; died near Ashland, Va., Nov.

14, 1874), son of Captain J Baird of the U. S. Army and

Eliza Catherine (Carey) Baird and grandson of Henry S

and Louisa ( ) Baird and of Matthew and Bridget (Fla-

haven) Carey. Issue (i) Bessie Carey.

3931 — Bessie Carey Baird, born Sept. i, 1867, at De Pere, Wis. Married
on Oct. 3, 1894, at Pottsville, Pa., Joseph Albright Archbald, son of
James and Hannah Maria (Albright) Archbald and grandson of
James and Sarah Augusta Temple (Frothingham) Archbald and of
Joseph Jacob and Elizabeth (Sellers) Albright. Joseph Albright
Archbald is a brother of James Albright, who married Margaretta
Thompson (3943). He is a manufacturer, 107 Hodge Ave., Buffalo,
N. Y. Issue (i) Joseph Albright, (2) Edward Baird, (3) Heber
Thompson, (4) Emily Baird.

39311 — Joseph Albright Archbald, Jr., born at Pottsville, Pa., Aug. 5,
1897. Address, 107 Hodge Ave., Buffalo, N. Y.

39312 — Edward Baird Archbald, born at Buffalo, N. Y., Aug. 13, 1898.
Address, 107 Hodge Ave., Buffalo, N. Y.

39313 — Heber Thompson Archbald, born at Buffalo, N. Y., Nov. 12, 1900.
Address, 107 Hodge Ave., Buffalo, N. Y.

39314 — Emily Baird Archbald, born at Buffalo, N. Y., Jan. 23, 1904. Ad-
dress, 107 Hodge Ave., Buffalo, N. Y.


394— Heber Samuel Thompson, born Aug. 14. 1840, at Pottsville, Pa. ; died
Mar. 9, 191 1. A. B. Yale 1861, A. M. Yale 1871. He enlisted as
private in the "First Defenders" on Apr. 16, 1861, the first troop in the
Civil War to enter Wa.shinuton. Later he served as captain of the
Seventh Pennsylvania Cavalry. He was President of the Board of
Trustees of the State Hospital for Injured at Ashland, Pa., and presi-
dent of the Edison Electric Illuminating Co. He was a member of
the Pennsylvania State "Coal Waste Commission." See "Who's Who
in America," Vol. I, 1910-11. It was he who co-operated with his first
cousin Theodore Samuel Thompson (338) in the preparation of the
"Thompson Family" booklet upon which the present family records
have been based. He married on Jan. 23, 1866, at Pottsville, Pa., Sara
Eliza Beck (born Jan. 16, 1840, at Pottsville, Pa.), daughter of Isaac
and Margarctta (I'itman) Beck, and granddaughter of Joseph and
Eleanor (Copeland) Beck, and of Ephraim and Mary (Patterson)
Pitman. Address, Pottsville, Pa. Issue (i) Emily Baird, (2) Samuel
Clifton, (3) Margaretta, (4) Eleanor, (5) Heber Harris.

3941— Emily Baird Thompson, i),)rn Nov. 10, 1866. at Pottsville. Pa. Ad-
dress, 7432 Sprague St., Mt. Airy, Philadelphia, Pa. Married on

Apr. 15, i8<>!, John Parke Hood of Philadelphia (born ;

died Mar. 17, 1904), nephew of Franklin B. (}owen Hood. Issue (i)
John Parke, (2) Sidney, (3) James Gowen, (4) Heber Thompson.

39411— John Parke Hood, Jr., born Apr. 21. 1893, Mt. Airy, Philadelphia,

39412— Sidney Hood, born Jan. 2. 1896, Mt. Airy, Philadelphia, Pa.

39413 — James Gowen Hood, born Dec. 2T, 1899, Mt. Airy, Philadelphia, Pa.

39414 — Heber Thompson Hood, liorn Apr. 13. 1904, Mt. Airy, Philadelphia,

3942 — Samuel Clifton Thompson, born May 7, 1869. at Pottsville, Pa.
Address, New York City. Graduated Yale and Columbia Universities
in mining engineering. Married at Johannesburg, South Africa, Vic-
toria Stanton. Issue (i) Samuel Clifton, Jr. — no record.

3943 — Margaretta Thompson, born May 5. 1871. Pottsville, Pa. Married
on Oct. 21, 1897, at Pottsville, Pa., James Archbald, Jr. (6th), son of
James Archbald (5th) and Hannah Maria (Albright) Archbald and
grandson of James (4th) and Sarah Augusta Temple (Frothingham)
Archbald and of Joseph Jacob and Elizabeth (Sellers) Albright.
James Archbald (6th) is a brother of Joseph Albright Archbald who
married Bessie Carey Baird (4931). He is engineer of the Girard


Estate and General Manager of the Girard Water Co. (succeeded
his father-in-law Heber S. Thompson) with offices in Thompson
Building, Pottsville, Pa. Issue (i) Margaretta Thompson, (2) Sara
Thompson, (3) James Archbald, (4) Wodrow.

39431 — Margaretta Thompsan Archbald, born Apr. 29, 1899, Pottsville, Pa.

39432— Sara Thompson Archbald, born Sept. 13, 1900, Pottsville, Pa.

39433— James Archbald, 7th, born Aug. 7, 1905, Pottsville, Pa.

39434— Wodrow Archbald, born Oct. 18, 1907, Pottsville, Pa.

3944 — Eleanor Thompson, born , Pottsville, Pa.; died on

, at .

3945— Heber Harris Thompson, born Sept. 12, 1880, Pottsville, Pa. Mar-
ried Florence Westbrook, daughter of Dr. Cherrick Westbrook.
Address, Tamaqua, Pa.


4 — Elizabeth Thomson, horn ; died . On

she married Robert McAlistcr (l>orn ; died May 26,

1828; probably buried in Tuscarora Valley, Juniata County, Pa.), son of

HurH and Sarah (Nelson) McAlistcr and grandson of Hugh and

(Harbison) McAlistcr, Scotch protcstants, who came from Ireland to
America in 1732, settling in Lancaster County, Pa. See 34. 56 and 6.
The will of Hugh McAlistcr, Sr., was dated Apr. 19, 1769, and probated
Aug. 15, I76f;, at Carlisle, Pa. Hugh McAlistcr, Jr. (born 1736 in Lan-
caster County, I'a. ; died Sept. 22, 1810) joined the forces of Forbes in
the F-'rench and Indian War. He ser\cd as sergeant, lieutenant and cap-
tain in the army of the Revolution, and was commissioned major of the
Seventh llattalion of the Militia in Cumberland County, Pa., May i,
17S3. See "History of the Susquehanna and Juniata Valleys in Pennsyl-
vania," pp. 123 and 834. After their marriage, Robert and Elizabeth
(Thomson) McAllister settled at Nook, in Tuscarora \'alley, in Juniata
Ct)Uiily, Pa., where doubtless he and she died and were buried, although
their graves have not been located. From May 5 to Nov. 5, 1813,
Robert Mc.Mister served as corporal in Captain Matthew Rodger's Com-
pany of Pennsylvania Militia belonging to the regiment commanded by
Colonel Reese Hill. Robert and Elizabeth (Thomson) McAlister died
without issue.


5 — Robert Thomson, born ; died on the farm three miles

below Thompsontown, Pa., on the Juniata River. Doubtless he was the
Robert Thompson of Fermanagh Township, in what is now Juniata
County, Pa., whose will dated Feb. 24, 1787, and probated April 5, 1787,
at Carlisle, Pa., gives his estate to his son William (51), a minor, and
other minor children and to his wife — not mentioned by name. He
appointed as his executors his wife and David Boal — probably the hus-
band of his sister Susanna (7). This will is recorded in Cumberland
County Will Book E. P. 105. It was witnessed by Gerard Ferrill ;
Samuel Willy, possibly a relative of the husband of his sister Jean
Thomson (2) ; and Thomas Palley, probably the person who witnessed
the will of Pioneer John Thomson. Robert Thompson was taxed on a
saw-mill in Fermanagh Township, Juniata County, Pa., in 1785-6, the
two years preceding his death. He may or may not have been the
Robert Thompson who served as a private in Captain John Clarke's
company of Associators of Northumberland County in 1776. In this
company was William Greenlee, presumably the husband of his sister
Mary Thomson (i). Robert Thompson married Sarah Mitchell, a sister
to Jane Mitchell who married William Thompson (3). By some the
father of Sarah and Jane Mitchell was said to have been David Mitchell
of Chestnut Level, Lancaster County, Pa., and by others James Mitchell
of Cumberland County, Pa. A certain David Mitchell whose will — wit-
nessed by William Mitchell — was dated 1756, Chestnut Level, Lancaster
County, Pa., left children Samuel, Jean, Abram, Margaret Eleanor, Sarah,
George and David. He may have been a son or a brother of John
Mitchell of Drumore Township, Lancaster County, Pa., who died in
1759 leaving sons Samuel, William, John, George and David. See "Notes
and Queries," Vol. Ill, Third Series, by W. H. Egle, page 483. It is
possible that John Mitchell who came from Ireland to Lancaster County,
Pa., served as colonel of the Cumberland Militia at Lancaster, and died
about 1785 in what is now Perry County, was of this family.
See "History of Susquehanna and Juniata Valleys in Pennsylvania," p.
1 130. According to Robert Thompson (35), son of William and Jane
(Mitchell) Thompson, his mother was a daughter of "James Mitchell
of Cumberland Valley, near Chambersburg." According to Hugh Nelson
McAllister (343) grandson of Jane (Mitchell) Thompson, she "was
born within one mile of Strasbury, now Franklin (then Cumberland)
County. Her father was killed by the Indians in a harvest field during
the French and Indian War (1754-60) near what is now called St.
Thomas, seven miles west of Chambersburg." Among the early land
titles in Letterkenny Township, in which Strasburg is located was one
granted July 10, 1752, to James Mitchell. Joseph and William Mitchell
also owned land there in 1754. Among the persons killed by Indians in


a harvest field near Shippensburg on July 19, 1757, were James, Joseph
and William Mitchell. It is not improbable that the father of Jane and
Sarah was James rather than David Mitchell and that he was of the
Lancaster County Mitchells who were progenitors of many of the
Mitchell families throughout the Cumberland Valley. See No. 3. Chil-
dren of Robert and Sarah (Mitchell) Thompson, (i) William, (2) John,
(3) Robert, (4) James, (5) Andrew, (6) Jane, (7) Mitchell.

51— William Thompson (called Little), born , 1774; died July

7, 1H47, in his 73rd year ; buried at Thompson's Lock, Pa. Married on
April 16, 1818, in Juniata County, Pa., Hannah Mincer (born 1790; died
Sept. 29, 1840, in her 51st year buried at Thompson's Lock, Pai.). He
lived in Thomsontown, Pa. Issue (i) Josiah, (2) Isaac Ambrose, (3)
Sarah Mincer, (4) Mary, (5) Rebecca.

511 — Josiah Thompson, born , at Thompsontown. Pa.; died

at Covington, Ky. ; buried at Covington, Ky. Married

Pauley. Issue (i) Mary.

51 1 1 — Mary Thompson, l)orn . Married Shaner.

Issue ( I ) son. No record.

512 — Isaac Ambrose Thompson, born Feb. 23. 1823; died May 30. i860,
aged a ycar.s, 3 nidiitlis and 5 days; buried at Thompson's Lock, Pa.

513 — Sarah Mincer Thompson, liorn Feb. 25, 1826; died Sept. 26, 1869,
aged 43 years, 7 months and i day ; buried at McAlisterville, Pa. Mar-
ried her cousin (665) Lsaac Thompson McAllister (born April 30, 1830;
died Nov. 19, 1894 at West Newton, Pa.) son of Robert Harbison and
Mary (Crawford) McAllister and grandson of William and Sarah
(Thomson) McAlister. Issue (i) William. (2) Mary Thompson —
see 665.

514 — Mary Thompson, born Dec. 8, 1824; died Apr. 6, 1896, at MifBintown,
Pa. Married on June 20, 1861, her cousin John Hutchinson McAlister
(born March 10, 1S18; died May 16, 1890; buried at Mifflintown, Pa.),
son of John Bell and Jane (Thompson) McAllister and grandson of
William and Sarah (Thomson) McAlister. They lived at Mifflintown,
Pa. No issue. See 56 and 637.

515 — Rebecca Thompson, born 1830; died Sept. 19, 1840, in her loth year;
buried at Thompson's Lock, Pa.

52 — John Thompson, born Oct. 30. 1776; died Jan. 6, 1830, aged 58
years; buried at Locks, Pa. He and his brother James— 54 — settled
in Lost Creek Valley. In 1803 they sold their property to Michael
Bashore and purchased the tract of land originally granted to James


Micheltree. In connection with his brother Robert — 53 — John Thompson
purchased in Nov., 181 1, an adjoining tract which had also been granted
to James Micheltree — see "History of Juniata and Susquehanna Valleys
in Pennsylvania," p. 871. John Thompson was a farmer, but he is said
to have acted as a pilot for arks and rafts on the Juniata River. He
owned two boats, built by himself, which he used to convey his produce
to Harrisburg and other points. He is said to have erected one of the
first brick houses in this section of Pennsylvania, the bricks for its
construction having been made on his own farm — see "Biographical
Encyclopedia of Juniata Valley, Pa.," p. 997. He was a member of the
United Presbyterian Church. He was twice married. His first wife
was Rachel Stewart (born May 8, 1780; died May 9, 1813, in Delaware
Township, Juniata County, Pa.), daughter of William and Elizabeth
Stewart and granddaughter of Archibald and Margaret Stewart — see
(10). Issue (i) Jane, (2) Mary, (3) Martha. John Thompson married
secondly on Oct. 14, 1816, in Perry County, Pa., Jane Gilfillen (born
Sept. 25, 1797; died Feb. 16, 1855), daughter of James Gilfillen — see 72.
Children of John and Jane (Gilfillen) Thompson (4) William Gilfillen,
(5) James, (6) Robert Mitchell, (7) John, (8) Rebecca.

521 — Jane Thompson, born on , at ; died on

, at ; buried at . Married on

, at , Gideon Claybaugh, of Red Oak, Brown

County, Ohio. They subsequently moved to Henderson County, 111.
Issue (i) William.

521 1 — William Claybaugh, born . Address, Red Oak, Brown

County, Ohio. Married .

522 — Mary Thompson, born on , at ; died on

, at ; buried at . Married on

, at , Michael Benner, of Brown County, Ohio.

Issue .

523— Martha Thompson, born ; died in early life.

524— William Gilfilen Thompson, born July 20, 1817; died on July 23,
1892. Married twice, first on Jan. 18, 1842, at Thompsontown, Pa.,
Lucinda Caroline Kinsloe (born 1823 ; died Feb. 10, 1855, aged 32
years). Issue (i) Alice Adclia, (2) Jane Pamelia. Married second,
on April 5, 1859, at Harrisburg, Pa., Mary Elizabeth Bomgardner,
daughter of William and Sarah (Egle) Bomgardner, granddaughter
of Valentine and Elizabeth (Thomas) Egle, great-granddaughter of
Casper and Elizabeth (Mentges) Egle and of Martin Thomas Jr., son
of Martin Thomas, Sr. Valentine Egle, Martin Thomas, Jr., and Cas-
per Egle were Revolutionary soldiers. Martin Thomas, Sr., was a

Home of John Thompson i52), on the Juniata. Delaware Township,

Juniata Co.. Pa., now owned by his granddaughter.

Mrs. Arthur Trexler 5243 \.

Home of John Thompson (527), "Bridge John " and Sarah [Rodgers)
Thompson, Delaware Township, Juniata Co., Pa.

BRANCH NO. 5 15/

lieutenant on the frontier during the French and Indian War. Child-
ren of William G. and Mary Elizabeth (Bomsardner) Thompson (3)
Lillian Olivia, (4) Ralph liomRardncr.

5241 — Alice Adelia Thompson, born Dec 4, 1846, on Thompson's farm,

near Thompsontown, Pa. ; died . Married on June 6,

1871, at HarrisburK, Pa., James Allison. Address, 104 R St., N. E.,
Washington, D. C. Issue (l) James Burns.

52411 — James Burns Allison, born . Married Dec. 4, 1906, at

Washin^'ton, I). C, Maude Henrietta Bean. Issue (i) Florence
Burns, (2) Maude Elizabeth.

5241 1 1 — Florence Burns Allison, born July 23, 1908.

5241 12 — Maude Elizabeth Allison, born Nov. 6, 1910.

5242 — Jane Pamelia Thompson, born Oct. 28, 1852, on Thompson's farm,
near Thompsontown, Pa.; died June I, 1907, at Washinpton, D. C. ;
buried at Harrisburg, Pa. Married Jan. — , i87i,at Harrisburp, Pa.,

C.rafton Fo.\ (born ; died June, 1909). Issue (i) Mary


52421 — Mary Grafton Fox, luirn Jan. in, 187J. at Harrisburg, Pa.

5243 — Lillian Olivia Thompson, Imrn June 9, 1861, Harrisburg, Pa. Mar-
ried on Jan. 8, 1884, at Thompsontown, Pa., Arthur R

Trcxlcr. son of Jonas and Elizabeth (Good) Trexler and grandson of
Jonas and Sarah ( ) Trcxlcr. A. R. Trexler was a mer-
chant at Sunbury, Pa. Issue (i) Thompson Arthur, (2) Mary Eliza-

52431 — Thomas Arthur Trexler, born Oct. 10. 1884. at Thompson's Lock,
Pa. Address, Sunbury, Pa.

52432 — Mary Elizabeth Trexler, born Nov. 9, 1887. at Sunbury, Pa. Mar-
ried, June, 1913, at Sunbury, Pa., Robert Glover, of Mifflinburg, Pa.
Address, Scranton, Pa.

5244 — Ralph Bomgardner Thompson, born June 29, 1863. at Harrisburg,
Pa. Hardware merchant at Millerstown, Perry County, Pa. Married
on Dec. 16, 1806, at Thompsontown. Pa., Clara Pauline Rippman,
daughter of Charles Adolphus and Mary (Walz) Rippman and grand-
daughter of John Godfrey and Mary (Stutz) ( ) Ripp-
man and of Henry Martin and Ann (Shiller) Walz. Issue (i)
Mary Kathleen.


52441— Mary Kathleen Thompson, born Jan. 9, 1898, at the William Gil-
fillen Thompson homestead, one mile east of Thompsontown, Pa.
Address 1916, Millerstown, Pa.

525— James Thompson, born at Thompson's Lock, Pa., 1819 ; died June 18,
1854, aged 35 years; buried at Locks, Pa. (Some confusion as to which
children belong to the different wives.) Married twice; first on March
17, 1842, at Thompson's Lock, his cousin— (11)7— Eleanor Thompson
(born 1819; died Feb. 22, 1844, aged 25 years), daughter of Peter and
Mary (Patterson) Thomson and granddaughter of John Thomson, the
Pioneer and of Andrew Patterson— see (11). Issue (i) Ellen CeceHe.
He married the second time on March 20, 1845, at Van Dyke, Pa., his
cousin Wilhelmina Thompson— 314— daughter of John Goshen and
Abigail (North) Thompson and granddaughter of William and Jane
(Mitchell) Thompson. Issue (2) Mary Evaline (Eva), (3) Heber,
(4) James Addison.

5251— Ellen Cecelie Thompson, born Feb. 13, 1844, at Thompson's Lock,
Pa. Address, 221 North Second St., Harrisburg, Pa. Married on
Dec. I, 1865, at Harrisburg, Pa., James Porter Harris, son of John
Porter Harris (born Aug. 1836; died Feb. 2T, 1900), grandson of
John and Maria (Parsons) Harris. Issue (i) William Domer.

5251 1— William Domer Harris, born Sept. 11, 1866, at Harrisburg, Pa.
Address, 221 North Second St., Harrisburg, Pa. Married on Sept.
15, 1893, at Harrisburg, Pa., Emelie Pauline Sieber, daughter of
Charles Frederick and Mary Elizabeth (Bessenger) Sieber and

granddaughter of George and Elizabeth ( ) Bessenger.

Issue (1) James Porter, (2) Mary Elizabeth, (3) Ellen CeceUa.

5251 1 1 — James Porter Harris, 2nd, born Nov. 11, 1894, Harrisburg, Pa.
5251 1 2— Mary Elizabeth Harris, born Jan. 27, 1902, Harrisburg, Pa.
5251 13— Ellen Cecelia Harris, born Nov. 18, 1903, Harrisburg, Pa.

5252 — Mary Evaline (Eva) Thompson, born Aug. 18, 1852, at Thompson's
Lock, Pa., died Feb. i, 1915 at McAlisterville, Pa., buried at Mifflin-
town, Pa.

5253— Heber Thompson, born Aug. i, 1847, at Thompson's Lock; died
Aug. 8, 1849.

5254 — James Addison Thompson, Ijorn ; died in infancy.

BRANCH NO. 5 1 59

5a6— Robert Mitchell Thompson, iKjrn at Thompsontown, Pa.. Feb. 14,
1822; died Ucc. 24, 1H79, at Thompson's Lock, Pa. He was a farmer
and owned land hclow Thompsontown in Juniata County, Pa., which
had orijs'inally been patented by Isaac Yost. He married twice; first
on Dec. 20, 1853, Amelia Evans North (born Jan. 25, 1831 ; died April
10, 1H50), daughter of John and Jane Huston (McAHster) North of
McAlistcrvillf, Pa., a uranddauirhter of Joshua and Mary (Murr>')
North and of HuKh and Catherine (Elliott) McAllister, a great-grand-
daughter of Roger and Ann (Raml>o) North; of Hugh and Sarah
(Nel.son) McAlistcr and of John and Jane (Huston) Elliott; a great-
great-grand<Iain;hter of Caleb North and of Peter and .Xnn (Cock)

Kambo, and of Hugh and (Harbison) McAlistcr. Roger

North, who came to this countr>- with his parents in 1730, entered the
army in 1748 and was made lieutenant in the Provincial Service. Hugh
McAlistcr, Jr., was a private in the French and Indian War. and
served as sergeant, lieutenant, captain and major in the Revolutionary
War. John Elliott was a major in the Revolutionary War. The
mother of his wife. Jane (Huston) Elliott, was Catherine Buchan-
an, sister to the gran<lfather of President Buchanan — see "His-
tory of Juniata and Sus<|uehanna \'alleys in Pennsylvania," pp. 753
and lOJS. Children of Robert Mitchell and .Xmelia Evans (North)
Thompson (l) Clara Jane. (2) Mar>- Agnes. (3) Ida Belle, (4) Dallas
Clinton. (5) Amelia North. (6) Calvin North. He married second
time on Sept. II. iSfio, at New Hloomfield. Perry County, Pa.. Sarah
Ellen Toomey (born in Juniata Township, Perr>- County, Pa.; died
Aug. 2, 1905), daughter of Henrv- and Henrietta (Brown) Toomey.
Issue (7) Ida Marj-, (8) Rettie May. (9) Annie Laura, (10) Robert
Mitchell. (11) Nora Ellen. (12) Harry Toomey. (13) Domer Roy,
(14) Lottie Alice.

5261 — Clara Jane Thompson, born Sept. 28, 1854: died Mar. 11, 1855,
at Thompsontown. Pa.

5262 — Mary Agnes Thompson (twin), born Aug. 7. 1856; died same day.
at Thompsontown, Pa.

5163 — Ida Belle R. Thompson (twin), born Aug. 7. 1856; died same day,
at Thompsontown, Pa.

5264 — Dallas Clinton Thompson, born Dec. 7, 1857. at Thompsontown, Pa.
Address, Topeka Kan., R. F. D. No. 2. Married on March 11, 1884,
at Valley Falls, Kan., Clara Tait (born Apr. 24, 1862, at Madison,
Ind.), daughter of James F. and Jennet (Brown) Tait, granddaughter
of John and Jean (McKay) Tait and of Alexander and Bell (Martin)
Brown. Issue (i) Bertha Jane, (2) Lottie Belle, (3) Hugh North,
(4) Robert Roy.

i6o de;scendants of john Thomson

52641 — Bertha Jane Thompson, born June 30, 1887, at Valley Falls, Kans.
Address, Topeka, Kans., R. F. D. No. 2.

52642— Lottie Belle Thompson, born Dec. 25, 1891, at Denison, Kans.;
died Aug. i, 1912 at Topeka, Kans.

52643— Hugh North Thompson, born Oct. 8, 1894, at Denison, Kans. Ad-
dress, Topeka, Kans., R. F. D. No. 2.

52644— Robert Roy Thompson, born Sept. 15, 1897, at Denison, Kans. Ad-
dress, Topeka, Kans., R. F. D. No. 2.

5265— Amelia North Thompson (twin), born Apr. i, 1859; died Sept. 3,
1859; buried at Thompson's Lock, Pa.

5266— Calvin North Thompson (twin), born Apr. i, 1859; died Sept. 3,
1859; buried at Thompson's Lock, Pa.

5267— Ida Mary Thompson, born June 9, 1861, at Thompson's Lock, Pa.
Address, 2255 N. 6th St., Harrisburg, Pa. Married at Thompson-
town, Pa., Apr. 18, 1893, Elmer Elsworth McCauley, son of James and
Mary (Ewig) McCauley. Issue (i) Mary Ellen.

52671— Mary Ellen McCauley, born May 19, 1895, at Harrisburg, Pa. Ad-
dress, 225s N. 6th St., Harrisburg, Pa.

5268— Rettie May Thompson, born Nov. 18, 1862, at Thompson's Lock,
Pa. Address, 334 S. Brown St., Lewistown, Pa. Married Dec. 27,
1881 at Thompson's Lock, Pa., Reuben Wendell Grubb, son of Reuben
and Rebecca (Orner) Grubb and grandson of Henry and Mary

( ) Grubb. Issue (i) Reuben Clair, (2) Domer Martin,

(3) Roy Thompson, (4) Cormel Park, (5) Robert Burns, (6) Rebecca

52681— Reuben Clair Grubb, born Aug. 24. 1882, in Greenwood Township,

Online LibraryAddams Stratton McAllisterThe descendants of John Thomson, pioneer Scotch covenanter; genealogical notes on all known descendants of John Thomson, covenanter, of Scotland, Ireland and Pennsylvania, with such biographical sketches as could be obtained from availble published records, or were supplied by the friends of those i → online text (page 15 of 32)