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The descendants of John Thomson, pioneer Scotch covenanter; genealogical notes on all known descendants of John Thomson, covenanter, of Scotland, Ireland and Pennsylvania, with such biographical sketches as could be obtained from availble published records, or were supplied by the friends of those i online

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Online LibraryAddams Stratton McAllisterThe descendants of John Thomson, pioneer Scotch covenanter; genealogical notes on all known descendants of John Thomson, covenanter, of Scotland, Ireland and Pennsylvania, with such biographical sketches as could be obtained from availble published records, or were supplied by the friends of those i → online text (page 17 of 32)
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Greeley, Col.

553(10)5— Robert Roy Thompson, born at Piper City, 111., Feb. 24. 1893.
Clerk in Commandants Office, U. S. Navy, San Francisco, Cal.

553(10)6— Mary Luella Thompson, born Apr. 11, 1896 at Piper City, 111.
Address, Campbell, Cal.

BRANCH NO. 5 173

553(11) — Ida Agnes Thompson, born May 12, i860; died Nov. 10, 1900, at
I'ipcr City, 111.

554 — Mitchell A Thompson, born at .

Killed during the Civil War. Married three times : first on

at , his cousin Margaret Thompson — 546 — daughter of

James and Margaret (Carson) Thompson. Issue ?. Married second
time, Elizabeth McQuisten. Issue (i) Montfort. Married third time,
Eliza Thorn. Issue (2) Cora.

5541 — Montfort Thompson, born ; died in early manhood.

5542 — Cora Thompson, born . Married McCain.

555 — Addison Thompson, horn ; died young.

556 — Sarah Thompson, born ; died young.

557 — Andrew Thompson, born ; died young.

56 — Jane Thompson, born 1777; died Feb. 23, 1850 in her 73rd year; buried
at Brown's Mills, Juniata County, Pa. Married on Oct. 28, 1806, her
cousin (63) "Squire John," John Bell McAlister (born Apr. 12, 1782;
died Apr. 14, 1847, aged 65 years) son of William and Sarah (Thomp-
son) McAlister and grandson of Pioneer Hugh McAlister and Pioneer
John Thompson. John B. McAlister was admitted to the Perr\' County
bar in 1856. He was for many years a Justice of the Peace and an
elder in the Lost Creek Presbyterian Church. Issue (i) Sarah, (2)
David, (3) Eliza, (4) Mar>', (5) Mitchell, (6) Lucinda, (7) John
Hutchinson, (8) Jane Thompson — see 63.

57 — Mitchell Thompson, born 1789; died Dec. 27, 1830 in his 41st year.
Married on Mar. 22, 1813, Jane Allen (born Aug. 7, 17951 died Apr. 5,
1841 daughter of David and Mary (Nelson) Allen and granddaughter
of Robert Nelson — see 32. David Allen was a soldier in the Revolu-
tionary Army. Robert Nelson (born , 1725; died 1805 at Bowl-
ing Green, Ky.) was said to have been a nephew of Thomas Nelson, Sr.,
by his second wife Fannie (Houston) Tucker Nelson, widow of Mr.

. Tucker of Bermuda Islands, whom he married about 1721.

Thomas Nelson and his first wife, Margaret (Reed) Nelson were the
parents of William Nelson of Yorktown, Va., president of the Virginia
Council; and was secretan,-. Thomas Nelson, Jr. (born 1716; died
1782) who married Armistead. Thomas Nelson, Sr., born Feb. 20, 1677
at Penrith, England, was the son of Hugh and Sarah Nelson of Pen-
rith. County of Cumberland, England. He emigrated to the Colony of
Virginia in 1690 — see the Baltimore Sun, May 13, 1906. Robert Nelson
married in 1751, Martha Patterson (an aunt of Betsy Patterson, who


became Alme. Jerome Bonapart) daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Gray
Patterson and granddaughter of Walker and Margaret (Scott) Patter-
son of the Parish Hawwich. Martha (Patterson) Nelson died at Cedar
Springs, Pa., July 26, I794, aged about 63 years. Children of Mitchell
and Jane (Allen) Thompson (i) Lavinia Allen, (2) Adeline Nelson.

571— Lavinia Allen Thompson, born June 13, 1814; died June 16, 1864.
Married on June 6, 1835 in Millerstown, Pa., James Madison Cochran
(born Nov. 17, 1810 at Millerstown, Pa.; died Aug. 9, 1861 at Liverpool,
Perry County, Pa) son of Thomas and Sophia Maria (Porter) Coch-
ran, and grandson of Robert Porter— see 421 and 42134- Thomas
Cochran was born 1776 in Redcastle, near Londonderry, Ireland, and
came to this country with his brothers Samuel, Robert and William,
settling in Chester County, Pa., at a place now known as Cochranville.
Thomas Cochran moved in 1801 to Millerstown, Pa., where he and his
wife were the principal promoters of the Presbyterian Church erected
in 1831, and where he died in 1847. His wife, who was born 1776 in
Redcastle, near Londonderry, Ireland, and died in 1848 at Millerstowri,
Pa., was the daughter of Robert Porter, an uncle of Governor Porter
of Pennsylvania, who served as colonel in the Revolution and partici-
pated in the Battle of Brandywine— see Biographical Encyclopedia of
Juniata Valley in Pennsylvania, p. 1272. Children of James Madison
and Lavinia Allen (Thompson) Cochran (i) Mary Ann, (2) Elmira
Jane, (3) Thomas Porter, (4) Eliza AdaUne, (5) Ada Marion.

571 1 — Mary Ann Cochran, born Nov. 9, 1835 in Buffalo Township, Hunters
Valley, Pa.; died July 14, 1913 at Liverpool, Pa.; buried there. Mar-
ried twice: first on Oct. 29, 1851 at Liverpool, Pa., George Harrison
Martin, of Liverpool, Pa. Issue (i) Jerome Lukens, (2) Mary Alice,
(3) George Allen, (4) Annie Lavinia. She married secondly in 1866,
W. L. Lenhart (born Mar. 26, 1837, at Shamokin Dam, Pa.) son of
Lewis and Deborah (Snyder) Lenhart and grandson of George Len-
hart. W. L. Lenhart owns a saw-mill at Liverpool, Perry County, Pa.
He has served as councilman, school director and burgess. Issue
(5) Lewis Thompson, (6) John Wesley, (7) Florence Marion, (8)
Stewart L , (9) Porter C .

571 1 1 — Jerome Lukens Martin, born May 6, 1853 in Hunters Valley, Pa.;
died Nov. 6, 1854.

571 12 — Mary Alice Martin, born Feb. 20, 1855 in Liverpool, Pa. Married
on Mar. 14, 1878 in , John Westley Williamson. Ad-
dress, 2108 E. Fork St., Philadelphia, Pa. Issue (i) John Porter.

571 121 — John Porter Williamson, l)orn Jan. 11, 1875.

BRANCH NO. 5 1 75

571 1 3 — George Allen Martin, born May 26, 1857, in Liverpool, Pa. Presi-
dent Pittsburgh Tube Co., Pittsburgh, Pa. Married June 2T, 1883,
at Chicago, 111., Hattie O'Neill. No children.

57114 — Annie Lavinia Martin, born March 9, 1859, at Liverpool, Pa. Mar-
ried Nov. 2T, 1877, at Liverpool, Pa., George Tharp. Address, Liver-
pool, Pa. Issue (i) Allen Corey, (2) Stewart LeRoy, (3) Mary
Helen. No record.

571 15 — Lewis Thompson Lenhart, born March 12, 1867. in Liverpool, Pa.;
died June 14, igio. He was cashier in the Continental Hotel, Phil-
adelphia. Married, June 6, 1906, in Philadelphia, Ann B. Catten-
berger. No children.

57116 — John Wesley Lenhart (twin), born Aug. 2, 1876, in Liverpool, Pa.;
died June i, \()da. Married, 1900, Annie Freed. Issue (i) Lester
Freed. No record.

57117 — Florence Marion Lenhart, (twin), born Aug. 2, 1876, in Liverpool,
Pa. Married, KKW, Ira Wert. Address, Liverpool, Pa. Issue (i)
Lenhart, (2) Mary Alice.

jyiiiyi—Lenhart Wert, born April 2, 1901 ; died April 24. 1907, in Har-
risburg, Pa.

571 172 — Mary Alice Wert, born May 9, 1907-

57118— Stewart I Lenhart (twin), born July 2, 1873; died

jyiig — Porter C Lenhart (twin), born July 2, 1873; died

5712 — Elmira Jane Cochran, born July 8, Hunters Valley. Pa.

57i3_Thomas Porter Cochran, born Feb. 8, 1839, at Hunters Valley, Pa.

5714— Eliza Adeline Cochran, born July 8, 1841, Hunters Valley. Pa.

57i5_Ada Marion Cochran, born Oct. 10, 1849, at Liverpool. Pa. Married
on Aug. S. 1S70. Capt. Daniel Meshan, Bradford, Pa. Issue (i)
Theresa Piollet.

jyiji—Theresa Piollet Meshan, born June 28, 1876. Address, 210 Pine
St., Harrisburg, Pa.


572— Adeline Nelson Thompson, born Feb. 29, 1824, in Delaware Town-
ship, Juniata County, Pa.; died . Married on Sept. 30,

1839 at Thompsontown, Pa., John Stewart Lukens (born Aug. i, 1819
near Thompsontown, Pa.; died May 21, 1895). son of Abraham and
Annie (Stewart) Lukens, grandson of Henry and Gracy (Stewart)
Lukens and of Squire John and Elizabeth (Miller) Stewart; a great-
grandson of Abraham Lukens, of David Walker and of William and
Elizabeth Stewart, parents o{ both Gracy and John Stewart; a great-
great-grandson of John and Elizabeth Lukens and of Archibald and
Margaret Stewart. His grandfather, Henry Lukens, who settled in
1802 on what was subsequently known as the Bradford Fruit Farm in
Juniata County, Pa., was a son of Abraham Lukens who warranted 232
acres of land in Juniata County, Pa., Mar. 7, I775; and a grandson
of John and Elizabeth Lukens who patented 243 acres on Jan. 2, 1767
and 366 acres on Apr. 13, 1774 in Juniata County, Pa. The great-great-
grandparents of J. Stewart Lukens, Archibald and Margaret Stewart,
came to this country in Oct., 1752 from Newry, Ireland, and in Sept.,
1753 settled on what was known as the "Bark Tavern Tract" in Perry
County, Pa. J. Stewart Lukens was a Justice of the Peace for 22
years. Issue (i) Martha Jane Stewart, (2) Lavenia Annie, (3) Ada

5721 — Martha Jane Stewart Lukens, born Jan. 11, 1848, at

Elijah P Hudson of Minnesota. Issue (i) Lewis Leonard,

(2) Willie Seward.

572 1 1 — Lewis Leonard Hudson, born Mar. 12, 1864.

57212— Willie Seward Hudson, born May 25, 1867. Address, Thompson-
town, Pa.

5722 — Lavenia Annie Lukens, born ; died young.

5723 — Ada Marion Lukens, born ; died young.


6 — Sarah Thomson, born , 1748; died Jan. 3, 1814, aged 66 years;

buried with her husband at Brown's Mills, in what was then Mifflin and
is now Juniata County, Pa. Married on June 30, 1772, William Mc-

Alister (born , 1745; died July 7, 1819, aged 74 years), son

of Hugh McAlister, Scotch Protestant who married a Miss Harbison
and emigrated from the north of Ireland to this country, settling first
in Lancaster County and later in what is now Perry County, Pa., where
he died in 1769 — see 3, 44, and 56. At the age of 18 years in July, 1763
he was one of a party of twelve who pursued and fought a band of
twenty-five Indians who invaded Tuscarora Valley — see "History of
Juniata and Susquehanna Valleys in Pennsylvania," p. 75- On page 835
it is stated that "William McAlister, with his older brother Hugh and
others returned to Juniata Valley after the Indian troubles had ceased
in 1766 and he settled on a tract at the head of the Cocolamus which was
taken up by John Gallagher, June 4, 1762. On (Aug. 13,) 1766 he pur-
chased and (on Oct. 29, 1766) he obtained an order of survey for a
(107-acrc) tract called the 'Addition' (in Fermanagh and Greenwood
Township, Mifflin County, Pa., for which the warrant of acceptance was
issued on Nov. 11, 1790). In 1812 he obtained a warrant for 73 acres
south and west. He also purchased other tracts of land in the neighbor-
hood. On the Gallagher tract he settled, and, on June 30, 1772, married
Sarah Thompson. He joined Captain John Hamilton's Company during
the Revolution. Before leaving home he made his will, dated Dec. 21, 1776,
leaving his estate to his wife Sarah, and only son Hugh (61) then three
years old. He went to the army and returned in safety. He cut his
name out of the will he had written with his own hand. It is now in
the possession of his grandson John B. McAlister (624). He was
one of the party who gathered May 21, 1780 to organize to protect
the frontier. In 1789 he built at the place now known as Brown's Mills,
a grist-mill, saw-mill and distillery, and in 1790 was assessed on 150 acres
of land, the mills, distillery and a slave. He lived at the farm until his
death July 7, 1819, aged 74 years ; his wife, Sarah, had died a few years
previous. The grist-mill was burned in later years and rebuilt by John
McAlister (63). It was about one mile below the Mansion House, and
later was sold by the McAlisters to the Stitzer Brothers (632) who sold
the property to Peter Brown. William McAlister built a fulling-mill on
the main road, at what is now Cocolamus, in 1814, which was completed,
however, by his son William (62), who fitted it up for fulling and put in
carding machines. The mill was torn down in 1848 and a tannery built
which was run by John McAlister until 1862." As a result of the labors
of Mrs. Henrietta (McAlister) Baldwin (3452), who is doubly related
to the descendants of William and Sarah (Thompson) McAlister, al-
though not herself a descendant, there has been collected a complete


record of William McAlister's Revolutionary Service, and as a result of
the labors of Miss Jane Elliott McAlister a relative but not a descendant,
much information has been collected concerning the descendants. The
will made by William McAlister prior to going to war is now in the
possession of the family of John Edmund Jamison (6441). It bears the
date of Dec, 1776 in which month the company under Captain John
Hamilton was raised in and left Lost Creek Valley. On pp. 248, 249,
Penn. Archives, Fifth Series, Vol. VI., appear the names of William
McAlister and his brother Hugh, as members of the Associators and
Militia, County of Cumberland, Fourth Battalion, in service Jan., 1778.
In Jan., 1779 their names appear on the muster roll of Capt. James
Gibson's Company of Militia of the Fourth Battalion of Cumberland
County, commanded by Col. James Wilson — see Penn. Archives, Fifth
Series, Vol. VI, pp. 259 and 243. He was a member of Capt. Hugh
McAlister's Company, Seventh Battalion, Cumberland County Militia,
commanded by Col. Purdy, May i, 1780 — Fifth Series, Vol. VI, p. 478
also pp. 483, 484. His name appears on the pay roll of Capt. Daniel
McClellan's Company of Cumberland County Associators and Militia in
service from Sept. i, 1780 to Nov. 2, 1780 — Vol. VI, Fifth Series, pp. 614,
619 also pp. 471, 472. William McAlister received depreciation pay for
service in the Cumberland County Militia — Vol. IV, Fifth Series, p. 294.
The descendants of William McAlister are eligible to membership in the
"Sons of the Revolution" or the "Daughters of the Revolution." In his
last will, dated May 31, 1819 in Greenwood Township, Mifflin County,
Pa., William McAlister makes no mention of the only persons referred
to in his earlier will, namely, his wife and son Hugh, both of whom
had died before the later date. He devises to his sons John, son William,
son Robert H., grandson William Harrison McAlister, son John's chil-
dren, grandson William son of Isaac, son Isaac's children ; grandson Wil-
liam Bell son of daughter Mary; sons William John and Robert; children
William, John, Isaac and Mary who married Thomas Bell. He appointed
his "sons William and John, both of Greenwood Township" his executors
with David Boal (7) and Robert Thompson (3) as arbitrators in case
of dispute. The children of William and Sarah (Thomson) McAlister
were (i) Hugh, (2) William, (3) John, (4) Isaac Thompson, (5) Mary,
(6) Robert Harbison.

61— Hugh McAlister, born 1773; died young, after Dec. 2, 1776.

62— William McAlister, ])orn Aug. 28, 1780; died April 14, 1861, aged 80
years, 7 months and 18 days; buried with wife at A'tcAlisterville, Pa.
He was a surveyor and a farmer, lived near Cocolamus. He married
on Jan. 30, 1810, Mary (Polly) McCully, born Aug. 23, 1787; died July
2, 1847, aged 59 years, 10 months and 10 days; ])uried at McAlisterville,
Pa. She was the daughter of Thomas McCully (died Aug. 30, 1826,
in the 64th year of his age) and Jane ( . ) McCully (died

BRANCH NO. 6 1/9

Aug. 10, 1826 in the 6sth year of her age). Issue (i) Sarah, (2) Jane

E , (3) William Harrison, (4) James, (5) John Bell, (6)


621 — Sarah (Sallie) McAlister, born Jan. 6, 181 1 ; died June 29, 1897. aged
86 years, 5 nwnths and 2^ days. Lived in McAlisterville, Pa. Never

622— Jane E. McAlister, born May 7, 1813; died Oct. 11, 1891, aged 78
years, 7 months and 4 days. Married on April 10, 1862, William
Cunningham (born 1826; died Feb. 16, 1886, aged 66 years; buried

with his wife at Mifflintown, Pa.) son of David and Jane ( )

Cunningham. No issue.

623 — William Harrison McAlister, born Nov. 26, 1815; died Nov. i, 1897,
(buried at Mc/Mistcrville). He was a merchant at Cocolamus. Mar-
ried on June 8, 1859, in Tuscarora Valley, Rebecca Jane Kelly (born
Oct. 7, 1825, in Tuscarora Valley), daughter of Moses and Elizabeth
Lyon (Patterson) Kelly and granddaughter of John and Rebecca
(Clark) Kelly and of John and Nancy (Lyon) Patterson, and great-
granddaughter of Alexander Patterson, who was born in Ireland in
1724. (See Biographical Encyclopedia of Juniata Valley, pp. 816, 825.)
She was a sister of Elizabeth Kelly, who married John Moore. Died
Sept. 28, 1913 at McAlisterville, Pa. No children.

624 — James McAlister, born Nov. 22, 1818, at Cocolamus, Pa.; died July
25, 1876, aged ^7 years, 8 months and 3 days, buried at McAlisterville,
Pa. Married on March 16, 1875, in Mifflin County, Pa., Rebecca

Armstrong Lyon of Mifflin County, Pa. (born Nov. 18, 1831, died

at Lewistown, Pa.), daughter of Hon. George Armstrong Lyon of
Mifflin County, Pa. (born 1801, died Oct. 22,, 1873) and Jessie (Alex-
ander) Lyon (born Jan. 17. 1806, died May 12, 1835). Granddaughter
of James Alexander (born Feb. 16, 1772; died April 17, 1847) and
Jane (Adams) Alexander (born in Philadelphia, Pa., Sept. 15, 1776;
died July 27, 1834). Great granddaughter of James Alexander and
Rosey (Reed) Alexander, great, great-granddaughter of John and
Margaret (Glasson) Alexander, who came to America 1736, and settled
in Chester County. Pa. No issue. Mrs Mary Lyon McAlister, married
second. Prof. David Wilson, Ph.D. (born April 7, 1813). Principal
of Tuscarora Academy from 1839 to 1852, of Airy View Port Royal
from 1852 to 1890. Died April 19. 1890. Buried at Church Hill, Port
Royal, Pa. Mrs. Wilson died at Lewistown, Pa. and is buried at
Belleville, Pa.

625_john Bell McAlister, born Oct. 11, 1821, at Cocolamus, Pa., died at
McAlisterville, Pa., June 29. 1891, aged 69 years, 8 months and 18
days. Lived at McAlisterville, Pa. Never married.

i8o de;scendants of john Thomson

626 — Annie McAlister, born March 26, 1825; died Sept. 17, 1891, aged 66
years, 5 months and 22 days. Married on May 9, 1871, James GilfiUen
of Millerstown, Pa. James GiltiUen (born 1806; died Oct. 26, 1879,
aged T2) years) had formerly married Margaretta Hollingsworth
Alexander. He was a son of James and Sarah (Jones) Gilhllen. No

63— "Squire John" McAlister, born April 12, 1782; died April 14, 1847.
Married on Oct. 28, 1806, his first cousin, Jane Thomson (born 1777;
died Feb. 22,, 1850, in her 73rd year; buried at Brown's Mills, Pa.),
daughter of Robert Thomson (56) and Sarah (Mitchell) Thomson and
granddaughter of John Thomson, the grandfather of John McAlister.
See Biographical History of Juniata Valley, Pa., p. 835 and 915. The
father of Sarah Mitchell was probably James Mitchell, who was killed
by the Indians. Issue (i) Sarah, (2) David, (3) Eliza, (4) Mary, (5)
Mitchell, (6) Lucinda, (7) John Hutchison, (8) Jane Thompson.

631 — Sarah McAlister, born Aug. 4, 1807, at Cocolamus, Pa.; died Aug.
18, 1880, at McAHsterville, Pa. Married on Feb. 6, 1849, at Cocolamus,
Pa., John Stitzer (born 1809; died April i, 1879, aged 70 years, at
Mifflinburg, Pa.). They lived for several years in Juniata County
and also in Union County, Pa. They lived for some years on a farm
near Washington, D. C, and later moved to Port Royal where both
died. No issue.

632 — David McAlister, born ; died young.

633 — Eliza McAlister, born 1812 at Cocolamus, Pa.; died Oct. 22, 1877, at
Doyles Mill, Pa. Married on Jan. 12, 1847, at Cocolamus, Pa., Isaac
Hawn (born 1809; died April 4 1874, aged 65 years; buried above
Port Royal, Pa.) No issue.

634— Mary McAlister, born 1815; died July 23, 1868, aged 53 years).
Married on Nov. 10, 1846, David Montgomery Jamison (see 6623)
(born July 10, 1811; died Feb. 11, 1901), son of John and Sarah
(Watson) Jamison and grandson of John Watson (born March 12,
1776) and Jane Wilson (born March 19, 1758; died Sept. 11, 1803) (see
644.) See page 382 of Stewart Family. No issue.

635— Mitchell McAlister, born ; died young.

636 — Lucinda McAlister, born Feb. 20, 1820, in McAHsterville, Pa.; died
Oct. 27, 1885. Married on Nov. 17, 1846, John Patterson Kelly (born
in Milford Township Juniata County, Pa., Nov. 20, 1821 ; died March
22, 1902 at Doyle's Mills, Pa., son of Moses and Elizabeth Lyon

BRANCH NO. 6 l8l

(Patterson) Kelly, and grandson of John and Rebecca (Clark) Kelly
and of John and Nancy (Lyon) Patterson (see Biographical Encyclo-
pedia of Juniata Valley, 1897, J. M. Runk & Co., Chambersburg, Pa.,
pages 816, 825 and 1274). Farmer and merchant at Doyles Mills, Pa.
Issue (i) Edward McAlister, (2) Jennie Elizabeth, (3) James Austin,
(4) Mary Laura.

6361 — Edward McAlister Kelly, born Oct. 18, 1850. Married on Nov. 14,
1872, Jennie Wilson McDonald (she died June 30, 1912 at Port Royal,
Pa.) (laughter of John and Catherine (Allen) McDonald. No issue.
Address, 1912 Spruce Hill, Pa. See Biographical Encyclopedia of
Juniata Valley, page 1274.

6362 — Jennie Elizabeth Kelly, horn June 13. 1852, in Juniata County, Pa.
Married on Feb. i, 1883, Samuel Alexander Graham (born Dec. 21,
1845, in Spruce Hill Township), son of Samuel and Isabell Young
(Patton) Graham, grandson of William and Fannie (Lyon) Graham
(see Biographical Encyclopedia of Juniata Valley, Pa., pages 964
and 791). Farmer. Port Royal, Pa. Issue (i) Charles Kelly, (2)
Lucinda Bell, (3) Infant, (4) Edgar Thompson, (4) Henry Alex-

63621 — Charles Kelly Graham, born March i, 1886; died Aug. 27, 1886.

63622 — Lucinda Bell Graham, born Nov. 18, 1887, at Spruce Hill, Juniata
County. Pa. Married on June 5, 1907. at Spruce Hill, Robert
McClellan Barton, son of Josiah McClellan and Ida Collins (Crouce)

Barton and grandson of Robert W and Sarah Jane (McWil-

liams) Barton. High School Principal, Middleburg, Snyder County,
Pa. Issue (i) Harry Graham, (2) Karl McClellan, (3) daughter.

636221 — Harry Graham Barton, born Sept. 16, 1907, at Spruce Hill, Pa.

636222 — Karl McClellan Barton, born April 20, 191 1, at Spruce Hill, Pa.

636223 — Daughter Barton, born Dec. 1913.

63623— Infant Graham, born Aug. 18, 1889, at Spruce Hill, Pa.; died Sept.
I, 1889 at Spruce Hill.

63624 — Edgar Thompson Graham, born Feb. 23, 1894. in Spruce Township,
Juniata Co., Pa. Unmarried. Address, Port Royal, Pa.

63625— Harry Alexander Graham, born July 7, 1895, at Spruce Hill, Pa.;
died April 12, 1902 at Spruce Hill. Buried at Academia, Pa.


6363— James Austin Kelly, born April 2, 1856, died March 28, 1883. Un-
married. Buried at Academia, Pa.

6364— Mary Laura (Melinda) Kelly, born March 8, 1865, at Mifflin, Juniata
Co., Pa.; died Jan. 24, 1905. Married Feb. 3, 1887 at Doyles Mills,
Pa. George Henry Moyer, son of Nathaniel and Mary Catherine
(Kepner) Moyer, grandson of Samuel and Catherine (Schwink)
Moyer and great grandson of George and Catherine (Kline) Moyer
see Biographical Encyclopedia of Juniata Valley, Page 820. Issue
(i) Charles Edward, (2) Harry Nathaniel, (3) Elizabeth Jane, (4)
Albert Kelly, (5) George Norman, (6) Mary Rebecca, (7) Pearl
Emeline. Mrs. Mary (Kelly) Moyer is buried at Academia, Pa.

63641— Charles Edward Moyer, born June 2-j, 1888, in Mifflin, Juniata Co.,
Pa. Address, 5923 Howard Street, East Pittsburgh, Pa.

63642— Harry Nathaniel Moyer, born Jan. 11, 1890, in Mifflin. Address,
Mifflin, Pa.

63643— Elizabeth Jane Moyer, born Sept. i, 1891, in Mifflin, Pa. Address,
Mifflin, Pa.

63644— Albert Kelly Moyer, born Aug. 5, 1893, in Mifflin, Pa. Address,
Mifflin, Pa.

63645— George Norman Moyer, born Jan. 12, 1895, in Mifflin, Pa. Address,
Mifflin, Pa.

63646— Mary Rebecca Moyer, born July 21, 1897, in Milford Township,
Juniata Co., Pa. Died Jan. 25, 1907.

63647— Pearl Emeline Moyer, born March 3, 1903, in Milford Township.
Address, Mifflin, Pa.

637— John Hutchison McAlister, born March 10, 1818, at Cocolamus,
Pa.; died May 16, 1890, at Mifflintown; buried at Mifflintown, Pa.
Married on June 20, 1861, Mary Thomson (born Dec. 8, 1824; died
April 6, 1896, at Mifflintown, Pa.), daughter of William and Hannah
(Mincer) Thomson and a granddaughter of Robert and Sarah
(Mitchell) Thomson, tlic grandparents of both the father and the
mother of John Hutchinson McAlister (see 665). Lived at Mifflin-
town, Pa. No issue.

638— Jane Thomson McAlister, born March it, 1822; died Sept. 27, 1890,
at McAlistcrvillc, Pa. Unmarried.

BRANCH NO. 6 183

64 — Isaac Thompson McAlister, born May 7, 1784; died Jan. 5, 1829.
Married on May 21, 1815, Eleanor Wilson, daughter of Nathaniel and

Eleanor ( ) Wilson of Columbia County. They moved

near Cincinnati, Ohio where he died. Issue (i) William, (2) Eleanor,
(3) Nathaniel Wilson, (4) Sarah Thomson, (5) Hester Maria.

641 — William McAlister, born Feb. 25, 1816; died in infancy.

642 — Eleanor McAlister, born Sept. 14, 1818, at Pleasant Ridge — now Cin-
cinnati, Ohio; died 1842, buried at Pleasant Ridge, Pa. Married on
July I, 1835 at McAlisterville, Pa.; Lewis North, son of James and
Rachel (Jordan) North grandson of William North — see Biograph-
ical Encyclopedia of Juniata Valley, Page 795 — brother of John

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