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The descendants of John Thomson, pioneer Scotch covenanter; genealogical notes on all known descendants of John Thomson, covenanter, of Scotland, Ireland and Pennsylvania, with such biographical sketches as could be obtained from availble published records, or were supplied by the friends of those i online

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Online LibraryAddams Stratton McAllisterThe descendants of John Thomson, pioneer Scotch covenanter; genealogical notes on all known descendants of John Thomson, covenanter, of Scotland, Ireland and Pennsylvania, with such biographical sketches as could be obtained from availble published records, or were supplied by the friends of those i → online text (page 19 of 32)
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Westfall of Westphalia, Germany. Daniel Westfall had formerly
married Edythe Emily Oles (who died in 1870), the mother of Hannah
Catherine Westfall, who married James Allen McAlister. (666). No

662 — Agnes '"Nancy" McAlister, born May 26, 182 1 ; died at McAlisterville,
Pa., Oct. 25, 1895, aged 74 years, and 5 months, buried at Browns Mills,
Pa. Never married.

663 — James W. McAlister, born Dec. 24, 1822; died Dec. 31, 1823, buried
at Browns Mills, Pa.

664 — Hamilton McAllister, born Aug. 24, 1824, at Swales. Juniata County,
Pa. (died Sept. 24, 1899 at Morrisdale Mines, buried at Warrior's

Mark). Married on Amanda Foster (born June 11,

1834; died April iv,. 1880), daughter of William and Elizabeth (Nash)
Foster. Issue (i) James Allen, (2) Lucinda Jane, (3) Andrew
Smith, (4) Silas Cresswell, (5) Agnes Ann, (6) Annie Mary, (7)
William Harrison, (8) Isaac Thompson.


66^1— James Allen McAllister, born Jan. 30, 1856, at Manor Hill, Pa.
(died July 18, 1888) ; killed in West Virginia Pulp & Paper Company
mill at Tyrone, Pa. Married on Sept. 23, 1878 at Warrior's Mark,
Pa., Jennie Elizabeth Kanour, daughter of John and Catharine Kanour
Issue (i) Bertha Naomi, (2) Lilly May, (3) Minnie Edith, (4) Pearl

6641 1— Bertha Naomi McAllister, born Sept. 7, 1879, at Warrior's Mark,
Pa. Unmarried.

66412— Lilly May McAllister, born May 26, 1881, in Tyrone, Blair County,
Pa. Unmarried. Address, Tyrone, Pa.

66413 — Minnie Edith McAllister, born March 11, 1883, in Tyrone, Pa.
Unmarried. Address, Tyrone, Pa.

66414 — Pearl Amanda McAllister, born Aug. 13, 1886, Tyrone, Pa. Un-
married. Address, Tyrone, Pa.

6642— Lucinda Jane McAllister, born March 7, 1857, at Manor Hill, Hunt-
ington, Pa. Married at Lewistown, Pa., on Sept. 8, 1881, John
Fry Schirm (see 6615), son of George and Dorothy (Rabold)
Schirm. Address, 581 Washington Avenue, Tyrone, Pa. Issue (i)
James William, (2) Harvey Edgar, (3) George Blair. (4) Anna
May, (5) Albert, (6) Carrie Elizabeth, (7) Viola, (8) Eva Rosalin,
(9) Dorothy Jane, (10) Ivaloo, (11) Frederick McAHster.

66421 — James William Schirm, born July 11, 18S2, at Hunt Furnace; died
Aug. 25, 1882.

66422 — Harvey Edgar Schirm, born June 27, 1883. Address, 809 26th St.,
Altoona, Pa. Married on Nov. 7, 1907, at Sinking Valley, Susanna
Rebecca Dickson, daughter of Adam and Mary Ellen (Morrow)
Dickson. Issue (i) Lucille, (2) Eleanor EHzabeth, (3) Richard

664221— Lucille Schirm, born Jan. i, 1909, at Altoona; died Jan. 2, 1909.
664222 — Eleanor Elizabeth Schirm, born Feb. 13, 1910, at Altoona, Pa.
664223 — Richard Dickson Schirn, born Dec. 25, 1912, at Altoona, Pa.

66423 — George Blair Schirm, born Dec. 23, 1884, at Sinking Valley, died
Aug. 14, 1885-

BRANCH NO. 6 197

66424 — Anna May Schirm, born Dec. 30, 1885. Married on June 21. 1910.
VVinfield Scott Sensor. Address, 607 Washington Avenue, Tyrone,
Pa. Issue (i) Margaret Louise.

664241 — Margaret Louise Sensor, born Feb. 18, 191 1, at Tyrone, Pa.

66425 — Albert Schirm, born April 4, 1887, at Tyrone, Pa.; died Feb. 9,
1888 at Tyrone. .

66426 — Carrie Elizabeth Schirm, born May 7, 1888. Address, 581 Washing-
ton Avenue, Tyrone, Pa.

66427— Viola Schirm, born Jan. i, 1890, at Tyrone, Pa.; died May 3, 1890
at Tyrone, Pa.

66428 — Eva Rosalin Schirm, born March 30, 1891, at Tyrone, Pa.; died
Sept. 25. 1891.

66429 — Dorothy Jane Schrim, born Oct. 23, 1893. Address, 581 Wash-
ington Avenue Tyrone, Pa.

6642 (10)— Ivaloo Schirm, born Oct. 10, 1897. Address, 581 Washington
Avenue, Tyrone, Pa.

6642 (11)— Frederick McAlister Schirm, born Feb. 29, 1904, at Tyrone,
Pa.; died Jan. 22, 1905 at Tyrone.

6643— Andrew Smith McAllister, born on Sept. 28, 1858, at Manor Hill, Pa.
Married on Dec. 17, 1884 at Vermillion, Ohio, Mary Elizabeth Pelton,
daughter of Franklin and Mary Elizabeth (Davis) Pelton and
granddaughter of Josiah and Lucy Pelton. No issue. Address, 238
Howe Street, Elyria, Ohio.

6644— Silas Cresswell McAllister, born June i, i860, at Manor Hill, Pa.
Married on Oct. 18. 1881, at Belle Wood, Pa.. Harriet Weaver (born
at Di.K Station, Pa., Oct. 25, 1861), daughter of John and Nancy
(Nearhoof) Weaver, granddaughter of John and Sally Weaver and
of Andrew and Alary Nearhoof. Address, 306 Glover Street, Jersey
Shore, Lycoming Co., Pa. Issue (i) Nancy Beatrice, (2) Orvis
Charles, (3) Oscar James, (4) Willard Carl, (5) Laura Mae.

66441— Nancy Beatrice McAllister, born July 29, 1882, at Dix Station, Pa.
Address, Jersey Shore, Pa.


66442 — Orvis Charles McAllister, born Oct. 30, 1888, at Morrisdale, Pa.
Address, Jersey Shore, Pa.

66443 — Oscar James McAllister, born April 24, 1894, at Morrisdale, Pa.
Address, Jersey Shore, Pa.

66444 — Willard Carl McAllister, born Sept. 6, 1898, at Morrisdale, Pa.
Address, Jersey Shore, Pa.

66445 — Laura Mae McAllister, born Dec. 28, 1909, at Jersey Shore, Pa.

6645 — Agnes Ann McAllister, born May 17, 1862, at Manor Hill, Hunting-
ton County, Pa. Married on Feb. 12, 1885, at Birmingham, Hunting-
ton County, Pa., George H. Schirm, son of George and Dorothy
(Rabold) Schirm. Address, 1913. Coal Dealer, 308 East ' Tenth
Street, Tyrone, Pa. Issue (i) Charles William, (2) Edith May, (3)
Ella Grace, (4) Helen Beatrice.

66451 — Charles William Schirm, born Aug. 2"], 1889, at Tyrone, Pa.

66452 — Edith May Schirm, born Jan. 24, 1891, at Tyrone, Pa.

66453— Ella Grace Schirm, born July 12, 1893; died Jan. 2, 1895, Tyrone,

66454— Helen Beatrice Schirm, bom July 8, 1900, at Tyrone, Pa.

6646 — Annie Mary McAllister, born on March 2, 1865, at Manor Hill, Pa.
Married on May 24, 1887, at Tyrone, Pa., Asbury Weston Johnson
(born Sept. 13, 1864 at Warrior's Mark, Pa.) son of Asbury and
Catherine (Weston) Johnson, grandson o/f Philip and Ruth

( ) Johnson and of Elijah and Mary ( )

Weston. Address, 762 Park Ave., Tyrone, Pa. Issue (i) Charles
Chester, (2) Frances Catherine, (3) James Weston.

66461 — Charles Chester Johnson, born May 25, 1892, at Tyrone, Pa. Ad-
dress, Tyrone, Pa.

66462 — Frances Catherine Johnson, born Feb. i, 1895; died Feb. 3, 1895,
Tyrone, Pa.

66463 — James Weston Johnson, born June 25, 1899, at Tyrone, Pa.


6647— William Harrison McAlister, born Jan. 10, 1870, at Manor Hill,
Huntington County, Pa. Address, 1913 Locust Street, Jersey Shore,
Pa. Married April 7, 1891 at Tyrone, Pa., Ella Weaver, daughter of
John and Nancy (Xearhoof) Weaver and granddaughter of John

and Sally ( ) Weaver and of Andrew and Mary ( X

Nearhoof. Issue (i) Ella Marie, (2) Esther, (3) Hazel Beatrice.

66471— Ella Maria McAlister, born Jan. 27, 1895, at Jersey Shore, Pa.
Address, Jersey Shore, Pa.

66472 — Esther McAlister, born April 15, at Jersey Shore, Pa.

66473 — Hazel Beatrice McAlister, born Sept. i, 1900, at Jersey Shore, Pa.

6648 — Isaac Thompson McAlister, born July 27, 1872, at Manor Hill, Pa. ;
died Sept. 30, 1907 in railway yards at St. Marys, Elk County, Pa.
Married Feb. 16, 1893 at Morrisdale, Pa., Elizabeth Clouser of Mor-
risdale, Pa., daughter of John and Frances (Beihels) Clouser. Issue
(i) James Westfall, (2) Howard Clair.

66481 — James Westfall McAlister, born July 24, 1888. Address, 117

66482 — Howard Clair McAlister, born July 8, 1890. Address, 117 Neubert
Street, St. Marys, Pa.

665 — Isaac Thompson McAlister, born April 30, 1830; died Nov. 19, 1894,

West Newton, Pa. Married twice; first on , his cousin,

Sarah Mitchell Thompson (born Feb. 25, 1826; died Sept. 26, 1869,
aged 43 years, 7 months and i day), daughter of William and Han-
nah (Mincer) Thompson. (See 513.) William Thompson was the
son of Robert and Sarah /'Mitchell) Thompson and grandson of
John Thompson, Sr., the greatgrandfather of Isaac Thompson Mc-
Alister, and grandson of James Mitchell of Cumberland Co., Pa. Issue
(i) William A., (2) Mary Thompson. As his second wife, Isaac
Thompson Mc.A.lister married on Oct. 7, 1875, his cousin Laura Jane
Bell. (See 6544). a granddaughter of Thomas and Mary ( McAlister >
Bell. Issue (3) Elizabeth Bell, (4) William Stuart, (5) Sara Eleanor.

6651— William A. McAlister, born Sept. 14, 1863; died Sept. 27, 1863, aged
4 months and 13 days.

6652 — Mary Thompson "Minnie" McAlister, born Dec. 17. 1864, at McAlis-
tervillc. Pa. Married on May 23, 1893. at Mifflintown, Pa., George
Howard Martin, son of Anderson and Sarah Louise (Jamison) Mar-
tin and grandson of John Jamison and Sarah (Watson) Jamison,
daughter of John and Jane (Wilson) Watson. (See 634 and 644.)



No issue. Address, El Monte, Los Angeles, Co., Cal. George How-
ard Martin died Oct. i6, 1913 at Sunbury, Pa.; buried at Mifflintown,

6653— Elizabeth Bell McAlister, born Sept. 6, 1878 (A. B. Allegheny
College, 1900). Married Nov. 28, 1905, William Charles Donnelly
of Mifflintown, Pa. son of James Marshall and Hannah Maria (Brat-
ton) Donnelly and of Charles and Eliza (Grumman) Bratton. W. C.
Donnelly is a U. S. Customs Officer. Address Katherine Road,
Brookline, Pa. Issue (i) James Marshall, (2) Mary Elizabeth.

66531— James Marshall Donnelly, born Marcji 27, 1907, at Mifflintown, Pa.

66532— Mary Elizabeth Donnelly, born June 16, 1910, at Philadelphia, Pa.

6654— William Stuart McAlister, born Nov. 8, 1881. Address, 247 Mil-
waukee St., Detroit, Mich.

6655— Sara Eleanor McAlister, born Sept. 30, 1885. Married on Dec. 20,
1910, John "Jack" Carpenter Thomas of Pottstown, Pa. Address,
Vivian, Louisiana.

666— James Allen McAlister, born Sept. 20, 1826, at Cocolamus, Pa.; died
July 16, 1891 at McAlisterville, Pa., aged 64 years 9 months and 26
days. Married on Jan. 2, 1870 at East Salem, Pa., Hannah Catherine
Westfall (born Jan. 10, 1834; died March 26, 1900 at McAlisterville,
Pa., daughter of Daniel and Edythe Emily (Oles) Westfall and
great granddaughter of Davis and Edythe (Eyler) Oles of Scotland
and of Godfrey Westfall of Westphalia, Germany. (See 663.) Issue
(l) Robert Elliott, (2) Mary Emily.

6661— Robert Elliott McAlister, born at Cocolamus, Pa., Dec. 19, 1870.
Farmer. Address, Dodge, Neb. Married on Nov. 27, 1890,

at McAlisterville, Pa., Beckie Ammerman, daughter of Robert W

Ammerman and Leah (Eminhizer), granddaughter of Daniel and
Rachel Ammerman and of Abraham and Catherine Eminhizer. Issue
(i) Karl Westfall, (2) Lena Blanche, (3) Allen Wesley, (4) Donald
Earl, (5) Edythe Catherine, (6) Robert Elliott.

6661 1— Karl Westfall McAlister, born in Tyrone, Blair County, Pa.,
Sept. 24, 1891. Unmarried. Address, Dodge, Neb.

66612— Lena Blanche McAlister, born McAlisterville, Pa., June 18, 1893.
Married on Nov. 27, 1900, George F Siedemann. Ad-
dress, Dodge, Neb. Issue (i) Georgetta Emily.

666121— Georgetta Emily Siedermann, born Dec. 17, 191 1, at Dodge,
Dodge County, Nebr.

BRANCH NO. 6 20 1

66613 — Allen Wesley McAlister, born May 21, 1897. at McAlisterville, Pa.
Address, Dodge, Neb.

66614 — Donald Earl McAlister, l>orn July 21. 1900, at Dodge, Dodge County,
NcIj. Address, Dod^c, Xeb.

66615 — Edythe Catherine McAlister, born Jan. 4, 1906, at Dodge, Dodge
County, Neb. Address, Dodge, Neb.

66616 — Robert Elliott McAlister, Jr., born Mar. 27. 1913, at Wilhoit, Ozark
County, Mo.

6662 — Mary Emily McAlister, born Nov. 24. 1872, at Cocolamus. Pa.
Married on Sept. 5. 1900. at Mc.Mlisterville, Pa.. Charles Robert
Sodcr, (iK)rn May 2, 1873). son of John and Lydia Ann (Bushey)

Soder and grandson of Conrad and Mary ( ) Soder, of

Germany, and of Samuel Bushey of Berks County, Pa. Farmer.
Address, Mifllintown. Juniata County, Pa.. R. F. D. No.
2. John Soder (l)orn Dec. 13, 1832 in Raden Baden, Germany) came
to America in 1861 and enlisted in Co. K. 98 Penn. Volunteers.
After marriage in 1863 he located in Juniata County. Pa., near Oak-
land Mills. Children of Charles Robert and Mary Emily (Mc-
Alister) Soder. Issue (i) John .Mien. (2) Samuel James. (3)
William Mann. (4) Lydia Catherine. (5) Mary Eleanor.

66ai— John Allen McAlister Soder, born June 25. 1901, at Mc.\listerville,

66622 — Samuel James Soder, Inirn Nov. 16. 1902, at Mc.\listerville. Pa.

66623— William Mann Soder, born Sept. 17, 1904; died March 25, 1905 at
Mc.Misterville. Pa.

66624— Lydia Catherine Soder, l>orn June 21, 1909, at McAlisterville, Pa.

66625 — Mary Eleanor Soder, born .\ug. 16, 1915, at McAlisterville, Pa.

667— Catherine McAlister, bom July 12. 1831 ; died July 25, 1845; buried
at Browns Mills, Pa.

668— Elliott McAlister, bom Dec. 8. 1834: died Dec. 12, 1845; buried at
Browns Mills, Pa.

669— Herbison McAlister, born ; died ; buried at

Browns Mills, Pa.


7 — Susanna Thomson, born ; died Oct. ii, 1824. Married on

at , Capt. David Boal of Pfontz Valley, Perry

County, Pa. (born 1739, died Aug. 11, 1814 in the 75th year of his age;
buried near Thompsontown, Pa). That it is unsafe to depend upon the
spelling of family names, and especially that of the Boal family, is shown
by the following item on page 784 of the "History of Juniata and Susque-
hanna Valle3-s in Pennsylvania," referring to Beale Township, "David
Bowel warranted sixty-seven acres Alar. 2;^, 1767, now owned by James
Beale. The names David and Thomas Bowel (the latter having land near
the old forge) may be supposed to be varied spellings for Beale; but they
belonged to a family after whom Boalsburg, Pa., was named." On Nov.
5, 1795, Nathaniel Dickey conveyed a tract of 239 acres in Fayette Town-
ship, Juniata County, Pa. to "David Bole of Pfoutz Valley (now Perry
County) ; Thomas Bole, son of David settled upon the place and upon
the death of his father in 1824 he inherited it and in 1840 sold it to
William McMeen." This tract was near the site of McAlisterville. In
1797 "JMajor Hugh McAlister and David Boles each donated a plot of
ground on their farms adjoining" for the Lost Creek Presbyterian
Church — "History of Juniata and Susquehanna Valleys," pp. 809, 834, 838,
and 840. David Bole (spelled also "Bowel" in public documents) was
appointed one of the trustees to organize Mifillin County in 1789, but he
declined to serve because he resided below the Narrows in Greenwood
Township, then Cumberland, now Perry County, and hence did "not
reside within the limits of the said Mifflin." Pfoutz Valley, the home of
the husband of Susanna Thomson was in Greenwood Township, which
is now partly in Perry and partly in Juniata County, Pa. in both of
which are to be found descendants of David and Susanna (Thomson)
Boal. David Boal served in the Revolutionary War under Colonel Purdy
of Cumberland County, as a private in 1776 and as a captain in 1780. His
company of Cumberland County Militia was reported in service with him
as captain from June 22 to Aug. 22, 1782. In 1787 he was appointed
one of the executors of the will of his brother-in-law (7) Robert Thomp-
son of what was then Fermanaugh Town.ship, Cumberland County, Pa.
and is now Greenwood Township, Juniata and Perry Counties, and
Fermanaugh Township, Juniata County, Pa. Children of David and
Susanna (Thomson) Boal. (i) Sarah, (2) John, (3) Nancy, (4) Eliza-
beth, (5) Thomas, (6) William Alexander, (7) Jane.

71— Sarah Boal, l)(,rii , 1770; died after i860 (?), in Juniata

County, Pa. Married on Nov. 15, 1810, Paul Cox (born July
22, 1781; died Mar. 3, 1861) son of William Cox. William Cox was a
brother of Paul Cox, a merchant of Philadelphia, who took up lands
north of the "Seven Star Tavern" in Greenwood Township in what is


now Juniata County, before the Revolution, upon which William Cox
settled. In 1790 Paul Cox, son of William Cox was assessed on the
land and owned a distillery — "History of Juniata and Susquehanna
Valleys," p. 890. Issue (i) Lewis, (2) William, (3) David Boal, (4)
Thomas, (5) John, (6) Susanna, (7) Mary.

711 — Lewis Cox, born April 19, 1811, in Juniata County, Pa.; died .

Married twice, one of his wives being a Miss Rumbaugh. Issue by
first wife (i) William, (2) Thomas, (3) Elizabeth.

71 n — William Cox, born . Never married.

71 12 — Thomas Cox, born . Lived in Missouri.

7113 — Elizabeth Cox, born . Married John Mack and moved

to Canada after i860.

712 — William Alexander Cox, born Oct. 22, 1821, at the old homestead in
Greenwood Township, Juniata County, Pa. He was a school teacher
and building contractor. Lived in Mifflintown, Pa., until i860, when
he moved with his family to a farm near Bristol, Ind., where he died
Aug. 14, 1895, aged 73 years, 9 months and 22 days. He married on
Feb. I, 1844, Mary Elizabeth Kncpp (born July 28, 1820, near Mc-
Kees Falls of the Susquehanna River; died Nov. 2T, 1908, at Bristol,
Ind.), daughter of John and Sarah (Clemmens) Knepp. Among the
wedding presents was a quilt made by Miss Nancy Boal (No. "jz), now
in the possession of Mrs. Martha Minerva (Cox) Light (No. 7125).
Children of William Alexander and Mary Elizabeth (Knepp) Cox: (i)
Luther Titus, (2) David Boal, (3) Hebron Thompson, (4) Mary Sus-
anna, (5) Martha Minerva.

7121 — Luthur Titus Cox, born Nov. 4, 1844, at the Paul Cox homestead
in Greenwood Township, Juniata Co., Pa. ; died, Dec. 8, 1854, on his
farm two miles northwest of Bristol, Ind. Attended Michigan Col-
lege, and a normal college at Lebanon, Ohio. He taught school for
several years until his failing health compelled a change in occupa-
tion, when he took up farming. He was married Jan. 14, 1874, at
Bristol, Ind., by Rev. John Meaffitt, to Sarah Jane Hilbish, daughter
of Peter and Catherine (Bickhart) Hilbish. Issue (i) Lena Endora.

71211 — Lena Endora Cox, born Oct. 16, 1876, at Bristol, Ind. Married on
Sept. 16, 1897, at Bristol, Ind., Walter Scott Oberholtzer (born May
22, 1866, in Mifflintown, Pa.), son of Joseph and Elizabeth (Kauff-
man) Oberholtzer and grandson of Jacob and Mary (Walter) Ober-
holtzer and of Jonathan and Elizabeth (Cleck) Kauffman. Rev. W.


S. Oberholtzer graduated from the Pennsylvania College at Gettys-
burg, Pa., in 1893, and received degree of A. M. from the Gettysburg
Theological Seminary in 1896. Pastor of the English Trinity Luth-
eran Church. Address, 406 So. Logan St., Denver, Colo. Issue
(i) Walter Dwight.

712111 — Walter Dwight Oberholtzer, born Jan. 2, 1908, at Dakota City,

7122 — David Boal Cox, born Jan. 17, 1846, at the Paul Cox homestead in
Juniata Co., Pa.; died Aug. 11, 1910, aged 64 years, 7 months, 24 days.
He attended the Ft. Wayne (Ind.) College, and the Normal School at
Valparaso, Ind., and taught school for many years. At the death of
his father in 1895, David Boal Cox bought the farm that his father
had owned since 1859. He was married on Jan. 21, 1869 at Bristol,
Ind., by the Rev. Mr. Lantz of the Reformed Church, Elmira Zeigler
(born Jan. 4, 1847, near Selinsgrove, Snyder Co., Pa. ; died April 21,
1916), daughter of Harrison and Katherine (Snyder) Zeigler. Issue
(i) Ida Minerva, (2) girl, (3) Mabel, (4) Mary Elizabeth, (5) Elma
Grace, (6) Elsie Alberta.

71221 — Ida Minerva Cox, born Dec. 10, 1870, at Bristol, Ind.; died Nov.
22, 1901. Unmarried.

71222 Cox, a twin sister, born and died Dec. 10, 1870.

71223— Mabel Cox, born May 6, 1876, at Bristol, Ind.; died May 16, 1876.

71224 — Mary Elizabeth Cox, born Nov. 13, 1877. Graduated from the
Bristol High School, 1894. Married on Dec. 2.-], 1909, Ralph Theron
Dausman (born Dec. 24, 1887, at Maxwell, Tenn.), son of Rezin and
Lowetta (Dutrow) Dausman, grandson of Jacob Dausman, of Ger-
many, and Margaret (Snyder) Dausman, of Pennsydvania, and of
Emanuel and Sarah Elizabeth (Bumgardner) Dutrow, great-grand-
son of Jacob and Margaret Snyder, of Snyder Co., Pa., and Hunt-
ington Co., Ind.; of Andrew and Lydia (Yingling) Dutrow, of Ger-
many and Frederick Co., Md. ; and of Isaac and Eliza (Benhaus)
Bumgardner, of Dayton, Ohio. Rizin Dausman, who was born Jan.
I5i 1859, married on Mar. 16, 1887, Lowetta Dutrow, who was born
Nov. 20, i860, in Green Co., Ohio, and died Apr. 6, 1904, at Bristol,
Ind. Their son Ralph Theron Dausman, attcntcd the Bristol High
School and spent one year in the preparatory department of West
Virginia University, at Morgantown, W. Va. He is agent for the
New York Central at Bristol, Ind. Issue (1) Paul Edward, (2)
John Dutrow.

712241— Paul Edward Dausman, born Aug. 5, 1912, at Kalamazoo, Mich.

BRANCH NO. 7 205

712242— John Dutrow Dausman, born Nov. 4, 1914. at Otsego, Mich.

71225— Elma Grace Cox, born Dec. 11, 1880, at Bristol, Ind. ; died Dec. 27,
1908. Graduated from the Elkhart Business College in 1903. Mar-
ried Sep. 20, 1905, William B. Sudborough, of Bristol, Ind. Xo

71226— Elsie Alberta Cox, born Oct. 8, 1884, at Bristol, Ind. Attended
the Hi^h School in Bristol, Ind., and the Tri-State Normal School
at Angola, Ind. Address, Bristol, Ind.

7123— Hebron Thompson Cox, born March 4, 1848, at the Paul Cox home-
stead in Juniata Co., Pa.; died Aug. 20, 1857, aged 9 years, 5 months
and 16 days.

7124— Mary Susanna Cox, born Feb. 25, 1852, at the Paul Cox homestead;
died Aug. 19, 1857, aged 5 years, 5 months and 24 days, of scarlet
fever, from which her brother died the day following.

7125— Martha Minerva Cox, born Nov. 11, 1858, at the Paul Cox home-
stead in Juniata Co., Pa. Attended the Bristol, Ind. High School
and taught school for a numlicr of years. She married on Apr. 14,
18S9, at Bristol, Ind., Rev. Somcrville Light, D. D. (born Dec. 6,
i860, in Avilla, Noble Co., Ind.), son of James Dorsey and Frances
Loraine (Burnham) Light. Somcrville Light graduated from the
Ft. Wayne (Ind.) College in 18H1. He received the degrees of A. B.
and A. M. from DePauw University, and the degree of S. T. B. from
the DePauw School of Theology. In 1905 DePauw University con-
ferred upon him the honorary degree of Doctor of Divinity, D. D.
In 1884 he became a member of the North Indiana Conierence of
the Methodist Episcopal Church. In 1909 he was appointed to the
Goshen District over which he presided for the legal term of six
years, when he was transferred to the superintendency of the Rich-
mond District, of which he is now superintendent, with headquarters
at Richmond, Ind. Mrs. Martha Minerva (Cox) Light has collected
many household articles of interest to the descendants of Susan
(Thompson) Boal, and to her these descendants are indebted for a
large part of the records herewith presented. No children.

713 — David Boal Cox, born Jan. 21, 1816. in Juniata County, Pa.; died
Aug. II, 1889 at Greenwood Township, Juniata County, Pa. Married

three times, first on at , Rebecca Jones,

daughter of Edmund and Catherine (Webster) Jones. Second mar-
riage on at , Elen Okeson. Third marriage

on at Harrisburg, Pa., Anna Maria Roush, daughter of

Henry and ^lary (Kleffman) Roush. Issue — no children by his first
w-ife, 2 by his second wife and 5 by his third wife, (i) Minerva, (2)
Randolph, (3) Mineola Jane, (4) Samuel Diven, (5) Emma, (6)
Irwin Justis, (7) Charles.


7131 — Minerva Catherine Cox, horn Oct. 14, 1848, in Juniata County, Pa.
Married on Feb. 25, 1873 ^t the home of her father in Juniata County,
Isaac Newton Rinehart, son of Frederick and Mary Ann (Ulsh)
Rinehart, and grandson of Frederick and Mary (Tibbens) Rinehart
and of Joseph and Susanna (KUne) Ulsh, and great-grandson of

Henry Ulsh and of Leonard and (Wagner) Kline. I. N.

Rinehart is a farmer. Address, Bellflower, 111. See 7133 and 74.
Issue (i) Emma Clara, (2) Frederick David, (3) Joseph Banks, (4)
Isaac Newton, (5) Anna Pearl, (6) Stella June, (7) Randolph Ridge-
ley, (8) John Prizer Henry, (9) Nellie Fay. See "Biographical
Encyclopedia of Juniata Valley, Pa.," pp. 1289 and 1315.

71311 — Emma Clara Rinehart, born July 17, 1873, at Millerstown, Pa.
Married twice. First at Wartsburg, Wash., Charles R. Kennedj',

(born • — ; died , in Walla Walla, Wash.).

Issue (i) Henry, (2) Hazel, (3) Floyd — no record. She married
(second) at Nez Perce, Ida., William McLennan. Issue (4) Will-
iam — no record.

71312 — Frederick David Rinehart, born Mar. 16, 1875, at Millerstown, Pa.

Address, Enterprise, Oregon. Married on at ,

Hattie Dunlap.

71313— Joseph Banks Rinehart, born Sept. 11, 1877, at Millerstown, Pa.

Address, Mansfield, 111. Married on at ,

Ada Haines.

71314— Isaac Newton Rinehart, Jr., born Oct. 2.-7, 1879, at Millerstown, Pa.
Farmer at Farmer City, 111. Married on Oct. 19, 1904 at Millers-

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