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The descendants of John Thomson, pioneer Scotch covenanter; genealogical notes on all known descendants of John Thomson, covenanter, of Scotland, Ireland and Pennsylvania, with such biographical sketches as could be obtained from availble published records, or were supplied by the friends of those i online

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Online LibraryAddams Stratton McAllisterThe descendants of John Thomson, pioneer Scotch covenanter; genealogical notes on all known descendants of John Thomson, covenanter, of Scotland, Ireland and Pennsylvania, with such biographical sketches as could be obtained from availble published records, or were supplied by the friends of those i → online text (page 2 of 32)
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Thompson for the first time in this book, as his descendants now
believe, because the letter /> added to the grace of his autograph.
He is given credit for setting the fashion among the family for
spelling the name Thompson.


On page 483 of \'ol. HI. Third Series of "Notes and Queries,"
by W. H. Egle, appears some items relating to the Thomson
family prepared by Mrs. Charlotte Chambers (Patterson)
Thompson (born 1794; died 1863), widow of William Thompson
(descendant No. 33). In these it is stated that John Thomson,
the Pioneer, "married first a Miss Greenlee, a daughter of James
Greenlee of Hanover Township, then Lancaster County, now
Dauphin County, Pa., and connected with the Greenlees of Little
Britain Township, Lancaster County, and thus with the Bald-
ridges and Achinsons. Captain Greenlee, the Indian fighter, of
Westmoreland County, Pa., was of this family. By this mar-
riage, John Thomson had the following children: Margaret,
Sarah, Elizabeth. William, Robert, Susan, Jane, and Isaac.
Alargaret Thompson married a Mr. Greenleaf. The latter was


killed by the Indians near Sunbury, Pa. The children of the fam-
ily moved west."

In his will dated Mar. 5, 1779, John Thomson makes no
mention of a daughter Margaret, but refers to his daughter
Mary. According to all evidence at hand, this daughter married
William Greenlee, son of James Greenlee, and he it was who was
killed by the Indians in Pennsylvania. His descendants went
first to the Southern and Western parts of Pennsylvania and
later to Ohio.

One of the sons of William and Mary (Thompson) Greenlee,
Robert Greenlee, who was born in 1773 in Juniata County, Pa.,
and was 7 years old when his father was killed, lived for nine
years with William Thomson (doubtless his mother's brother),
and nine years in Stone Valley, after which in 1798, he moved
to Venango County, Pa. In 1892 there was in the possession of
Theodore Samuel Thomson, a grandson of the above William
Thomson, the original "power of attorney" given by Jean Green-
lee of Washington County, Pa., under date of Oct. 27, 1795, to
William Thomson, "to collect all moneys due her from the estate
of William Greenlee then in the hands of James Greenlee, the
administrator." This James Greenlee was doubtless the oldest
son of William and Mary (Thomson) Greenlee who is known to
have been born about 1754 in Pennsylvania, and died 1840 in
Venango County, Pa. The witnesses to the "power of attorney"
were Isaac Kerr and Robert Wylie. Doubtless the last named
was the husband of her mother's sister, Jean Thomson.

Concerning the accuracy of the statement that John Thom-
son's first wife was a daughter of James Greenlee of Hanover
Township, in what was then Lancaster County, Pa., there seems
considerable doubt, although this James Greenlee did have a
daughter Mary who married a Mr. Thompson. The doubt ex-
pressed is based partly on the assumption that the marriage of an
uncle (William Greenlee) with his niece (Mary Thomson)
would not have been sanctioned, although the marriage of cousins
was of common occurrence at that date. While it is highly im-
probable that John Thomson's first wife was a daughter of
James Greenlee — in which case, his daughter, Mary Thomson,
married her uncle William Greenlee — yet it seems probable that


John Thomson's first wife was James Greenlee's sister — in which
event, Mary Thomson's husband was her first cousin.

James Greenlee, the father of Mary Thomson's husband (and
probably the brother of the first wife of Pioneer John Thomson),
was born in the north of Ireland about 1718, and certainly was
not the grandfather of, say, William Thomson, son of John
Thomson, who was born in 1752, but he probably was his uncle.
He was certainly not the grandfather of Mrs. Mary (Thomson)
Greenlee, whose son James Greenlee was born about 1754, but
was probably both her uncle and the father of her husband, Wil-
liam Greenlee.

James Greenlee, the Pioneer, died in Hanover Township, Lan-
caster County, Pa., in 1778, only one year earlier than the death
of Pioneer John Thomson. He is said to have been a son of
Alexander Greenlee. The date of his emigration is not known,
but his name appeared as early as 1738 on the tax list of Han-
over Township, Lancaster County, Pa. He may have come to
this country with John Thomson, probably then or subsequently
his brother-in-law. In his will dated Mar. 8, 1772, he mentioned
his wife, his oldest son William, his sons James, Alexander, and
Robert, and his daughter Mary Greenlee. Of the descendants
of his sons James, Alexander and Robert, we have no record.
His daughter Mary married a Mr. Thompson, but concerning
him and his descendants, we have no information. She was cer-
tainly not the first wife of Pioneer John Thomson, because she
was evidently unmarried in 1778 when her father referred to her
as Mary Greenlee. The oldest son of James Greenlee married
Mary Thomson, the oldest daughter of John Thomson, and the
lines of many of their descendants have been traced to the pres-
ent generation.

According to the notes of Mrs. Charlotte Chambers (Patter-
son) Thompson, referred to above, John Thomson's second wife
was a "Miss Slocum, by whom he had a son John, who moved
from Juniata Valley to Butler County, Pa." To what family she
was connected is not known. At the taking of the first United
States census in 1790, there were only three heads of families
named Slocum in the State of Pennsylvania, all in Luzerne
County, namely, Ebenezer, Ruth, and William.

According to Mrs. Charlotte Chambers (Patterson) Thomp-


son, the third wife of John Thomson was Sarah Patterson, a
daughter of James Patterson. She became the mother of An-
drew Thomson who married Jane Stewart ; of Peter Thomson
who married Mary Patterson, and of Thomas Thomson. Mrs.
Charlotte C. Thompson makes no mention of James Thomson,
referred to in the will of John Thomson, and none of the "child
yet unborn," when the will was written in Mar., 1779. Mary
(Patterson) Thomson was the daughter of Andrew and Jane
(Purdy) Patterson. Mrs. Charlotte Chambers (Patterson)
Thompson, who was herself a granddaughter of Capt. James
Patterson, Jr., and Mary (Stewart) Patterson, and a great-grand-
daughter of Capt. James Patterson, Sr., and Susan (Howard)
Patterson, makes no mention of any relationship between her
family and the third wife of John Thomson or the wife of his
son Peter Thomson, and it is possible that none existed, although
Col. Samuel Evans, who probably obtained his information from
Mrs. Charlotte Chambers (Patterson) Thompson, is authority
for the statement that Sarah (Patterson) Thompson was a
daughter of Capt. James Patterson, Sr. This statement has added
weight by reason of the fact that Capt. James and Susan (How-
ard) Patterson had a daughter named Sarah.


By far the most reliable source of information concerning the
immediate descendants of John Thomson is his will, which was
written Mar. 2, 1779, in Fermanagh Township, in what was then
Cumberland, but is now Juniata County, Pa., and was probated
in Cumberland County, Nov. 26, 1779. The original is at Car-
lisle, Pa., which was then as now, the county seat of Cumberland.

I, John Thomson, of Fermanagh Township and Cumberland
County, being sick in body, but of sound memory, blessed be God,
do this 2nd day of March, in the year of our Lord 1779, make
and publish this my last Will and Testament, in manner follow-

I. I do give to my son Robert one coat and jacket, likewise to
John one coat and jacket, also to my sons Isaac and William
five pounds each. I also give and bequeath to my daughters
Mary and Sarah five pounds each, and to Jean one horse and


saddle, one cow, one bed, suitable furniture and five pounds
money. I also allow my daughters Elizabeth and Susanna, if
they conduct themselves prudently until they are capable of mak-
ing a choice in marriage agreeable to those who shall have the
oversight over them, to share equal with Jean.

I do give and allow to my dear wife the use and benefit of my
estate while she remains a widow, to live upon with the children
and to give them schooling and learning as they come to be
capable to receive it, but if otherwise that she, when a suitable
opportunity is offered doth marry again, she is then to have no
claim to any interest in my land, or movable estate, further than
to share equally with my daughters now living with me.

And I do give all my land to my sons James, Thomas and
Peter, to be and remain their property with the rest of my house-
hold after every one hath got their share, but my son Andrew I
allow to be put to a trade and after he hath sufficient learning
and while learning his trade, he is to have necessary clothing out
of my estate. If any of these heirs doth decease under the age
of eighteen years, their part is to remain equally divided amongst
the other heirs then living on the premises.

I also allow to my son Andrew when come to twenty-one years
of age to have one horse and saddle out of my estate, and James
to have one horse and saddle when come to twenty-one years of

I do also to the child unborn whether son or daughter, when
come to the age of maturity, to have equal with Thomas and

I do also allow my daughters Jean, Elizabeth and Susanna each
one chest and a spinning wheel.

I do make and ordain my wife and son Robert to be executors
of this, my last Will in trust for the intents and purposes of this
my last Will contained, to take care and see the same performed
according to my true intent and meaning.

In Witness Whereof, I have set my seal to this my last Will
and Testament this 5th day of March in the year of our Lord
1779, in the presence of William McAllister and Thomas Palloy.


John X Thomson.





In his will John Thomson mentions his wife — not by name —
and thirteen (or fourteen) children, not in the order of birth,
which may have been as follows: (i) Mai-y, (2) Jean, (3) Wil-
liam, (4) Elizabeth, (5) Robert, (6) Sarah, (7) Susanna, (8)
Isaac, (9) John, (10) Andrew, (11) Peter, (12) Thomas, (13)
James, (14) ?

I — Mary Thomson, wed William Greenlee. Issue (i) James, (2) John,
(3) Sarah, wed McCullough ; (4) Mary, wed George Darling;

(5) Elizabeth, wed Bell or Biel; (6) Susan, died young; (7)

Jane, died young; (8) William, (9) Robert.

2 — Jean Thomson, wed Robert Wylie. Issue (i) Robert, (2) John, (3)
Ann, (4) Jane Thomson, wed James Humphreys; (5) Elizabeth, wed
John Moore; (6) Mary, wed Samuel Crothers; (7) Sarah, wed James
Hodgens; (8) William.

3 — William Thomson, wed Jane Mitchell. Issue (i) John "Goshen," (2)
James, (3) William, (4) Sarah, wed William McAlister; (5) Robert,

(6) Isaac, (7) Jane, wed Henry Walters; (8) Elizabeth, wed William
Waterhouse; (9) Samuel.

4 — Elizabeth Thomson, wed Robert McAlister. No issue.

5 — Robert Thomson, wed Sarah Mitchell. Issue (i) William, (2) John,
(3) Robert, (4) James, (5) Andrew, (6) Jane, wed John McAlister;

(7) Mitchell.

6— Sarah Thomson, wed William McAlister. Issue (i) Hugh, (2) Wil-
liam, (3) John, (4) Isaac Thompson, (5) Mary, wed Thomas Bell;
(6) Robert Harbison.

7— Susanna Thomson, wed David Boal. Issue (i) Sarah, wed Paul
Cox; (2) John, (3) Nancy, never married; (4) Elizabeth, wed John
Ulsh; (5) Thomas, (6) William, (7) Jane, wed Isaac Thompson, Jr.

8 — Isaac Thomson, wed twice; first Martha Larimore. Issue (i) James,
(2) John, died young; (3) Polly, wed Stephen Bond; (4) William. He
wed second time, Jane (Evans) Wells. Issue (5) Robert, (6) Eliza,
never married; (7) John, (8) Lydda, wed Moses Morse; (9) Robert E.


9— John Thomson, wed Martha Park. Issue (i) John Park, (2) James,

(3) Joseph, (4) Samuel, (5) Isabella, wed ; (6) Zelia,

wed ; (7) Frances, wed James H. Graham; (8) William,

(9) Robert.

(10)— Andrew Thomson, wed Jane Stewart. Issue (i) John, (2) Eliza-
beth, wed James Johnson; (3) William, (4) Mar>', died in infancy;
(5) Stewart, (6) Julia Ann, died at the age of 24; (7) Andrew Pat-
terson, (8) Mary Jane, wed John Barton ; (9) Rebecca Stewart, wed
Robert Newton; (10) Margaret Stewart, never married; (iO/G«icy,
died young; (12) Thomas Boston. ^ 1 y^uU? ^ *•-** U|[^^~^

(11) — Peter Thomson, wed^J^dPy Patterson. Issue (i) John Peter,
(2) Margaret, ha^ ' married ; (3) Mary, wed James Curran; (4)
Samuel, (5) Susannah, wed Alexander Rodgers; (6) Silas, (7)
Eleanor, wed James Thompson; (8) Thomas Boal, (9) William Pat-

(12) — Thomas Thomson; died unmarried.

(13) — James Thomson; no record of descendants. He was under age at
the time of his father's death, and probably died unmarried.

(14) — Child, possibly born after the father's death in 1779. No record.


As will be noted, each descendant has been designated by a
number for convenience in cross referencing and ease in identi-
fication. For all purposes other than relationship determination,
which is explained fully below, the designating numerals may
well be considered as having been arbitrarily chosen in accord-
ance with the plan practically universally employed of designating
each descendant by a number when his or her name first appears
in the records and subsequently referring to this descendant by
the number already assigned.

A little study will show that in the present records the number
assigned to each descendant has been selected in accordance with
the assumed order of his or her birth in his or her immediate
branch of the family. For example, the numerals 3742 would be
given to the second child of the fourth child of the seventh child,
of the third child of Pioneer John Thomson. This individual
would belong to the fourth generation (four numerals) below



the Pioneer. A person designated by the numerals 37156 would
belong to the fifth generation below the Pioneer. The parent
(No, 3715) is the first cousin of the one bearing the numerals
3742, because they have a common grandparent, designated by
the number 37.

It should be especially noted by those inclined to use the num-
erals not only for purposes of identification (for which all sys-
tems of numbering are equally suitable), but also for relation-
ship determination (for which the method herein employed is
particularly advantageous), that absolutely no error is introduced
into the relationship determination even when the assumed order
of birth in a family is not the true order, provided only that the
designating numerals when once assigned to the members of a
family are adhered to consistently.

For the benefit of those familiar with the arbitrarily-selected,
continuously-numbered system of designation, it should be stated
that in the following pages all of the records of all of the descend-
ants of an individual are covered completely, to and including the
present generation consistently throughout, before any record
whatsoever is given of the descendants of his or her younger
brother or sister.

If the method of numerical designation be looked upon as being
purely "decimal" — with the unnecessary decimal point omitted —
it will be seen that the numbers have been arranged in a perfectly
logical, consecutive order throughout the book, and no difficulty
whatsoever will be encountered in locating at once the record of
any descendant whose designating numeral is known. See "In-
dex to Associated Family Ancestors," page 315.


I — Mary Thomson, born probably before 1734, died after March. 1779,
and before May, 1780. Married William Greenlee, son of James Green-
lee, who was born about 1718, in the North of Ireland and died between
March 18, 1772, and Oct., 1778, in Hanover Township, Lancaster County,
Pa. James Greenlee was said to have been a son of Alexander Green-
lee — See the "Greenlee Genealogy," by R. S. and R. L. Greenlee,
Chicago — The date of James Greenlee's emigration is not known but
his name appears as early as 1738, on the tax list of Hanover Township,
Lancaster County, Pa., where he spent the remainder of his days. In
his will dated March 18, 1772, he refers to his wife, but not by name,
to his oldest son William Greenlee, his son Alexander Greenlee, his son
James Greenlee, his daughter Mary Greenlee, to his son William's oldest
son James Greenlee, and to his son Robert Greenlee, whom he appointed
his sole executor. The appraisal of the estate was made in Oct., 1778.
William Greenlee, the oldest son, was born in Ireland. Possibly it was
he, whose name appears on the roll of Captain John Clark's Company,
attached to Colonel Potters, Second Battalion of Northumberland
County Associators, in the Revolutionary service in 1776, see "History of
Susquehanna and Juniata Valleys in Pennsylvania," p. 95 — William
Greenlee was killed by the Indians in Pennsylvania in Maj-, 1780. Ac-
cording to traditions in the Thompson family, the man who married
Mary Thompson "was killed by the Indians at Sunbury, Northumberland
County, Pa.; the children of the family went west." Mary (Thomson)
Greenlee died in Pennsylvania before 1780 and William Greenlee was
soon to be married a second time when he was killed. He resided at
Penn's Creek, near Swisher's Run in what is said to have been Juniata
County, but was doubtless then Northumberland Count}', and is now
Snyder County, Pa. Issue (i) James, (2) John, (3) Sarah, (4) Mar>',
(5) Elizabeth, (6) Susan, (7) Jane, (8) William, (9) Robert.

II — James Greenlee, referred to in the will of his grandfather as the
eldest son of William Greenlee, was born about 1754, in Pennsylvania;
died Sept., 1S40, at the home of his son, James Patterson Greenlee.
He was a miller and farmer; in politics a Democrat; in rehgion a
Presbyterian ; raised in French Creek Township, near Franklin, Venango
County, Pa. He married Ann Patterson, who was born at Utica, Pa. ;
died in 1839, near Franklin, Venango County, Pa., daughter of Peter
Patterson. Issue (i) William, (2) John, (3) Sarah, (4) James Patter-
son, (5) Margaret, (6) Elizabeth, (7) Samuel.

Ill — William Greenlee, born Jan. 5, 1785, or 1796. near Franklin, Pa.;
died July 10, 1862 or 1864, near Franklin. He was a farmer, a Demo-
crat, and belonged to the United Presbyterian Church. He married


on Oct. 15, 1818, near Franklin, Jane McClelland, who was born Feb.
14, 1801 or 1795, near Franklin or Sandy Lake, Pa., and died May 30,
1876-7 near Sandy Lake, Mercer County, Pa., daughter of John and
Margaret or Jane (Blackwood) McClelland. Issue (i) Anna, (2)
Margaret, (3) Sarah, (4) James, (5) John McClelland, (6) Elizabeth,
(7) William, (8) Mary Jane, (9) Dorcas, (10) Samuel, (11) Emily,
(12) Caroline, (13) Aaron, (14) Clinton De Witt.

II 1 1 — Anna Greenlee, born Oct. 2"], 1819, near Raymilton, Venango County,
Pa. (died about 1852). Married Peter Barr, son of Samuel and
Pegg>' Barr. He was a farmer. Issue (i) Mahala.

mil — Mahala Barr, l)orn April 13. 1849, at Raymilton, Venango County,
Pa. Address Farmer near Milledgeville, Pa. Married on March 16,

1869, Eusebius Chatlcj* (born near Milledgeville, Pa., or )

son of Andrew and Ruth (Robbins) Chatley. Issue (i) Bertie
Milton (2) Otis Asa.

iiiiii— Bertie Milton Chatley, born May 19, 1870.

111112— Otis Asa Chatley, born Dec. 22, 1877.

11 12— Margaret (Peggy) Greenlee, born Feb. i, 1821, married on ;

at ; John Patterson, son of of .

Issue (i) John Albert, (2) Peter M .

11121— John Albert Patterson, born on at — ;

lived at Raymilton, Pa. in iyo8.

II 122— Peter M Patterson, born May 14, 1844, at Raymilton,

Venango County, Pa. Address Raymilton, Pa. Married on Feb. 2,

1871, at Sandy Lake, Mercer County, Pa.; Mary A.

Cornelius (born March 10, 1850 at Leesburg, Mercer County, Pa.,
died Jan. 2, 1894 at Raymilton) daughter of Isaac and Nancy (Cook)
Cornelius. Issue (i) Harry, (2) George, (3) Cora, (4) Brit, (5)
Nannie, (6) Pearl.

111221— Harry Patterson, l„,rii Nov. 29, 1872. Address • •

Married on at ; Adah Snider, daughter

of of . Issue .

111222— George Patterson, l,orn May 16, 1874.

111223— Cora Patterson, I.orn May 21, 1877, married Walter Jewell.

111224— Brit Patterson, l„,ri) Nov. lu, 1880.


1 1 1225— Nannie Patterson, born April 6, 1883.

1 1 1226 — Pearl Patterson, born Aug. 6, 1887.

1 1 13 — Sarah Greenlee, born Oct. 10, 1822, married James Turk, died

1 1 14 — James Greenlee, born May 27, 1824. at Franklin, Venango County,
Pa. (died March 29, 1856) ; farmer, Mercer County, Pa. Married
about 1853; Mary Stuart (born April i, 1820, in Ireland) daughter of
John and Martha Stuart. Issue (i) James.

1 1 141 — James Greenlee, born Nov. 13. 1857, at Harlandsburgh, Lawrence
County, Pa. ; farmer, Grove City, Pa. Married May 31, 1883, at
Pcavcr Falls, Beaver County, Pa. Mary A. Crozier (born Jan. 24,

1861 in Iowa) daughter of D and Jane (Boyd) Crozier.

No issue.

II 15 — John McClelland Greenlee, bom Oct. 10, 1826, at Franklin, Venango
County, I'a. He was First Lieutenant in Home Guards during the
Civil War; was a farmer. Lived in Gray, Iowa, in 1900. Married
on Jan. 4, 1840, at Franklin, Mary Mills (born June 18, 1830, at New
Castle, Mercer County, Pa.) daughter of Robert and Jane (Moak)

Mills. Issue (i) Jane Mary, (2) Mills Erwin, (3) Oliver F

(4) James Walter, (5) William Harvey, (6) John Wesley, (7)
Robert, (8) Rachel L , (9) Charles Elmer.

11151 — Jane Mary Greenlee, born Nov. 7, 1849, in Venango County, Pa.
Married on Uoc. j;, 1870 at Victor, Powershick County, Iowa, Wil-
liam Allen Clarke (born Jan. 20, 1842 at Jersey City, N. J.) son of
John and Mary (Allen) Clarke. W. A. Clarke served in the Civil
W'ar from 1861 to 1864. Farmer, Audubon, Iowa. Issue (i) Laura
May, (2) Wilbur Arthur, (3) Robert, (4) Charles Edwin, (5) Mary
Ella, (6) Jennie Bell, (7) John Wesley, (8) Nellie Pearl, (9) Louis,
(10) Sarah Matilda.

111511 — Laura May Clark, born Dec. 23, 1871, married Austin Linn.
Address Gray, Iowa.

111512 — Wilbur Arthur Clark, born Feb. 28, 1872, in Poweshiek County,
Iowa. Address, Audubon, Iowa. ^Married on Sept. 21, 1899, at
Council Bluffs, Iowa, Clara Belle Friese (born Jan. 7, 1876, at Audu-
bon, Iowa) daughter of Charles William and Phoebe Jane (Mc-
Cloughy) Friese. No issue.

111513 — Robert Clark, born October 10, 1874.


111514 — Charles Erwin Clark, born November 2";, 1876.

1 1 15 1 5— Mary Ella Clark, born May 5, 1882.

111516 — Jennie Bell Clark, born September 11, 1887.

II 151 7 — John Wesley Clark, born Fell. 29, 1888.

111518 — Nellie Pearl Clark, born December 5. 1890.

111519 — Louis Clark, born September 9, 1892.

11151 (10) — Sarah Matilda Clark, l)orn August 15, 1894.

11152 — Mills Erwin Greenlee, born April 24th. 1852, at Franklin, Venango
County, Pa. Address, Templeton, Iowa. Married on Dec. 25, 1875,
at Avoca, Iowa, Aurildah Sinclair (born March 29, 1857 at Avoca,
Iowa) daughter of Robert and Mary (Hogan) Sinclair. Issue (i)
Biol, (2) Edna, (3) Ernest, (4) Robert, (5) Viola, (6) Coquella.

1 1 152 1 — Biol Greenlee, born April, 1877.

II 1522 — Edna Greenlee, l)orn December 12, 1879. Married Alay 16, 1900,
Arthur Billick. Address Templeton, Iowa.

I II 523 — Ernest Greenlee, born March 18, 1889.

1 1 1524 — Robert Greenlee, born Feb. 20, 1884. Married Feb., 1908, Jenny
Lacy. Issue ( i ) Viola.

1 1 1525 — Viola Greenlee, born Oct. 11, 1889.

1 1 1526 — Coquella Greenlee, born Oct. 5, 1897.

1 1 153— Oliver F. Greenlee, born Feb. 9, 1854, at Franklin, Venango County,
Pa., farmer at Sliclby, Iowa, before 1908. Married on March 6, 1877,
at Avoca, Pottawatomie County, Iowa. Catherine L. Plummer (born
April 14, 1859 at Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa) daughter of
Caleb and Rebecca (Pittinger) Plummer. Issue (i) Rebecca I.,
(2) Charles Elmer T.

1 1153 1 — Rebecca Greenlee, b(jrn July 22, 1878.

1 1 1532— Charles Elmer T. Greenlee, born Dec. 16, 1889.


1 1 154 — James Walter Greenlee, born Oct. 27, 1856, at Juda, Green
County, Wis., farmer Guthrie Center, Iowa, R. F. D. No. 6. Married
on March 17, 1887 at ColleRC Springs, Page County, Iowa. Luella
Greenlee (horn Aup. 24. 1861, at Frankhn, Venango County, Pa.)

Online LibraryAddams Stratton McAllisterThe descendants of John Thomson, pioneer Scotch covenanter; genealogical notes on all known descendants of John Thomson, covenanter, of Scotland, Ireland and Pennsylvania, with such biographical sketches as could be obtained from availble published records, or were supplied by the friends of those i → online text (page 2 of 32)