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The descendants of John Thomson, pioneer Scotch covenanter; genealogical notes on all known descendants of John Thomson, covenanter, of Scotland, Ireland and Pennsylvania, with such biographical sketches as could be obtained from availble published records, or were supplied by the friends of those i online

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Online LibraryAddams Stratton McAllisterThe descendants of John Thomson, pioneer Scotch covenanter; genealogical notes on all known descendants of John Thomson, covenanter, of Scotland, Ireland and Pennsylvania, with such biographical sketches as could be obtained from availble published records, or were supplied by the friends of those i → online text (page 23 of 32)
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88(12)12 — Arleen H. Crittenden, born Oct. 16, 1894.

88(12)2 — Bird Leon Crittenden, born Feb. 10, 1874. Address, Burton, Ohio.
Married twice ; first on Feb. 10, 1896, Mabel Downing (born

; died 1907. Issue (i) Celestine. He married second time
on June 21, 191 1, Virginia Killius, daughter of George and Bertha
Killius of Chardon, Ohio. Child, (2) Henry Williams.

89— Robert E. Thompson, born June 20, 1804; died 1816, aged 12 years.


9 — John Thomson, born ; died May-June, 1846, near Butler,

Pa. He was said to be a "man of affairs" in 1824. In the "Thompson
Family" booklet it is stated that he "married and lived in Juniata County;
moved to Butler County, Pa. The Thompsons and Pattersons of Butler
County are his descendants. One of his sons married a sister of David
Allen and moved to Covington, Ind. ? Ky. ? where they lived in 1857."
It is said he owned a store and a tannery. In Book B, p. 383, of Butler
County Wills is recorded the will of John Thompson as probated June
22, 1846. In this will, declared by word to Benjamin Miller and Margaret
Turk on May 12, 1846, he gives his remaining estate to his wife Martha;
his sons and daughters have previously received their shares. — See notes
on deeds to sons 91, 92, and 99. He married Martha Park, daughter of

, of Chester County, Pa. (she was still living at

the time of his death. May, 1848). Issue (i) John Park, (2) James,
(3) Joseph, (4) Samuel, (5) Isabella, (6) Zelia, (7) Frances, (8) Wil-
liam Clinton, (9) Robert W .

91 — John Park Thompson, Ixirn , 1804 near Bedford, Pa.; died

Oct. I, 1874. His father John Thompson, Sr., and his mother Martha
spent their last days at his home, and in consideration thereof he was
deeded on March 2"], 1837, by his parents a part of the land on which
they lived. See Butler County, Pa., \\ ills. Book K, p. 205. He was
married in 1832, by Rev. Davis at Bedford, Pa., to Eliza Bowman (born
Feb. 4, 1806; died June 21, 1887), daughter of John and Phebe (McClin-
tock) Bowman. John Bowman (born Aug., 1772) was a son of Thomas

Bowman (born ; died Jan., 1783, in Franklin County, Pa.)

and Mary (Campbell) Bowman, daughter of Samuel Campbell. He
married on April 5, 1798, Phebe McClintock (born July 9, 1779; died
Dec. 28, 1849). Issue (i) Maria Louisa, (2) Phebe, (3) William,
(4) Martha, (5) George W .

911 — Maria Louisa Thompson, born June 24. 1833. Married Oct. 11, 1855
at Butler, Pa., George Washington Rupp (born 181 1 near Mercersburg,
Franklin County, Pa.; died Aug. 4, 1872, in Utica, N. Y.), son of

Jacob (or John) Rupp (born ; died 1823) and Susan

(Myers) Rupp. Issue (i) Cornelia Bowman, (2) Eliza Thompson,
(3) Sue Myers, (4) Havelock, (5) Ada V. Count.

91 1 1 — ComeUa Bowman Rupp, born Sept. 10, 1859, at Bedford, Pa. Ad-
dress, Mrs. R. L. Holliday, 417 South State St., Dover, Del. Married
on Dec. 26, 1878, at Youngstown, Ohio, Robert Lowry Holliday (born
May 6, 1848, at Hollidaysburg, Pa.; died May 12, 1906, at Dover, Del),
son of Fleming and Alary Ann (Bell) Holliday and grandson of


'John and Elizabeth (Boyle) Bell. R. L. Holliday was superintendent
of the Delaware Division of the P. S. & W. R. R. at time of his
death, May 12, 1906. Issue (i) Persifor Smith, (2) Robert Fleming
Lowry, Jr.

gi 1 1 1— Persifor Smith Holliday, born Feb. 10, 1883, at Altoona, Pa. Ad-
dress, 205 Ninth St., N. E., Canton, Ohio. Married on Feb. 12,
1908, at Wellsville, Ohio, Sarah Jane Nelson, daughter of James
Montgomery and Joanna (Sample) Nelson and grandson of George
and Isabella (Montgomery) Nelson and of James Gray and Mary
Elizabeth (Stackhouse) Sample. P. S. Holliday attended the Mer-
cersburg Academy, Lehigh University, the University of Pennsyl-
vania, and Drexel Institute. Address, 734 Walnut St., Canton, Ohio.
Issue .

91 1 12— Robert Fleming Lowry Holliday, Jr., born Feb. 8, 1885, at Bed-
ford, Bedford County, Pa. Address, 477 Columbia Ave., Palmerton,
Pa. Chief of Estimating Division of New Jersey Zinc Co., Palmer-
ton, N. J. Married on March 20, 1909, at New Brighton, Staten
Island, Jeanette Van Vechten, daughter of Cuyler and Jessie (Giles)
Van Vechten and granddaughter of Cuyler and Hannah (Hammond)
Van Vechten. Issue (i) Robert Lowry.

91 1 121— Robert Lowry Holliday, born Sept. 11, 1913, at New Brighton,
Staten Island, N. Y.

9112— Eliza Thompson Rupp, born Apr. 20, 1861, at Bedford. Married
Humphrey Barton. Address, 650 Goodrich Ave., St. Paul, Minn.

91 13— Sue Myers Rupp, born . Died in infancy.

91 14 — Havelock Rupp, born . Died in infancy.

91 15— Ada V. Count Rupp, born . Died in infancy.

92— James Thompson, born . On Apr. i, 1846,

he purchased from his father John Thompson and mother Martha for
$5 a tract of 183 acres of land in Center Township, Butler County, Pa.,
granted to the said John Thompson by patent on Jan. 23, 1824 — see
Butler County Deed Book P, p. 208. Pie was a physician at Butler,
Pa. Died , at . Unmarried. No other data.

93— Joseph Thompson, born Butler County, Pa. Married on '■

at Mobile, Ala., French lady. Issue daughter.

931— Thompson, born . Married on

1865, at Mobile, Ala., Mr. Shelton. No other data.


94 — Samuel Thompson, born ; died . Unmar-
ried. No other data.

95 — Isabella Thompson, Ijorn . Married . Xo

other data.

96 — Zelia Thompson, horn , 1810?, in Butler County, Pa.; died

. Married on , at Pittsburgh, Pa., James Gilli-

land (born ; died ). No data. Issue (i)


961 — Mary Gilliland, born . No data.

97 — Frances Thompson, born in 1807 at Unionville. Butler County. Pa.;
died Apr., 1838 at LJuticr, Pa. Married in 1831, James Hull Graham,
son of Robert Graham. Issue (i) Emmett, (2) James, (3) Sarah
Martha, (4) Loyal Young.

971 — Emmett Graham, born 1832; died in infancy.

972 — James Graham, born 1834; died in infancy.

973 — Sarah Martha Graham, born June 28, 1836, at Butler, Pa. Married
on Aug. 28, 1862, at Bakerstown, Pa., John Moore Thompson, of Kit-
tanning, Pa. (born 1833; died in Seattle, Wash., 1904). Address, 4547
Fourteenth Avenue, N. E., Seattle, Wash. Issue (i) James Elmer, (2)
Fannie Idelette, (3) Mary Adelaide, (4) Loyal Graham, (5) Annie Ray,
(6) Thomas Ewing, (7) William Plumer.

9731 — James Elmer Thompson, born Aug. 8, 1863, at Kittanning. Pa.
Married, 1S94, Katherine Zylmann. No issue. Address, Seattle,
Wash. Ordained Evangelist.

9732 — Fannie Idelette Thompson, born Jan. 30, 1865. at Kittanning, Pa.
Educated at Gordonsville (Va.) Woman's College. Married Alvin
Rene Graham, 1894. Address, San Diego, Cal.

9733 — Mary Adelaide Thompson, born Oct. 20, 1866, at Kittanning, Pa.
Graduate of Gordonsville, Va. (Central) Woman's College. Married
Rev. J. Black, 1898 (died 1907). High school teacher for 24 years
(1916). Address, 4547 Fourteenth Ave., Seattle, Wash.

gj24 — Loyal Graham Thompson, born May 4, 1869, at Kittanning, Pa.
Farmer. Married Nov. 4. 1894, Lora E. Welch. Issue (i)
Everett Raymond, (2) Wallace Cliflford, (3) Lloyd Ellsworth, (4)
Daisie Marie, (5) Florence Idelette. Address, Fort Rock, Oregon.


9735— Annie Ray Thompson, born 1872 at Kittanning, Pa. Address, 4547
Fourteenth Ave., N. E., Seattle, Wash.

9736— Thomas Ewing Thompson, born 1874 in Kittanning, Pa. Graduate
of Grove City College and Western Theological Seminary, Allegheny,
Pa., and Ph.D. (1914). Married, 1906, Martha McBride, of Imper-
ial, Pa., daughter of John C. and Elizabeth McBride, of Midway,
Pa. Issue, Thomas Ewing, Jr. (born in 1907). Pastor of Presby-
terian Church, Haffey, Pa.

9737 — William Plumer Thompson, born Nov. 15, 1879, at Gordonsville, Va.
Graduate of the University of Washington, 1908. Chemist. Assis-
tant chemist, Pittsburgh Testing Laboratory, Pittsburgh, Pa. Mar-
ried, June 28, 191 7, at Minshall, Pa., Lelia Dorothy Rankin, daughter
of Rev. G. L. and Laura (Miller) Rankin.

974— Loyal Young Graham, born Oct. 22, 1837. in Butler County, Pa. Ad-
dress, 1709 Spring Garden St., Philadelphia, Pa. Pastor Emeritus.
For fifty years he was active as a minister in the Presbyterian Church.
He was pastor of the Olivet Convent Presbyterian Church, Philadel-
phia, Pa., for thirty-five years. He served as a vice-moderator of the
General Assembly and moderator of the Synod of Pennsylvania. Mar-
ried on April 25, 1861, at Cannonsburg, Pa., Sarah Jane McCoy (born

; died Aug., 1901), daughter of William and Martha

(Chambers) McCoy. Issue (i) William Thompson, (2) Ralph Lowry,
(3) Loyal Young, Jr.

9741 — William Thompson Graham, born Nov. 2, 1862, at Somerset, Pa.
Address, W. T. Graham, M. D., 5027 Woodland Ave., Philadelphia,

9742 — Ralph Lowry Erskine Graham, born Jan. 17, 1870. in Rehobeth,
Westmoreland County, Pa. Served as Minister Presbyterian Church
at Wissinoming, Pa. Address, Philadelphia, Pa. Graduate of Pres-
ton and Union Theological Seminary, New York. Married on June 7,
1893, at Philadelphia, Pa., Matilda Eccles, daughter of Thomas and
Matilda (MacDonald) Eccles and granddaughter of Daniel and

Martha ( ) MacDonald. Issue (i) Loyal Young, (2)

Ralph MacDonald.

97421— Loyal Young Graham (3rd), born Mar. 15, 1894, at Kane?, Pa.
Studied law at the University of Pennsylvania.

97422— Ralph MacDonald Graham, l)orn Dec. 7, 1900, at Chestnut Hill,
Philadelphia, Pa.

BRANCH NO. 9 245

9743 — Loyal Young Graham, Jr., born June 6, 1874, at Philadelphia. Ad-
dress, 195 West Grand St., Rahway, N. J. Minister of First Pres-
byterian Church. Married on June 2, 1910, at Overbrook, Pa., Flor-
ence Baker Ketcham, daughter of John K. and Emily Gertrude
(Baker) Ketcham and granddaughter of Benjamin and Mary Ann
(Smith) Ketcham and of Sylvester Jacob and Keturah (King)
Baker. Issue (i) Emily McCoy.

97431 — Emily McCoy Graham, born Jan. 12, 1913, at First Presbyterian
Manse, Rahway, N. J.

98 — William Clinton Thompson, born Dec. 21, 1812, at Lullinople, Butler
County, Pa. ; died April 19, 1897, at Oxford, 111. He worked his way
through Jefferson College at Cannonsburg, Pa., by teaching. He finished
his medical course at the Ohio Medical College, Cincinnati, and prac-
ticed medicine in Vernon, Ind., St. Charles, Miss., and Indianapolis,
Ind.— for fifty years in the latter place. He served as brigade surgeon
with the rank of major under General McClelland for three years dur-
ing the Civil War. He served for sixteen years as state senator, and
was for six years a member of the Indianapolis city council. On Dec.
6, 1837, at Vernon, Ind., he married Mary Chalfant New (bom 1821),
daughter of John Bowman and Maria (Chalfant) New, and grand-
daughter of Jethro and Sarah (Bowman) New and of Thomas and
Mary (Gray) Chalfant. John Bowman New was a Camelite preacher
in Delaware. Jethro New was a soldier of the Revolution. Sarah
Bowman was a granddaughter of Jost Hill, a Dutchman who sailed in
his own ships from England, bringing a colony of people who settled
near the present site of Jamestown, Pa. Address, Mrs. Mary Chalfant
Thompson. 1708 Pennsylvania St., Indianapolis, Ind. Children of W. C.
and M. C. Thompson, (l) James, (2) Mary Easton.

g8i — James Thompson, born Feb. — , 1839, in Cincinnati, Ohio, where his
father was studying at the Ohio Medical College. Present address

982 — Mary Easton Thompson, liorn Dec. i, 1856. in Indianapolis, Ind.;

died May 2T, 191 1, in . She graduated from the Ogontz

School, Ogontz, Pa., near Philadelphia. Married on March 4, 1879,
Horace Chipman Starr, son of William Cooper and Anna Maria
(Chipman) Starr and grandson of Charles West and Elizabeth (Wil-
son) Starr and of Horace D. Chipman and great-grandson of John
Cooper Starr of Hadfield, N. J. Charles West and Elizabeth (Wilson)
Starr, "Friends" from Philadelphia, went west in 1827 in prairie
wagons, settling at the present site of Richmond, Ind. William Cooper
Starr was Lieutenant Colonel of the Ninth West Virginia Volunteer
Infantry in the Civil War. Address of H. C. Starr, 1966 South Meri-
dian St., Indianapolis, Ind. Children of H. C. and M. E. Starr, (i)
William Thompson, (2) Marie Wilhelmina.


9821 — William Thompson Starr, born Dec. 2, 1879, at . Banker

and broker, office 115 Broadway; residence 220 West iioth St., New

York. Married on April 21, 1907, at , Elsie Sara Moore,

daughter of Governor General Moore of the Sandwich Islands. Ad-
dress, . No children.

9822— Marie Wilhelmina Starr, born July 22, 1887, at Indianapolis, Ind.
Graduated from the Ogontz School, Ogontz, Pa., 1906. Married on
June 29, 191 1, at "Arrohead," Leland, Mich. — the summer home of
the Starr family — John Newhall (born March 8, 1883, at Glencoe,
111.), son of Benjamin and Flora (Cooper) Newhall and grandson of

Franklin and Harriett ( ) Newhall. Franklin Newhall,

an early settler in Chicago, was for years a wholesale fruit dealer.
John Newhall graduated from the agricultural course at Cornell
University, 1906. Now assistant manager of the Betsey River Fruit
Growers Association, Thompsonville, Mich. Issue (i) John.

9822 — John Newhall, Jr., born July 22, 1912, at Thompsonville, Mich.

99— Robert W Thompson. According to a deed dated Mar. 27,

1837, and recorded in Butler County, Pa., Deed Book K, p. 618, he pur-
chased for $1.00 from his parents John and Martha Thompson, a tract
of land of 154 acres in Center Township. No other data.


(lo)— Andrew Thomson, born ; died . He first

settled at Thompsontown, Juniata County, Pa., but sold his land and
in 1803 went to Ohio, settling at Chillicothe. He married on June
30, I7f>8, Jane Stewart (born April 17, 1778, in Scotland; died Dec.
21, 1874, a^ed 96 years, 9 months; buried at Monmouth, 111.), daughter
of William and Elizabeth Stewart and granddaughter of Archibald
and Margaret Stewart. William Stewart with his parents came to
America from Newry, Ireland, in Oct., 1752. In 1753 they moved to
Cumberland County, Pa., and occupied a tract of land on what was
later known as Stewart's Branch of the Little Juniata Creek. In
1765 William and Elizabeth Stewart occupied a plantation adjoining
the west end of the Bark tract south of the Mahonoi Mountain, on
both sides of the Little Juniata Creek, in Rye Township, then Tyrone,
Cumberland County, as shown by an affidavit made before Justice
David Walker at Andrew Thompson's in Greenwood Township,
Mifflin County, Pa., Aug. 3, 1810. This land was known as the Bark
Tavern tract and contained 348 acres. On Nov. 17, 1761, William
Stewart purchased a tract of 300 acres one mile above what is now
Thompsontown and in Sept., 1763, he warranted 43 acres adjoining.
On Aug. 13, 1768, he purchased additional land on the opposite side
of the river from his settlement. He served in the Fourth Class of
Cumberland County Militia in 1778. He died July 29, 1784, and his
wife Elizabeth whom he married in 1765 died Aug. 12, 1822. Three
of their daughters were married to Thompsons, as follows : Jane
to Andrew Thompson — (10) ; Rachel to John Thompson — 52, and
Rebecca to Andrew Thompson — 55. See "History of Juniata and
Susquehanna Valleys in Pennsylvania," pp. 866, 867, 871 and 1083.
The family name is spelled at times Stuart, and some of the members
\^ claim descent from the Royal House of England. Children of
Andrew and Jane (Stewart) Thompson, (i) John, (2) Elizabeth,
(3) William, (4) Mary, (5) Stewart, (6) Julia Ann, (7) Andrew
Patterson, (8) Mary Jane, (9) Rebecca Stewart, (10) Margaret
Stewart, (11) Gracy. (12) Thomas Boston. The name is spelled
"Stuart" by many of the descendants.

(io)i — John Thompson, born May 4, 1799. at Thompsontown, Pa.; died
Oct. 29, 1862 in Caroline Falls Co., Texas. He was a practicing phy-
sician at Russellville, Ohio, and Monmouth, 111. He married twice :
first on July 29, 1824, at Russellville, Brown County, Ohio, Isabella
Johnson (born Sept. 11, 1S06, at Chillicothe, Ohio; died Jan. 26, 1837,
at Russellville, Ohio), daughter of Prof. Nathaniel Johnson of Chil-
licothe, Ohio. Issue (i) William Carson Stewart, (2) Fredonia, (3)
Rufus Andrew, (4) Nathaniel Johnson, (5) Elizabeth, (6) Inez.



He married the second time on Aug. 20, 1839, at Russellville, Ohio,
Nancy Bayne (born Sept. 9, 1814), daughter of Samuel and Helen
(West) Bayne. Issue (7) Silas Patterson, (8) Isabella, (9) Jane
Stuart, (10) Helen West, (11) John Graham, (12) Julia Ann, (13)

(10)11 — William Carson Stewart Thompson, born Nov. 7, 1825, at Rich-
mond, Jackson County, Ohio ; died Sept. 25, 1895, in Waco, Tex.
Married on July 12, 1859, in Waco, Tex., Mary Virginia Goode
(born in Jackson, Miss.; died July 5, 1876, in Waco, Tex.) W. C.
S. Thompson is an architect and builder at Waco, Tex. Issue (i)
William V., (2) John Richard, (3) Edward Everett, (4) Rufus

(10) 1 1 1— William V. Thompson, born Sept. 5, 1861, at Waco, Tex.; died
Oct. I, 1861.

(10)112— John Richard Thompson, born Sept. 18, 1862, at Waco, Tex.;
died Oct. II, 1862.

(10)113— Edward Everett Thompson, born May 5, 1865, in Matamoras,
]\Icxico. Address, Waco, Texas ; in merchantile business. Mar-
ried on July 24, 1895 ^t Detroit, Mich., his double cousin, Maribel
Curran (born Nov. 17, 1863, at Middletown, Ohio; died Oct. 18,
1912, in New York City) ; daughter of Ulysses Thompson and
Elizabeth (Thompson) Curran. No issue — see (10)15 and (11)312.
He married second, on Sept. 22, 1914, at Oak Lane, Philadelphia,
his cousin, Edith Florence Crowther (born May 26, 1885, at Read-
ing, Pa.), daughter of Henry and Josephine Patterson (Zell)
Crowther. See 33(10)37. Issue (i) Mary Virginia.

(10)1131— Mary Virginia Thompson, born July 30, 1916, at Waco, Tex.

(10)114 — Rufus Newton Thompson, born Aug. 21, 1868, in Waco, Tex.
Address, Contractor, Waco, Texas. Married on Nov. 13, 1890,
Mrs. Emma E. McClain. He is a decorator at Waco, Texas.
Issue (i) Pearl, (2) Maude Vivian, (3) Thelma.

(10)1141 — Pearl Thompson, born Dec. 9, 1892, in Waco, Tex.; died same

(10)1142 — Maude Vivian Thompson, liorn Apr. 23, 1894, at Waco, Tex.
Alarried Apr. 22, 1913, at Waco, Tex., Walter Clyde Robinson.
Address, El Paso, Tex.

(10)1143— Thelma Thompson, born Mar. 27, 1897, at Waco, Tex. Address,
Waco, Tex. Married, Apr. 2, 19I-I, William Dee Graves. Issue
(I) Dee WyiTtll.

{10)1 — Dr. John Thompson

(10)13 -Rufus Andrew Thompson, (10)ll~William C. S. Thompson
and (10)14 — Nathaniel J. Thompson

Sons of Dr. John Thomson, meeting in 1889 after a separation of 35 years.


(10)11431— Dee Wynell Graves, born Mar. 7, 1915, at Waco, Tex.

(10)12 — Fredonia Thompson, b<jrn June 26, 1827, at Richmond. Jackson
County, Ohio; died Aug. 13, 1828, at Chillicothe, Ohio.

(10)13 — Rufus Andrew Thompson, born Sept. 24, 1829. in Chillicothe. Ohio;
died in Colorado Springs, Colo., Auk- 12, 1906. Married in Green-
ville, Pa., Feb. 13, 1862, Isabella Dunbar Brown (born Apr. 15, 1835;
died in Colorado Springs, Jan. 21, 1905), daughter of James Wilson
and Jane (King) IJrown. Issue (i) William A., (2) Eva Belle,
(3) May L., (4) James Rufus, (5) Mary Elizabeth, (6) Helen

(10)131 — William Anderson Thompson, born Dec. 18, 1863. near Mon-
mouth, 111. Address, Cripple Creek, Colo.

(10)132— Eva Belle Thompson, born .Apr. 3. 1865, near Monmouth. 111.
Address, Orand I'ortagc, Minn. Teacher in Grand Portage, In-
dian Day School.

(10)133— May L. Thompson, lx)rn May i. 1867, at Chenoa, III. Address,
1401 W. 3rd St., Santa Ana, Cal.

(10)134 — James Rufus Thompson, born June 16, 1869. at Piper City, III.
Address, 1401 W. 3rd St., Santa Ana, Cal.

(10)135 — Mary Elizabeth Thompson, l>orn Jan. 31, 1874. at Piper City, III.;
diod Apr. 9, 1874.

(10)136— Helen Dunbar Thompson, born June li. 1875, at Piper City. 111.
Address, Women's Inivcrsity Club. 106 E. 52nd St., Xew York
City. Inspector, Tenement House Dept., N. Y. Cit>-.

(10)14 — Nathaniel Johnson Thompson, born July 26. 1831, at Chillicothe,
Ohio; died in Denver. Colo., on Oct. 6. 1903. He served as prin-
cipal of public schools in Cincinnati, Ohio, and was later a farmer
in Colorado near Denver. Married Mary Looker (born, 1844, in
Ohio; died 1908 in Denver, Colo.), granddaughter of Orthuriel
Looker, of New York and Ohio, a soldier in the Revolution; said
to have served an unexpired term as governor of Ohio. Children
of N. J. and Mary (Looker) Thompson (i) Frank Lincoln, (2)
Helen Stuart, (3) George Hough, (4) Harry Looker, (5) Herbert

(10)141 — Frank Lincoln Thompson, born Apr. 3. 1865. at Glendale. Ohio;
died Nov. 13, 1914, at Port Angeles, Wash. Graduated Yale Uni-

250 desce;ndants of john Thomson

(10)142— Helen Stuart Thompson, born May 11, 1868, at Cincinnati, Ohio.
Address, 2483 Pans St., Cincinnati. Author of "Windy Creek."

(10)143— George Hough Thompson, born April, 1872, at Cincinnati, Ohio;
died Sept. 26, 1877 at Denver, Colo.

(10)144 — Harry Looker Thompson, born Jan., 1875, at Denver, Colo.; died
Oct. 2, 1877, at Denver.

(10)145 — Herbert Banner Thompson, born May i, 1877, at Denver, Colo.
Mayor of Aurora, Colo. In business with the Washburn Jersey
Dairy Company, Aurora, Colo. Married Maude McCoy. Issue
(i) Stuart Eugene, (2) Margaret Helen, (3) George Dudley, (4)
Edna May.

(10)1451 — Stuart Eugene Thompson, born June, 1899.

(10)1452 — Margaret Helen Thompson, born May, 1902.

(10)1453 — George Dudley Thompson, born June, 1906.

(10)1454 — Edna May Thompson, born Nov., 1908.

(10)15 — Elizabeth Thompson, born May 24, 1833, at Chillicothe. Ohio;
died Jan. 9, 1910 in Waco, Tex. Married on Dec. 29, 1859 at Chilli-
cothe, Ohio, her cousin — (11)31— Ulysses Thompson Curran (born
March 7, 1834; died Feb. 28, 1914), son of James and Mary
(Thompson) Curran. Issue (i) Charles Courtney, (2) Maribel,
(3) Fannie May, (4) Stanley Arthur — See (11)31.

(10)16 — Inez Thompson, born Oct. 26, 1836, at Chillicothe, Ohio.

(10)17 — Silas Patterson Thompson, born Mar. 19, 1841, at Russellville,
Ohio. lie enlisted in the 77th Illinois Regiment at Metamora,
111. in 1862 and was discharged at Vicksburg just after the battle
at that place. He did not live to reach home, but died March 12,
1863 on the Mississippi River steamer ; buried in Hellman, Ark.

(10)18 — Isabella Thompson, Iwrn June 22, 1843, at Russellville, Ohio; died
Jan. 31, 1900. Married first on Feb. 14, 1861 at Low Point, 111.,
Isaac Crume Hogue, son of Anna (Richardson) Hogue and grand-
son of James and Mary ( ) Hogue. Issue (i) Laura

Agnes, (2) Silas Francis, (3) Annabell, (4) Irene Stuart, (5)
Thirza Helen, (6) Theoph. Married second time on Sept. 9, 1885
at Kansas City, Mo., Cassius M. Findlay. Issue (7) Jennie Lora,
(8) Julia Flora.

BRANCH NO. lO 25 1

(10)181— Laura Agnes Hogue, born Jan. 29, 1862, in Warren County, III.
Married on Nov. 23, 1880 at Topeka, Kans., John Martin Woodley
(born Nov. 21, i860, at Red Wing, Minn.; died Dec. 8, 1902. Ad-
dress, 1717 West St., Topeka, Kans. Issue (i) Maude Roena, (2)
Charles Isaac, (3) Arretta J^lay, (4) Mary Helen, (5) John Mah-
lon, (6) Corrine Agnes, (7) Annie Laurie, (8) Ralph Emerson.

(10)1811— Maude Roena Woodley, born April 13, 1881, at Wakarusa, Kan.
Alarritd Apr. 13, 1903, at Elmont, Kan., Theron Melton (born
Nov. 24, 1879), son of Thomas J. and Elizabeth Melton. Farmer,
Osborne, Kan. Issue (1) Lawrence Woodley, (2) Forrest, (3)
Delmar, (4) Ralph Everett.

(10)18111— Lawrence Woodley Melton, born Nov. 3, 1905, at Tecumseh,

(10)18112— Forrest Lyle Melton, born Feb. 19, 1908, at Tecumseh, Kan.

(10)18113— Delmar Melton, born Jan. 2, 1912, at Lura, Kan.

(10)18114 — Ralph Everett Melton, born May 11, 1915.

(10)1812— Charles Isaac Woodley, born Nov. 27, 1882, at Tevis, Kan,
Married Feb. 29, 1909 at Big Spring, Kan., Maude Bunce (born
Aug. 13, 1888 at Grover, Kan.), daughter of John Jay Bunce of
Grover, Kan. Charles Isaac, Farmer, Lecompton, Kan. Issue
(I) Clifford Jay.

(10)18121— Clifford Jay Woodley, born Jan. 9, 1910, at Big Spring, Kan.

(10)1813 — Arretta May Woodley, born Jan. 4, 1885, at Kingman, Kan.
Married Oct. 22, 1902, at Elmont, Kan., James Egbert Harrington
(born May 2, 1878), son of John and Ann Harrington of Mayetta.
Farmer, Hoyt, Kan. Issue (i) Agnes Marie, (2) John Eugene,
(3) Marjorie Bernice.

(10^18131 — Agnes Marie Harrington, born Nov. 5, 1903, at Mayetta, Kan.

(10)18132 — John Eugene Harrington, born April 29, 1907, at Hoyt, Kan.

(10)18133 — Marjorie Bernice Harrington, born Dec. 5, 1911, at Hoyt, Kan.

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