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The descendants of John Thomson, pioneer Scotch covenanter; genealogical notes on all known descendants of John Thomson, covenanter, of Scotland, Ireland and Pennsylvania, with such biographical sketches as could be obtained from availble published records, or were supplied by the friends of those i online

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Online LibraryAddams Stratton McAllisterThe descendants of John Thomson, pioneer Scotch covenanter; genealogical notes on all known descendants of John Thomson, covenanter, of Scotland, Ireland and Pennsylvania, with such biographical sketches as could be obtained from availble published records, or were supplied by the friends of those i → online text (page 25 of 32)
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of an unsucccessful attempt to manufacture iron at the "Maria Fur-
nace," the only furnace ever erected in Juniata County. Peter
Thomson married in 1804, in what is now Walker Township, Juniata
County, Pa., Mary Patterson (born 1775 in Walker Township; died
Dec. 6, 1845, aged 70 years), daughter of Andrew and Jane (Purdy)
Patterson, granddaughter of Alexander Patterson, and of James
Purdy. Andrew Patterson, Scotchman, settled in York County, Pa.,
about 1745. His sons Andrew and James lived for a time in Bucks
County, Pa., before moving to Juniata Valley about 1770. Mary
(Patterson) Thompson was affectionately known by her friends as
"Aunt Polly." She and Peter Patterson, called "Uncle Peter," were
members of the "Seceder Congregation" which subsequently became
the United Presbyterian Church at Mexico, Pa. The portion of the
congregation in their neighborhood met at the Peter Thompson home-
stead with "Aunt Polly" as leader and instructor in the Bible and the
Catechism both before and after the death of Peter Thompson in
1837. Children of Peter and Mary (Patterson) Thompson, (i) John
Peter, (2) Margaret, (3) Mary, (4) Samuel, (5) Susanna, (6)
Silas, (7) Elenor, (8) Thomas Boal, (9) William Patterson.

(11) I— John Peter Thompson, l,orn Oct. 6, 1806, at the homestead of
John Thomson, Sr. ; died Apr. 10, 1882. He purchased the interests
of the other heirs and thereby acquired possession of the home farm
of his father which was also that of his grandfather, Pioneer John
Thomson. On this he and George Moss erected in 1863 the "Maria
Furnace" which they continued to operate until the sale of the
homestead property including the stone house and the furnace, to

Lobenia " Home of Peter and Mary Patterson) Thompson, Delaware
Township. Juniata Co., Pa.
Built hy them in ISIO. on the homestead farm of Pioneer John Thomson.

{11)— Mary {Patterson) Thomson. (11)3 Mary (Thompson) Curran.

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(11)3 James Curran.

(11)31 — Ulysses Thompson Curran.


Jud^e Samuel Hepburn in 1865. He married on Jan. 2, 1840, the
widow of his cousin (72) John Boal, Mrs. Sarah Ann (Gilfillen)
Boal (born Aur. 3, 181 1; died Oct. 16, 1883; buried two miles east
of Thompsontown, Pa.), daughter of James and Sarah (Jones)
Gilfillen, pranddaufihter of James and Nancy (Watts) Gilfillen and
of Lewis and Patience (Londen) Jones, preat-pranddauphter of
Robert and Jean (McConnell) Gilfillen and of David and Sarah
(Bertram) Jones; and great-great-granddaughter of James and Mar-
garet (Briton) McConnell, and of Rev. William Bertram. See 72
and (11)8. Children of John Peter and Sarah Ann (Gilfillen)
Thompson, (i) Theoris, (2) Irwin, (3) Henrietta, (4^) William
Albanus Lopan, (5) Emma, (6) Carrie.

(ii)ii— Theoris Thompson, l,,,rn Jan. i. 1840. at the Peter Thompson

luimcstcad ; died Oct. 10, 1888. Unmarried.

(11)12— Irwin Thompson, l)orn Aug. 16. 1842. at the Peter Thompson
homestead ; died . Lived at Topcka, Kan. Unmarried.

(11)13— Henrietta Thompson, born Aug. — , 1844. at the Peter Thompson
homestead in luniata County. Pa. Married in 1873, at Topeka,
Kan., John Percy Watson. Address, 37.^1 North 43rd St., Chicago,
111. Issue (i) Maude, (2) Percy, (3) Arthur, (4) Bessie.

(11)131— Maude Watson, l.orn . Married Edgar Burger, Chi-
cago, 111 Issue (i) Edpar, (2) Evelyn. No data.

(11)132— Percy Watson, born . Married Irene Leonard, Chi-
cago, 111. Issue (i) Dorothea. No data.

(11)133 — Arthur Watson, born .

(11)134— Bessie Watson, born . Married William Milliner,

Chicago, 111. No data.

(11)14 — William Albanis Logan Thompson, born April 18, 1848, on the
Peter Thompson farm in Juniata County, Pa. ; died 1914 at Topeka,
Kan. He attended school at Thompsontown and Harrisburg. He
began his business career with \Vm. G. Thompson, but later returned
home to take charge of the store at the Iron Works. In 1864 he
went to Philadelphia where he became associated with the Stout
Atkinson & Co. Dry Goods Store, N. E. Corner 5th and Market. He
remained there until May, 1869, when he went to Kansas, first locat-
ing at Park City ; from there he went to Hutchinson where he car-
ried on a merchantile business for 18 months. He returned to To-
peka and engaged in cattle raising and dealing in Jackson County for


three j'ears. Later was associated in Topeka with Air. Funk in the
gents furnishing goods. In August, 1878, he bought the Whitmer
Hardware Co., and in 1884 he incorporated the W. A. L. Thomp-
son Hardware Co., wholesale and retail, of which he became Presi-
dent. He was one of the organizers of the Merchants National Bank,
vice-president, four years ; president, ten years ; and later chairman
of the Board. President of the New England Building Co., the
first six-story modern office building erected in Topeka. President
of the Topeka Club of which he was a charter member, having
organized in 1888. Member of the Country Club, also a Mason and
member of the Elk's Club. He married on June 7, 1876, Ida Smith,
daughter of Jacob and Jane (Von Cannon) Smith, and grand-
daughter of John and Elizabeth (Darshum) Smith. Jacob Smith
was sergeant on Col. Veale's staft', 2nd Regiment at the Battle of
the Blue, Oct. 24, 1864. Children (i) Helen, (2) Roy Smith.

(11)141— Helen Thompson, born Feb. 16, 1878, at Topeka, Kan. Grad-
uated College sisters of Bethany Topeka, 1898. Married on
Oct. 26, 1907, at Topeka, Harry Wilson Donaldson (born Aug.
26, 1876, in Indianapolis, Ind.), son of Dr. Joseph Wilson and
Jennie (Hanna) Donaldson. Address, 1212 Taylor St., Topeka,

(11)142 — Roy Smith Thompson, born Dec. 22, 1884, at Topeka, Kans.
secretary-treasurer, W. A. L. Thompson Hardware Co., Topeka,
Kan. Graduated from Yale University, 1907. Married on Feb. 9,
1912, at Topeka, Cornelia Gleed (born Oct. 8, 1892, at Topeka),
daughter of Charles Samner and Mabel (Gore) Gleed. Issue (i)
Cornelia Gleed.

(11)1421— Cornelia Gleed Thompson, born Nov. 20, 1912, at Topeka, Kans.

(11)15— Emma Thompson, born July 30, 1849, in Juniata County, Pa.
Married on June 6, 1870, at Topeka, Kan., Lewis Butler McClintock
(born July 14, 1848), son of Hamilton McClintock, Jr. (born Jan.
19, 1820) and grandson of Hamilton McClintock, Sr. (born May
31, 1775; died May 9, 1875) and his wife Mary (Culbertson)
McClintock (born Sept. 19, 1775; died June 2"], 1863). The wife
of Hamilton McClintock, Jr., was Mary E. (Jack) McClintock
(born July 5, 1822; died July 17, 1899). Address, 707 West loth
St., Topeka, Kan. Issue (i) Nellie, (2) Edna Irene, (3) Arthur

(11)151— Nellie McClintock, born Feb. 27, 1874, in Topeka, Kans. Mar-
ried on Apr. 5, 1899, Harry Augustus Weaver. He has been for
a number of years engaged in the railroad business with the
Kansas City Southern R. R. Present address, Kansas City, Mo.


(11)152— Edna Irene McClintock, born Mar. 3, 1878, at Topeka, Kans.
iMarried on Apr. 10, Kjoi, Johnathan Dorr Norton. He is engaged
in the wholesale paint business in Kansas Cit)', Mo. Issue (l)
Johnathan Dorr, (2) William Sheffield.

(11)1521— Johnathan Dorr Norton, died in infancy.

(11)1522— William Sheffield Norton, born Mar. 2 ,1909, at Topeka, Kans.

(")»53— Arthur Thompson McChntock, born Apr. 5, 1882, at Topake,
Kan. Married on Apr. 20, i(j04, Agnes Gunthor. He is manager
of the Beatrice Creamery Co. of Denver, Colo. Issue (i) Kath-

(11)1531— Katharine McClintock, born Oct. 30, 1905.

(n)i6 — Carrie Thompson, i)orn May 15. 1850, at the Peter Thompson
homestead in Juniata County, Pa.; died May 20, 1898. Married
Bishop Crumrine. No issue.

(11)2— Margaret Thompson (twin of Mary), born Sept. 7. 1809, at Thomp-
sontown. Pa.; died Mar. 19, 1843; aged 34 years, 6 months and 12
days. Unmarried.

(11)3— Mary Thompson (twin of Margaret), born Sept. 7, 1809, at Thomp-
sontown. Pa.; died June 30, 1887, at Sandusky, Ohio. Married on
May 15, 1833, at the old Peter Thompson homestead, James Curran,
Jr. (born in Mifllintown ; died June 26, 1882), son of James Curran,
Sr., and Jane (Riddle) Curran of Ireland. In the early records of
Juniata County the family name seems to have been spelled in
several different ways. In the first of warrantees of land in the
neighborhood of what is now Mifllintown appears the name of
William Curran. On page 854 of the "History of Juniata and Sus-
quehanna Valleys," under Walker Township, Juniata County, it is
stated that the name of \\ illiam Cochran appears among the list
of warrantees and he took out a warrant for 103 acres of land,
Mar. 8, 1755. From all indications the name is the same as Corran
and Curran and the one here given is the ancestor of the family
who settled in this section of the country. His name as Curran
appears in the assessment of Fermanagh in 1763, as owning 200
acres; in 1768 as William Corran owning 600 acres, and James
Curran as in possession of 60 acres. \\ illiam Corran remained here
until 1 771 when he appears to have removed to Donegal, Lancaster
County, Pa. On Dec. 17, 1772, William Cochran or Corran war-
ranted a tract of land in Tuscarora Valley which he patented June
18, 1773, at "Williamsburg." In 1775 he is mentioned as having 10
acres cleared, and in Lack Township James Corran is assessed on


100 acres, and 20 acres cleared. William Ciirran, who died in
Rapahoe Township, Lancaster County, Pa., in 1787, designated his
sons Samuel and James as executors in his will. This James Curran
may or may not have been James Curran, Sr., who married Jane
Riddle, but it is probable that, in any event, James Curran, Jr., was
a descendant of William Curran. James and Mary (Thompson)
Curran lived in Brown County, Ohio, Monmouth, 111., and Topeka,
Kan. Issue (i) Ulysses Thompson, (2) Theodore, (3) Silas Calvin,
(4) Margaret Eleanor, (5) James Caskey, (6) Mary Jane.

(11)31— Ulysses Thompson Curran, born at Harrisburg, Pa., Mar. 7, 1834;
died Feb. 28, 1914 in New York City; buried at Sandusky, Ohio.
He graduated from the Miami University, Ohio. Served as super-
intendent of schools at Sandusky, Ohio; judge of probate court,
Sandusky, Ohio; president of Ohio Teachers Association; life mem-
ber of the National Teachers Association. Married Dec. 29, 1859
at Chillicothe, Ohio, his cousin— (10) 15— EHzabeth Thompson (born
May 24, 1833; died Jan. 9, 191 1 at Waco, Tex.), daughter of Dr.
John and Isabella (Johnson) Thompson. Issue (i) Charles Court-
ney, (2) Maribel, (3) Fannie May, (4) Stanley Arthur.

(11)311— Charles Courtney Curran, born Feb. 13, 1861, at Hartford, Ky.
Artist. Address, 39 W. 67th St., New York. Married at Norwalk,
Ohio, Grace Wickham, daughter of Judge Charles P. and Emily
(Wildman) Wickham. Issue (i) Louis W^ickham, (2) Stanley
Thompson, (3) Emily.

(11)3111— Louis Wickham Curran, born April 4, 1889, on the Isle de la
Cite, Paris, France. Graduated from the Baltimore College of
Forestry. Married, June 12, 1915, Erma Rebecca Whipple. Is-
sue (i) Laura Whipple.

(11)31111— Laura Whipple Curran, born Oct. 16, 1916.

(11)3112— Stanley Thompson Curran, born Apr. 21. 1894, at Norwalk,
Ohio. Attended the Wooster University, Ohio. Address, 39 W.
67th St., New York.

(11)3113— Emily Curran, born Aug. 27, 1903. at Norwalk, Ohio. Attended
the Felix Adlcr's School. Address, 39 W. 67th St., New York.

(11)312— Maribel Curran, born at Middletown, Ohio, Nov. 17, 18^2; died
in New York City on Oct. 18, 1912. She graduated from the
Sandusky (Ohio) High School and the Wooster (Ohio) Uni-
versity and served as professor of Latin in the Sandusky High
School. She married on July 24, 1895 in Detroit, Mich., her


cousin — (10)115 — Edward Everett Thompson (born on May 5,
1865, at Metamora, Mexico), son of William Carson Stewart and
Mary Virginia (Goode) Thompson, and grandson of Dr. John
and Isabella (Johnson) Thompson. No issue.

(11)313— Fannie May Curran, born May 21, 1864. at Middletown, Ohio;
died Nov. 16, 1914. Married at Sandusky, Ohio, Capt. Frank I.
Howells, son of Joseph Howells and grandson of Thomas Howells.
Address, Waco, Tex. Issue (i) Bessie Curran, (2) Flossie Mari-
bcl, (3) Nanette.

(11)3131— Bessie Curran Howells, born 1887. at Toledo, Ohio. Married at
Waco, Tex., John Ficklcn. Issue (i) John Howells.

(11)31311— John Howells Ficklen, born Apr. 18, 1912, at Waco, Tex.
Address, Waco, Tex.

(11)3132— Flossie Maribel Howells, born Mar. 14, 1887; died Feb. 7, 1892.

(j 1)3133— Nanette Howells, I)orn June 2i, 1891. at Toledo. Ohio. Mar-
ried July — , 1915, at Waco, Tex., Joseph Francis McGrath. Ad-
dress, Waco, Tex. Issue (i) Frank Howell.

(")3i33i — Frank Howells McGrath, born Sept. 6, 1914.

(11)314— Stanley Arthur Curran, born May 28. 18(^9. at Hartwell, Ohio;
died ^lar. 27, 1887.

(11)32— Theodore Curran, born Jan. 17, 1836, at Harrisburg, Pa.; died
Jan. ID, 1910. Married at Middletown, Ohio, Sarah Brown, daugh-
ter of Rev. S. B. Brown, Presbyterian minister. Address, Mrs.
Sarah Brown Curran, 511 Grant Place, Chicago, 111. Issue (i)
Ulysses, (2) Elizabeth, (3) Ward, (4) Edwin, (5) Clarence.

(11)321 — Ulysses Curran (twin of Elizabeth), born Sept. 3, i860; died
Nov. 17, i860.

(11)322 — Elizabeth Curran (twin of Ulysses), born Sept. 3, i860; died
Feb. 22, 1 86 1.

(11)323 — Ward Curran, born Jan. 4, 1865; died Mar. 3, 1865.

(11)324— Edwin Curran, born July 30. 1869; died Apr. 4, 1909.

(11)325 — Clarence Curran, born June 2},, 1862: died May i, 1905. Mar-
ried Nellie Sherman, daughter of N. E. Sherman — a brother of
Gen. W. T. Sherman. No children. Address, Mrs. Nellie Sher-
man Curran, Washington, D. C.


(11)33— Silas Calvin Curran, born Apr. 17, 1838, at Centerville, Butler
County, Pa.; died 1876. He was physician at Neosia Falls,
Kan. Married Sarah Hollingsworth Ferris. Issue (i) William
Ferris, (2) Ulysses, (3) daughter.

(11)331— William Ferris Curran, born Feb. 20, 1873. For 14 years he was
a cowboy in the "Panhandle" of Texas. He studied medicine and
surgery at the Maryland University, Baltimore, from which he
graduated in 1904. From 1907 to 191 1 during the construction of
the Panama Canal, he was in the United States Government service
at the Isthmus as physician in the sanitary department under Col.
W. C. Gorges. He is now engaged in private practice as a physi-
cian at Waco, Tex. He married on April 20, 1909 at Waco, Tex.,
Lillian Margaret Eaton, daughter of John Curtis and Mary Pauline
(Taylor) Eaton and granddaughter of John Dill and Margaret
(Hart) Taylor. Issue (i) Elizabeth, (2) Calvin.

(11)3311— Elizabeth Curran, born Mar. 9, 1911, at Waco, Tex.

(11)3312— Calvin Curran, born July 3, 1913, at Waco, Tex.

(11)332— Ulysses Curran, born 1869; died in infancy.

(")333— (daughter) Curran, born 187 1 ; died in infancy.

(11)34— Margaret Eleanor Curran, born Aug. 8, 1841, at Russelville, Ohio;
died Dec. 19, 1906. Married March 18, 1868, at Carbondale, 111.,
William Adam Romig (born May 14, 1844, Mifflin County, Pa.), son
of Adam Romig. Address, Wellington, Kan. Issue (i) Theodore
William, (2) James Reuben, (3) Franklin Anthony, (4) George
Morrison, (5) Ulysses General, (6) Frederick Calvin, (7) Willard

(11)341— Theodore William Romig, born Aug. 24, 1869. Address, Welling-
ton, Kan. Married on Jan. 21, 1897, at Wellington, Kan., Mary Eva
Rynearson (born Feb. 12, 1869). No children.

(11)342— James Reuben Romig, born Sept. 2, 1871, at Carbondale, 111.
Address, Colorado Springs, Colo. Unmarried.

(1O343— Franklin Anthony Romig, born Jan. 2, 1874, at Carbondale, III.;
died in infancy.

(ii)344-George Morrison Romig, born July 23, 1875. Address, Denver,
Colo. Married twice. No record.


(11)345 — Ulysses General Romig, lK>rn July 13, 1877, at Monmouth, III.
Address, Wellington, Kan. Married on Nov. 6, 1907 at Wichita,
Kan., Mary Elizabeth Mclntyre (born June 9, 1878), daughter of
Alex Mclntyre of Wellington, Kan. Issue (i) Margaret Jean,
(2) Calvin Mclntyre, (3) Robert Ulysses, (4) Thomas Dean.

(11)3451— Margaret Jean Romig, born Oct. 4. 1908. Address, Wellington,

(11)3452 — Calvin Mclntyre Romig, born Aug. 10, 1910. Address, Welling-
ton, Kan.

(11)3453 — Robert Ulysses Romig, born Nov. 5, 1914, at Wellington, Kan.

(11)3454 — Thomas Dean Romig, l)orn July 11. 1916, at Wellington, Kan.

(11)346 — Frederick Calvin Romig, Ijorn Jan. 26, 1880. at Monmouth, 111.
Graduated from the Manhattan (Kan.) College. Assistant Post-
master, Manhattan, Kan. Married Aug. 13. 1904 at Newman, Kan.,
Louise Belie Shirley (born Aug. 25, 1880). daughter of John La-
fayette and Plutina Shirley. Issue (i) Helen Belle, (2) James

(11)3461 — Helen Belle Romig, liorn July 11, 1905. .A.ddress, Manhattan,

(11)3462 — James Edward Romig, born Mar. 24. 1912. Address, Manhat-
tan, Kan.

(n)347 — Willard Grant Romig, l),,rn at Monmouth, 111., Apr. 5. 1884.
Address, Wellington, Kan. Married on Jan. i, 1905. Ida Josephine
Stewart. Issue (i) James Stewart, (2) Earl Grant.

(11)3471 — James Stewart Romig, born Oct. 7, 1905. Address, W^ellington,

(11)3472 — Earl Grant Romig, born July 21, 1913.

(11)35 — James Caskey Curran, born at Russellville, Brown County, Ohio;
died Dec, 1902 at Banco, Harper, Kan. Married Margaret Drake.
No children.

(11)36 — Mary Jane Curran, born Aug. 4. 1850, at Russellville, Ohio; died
. Married on at , George Morri-
son of Brooklyn, X. Y. (born ; died ). No



(11)4— Samuel Thompson, born July 9. 1810; died Nov. 2, 1857, aged 47
years ; buried at Spring Grove, Warren County, 111. Married his
cousin — 535 — Jane Thompson (born May 31, 1813; died Aug 15,
1893, aged 80 years, 3 months, 15 days; buried at Galatia, Barton
County, Ohio), daughter of Robert and Elcy (Pauly) Thompson,
granddaughter of Robert and Sarah (Mitchell) Thompson and great-
granddaughter of Pioneer John Thompson and of James Mitchell.
Issue (i) Pethenia, (2) George Addison, (3) Matilda, (4) Margaret.

(11)41— Pethenia Thompson, born Oct. 6, 1847, near the Peter Thompson
farm between Millerstown and Thompsontown, Pa. Married on
Nov. 26, 1896, at Tarkio, Mo., Jonathan Greek Gustin, son of Hugh
and Jane (Greek) Gustin, and grandson of Dr. Amos and Mandy
(Montgomery) Gustin and of Jonathan and Mandy (Stidwell)
Greek. No children.

(11)42— George Addison Thompson, born Oct. 26, 1851, at Thompsontown,
Pa. Address, P. O. Box 505, Tarkio, Mo. Married on Jan. 12,
1875, at Monmouth, 111., Jennie Brown, daughter of John and Mar-
garet (Newbanks) Brown, and granddaughter of Samuel Brown
and of Wilham Newbanks. Issue (i) Howard Alton, (2) Effie
Maude, (3) John Loran, (4) Nellie Lota, (5) Luella Belle, (6)
Blanche Lillian.

(11)421— Howard Alton Thompson, born Jan. 2, 1876, at Gerlaw, 111. Ad-
dress, Tarkio, Mo.

(11)422— Effie Maude Thompson, born Feb. 8, 1878, at Gerlaw, 111. Ad-
dress, Tarkio, Mo.

(11)423— John Loran Thompson, born Jan. 18, 1880, at Gerlaw, 111.; died
May II, 1901.

(11)424— Nellie Lota Thompson, born Nov. 3, 1884, at Gerlaw, 111. Mar-
ried July 20, 1907, at Marysville, Mo., Walter Arnold. Issue (i)
Loran Pierce, (2) Ralph Harrison.

(11)4241— Loran Pierce Arnold, born Jan. 11, 1909, at Kansas City, Mo,

(11)4242— Ralph Harrison Arnold, born Aug. 20, 1912, at Kansas City,
died Jan. 13, 1914, at Kansas City, Mo.

(11)425— Luella Belle Thompson, l,orn Nov. 17, 1890, at Russell, Kan.
Address, Tarkio, Mo.

(11)426— Blanche Lillian Thompson, born July i, 1893, at Russell, Kan.
School teacher, Tarkio, Mo.


(11)43 — Matilda Thompson, horn ; died young.

(11)44 — Margaret Thompson, Lorn ; died young.

(11)5 — Susannah Thompson, bom Oct. 3, 1812, in Juniata County, Pa.;
died Nov. 25, 1852. Married May 25, 1837. Alexander Rodders (born
Nov. 25, 1802; died in Kansas), son of Matthew and Mar>- (Ken-
nedy) Fiod^ers and grandson of William and Margaret (Kelly)
Rodgcrs. William Rodgers who was born in England came to this
country in 1760 settling in what was then Lancaster, and is now
Dauphin County, Pa. He held the rank of Colonel in the Revolu-
tionary War. Subsequently he moved to Perr>' County, Pa., where
he farmed until his death in Sept., 1807. His wife Margaret (Kelly)
Rodgers, who was of Scotch-Irish ancestry died in Aug., 1819. Their
son Matthew Rodgers who was born in 1770 in Perr>- County, and
died April 14, 1837, served in the W ar of 1812, first as captain of the
state militia under Col. Reese Hill and subsequently in 1814 as
Colonel, being commissioned in each case by Ciovernor Snyder. In
1810 he married as his second wife Margaret or Mar>- Kennedy
(born 1792 in Ireland; died May 28. 1854). Of their nine children
two were married to Thompsons, namely, Alexander to Susannah
Thompson— (11)5— and Sarah to "Bridge" John Thompson— 527—
while a daughter by his first wife Jane (Rodgers) Adams was the
mother of Isal)ella .Xdams who married Thomas Boal Thompson —
(11)8. Cliildren of .\lcxandi.r and Susannah (Thompson) Rodgers
(i) Theophilus Patterson. (2) Margaret Eliza. (3) Alpheus Ken-
nedy, (4) Alice, (5) Alphonzo Thompson, (6) Alfred Alexander.

(11)51 — Theophilus Patterson Rodgers, hi>rn July 4, 1839, in Logansport,
Ind. ; died .Aug. 11, 1913. Unmarried. Served in the 46th Ind. In-
fantry \*olunteers as private and first lieutenant.

(11)52 — Margaret Eliza Rodgers, born Feb. 26. 1842. at Logansport. Ind.
Alarricd on ALirch 12, 1863 at Idaville, Ind.. Silas Benager Moon,
son of Peleg Baxter and Mehitable (Taft) Moon. The Moon
family settled in North Carolina during the middle of the seven-
teentli century. S. B. Moon was a corporal in the Civil War, his
father was a soldier in the Mexican War and the War of 1812,
and his grandfather was a soldier in the Revolutionar>- War. S. B.
Moon, died, Nov. 13, 1914. Issue (i) Lula Belle, (2) Helen Ede,
and eight others.

(11)521 — Lula Belle Moon, born June 16. 1871 ; died May 5, 1902. Mar-
ried, June 9, 1891, at Logansport, Ind., William Otis Evans, son of
\\illiam and Rebecca Evans. Address, Chicago, III. Issue (i)
Maybelle Virginia, (2) Ethel Margaret, (3) Florence Rebecca.


(11)5211 — Maybelle Virginia Evans, born July 15, 1892; died July 16, 1893,

(11)5212 — Ethel Margaret Evans, born Sept. 21, 1894. Address, 1109
Broadway, Logansport, Ind.

(11)5213 — Florence Rebecca Evans, born May i, 1896. Lived at Winona,

(11)522 — Helen Ede Moon, born Jan. 19, 1878, at Logansport, Ind. Mar-
ried twice: first on Jan. 19, 1899, Ernest J. Watson. Issue (i)
Annie Laurie. Married secondly on Oct. 27, 1902 at Logansport,
Ind., Robert Gustave Callmyer, son of Gustave and Leonie (Forg-
net) Callmer. Address, 6 Myrtle Ave., Newark, N. J.

(11)5221 — Annie Laurie Watson, born Oct. 22, 1900.

(")53 — Alpheus Kennedy Rodgers (twin of Alice), born Dec. 6, 1844, at
Logansport, Ind. ; died Mar. 10, 1916, at Topeka, Kan. A. K. Rodg-
ers served in the 142nd Ind. Volunteers as sergeant, and was mus-
tered out at close of the Civil War. Served four years as county
treasurer, Shawnee County, Kan., eight years as assistant post-
master, and eight years as postmaster. City of Topeka. Married
on Nov. 5, 1872, at Topeka, Kan., Anna May Dick, daughter of Dr.
George and Deddy Ann Dick and granddaughter of George and
Jane (Anderson) Dick. Address of Mrs. A. K. Rodgers, 1334
Topeka Ave., Topeka, Kan. Issue (i) Willa Alice, (2) George
Dick, (3) Ruth, (4) Esther, (5) Jean Dick.

(11)531 — Willa Alice Rodgers, born Sept. 6, 1873, at Topeka, Kan. Ad-
dress, Topeka Ave., Topeka, Kan.

(11)532 — George Dick Rodgers, born Nov. 14, 1876, at Topeka, Kan,
Attorney, Muskogee, Okla. Married Dec. 31, 1907, Georgiana
Smith. No children.

(11)533— Ruth Rodgers, born Mar. 8, 1881; died Nov. 23, 1884.

(11)534 — Esther Rodgers, born Jan. 21, 1889. Married Jan. i, 1912, Robert
S. Pierce (born Feb. 14, 1886), son of Robert Pierce. Address,
Topeka, Kan. Issue (i) William Rodgers.

(11)5341 — William Rodgers Pierce, born Aug. 13, 1915.

(11)535 — Jean Dick Rodgers, born Oct. 8, 1891, at Topeka, Kan. Married

May 14, 1913, Weldon A. Morris (born ; died Aug., 1913)-

Address, Mrs. W. A. Morris, 1334 Topeka Ave., Topeka, Kan.


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