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The descendants of John Thomson, pioneer Scotch covenanter; genealogical notes on all known descendants of John Thomson, covenanter, of Scotland, Ireland and Pennsylvania, with such biographical sketches as could be obtained from availble published records, or were supplied by the friends of those i online

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Online LibraryAddams Stratton McAllisterThe descendants of John Thomson, pioneer Scotch covenanter; genealogical notes on all known descendants of John Thomson, covenanter, of Scotland, Ireland and Pennsylvania, with such biographical sketches as could be obtained from availble published records, or were supplied by the friends of those i → online text (page 26 of 32)
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(11)54— Alice Rodgers (twin of Alpheus Kennedy), born Dec. 6, 1844, at
Logansport, Ind. ; died in infancy.

(")55— Alphonzo Thompson Rodgers, born Jan. 22, 1846, at Logansport,
Ind. Served in the Ind. Volunteers in the Civil War as a private.
Died June 4, 18^, being killed in his own home by a burglar. Mar-
ried on Dec. 9, 1881, at Topeka, Kan., Malvina Geiger, daughter of
George and Rebecca Geiger. Issue (i) Rebecca, (2) Susana.

(11)551— Rebecca Rodgers, born Aug. 13, 1884. at Topeka, Kan. Married
on Aug. 22, igoo, at Topeka, Kan., Albert Garvin, son of Albert
and Mary Garvin. Automobile dealer. Address, Gallatin, Mo.
No issue.

(11)552 — Susanna Rodgers, born Mar. 20, 1889, at Topeka, Kan. Married
on Apr. 20, 191 1, at Topeka, Kan., George Rutter, son of C. L. and
Elizabeth Rutter. In mcrchantile business. Address, Gallatin, Mo.
No issue.

(11)56 — Alfred Alexander Rodgers, born Nov. 15, 1852, at Logansport,
Ind. During the winter of 1867-8 and 1868-9, he taught a district
school in Indiana. From 1869 to 1884 he conducted a retail grocery
store at Topeka, Kan. From 1884 to 1890 he retired from business,
but in 1890 he entered the real estate, loan, bond and insurance
business at Topeka. He is a past-master of Orient Lodge, No. 51,
A. F. and A. M. ; a member of Topeka Royal Arch Chapter No. 5,
Zabud Council of Royal and Select Masters, Topeka Commandery
No. 5, Topeka Consistory No. I Southern Jurisdiction, 33rd Degree
Inspector General Hon. Address, no W. 6th Ave., Topeka, Kan.
Married on Aug. 21, 1890, at Washington, Kan., Ida Rowse, daugh-
ter of Wheeler and Sarah (Pancoast) Rowse, and granddaughter
of Herman and Dovie (Stevenson) Rowse and of James and Mary
(Yoder) Pancoast. Issue (i) Fred Alphonse, (2) Marjorie, (3)
Mary Elizabeth.

(11)561 — Fred Alphonse Rodgers, born May 27, 1891 ; died June 14, 1891.

(11)562 — Marjorie Rodgers, born July 13, 1892. Unmarried.

(11)563 — Mary Elizabeth Rodgers, born Sept. 2, 1901. Unmarried.

(11)6 — Silas Thompson, born Nov. 14, 1814; died May 21, 1841 aged 26
years, 6 months and 7 days. Unmarried.

(11)7 — Elenor Thompson, born Mar. 15, 1818; died Feb. 22, 1844, aged
25 years, li months and 7 days. She was the first wife of her cousin
— 525 — James Thompson (born 1819; died June 18, 1854, aged 35
years), son of John and Jane (Gilhllen) Thompson — see 525.


(11)8— Thomas Boal Thompson, born Mar. 25, 1825, at the Peter Thomp-
son homestead in Juniata County, Pa. He operated a store and a
farm three miles north of Millerstown in Perry County, Pa. In 1844
he engaged in the merchantile business in Logansport, Ind, and later
in the banking business. In August, 1854, he became cashier of the
Planters and Mechanics Bank of Dalton, Ga. In Feb. 1859, he re-
turned to his old home and lived on a farm in Perry County, Pa. In
1870 he moved to Topeka, Kan., where he died May 29, 1891. He
married twice : first on April 2"], 1848 at Mexico, Juniata County, Pa.,
Isabella Adams (born Dec. 2},, 1826; died March 23, 1853), daughter
of John and Jane (Rodgers) Adams, and granddaughter of Jacob
and Catherine (Lintner) Adams, and of Matthew and Margaret
(Henderson) Rodgers, great-granddaughter of James and Isabella
(Weldon) Adams; of Christian Lintner; and of William and Mar-
garet (Kelly) Rodgers — see (11)5. James Adams (born Oct. 30,
1734; died Oct., 1824) came from Chester, England and settled in
Chester County, Pa. He married Elizabeth Weldon (born Sept. 24,
1736; died Sept., 1825). In 1795 their son, Jacob Adams (born Sept.
23, 1758; died Aug. 23, 1803) settled on a farm adjoining that of
Robert Wilson (grandfather of Lucien Wilson — 381) in what is now
Fayette Township, Juniata County, Pa. He married Mrs. Catherine
(Lintner) Wilson, widow of a younger brother of Robert Wilson.
She was the daughter of Christian Lintner (born in Holland; died
1803 in Fermanagh Township, Mifflin County, Pa.) whose daughter
Elizabeth (Lintner) Banks was the mother of Judge David Banks
— 341. See "History of Juniata and Susquehanna Valleys," pp. 821
and 859. Of the four children of Jacob and Catherine (Lintner)
Adams, two were ancestors of descendants of Pioneer John Thom-
son, namely, William Adams the father of Mrs. James Luther
Thompson — 5275 ; and John Adams the father of Mrs. Thomas
Boal Thompson — (11)8. John Adams (born Feb., 1797 in Fer-
managh Township, Juniata County, Pa.; died Nov., 1857) married
Jane Rodgers (born July, 1802, in Walker Township, Juniata County,
Pa.; died Dec, 1879). Of the six children of John and Jane (Rod-
gers) Adams, two were married to Thompsons, namely, Catherine
Adams to William Patterson Thompson — (11)9 and Isabella Adams
to Thomas Boal Thompson. Children of Thomas B. and Isabella
(Adams) Thompson (i) Alton Howard, (2) Arretta Bell, (3) Clara
Jane. Thomas B. Thompson married secondly on Nov. 29, 1859 in
Perry County, Pa., his cousin — 721 — Jane Boal (born Dec. 21, 1833,
near Millerstown, Perry County, Pa. ; died Dec. 5, 1910 at Topeka,
Kan.), daughter of John and Sarah Ann (Gifilllen) Boal; grand-
daughter of Capt. David and Susannah (Thompson) Boal and of
James and Sarah (Jones) Gilfillen, a great-granddaughter of Pioneer
John Thompson, of James and Nancy (Watts) Gilfillen and of Lewis
and Patience (Londen) Jones; a great-great-granddaughter of Rob-

BRANCH NO. 11 27/

ert and Jean (McConnell) Gilfillen, of David and Sarah (Bertram)
Jones, and a Kreat-great-Kreat-Kranddauchter of James and Marparet
(liriton) McConnell and of Rev. William Bertram — see 721 and
(11) I. Children of Thomas B. and Jane (Boal) Thompson, (4)
Charles Stuart, (5) Minnie Alfareta, (6) Sarah Alberta, (7) Bessie
Marguerite, (8) Frank Carroll, (9) Henrietta, (10) Mary- Mabel,
(11) Grace Eolene.

(11)81— Alton Howard Thompson, born Apr. 8, 1849. in Logansport, Ind. ;
died July 13, 1914 in Topeka, Kan. He attended McAIisterville
Academy and Airy View Academy in Juniata County, Pa., and
graduated from the Dental College, Philadelphia, 1872. He assisted
in establi.shing the Kansas City Dental College in 1884, and lectured
there subsequently and until his death. He lectured at the Phila-
delphia Dental College i8'^>9-iqoo, and contributed frequently to
dental journals and was the author of a text book on dental anat-
omy. He was an elder in the Presbyterian Church. He married
twice: first on Dec. 9, 1875 at Topeka, Kan., Fannie Geiger (bom
Jan. I, 1857; died Feb. 17, 1903), daughter of George and Rebecca
(Wallace) Geiger and granddaughter of John and Agnes
(Culbertson) Wallace. Issue (i) Isabella, (2) Wallace McGrath.
He married secondly on Oct. 30, 1906 at Topeka, Kan., Helen
Moon, daughter of John Ervin and Malvina (Price) Moon, a
granddaughter of Jonathan and Reliccca Lemon (Ervin) Moon and
of Hugh Roberts and Ann (Thomas) Price. Jonathan Moon was
born in Ireland, Hugh Roberts Price in Wales and Ann Thomas in
England. John Ervin Moon (born March 13, 1846 at Leesburg,
Ind.; died Aug. 5. 1912) was first sergeant of Company C. 138th
Indiana Regiment and first lieutenant of Company B, 151st Indiana
Regiment during the Civil War. No issue.

(11)811— Isabella Thompson, l)orn Feb. 2, 1880, at Topeka, Kans. ; died
June 17, 1897.

(n)8i2— Wallace McGrath Thompson, born Aug. 2. 1883, at Topeka, Kans.
He graduated from W ashburn College, 1903, and was employed
on newspapers and magazines in Topeka, New York City, Mexico
City and Kansas City, until 191 1 when he went to Paris. Married
on Sept. 24, 1910 at Morrisville, Vt., Lillian Ellen Fisk, daughter
of Henry Clay and Isabel Martha (Page) Fisk and granddaughter
of Closes and Rebecca (Ferrin) Fisk, and of Russel Summer and
Martha Malvina (Smalley) Page. - Lillian Fisk Thompson is an
artist, — a portrait paintet». "^'AadVess, Paramount Picture Co., 485
Fifth Ave., New York. Issue (i) ,fon Tomson.

(ii)8i2i — Jon Tomson Thompson, born Sept. 27, 1913.


(11)82 — Annabella (Arrietta Bell) Thompson, born Dec. 23, 1850; died
July 17, 1851.

(11)83 — Clara Jane Thompson, born Aug. 15, 1852, at Logansport, Ind.
After her mother' death in 1853, resulting from a cold contracted
when her infant daughter Clara Jane was baptised at the Earner
Creek Church, she lived with her grandparents in Pennsylvania.
Attended the Airy View Academy, Juniata Count}', Pa., and the
Moravian Seminary, Bethlehem, Pa. To her untiring efforts must
be attributed the completeness and accuracy of the records of her
branch of the Thompson family. Address, Mifflintown, Pa.

(11)84 — Charles Stuart Thompson, born Jan. 19, 1861, in Perry County,
Pa. ; died Mar. 27, 1870, in Perry County, Pa.

(11)85 — Minnie Alfareta Thompson, born Dec. 23, 1863, in Perry County,
Pa. Married on Nov. 19, 1884 at Topeka, Kan., Francis George
Willard (born June 3, 1861 at fronton, Ohio), son of George Wil-
loughby and Emily Caroline (Burr) Willard and a descendant of
Major Simon Willard who came from Kent County, England to
Massachusetts Colony in 1634 settling in Cambridge in 1635 and
leading the party which founded Concord. Address, 1014, Topeka,
Kan. Issue (i) Alice Alberta, (2) George Thompson, (3) Thomas
Burr, (4) Francis Alexander.

(11)851— Alice Alberta Willard, born Aug. 28, 1885, at Topeka, Kan.
Married Dec. 2^, 1910 at Phoenix, Ariz., Samuel Grove Dolman,
son of Charles Le Bar and Alice Annetta Kelley (Magil) Dolman.
S. G. Dolman graduated from the University of Kansas, 1909, and
is a mining engineer with the Ray Consolidated Copper Company,
Ray, Ariz. Issue (i) Samuel Grove, (2) Willard Thompson.

(11)8511 — Samuel Grove Dolman, Jr., born Apr. 12, 1912, at Ray, Ariz.

(11)8512— Willard Thompson Dolman, born Mar. 19, 1916, at Ray, Ariz.

(11)852— George Thompson Willard, born Mar. 13, 1889, at Topeka, Kan.
Address, Rail Joint Company, Chicago, 111.

(11)853— Thomas Burr Willard, born April 29, 1891, at Topeka, Kan.
Address, General Manager's office, Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific
R. R., El Reno, Okla. Married Sept. 18, 1914, at Pueblo, Colo.,
Marcelle Rcnoux (born Jan. 18, 1889, at Vallon-en-Sully, Allier,
France), daughter of Gabriel and Catherine Virginie (Aurous-
seau) Renoux. Issue (i) Alice Marcelle.

(11)8531 — Alice Marcelle Willard, born June 21, 1915.


(11)854 — Francis Alexander Willard, born Feb. 2, 1894, at Topeka, Kan.
Student Univ. Mich., Class of 1918.

(11)86 — Sarah Alberta Thompson, born July 24, 1866, in Perry County, Pa.
Married on June 6, 1888 at Topeka, Kan., Reid Alexander (born
Nov. I, i860; died Oct. 8, 1894, Topeka, Kan.), son of Robert Tate
and Amanda Filzallan (Lydick) Alexander. His father was born
in Rockbridge County, Va. on March 2, 1825, married on March 17,
1856, at Grand View, III. ; died at Paris, III., Jan. 6, 1895. His mother
was born in Lynchburg, Va., Dec. 3, 1831 and died Aug. 25, 1895 at
Paris, 111. Reid Alexander graduated from the medical school of
the University of Pennsylvania in 1885. He was a partner of Dr.
David W. Stormont, Topeka, Kan., up to the time of his death
1894. Issue (l) Henrietta, (2) Mary Alberta, (3) Jane Boal.

(11)861 — Henrietta Alexander, born Mar. 11, 1889, at Topeka, Kans.

(11)862 — Mary Alberta Alexander, born Jan. 2, 1892, at Topeka, Kans.

(11)863 — Jane Boal Alexander, born Apr. 30, 1894, at Topeka, Kans.

(11)87 — Bessie Marguerite Thompson, born Sept. 23, 1867. in Perry County,
Pa.; died May 14, 1869, in Perry County, Pa.

(11)88 — Frank Carroll Thompson, born Oct. 22, 1869, in Perry County, Pa.;
died Sept. 4, 1880, in Topeka, Kans.

(11)89 — Henrietta Thompson, born Jan. 17, 1875. at Topeka, Kans. Mar-
ried on April 29, 1896 at Topeka, Kans., Fred Buel Bonebrake, son
of Parkinson Isaiah and Martha (Lowe) Bonebrake, and grandson
of George Henry and Ehza (Adams) Bonebrake, and of Allen and
Mary (Cooley) Lowe. Grain dealer. Address, Osage City, Kans.
Issue (i) Frederick Thompson, (2) Elizabeth.

(11)891 — Frederick Thompson Bonebrake, born Feb. 7, 1897, at Osage
City, Kans. Address, Topeka Kans.

(11)892 — Elizabeth Bonebrake, born Apr. 7. 1901, at Osage City, Kan.
Address, Topeka, Kan.

(11)8(10) — Mary Mabel Thompson, born July 30, 1875, at Topeka, Kan.
Married Nov. 4, 1914, at Topeka, Kan., Judge Leonard Summer
Ferrj', son of John B. and Elizabeth (Snowberger) Ferry, and

grandson of Leonard and Hannah ( ) Ferry, and of

Daniel and Barbara ( ) Snowberger. Address, 1419

Topeka Ave., Topeka, Kan.


(ii)8(ii)— Grace Eolene Thompson, born Feb. 2, 1878, at Topeka, Kans. ;
died Sept. 10, 1880.

(ii)g_'\;^illiam Patterson Thompson, born July 4. 1822, at the Peter
Thompson homestead, Juniata County, Pa.; died March 29, 1871, at
Logansport, Ind., aged 49 years. He was engaged in the mercantile
business at Logansport, Ind. He married on Oct. 8, 185 1 in Juniata
Count>-, Pa., Catherine Adams (born April 22, 1831 in Walker Town-
ship, Juniata County, Pa.; died Aug. 9, 1900 at Logansport, Ind.),
daughter of John and Jane (Rodgers) Adams; a granddaughter of
Jacob and Catherine (Lintner) Adams and of Matthew and IMar-
garet (Henderson) Rodgers, great-granddaughter of James and
Isabella (Weldon) Adams; of Christian Lintner and of William
and Margaret (Kelly) Rodgers— see (11)5, and (11)8. Issue (i)
Anna Blanche, (2) Boyd Adams, (3) Helen May, (4) Harry H.

(11)91 — Anna Blanche Thompson, born Sept. 12, 1852. at Logansport, Ind.
Address, 403^ Broadway, Logansport, Ind. Unmarried.

(11)92 — Boyd Adams Thompson, born about 1856; died in infancy.

(11)93 — Helen May Thompson, born Feb. 15. i860, at Logansport, Ind.
Married on May 19, 1890, at Logansport, John WiUiam Skaer. Ad-
dress, Wichita, Kan. Issue (i) Helen Margaret, (2) Eunice, (3)
Cecil Gilbert, (4) Horace Allen.

(11)931 — Helen Margaret Skaer, born Aug. 16. 1891. at Augusta, Kan.
Married Oct. 10, 1912, Quincy E. Etnire. Issue (i) Helen Mar-
garet, (2) Bettie Louise.

(11)9311— Helen Margaret Etnire, born Feb. 25, 1914.

(11)9312 — Bettie Louise Etnire, born July 8. 1916.

(11)932— Eunice Skaer, Ijorn Aug. 5, 1893. Married June 17, 1912, John
Milton Cooper, Sever}', Kan.

(„)g33_Cecil Gilbert Skaer, l,orn Oct. 8. 1896. Address, 229 Chautauqua,
St., Wichita, Kan.

(„)g34_Horace Allen Skaer, V)orn Nov. 9, 1898; died Aug. 22, 1899.

(ii)g4 — Harry H. Thompson, l)orn Nov. 8, 1864. at Logansport. Ind. Ad-
dress, 1826 North St., city civil engineer, Logansport, Ind. Married
on Aug. 12, 1891 at Dubuque, Iowa, Sarah Frances Upton, daughter
of Samuel and Lucy Ann (Nelson) Upton, and granddaughter of
Horatio and Relief (Parker) Nelson. No children.


(i2) — Thomas Thomson, born in Pennsylvania; died in Juniata County.
Pa., two miles cast of Thompsontown. He and his brothers Tames
and Peter inherited the homestead property of Pioneer John Thom-
son. His brother James probably died before reaching the age of i8,
under which condition his share in the estate passed automatically to
Peter and Thomas by the provisions of their father's will, because
the latter two early came into full possession of the homestead prop-
erty. On Feb. 28, 1807 they purchased 84 acres of land from Fred-
erick Keller, which had been patented in two tracts by Isaac Yost,
which they sold on May l, 1809 to their nephew — 55 — .\ndrew Thomp-
son, the farmer. Thomas Thompson, who died a bachelor, doubtless
at the home of his brother Peter Thompson, willed to Peter his share
in the old farm which then embraced 433 acres.


(13) — James Thomson, born certainly after 1758. probably well after 1761;
probably died young. He was joint heir with his brothers Thomas
and James in the homestead property of Pioneer John Thomson,
under the following provision in the will in 1779. "I do give all my
land to my sons James. Thomas and Peter. If any of these heirs doth
decease under the age of eighteen years, their part is to remain
equally divided amongst the other heirs then living on the premises.
I do allow my son James to have one horse and saddle when
twenty-one years of age." The property transfer records are silent
as to the interest of James, but show that the homestead estate was
in the possession of Peter and Thomas at the time of the death of
the latter who willed his share to Peter, and hence it is to be assumed
that James Thomson died young, probably under eighteen years. See
page 283.


(14)^ — Thomson, possibly a child was born after Mar. 2, 1779,

when John Thomson wrote his will in which he said, "I do also
allow to the child unborn whether son or daughter, when come to
age of maturity to have equal with Thomas and Peter." There is
nothing in available records to indicate that such a child ever reached
maturity, and shared in the property of Thomas and Peter all of which
finally became the property of the heirs of Peter Thompson. How-
ever it might seem possible, though it is highly improbable, that this
child was named Agnes and that she married a man named Black and
lived in Blount County, Tenn., as implied on page 871 of the "History
of Juniata and Susquehanna Valleys in Pennsylvania." The state-
ment there found has been based on the fact that a certain Agnes
Black wrote a letter, undated, to William Thomson, son of Pioneer
John Thomson, whom she addressed as "Dear Brother," thanking him
for some money he had sent her and requesting him to see that she
obtained her share out of her father-in-law's estate. On Mar. 2,
1812, a person evidently a son of Agnes Black wrote from Blount
County, Tenn., to William Thomson, Thompsontown, Pa., stating that
he is "six feet two inches" tall and has a brother of the same height,
and that he is the "oldest of the family and looks after the family
affairs." It might seem that this Agnes Black was indeed a sister to
William Thomson and hence the posthumous child of Pioneer John
Thomson. However it would hardly be considered within the range
of possibility for a person born after Mar. 2, 1779, to become the
mother of two sons over six feet tall less than 32 years later. It is
almost absolutely certain that Agnes Black was a sister-in-law and
not a sister to William Thomson — see 3.



In the "Thompson Family" pamphlet of 1887, it is stated that
a brother of Pioneer John Thomson, who accompanied him to
America, James Thomson, "settled along South Mountain, Cum-
berland Valley and County then (now Franklin County and
Chambersburg), and his descendants reside there still." It has
not proved possible to verify this statement. Dr. W. H. Egle,
formerly State Librarian of Pennsylvania, who made a life study
of Pennsylvania and its early inhabitants, expressed the opinion
that James Thomson was Pioneer John Thomson's son and not
his brother. John Thomson did have a son James, to whom he
left land at his death in 1779, and we have no other record of
this son. It is hi<;hly probable that this James Thomson died
young, but he may indeed have "settled along South Mountain."
It is said that Judge James Thomson, who lived in Chambers-
burg where he died before 1857, was of this branch. A careful
search of available records has failed to verify this statement.

It is difficult to establish the identity of individuals whose
names are found upon various lists, and it is unsafe to draw
definite conclusions from such lists without independent sources
of identification. However, some interesting facts are disclosed
by the assessment lists relating to Hanover Township, Dauphin
County, Pa., at the time when our Pioneer John Thomson and
his brother James are said to have lived there. On the assess-
ment list of 1750 for the east end of Hanover appear the names
of John Thomson for 40 acres, William Thomson for 50 acres,
and Alexander Thomson for 100 acres, and the name of Jas.
Greenlee for 50 acres. On the 1756 list for the east end of Han-
over appear the names of John Thomson and William Thomson,
but not those of Alexander Thomson or Jas. Greenlee. There
also appear the names of John Thompson and William Thompson
on the 1756 list for the west end of Hanover. In the 1769 list
for the whole of Hanover Township, Dauphin County, appear
the names of William Thompson (weaver) for 100 acres; James
Greenlee for 100 acres; John Thompson for 200 acres; John
Thompson for 100 acres; William Thomson for 80 acres, and


John Thomson for 100 acres. On the assessment list of the
Township for 1782 appear the names of John Thompson and
John Thompson, Sr. This was 14 years after our Pioneer John
Thomson purchased property in Juniata County, and presumably
sold his property in Dauphin County. It is noteworthy that the
name of James Thomson does not appear on any of the lists.

According to family tradition James Thomson, the brother of
Pioneer John Thomson, settled near Chambersburg. A search of
available records produces no evidence to substantiate this tra-
dition, and it is possible that there may have been a confusion in
locations, given names or family connections. About five miles
northeast of Chambersburg on the Conococheague Creek there
was established by Scotch Covenanters named Thomson and
Torrence, a village called Scotland. There came to this place in
1 77 1 -2 a certain Alexander Thompson with a large family and
purchased the land subsequently owned by S. Garve. Alexander
Thompson was said to have come to that locality directly from
Scotland, but it is possible that he removed from Chester or
Lancaster (Dauphin) County to Cumberland (Franklin) County.
One of Alexander Thompson's thirteen children was James who
married Nancy Wright. It is possible that he was the James
Thompson who "settled in Cumberland Valley." In families of
Scotch origin similarity in given names is of no importance, but
it is at least interesting that of the thirteen children of Pioneer
Alexander Thompson, six had given names identical with six of
the thirteen children of Pioneer John Thomson, namely : Will-
iam, John, Andrew, James, Mary and Jean; his other children
were named Alexander, Archibald, Margaret, Barbara, Nancy,
Jennie, and Ann. All thirteen children reached maturity and

Among the early land warrants in Hanover Township, in
what was then Lancaster County, but is now Dauphin County,
Pa., were two to persons named Thompson, one for 100 acres,
to Alexander Thompson, dated Nov. 26, 1748, and one for 150
acres to John Thompson, dated March i, 1757. Alexander
Thompson may have been a son of James Thomson, whose
Chester County will of 1749 is referred to below, and John
Thompson may have been our Pioneer John Thompson who is
supposed to have located in Chester County before going to

APPEXDix — JOHN Thomson's brother james 285

Lancaster County with his brother James, and to have sold his
land in Lancaster County, before removing in 1768 to what is
now Juniata County, Pa.

In Chester County, Pa., Will Book C, page 163, is recorded
the will of a certain James Thomson, of Londongrove Township,
Chester County, Pa., dated Feb. 3, 1748-9 and probated Oct. 2,
1749. In this will James Thomson refers to his wife Ruth, and
leaves his plantation to his sons Ale.xander, Samuel, James, Rob-
ert and William, "when the youngest is 21 years old." He ap-
j)f)inted as his executors his wife Ruth and his brother John
Thomson. The last-named may or may not have been our Pio-
neer John Thomson — but probably was not.

In Jordan's "History of Juniata Valley and its People" — 1913,
Lewis Publishing Co., New York — it is stated that Rev. James
Thompson, who was the first minister of the Presbyterian Church,
at Alexandria, Huntingdon County, Pa., where he died in 1830,
was a descendant (grandson) of James Thomson, brother of our
Pioneer John Thomson, as was also Capt. James Thompson, the
Indian fighter, whose family is referred to on i)age 1335 of
"History of Susquehanna and Juniata Valleys." This statement
may or may not be correct. Among the noteworthy descendants
of Rev. James Thompson is his son William, born 1823 in Alex-
andria, and now living in Philadelphia at the age of 94 years,
who was one of the donors of the Alexandria Memorial Library
erected in memory of his mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Gemmill (Stew-
art) Thompson, and Mrs. Ann Maria Woolverton Kinsloe, grand-
daughters of Mrs. Elizabeth (Porter) Gemmill. founder of that

If the tradition concerning the existence of a brother of Pio-
neer John Thomson named James is correct — and its accuracy

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