Addams Stratton McAllister.

The descendants of John Thomson, pioneer Scotch covenanter; genealogical notes on all known descendants of John Thomson, covenanter, of Scotland, Ireland and Pennsylvania, with such biographical sketches as could be obtained from availble published records, or were supplied by the friends of those i online

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Online LibraryAddams Stratton McAllisterThe descendants of John Thomson, pioneer Scotch covenanter; genealogical notes on all known descendants of John Thomson, covenanter, of Scotland, Ireland and Pennsylvania, with such biographical sketches as could be obtained from availble published records, or were supplied by the friends of those i → online text (page 32 of 32)
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William Andrew, Samuel, James ("10)352

Stuck, Susan 6443

Sturman, Mary Jane, Joseph T 3924

Stutz, Mary 5^44

Mary 526C14)

Sullivan, Rebecca 33''io)35

Sudborough, William B 71225

Sumpter, Dorcas 3442

Sutler, Frank "33

Sutton, Ann ^3^

Swaney, Mary Elizabeth, Hugh, Thomas 2312

Sweeney, Carrie Zelma, William, John 34i6l

Swift, Ida May 12191

Sworeland, Eli Oliver, Samuel 111(10)5

Taft, Mehitable (11)52

Tait, Clara, James F., John 5264

Tardy, Margaret Jane 34457

Taylor, Hellyn Nettie 88134

Mary Pauline, John Dill (ii)33i

Rachel 123

Temple, Berthene 1 1337

Seth 1144

Templeton, June 2612

Tharp, George 57114

Thomas, Ann (11)81

Elizabeth, Martin, Martin 524

" Jennetje Samuels 34421

" John Carpenter 6655

Thompson, 6448

Alice Beaver, Egbert, Henry 33 do) 2

" Andrew, Robert, John 33

" Atlissa, Edward, James, Isaac, John 87111



Thompson, Augusta, Ellsworth, John Isaac, John 81511

" Charlotte Chambers (Patterson) 55

Corde'lia Emeline, Samuel 722

" Edward Everett, W. C. S., John, Andrew, John .33(10)37

" Edward Everett, W. C. S., John, Andrew, John .(11)312

" Ellen, Peter, John 525

Elizabeth, John, Andrew, John ( 10) 1 13

Elizabeth, John, Andrew, John (11)31

Henry, Isaac Newton, James, Isaac, John... .81(11)1

Isaac, William, John •]•]

Jane, Robert, John 514

Jane, Robert, John 63

Jane, Robert, Robert, John (11)4

Jane Boal, Robert, John 36

James, John, Robert, John 314

James, John, Robert, John (ii)7

John Moore, 973

Joseph Russell 283

Margaret, James, Robert, John 554

Mary Ann 1934

Mary, William, Robert, John 634

Mary, Peter, John ( 10) 15

Mitchell A., Andrew, Robert, John 546

Molly 1933

Nancy, James, Robert, John 533

Nancy Rebecca, Harvey, Matthew 6545

Rebecca Stewart, Andrew, John 553

Robert Newton, Andrew, Robert, John (10)9

Samuel, Peter, John 535

Sarah, John 513

Sarah, John 514

Sarah, John 56

Sarah, John 662

Susanna, John (11)8

Sarah Mincer, William, Robert, John 662

Susan, James, Isaac, John 81 12

" Thomas Boal, Peter, John 721

" Williemina, James G., William, John 525

Thomson, Edward Shippen, Theodore, Wm., Wm., John .33(10)36

Thursby, Thomas, James, John 33(10)4

Tibbens, Mary 7131

Tinker, Amanda, William 1127

Ellis Wainwright, William 1128

" Frank, Charles 1 1271

Titus, Horton Le Clere, Harry Lewis 722H

Toohy, Katherine Monatgue, John B 2352

Tolles, Abigail 81 13







ToIIes, Goodwin Stoddard, Ransom

Toomey, Sarah Ellen, Henry

Torina, Virginia C

Townley, Margaret, Robert


Tracy, Clinton, , Gilbert

Lottie, Henry W

" Henry W., Evander

" Mercy, Gilbert, Ezra

" Phoebe, Gilbert, Ezra

" Seneca, Gilbert, Ezra

Trahearne, Elizabeth

Trautman, Kate, George, Christian

Trexler, Arthur H., Jones, Jones

Truby, Harriet

Tupper, Edward Jones, Melbourne, Calvin.

Turk, James

Tuttle, Albert J.. John

Ubil, Katherine, John

Ulsh, Mary Ann, Joseph

" J. M

" John

" William R

" Willis W., Leonack K., Joseph

Upton, Sarah, Samuel

Ury, Elizabeth

Usher, Martha, Edward

" Martha, Edward

Van Avery, Lacretia

Van Erman, Rebecca, Joseph

Van Imbuck, Elizabeth, Gysbert

Van Neste, Hettie, George

Van Ormer, B. Frank, Williamson, Amos..

Effie, Nora



Vanskiver, Emma

Van Schrick, Beeltj e

Van Vechton, Jeannette, Cuyler

Varco, Mary Ann

Vaughn, Jane, Walter

Jane, Walter

Vernon, Laura

Vight, Mary

Vincent, Katherine Storm, Marvin R

Mary Ann, David

Vinson, Mattie V





871 n





























Vinton, Mary 19742

Vogan, Cora Frances, Simeon 11452

Vogan, Mary Jane, William 191

Von Cannon, Jane (11)14

Wachtel, Sarah 1834

Wadley, Rebecca, William 64451

Wagner, 7131

Eliza 1966

Margaret 6449

Wakefield, Charles 8865

Stella 88651

Walden, Lucinda 84

Waldron, Elizabeth C (10)182

Wallace, Charles Clinton, Thomas 11214

Effie Mary, Robert 1884

Martha, Samuel, Peter, Peter 34451

Nettie, Hugh iii(ii)i

Rebecca, John (11)81

Walker, Elizabeth, David 346

Elizabeth, David 572

Walter, Mary 71211

Thomas P 11166

Walters, Henry, Jacob 37

John Frederick, John 8894

Walz, Mary, Henry Martin 5244

Mary, Henry Martin 526(14)

Ward, Rebecca 11452

William B 55266

Warden, Magdalen 34424

Clara, Anson, Alonson 8192

Frank, Anson, Alonson 8193

" Susan Mary, Henry 183

Washburn, William D., Joseph G 25121

Waterhouse, Elizabeth, 85813

" William, Ingham, Joshua 38

Waters, Henry, Fisher 111(12)

Watson, Ernest J (11)522

Mary 34513

John, Percy (ii)i3

Sarah, John 634

Sarah, John 644

Sarah, John 6652

Watt, Elizabeth 34426

Watts, Nancy T2.

Nancy 3I5

Nancy (ii)i

Nancy (11)8

/NDEx 355

Watts, Samuel Curran, Samuel, Samuel 31511

Waugh, Mary Josephine, David, Richard 26123

Weacks, Mary in (10)

Weaver, Augustus (ii)iS

Ella, John, John 6647

Harriett, John, John 6644

Webber, George 1987

Webster, Catherine 7^3

Catherine 7162(12)

Elizabeth 34513

Mary Jane 8894

John (10)183

Weeks, Mehitable (10)182

Weiss, Esther 338

Welch, Lora E 9734

Welden, Isabella 5275

Isabella (11)8

Isabella (ii)9

Wells, Addie 11185

" Martha Jane (Evans) 8

" Sarah, Benjamin 81

Welton, James Foster 11338

West, 57117

Helen (10)1

Westbrook, Florence 3945

Westfall, Daniel, Godfrey 661

Hannah Catherine, Daniel, Godfrey 666

Wheeler, Rachel 81131

Whipple, Erma Rebecca (11)31"

White, Anna 1911

Betsey 8815

Jane 26123

Josephine 1961

Mary 1983

Nancy, Jacob 2612

Whiteside, Rosanna 343

Whitney, Kate 65842

Whitton, Jabez, John 1983

Whitworth, Jabez, Russel 5526

Wickham, Grace, Charles P (11)311

Wildman, Emily (11)311

Wier, 34512

Wiggins, Jean 34312

W^ilbur, William H 8421

W ilkins. Myrtle 81921

Willcomb, Rowland Howard, Wilber 12.221

Willard, Francis George, George W (11)85


Williams, Elizabeth 2812

Eva 88113

" Charles Gaston, Ralston 26131

" Desdemona 23472

John 11186

" John F 111(11)4

" Mary Jane 1123

Williamson, Cyrus W 5536

" John Westley 57i 12

Willson, Amy, Solomon 8152

Wilson, ; 1 1 16

Ann, Moses 34522

Catherine (Lintner) (ii)9

Eleanor, Nathaniel 64

Elizabeth 81 123

Elizabeth 982

Elizabeth Jane, Moses, Hugh, Hugh 345

Huella, David, Hugh 3416

Isabella 34126

Jane 112(10)

Jane 634

Jane 644

Jane 6652

John A., John M., Samuel, Nathaniel (10)35

Lucian, Hugh, Robert 381

Margaret, Samuel, Nathaniel (10)3

Martha 1911

Mary 2312

Mary, Moses 345

Wilt, Catherine, Adam, Michael 716

Winebrenner, Mary Jane 6453

Winget, Jemima 23313

Wiser, John Frank 19511

Withers, Ann 3441

Wolfe, Joseph Dennis, William 234

" Mary 7134

Wood, Jennie Maria, Thomas .3381

" Margaret 111(12)

" Susan, John 197

Woodland, Rebecca 3212

" Rebecca 3213

Woodle, Frances iii55

Woodley, Ben, George ( 10) 183

Charles (10)184

" John Martin ( 10) 181

Woods, Jane, Michael, John 3442

" Elizabeth, John 34451


Woods, Martha, Michael, John 34451

Rebecca 3i2i

Wooldridge, Elizabeth 3442

Woodworth, Deborah, Jonathan 8i

" Deborah, Jonathan 813

" Deborah, Jonathan 814

Woolcott, William Merwin 2631

VVorsop, Elizabeth Thomas 3442

Elizabeth, Thomas 34451

Wray, Margaret 3435

Wright, Asa N 8153

Asa N 8156

Ernest W.. Har\'ey W 81511

Harvey L 8711

Hephzibah, John 3121

Jane, John 325

John W 3214

" Margaret 3^6

Nancy 12371

Wylie, Robert 2

Yancey, Mary 344^2

Mary 34421

Yingling, Lydia "1224

Yoder, Mary (ii)55

Yohn, Sarah 3216

Zeiders, Welliam Clayton, John 64531

William Henry, Henry, George 7135

Zeigler, Elmira, Harrison 7122

Zell, Thomas, Jacob, John 33(io)

Zimmerman, Margaret Ann, John 3122


The information we wish to obtain on the family tree,
arranged in the order of importance, is as follows : —

FIRST: — The Full Mame (not merely initials) of every
descendant of the Pioneer, the Full JSfarne' of the person
married in each case, and the Full JS'^Cime of each child born
to every couple.

SECOND: — The Dates of all births, marriages and

THIRD: — The Present Address of every living de-

FOURTH : — The Place of birth, marriage and death of
every descendant.

FIFTH : — A Brief Life Sketch of every descendant-
giving only the important items, such as military service, train-
ing, education, profession and present occupation.

SIXTH: — The Ancestry — with available dates — of
each person who has married into any branch of our family.
That is to say, we want the Complete available Ancestral
Record of every descendant.

If in doubt as to exactly what is wanted, send all obtain-
able items of genealogical and biographical nature that would be
of interest to any of the descendants of the Pioneer of our family.

It is appreciated that no one person can supply all of the
information desired. It is hoped, however, that each person
addressed will send all information obtainable and give Cllies
as to sources of additional information. Please send whatever
you have, whether it is little or much.

To the Thomson Cousins:

Now that the Christmas season is upon us, please
turn your thoughts towards the best type of gift — one that
is valued fully when first received and appreciated more
and more as the years go by. To such a gift it is now
within your power to contribute without cost to yourself
and for the benefit of all your Thomson cousins of not
only the present generation, but also the generations yet to
come. We refer to the records of the decendants of
"John Thomson, Pioneer and Patriot" partly in type and
soon to be published in book form.

The value of these records will depend upon their
accuracy and completeness. In not one single line are
the records as they now stand loo elaborate — in some
lines they are quite complete, while in others they are too
brief to be dignified by the title "record."

No matter whether you have already sent in the
records on your branch of the family or not, please devote
a few moments of your time to sending, at once, complete
records of your immediate family to the compiler,

ADDAMS s. McAllister

261 West 23rd Street

New York



We have no hesitancy in stating that every living

descendant of John Thomson, if not now, will later want

a copy of the book soon to be published — the grown ones

for their own information and the children for use when
they in turn grow up.

For your convenience, in case you agree with this
statement, an order blank is enclosed. The price has
been placed at $5.00, every cent of which will represent
money actually spent on the published book itself, the
number of illustrations in each copy depending on the num-
ber of copies ordered in advance of publication. There
will be no reprint, so if you want a copy for yourself or
copies for the young ones of your family when they grow
up, fill out at once the order blank and send it to



Juniata Co., Pa.


Even though you do not order a copy of the book
(which would be a valuable gift to yourself) please send
in the records of your immediate family — which would be
a highly prized gift to all of the other Thomson cousins.


' ^ ». >:•'!'» '■':* '.'^i

1 V M .-. ^-fV***^*


,/i Vi'» i-i' I ■■• » i*" ■'-> "I

• < I >. t J V ! ■ I '

ri ■

II 1 1 ! j 1, .ijin

I I '',■.:: M Ci


Online LibraryAddams Stratton McAllisterThe descendants of John Thomson, pioneer Scotch covenanter; genealogical notes on all known descendants of John Thomson, covenanter, of Scotland, Ireland and Pennsylvania, with such biographical sketches as could be obtained from availble published records, or were supplied by the friends of those i → online text (page 32 of 32)