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The descendants of John Thomson, pioneer Scotch covenanter; genealogical notes on all known descendants of John Thomson, covenanter, of Scotland, Ireland and Pennsylvania, with such biographical sketches as could be obtained from availble published records, or were supplied by the friends of those i online

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Online LibraryAddams Stratton McAllisterThe descendants of John Thomson, pioneer Scotch covenanter; genealogical notes on all known descendants of John Thomson, covenanter, of Scotland, Ireland and Pennsylvania, with such biographical sketches as could be obtained from availble published records, or were supplied by the friends of those i → online text (page 7 of 32)
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April 2, 1834, at Cambridge, Ohio; died Oct. 7, 1897, at Coshocton,
Ohio), son of Richard .\nson and Hester (Chambers) and grandson
of Richard and Parmclla (Ray) Peck and of Robert and Elizabeth
(Sprangle) Chambers. Richard Peck was a descendant of William
Peck, who came from London, England, to New Haven, Conn., in
1637 and signed the New Haven Constitution in 1639. Three gener-
ations of his descendants served in the Revolution — See "The Peck
Family" by Judge Delins Peck. Richard Chambers was a descendant
of Benjamin Chambers, the pioneer of Chambersburg. J. P. Peck
was president of the Farmers Bank at Coshocton, Ohio. Issue (i)
Jean Wylie, (2) Hester Howard.

25121 — Jean Wylie Peck, born June 8, 1865, at Evansburgh, Ohio. Mar-
ried twice, first on Aug. 4, 1885, at Coshocton, Ohio, Stacy Bancroft

Bube (born ; died Aug.. 1S89. Married second time on

Dec. 27, 1S92, in Coshocton, Ohio, William Don Washburn, son of
Joseph and Elizabeth (Cline) Washburn and grandson of Gabriel
Washburn, lawyer, 1201 Title and Trust Building, Chicago, 111.
Issue (i) Sarah EUzabeth, (2) Hester Spangler, (3) WiUiam Day,
(4) John Peck.


251211— Sarah Elizabeth Washburn, born Oct. 17, 1893, Chicago, 111.
Student at Wellesley.

2512 12— Hester Spangler Washburn, born Feb. 22, 1895, Chicago, 111.

251213— William Day Washburn, born Nov. 5, 1896, Chicago, 111.

251214— John Peck Washburn, born Sept. 29, 1898, Chicago, 111. Address
461 Maple Ave., Wonnetha, 111.

25122— Hester Howard Peck, born Oct. 28, 1870. at Evansburgh, Ohio.
Address: Coronado, Cal. Married June, 1889, Charles Etherington

Spangler (born ; died in 1901). Issue (i) Etherington


251221— Etherington Thomas Spangler, born April 12, 1892. Architect-
tural student, Coronado, Cal.

2fr— Mary Wylie, born , 1788. Married , Samuel

Crothers, son of Robert and Mary (Johnson) Crothers. His father
laid out in Oct., 1803, the town of Mount Pleasant, Ohio— See 2613.
Issue (i) Samuel Johnson, (2) Mary, (3) Hugh Wylie.

261— Samuel Johnson Crothers, born June 25, 1812, at Mount Pleasant,
Ohio; died July 20, 1889. Married on March 4, 1835, near Washing-
ton, Pa., Jane Brownlee— see 23— daughter of William and Hannah
(McCracken) Brownlee. Issue (i) WilHam Brownlee, (2) Robert
Wylie, (3) Hannah Jane, (4) Leamon McCarroll, (5) Mary Almira,
(6) Elizabeth McCabc, (7) Ella Hodgens.

25ii — William Brownlee Crothers, l)orn June 14, 1836, at Taylorstown, Pa.;

Jicj Jan. , 1907. Married on Feb. 28, 1861, at Buffalo, Pa., Em-

maline Maxwell (born June 29, 1837; died Aug. 9, 1911)- Issue
(i) Anna Bell, (2) Wylie Frank, (3) Margaret Jane, (4) Harry
Milton, (5) Samuel Albert, (6) James Maxwell, (7) William Dins-
more, (8) Arthur Brownlee, (9) John McDowell.

261 II— Anna Bell Crothers, 1)orn June 19, 1862, at Taylorstown, Pa. Mar-
ried Samuel Clcland. Address, Washington, Pa. Issue (i) James.

261111 — James Cleland, l)orn .

26112 — Wylie Frank Crothers, li^rn June 19, 1864, at Taylorstown, Pa.
Address, Claysvillc, Pa. Married Annette Noble. Issue (i) Bculah,
(2) Helen, (3) Paul.


261 13 — Margaret Jane Crothers, born April 2, 1866, at Taylorstown, Pa.
Married Walter Coulson. Address, 247 North Ave., Washington,
Pa. Issue (i) William, (2) Harry, (3) Emmaline.

261 14 — Harry Milton Crothers, born Sept. 2, 1868, at Taylorstown, Pa
Address Crothers, Pa. Married Anna Knapp. Issue (i) Felix, (2)
Ruth— died, (3) William, (4) Gaylord, (5) Wylie.

261 15 — Samuel Albert Crothers, born Oct. 12, 1870, at Taylorstown, Pa.

261 16 — James Maxwell Crothers, born Jan. 23, 1873. at Taylorstown, Pa.
Address, Washington, Pa. Married Mary Leonard. Issue (i)
Ethel, (2) Donald.

261 17 — William Dinsmore Crothers, born April 19, 1875. at Taylorstown,
I'a. ; died Jan. 26, 1876.

261 18 — Arthur Brownlee Crothers, born Jan. 12, 1877. at Taylorstown, Pa.
Address, Elgin, 111. Married Miss Moore.

26119 — John McDowell Crothers, born Nov. 12. 1879, at Taylorstown. Pa.
Address, Erie, Pa. Married Blanch Hollister. Issue (i) Albert.

2612 — Robert Wylie Crothers, born Dec. 16. 1837, at Taylorstown, Pa.
Married on Sept. 11, 1872, at West Middletown, Pa., Charlotte Moore
Murdock, daughter of Milton and Nancy (White) Murdock, and
granddaughter of James and Jane (Templeton) ^furdock and of
Jacob and Elizabeth (Mitchell) White. Issue (i) Minnie Caldwell,
(2) Laura Brownlee, (3) Charles Edgar, (4) Chester Murdock, (5)
Irene, (6) Pauline Almira.

261 2 1 — Minnie Caldwell Crothers, l)orn July 22, 1873, at Taylorstown, Pa.

26122 — Laura Brownlee Crothers, born July 28, 1875, at Taylorstown, Pa.

26123 — Charles Edgar Crothers, born March 19, 1878, at Taylorstown. Pa.
Married on Nov. 20, 1907, at Wellsburg, W. Va., Mary Josephine
Waugh, daughter of David and Mary (Bechtell) Waugh and grand-
daughter of Richard and Eliza (Moon) Waugh and of William and
Jane (White) Bechtell. Issue (i) Robert Waugh, (2) Mary Vir-
ginia, (3) Jane Margaret.

261231 — Robert Waugh Crothers, (twin), born Aug. 25, 1908, at Taylors-
town, Pa.

261232 — Mary Virgina Crothers, (twin), born Aug. 25, 1908, at Taylors-
town, Pa.


261233 — Jane Margaret Crothers, born Jan. 12, 191 1, at Taylorstown, Pa.

26124 — Chester Murdock Crothers, born Aug. 9, 1880, at Taylorstown Pa.;
died Jan. 10, 191 1.

26125 — Irene Crothers, born July 24, 1885, at Taylorstown, Pa. Married
on June 24, 1909, at Taylorstown, Pa., Rufus Emery (born Jan. 25,
1881), son of John Anson and Mary Tassy (Morrison) Emery, and
grandson of John and Almira (Harding) Emery and of John and
Hannah Ann (David) Morrison. Address, 3733 Hiawatha St., North
Side, Pittsburgh, Pa.

26126 — Pauline Almira Crothers, born April 25, 1889, at Taylorstown, Pa.

2613 — Hannah Jane Crothers, born Oct. 19, 1839, at Taylorstown, Pa.;
died Aug. 31, 1897. Married on June 5, 1867, at Crothers Station, Pa.,
Joseph Bradford Johnson (born Sept. 27, 1842, near Cannonsburg,
Pa.; died Dec. 11, 1912), son of John and Rebecca (Van Erman)
Johnson, and grandson of Richard and Jane (Bradford) Johnson, and
John Johnson— See 26. Issue (1) Ella Maude, (2) John Tracy, (3)
Charles Crothers.

26131 — Ella Maude Johnson, born Dec. 27, 1868, at Cannonsburg, Pa.
Married on June 14, 1893, at Mill Seat, near Cannonsburg, Rev.
Charles Gaston Williams (born March 9, 1867), son of Ralston and
Sarah H. (Gaston) Williams and great-grandson of Aaron Wil-
liams, who hewed the logs for the first fort on the site of Wheeling,
W. Va. Address, 2951 E. nth Ave., Denver, Colo. Issue (i)
Bradford Ralston, (2) Jay Tracy.

261311 — Bradford Ralston Williams, born April 2, 1894, at Cross Creek,

261312 — Jay Tracy Williams, Ijorn March 5, 1897, at Cross Creek, Pa.

26132 — John Tracy Johnson, born May 17, 1871, at Cannonsburg, Pa.
I'nmarricd. Address, Cannonsburg, Pa.

26133— Charles Crothers Johnson, l)f)rn Dec. 17, 1872, at Cannonsburg, Pa.
He graduated from Washington and Jefferson College in 1893 and
is now President of the Citizens Trust Company, Cannonsburg, Pa.
Married on June 20, 1903, at Cleveland, Ohio, Grace Moreland Hen-
derson, daughter of John Moreland und Anna Ramsey (Cary) Hen-
derson, and granddaughter of James Patterson and Anne Gillilland
(Moreland) Henderson, and of Freeman Grant and Malvina
(McCain) Cary. No children. James Patterson was the son of


Rev. Mathew Henderson, Jr., and the grandson of Rev. Mathew
Henderson, both United Presbyterian ministers— see (28). Freeman
Grant Gary was a grandson of Roswell Fenton, soldier of the Revo-
lution and a descendant of John Gary, who came from England to
America, in 1632.

2614 — Leamon McCarroll Crothers, born Sept. 9, 1841, at Taylorstown, Pa.;
died July 11, 1902. Married on July 25, 1878, at Cannonsburg, Pa.,
Mary Price Ritchie, daughter of Craig and Mary Ann (Ghickering)
Ritchie. Issue (i) Mary Gharlotte Ritchie.

26141— Mary Charlotte Ritchie Crothers, born June 27. 1879, at Taylors-
town, Pa. Married on Nov. 6, 1901, at Washington, Pa., George
Lawrence Glaypool, (born at Marysville, Ky., Aug. 27, 1871), son
of John and Eliza Goons (Blaine) Glaypool. Address, 913 Aiken
Ave., I'ittsburgh, Pa. Issue ■

2615 — Mary Almira Crothers, born May 29, 1843. at Taylorstown. Pa.;
died Jan. i, 1890. Married William W. McGlay. No children.

2616 — Elizabeth McCabe Crothers, born Jan. 21, 1845, at Taylorstown, Pa.;
died July 11, 1896. Unmarried.

2617 — Ella Hodgens Crothers, born Jan. 29. 1859. at Taylorstown, Pa.
Married on May 17, 1882, at Taylorstown, Pa., Robert Miller Dor-
rance. Address, \iy]2 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. Issue (i)
Elizabeth Grothers, (2) Helen Roberta.

26171 — Elizabeth Crothers Dorrance, born April 29, 1883. Married April
24, 1906, Cleveland, Ohio, James Edward Graham. Address, Cleve-
land, Ohio. Issue (i) Elizabeth Crothers.

261711 — Elizabeth Crothers Graham, born Oct. 30, 1909.

26172 — Helen Roberta Dorrance, born April 30, 1893. Address: Cleveland,

262 — Mary Crothers, born .

263 — Hugh Wylie Crothers, born Dec 18, 1820, at Mount Pleasant, Ohio.;
died Dec. 5, 1880. He was a merchant. In the Civil War he served
as aid to Pierpont, subsequently Governor of Virginia with the rank
of colonel. He was a member of the first Legislature of West Vir-
ginia. Married in 1847, Ann Hoopes Du Val, a descendant of Warren
Du Val, a noted Hugenot, who settled in Anne Armichel County, ^Md.,
in 1659. Issue (i) Sallie Harding, (2) Anna Julia.


2631 — Sallie Harding Crothers, born Aug. 20, 1848; died Dec. 1872. Mar-
ried William Merwin Woolcott. No children.

2632 — Anna Julia Crothers, born Aug. 28, 1861. Married on ,

Clayton Alexander Crisman, a clergyman of the Episcopal Church.
Address, Croom, Prince George County, Md. No children.

27 — Sarah Wylie, born 179 — ; died . Married James Hod-
gens. Issue (i) John, (2) James, (3) Robert Wylie, (4) Thomas,
(5) Sarah, (6) Mary, (7) Helen— no record.

28— ^William Wylie, born Sept., 1800, in Canton Township, Washington
County, Pa. ; died March 3, 1877 in Canton Township. He attended
Washington College. In 1835 he established the wool commission busi-
ness now conducted by James B. Wylie — 2812. Man led in 1828, in
Hopewell Township, Washington County, Pa., Mary Clark, daughter of
David and Jane (Henderson) Clark and granddaughter of James Clark,
a soldier of the Revolution and of Rev. Mathew Henderson (See 26133).
Rev. Alathew Henderson was the first seceder minister to cross the
Allegheny Mountains westward. He came to this country from the
University at Edenburg, Scotland, in 1758, and founded several congre-
gations in eastern and central Pennsylvania. In 1779 he settled in
Washington County, Pa., where he established two strong congregations.
He was a member of the first board of trustees of Jefferson College,
Cannonsburg, Pa. .and president of the first board of trustees of the
Washington College, at Washington, Pa., and was one of the founders
of the institution which has since become the University of Pittsburgh.
He was a descendant of Alexander Henderson, of Edinburg, Scotland,
(1583- 1646) Episcopal Bishop, who later became a leader in the Scotch
Presbyterian Church and was author of "The League of the Covenant."
Issue (i) Robert, (2) Jane Clark, (3) Annie E., (4) James Clark.

281 — Robert Wylie, born Aug 25, 1830, in Canton Township, Washington
County, Pa. ; died March 27, 1912. He was a farmer and wool com-
mission merchant. He attended the Washington College in 1848-50.
Married on Feb. 2, 1857, at Independence Township, Washington
County, Pa., Elizabeth Bcall, daughter of James and Mary (Strieker)
Beall — See 282. The Pioneer American of the Beall family was Ninian
Beall, who came from St. Ninian Parish, Ireland, to Maryland, in
1652, and became the military leader of the Province. He was in-
strumental in founding the first Presbyterian Church in the Colony.
His great-grandson, Ninian Bcall (3rd), married Mary Strieker, daugh-
ter of Col. George Strieker, of the Revolutionary Army and sister to
Gen. John Strieker of the Army of 1812. Ninian Beall (4th), was a
soldier in the war of 1812. Issue (i) William, (2) James Beall, (3)
Laura Virginia.


















281 1— William Wylie, born Nov. 10, 1859. in Canton Township, Washing-
ton County, Pa. Civil engineer. Address, Washington, Pa. Married
on June 16, 1885, at VVellsburg, W. Va., Mar>' \V. Gist— see 2813—
daughter of Joseph Christopher and Elizabeth (Culver) Gist and
granddaughter of Cornelius and Eliza (Reinicker) Gist. Issue (i)
Elizabeth Beall, (2) Clara Virginia, (3) William Clark Gist.

281 1 1— Elizabeth Beall WyUe, born Oct. 6, 1887, in Canton Township,
Washington County, Pa. Graduated from Washington Seminary,
1908. Address, Washington, Pa.

28112— Clara Virginia Wylie, born Nov. 21, 1891. in Canton Township,
Washington County, Pa. Graduated from Washington Seminary,
1910. Address, Washington, Pa.

281x3— William Clark Gist Wylie, born Jan. 28, 1898, in W^ashington
County, Pa. Address, Washington, Pa.

2812— James Beall Wylie, born Sept. 24. 1862, in Cumberland Township,
Greene County, Pa. He graduated from the Washington and Jeffer-
son College in 1882. Elder. First I'nited Presbyterian Church, Wash-
ington. Pa. Director, Union Trust Company and People's National
Bank, Washington, Pa. Member, Board of Trustees, Washington
Seminary, establshed 1835. J. B. Wylie is a well-known breeder of
registered stock, and belongs to a number of record and live stock
breeders associations and to the Luther Burbank Society. He married
on June 24, 1890, at Senatobia, Miss., Helen Cornelia Roseborough,
daughter of William and Elizabeth (Williamson) Roseborough of
Scotch and Huguenot ancestry. Her great-grandfather Alexander
Roseborough married into the Gaston family which traces ancestry to
Henry V of Navarre and France, through the Duke of Orleans who
was banished from France in 1642, because he would not swear alle-
giance to the Catholic church. Address, Washington, Pa. Issue
(i) Marion Margaret, (2) Garvin Roseborough, (3) Laura Jean

28121 — Marion Margaret Wylie, born May 14, 1891. in Canton Township,
Washington County, Pa. Graduated 1908, Washington Seminary,
Student Wheaton Seminary (Mass.) 1908-9. Married on Dec. I,
1910, at Washington, Pa., Robert Martin Murphy, son of Hugh Mc-
Isaac and Margaret Eleanor Murphy. x-\ddress, Washington, Pa
Issue (i) James Beall Wylie.

281211 — James Beall Wylie Murphy, born Dec. 17, 1911.


28122 — Garvin Roseborough Wylie, born May 24, 1893, in Canton Town-
ship, Washington, Pa. He graduated from Washington and Jeffer-
son, 1913. Attended Pennsylvania State College, 1913-4. Address,
Washington, Pa.

28123 — Laura Jean Gaston Wylie, born Oct. i, 1898, in Canton Township,
Washington County, Pa. Graduated from Washington Seminary,
1914. Address, Washington, Pa.

2813 — Laura Virginia Wylie, born Oct. i, 1898, in Canton Township,
Washington County, Pa. Married on Oct. 7, 1890, in Canton Town-
ship, Washington County, Pa., Joseph Christopher Gist — see 281 1 —
son of Joseph Christopher and Elizabeth (Culver) Gist, and grand-
son of Cornelius and Eliza (Reiniker) Gist. Address, \\'ellsburg,
Brooke Count>-, W. Va. Issue (i) Robert Wylie, (2) Wilbur Boyle,
(3) James Beall, (4) Joseph Christopher.

28131 — Robert Wylie Gist, born June 11, 1892, at Wellsburg, W. Va. ;
died March, 1902.

28132— Wilbur Boyle Gist, born Nov. 29, 1894, at Wellsburg, W. Va.
Address, Wellsburg, W. Va.

28133 — James Beall Gist, born Sept. 3. 1896, at Wellsburg, W. Va.
Address, \\'ellsburg, W. \'^.

28134— Joseph Christopher Gist, born Oct. 15, 1898, at Wellsburg, W. Va.
Address, \\ ellsburg, W. \'a.

282 — Jane Clark Wylie, born Oct. 20. 1833. in Canton Township, W^ash-
ington Countj-, Pa. ; died March 27, 1903, at Wellsburg, W. Va. Mar-
ried May , 1852, at Washington, Pa., John Strieker Beall, son of

James and Mary (McCormick) Beall, and grandson of Xinian and
Mary (Strieker) Beall — See 281. Issue (i) Annie Clark, (2) Wilson,
(3) William Wylie.

2821— Annie Clark Beall, born Aug. 1853, at Wellsburg, W. Va. Married
on April 22, 1885, at Wellsburg, W. Va., Edwin Hammond, son of
Henry Hammond. Issue (i) John Beall, (2) Grace Raymond, (3)
Mary Wylie.

2822— Wilson Beall, ]jorn in 1856, at Wellsburg, W. Va. ; died 1864.

2823— William Wylie Beall, born March 21, 1871, at Wellsburg, W. Va.
Married on July 5, 1893, at Canton, Ohio, Edith Ramsey. Issue (i)
Eleanor, (2) N \\ilson.


28231— Eleanor Beall, born Oct. 31, 1894.

28232 — W Wilson Beall, born Jan. 29, 1900.

283 — Annie E Wylie, born Jan. 18, 1837, at Washington. Pa.

Address, Cannonsburg, Pa. Married on Dec. 2, 1858, at Washington,

Pa., Rev. Joseph Russell Thompson (born ; died Dec. 16,

1861 , at Mount Pleasant, Pa.). Graduated from Jefiferson College and
the Associate Presbyterian Theological Seminary, of Western Pennsyl-
vania. See sketch of Rev. Alexander and Joseph Thompson by (their
brother), Rev. James Thompson, 1862. Issue (i) William Wylie.

2831— William Wylie Thompson, I)orn April 16, i860, at Hickory, Pa.;
died Nov. 16, 1864.

284— James Clarke Wylie, born Aug. 7. 1841, in Canton Township, Wash-
ington, County, Pa. ; died Jan., 1862. Unmarried.


3_William Thomson was born in Chester County, Pa., "in the year of
our Lord 1752, January 2nd"— taken from his own personal Bible, now
in the possession of Mrs. Catherine Nelson (Wilson) Janney (3814)-
He died at Thompsontown, Juniata County, Pa., Jan. 3, 1813, "in the 58th
year of his age"— taken from his ledger gravestone in the family grave-
yard, 1^/2 miles from Thompsontown. This village was laid out by him
in 1790 upon land purchased in 1785 from Michael Quiggle. Upon taking
possession of the property he built thereon a store, a grist-mill, and a
saw-mill. Near the grist-mill he erected later a stone dwelling house,
still in the possession of his descendants, the corner stone of which bears
the inscription "This House Built by W. and J. Thomson, 1798." Wil-
liam Thomson owned a farm near what is now Mexico in Walker Town-
ship, Juniata County, Pa. He built at Mexico, a stone flour-mill on
which there are two tablets containing the following inscriptions, "New
Mexico Mill, Built by William Thomson, 1810" and "Virtue, Liberty and
Independence Be Thine. Success to Farmers and Mechanics." The
farm near Mexico was inherited by his son Samuel. His son John in-
herited a tract of land opposite Van Dyke Station, patented as the
"Happy Banks of Goshen" on account of its fertility, which was pur-
chased from the heirs of Joseph Poultrey in 1804. William Thomson's
son, Isaac, was given by him a farm in Lost Creek Valley, "adjoining the
Hugh McAlister property called Hugh's Fancy." Some interesting facts
concerning the enterprises in which William Thomson (or Thompson,
as later spelled) was engaged and the disposal made of his taxable in-
dustries, are given in the tax records of Fermanagh Township, Juniata
County, Pa. From 1785 to 1813, he was taxed on a grist-mill at Thomp-
sontown and from 1809 to 1813 on one at Mexico; he was taxed on a
fulling-mill from 1809 to 1813, a distillery from 1809 to 1813, a saw-mill
from 1790 to 1813 and on a store from 1801 to 1813 and a second store
in 1812. After his death in 1813, these properties passed to his sons,
who were taxed as follows : James and Samuel, grist-mill, 1814-31 ;
WilHam and Robert, grist-mill, 1814-31 and 1823-31 ; James and Samuel,
fulling-mill, 1814-31 ; William and Robert, distillery, 1814, and 1823-31 ;
William and Robert, saw-mill, 1814-22 and 1823-31 ; John, saw-mill,
1817-24; James and Samuel, saw-mill, 1817-31; William and Robert,
store, 1814-27, James and Samuel, store, 1814-23. Some idea of the diffi-
culty encountered in cstaljlishing the military record of early ancestors
can be gained from the fact that in the Index to the Fifth Series of the
Pennsylvania Archives (which Index in Part i and Part 2 is Vol. XV of
the Sixth Scries of Pennsylvania Archives) there are exactly 100 refer-
ences under the name of William Thompson, showing conclusively that
there were many of that name in the Revolutionary Service. According
to Dr. William H. Eagle, editor of the Pennsylvania Archives, our Wil-



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for itt Pr(}|<iS?bn uf il.;. rroTintv, ig-iiiil all hofliL Entcrpri/n, -nd for t! c Difencc of Aircnc. I
You tre ihcrcfofc carefully and JiligcntI/ to difchirgc the Duty cf^ -^ '^i.*<^».«*.-i^^ i ,< /. ■-
by doing inJ performing all Mantiir of lliing. thereunto belonging. ArH »e do Analy ch:iiv
^ iir4ill Otficcn and Soldien, un<Icr your Cooimani!, to be obedient TTTtw^ ~ m ^<,. . 7 '
.inJ you are to o!>rcr\-c an<l follow fucb Otdcn and Dire^iori, frcin Tinx to i rjir, ai vru l)>^ll r^.
ftotn the AiTjnj'iIy during their ScIU'hii;. and, in their RrccCi, from the prefcn: or an*. f»;ture Ccn'r/:::..
3/cty a;i,ijintcJ by tH: AiTim'ily of tltit Pio\-iiKe, or from yowr fuj-ericr Ofiktr, .ccirdirg lo i!.. 1
ud Rcj ili:ian< for tfi. better Government of the Miliury Afl cation in rcnDfyli^: :i, Itul pt'i.'L'^r.: : ~
Tnift rc|> ifed in y-jii. ThuCommilfi.ii to continue in Foicc until rcroSt^d bj ^ c Al\ *■
prtk'.it or a iy .'ul-^jcJiii,; Cjmniiito; oi ^af.ty.

Sign.J tl (Jra.r if tl.


Revolutionary Commission of William Thomson

Home of William and Jean Mitchell Thomson, Thompsontown, Pa.

Built by them in 1 798.


















liam Thompson was chosen on July 12, 1774 a member of the committee
on Observation, Cumberland County — see Penn. Archives, Second Series,
Vol. XIV, p. 371 — he was appointed second lieutenant of a company of
foot, second division. Fourth Battalion of Associators of Cumberland
County, on May 3, 1775, and was made captain of a company in the
Fifth Battalion of Cumberland County Associators in July, 1776, in
service in the New Jersey Campaifni of that year. — See Penn. Archives,
Second Series, Vol. XIV, p. y]2. There is now in the possession of his
great-pranddau^hter, Josephine P. Thompson (3312), the original of
William Thompson's commission as second lieutenant and photographic
copies of it have Ijcen obtained by other descendants. On account of his
service in the Revolution, his descendants are eligible to membership in
the "Sons of the Revolution" or the "Daughters of the Revolution" — see
the sketch of his great-great-granddaughter, Henrietta Baldwin (34524).
That he continued to hold the confidence of his fellow citizens
is shown by the facts that at about the close of the Revolutionary
War, on May i, 1783, the Supreme Executive Council of the Common-
wealth of Pennsylvania gave him a commission as lieutenant of a com-
pany of foot in the Seventh Battalion of Militia of County of Cumber-
land, and, on July 11, 1792, Thomas Mifflin, Governor of Pennsylvania,
gave him a commission as captain of the Fifth Company, of Foot in the
Lost Creek Battalion of Militia, County of Mifflin. These two original
commissions, dated 1783 and 1792 — in times of peace — are now in the
possession of Edward Shippcn Thomson (3383). Among the papers now
in the possession of the family of Edward Patterson Thompson (331) is
one showing the activity of WiHiam Thompson in the public welfare up
to the year of his death, as follows: "Headquarters, Meadville, Oct.
20th, 1812. I do certify that Captain William Thompson has served
six days as a member of a General Court Martial, ordered by Brigadier
General Tannyhill — signed by — (Gen.) James Irwin, President. William
Thompson was married on March 30, 1780, by Rev. Alexander Dobbin
of Gettysburg, Pa., to "Jane Mitchell of Letterkenny." (See p. 26, His-
tory of Adams County, Pa., published 1886 by Warner Beers & Co.,
Chicago.) According to Hugh Nelson McAllister (343) son of Sarah
(Thompson) McAllister and grandson of Jane (Mitchell) Thompson.
Jane Mitchell "was born within one mile of Strasburg, now Franklin

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