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The descendants of John Thomson, pioneer Scotch covenanter; genealogical notes on all known descendants of John Thomson, covenanter, of Scotland, Ireland and Pennsylvania, with such biographical sketches as could be obtained from availble published records, or were supplied by the friends of those i online

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Online LibraryAddams Stratton McAllisterThe descendants of John Thomson, pioneer Scotch covenanter; genealogical notes on all known descendants of John Thomson, covenanter, of Scotland, Ireland and Pennsylvania, with such biographical sketches as could be obtained from availble published records, or were supplied by the friends of those i → online text (page 8 of 32)
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(then Cumberland) County. Her father was killed by the Indians in a
harvest field during the French and Indian War (1754-60) near what is
now called St. Thomas, seven miles west of Chambersburg." Letter-
kenny is a township of Franklin County, Pa., of which Strasburg is
the chief post otiice. The township extends from say 2 to 15 miles
north of Chambersburg and from say 5 to 25 miles west of Shippens-
burg. Among the earliest of land titles in this township was that of
James Mitchell, dated July 10, 1752. On May 9, 1754, Joseph Mitchell
and \\ illiam Mitchell were referred to as "neighbors" of John Maughan
in that township. On p. 169 of the "History of Franklin County, Pa."
. . . it is stated that "William Mitchell, living in Conococheaque


was shot and killed by a band of Indians while at work in the
harvest field." On p. 59 of the "History of Cumberland County, Pa."
(published in 1886 by Warner Beers & Co., Chicago) appears an account
of an Indian raid during which four people were captured and ten people
killed in a harvest field near Shippensburg on July 19, 1757. Among
the killed were Joseph, James, and William Mitchell. According to
Robert Thompson (35) son of Jane (Mitchell) Thompson, his father
William Thompson "married Jane Mitchell, a daughter of James Mitchell
in Cumberland Valley near Chambersburg." A sister of Jane Mitchell.
Sarah Mitchell, married Robert Thompson (5) brother of William
Thompson. It is probable that it was another sister, Agnes Black, who in
1812 wrote from Blount County, Tenn., to her "brother" William Thomp-
son, at Thompsontown, Pa. This Agnes was not a daughter of Pioneer
John Thompson — as stated on p. 871 of the "History of Juniata and
Susquehanna Valleys in Penn.," and was not a sister but a sister-in-
law of William Thompson. She may have married one of the sons of
John and Abigail Black who went from Perry County, Pa., to Tennessee.
(See p. 1108 of the history just mentioned.) Jane (Mitchell) Thompson
died Feb. 9, 1813, "in the 57th year of her age" one month and six days
after the death of her husband from camp fever (typhoid-pneumonia)
which they both contracted from their soldier sons, William and Isaac,
who recovered. They are buried in the Thompson family graveyard
one and one-half miles east of Thompsontown. Children of William
and Jane (Mitchell) Thompson (i) John "Goshen," (2) James, (3)
William, (4) Sarah, (5) Robert, (6) Isaac, (7) Jane, (8) Elizabeth,
(9) Samuel.

31— John Thompson, "Goshen John," was born Dec. 28, 1780; died Oct.
2, 1855. In 1809 he settled on the old Poultney tract on which was
subsequently located the Van Dyke Station. This tract was known as
the "Happy Banks of Goshen," and he was known as "Goshen John"
or "John Goshen" to distinguish him from "Bridge John" Thompson,
who lived below Thompsontown. John Goshen Thompson married
Abigail North (born July 15, 1783; died Dec. 24, 1852). Issue (i)
Jane, (2) Rachel, (3) Martha, (4) Wilhelmina, (5) William, (6) John.

311 — Jane Thompson, married twice: first, William (or Joseph) Mont-
gomery; second John Lukcns of Port Royal — no data — see 533, 542 and
572 — see also "History of Juniata and Susquehanna Valleys in Pennsyl-
vania," p. 854 — A certain John Lukens who died in Port Royal, Sept.,
1885 was a son of Gabriel, grandson of Abraham and great-grandson
of John Lukens of Juniata County, Pa.

3i2~RacheI Thompson, Ixirn Aug. 4, 1801 ; died March 22, 1842, in Mil-
ford Township, Juniata County, Pa. Married Jan. 8, 1835, William
Sterrett, of Lancaster County, Pa. (born Jan. 25, 1801 ; died Jan. 25,


1889) son of James and Mary TMcClure) Sterrett and grandson of
James Sterrett, Sr. James Sterrett, Sr., lived near Mount Joy, Lan-
caster County, Pa. He had sons James, Jr., Robert, Charles, and
William — see "History of Juniata and Susquehanna Valleys in Penn-
sylvania," p. 746. Robert removed to Mifflin County and had sons,
David and John. Charles removed to New York. William remained
in Lancaster County. The children of James Sterrett, Jr., who mar-
ried Annie Kennedy were James, Samuel (who died near Academia
in 1849) Polly (wife of Alexander Patterson) Robert (married to
Margaret Patterson, daughter of John (died in 1862) Sarah, and Wil-
liam (married a daughter of John Cioshen Thompson). The sons of
Robert are Judge James P. Sterrett of the Supreme Court and Dr. John
P. Sterrett, of Pittsburg. The statement that James Sterrett, Jr.,
"married Annie Kennedy" is probably a mistake because it was Dr.
John P. Sterrett whose "wife was Annie Kennedy of Chester County,
Pa." See "History of Juniata and Susquehanna X'alleys," p. 696.
James Sterrett, father of Robert and William Sterrett, purchased a
tract of land in Milford Township, Juniata County, Pa., taken up in
part by John Lyon, Sr., in 1767 and John Lyon, Jr., in 1793. Robert
Sterrett married one of the daughters of John Patterson (the mer-
chant) by his wife Isabella (Lyon) Patterson, daughter of James
Lyon, son of John Lyon, Sr. — see "History of Juniata and Susquehanna
Valleys," p. 760. 551 and 571. In 1773 James Sterrett was assessed
on 600 acres in Armagh Township, Mifflin County, Pa. The first mill
in the east end of Kishacoquillas Valley, Mifflin County, Pa., was
erected in 1816 by John Sterrett, who died Nov. 7 of that year; this
was sold by his widow Rebecca (Woods) Sterrett to his nephew John
Sterrett. son of Robert Sterrett. Children of William and Rachel
(Thompson) Sterrett, (i) John Thompson, (2) James A. McClure,
(3) William North, (4) Robert.

3121 — John Thompson Sterrett, born on July 16. 1836, at Milford Town-
ship, Juniata County, Pa. (died on Thursday, Dec. 14, 191 1, at the
home of Mrs. John Brown Mitchell, Lewistown, Pa., aged 75 years,
4 months and 28 days). He attended the Port Royal Academy.
Served as Sergeant in Company A, First Pennsylvania Volunteer
Cavalry. He married twice ; first on Jan. 16, 1866 at Locks Mills, Pa.,
Margaret Isabella Sterrett (born in Mifflin County, Pa.; died Dec. 18,
1875 in Kansas) daughter of Nathaniel Woods and Rebecca (Sterrett)
Sterrett, granddaughter of John and Rebecca (Woods) Sterrett and
of Robert and Rosanna (Green) Sterrett and great-granddaughter
of James Sterrett (father of John) of Scotch-Irish ancestry-, who
lived in Lancaster County, Pa. See "Biographical Encyclopedia of
Juniata Valley," pp. 668 and 703. Issue (i) Nathaniel Woods, (2)
Rachel Thompson, (3) Sallie Sterrett, (4) James Charles, (5) Mar-
garet Isabella. He married secondly on April 2, 1878 at Mexico, Pa.,


Hephzibah S Wright (born Jan. 30, 1825; died March 12,

1903, aged 78 years, i month and 13 days) daughter of John Wright
of Walker Township. No issue.

31 21 1— Nathaniel Woods Sterrett, born Oct. 28, 1866, died Jan. 14, 1868,
in Alilford Township, Juniata County, Pa.

31212— Rachel Thompson Sterrett, born on June 19, 1868, in Milford
Township, Juniata County, Pa. Married on Jan. 17, 1897, at Mifflin,
Pa., John Brown Mitchell. Address: Lewistown, Pa.

31213— Sallie Sterrett Sterrett, born Jan. 17, 1872, in Kansas. Married on
Dec. 20, 1893, in Mifflin, Juniata County, Pa., Harry Hertzler Heikes
(born Sept. 16, 1869), son of Edward and EHzabeth (Hertzler)
Heikes of near Denholm, Pa., and grandson of George and Christiania
(Kepner) Heikes. H. H. Heikes is wreck master Penn. R. R.,
Mifflin. Issue (i) Arthur Chester, (2) John Thompson, (3)
Margaret Christenia.

312131— Arthur Chester Heikes, born Sept. 25, 1894. Address, Mifflin, Pa.

312132 — John Thompson Heikes, born Sept. 13, 1900. Address, Mifflin, Pa.

312133 — Margaret Christenia Heikes, born Oct. i, 1902. Address, Mifflin,

31214— James Charles Sterrett, born on Feb. 8, 1873, in Kansas. Married
May 7, 1903, at Mifflin, Pa., Bessie May Leach (born Sept. 26, 1878).
He is a farmer. Address: Mifflin, Juniata County, Pa.

31215 — Margaret Isabella Sterrett, born Oct. 28, 1875, in Kansas. Mar-
ried April 18, 1894, at Camden, N. J., William Edward Kurtz, son
of John and Ida Kurtz. y\ddress : Naginey, Pa. Issue (i) Estella
Isabella, (2) Ruth Irene.

412151 — Estella Isabella Kurtz, Ijorn May 13, 1895, at — . Ad-
dress, Naginey, Pa.

312152 — Ruth Irene Kurtz, liorn Aug. 7, 1896, at . Address,

Naginey, Pa.

3122— James A McClure Sterrett, born June 10, 1838, in Mil-
ford Township, Juniata County, Pa.; died Jan. 19, 1839 in Milford


3123 — William North Sterrett, born Mar. 21, 1840, in Milford Township,
Juniata County, Pa. ; died Jan. 22, 1912 at Mifflintown, Pa. For eight
years he was enpaped in the mercantile business at Patterson, Pa.,
but resided on a farm. He served as county commissioner and asso-
ciate judpe of Juniata County. Married April 27, 1871, at New
Bloomfield, Pa., Jane Elizabeth Black (born Feb. 16, 1845, at New
Bloomficld, Pa.) daughter of Thomas and Margaret Ann (Zimmer-
man) Black and great-granddaughter of George and Jane (McMil-
Icn) Black and of John Zimmerman, and great-great-granddaughter
of George and Susanna (Crane) McMillen of Scotch-Irish ancestry
who came from Lancaster to Perry County in 1785, and great-great-
great-granddaughter of John and Abigail Black, who came to Perry
Coimty, Pa., from Ireland, prior to 1750, see "History of Juniata and
Susquehanna Valleys in Pennsylvania," pp. looi, 1018 and 1108. Chil-
dren of William North and Jane Elizabeth (Black) Sterrett (i) Wil-
liam Eldward, (2) Samuel Thomas, (3) James Thompson, (4) Edgar

31231 — William Edward Sterrett, horn Feb. 2, 1872. Attended Pittsburgh
Business College. Clerk of Pennsylvania Railroad at Denholm, Pa.
Married Oct. 25, 1899, Bertha Elizabeth Shirk (born Sept. 5, 1873;
died May 2, 1907, in Mifflintown, Pa.), daughter of Solomon S.
Shirk (born July 3, 1843; died Nov. 27, 1904, in Mifflin, Juniata
County, Pa.) and Mary T. (Bealc) Shirk (born Dec. 6, 1850; died
Mar. 23, 1901, in Milford Township, Juniata County, Pa.).

31232 — Samuel Thomas Sterrett, born Aug. 16, 1875. A farmer at the old
homestead. Married April 17, 1900. Norma Ernest. Issue (i)
Harold Earl, (2) Samuel Glen, (3) James Fay, (4) Ann Elizabeth,
(5) Edgar Ernest, (6) Emma Jane.

312321 — Harold Earl Sterrett, born Dec. 12. 1901. Address, Mifflin, Pa.

312322 — Samuel Glen Sterrett, born Dec. 15. 1903. Address, Mifflin, Pa.

312323 — James Fay Sterrett, born June 22, 1907. Address, Mifflin. Pa.

312324— Ann Elizabeth Sterrett (twin), born July 15, 191 1.

312325 — Edgar Ernest Sterrett (twin), born July 15, 1911.

312326 — Emma Jane Sterrett, born Aug. 26, 1913-

31233 — James Thompson Sterrett, born Sept. 17. 1881. Attended Pierce's
Business College, clerk of Penn. R. R. at Denholm. He is assistant
cashier of the Juniata Valley National Bank, Juniata County, Pa.
Married June 14, 191 1 at Mifflintown, Pa., Alma Virginia Robison,


38 de;scendants of john Thomson

daughter of James Kenney and Katherine (Goshen) Robison and
granddaughter of Col. John Kenney and Isabella (McKennan Robi-
son ; great-granddaughter of John and Jane (Kincaid) Robison and
of Patrick McKennan of Juniata County, Pa. John Robison, Sr.,
was born near Mifflintown about 1792. He was an elder in the
Presbyterian Church at Mifflintown. In 1858, his son John Kennedy
Robison was elected first lieutenant of the Juniata County troops
which became Company A of the First Pennsylvania Cavalry of
which he was put in command as captain. Subsequently he was
placed in command of the Sixteenth Cavalry, and at the close of the
war was made brevet colonel and brigadier general having partici-
pated in all of the battles fought by the Army of the Potomac. In
1867 he was elected State Senator. He was appointed aid-de-camp
on the staff of Governor James Addams Beaver— see 3431. Governor
Hastings appointed him one of the factory inspectors of the State
of Pennsylvania— see Biographical Encyclopedia of Juniata Valley of
Pennsylvania, p. 802. Children of James Thompson and Alma Vir-
ginia (Robison) Sterrett. No data.

31234— Edgar Black Sterrett, born June 26, 1888. Attended Banks' Busi-
ness College of Philadelphia. Bookkeeper in Philadelphia. Married
Oct. 14, 1914, Elizabeth R. Frailey (born Dec. 10, 1891, at Philadel-
phia), daughter of William Moore and Jessie May (Harrar) Frailey.

3124— Robert Sterrett, born Feb. 14, 1842, in Milford Township, Juniata
County, Pa.; died in infancy.

313— Martha Thompson, born on ■, at . Married

on Dec. 18, 1832, in Juniata County, Pa., Robert Jordan, son of

of , Newport, Perry County, Pa. Line said

to be extinct.

314— Wilhelmina Thompson, born on Jan. 16, 1818, at ; died

, 1889, at . Married on March 20, 1845, at "The

Lock" below Thompsontown, Pa., (525) James Thompson, (born

, 1819; died June 18, 1854) son of John and Jane (Gilfillen)

Thompson and grandson of Robert and Sarah (Mitchell) Thompson
and of James Gilfillen, see 315, 3212, 3213, and 72. Issue (i) Mary
Evaline, (2) Heber, (3) James Addison— see 525.

315 — William Thompson, l)orn Dec. 4, 1820, at Goshen, Pa.; died Oct. 30,
1887, at McAlisterville, Pa. Married on Jan. 14, 1845, at John
Patterson Thompson's homestead, Margaret Gilfillen (born Jan. 19,
1825; died Aug. 14, 1911), daughter of James Gilfillen (1781-1852) and
Sarah (Jones) Gilfillen (1784-1854); granddaughter of James Gil-
fillen (1742-1804) and Nancy (Watts) Gilfillen and of Lewis and
Patience (Londen) Jones; great-granddaughter of Robert and Jean


(McConnell) Gilfillen and great-great-granddaughter of James and
Margaret (Briton) McConnell — see 72. James Gilfillen, Sr. and Lewis
Jones served in the Revolution. Lewis Jones was a grandson of David
Jones (married Sarah Bertram, daughter of Rev. William Bertram)
who came to America in 1701 and obtained from William Penn, title
to land now called Overbrook, Pa., where some of his descendants
now live. Children of William and Margaret (Gilfillen) Thompson
(i) Theophilus Mitchcl, (2) Elmira.

3151— Theophilus Mitchel Thompson, horn July 6, 1847, at Oakland Mills,

Pa.; died April 25, 1912. Married Jan. 15, 1884 at McAlisterville,

Pa., Maggie Jacobs, daughter of Allen and Mary (Louch) Jacobs.

Issue (i) Anne Gilfillen, (2) Mary Gilfillen, (3) James Sharon Gil-

31511 — Annie Gilfillen Thompson, born Feb. 24, 1885. at Mc-Misterville,
Pa. Married June 30, 1915, Samuel Curran Watts, son of Samuel

and Anna B. (Curran) Watts, grandson of Samuel and

(KaufTman) Watts, great-grandson of Samuel and (Cramer)

Watts, and great-great-grandson of Samuel Watts, the founder of
the family in America, who fought in the Revolution and was killed
in the Battle of Monmouth. Issue (i) Hugh Curran.

315111 — Hugh Curran Watts, born Feb. , 1917, at McAlisterville. Pa.

31512 — Mary Gilfillen Thompson, born Apr. 17, 1889, at McAlisterville,
Pa. Address, McAlisterville, Pa.

31513 — James Sharon Gilfillen Thompson, born Dec. 27. 1892, at McAlister-
ville, Pa. Unmarried. Farmer, McAlisterville, Pa.

3152 — Elmira Thompson, born Oct. 10. 1849, at Oakland Mills, Pa. Mar-
ried on Dec. 27. 1883, at Mc.\listerville, Pa., James Miller McDonald,
son of James Smith and Mary Ann (Enslow) McDonald, of Mc-
Coystown, Pa. Issue (i) William Thompson, (2) James Lamont, (3)
Margaret Gilfillen.

31521 — William Thompson McDonald, born June 15, 1885, at Mifflintown,

31522 — James Lamont McDonald, born Jan. 26, 1887, at Mifflintown, Pa.
Address, Miftlintown, Pa. Married June 24, 1908, at Mifflin, Pa.,
Nora B. Cramer. Issue (i) Alice E., (2) Mar>- E.

31522 1 — Alice E McDonald, born June 21, 1909.

315222— Mary E McDonald, born Sept. 24, 191 1.


31523 — Margaret Gilfillen McDonald, born Oct. 19, 1890, at Mifflintown,
Pa. Married June 24, 1908 at Mifflin, Pa., Grover C. Cramer.

316 — John Thompson, born , at Goshen Farm. Married April

7, 1846 in Juniata County, Pa., Margaret Wright. — No data.

32 — James Thompson, born Feb. 2, 1782, near Thompsontown, Pa.; died
Dec. 14, 1847 at Mexico, Pa. He spelled his name Thomson up to
1800. He was appointed postmaster at Mexico, Pa., Oct. 11, 181 5. He
was a merchant and a miller at Mexico. He was married on April 2,
1810 by Rev. Thomas Smith to Martha Porter Allen (born Sept. 19,
1788; died Nov. 22, 1855, in Mexico, Pa.) daughter of David and Mary
(Nelson) Allen. David Allen was a soldier of the Revolution who
came to Juniata County in 1783, married Mary, daughter of Robert
Nelson, and became the father of two daughters, both of whom married
Thompsons, Martha becoming the wife of James Thompson of Mexico,
and Jane, the wife of Mitchell Thompson (57) who resided about two
miles below Thompsontown — see "History of Juniata and Susquehanna
Valleys in Pennsylvania," p. 858 — Robert Nelson (born 1725; died 1805
at Bowling Green, Ky., aged 83) was said to have been a nephew of
Thomas Nelson and his second wife, Mrs. Fannie (Houston) Tucker
Nelson and a grandson of Hugh and Sarah Nelson of Penrith, County
of Cumberland, England — see the Baltimore Sun, May 13, 1906. His
wife was Martha (Patterson) Nelson (born 1731; died 1794 at Cedar
Springs, Pa.), daughter of Walker and Margaret (Scott) Patterson of
the Parish Harwick — see No. 381. Children of James and Martha
(Allen) Thompson (i) Charles Allen, (2) Lucinda Mitchell, (3) Allen
Mitchell, (4) Lewis Nelson, (5) Jerome Nelson, (6) Horace Nelson.

321— Charles Allen Thompson, born Jan. ir, 181 1, at Mexico, Pa.; died
Oct. 19, 1854, at Alexico, Pa. He was a merchant, miller and coal dealer.
Married by Rev. John Hutchinson of Mifflintown on March 11, 1834,
at Millerstown, Pa., Mary Ann Cochran (born June 14, 1815, at Mil-
lerstown, Pa. ; died June 14, 1887, at Mexico, Pa., daughter of Thomas
and Sophia Maria (Porter) Cochran — see 32134 and 571. Thomas
Cochran was born 1776 in Redcastle, near Londonderry, Ireland and
died Feb. 10, 1846 at Millerstown, Pa. His wife was born Oct. 16,
1776, near Redcastle, Ireland and died March 29, 1852 in Pennsylvania.
She was the daughter of Robert Porter who served as Colonel in the
Revolution and participated in the battle of Brandywine — see Biograph-
ical Encyclopedia of Juniata Valley, Pa., p. 1272. Thomas Cochran
and his brothers Samuel, Robert and William, bought land in Chester
County, Pa., upon which they laid out a town called Cochranville. In
1801 he moved to Millerstown, Pa., where he kept the first tavern in
the town and served as postmaster. From 1813 to 1835 he was a mer-
chant in Alillerstown. Children of C. A. and Mary Ann (Cochran)

Home iif James Thnmpsnn >:i2) and Martha Allen) Thompson,
Alexia). Juniata Co.. Pa.




^^^^^P ^I^^^^L-^

^^BR^^K '^^^^Br 1 ■ ' Ib^ ^.^JH^hL^^^^^^I^^^^^^^I




Residence of the Late William Porter Thompson. Mexico, Juniata Co., Pa.

Located on a farm which has been held by only two families since being patented, namely,
those of Captain James Patterson and his son George, and James Thompson iNo. 32)
and his grandson W. Porter Thompson i No. 3213'.
James Patterson's Fort "Pomfret Castle "

It is situated near the site of Captain

Home of Charles Allen Thompson (321 ) and Mary Ann (Cochran)

Thompson, Mexico, Juniata Co., Pa., now the home of

Mrs. Charles Allen Thompson. Jr. (3218).

BRANCH NO. 3 9 1

Thompson, (i) Martha Jane Allen, (2) James Horace, (3) William
Porter, (4) Emma Sophia, (5) Eliza Ellen, (6) Ada Marion, (7)
Anna Mary, (8) Charles Allen.

321 1— Martha Jane Allen Thompson, born Apr. 22. 1835. at Mexico, Pa.;
died March i, 1901 at Hawleyville, Iowa. Married on April 12, 1864
at Mexico, Pa., Georjje Ruffer Rumbauprh (born April 19, 1829 at
Millerstown, Pa.; died June 25, 1882 at Hawleyville, Iowa) son of

John and Elizabeth ( ) Rumbaugh. G. A. Rum-

baiigh was a physician at Hawleyville, Iowa. Issue (i) Gus Thomp-
son, (2) Nettie May.

321 1 1— Gus Thompson Rumbaugh, l)orn Jan. 7, 1867, at Hawleyville, Iowa.
Address, G. T. RumbauRh, M. D., Villisca, Iowa. Married March 8,
1893, at Villisca, Iowa, Nettie Hutton (horn May I, 1866, at Williams-
burR, Ohio) daughter of Pleasant Miles and Mary Ann (McDon-

oufih) Hutton and granddaughter of George and Eva ( )

McDonough. No issue.

32112— Nettie May Rumbaugh, hum Jan. 27, 1869. at Hawleyville. Iowa.
Married Dec. 15, 1887. at Hawleyville, Iowa, Forney W. Ammons.
Farmer, Clarinda, Iowa. Issue (i) Eugene Rumbaugh, (2) Adda

321121— Eugene Rumbaugh Ammons, born Mar. i, 1892, at Hawley-ville,
Iowa. Address, Seattle, Wash.

321 122— Adda Marion Ammons, born Oct. 26, 1896. at Hawle>'ville, Iowa.
Address, Clarinda, Iowa.

3212— James Horace Thompson, Imrn Mar. 26, 1837, at Mexico, Pa.; died
July 22, 1894, at Tyrone, Pa. Married twice; first Jan. 18, 1872, at
Millerstown, Pa., Annie Eliza Gilfillen (born at Millerstown; died
June 3, 1882 in Mexico, Pa.) daughter of James and Margaretta
Hollingsworth (Alexander) Gilfillen, and granddaughter of James and
Sarah (Jones) Gilfillen, and of Benjamin and Rebecca (Woodland)
Alexander — see 315, 3213, 626 and 72. He married secondly on April

, 1886 at Philadelphia, Mary C. Cadwalader of Tj-rone, Pa.

Address, Mrs. Mary Cadwalader Thompson, Los Angeles, Cal.

3213— William Porter Thompson, born Apr. 26, 1839, at Mexico, Pa.; died
July 31, 1915 at Mexico, Pa. Married Dec. 16, 1858 near Millers-
town, Pa., Sarah Jane Gilfillen (born Sept. 15, 1839; died Oct. 6,
1916 at Mexico, Pa. ; buried at Mexico) daughter of James
Gilfillen (born March 12, 1812; died Oct. 1879 at Millerstown)
and Margaretta Hollingsworth (Alexander) Gilfillen, and grand-


daughter of James and Sarah (Jones) Gilfillen of Mt. Pleasant and
of Benjamin and Rebecca (Woodland) Alexander— see 315, 3212, 626
and -jz. Issue (i) Cora Emily, (2) Clara Gilfillen, (3) Nettie Leo-
nore, (4) Jerome Nelson, (5) James Gilfillen.

32131 — Cora Emily Thompson (twin), born Sept. 6, 1859. Unmarried.
Address, Mexico, Pa.

32132 — Clara Gilfillen Thompson (twin), liorn Sept. 6, 1859; died Jan. 2,

32133 — Nettie Lenore Thompson, born Apr. 6, 1862, at Mexico, Pa.; died
Sept. 30, 1866.

32134 — Jerome Nelson Thompson, born Apr. 14, 1865, at Mexico, Pa.; died
Jan. 16, 191 5 at Wilkesbarre, Pa., buried at Lewistown, Pa. He was
educated at the Airy View Academy, Port Royal, Pa. At the age of
23 years he started the First National Bank at Middleburg, Snyder
Count}', Pa. He became later director of the Belleville Bank, Belle-
ville, Pa. ; director of the Plymouth Bank, Plymouth, Pa. ; director
of the Russell National Bank, Lewistown, Pa., and Treasurer of the
Wyoming Valley Trust Co., Wilkes Barre, Pa. He was also a
director in the Connecticut River Power Plant, and of the Wyoming
Valley Gas & Electric Light Co. He served for two years as the
president of the Thompson family assemblies held annually at
Thompsontown, Pa., since 191 1, although his health would not per-
mit his attendance at the exercises. He married on Jan. 20, 1905
at Lewistown, Pa., Gertrude Mann (born April 3, 1875, at Manns
Mifflin Co., Pa., daughter of William (3rd) and Mary Jane (Cochran)
Mann and granddaughter of William (2nd) and Ann (Hutcheson)
Mann and of Thomas Preston Cochran, granddaughter of Thomas
and Sophia Maria (Porter) Cochran and great-granddaughter of
Colonel Robert Porter — see 321 and 571. The pioneer of the Mann
famil}' was Thomas Mann, who was born in County Derry, Ireland,
and died 1820 in Wales, Erie County, N. Y. His son William Mann,
Sr., who married Rachel Gillette, daughter of Stephen Gillette of
Hartford, Conn., was born Aug. 18, 1779, in Braintree, Mass., and
died at Boiling Spring, Center County, Pa. Feb., i860. William
Mann, Jr., who married Ann Hutcheson, was born Oct. 18, 1802 in
Johnstown, N. Y., and died June 11, 1855 in Mifflin County, Pa.
William Mann (3rd) was born Jan. 7, 1837 at Manns, Mifflin County,
Pa., and died May 17, 1876, on the Ohio River near Shancetown,
Ohio. Child of J. N. and Gertrude (Mann) Thompson (i) Mary

321341— Mary Cochran Thompson, born Dec. 11, 1906. Address Wilkes-
Barrc, I'a.


32135— James Gilfillen Thompson, born Dec. 26, 1868. at Mexico, Pa.
Cashier First National Bank, Middleburg, Snyder County, Pa. Mar-
ried Edna Rebecca Leisenring (born June 2"], 1884) daughter of
Edwin Hutter and Ida Elizabeth (Atkinson) Leisenring, and grand-
daughter of Gideon and Louise (Shindle) Leisenring and of William

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