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The descendants of John Thomson, pioneer Scotch covenanter; genealogical notes on all known descendants of John Thomson, covenanter, of Scotland, Ireland and Pennsylvania, with such biographical sketches as could be obtained from availble published records, or were supplied by the friends of those i online

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Online LibraryAddams Stratton McAllisterThe descendants of John Thomson, pioneer Scotch covenanter; genealogical notes on all known descendants of John Thomson, covenanter, of Scotland, Ireland and Pennsylvania, with such biographical sketches as could be obtained from availble published records, or were supplied by the friends of those i → online text (page 9 of 32)
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Frederick and Anna Rebecca (Altwater) Atkinson. Issue (i) James

321351— James Gilfillen Thompson, Jr., born Mar. 13, 1910. at Middleburg,
Snyder County, Pa.

3214— Emma Sophia Thompson, born June 12, 1841, at Mexico, Pa.; died
April 30, 1906 at Clearfield, Pa. Married by Rev. Wm. Porter Coch-
ran on Jan. 2, 1868, at Mexico, Pa., to John \V. Wright, who was born
at Clearfield, Pa., April 30, 1839 and died at Lockhaven, Pa., April
29, 1874. Issue (i) Abram Kegg>'.

32141— Abram Keggy Wright, born Oct. 2, 1868, at Clearfield, Pa. Un-
married. Address, Clearfield, Pa.

3215— Eliza Ellen Thompson, born Nov. 7. 1843. in Mexico. Juniata Co.,
Pa. Married Marcii 6, 1873, Dr. James Thompson Mahon (born
Dec. 8, 1841 near Chambersburg, Franklin County, Pa.; died Feb. I,

1895 at Lewistown, Mifflin County, Pa.) son of Dr. David D

and Martha S (Cochran) Mahon of Newton Hamilton,

Mifflin County, Pa. James T. Mahon graduated with honors from
the Baltimore Medical College (Uni. of Md.) in 1864 and located first
in Newton Hamilton, where his father was a practicing physician.
In 1885 he moved to Lewistown, Mifflin County, Pa. He served as
assistant surgeon of the 187th Pennsylvania \'olunteers during the
Civil War and was surgeon for Colonel Huling Post of Lewistown,
for several years. For 2"] years he was physician for the Penn. R. R.
and was a member of the U. S. Pension Board of Examining Sur-
geons in Mifilin County, Pa. No children.

3216— Ada Marion Thompson, born Nov. 10, 1845, at Mexico, Pa.; died
Jan. 19, igoo, Mifflintown, Pa. Married Jan. 5, 1870, at Mexico, Pa.
Hon. Jeremiah Lyons (born Sept. 16, 1839 in Saville Township, Perry
County, Pa.; died Nov. 14, 1900) son of Nicholas and Sarah (Yohn)
Lyons. Jeremiah Lyons was one of the organizers and first president
of the First National Bank of Mifflintown, Pa. In 1891 he was elected
Judge of the Fortj'-first Judicial District of Pennsylvania. He was
trustee of the Presbyterian Church — see Bio. Hist, of Juniata Valley
in Penn., p. 790.


3217 — Anna Mary Thompson, l)orn Mar. 7. 1848, at Mexico, Pa.; died Nov.
21, 1916, at Lewistovvn, Pa. Married Dec. 21, 1871, at Mexico, Pa.,
Jacob Rickenbaugh (born Nov. 11, 1844, in Walker Township, Mif-
flin County, Pa.) son of Jacob and Mary (Seiber) Rickenbaugh,
grandson of Jacob and Barbara (Hartzler) Rickenbaugh, great-
grandson of John and Reronicica (Rickenbaugh) Hertzler and great-
great-grandson of Julius Rickenbaugh of Switzerland, who came to
Philadelphia from Holland (Rotterdam) in the ship Rick Mary in
^733- Jacob Rickenbaugh, the husband of Anna Mary Thompson,
served in the 194th Pennsylvania Volunteers under Col. William B.
Elder in 1864. Issue (i) Mary Thompson, (2) Gertrude May, (3)
Charles Allen, (4) Margery Edith, (5) Guy Blain.

32 1 7 1— Mary Thompson Rickenbaugh, born Feb. 13, 1873, at Mexico, Pa.
Address, Lewistown, Pa. Unmarried.

32172— Gertrude May Rickenbaugh, l)orn Apr. 4, 1875, at Mexico, Pa. Ad-
dress, Lewistown, Pa. Unmarried.

32173— Charles Allen Rickenbaugh, born Jan. 30, 1877, at Mexico, Pa.
Coal operator, general manager of Moshanon Coal Co., Osceola
Mills, Pa. Married Eva Magdalene Miller. No children.

32174— Margery Edith Rickenbaugh, born May 22, 1880, at Mexico, Pa.
Married on June 7, at Meria, to John Walter Leonard, Su-
perintendent of United States Leather Co., Titusville, Pa. No chil-

32175— Guy Blain Rickenbaugh, l)orn June 12, 1883, at Mexico, Pa. Assist-
ant cashier. First National Bank, Tyrone, Pa., to Feb. i, 1915; then
became treasurer, Tarentum (Pa.) Savings & Trust Co.; then cashier.
Bank of Waynesboro, Pa., and on Aug. i, 1916, became assistant
cashier of the Irving National Bank, New York City.

3218— Charles Allen Thompson, born Jan. 22, 1851, at Mexico, Pa.; died
Oct. 12, 1897, at Mexico, Pa. Married Feb. 10, 1881, at Mexico,
Jennie Hctrick (i)orn Dec. 19, 1861), daughter of William and Sarah
(Seiber) Hctrick. Address, Mrs. Jennie (Hctrick) Thompson, Mex-
ico, Pa. Issue (i) Charles Allen, (2) Martha Jane.

32181— Charles Allen Thompson, Jr., l,nrn Jan. 20. 1884; died Feb. 10,
18S4, at Mexico, I 'a.

32182— Martha Jane Thompson, l)orn July 3, 1897.

322— Lucinda Mitchell Thompson, born Dec. 30, 1812, at Mexico, Pa.;
died l\l). 9, 1813, at Mexico, Pa.

Home of Jerome Nelson Thompson [325) and Jane ' Wright^ Thompson,

on the Juniata, near Mexico. Juniata Co.. Pa., nou- owned by

their grand-niece, Martha Jane Thompson [32182 j.

331 Edward Patterson Thompson
33241 Edward Walter Thompson


323— Allen Mitchell Thompson, born Feb. 3. 1814. at Mexico. Pa.; died

April 13, 1844, at Mexico, Pa. Married on May 16, 1843, at ,

, Sophia Porter McDowell. No issue.

324— Lewis Nelson Thompson, born Oct. 19, 1815, at Mexico. Pa.; died
June 25, 1816, at Mexico, Pa.

325— Jerome Nelson Thompson, born Sept. 27. 1817, at Mexico. Pa.; died

April 26, 1895, at Mexico, Pa. Married on Oct. i, 1840, at ,

Jane Wrifiht (born July 11, 1816, died ) daughter of John

and Elizabeth (McCrum) Wrij^ht. Issue three children who died in

326— Horace Nelson Thompson, l„,rn Nov. 3. 1825. at Mexico. Pa.; died
March 11, 1827, at ^^exico, Pa.

33— William Thompson, Jr., born Dec. 15. 1785, in Pfoutz's Valley. Pa.;
died Marcli iX, 1834 at Thompsontown. Pa. He and his brother Isaac
(36) served in the war of 1812 at Black Rock encampment. William
Thompson was captain of the company from his county, which ren-
dered service during that war. On Aug. 8, 1833 he set sail for England
and France in search of health but evidently was not benefited by the
trip for his death occurred at Thompsontown during the following
March. He was married on June 14, 1816 at Chestnut Hill. Pa., by the
Rev. Mr. Brown, of the Presbyterian Church, to Charlotte Chambers
Patterson (born at Mexico. Pa., March 9. 1794; died at Marietta, Pa.,
March 20, 1863) daughter of George and Jean (Burd) Patterson, grand-
daughter of Capt. James Patterson, Jr.. and Mary (Stuart) Patterson
and of Colonel James and Sarah (Shippen) Burd; great-granddaughter
of Capt. James Patterson, Sr., and Susan (Howard) Patterson of

George and Jean ( ) Stuart of Edward and Jean (Haliburton)

Burd and of Judge Edward and Sara (Plumley) Shippen. Edward
Shippen was the son of Joseph and Abigail (Grosse) Shippen, the
grandson of Edward Shippen, the first mayor of Philadelphia, and his
wife Elizabeth (Lybrand) Shippen, and great-grandson of William
Shippen, member of Parliament, and his wife Mary (Xunnes) Shippen,
daughter of John and Effan (Crossfield) Nunnes. Sarah (Plumley)
Shippen was a daughter of Charles and Rose (Budd) Plumley and
granddaughter of Charles and Margaret (Page) Plumley and of

Thomas and Sarah ( ) Budd. Abagail (Grosse) Shippen

was a daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth (Atherton) Grosse, a
granddaughter of Clement Grosse and a great-granddaughter of Isaac
Grosse. The Shippen family occupied positions of importance, and
were known for their integrit>' and honorable lives — see Provincial
Councillors of Pennsylvania, pp. 46, 47, 48. Edward Shippen who was


born on his ancestoral estate, Hillham, England, moved to Philadelphia
to better his fortune and was named the first Mayor of Philadelphia,
Oct. 25, 1701, by William Penn. His country house stood near the pres-
ent S. W. corner of South and Broad Streets, and his property stretched
along the south side of the old city — from Front to i6th. His grandson
Edward Shippen of Lancaster, as he was commonly known was Judge
of the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas. His advanced age only,
prevented his taking active service during the Revolution — but he was
untiring in his efforts to help to the best of his ability. He was a Com-
mitteeman of Lancaster County. He did not live to hear of the sur-
render of Cornwallis — but his faith in the success of the righteous
cause, seems never once to have wavered — see Provincial Councillors of
Pennsylvania, pp. 46-52. Col. James Burd was captain, major and
colonel in the Provincial Service of Pennsylvania 1755-64. He was
colonel of Second Battalion of the Pennsylvania Regiment, Provincial
Service — Jan. 2, 1758-64. He was a chairman of a Town Meeting in
favor of Action of Colonies, in Middletown, Pa., June 8, 1774, and was
Committeeman in Lancaster County, Pa., for Paxtang Township 1774-75.
He was elected colonel of the Fourth Battalion of the Associated Bat-
talion of Lancaster County, Sept. 18, 1775. He resigned Dec, 1776,
owing to dissentions and reluctance of the men to serve in any place
except in their own immediate neighborhood. His journal dating from
1756-57, giving interesting accoimts of the operations of the Colonial
forces — the building of Fort Agusta at Sunbury — and part of Wash-
ington's early career, was published by the State of Pennsylvania. Ed-
ward Burd, the son of Col. Burd, went to Boston in 1775, with Thomp-
son's Battalion of Riflemen. He was major of Flying Camp, and taken
prisoner at Long Island. For his active service, see Vol. XHL Second
Series, Pennsylvania Archives, p. 307. Captain James Patterson, son of
James Patterson, Sr., who came from Salisbury, England, and settled
in 1 71 7 on the northern line of Conestoga Manor, Lancaster County, Pa.,
was "the most illustrious pioneer settler in Juniata Count}^, Pa." — see
History of Juniata and Susquehanna Valleys in Pennsylvania, p. 851.
He obtained the first warrant for land in Juniata County on Feb. 4, 1755,
for 400 acres at what is now Mexico, Pa. In 1767 he built the first grist-
mill and saw-mill east of the river, then known as Patterson's Mills,
but now Mexico. George, the youngest son of Capt. James and Mary
(Stuart) Patterson, "married Jean, daughter of Colonel James Burd,
the most noted military man in this province during the French and
Indian War." Children of William and Charlotte Chambers (Patter-
son) Thompson, (l) Edward Patterson, (2) William Shippen, (3)
Maria Louisa, (4) George, (5) Lucian Mitchell, (6) Theophilus, (7)
Mary Patterson, (8) Theodore Samuel, (9) Robert Mitchell, (10)

Josephine Patterson. On , 1840, at , the widow

of William Thompson, Charlotte Chambers (Patterson) Thompson,
became the second wife of Andrew Thompson — 55. No children.


331 — Edward Patterson Thompson, born May 24. 18 17, at Thompsontown,
Pa.; died April 12, 1904 on his farm near Wichita, Kans. Married on

March 4, 1839, at Mexico, Pa., Matilda Snyder (born ;

died March 29, 191 1 at Wichita, Kans.) Issue (i) Cora Burd, (2)
Josephine Patterson, (3) Charlotte Chambers — dead, (4) Matilda
Shippen. Address, 1320 North Topeka Ave., Wichita, Kan.

332 — William Shippen Thompson, born Oct. 31, 1818, at Thompsontown,
Pa.; died Dec. 31, 1891, at Topeka, Kan. He was married on April
6, 1848 at Milton, Pa., by the Rev. David Longmore, to Isabella Hunter
Marr (born July 4, 1823; died July 23, 1878, at Topeka), daughter of
Allen Marr (born June 18, 1787; died March 29, 1843 and Margaret
(Hunter) Marr, and granddaughter of Joseph Marr (born June 5,
1750; died Sept. 3, 1796) and Susanna (Price) Marr, and of David and
Isabella (Patterson) Hunter; and great-granddaughter of William and
Esther (Finley) Patterson. Issue (l) Theodore, (2) Robert Shippen,
(3) William, (4) Walter Marr, (5) Ella, (6) Isabella Marr.

3321 — Theodore Thompson, l)orn Jan. 12, 1849; died .\ug. 12, 1849, at
Thompsontown, Pa.

3322 — Robert Shippen Thompson, l)()rn May 12, 1852, at Thompsontown,
Pa. Furniture dealer. Address, 808 Kansas Ave., Topeka, Kan.

3323 — William Thompson, born Sept. 22, 1854, at Thompsontown, Pa.;
died Jan. 12, 1850, at Thompsontown, Pa.

3324 — Walter Marr Thompson, born May 24, 1857, at Thompsontown, Pa.
Furniture dealer, .-\ddrcss iioo West 6th St., Topeka, Kan. Married
on Jan. 23, i8«)6, at Johnstown, Pa., Anna Elizabeth Keim, daughter
of Mahlon Walter and Elizabeth (Dibert) Keim and granddaughter

of John and Sarah ( ) Keim and of John and Rachel

( ) Dibert. Issue (i) Edward Walter, (2) William Keim,

(3) Charles Frederick, (4) Elizabeth, (5) Isabella Mildred.

33241— Edward Walter Thompson, born Nov. 5, 1896, at Topeka, Kans.
33242 — William Keim Thompson, born July 21, 1898, at Topeka, Kans.
33243 — Charles Frederick Thompson, born Jan. 1900. at Topeka, Kans.
33244 — Elizabeth Thompson, born Sept. 14. 1901, at Topeka, Kans.

33245 — Isabella Mildred Thompson, born Aug. i, 1904. at Topeka, Kans.;
died Jan. 29, 1906, at Topeka, Kans.


3325 — Ella Thompson, born Dec. 7, 1859, at Thompsontown, Pa.; died
Feb. 7, 1912, at Topeka, Kans.

3326 — Isabella Marr Thompson, born Aug. 19, 1864, at Thompsontown,
Pa. ; died June 12, 1909, at Topeka, Kans.

333 — Maria Louisa Thompson, born Aug. 6, 1820, at Thompsontown, Pa.;
died Jan. 27, 1821, at Thompsontown, Pa.

334 — George Thompson, born Nov. i, 1821, at Thompsontown, Pa.; died
Sept. I, 1826, at Thompsontown, Pa.

335 — Lucien Mitchell Thompson, born Mar. 26, 1823, at Thompsontown,
Pa. ; died Aug. 30, 1894, or June 12, 1909, at Mahanoy City, Pa. Phy-
sician, Mahanoy City, Pa. Married on Nov. 28, 1848, at Philadelphia,

Pa., Kate Trautman, daughter of George Christian and Sarah ( )

Trautman. No issue.

336 — Theophilus Thompson, born Feb. 27, 1825, at Thompsontown, Pa.;

died Mar. 12, 1912, at Leeds, Mo. Married on , at

, Elizabeth Harington, daughter of Thomas and Hettia

(Pitcher) Harington. Issue (i) William.

3361 — William Thompson, born June 4, 1861, in Clay County, Mo. Mar-
ried on July 28, 1888, at Kansas City, Mo., Sarah Jane Remy,

daughter of Jasper Remy and granddaughter of Burgis W

Ray. Address, Leeds, Jackson County, Mo. Issue (i) William, (2)
Mary Ellen, (3) Edward Francis, (4) Thomas Alva, (5) Sarah Jane.

3361 1 — William Thompson, born Oct. 27, 1889, at Kansas City, Mo. Ad-
dress Leeds, Mo.

33612— Mary Ellen Thompson, born Sept. 24, 1891, at Kansas City, Mo.
Married June 9, 1908, at Leeds, Mo., Martin Cornelius Mitt. Issue
(i) William Martin, (2) Mary Ellen.

336121 — William Martin Mitt, born July i, 1909, in Jackson County, Mo.
336122 — Mary Ellen Mitt, born May 26, 1915.

33613— Edward Francis Thompson, Ijoin June 2, 1894. Address, Leeds, Mo.
33614— Thomas Alva Thompson, l)orn Aug. 13, 1901. Address, Leeds, Mo.
33615 — Sarah Jane Thompson, born Dec. 24, 1904. Address, Leeds, Mo.


337 — Mary Patterson Thompson, born June 14, 1828, at Thompsontown,
Pa.; died Feb. 26, 1829, at Thompsontown, Pa.

338 — Theodore Samuel Thompson, born Feb. 2, 1829. at Thompsontown,
Pa. ; died April 22, 1904, at Thompsontown, Pa. It was he who co-
operated with his first cousin Heber Samuel Thompson — 394 — in the
preparation of the "Thompson Family" booklet upon which the present
family records have been based. He married on Jan. 8, 1861, at
Marietta, Lancaster County, Pa., Annie Elizabeth Cassel (born July 9,
1833, at Marietta, Pa.; died Oct. 29, 1914, at Thompsontown, Pa.),
dauRhter of Abraham and Amelia Caroline (Quest) Cassel and grand-
daughter of David and Catherine (Hemly) Cassel and of John and
MarRarctta (Cossart) Quest. David Cassel was a son of Abraham
and Esther (Weiss) Cassel, grandson of Abraham and Catherine
( ) Cassel, great-grandson of Johannes Cassel and great-
great-great-grandson of Yclles Cassel. Children of Theodore Samuel
and Annie Elizabeth (Cassel) Thompson, (i) Emma Cassell, (2)
Herbert Moodie, (3) Edward Shippen.

3381 — Emily Cassel Thompson, born at .\shland. Pa. Educated at St.
Mary's Hall, Burlington, X. J. Resides in the William Thompson,
Sr, homestead, Thompsontown, Pa. Married May 30, 1882, Thomas
Wood Haldeman of Columbia, Lancaster County, Pa., son of George
Washington and Jennie Maria (Wood) Haldeman of Columbia, Pa.,
grandson of Peter and Sarah Atlee (Barber) Haldeman and of
Thomas and Maria (Fleetwood) Wood, great-grandson of John and
Maria (Brenneman) Haldeman and Nathaniel (2nd) and Rachel Jane
(Atlee) Barber, great-great-grandson of Jacob and Maria (Miller)
Haldeman and Nathaniel (ist) and Mar>' (Connor) Barber and
Colonel Samuel John and Sarah (Richardson) .\tlee. Jacob Haldeman
was a grandson of the Honottc Gaspard Haldimand of Thun, Canton
Berne, Switzerland, who with four sons removed to Yverdon, Canton
Vaud, April i, 165 1 {Miscellcna Geologica et Hcraldica, Vol. IV, p.
369). Member Committee of Observation (Pi-nna. Archives, 2nd
Series, \'ol. XXIII. p. 294). Corporal in the Lancaster County- Bat-
talion of the "Flying Camp" and participated in the Battle of Long
Island, etc. (Pcnna Archives, 2nd Series, Vol. XIII, pp. 295 and 397;
3rd Series. Vol. XXIII. p. 463)- The eldest brother of Jacob Halde-
man was the noted British general. Sir Frederick Haldimand, K. B.,
Commander-in-Chief of His Majesty's forces in America, succeeding
Guy Carleton, Lord Dorchester (Penn Monthly, Aug., 1881). John
Haldeman was a private in Lancaster County Battalion (3rd and 7th)
(Peiitta. Archives, 5th Series, Vol. VII, pp. 198, 204, 452, 725, 785)
and served in Pennsylvania Legislature in 1795. Colonel Samuel John
Atlee, a descendant of Samuel Atlee of Bentford, England (1669-70-
1710-11) was ensign, lieutenant and captain serving under Major
afterward Colonel James Burd in the French and Indian Wars.


Served as Colonel of the First Regiment of Pennsylvania Musketry
and was captured at the Battle of Long Island. Upon his exchange
he was elected member of the Continental Congress 1778, served as
Lieutenant of Lancaster County 1780, member of Supreme Executive
Council 1783, member of Assembly 1782-5-6 (Pcnna. Magazine, Vol.
H, p. 74). Children of Thomas Wood and Emily Cassel (Thompson)
Haldeman, (i) George Thompson, (2) Theodore Thompson, (3)
Jennie Wood Thompson, (4) Thomas Wood.

3381 1 — George Thompson Haldeman, born March i, 1883, at Columbia, Pa.
Attended the Pennsjdvania State College and received the degree of
Mining Engineer from the University of Pittsburgh. Member of
American Institute of Mining Engineers, Engineers Society of West-
ern Pennsylvania, Societe Geologique de France, Societe Geologique
de Belgique. Address, Thompsontown, Pa. Married June 8, 1910,
in New York City, Agnes Wallace Campbell Maclndoe (born in
New York City, Oct. 23, 1885), daughter of Walter James and
Annie Lee (Millar) Maclndoe and granddaughter of William and
Agnes Wallace (Campbell) Maclndoe and William Guernsey and
Susan Leroy Millar. Agnes Wallace Campbell (Maclndoe) Halde-
man is a descendant of Sir William Wallace and of Robert the
Bruce, King of Scotland. Attended Miss Graham's School, New
York City, graduated from the Horace Mann School of Columbia
University. Issue (i) Janet Emily.

3381 1 1 — Janet Emily Haldeman, born May 20, 191 1, at Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

33812 — Theodore Thompson Haldeman, born Aug. 4, 1884, at Columbia, Pa.
Married May 13, 1913, May Nixon of Washington, Pa. Issue (i)

338121 — Frederick Haldeman, born Feb. 20, 1914, at Dover, Del.

33813— Jennie Wood Thompson Haldeman, born March 8, 1886, at Colum-
bia, Pa. Graduated Hannah Moore Academy, Reisterstown, Md.
Married Feb. 19, 1909, Joseph Bird Cummins. Address, New York
City. No issue.

33814— Thomas Wood Haldeman, Jr., l)orn July 9, 1899, at Shamokin, Pa. ;
died Dec. 14, 1902.

3382— Herbert Moodie Thompson, l)orn Oct. 8, 1865, at Marietta, Pa.; died
Dec. 19, 1906, at Thompsontown, Pa. Unmarried.

3383 — Edward Shippen Thomson, l)orn at Marietta, Pa., on May 23. 1869.
Address, 'iliompsontown. Pa. He has served as treasurer of the
Thompson Family Association since its formation in 191 1. To him


must be given most credit for the success which has attended the
Thompson Family Assemblies held annually under his personal direc-
tion at Thompsontown. He married on June 3, 1912, at Oak Lane,
Philadelphia, Pa., Charlotte Patterson Crowther — 33(10)36 — daughter
of Henry and Josephine Patterson (Zell) Crowther, granddaughter
of Henry and Amelia (Homan) Crowther, and of Thomas and
Josephine Patterson (Thompson) Zell. Issue (i) William Halibur-
ton, (2) Charlotte Patterson, (3) Edward Shippen.

33831— William Haliburton Thomson, horn Apr. 26, 1913, at the William
Thomson, Sr., homestead, Thompsontown, Pa.

33832— Charlotte Patterson Thomson, Ijorn July 28, 1914, at the William
Thomson, Sr., homestead.

33833— Edward Shippen Thomson, Jr., horn Feb. 19. 1916, at the William
Thomson, Sr., homestead.

339— Robert Mitchell Thompson, born Dec. 22. 1831, at Thompsontown,
Pa. ; died Nov. 7, 1832, at Thompsontown, Pa.

33(10)— Josephine Patterson Thompson, horn Dec. 6, 1833, at Thompson-
town, Pa. It was she who first called the attention of the family
to the resting place of Pioneer John Thomson, and to her must be
credited the enthusiasm that has kept alive the Thompson Family
Assemblies. The "Queen of the Thompsons" — see the Introduction.
She married on Dec. 23, 1851, at Green Dale Farm, Pa., Thomas
Zell (born Mar. 18, 1821, at Marietta, Pa.; died Feb. 13, 1885, at
Reading, Pa.), son of Jacob and Margaret (Evans) Zell and grand-
son of Squire John Zell, Churchtown, Pa. Margaret Evans was the
daughter of Maj. Samuel and Frances (Lowrey) Evans and grand-
daughter of Col. Evans and Margaret (Niven) Evans and of Col.
Alexander and Ann (Alricks) Lowrey. Col. Alexander Lowrey
was a son of Lazarus Lowrey who was of Scotch-Irish ancestry and
came from the North of Ireland and settled in Donegal, Lancaster
County, Pa., in 1728. In 1729 he was licensed to trade with the
Indians. He died in Philadelphia in 1753. His son Col. Alexander
Lowrey was also a celebrated trader. His mansion, half a mile
from the Susquehanna River, near Marietta, was built in 1750-60.
The farm contained 391 acres, and was called "Locust Grove." He
was quite celebrated in the early history of Pennsylvania. In July,
1774, he served on the Committee of Correspondence for Lancaster
County, which met in Philadelphia, July 15, 1774, the Committee of
Conference. He was elected Colonel of the Third Battalion of Lan-
caster County Militia in 1776, and commanded it at the Battle of
Brandywine. He served as a delegate from Lancaster County to a
convention at Carpenter's Hall, which on June 16, 1776, made a
declaration in favor of Independence and instructed the members


of Continental Congress to vote for it. He was a member of the
committee which framed the first Constitution of the State. He
was a member of the State Legislature for many years. For his
active service see Vol. XHI, Second Series, Penna. Archives, p.
355, and Vol. XHI, Second Series, Penna. Archives, p. 370. Col.
Evan Evans was Colonel of the Second Battalion, Chester County
Militia. He was commissioned May 7, 1777. He was at Battle of
Brandywine, and member of Carpenter s Hall Convention, in June,
1776. He was also member of Committee of Observation, being
chosen Dec. 20, 1774. See Second Series, Penna. Archives, Vol.
XIV, pp. 83-94; Second Series, Penna. Archives, Vol. HI, pp. 543-
638; Second Series, Penna. Archives, Vol. XIV, p. 65. Major
Samuel Evans was the first Ensign in his father's (Col. Evan
Evans) Regiment. He was afterwards Captain of the London
Britain Company, Second Battalion of Chester County. He was
also Major of the Sixth Battalion, under Lieut. Col. David McKay,
and was in the Battle of Brandywine. See Second Series, Penna.
Archives, Vol. XIV, p. 182 or 102 and p. 116 of the same volume.
Squire John Zell was a descendant of Johannes Heinrick Zell,
who came from Holland to America in 1684, and whose father
Johannes Heinrich Zell, founded the city of Zell, in Baden on the
river Wiese, and in 1690 organized out of the veterans of the 30
years war the Zell Guards, later the 4th Infantry which has always
been commanded by a Zell. Children of Thomas and Josephine
Patterson (Thompson) Zell (i) Thomas Burd, (2) William
Thompson, (3) Josephine Patterson, (4) Elizabeth Jeannette, (5)
Margaret Lowrey, (6) Theodore Shippen, (7) Lucien Mitchell.

33(10)1— Thomas Burd Zell, born Nov. 4, 1852, at Marietta, Lancaster
County, Pa. Was employed as timekeeper, weighmaster and rail
inspector at the Rolling Mill of the Philadelphia & Reading Rail-
way Co., Reading, Pa., from Sept., 1868, until March, 1885. From
June, 1886, until June, 1893, he had charge of the finishing depart-
ment of the shape mill of the North Branch Steel Co. at Danville,

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